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(note: in some band names i.e. The New Blockaders, The Protagonist etc, they are listed alphabetically in letter "T". However, some cases like The Haters, is often listed simply as Haters in "H". Artist names are listed by the first name. Like John Hudak is in "J" not "H", etc.)
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*1000SCHOEN "MOUNE" cd (12.00,-)


*2673 "Kinnelon" cd-r (6.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-188

*2673 "What Reveals The Heavens Can Be Found On Earth" cd (12.00,-)
minimal synth needling meets colossal dynamic rupture. Cipher.


*ABYSS / BLACK AUTUMN "split" cd-r (3.00,-)
blackmetal meets darkambient. Farbstoff Abstract Media

*ALCHEMY OF THE 21ST CENTURY "Beauty of Aesthetic Imperfection" cd (12.00,-)
Field recordings, violin, citra, percussion, metal, glass, stones, water,... 14 tracks, half field recording, half studio live. Freak Animal Records.

*ALEX TIUNIAEV "I knew her" cd (12.00,-)
Alex Tiuniaev is an electronic musician and producer from Moscow, Russia. ´I knew Her´ is a 40-minute long journey of heart-melting, melancholic and neo-symphonic splendour - full of choirs, strings and neoclassical orchestration. This solitary track builds to a haunting and breathtaking crescendo... then brings the listener gently back down to the warm earth. A truly monumental release, with influences ranging from Sigur Rós to Philip Glass and Stars Of The Lid.

*AMK "augustine" 3"cd-r (6.00,-)
each piece composed from a single sound. tiny sounds stretched out into infinity, retaining their origin, reassembled into new compositions. Banned prod.

*AMK "Resurrected Hum " cd-r (6.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-201

*AMK "Super panoramic stereo sound 5000" cd (6.00,-)
experimental audio

*AMK & KITTEN ON THE KEYS "since you went away" 3"cd (6.00,-)
a collaboration of amk´s turntable destruction and piano by burlesque performer kitten on the keys. a real factory pressed cd. Banned prod

*ANAPTHERGAL "An Intracranial Disclosure - - - 1997-1998" cdr (7.00,-)
Obscure Finnish ambient/industrial. Soulworm

*ANDREW QUITTER "Floaters - Origninal Sound Track" cdr (6.00,-)
This is the full uncut soundtrack to noise head (Alienated Hominid Records. Invertebrate) Jared Liebenau's excellent sci-fi/horror short film "Floaters". Using vintage synths. drum machines. field recordings and sound design. I tried to create a tribute to the 70's masters (Simonetti. Frizzi. etc.) mixed with my own more modern bleak drones and what Jared wanted to hear for the film. This also has the first taste of my new project Vestron which you can expect a 7" from sometime early next year. Creepy analog synthscapes for those who grew up with a stack of bootlegs on top of the VCR.

*ANTHESTERIA "Phobos 1953 " cd (12.00,-)
The name of Anthesteria is already well-known to the connoisseurs of Russian post-industrial music. This project has released two solo CDs. a collaboration work with Stalnoy Pakt. and a number of tracks on various compilations. After this the project's leader George Beloglazov founded his own multimedia studio Phantomery Interactive and focused his attention on creating computer games with an unconventional author approach... After releasing the appreciated game "Sublustrum" ("Outcry") filled with the spirit of decadence. steampunk and sombre surrealism. spring 2010 saw the release of a new psychological quest - "Phobos 1953". The action takes place in March 1953 in an abandoned Soviet bunker - a place of strange experiments on the human psyche. The game explores such themes as the limits of mental possibilities. the electronic voice phenomenon. experiments with thought-transference and impact of fear on the human organism... The game soundtrack. presented on this CD. embodies the project's concept in sound. Imbued with an industrial atmosphere. leisurely soundscapes turn into states of calm estrangement and isolationism. Excursions into the unknown corners of the consciousness bring to its surface old memories and long forgotten yet vaguely familiar images... and laboratorial claustrophobia grows into light melancholia. This musical picture is performed in the trademark style of Anthesteria combining abstract dark ambient. melodic neoclassics and experimental sonic artifacts... The release is packed in a DVD-size double cardboard sleeve with full-colour cards depicting game locations and fragments of a book about mental suggestions from 1962. Released in cooperation with 7Hz Publishing.

*ANTI-VERSTAND "by the song as the wind" cdr* (5.00,-)
Yao 91404d side project. Russian industrial noise

*APHELION "Lay" cd (12.00,-)
Cool stuff from this Washington state artist. Soundwise, think the bastard offspring of Dissecting Table and Navicon Torture Technologies, that came out completely malformed and misshapen. 10 brutal creations fueled by anger and pain, spewing forth a barrage of relentless sound layers combining dark, chaotic noise with walls of blasting percussion, screams, samples, and just plain bedlam. Digipak.

*ARC "ankhangelsk" cd (12.00,-)
Electronic/experimental project of Nadja mastermind Aidan Baker

*ARCANE ART "KritaRan" cd (5.00,-)
This is the full length, instrumental version of the MCDR put out by Fossil Dungeon. Soundwise this album goes in the direction of experimental post rock vs. industrial dark ambient. "KritaRan" is a melange of improvised and structured sounds that range from the gothic to experimental post-rock fused with avant-garde ambient atmosphere from Karsten Hamre of Veiled Allusions/Penitent/Dense Vision Shrine fame. NOTE: copies are slightly scratched. Therefore cheaper price!

*ARCANE ART "Nightly Terrors" cd (12.00,-)
"Karsten Hamre project. Soundwise this album goes in the direction of industrial noise rock vs. dark ambient. A combination of improvised and structured sounds with avant-garde atmospheres."

*ARGENTUM "Ditirambos al dios de la guerra" cd (12.00,-)

*ARMON KUILU "armon kuilu" mcd (7.00,-)
"The first release from Totuuden Sarvi Levyt is a piece of Finnish art destined to remain in the minds of those who hear it. The debut mini-album by Armon Kuilu is a funereal musical journey. two long progressive compositions built out mostly of classical piano. strings. orchestral drums. singing. prayers and invocations in male and female voices. More of a gothic work than a total assault on the senses. yet one must remember that the word gothic is often abused in connotation with just a melancholic form of new age entertainment music but here the soundscapes bring to mind images of forlorn cemetaries. initiatory cults. bloodletting. woodlands and altered states of consciousness. At times the melodies of chamber music break out into squeals. groans and crackling which haunt the space and resonate with the Finnish poetry. that most of the time reminds one of a satanic ceremony. Some passages sound familiar to the listeners of European avantgarde and progressive music such as ACTUS. ART ZOYD and releases from the label Athanor. Post-industrial fans should also listen to this work but remember that this is not your generic so-called occult album with the usual Crowley spoken parts. Instead this is a deeply personal work with challenging classical and sometimes jazz or progressive melodies composed by the master behind the project and performed by real musicians with authentic instruments and also utilizing real actors for the various voices and spoken parts. Believe me. you will hear the difference. The mini-album comes in a black & white sleeve with a full color 8-page art booklet (size 7x7"). built from nature-mystical imagery shot on infrared film."

*ARNICA "Lecho de Piedra " cd (12.00,-)
The Iberians are back with a astonishing new Ur-Folk album, presenting a big variety from harsher folk tunes ('Valle de Lobos'), over nature chants ('Monte Nublado-Cima', 'Trazos de Sangre') to warrior poetry ('Monte Nublado-Ladera', 'Las Plumas del Cuervo'), dealing with the concept of death on stones, inside mountains or within forests. In short: death in the outside and in nature. Guitar, flutes, accordion, mouth harp, a lot of diferents drums, gralla, catalonian bagpipe, stones, bones, antlers, ratchets, cowbells, field recordings and a couple of samplers were used for the creation of this new masterpiece of Southern-Alpine Folkmusic. A very special collaboration is in the song 'Una Bestia Astada' with Jay Kokopeli (Traum'er Leben), who joined the band with his wild breath.

*ARNICA "Numancia " mCD (5.00,-)
Numancia was a small castro (name in Sapnish for celtiberian village). The inhabitants from Numancia fought against the Roman Empire for more than twenty years. It was 133 b.C. Roma sent their best military man called Escipion to create a siege and destroy Numancia so they could have controlled the entire peninsula. However, when the Romans entered the village, the survivors decided to kill their own children, set their own belongings on fire to end up with their own lives. If the Empire controled Celtiberia they could not control their people. Musically Numancia is a invigorating trip from the magnificence of the village to the final decision of choose to die instead of being conquered. Solid drums and ritual elements are mixed with Heathen tunes the recognizable Ur-Folk sound. All texts are written and sung in Spanish and in the ancient Celtiberian language. After this release to homage our ancestors, Àrnica will depart back to the vast mountains of the Pyrenees…

*ARSE "discography" cd (12.00,-)
This Finnish band triumphed shortly during 1992-1993, followed in footsteps of Sore Throat, Seven Minutes of Nausea and most of all, early ANAL CUNT! Live assaults and one "studio demo" is compiled to one nearly 50 minute CD! Test the limits of noisecore chaos you can take! Absolute must! Lolita Slavinder Records.

*ART ABSCONS + GNOMONCLAST "Songs of Hate + Hate" cd (12.00,-)
Collaborative release by those 2 primer German / US art-dark-folk projects. A lovely bounch of superb Noir-Cabaret charming songs. The songs comprising "Songs of Hate + Hate" were solitarily composed and authored respectively by Art Abscon, J1 StatiK, and N2 ItinitI. In the span of one week, having met in Abscon, the three made record of these disparate compositions and agreed to ceremonially burry several corpses by way of lyrical effigy. It had long been their ambition to speak clearly; that their meaning be readily understood. In the plainest words, their "Songs of Hate + Hate" are a praxis for what is to come and a faithful record of what came before; as was once sung in song: "Do this for love, but first honor hate" (Luftwaffe, Ere I Perish). These songs are dedicated to those who would profit from borrowed accomplishments, but have nothing of their own to create. Art, J1 and N2 give their assurance that from their words and signs no theft will bring benefit. For after the last lie is redacted, what remains is often unkind. The jackals and hyenas know who they are; this album is dedicated to their dishonor.

*ASBAAR "Aurora Folia" cd (12.00,-)
ASBAARs new album "Aurora Folia" dives deeply into the magic of nature, with sounds evoking landscapes full of light and shadows within dense forest vegetation, immersing in the cold waters of a river, or a look into the sky of earth's creator. This album gives a different point of view within Dark Ambient Music and a change to a new direction in the musical work of ASBAAR. A walk through nature's mystics, hidden between the empirical and the rational against the world of magical dreams.

*ASBAAR "Corona Veli Aurei" cd (12.00,-)
ASBAAR is a new dark ambient project of Marc Merinee (known for his martial industrial act ELDAR signed to Cold Meat Industry. as well as for his participation in Equimanthorn). "ASBAAR is a meeting with our ancestors who speak to us in our dreams. and teach us how to run our lives. everything that lies between the energies that move the world. To hear is to connect with our collective conscience. irrational consciousness that unites all living things together with all the energy that moves the universe." (Marc Merinee)

*ASCHE "Non Apocalypse" cd (10.00,-)
Long time sold old Functional records release! Handful of copies here! Great Asche stuff before the dance era!!

*ASEPTIC VOID "carnal" cd (12.00,-)
dark drone and electronic beats from italy. Digipak.

*ASHLEY C "drift" cd (12.00,-)
Second CD of Ashley C on Freak Animal takes project to new dimensions of rotten minimalism. Ashley C manages to escape all the easy solutions of noise entertainment and instead offers two painfully challenging pieces of ultimate tape decay. Warm analogue hiss. broken mutated sounds of recycled and re-re-redubbed sounds. swallowed in magnetic abyss. No aggression or loudness. no ambient or industrial. Atmosphere is highly obcure and keep one waiting for climax what will never come. Approach is opposed to academic tape studies. Aesthetics and presentation is very close to all past Ashley C hand made ruggedness and xerox cult. Packaged in 3 fold cardboard sleeve. Freak Animal CD-072

*ASHLEY C "timeless reality" cd (12.00,-)
Early tape material power electronics associations of Ashley C are gone. This Danish project has been progressing and conquering new territories of sound. Timeless Reality is interesting study of the less noisy and less harsh side of electronics and scrap metal. It´s coarse in fidelity, creating nearly suffocating atmosphere, yet delicate and detailed with rich texture that evolves from song to another. Freak Animal Records is proud to offer this debute CD of rising project!

*ASHRAM "Shining Silver Skies" cd (12.00,-)
Four years after their homonymous debut, the Italian ensemble finally completes their second album, a masterpiece which not only embodies the romantic backdrop of early 1900’s glamour but that also flirts with a slightly naïve Folk spirit occasionally

*ASTRO W/ TABATA, REIKO. A, SYNYO  "Live at LELVET SUN" cdr (6.00,-)
34 minutes. Hiroshi Hasegawa: synthesizer Mitsuru Tabata: guitar Reiko.A: theremin Yuichiro Ohmura: synsesizer Live recorded at LEVLET SUN, Ogikubo, Tokyo. October 23rd, 2004, by Kaori Tobi. Mixed at Astral Orange Echo Studio. May 4th, 2005, by Hiroshi Hasegawa

*AUBE "MILLENNIUM (DEFINITIVE EDITION)" 12xcd + cd-r (50.00,-)
If you think you don´t have enough aube. here´s one disc for each month and bonus CDr only available in this box set ! (discs were also awailable separately). This is priced to be cheaper than individual discs. so use possibility to get them all cheap at once! Amplexus


*B. ÅSTRöM "Utan Titel 2009" cd (12.00,-)
11 tracks of field recordings, static, ambient, guitars, støy, pop, grind, improvisations, madness, maraccas, 80´s drums, bootlegging, melodies, piano, samples etc. in 46 minutes. Recorded on different tape recorders, arrangement and completing sounds using software. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson.


*BACILLUS "anthracis" biz card cdr (5.00,-)
short bursts of harsh noise

*BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK "La Fosse de Babel" cd (12.00,-)
74 minutes of bombastic, néoclassical & tribal post-industrial muzak which describes dark “survivalists” martial processions and post-apocalyptic landscapes. The album invites guests and brothers in arms as like: TSIDMZ, Vir Martialis, Front Sonore and includes the well-known propagandist and militant hymns in support of Ba’athism and Hezbollah “In Bashar we Trust”, “Army of Mahdi” and “Syria”. with speeches of Aleksandr Dugin, Raymond Abellio, Jean Parvulesco, Vladimir Putin, Bashar-Al-Assad & Hugo Chavez… “La Fosse de Babel” is an apocalyptic and combative soundtrack for the final eschatologic battle of the end, a sacred doctrine to built the Transfigured New Man to come … When the Red Sun of the Great Eurasian Imperium will rise and Imam Al-Mahdi will come.

*BARDOSENETICCUBE "toyz-z-z" cdr * (5.00,-)
russian noise

*BERNHARD GÜNTER  "impossible grey" 3"CD (5.00,-)
metamkine electro-acoustic/musique concrete collection. Cheap and good way to get known with many international artists

*BIG CITY ORCHESTRA "Instructions for use" cd (6.00,-)

*BIG SITI OOKESTRA "New beat for a baby" cd-r (5.00,-)
very professional CDr. with on-body print. great covers etc. USA experimental noise veterans!

*BIIG CEITY ORCHESTRAW "Sound effects library volume two" cd (10.00,-)
USA experimental noise veterans

*BIRDS BUILD NESTS UNDERGROUND  "so as" cd (12.00,-)
So As is the very latest album by this prolific and inventive trio comprising of turntablists Petr Ferenc and Michal Brunclík and filmmaker Martin Jezek. Featuring four pieces and a film by Jezek lasting 10 minutes. this album witnesses BBNU not only honing the craft caught on their previous few releases and live sound but also pushing it into new places as well. The atmospherics and interstellar swirl of textures seen on their recent collaborative LP with My Cat Is An Alien serve as a great starting point to the quasi-dimensional blankets of abstract sound to be found at work here. Limited to 300 in digipak sleeves.

*BISCLAVERET "Theu Anagnosis" cd (12.00,-)
fantastic new album by Bisclaveret in 3 special editions, co-released by Zoharum and Steinklang. Catchy Ritual Dark-Ambient with mantric vocals, Piano, Sitar, Tablas, Tibetan Flutes and Bells. The Atmosphere reminds to some passages from BODYS RICE's brilliant "Hatesville" album, as well as to the fantastic but long forgotten OMALA album, but much darker and more Ambient. BISCLAVERET returns with a new album entitled "Theu Anagnosis". It is a concept album, similarly to the previous 2 albums. In 8 compositions here the musicians captured a mystical-philosophical treatise of sorts. The first part of it, namely "An Introduction to Reading God", was presented on 7" vinyl split with Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim. By means of lyrics and music the duo creates apparently surreal own world of sounds devoid of "here and now." They propose their own vision of the Absolute which is seen through the eyes of mystics, madmen and free thinkers. The band invites us on a psychedelic wandering into the depth of ego, on a metaphysical adventure in the world of music painted with various colours, shapes and stories. Dreams of a madman? Calls of a scholar? Experience of a hermit? It all melts in a lava of many cultures. Yet here it creates a crystal, but heterogenic image. What is it like? Check it yourselves.

*BISTURI / VRIL / MIXTURIZER "split" cdr (5.00,-)
RONF records

*BIZARRE UPROAR "Mass / FF" CD (12.00,-)
Mass CDr from 2001 was such a harsh noise bliss Freak Animal decided to re-issue it as 10" vinyl back in 2005. Now several years later. this material still stands pretty much unique in discography of Bizarre Uproar. All his trademarks elements of early days as well as material after 2005 is absent here. Instead you have highly textured. utterly heavy harsh noise wall! This CD re-issue include full uncut original recording (10" had few minutes missing) and as addition. extremely rare "FF" tape from 1999 what is nearly forgotten. It is hardly ever mentioned in any discograpy listings and artists himself had lost his copies. Luckily one copy remained in Industrial Recollections archives. This tape in blood drenched covers. possibly made less than 20 copies represents perfect companion to "Mass". offering incredibly textured brutal harsh noise assault. In total over 50 minutes of playingtime stands as essential addition to anyone's Bizarre Uproar collection due it's unique approach. CD format by Filth & Violence and Industrial Recollections.

*BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY / KANIBA / UGEGI AOIVEAE A SER  "The Trinity of Non Beings" cd (12.00,-)
black ambient. Autumn Wind Productions.

*BLEEDING HEART NARRATIVE "All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World" cd (12.00,-)
Reissue of the stunning debut BHN album from spring 2008 (Ltd x 200). Working with a constantly evolving autumnal orchestra of layered cellos. repeating piano melodies. hushed vocals and mutant textures of sound and noise. Bleeding Heart Narrative has constructed a unique. haunting and compelling album. BHN is the work of sole composer. artist and producer Oliver Barrett. working in the live spectrum as a septet. Presented in a digipak with the new and exclusive bonus track 'Blueskywards'. We can't recommend this highly enough! Cold Spring.

*BLEIBURG "shadows will survive" 2xCD + DVD Maxy Jewel Box (25.00,-)
Bleiburg is the musical project of Stefan Rukavina. Stefan was the founder of the the legendary Thaglasz label on which he released a wide series of beautufull compilations always coming in special limited packagings and boxes . The 2CD albums contain collaborations with Loell Duinn, Harvest Rain, MDMA/Tento11, Kenji Siratori, David E. Williams, Rose Rovine E Amati, Storm Of Capricorn, Manmachine, Horologium, Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter, Gregorio Bardini, Amir Baghiri, Nocturne, Notstandskomitee, Larrnakh, Cor Solis, Cellar Of Rats, Neon Rain, The Grey Wolves, Project Toth, Telepherique, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Nueva Germania, Silverstars, Hexentanz. DVD content : - 2 videoclips featuring Nocturne. - 88 Bleiburg MP3 songs : 18 are remixes of one song from same album 70 songs are taken from very limited and rare albums The massive collaborations gives this album a very special flavour. 117 songs with over 12 h of apocalyptic sounds, neo-folk, different industrial-styles, dark-electronics and ambient music. A very complex and complete work.

*BLUD THIRST / IMPREGNABLE "split" cd-r (6.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-193

*BOAR  "dead existence" cdr (6.00,-)
USA harsh noise blast. 9 tracks. pro-CDR.

*BONEMACHINE "Combat" cd-r* (6.00,-)
noise Symbolic prod

*BUDRÜS "Canine Visions IX" CD (12.00,-)
I'm almost out of words when I need to describe what Budrus really is. I'm certain no "sample track" will help you grasp the excellency of this album. Releasing this masterpiece has been delayed beyond reasonable time. but as it managed to evade categorization and trends. it is so timeless that year here or there won't hurt. Budrus is duo consisting members of Girnų Giesmės and Pogrom. Knowing little by these two projects may help one to be aware of possibilities. but Budrus manages to go beyond being mere "collaboration" and contain project of its own identity. Wonderful instrument drones. melancholy slow melodies and diversity of compositions and textures and combined with power of ultra masculine vocal performance of Leonardas Marozas. Artwork and lyrics combined with strange combinations of atmosphere. melancholy. aggressive force and tasty effects is beyond anything I hear anyone else doing. Downtempo. ambient/drone with the forcefullness of power electronics without having almost any musical similarities to mentioned genres. Don't expect easy genre music. give it a try and be rewarded! FA-CD-075 Freak Animal

*BURNING STAR CORE "Lets play wild like wildcats do" cd (10.00,-)
RRR / Hospital prod


*CADAVER GUTTER "No Apparent Motive" 3"cdr (6.00,-)
This debut release offers 5 tracks of uncompromised sound terror from a new finnish Power Electronics artist. Welcome to the insane mind of Cadaver Gutter! 3"cdr comes with black envelope and insert card. Limited to 50! New Finnish label Hiisi Productions!

*CADAVER YELLETH AT AMBER TOWER "code: algeria" cd (12.00,-)
widely known author, deeply hidden concept & extreme form of cynicism. Everything allright.

*CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST "soundtrack" cd (12.00,-)
soundtrack by riz ortolani for infamous cannabal movie

*CATHARSIS / DRAPE EXCREMENT "split" cd (12.00,-)
ambient-death industrial.

*CEKTA ?EHNKCA "bo3aenctbne" cd (12.00,-)
soviet|postsoviet industrial|postindustrial music. NAme something like that. All text in russian

*CHARLIE MANSON "Summer of hate (1967 sessions)" cd (12.00,-)
hippie guru/mass murder advocate/cult figure, his folk tunes on CD.

*CHEAPMACHINES "welt" 3"cdr (4.00,-)
snip snip noise

*CHOP-SHOP "rusty hum" 3"cd-r (7.00,-)
rusty hum in special package. Banned prod.

*CHORA "" cd-r (5.00,-)
Finnish hippie drone noise. 3 tracks. 267 Lattajjaa ltj54

*CHRISTIAN RENOU + ANEMONE TUBE "transference" cd* (9.00,-)
experimental - ambient, in special sleeve

*CHRISTINE GROULT  "L´heure alors s´incline" 3"CD (4.00,-)
great drone!! metamkine electro-acoustic/musique concrete collection. Cheap and good way to get known with many international artists

*CIRCUIT WOUND "Let the Bombs Fall " cd-r (6.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-182

*CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI "every live is a problem solving" cd (12.00,-)
A suggestive gallery of abstract images, confused fragments of life and real living experiences, sights of urban landscapes... Noisy and electronic interferences, mechanical machines movements, concrete noises, low frequences fluxes, hissing sounds, interferences, but also melodic acoustic guitar pieces, human voices and other field recordings... A brave, uncompromising and heterogeneous "decomposed" mosaic of avantgarde sound art beyond time, beyond any point of view and any geometric coordinates.

*CLINIC OF TORTURE "Live Sadism" CD (12.00,-) RESTOCK
All 3 Clinic Of Torture live shows. full uncut versions. Over one hour of fierce and vile industrial-noise. Musical equivalent of s/m session - from bright and intense moments to clumsy transitions and following of primitive intuition. IOPS

CD re-issue of the debut release what was originally cdr in 2000. c. 1 hour of harsh industrial-noise sadism, painful electronics and sounds of torture. Industrial Recollections

Minimalistic sound object experimentation

*CLOAMA "Neuroscan Organization / Blood Illumination" cd (12.00,-)
Dark and gloomy industrial-soundscapes from Finland. Re-issue of LP and tape on one CD. Industrial Recollections.

*COCK ESP VS THE JAGUAR "" cd-r (8.00,-)
Very special release with handmade cover, and two side printed CDr! Only few minutes of music, since printing on bottom surface takes half of disc!

*COELACANTH "The Glass Sponge" cd (12.00,-)
The glass sponge is a subclass within the sponge phyllum, distinguished by their silica spicules that unite into delicate geometric networks. These needlelike structures form the skeleton of this most simple animal, which when dried acquires an exquisite white hue. During the Victorian era, these dessicated remains were prize possessions in the finest of wunderkammers; and from what we’ve been told, a pair of glass sponges mounted under a dome could fetch up to “5 guineas.” Furthermore, glass sponges have the unique ability to respond to their harsh, deep sea environment through rudimentary electrical impulses that ripple through their bodies which are devoid of nerves and muscle. These are merely the beginnings of the fascination with the glass sponge for Coelacanth, a sound art project whose name is of an ancient fish once thought to be extinct, but in truth has been flourishing in oceanic trenches. Authored by the Coelacanth duo of Loren Chasse and Jim Haynes, The Glass Sponge takes an abstracted yet empathetic view of its allegorical subject. Throughout The Glass Sponge, Coelacanth sets textural flutters, squeaks, and scrabblings in motion. These brittle events punctuate the boundless excursions of minimalism brought to life through elegaic bell tones, ghostly feedback, and tuning fork resonance, all spiralling together into translucent drones. Despite the obvious submariner references for this album, it may be a surprise that very little water spilled into the recording of The Glass Sponge. Loren Chasse is also heavily involved in the much acclaimed collective Jewelled Antler, where the multiple personalities of Thuja, The Blithe Sons, The Franciscan Hobbies, The Famous Boating Party, Child Readers, and Of speak in the tongues of pastorally psychedelic improvisations. Jim Haynes is an artist describing his craft in the former with the pithy statement, “I rust things.” He might also be known for his writings from The Wire.

*COLOSSAL BLOOD "Sonata Catatonia" 3"cd-r (6.00,-)
Finnish dark ambient. Neuroscan prod.

*CON-DOM "Live Action 1/4" cd (12.00,-)
Industrial Recollections celebrates 30 years of Con-Dom with re-issue of debut tape. Live actions 1 & 2 from 1983. CD out now. LP later.

*CON-DOM "Subjection" cd (12.00,-)
Industrial Recollections CD re-issue of CON-DOM "Subjection". Originally 50 copies tape on Bloodlust! -label. Two 30 minutes electronic noise pieces from 1996.

*CONTAGIOUS ORGASM "corporal" cd (12.00,-)
Compiling early SSSM label compilation tape tracks from 80´s and early 90´s on one disc! Logical addition to previous 3 C.O. titles under Industrial Recollections.

*CONTAGIOUS ORGASM "thin skinned" cd (12.00,-)
3rd tape from 1989 presents 2 long tracks, in total c. 45 minutes of playing time of experiemental industrial by the Japanese cult band. Those who heard the previous two tapes re-issued, can´t go wrong with this one! Industrial Recollections.

*CONTRADICTION "" cd (10.00,-)
ortmann/weasel walter P.E. project

*CONTROLLED BLEEDING "Shanked and Slithering" cd (9.00,-)
Some small scratches, but don´t affect playing. Old noise legend with their good era noise works re-worked once again for super harsh noise !! Recommended

*CORAZZATA VALDEMONE "avanguardia rumorista" cd (12.00,-)
martial industrial

*CREAMFACE "Cum On Clothes" CD (12.00,-)
c. 30 mins / 30 tracks. 2013 album on Creamface. 100% Porno Grind since 1999! Listen couple tracks from youtube link.


*D.B.P.I.T. "s.u.t.u.b." cd-r (5.00,-)
special unplugged transonic urban bondage

*DANIEL MENCHE "For The Beasts" 3"cd-r (6.00,-)

*DANIEL MENCHE "Kanticle" 3"cd (5.00,-)
experimental noise.

*DANIEL MENCHE "The face of vehemence" cd (8.00,-)
good calm soundscapes, with occasional bursts to noisier moments. No keyboard ambient or anything like that, but innovative combinations of different source sounds. Good! Ground Fault

*DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO "Bellies / pance" cd (5.00,-)

*DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO "Mamma Fottimi" cd (5.00,-)

*DAPNOM "paralipomenes a la divine comedie" mcd (8.00,-)
The Greatest French Dark Ambient Artist is back with his most elaborated release. 4 tracks of Dark Ritual Sophisticated Evil Music.

*DAVID PAYNE "Feedback # 12" cd (5.00,-)
"harsh feedback manipulation by offensive orange member" Audiobot

*DEAD MAN´S HILL "spirits" cd* (12.00,-)
Over the last 7 years, DEAD MAN´S HILL became a well known and much appreciated artist in Ritual Ambient, Neoclassic and Bombastic Martial Music and with this new album, the band drags the listener into alternate realities and far away spheres. The lyrics are mainly dealing with travelling in these worlds. Musically the album goes further in the vein of Lakes of Sacrifice (2006) but a lot deeper-going and much more worked out, so you can say that "Spirits" is definitely the band´s best album up to date. Dark and deep-dronning Ambient, mixed with strong and powerful Martial songs, varied with hypnotically mesmerizing Tribal parts. All in all the whole Album has a strong Death Industrial touch and even carries some Gregorian elements. Listen to this album, and let yourself take away to a intangible world, to far away shperes where things are just different to all You ever expected. "Spirits" includes a video from the track Road to Sweet Waters, made by Alex Hugin Wieser. 8 songs / 65 min.

*DELEYAMAN "Fourth, Part Two" cd (12.00,-)
Deleyaman's singular style, blending Darkwave and Alternative Folk, collects and re-invents elements of different genres like Post-Rock or Shoegaze into an artistic vision which feeds from literature, ethnic-tinged experimentation and ethereal music.

*DENIER DU CULTE  "Messe Around…" 2xCD (15.00,-)
compilation release from one of the most unique the industrial avant-garde of rock music acts from France in the 80s. Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies double CD in metal boxes.

*DISORDER OF DEADEIGHT "Depthsounder" CD (12.00,-)
Finnish project (featuring both members of Mörkö. connections to Jumalhämärä. etc...) has created wide variety of different material. which none really gives accurate hints about what this particular album is about. Minimalistic progressive process-orientated rock music from the wobbly wonderland of human psyche. Only electric guitar and analogue synth is present from more regular rock instruments. Abundance of various other instruments. Epic and massive tracks. Entire material can be heard for free on their bandcamp site. This is second release of TotuudenSarviLevyt.

*DISORDER OF DEADEIGHT "Voidcollapse / Tunnelvogen" cd (10.00,-)
Finnish obscure sounds between experimental ambient, drone and improvised sounds. Guitars, bass, synths, percussion. Full color covers.

*DISSECTING TABLE "chaos attractor" 3"cdr (5.00,-)

*DIVERS AEON "Existence Exceeded" cd-r (5.00,-)
Industrial / Noise / Experimental. DiversAeon appeared on the ´moad´-compilation. 20 minutes of high quality material" From Finland

*DMDN "agonistes 1+2" CD (12.00,-)
Industrial Recollections presents CD version of this re-issue. Originally 1994 GROSS label tape. released on LP by Supreme Tool Supplies and CD by Industrial Recollections. Majority of the 80's works of this Dutch PE/noise creator can be found from "Sling Trip" and "Sling Trip 2" CD's. Agonistes deliverers his noisiest material with 2 long pieces.

*DMT "Selected Funbient Works 1-4" 2x cd (15.00,-)
The musical project DMT was established in 1995 and released by the end of the 90s several limited-edition cassette albums. lapsing afterwards into silence for a while. ambient and industrial noise to pure sonic experiments.

*DN23RD "nix" cd-r (5.00,-)
Three grim radionoise fixations. The rising Sun above ruins... Nobody is alive... Only cuts of useless liturgies in the air... 46 copies in a sleeve

*DN23RD / LIGHT COLLAPSE "split" cd-r (5.00,-)
Meditative radionoise

*DOR "from the personal fear to the social agony" 3"cdr (5.00,-)
Russian pe with melodic tones also. Reminders or later era Prurient.

*DOUBLE LEOPARDS "Savage Summer Sun" cd (8.00,-)
Hospital prod. New York lo-fi drone noise

*DOVE YELLOW SWANS "Live During War Crimes" cd (10.00,-)
experimental noises in nice cardboard sleeve

*DOVE YELLOW SWANS "live during war crimes #2" cd (12.00,-)

*DOVE YELLOW SWANS "live during war crimes #3" cd (12.00,-)
The final installment in the Live During War Crimes trilogy, this one being one of the last releases ever from Yellow Swans. Four unedited live sets from the bands last year in existence. Included are the PDX Pop Now set (July 2007), a live soundtrack to a film by Avalon Kalin (February 2008), a set from the Picador, Iowa City (October 2007), and the final US show in Chicago (June 2008). Big sounding stuff, very loud and very dense, with the melodic guitarwork being more prominent just as on the last couple of releases. Epic, sky-shredding beauty in a total playtime of 78 minutes. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with black felt, cover art by Ryan Boyle. 500 copies.

*DRAPE EXCREMENT / SOLDNERGEIST "split" cd (12.00,-)
german industrial

*DUCHESSES "Estupet" cd (12.00,-)
This precocious all-girl quartet with an average age of 19 create a Medusas head of sound; their influences range from Death In June to Kate Bush. The musical result is a motley collision of razorchainsaw guitars (Alice Dee). sinister high school marching band drums (Traci). seasick rolling basslines (Eva Borg). all heading into battle lead by a screaming banshee-girl-thing spitting acid and venomous bile (Amber Alert!). Dont be deceived by their youth and knee-highs.Supported and celebrated by the experimental music communities of San Francisco. L.A. and San Diego. local luminaries appear all over the record. In the midst of graduating high school and leaving the nest. the 4 fledglings recorded these songs themselves. It was then mixed by Bobb Bruno (Polar Goldie Cats. Goliath BirdEater). and edited and mastered by Weasel Walter (Flying Lutenbachers. Lair of the Minotaur. Lake of Dracula). The second half of the record is comprised of heavy. extremely fucked up. psychedelic remixes by Weasel Walter. Sunshine Militant Childrens Hour. Ops Spirits. Qulfus. and Blanketship.


*ECHOES OF YUL "Cold ground" cd (12.00,-)
Echoes of Yul is an act from Opale. Poland dwelling in a sound balanced between a relatively minimal and trance-inducing down-tempo akin to Jesu and the eerie discordant noise of Godflesh. The convergence of influences from two of the most prominent projects of one Justin K. Broadrick is for the most part extremely enjoyable with the duo presenting us a slow. minimal and repetitive style. with pleasant and simple melodies permeating a disturbing atmosphere punctuated with cryptic electronic effects.

*EDIEH "Spring Songs" cd (12.00,-)
Chinese neo-folk / dark-folk

*EDWARD KA-SPEL "Tanith And The Lion Tree" cd (12.00,-)
Finally. Edward Ka-Spel’s genius 1991 album is given the re-mastering treatment. complete with bonus tracks. Ballads coupled with a dark. malignant backdrop. A strange. mystical atmosphere carved out by texture and emotion. Housed in a matt-laminate digipak. this is the ultimate solo album from The Legendary Pink Dots’ frontman. Previously unavailable on CD for 15 years. Digipak.

*EDWARD SOL "Sun Storm Rampage" cd (12.00,-)
Single 45+ min track features sounds captured on concert. recorded 2011 in Kiev. The music varies from delicate electro-acoustic textures to killer static power-drone. spaced synths and bestial metal junk. but general approach remains full of energy. beauty and elegance. CD artwork is identical to concert's theme: both dedicated to supernatural Solar activity and to sacral mathematics of Pythagoras. Highest quality proper CD release in beautiful spot-varnished eco-pack. Released by supportive Quasi Pop records.

*EGOPROBLEM "Exit/Tape/Kill" cd (12.00,-)
Year 1994 in Norway. Lasse Marhaug has yet to start working under his own name. Obscure short lived project just before that, titled Egoproblem releases one 20 minute tape and performs one live gigs. This CD collects those materials, presenting the most straight forward industrial/power electronics works of Lasse Marhaug. In total c. 40 minutes of simple but effective works full of hard tones and metal banging. Tape/Exit/Kill from original DAT tape, live recording with decayed and crude industrial-noise attack! including liner notes by the artists. Industrial Recollections

*ELLENDE "Mathematica" cd-r (5.00,-)
9 tracks of noise! Tosom Records

*EMIL BEAULIEAU "big foot" cd-r (6.00,-)
live recording from sept. 2005.

*EMPTY "Tower of hate" cd-r (5.00,-)
swedish experimental industrial.

*EN NIHIL "the absolute" cdr (7.00,-)
return of the En Nihil!

New on Freak Animal & Audio Dissection! Italian noise of most violent kind and malicious atmosphere. Booklet with photos.

*ENDURA "Black Eden" cd (12.00,-)
dark industrial

This is the first split work between UNDER THE SNOW and various artists/friends. Nearly an hour of suggestive "border" music, equally divided between the relaxing and ambient atmospheres contaminated with experimental elements created by Enrico Coniglio, and the low-fi/rough sounds and atmopheres crafted by Under the Snow (Stefano Gentile and Gianluca Favaron) - not so different but with a more dramatic, tense and hypnotic doom - built on deep drones stratifications, often hard and cutting, with a wide collection of noises, electronic hassles, ununderstandable wispherings, concrete moments... A perfect join-venture, a mix among two different music projects that gather coherence and inspiration to "sustain" a split album that showcases a not to be missed fusion of styles among the involved artists, oriented on parallel patterns, clearly increasing the value of their own personal and somehow different sonic directions.

*ERIC LUNDE "candyhole" cd (12.00,-)
Full length CD of Eric Lunde combines noise and concept art. From fierce tape recycling to field recordings, spoken word, digital edge meeting harsh analogue damage. Unique quality of Eric Lunde´s work still present after decades! Freak Animal

*ERIC LUNDE "Colorado terrain investigation" cd (12.00,-)
Including the material of the 7" and double 7" releases and 20 minutes live performance only existing in form of VHS. These both originally released in 1988 by RRRecords, documenting sonic terrain investigations. Eric Lunde does what nobody else is doing. Crude and decayed quality of original releases is still fresh today! Comes with 8 page full color booklet reproducing the original artworks in their aging decayed looks. Industrial Recollections.

*ERIC LUNDE "XCHDX/TapeDeathCut" CD (12.00,-)
Including the material of the XCHdX: On The Terrain Of Prophecy 12", split LP with Hands To. These both originally released in 1989. Some bonus material from very limited tape that was available only to subscribers of Witness To Disaster and was not for sale. Eric Lunde does what nobody else is doing. Crude and decayed quality of original releases is still fresh today! Comes with 8 page full color booklet reproducing the original artworks in their aging decayed looks. Industrial Recollections.

*ERIK M "Frame" 3"cd (4.00,-)
metamkine electro-acoustic/musique concrete collection. Cheap and good way to get known with many international artists

*ERTHAD "gma" cd-r (5.00,-)
Russian project Erthad, originating from Kazan, exists since late 90-ies, but until now still hasn´t made any official releases and preferred to stay in underground, recording music only for himself and his friends. We have been endeavouring to change this situation for a long time and now we´re glad to present this wonderful disk to your attention. "Gma" was recorded in 2002 with the use of voice and software noise synthesizers. If one says that the album´s style is called "ambient noise" - is to say almost nothing. The disk has very specific atmosphere: this is a noise meditation, calm and detached from emotional fuss. An intuitive electronic pulse synchronizes with brain frequencies, rising and falling waves of non-aggressive white noise pacify thoughts, and constantly rustling high frequencies when listened to attentively evoke dissotiative sensation, dissolving perception in the sonic field. However, everything as always depends on a listener himself.

*ETHNIC ACID "power-works 1986-88" 2xcd (15.00,-)
compilation of mid/late 80s UK project of Anthony DiFranco (Ramleh, Skullflower, Ax, Novatron, JFK, etc). chosen tracks from his forgotten & most obscure tape releases. known from Broken Flag Birthbiter JFK Disciple Productions but also 4 previously unreleased tracks! Industrial Recollections

*EXTREMINANT "still life with electric chair" cdr (5.00,-)
electronic exection wall noise


*FALX CEREBRI "Trials Textures Errors" cd (12.00,-)
Almost 7 years in making, finally this milestone of pioneering & legendary german noise outfit is released - more than 25 years after the last recorded FâLX çèrêbRi track, compiles several contributions to compilations, as well as outtakes, erratic experiments, live cuts and unreleased tracks.

*FAMILY BATTLE SNAKE  "vomit dolls" cd-r (5.00,-)
Greek Bill provides the hits! Feedback squelches and toe-breaking barrel experiments! Audio vomit, Brighton style. Comes in PVC sleeve with insert and tissue. Turgid Animal

*FAMILY UNDERGROUND "Un Tratto Di Malinconia" cd (12.00,-)
"If recent offerings from this long running CPH outfit (this being their ninth studio album) has showed a leaning towards a more industrialized sound. This could be said to be the band's first proper Industrial record. The drone pieces of the past are still present but in a more controlled and subtle way. adding even further to the psychedelic experience. and tying together 5 harsh industrial tracks. At times this will remind you of Whitehouse. Godflesh and more than anything else TG. complete with screamed desperate vocals and harsh oscillating synths. The disc flows extremely well and this together with the unorthodox artwork invokes an almost soundtrack like atmosphere . I urge everybody into oldschool industrial not to let the bands background trick you into not giving this album the attention it deserves". - Klaus Hansen

Frail and delicate ambient atmospheres, clusters of rarefied piano notes lying on discreet drones, soft and evanescent clarinet riffs, suggesting and catching natural sounds... Light and ethereal pastel-coloured musical plots... Eight tracks, one hour of suspended and quiet sonic passages, flowing like discreet background, or to listen/see in a passionate mood, dreaming in silence, lying in gloom... Wonderful ambient stuff from these two Russian artists in the same vein of some of Harold Budd´s works... Well known for their previous works on Russian FARIA Records, Faryus in the past has also crafted an album in collaboration with Robert Rich.

*FAUST "Faust in Autumn" 3xCD + DVD (27.00,-)
two discs with full sets. one cd with best of UK tour 2005. and dvd with best of songs.

*FEVEUR NOIRE "Feeling breath" 3"cd-r (4.00,-)
harsh noise. Pitchphase.

*FILIVS MACROCOSMI "stalker" cd (12.00,-)
Inspired by A. Tarkovsky "Stalker" movie (1979). Based on samples from the original movie. Constructed March - May 2006.

dark ambient collaborative isolationism from two Ukrainian projects

*FIRST HUMAN FERRO "corona astralis" cd (6.00,-)
dark ambient. New copies, but with small "dot" style scratches, therefore cheap price. Works in player, but looks 2nd hand.

*FIRST HUMAN FERRO WITH KENJI SIRATORI "adamnation" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*FIRST LAW "terrorforming" cd (12.00,-)
new on Loki Foundation

*FLUE "beyond the edge of nowhere" cd (12.00,-)
Beyond the Edge of Nowhere" is Flue´s first full-length album, following the trio´s debut 7" in 1999 on Obuh. This is a wonderfully atmospheric and experimental recording: the enchanting and mysterious sounds are created largely from guitars, bass, and synth, imparting an extremely unique feel to the work. It is certainly a very active work, with many diverse elements and threads fused and juxtaposed together (often simultaneously) into a cohesive whole, lasting for fifty minutes. Flue consists of three figures from the Bay Area experimental music scene: Mason Jones, Jason Stein, and Chris Miller. Mason is known through his solo work, the classic Trance project, and his Charnel Music label. He has also been a member of many groups, including SubArachnoid Space and Culper Ring. Jason has been a member of SubArachnoid Space and Tekachi, and Chris has also been a member of Tekachi. This album features guest contributions from Geoff Walker (Gravitar).

*FOBOFF "Heartsick" cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-181

*FOBOFF "Super Rad " cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-179

*FOBOFF "too hot to handle" cdr (6.00,-)
troniks harsh noise

*FRANCISCO LOPEZ "live in auckland" cd (12.00,-)
Sections of complex deep sound work juxtaposed with stillness in this 43 minute epic of sophisticated industrial environments full of suspense and engaging darkness.

*FRANCISCO LOPEZ "Live In San Francisco" cd (12.00,-)
With his ongoing pursuit of an "absolute concrète music." Francisco López has recontextualized the sounds of the world around us by pushing these sounds to their polar extremes. At times. he has imposed gaping silences and eradicated all but the slightest traces of musicality; at others. he has turned the placid wash of rainforest insect chatter into mechanically toxic drones and twisted a gentle breeze into a hurricane force blast of raw sound. The ambient din of the urban environment. human voices. the run-out grooves of vinyl. and even propulsive death metal blast beats count as some of the choicest source material with the imposing López catalogue. which includes well over 130 published works. Over his illustrious career. López has traveled extensively both recording his source material and giving acousmatic performances for which he insists the audience members wear blindfolds. Over the years. the sound-arts organization 23five Incorporated has sponsored numerous López performances in and around San Francisco; and it is only fitting that 23five should publish this document of live recordings from San Francisco. with one track culled from the infamous Hexaphonic show at The Lab in August 2000. and the other from an intimate performance at 3feetofftheground in July 2001. The spectral timbres and ominous somatic fluctuations of those performances inspired some audience members to gush: "It was just amazing how he layered the tracks together into massive lump of sonic force. Totally different from what can be heard on many of his releases which tend to be minimal and silent. I was craving for more. López rocks!"

*FRANCISCO LOPEZ "Live In San Francisco" cd (12.00,-)
With his ongoing pursuit of an "absolute concrète music," Francisco López has recontextualized the sounds of the world around us by pushing these sounds to their polar extremes. At times, he has imposed gaping silences and eradicated all but the slightest traces of musicality; at others, he has turned the placid wash of rainforest insect chatter into mechanically toxic drones and twisted a gentle breeze into a hurricane force blast of raw sound. The ambient din of the urban environment, human voices, the run-out grooves of vinyl, and even propulsive death metal blast beats count as some of the choicest source material with the imposing López catalogue, which includes well over 130 published works. In his illustrious career, López has traveled extensively both recording his source material and giving acousmatic performances for which he insists the audience members wear blindfolds. Over the years, the sound-arts organization 23five Incorporated has sponsored numerous López performances in and around San Francisco; and it is only fitting that 23five should publish this document of live recordings from San Francisco, with one track culled from the infamous Hexaphonic show at The Lab in August 2000, and the other from an intimate performance at 3feetofftheground in July 2001. The spectral timbres and ominous somatic fluctuations of those performances inspired some audience members to gush: “It was just amazing how he layered the tracks together into massive lump of sonic force. Totally different from what can be heard on many of his releases which tend to be minimal and silent. I was craving for more. López rocks

*FRANK ROTHKAMM "Moers Works" cd (10.00,-)
"Frank Rothkamm is the one of most interesting musicians of today, contemporary of industrial culture. He is a true underground figure, the fighter of invisible front, who realized a number of projects, produced great records for his own Flux Records label. Being a professionally trained musician, he was shifting freely from tape collages in his teens, and going through different forms including chamber music and pop arrangements. "Moers Works" is his first experiment, discovered and unearthed by me incidentally. Archive materials recorded back in 1982-84 and released after quarter of century! The electronic music system consisted solely of a turntable, a shortwave radio, a phaser, an EQ, a cassette recorder and an UHER reel-to-reel tape recorder."

*FUNERARY CALL "fragments from the aethyr" cd (12.00,-)
The grand master of black ambience returns with this new missive from beyond the chthonic depths. Featuring three extended descents into jet-black drift. funereal chamber music. monstrous metallic noise. booming ritualistic percussion. slit-throat recitations of formless horror. and further abyssal abominations. Fragments From The Aethyr presents a triptych of long. sprawling pieces that descend through dark layers of cinematic sonic horror. The music shifts between violin-led passages of pitch-black. dissonant chamber music backed by booming kettledrums and traces of modern music composition and the rotting exhalations of the dead. to blasts of crushing shapeless doom where huge metallic chords thunder in the deep. sending tremors of doom-laden dronemetal rumbling through the strata of Funerary Call's demonic industrial nightmares. The sound of Fragments sometimes resembles a Bela Bartok piece drifting through a fog of black-mass ambience and the murmerings of the long dead. the sound imbued with a deep ominous feel but also glowing with a mysterious dark beauty as it builds to a crescendo of black majestic power...

*FUNKSTILLESENDER "Fixed Communications" 2xcd-r (9.00,-)
"Prestressed Concrete released this album in 2004 but it has got no proper distribution. Now we provide you with some copies of this work, which is definetely an important chapter in the radionoise culture. 44 copies."


*G.S. "Metafizyka" cd (8.00,-)
GS´s sound evokes the elemental completion of the symbol together with the mechanical and almost unconscious gesture of the ritual. This is the ideal place for a music which is obsessive in its forms, rarified and nebulous in its emanations. The six tracks which coldly paint the soundpath evoked by GS offer a series of industrial soundscapes in a sacred and tormented key, where the inviolable dark of an ancient nave meet the grieving silence of an abandoned industrial area.

*GANZER "sigil" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)
esoteric harsh-noise project member of MAJDANEK WALTZ

*GANZER "Sophia" cd-r (5.00,-)
esoteric harsh-noise project member of MAJDANEK. ltd 31 !

*GELSOMINA "nostalghia" cd * (10.00,-)
back in stock the cd of finnish harsh noise master

*GELSOMINA / SQUAMATA "Junkyard Behemoth" cd (12.00,-)
great harsh noise. Freak Animal Records

*GERRITT " Live in the Air " cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-176

*GM ELECTRONICS "Manticore" 3" (5.00,-)
explosive synth saturation and abrasion

*GOKURAKU OJO "Cased Antiquity" cd-r (5.00,-)
experimental electronic noise

*GRUNT "europe after storm" cd (12.00,-)
2012 Industrial Recollections/Force Majeure version of this CD originally released by Force Majeure. Now jewelbox packaging. but will all same artworks as the original fold-out poster cover! Late 90's Grunt with studio and live materials. New pressing.

*GRUNT  "long lasting happiness" CD (12.00,-) RESTOCK
This CD is not an album. although it could have been. Lets look back to mid 2000's before "Seer Of Decay" album and many of these recordings are showing the direction taken on that album. Long Lasting Happeness session originally published as split tape with Prurient (Freak Animal) that has been out of stock for years. Two tracks. "Never Wake Up" and "Streets of Decadence" recorded around same time. basically belonging to same session of sounds. have remained unreleased for all these years. Waiting for one compilation to be out. which probably never will. Further 4 tracks are alternative version of "Street of Decadence". which made it to Nihilistic Paraphilia 1. and thematically those releases belong to the same re-issue. "Caught (original version)" from same disc shows early version of raw PE style later adjusted further on split with Taint. "Paid Victims Of Modern World Fetishes" and "MaleClit" are songs only released in ltd to 50 copies Nihilistic Paraphialia vol. 2! "Nihilistic Paraphilia" compilations were Japanese tour releases made in tiny CDR editions sold in Grunt tours 2005 and 2008. This CD compiles some of the best materials of this era of Grunt. filled with piercing feedback. sharp and crispy ear-slashing metal scrap noises. abundance of vocals and very song oriented approach as opposed to "plain noise" pieces. Still vast variety and abundance of sonic elements. 50 minutes.

*GRUNT "Myth Of Blood" CD (12.00,-)
2015 new Grunt album!! Available on CD and LP! With 12 pages booklet with lyrics and art. Fierce power electronics.

*GRUNT "petturien rooli" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Freak Animal is proud to present new full length CD of Grunt! Recorded between 2007-2009. making it longest recording task of project so far. Presenting some of the new sides of Grunt. but with the touch known from before. Album contains no harsh noise. but is innovative mixture of fierce power electronics with echoes of early 80´s Ramleh & Sutcliffe Jugend. mixed with experimental organic noise influences a´la Organum. Ferial Confine. to heavy dominant euro PE/industrial attacks to rhythic elements and metal percussions linking towards Vivenza. Test Dept and Militia. Exclusively Finnish language lyrics and samples. with themes related to history of Finland since early turbulent years of civil war to post WWII atmosphere. 64 minutes with 9 songs presenting wide variety of moods. sound sources. compositions. approaches. blended into album that could be said unique even in extensive Grunt discography! Packaged in jewelbox with b/w artwork. Freak Animal 049

*GRUNT "Someone Is Watching" CD (10.00,-)
Finally re-issue of this 1998 tape! Perhaps 8 years ago started re-issue project has slowly moved towards completion. Back in 2005 Hermetique remastered original tape material for CD. and now finally out and available! Late 90's style noisy PE from Grunt. themed on surveillance. control society and big brother paranoia. Force Majeure 2011.

*GRUNT "terror & degeneration" CD (12.00,-) RESTOCK
re-issue of classic Grunt material from 1997-1998. Industrial Recollections.

*GRUNT "World Draped In A Camouflage" cd (12.00,-)
Since "Petturien Rooli" CD (2009). there has not been much else than re-issues. live materials and few compilation tracks by Grunt. It certainly have not meant anything else than preparation for the new full length assault. 10 tracks abuse diverse approaches. from tape manipulation. crushing loops. classical instruments. deep tones. concrete sounds. dry sonic elements stripped to be bone as well as multi-layers complex compositions. Grunt pours in loads of different sound elements. different sound qualities and experimentation. yet from other end of meatgrinder emerges the solid mix of ugly power electronics in form of "World Draped In A Camouflage". CD with 12 pages booklet including all lyrics and artwork. LP comes out late october!! Freak Animal.

*GRUNT / CLOAMA "valkoinen kuolema / belaja smert" cd (12.00,-)
This was the first Grunt/Cloama work. Split album recorded mostly around 1998. It was finally released in 2002 and sold out. Now Freak Animal is proud to present 2nd pressing in jewelbox. Most of recordings are 1998. with additional live collaboration and Cloama track 1999-2000. Grunt side of material continues the "Europe After Storm" era highly contructed power electronics. including militant rhythms and hostile vocals suitable for theme focusing around Finland vs. Russian war propaganda. Cloama is his crystallic power electronics tones and distorted vocals. Re-issue from 2012 comes in jewelbox and Russian language part of title is corrected into "Belaja Smert". Finnish industrial-noise and power electronics!. Cloama: Grunt:

*GRUNTSPLATTER "Pest Maiden" cd (7.00,-)
YOU CANNOT ESCAPE. Grim, opressive deathscapes. haunting atmospheres / impending doom / obsessively constructed heavy electronics detailing the plague devastation. Reissue of his early 7" + cassette release on Troniks (1999). Remixed & remastered for your ultimate death trip.

*GUILTY C. "Kanjosen Nightfall" cdr (6.00,-)

*GUILTY C. "transfer ep" cdr (6.00,-)
japanese release

*GUILTY CONNECTOR "Henro Pilgrimage" cdr (6.00,-)
recorded at Tokushima, Kochi, Ehime, and Kagawa´s 88 temples, during 08/20/2002 - 08/29/2002. mastered by Kelly Churko.

*GX JUPITTER-LARSEN + ALLAN ZONE "Benjax" cd (8.00,-)

*GYAKUSATSU "the death of a conscience" 3"cdr (4.00,-)


*H.H.T.P. & PORTABLEPALACE "Cavitation" cd (12.00,-)
The interaction between computer science technology and freeform musical creative process becomes a central point in this international collaboration of three artists from Belarus and USA. The abstract soundscapes are obscured by intricate structures. acoustic phenomena and electronic effects. it's going to infinity and never repeat itself. The finest harmony of soundfield is credited to the principles of intuitive simulation. realised through the system of computer-aided instruments.

*HAARE "funeral of souls" cd (12.00,-)
New CD on Freak Animal. Psychedelic funeral drone. Full color covers in jewelbox.

*HAARE "Regression" cd (12.00,-)
Order from link above

*HAIR POLICE "s/t" cd (10.00,-)
basement noise dirge death skuzz hell. compiles the long out of print hospital cassette and mortuary servants ep while adding new exclusive mud/noise constructions from the drawn dead sessions

*HALALNIHIL "Megbaszni Minden Rákos Embert A Földön" cdr (5.00,-)
The sound is changing from distant synthesizer sounds. and mixer feedbacks. to primitive cable static abusing. with a variety about the recording methods. Power Electronics/Noise. with simple structures on each tracks. I think the production is quiet clean. but not polished at all. Vocals are mostly talking. but also have black metalish shouts. and high pitched inhale/exhale screams. The topic of this material is the sickening idea of raping people with cancer disease. Lyrics are in Hungarian. booklet contains them on a two page insert. There will be a good quality CDr version of this release in November. Limited to 100 copies

*HALF MILE DOWN "Fish-Headed Idols" cd-r (5.00,-)
Dark experimental drone de profundis

*HANNIS BROWN "severe insomnia" cd (12.00,-)
Severe Insomnia is the second release by New York-based experimental composer Hannis Brown and his first album for Lumberton Trading Company. It is a spine-chilling and unpredictable rollercoaster-ride of a listen. The 11 instrumental tracks run the gamut from musique-concrete tape collages and electro-acoustic composition to works for chamber ensembles, orchestra, and solo prepared guitar. Inspired by the meandering and disjunct images that manifest themselves on the backs of eyelids during bouts of insomnia, the music is charged with an instability marked by atonal explosions of saxophones, sedate interludes of electronic and orchestral textures, and nightmarish climaxes of tone clusters. Each piece creates a unique sonic space while contributing to an overarching theme of somnipathy—the anguished screams of ´Face Down At Twilight´, the chopped found sounds of ´Alice’s Attic´, the churning orchestral textures of ´Furies´. Incorporating the microtonal orchestrations of Pendereki and Ligeti with the electro-acoustic spatial compositions of Edgar Varese and frenzied free jazz of Charles Mingus, Severe Insomnia is coloured with unorthodox textures and orchestrations. Violins gliss through streams of broken harmonics. Tapped beer bottles, spinning coins, and metal garbage cans scraped with paper clips serve as percussion behind the sounds of children’s voices and spiraling woodwind clusters. Strings oscillate slowly in and out of phase with one another; hyperventilating breathing exercises cloak muddled trumpet and flute. The result is a unique and unsettling suite of compositions; a textural concept work that pushes you to the depths of your subconscious and hold you there.

*HATED BRUIT KOLLEKTIV  "aktion one" cdr* (8.00,-)
HBK is an ephemeric project held among musicians behind Genetic Transmission. Moan and Nojsens. Three minds. three individualities. tree artists sharing one inspired vision. These are people we know for years so it became somehow natural to invite their bastard child to our NN therapy group finally. starting the "Harsh Kontakt" series of relases from now on. The sound sculpture presented hereby has been captured at Bez Kontroli Fest 2007 as probably HBK's best gig to date. Expect the unexpected. as they have gone the whole hog. without no mercy to the audience or themselves. OK. it's all there: refreshing traditional industrial. warming harsh noise. stoned bruitist plunderphonics. and last but not least—good taste and the fucking clue. VSOP. It actually takes about 1/4 of the way through this to discover it's not the full blown noise attack the first 10 minutes suggest. as this settles into a nice. post- industrial. hazy. metallic drone thing for awhile. before scuttering off again into noisier realms. populated by scraping junk sounds. cut-ups. hissing noise and broken frequencies. I detect elements of Contagious Orgasm. Zoviet France. H. Caspar and standard Japanese noise fare all collapsing into one other over it's 40 minute time frame. —as presented on Malignant. The packaging consist of a huge. A2-sized heavy stock poster folded to form A5 sleeve housed in a solid plastic wrapper. Limited to 250 hand numbered copies.

*HATEKOD "Death To Democracy" 3"cd-r (8.00,-)
"HATEKOD is a French cold power/electronic project with strong ideologic topics" pro-CDr in mini DVD case. L.White

*HATERS "Untitled Title Shot 28" cd-r (7.00,-)

*HATEWAVE "Sexual Healing 2" cd (12.00,-)
disgusting 4 track no-grind from poor white guys on meth and hoarse (no hippie shit). Apop.

*HELDENTOD "The Ghost Machine" cd (12.00,-)
Heldentod began in 2005 as an outlet for research into the little-known corners of 20th-Century history. While previous recordings whiplashed between the traditional and the experimental. Heldentod's latest album leaves behind its neofolk and martial-industrial roots to focus solely on electronics. but maintains the fundamental sense of composition found in earlier incarnations. Although now primarily influenced by death industrial and power electronics. Heldentod looks to create the most suitable expression of its key themes. including ghosts. ancestor worship. human sacrifice. neolithic fertility rites. Iron Age religion. mediaeval literature. unseen dimensions. inhuman intelligences. and all manner of Forteana. Cold Spring.

*HELMUT SCHÄFER  "Thought Provoking III" cd (12.00,-)
Thought Provoking III is the final document from the electro-acoustic composer Helmut Schäfer who died in 2007. The Austrian artist spoke of his work as "characterized by the use of very intense and direct musical language which powerfully describes his personal experience and reflections on society structures, the blindness of modern and informed masses and everyday functionalism in between civilization." That intensity of expression manifested itself through performances and collaborations that took Schäfer around the globe, including presentations at Documenta X and ARS Electronica both in 1997. For all of his tireless work, Schäfer's recording output is relatively small, focusing mostly on his collaborative work with noted musical extremist Zbigniew Karkowski. Schäfer posited Thought Provoking as a radical shift from his brutalist electronic engineering to a spatialized, open-ended composition based on the muffled tones from an ad hoc instrument he built from salvaged church organ pipes and hair dryers. The first presentation of this work took place in his home town of Graz, Austria in 2003; the second was a collaboration with violinist Elisabeth Gmeiner in Vienna two years later; and the third & final performance occurred in 2006 with percussionist Will Guthrie and Gmiener at the St. Andre Church where he first presented it in Graz. After Schäfer's death, Guthrie reconstituted the rehearsal takes from that performance for this recording of Thought Provoking III, attempting to re-imagine the controlled energy of those sessions with Schäfer's aesthetic framework at the forefront. The bellowing hums from Schäfer's organ pipe and hair dryer contraction ebb and flow amidst intermittent percussive flourishes, subtle gong overtones, sustained violin trills, and fizzling electronic mark-making. On the second track of this disc, long-time friend Zbigniew Karkowski presents a smoldering electro-acoustic remix of Thought Provoking III as a fitting tribute to Schäfer.

*HERMANN NITSCH "Sinfonie für Mexico City " cd* (14.00,-)
Edition of 500 copies. Comes in fullcolour 6-panel DVD-size digipak. All copies from Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik) come with a postcard signed by Nitsch. First release of Hermann Nitsch’s Symphony for Mexico City, recorded February 27, 2015 at Museo ExTeresa Arte Actual. Mexico City. Performed by Ensemble [LIMINAR] and Students of the Conservatorio Nacional de Música. Conducted by Andrea Cusumano. The Symphony for Mexico City is Nitsch’s latest composition, and in my opinion his most beautiful and dramatic work so far. “in fact i only want to cause that great state in which one gets goose pimples, when painfully unfathomable shudders of happiness run through one with pleasure in the pain,(…) the basic movement, the ‘basic power’ of the universe should be felt, experienced; we should be confronted with an inner fundamental occurrence of the system of forces of being; it should determine us beyond good and evil, pain and pleasure, to experience a sensuality that stands above everything, which is precisely neither good nor evil; it exposes us to a cosmic joy …” (Hermann Nitsch)

*HERMIT / THIRD ORGAN "dead tech machine gallery" cd-r (5.00,-)
split & collaboration materials from can / jap noisers. Full color cover.

*HET "you not me" cd (12.00,-)
Russian experimental. Monochrome

*HETERO SKELETON "Rensselit Pykälään!" cd (12.00,-)
Noisy Finnish free improv group. very damaged wild.

*HIRSUTE PURSUIT "Tighten That Muscle Ring" cd (12.00,-)
“I play Hirsute Pursuit at all of my DJ gigs” (Peter Christopherson) “Tighten That Muscle Ring” features collaborators such as Bryin Dall of Thee Majesty. Boyd Rice of NON and Sleazy of Coil / Throbbing Gristle. The music is real. The sex is real. Created by Harley Phoenix and his musical partner. Bryin Dall. this is Gay Sex Music that offers no apologies. Enticing rhythms combined with raw sex and a commanding. deep. resonate voice. Harley has transformed explicit instructions for serving his pleasure into a musical orgy that hits the gay community where it plays. the dance floor and the bedroom. Sleazy dance beats pound along at tempos that encourage carnal exploration. while sounds of ecstasy cannot be ignored. You will be thinking Cock Thoughts (a song from the first album. That Hole Belongs to Me). After starting with a MySpace page Hirsute Pursuit has become THE MOST PLAYED GAY MUSIC ON MYSPACE. Typical letters from fans tell Harley that after listening to his music. they HAD to go “get off”. While fans have been pleading for photos. Harley refuses to give in. Understanding the restraints of reality. Harley remains in the shadows. making Hirsute Pursuit the ultimate in musical fantasy. Without any publicity or releases. Hirsute Pursuit has had over 140.000 plays in less than a year! Drawing fans from all musical genres. including House. Country. Rock. Hip Hop. etc. Primarily attracting a gay audience. recent fans also include female dominatrixes. middle-class housewives and straight guys (as is evidenced in the video. Boys Keep Swinging featuring Boyd Rice and James Pope. both straight). The raw sensuality has now crossed over into the heterosexual domain. This is music you can fuck to. as well as bump and grind. Harley Phoenix is currently preparing Hirsute Pursuit’s live show experience which will include actual musicians. dancers and video to give the audience members a complete sensory explosion. Comes in a 6-panel digisleeve.

*HIS DIVINE GRACE "Reverse Aleph" cd (12.00,-)
"lot of secrets around this band, no information. Even the labels seems to know nothing about this formation. So is the music, dark & ritual, doomy and gloomy, coming from behind, getting you in your sleep. Haunting you in your deepest nightmares. You may be dead and even then you don´t know a thing about this release. Just experience it! (HauRuck 14)"

*HOARFROST "ground zero" cd (12.00,-)
Zoharum Collektiv presents debut album of Silesian dark ambient project: HOARFROST - "Ground Zero" The Ground Zero is a landscape developing from an unknown cataclysm presenting ruins and debris of steel. dust flying in the air. rust and slivers. tumbling down construction. where steel structures bend and fold like a pack of cards. A 37-minute story about the destruction of the concrete world is presented in 6 pieces in a dark ambient/industrial climate. Additionally the record also contains a video clip to From here to ruins. Graphical project by Praetorian.

*HOWARD STELZER "Bond Inlets" cd (12.00,-)
Ten years after his debut CD, Stone Blind (Intransitive, 1997), Howard Stelzer presents Bond Inlets, his first widely available solo cassette-tape composition. Stelzer, a Boston-based composer and sound artist, was never happy with his previous album and threw away most of the pressing as soon as it returned from the factory. He took the occasion of his label’s tenth anniversary to dissect the source sounds of that work and filter it through the lens of the interceding decade in order to build a piece that more accurately reflects what his intentions were then, and what his aesthetic is today. Bond Inlets is a subtly emotional work of foreground drone that beats its head against the plastic walls of cassette-tape technology, laying bare the physicality of the process of its creation. The dying motors of ancient cassette players, tape-saturated percussion, and blown-out condenser-mic wail are mixed with elements of live tape improvisations and surreptitious field recordings taken in Stelzer’s neighborhood to create deep chasms of no-fidelity murk and evocative hiss. There is an implacable melancholy to Bond Inlets, with fragments of distant melodies that surface briefly only to be subsumed again into the grime.

*HUMAN GREED "black hill. midnight at the blighted star" cd (12.00,-)
Great CD! Recommended. Someone says: Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star is the third release from Human Greed, a Scottish based project founded by writer Michael Begg and featuring the artist/illustrator Deryk Thomas. Michael Begg has been part of Fovea Hex, while Deryk Thomas is perhaps better known for his bunnie paintings that appear on the sleeves of Swans and Angels of Light releases. Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star additionally features the musicians Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons), Clodagh Simonds (Fovea Hex), and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen, Blind Cave Salamander) who along with David Tibet (Current 93) offer short spoken verse. The abstract electronic compositions of Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star ooze disquiet as it lulls and swells through the course of 15 tracks. It´s a recording of menacing intent fashioned from feint melodic droning, shrill effects and pulse-like and shuddering drones, mixed with stark guitar notes, orchestral touches, stolen found sound and lyrical fragments.

*HYBRYDS "soundtrack for the antwerp zoo aquarium" cd (12.00,-)
The reissue of a long-deleted classic album by this legendary Belgian project. 'Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium' is an unusual album. even in comparison with other Hybryds works. It was created especially for the 150th anniversary of the Antwerp Zoo. Music composed by Sandy and Hermann (of Ah-Cama Sotz) was woven in between the sounds of dolphins. killer whales and the noise of the underwater world. No further introduction is needed.

*HYPSIPHRONE "And The Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes" cd (12.00,-)
integrating elements of doom metal. black metal. and dark experimentalism into the pure industrial horror that constitutes the majority of this release. The result is nothing short of absolute and abject dread; heaving masses of percussive doom collide with shuddering machinery dirge. ghoulish and nightmarish ambience. torturous screams. and cinematic depravity. the sounds layered into a tangled and abstract tapestry of something completely epic and nearly majestic in its scale. Fans of Gnaw Their Tongues. Abruptum. and “Necro Evangelicum” era BDN will do well to wallow in the oozing blackness and unbridled malevolence Hypsiphrone has created. Lmtd 500 copies. in 6 panel digipak..


*I BURN/ SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "subfried traffic perfection" cd (12.00,-)
Two of the most outstanding Italian projects, I Burn and Sshe Retina Stimulants, present an unique collaboration of eclectic style. ´´Subfried Traffic Perfection´´ is based on individual treatments of specific loops and samples, projected into manifold manipulations. The effect of melting levels, interferences, noise spottering and clicks create an entirely new structure of sound. This CD also contains one bonus remix by Navicon Torture Technologies.

*I-C-K "Les hemorragies nihilistes" cd (12.00,-)
first CD by this frensh-project this time with a more rhytmic & electronic tune! (HauRuck) HR!25

*IL PRATO DEI DESIDERI "Una notte nel prato / Mr. Bizarre" 2xcd-r (10.00,-)
side project of URMA. Blade Records

*IMAGHO & ULTRA MILKMAIDS "By Mail" cd (8.00,-)
"(SSSM) Stunning collaboration work from two French outfits; Ultra Milkmaids being a well acclaimed and long running droning ambient project and Imagho a newer member of the scene. Long, floating pieces of harmonious and melancholic sonic tapestries, building from minimal drones to dense ambience constantly flowing onwards and gaining new elements along the way. Stylish grey/black carton sleeve with insert. Limited edition of 500 copies

*IMMACULATE:GROTESQUE "territory" cd-r (6.00,-)
haRRRsh noise

*IMPACT TEST "Gangwar" cd (6.00,-)
The opening piece on this album is a large sustained atmosphere of what sounds like single note instruments (piano. perhaps electronics) held flat and dramatically across a long plain of hissing noise. It sounds like a film soundtrack for impending doom via a bee´s nest! The next piece has a similarly uncompromising approach. although the sound has much more grit and muscle. and tends to be overall a much more complex arrangement. moving from booming blasts of destruction to whining. rustling passages through which can be discerned ghost voices. At times it even hints at structure and composition. although this is the point at which they suddenly become self-conscious and blast off at a tangent again. There seems to be a lot in here. half-hidden within the noise-scapes and occasional edgy lulls - voices so far back in the mix as to be almost indistinguishable; New Age birdsong ambience; the sound of running water. As with most of this Shallow-End-Of-Pure-Noise Concrete stuff. you either lap it up or ignore it. Very minimal. very extreme - a few interesting moments. but it´s definitely Ear of the Beholder stuff" review from www. RRR/Pure

*IMPACT TEST "Seven Songs of Darkness" cd (8.00,-)
from spoken word / experimental pieces to more conventional rock tracks. Mostly old school industrial atmospheres. recorded live to dat without audience. Recommended!! RRR

*IMPREGNABLE "polishing the mirror" 3"CDR (6.00,-)
Chondritic Sound

*IN MEDITARIUM "the great limbo" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*IN MEDITARIUM "Uterus" cd-r (4.00,-)
format: cdr (pro-printed). dark industrial (in the way of early Archon Satani and Autopsia) limited on 100

*INCAPACITANTS / T.A.D.M. "split" cd (12.00,-)

*INCINERATOR INTERNATIONAL "head on" cd (12.00,-)
SLOGUN + FOLKSTORM collaboration project!

*INDIGO LARRAE "Abandoned To Despair" cd (12.00,-)

*INFANT CYCLE "Playout" cd (8.00,-)
The Infant Cycle is a project of the Canadian artist Jim DeJong working under this name since 1994. Among his favourite instruments are Poly-800, shortwaves, feedback, field recordings and altered vinyl records.

*INHALANT "bloodshed" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)
harsh noise

*INSTITUTION D.O.L. "Diskotheka Dekadenza" cd (10.00,-)
Institution D.O.L. is a so-called "post-industrial-project" founded in 1998. Attributes are miscellaneous sounds, from mellow ambient-sounds and rhythmic patterns to harsh noise, which is still showing clear structures. comes in nice looking digipak.

*INSULAR "confession" biz card cdr (6.00,-)
Finnish power electronics. Think XE meets Hydra.

*INVADER "Subterranean Knowledge Of The Stars" cd-r (5.00,-)
new york harshness - teenage style. Audiobot

*INVISIBLE FRONT "Interferences And Time" cd* (9.00,-)
Dark Ambient, Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial . DVD Box with inserts - limited to 477 handnumbered copies

*ION "Immaculada" cd (12.00,-)
A collection of slow motion mysterious ballads, balancing light and shade, salvation and loss, matching Irish landscapes and Mediterranean sunbathed seashores with its haunting Celtic vibes that thrive and build upon tribal rhythmic patterns.

*ION "Madre, Protégenos" cd (12.00,-)
dreamy and light experimental / dark wave

*IRIKARAH "Tactical Wreckaged Live Action - live zwischenfall bochum" cdr (8.00,-)

*IRR. APP. (EXT.) "Ozeanische Gefügle" cd (12.00,-)
"irr. app. (ext) is the work of California-based sound artist Matt Waldron, whose collected body of work is far too important to continue to be forgotten. During the past decade, only two full albums -- Dust Pincher Appliances (2003 on Crouton) and An Uncertain Animal, Ruptured; Tissue Expanding in Conversation (1997 on Fire, Inc.) -- have seen the light of day despite the fact that perhaps a dozen albums have been completed. The public silence for irr. app. (ext) was never by Waldron's design, as numerous recording deals collapsed, one after the other. The story becomes all the more of conundrum as these misadventures of neglect and ignorance occurred despite Waldron's high-profile collaborations with Nurse With Wound and Stilluppsteypa. If a humble organization like the Helen Scarsdale Agency can have its say, then we speak to remove whatever curses that have haunted irr. app. (ext.) in the past and provide the world with the opportunity to revel in the spectacle and the beauty that is Matt Waldron's art.

*IZANAMIS LABOUR PAINS  "Destination: Toujinbou" cd (12.00,-)
Izanami’s Labour Pains is a project of Sascha Mandler (Mazakon Tactics and Namazu Dantai) with obvious japanoise influences. The material on this CD is mainly composed of quickly changing harsh noise with the occasional vocal outburst and ambient synth transition. Recommended for fans of the more recent K2 material. Phage tapes.


*JAKE VIDA "Ten Arrows" cd (8.00,-)
This was first released in an edition totalling 17 copies on CD-r. Why? I couldn´t be sure but when I first heard this release when it came out in 2006, I thought to myself; this is some the best Harsh Pedal Noise I have ever heard and it was obvious this had to be released in a bigger edition on a proper format as soon as possible as people needed to hear this. Turgid Animal hadn´t released a CD yet and I was hoping this would have been the first one, so I sent quickly sent an email to Jake asking him if I could release it and he said yes. Unfortunately, delay after delay occured and it´s only just seeing the light of day on CD now, but it was well and truly worth the wait. Both tracks from the original release feature here along with a bonus track from vault, sealing this discs fate as one of the best modern harsh noise releases to come out in a while. Simple card stock cover featuring full colour artwork by the man himself. Turgid Animal is extremly proud to welcome Mr. Vida to our roster!

*JARBOE + JUSTIN BROADRICK "" cd (12.00,-)

*JARETT SILBERMAN "Hand Jive" cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-189

*JARRETT SILBERMAN "stenographer" 3"cd-r (6.00,-)
deep throbbing rumble from below for 4 guitar player. Banned Prod.

*JASON CRUMER "two first records on cd" cd (12.00,-)
You missed two albums of about the best American harsh noise there was done in 2000´s? Sold out LP´s on RRR and LP on Harsh Head Rituals now collected into one full length CD. Simple b/w artwork in jewelbox. Check out total analogue destruction, tape manipulations, frantic vocals, infernal rumbling noise with amazing textures. Do not miss! Freak Animal Records cd-50

*JASON KAHN "Vanishing Point" cd (12.00,-)
The American sound-artist Jason Kahn is an exacting technician when it comes to the principles of noise. However, his application of noise in composition is not that of Merzbow or Masonna, with teethgnashing explosions of distortion, feedback, and volume; rather, Kahn's psychoacoustic techniques employ the specific frequencies of white, pink, brown, and blue noise in works that reflect the ideals of minimalism. These are sounds that regularly occur through the constant vibration of machinery; and Kahn is more than happy to appropriate such events through field recording. He also generates complementary noises through systems that involve the rattling architecture of a drum kit or through his trusted analog synthesizer. Vanishing Point is a 47 minute composition, which Kahn has dedicated to his daughter who died shortly before Kahn began working on this piece in 2007. For all of the phenomenological studies and stoic mesmerism attributed to much of his catalogue, Vanishing Point is a subtle and hypnotic elegy for rattling metals, timbral vibration, gossamer static, hissing field recordings, and those aforementioned colored noises. Soon into the piece, Kahn introduces a flickered ghost of melody whose luminous tones manifest ever so slightly against his contrails of noise. The upper register hiss and statics of these layered noises slowly drop in pitch and frequency over the duration of the piece, revealing subharmonic rumblings and an oceanic current that tugs at the agitated textures of Kahn’s surface noises. This glacial, minimalist shift renders Vanishing Point elegant and meditative. In Kahn’s own words, "At first I thought of the title in reference to Louise's passing, that point where she vanished from our lives, but on further reflection I came to see the compostion as dealing with other vanishing points. I address the idea of one’s sense of time vanishing, being immersed in sound and entering a place of timelessness. There is also the idea of boundaries between electronic and acoustic sound vanishing, as in this piece I draw on both sources. And finally, in the sense of aural perspective extending to the point where we imagine it ending, as the compostion stretches on towards its vista, slowly vanishing."

*JASON KAHN & RICHARD FRANCIS "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
This unique collaboration of three Japanese musicians (coming from quite different music background) tends to be the most radical and uncompromising one. It´s really hard to explain what it´s all about, it´s too alien and very far from any rational thought you can imagine. For the unprepared listener, it can be very uneasy and helpless experience, but for me, it explains the very idea of avant garde music in our post modern age.

*JAZZFINGER "The Ducal Palace" cd (10.00,-)
Only the second ever pro-pressed CD by North-East England´s drone masters Jazzinger. This time chronicling the first ever rehearsal and recording of the core duo of Ben Jones and Hasan Gaylani. Raw guitar recordings from 1996 fill the discs 30+ minutes and if you listen carefully on the last track you can hear the police turn up and tell them to cease making the racket! Old school experimental work out from a simpler time. Artwork by long term fan of the band. George Proctor. Limited to 300 copies.

*JEAN LUC-GUIONNET "Axene" cd (8.00,-)
experimental sound. A lot of good response from this. Ground Fault

*JESSICA RYLAN "Orange Ices" 3"cd-r (6.00,-)

*JOB KARMA "Tschernobyl" cd (12.00,-)
It's hard to describe Job Karma's work in few words. Their industrial sonorities are the fruit of our new age of iron and desolation. the dramatic declaration of men's destructive power. Conceived after a visit of the ghost town of Chernobyl. this work -consisting of 8 tracks of bitter post industrial sounds- is the soundtrack of the announced chronicle of an unprecedented nuclear calamity. An aching report turned into music who casts shadows over our destiny.

*JOE COLLEY/CRAWL UNIT "untitled piece for prepared chord organ, electric motors and microphones" 3"cd-r (7.00,-)
a slowly evolving piece of ambient drones punctuated with odd metallic textures. Banned prod.

*JOEL STERN & MICHAEL NORTHAM "Wormwood" cd (8.00,-)
From their Series I comes one of the newest in a growing collection of tonal obscurities from the people of Ground Fault. Teaming up for the first time Australian, Stern and traveling American, Northam, took time out to record these five untitled tracks just outside of London. These men are what I call electro-acoustarians, those who research sound, in its most minute states, develop improvised tactics of dealing with the crunchy blips and awkward static and raise the bar for younger sound artists breaking into their own. Both artists here have presented their works in and outside of gallery/museum constructs to living rooms and other dens of introspection. What is unique is how well two meet as one to create a harmonic convergence so to speak. The feedback and coarse noise from found objects and other matter serve as an uncertain time map of sorts portraying an inherent sense of perturbed sound. In a nails-to-a-chalkboard approach to bowing the curve of this atonal shantytown is rank with loose ends and vague meanings, but why search for one? In essence what hovers here is the unspecific nature of space, which is quite heady." TJ Norris

*JOHN BISCHOFF "Aperture" cd (12.00,-)
John Bischoff has been composing music with computers and electronics since the mid 70s, and has always focused his compositions towards malleable forms that best suit live performances. Within this context, Bischoff seeks to position the construction of sound far beyond the common perception of synthetic music as a mere simulation of the intrinsic sounds of traditional instruments. Instead, Bischoff qualifies his work as the realization of a "reflective intention," where he determines sonic structure not only through the predetermined elements which go into a piece, but also through the active process of listening to the music as it happens and responding accordingly. In describing his initial attraction towards computer technologies, Bischoff states, "Here was a single device that could contain a seemingly infinite range of pieces or configurations of elements and that could be interacted with in real-time." During the '70s when programming involved crude systems of binary code, Bischoff’s vision of the possibilities for computer-based composition fused to performative agency seemed implausible; yet in hindsight, his artistic imperatives were incredibly prescient of contemporary tools such as the nearly omnipotent audio synthesis language Max/MSP, which has been at the core of Bischoff's recent work. An aptly named set of compositions, Aperture opens the possibility for multiple readings through a series of diverse techniques ranging from additive synthesis to FM synthesis to sampled-based processes. Each of the pieces within the album was recorded in real-time with no overdubs. Aperture introduces itself with clusters of samples that sprawl with the deliberate pacing of Morton Feldman’s later periods, yet Bischoff renders what might be recognizable citations of a piano or percussion as pointillist condensations of digitized pixels and precise plastic details. During the ensuing pieces, Bischoff unleashes coarse streams of electrons which flange and pulse within the caustic firestorm of divergent timestretching, giving the impression that Bischoff is quite literally tearing the fabric of sound. Bischoff also presents a collaboration with Kenneth Atchley in complementing the oversaturated physical noise of Atchley's water fountain sculptures with short digital articulations that ride on the top of Atchley's dense texture. Bischoff is a current instructor at the esteemed Center For Contemporary Music at Mills College. His performances around the US include the New Music America festivals in 1981 and 1989, Roulette and Experimental Intermedia in New York, and the World Music Concert Series at Wesleyan University to name a few. He has performed in Europe at the Festival d'Automne in Paris, Akademie der Künste in Berlin, STEIM in Amsterdam, and Fylkingen in Stockholm among other places. He is a founding member of the League of Automatic Music Composers, the world’s first computer network band; and from 1985 to 1996 he performed and recorded with the network band the Hub, alongside fellow Mills faculty member Chris Brown. Numerous recordings have appeared on Lovely Music, Centaur, Artship, and Artifact Recordings

*JOHN DUNCAN & CARL MICHAEL VON HAUSSWOLFF  "Our Telluric Conversation" cd (12.00,-)
23five Incorporated proudly presents Our Telluric Conversation — the second collaborative album from John Duncan and Carl Michael von Hausswolff. This is an album which Duncan describes as having been galvanized by magnetism. In a semantic sleight of hand, Duncan and Hausswolff reveal magnetism through a duality of meanings. One on hand, they speak of the physical phenomenon of charged objects that exert an attraction or repulsion upon other objects; yet on the other, magnetism can be defined the psychological influence wielded by charismatic individuals. Our Telluric Conversation maps out the complexities that emerged through the collaborative pursuits of these venerated sound artists. The tools that the two employed for Our Telluric Conversation are common to their respective catalogues of recordings, with Duncan bringing his shortwave, data streams, and uncanny use of the human voice while Hausswolff employed oscillators, sonar, and wire tapping microphones. The album opens with the mechanical rotation of modulated sonar, providing a hypnotic pulse which slowly submits to an obstinate surge of rumbling noise, that in turn collapses into focused white-noise turbulence and tone-bent SSB transmissions. All of this abruptly detours with a protracted spoken narrative from Hausswolff who whispers a Pynchonesque text about a maggot-infested individual who seeks to remedy his affliction by communing with cobras and geckoes. Afterwards, Duncan and Hausswolff entertain the seduction of the long-form drone constructions; however, their sublime minimalism is so brilliant in its beauty as to be piercingly acute through the purity of honed sinewaves. The final entry from their Conversation is the perfect marriage of the established Duncan and Hausswolff aesthetics, with a spare low-frequency hum deadening the sonic architecture before a static charge of crackled ether supplements the auditory smoldering. Our Telluric Conversation stands as a bold, expressive piece of sound art, confident in its multiplicity of perspectives caught in a constant flux of attraction and repulsion. The recording comes with a 40 page booklet with an interview between Duncan and Hausswolff about their histories, ideas, and methodologies; furthermore, the packaging is completed by a curiously tactile O-card, which has been embossed with braille and covered with a rubbery coating. For almost a quarter century, John Duncan has constructed a radical body of sonic provocation through noise, field recordings, installation, and perhaps most notably shortwave. His interests have long been grounded in the psychological implications of sound, and how it has the ability to bring ecstasy, hostility, empathy, abjection, etc. to the listener. Always questioning himself and the world around him, Duncan remains one of the most dynamic artists of the contemporary era. Carl Michael von Hausswolff is a Swedish composer currently working in Stockholm. His work involves studies of electricity, frequency, intonation and even paranormal activities within the framework of a challenging conceptual ideology of sound. Hausswolff’s audiovisual installations have been shown at biennials in Istanbul and Johannesburg, and his music has been performed throughout Europe and North America. He is also co-monarch (with Leif Elggren) of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.

*JOHN HUDAK "Don´t Worry About Anything; I´ll Talk To You Tomorrow" cd (10.00,-)
Completed in 1998, this is only the third full length composition from NY composer John Hudak to appear on CD. He is mostly known for his cassette work in the mid-eighties. His work is primarily built on repetition and alteration, usually from single sound sources. With this composition, he has manipulated an answering machine recording of his mother´s voice. The piece is shifting and complex. It is smooth and relaxed with the contradiction of extremely high, piercing frequencies. It is undoubtedly one of his most complex works to date.

*JOHN HUDAK "Helen Marie: Reinterpretations" 2xcd (12.00,-)
When John Hudak recorded the "Don´t Worry About Anything; I´ll Talk To You Tomorrow" compact disk for Alluvial in early 1998, through a series of events, we ended up in possession of an extra piece. We had always intended to release it in some format but remained unsure how to use it. We approached John with the idea of presenting the piece to other composers, many of whom we had in mind prior to raising the idea with John. Upon receiving John´s OK, we set about sending it to the composers we chose and a couple of John´s choosing. The project ended up taking a lot longer than anticipated. It was well worth the wait. The original track, the source material, is the first track heard. This is followed by Jason Lescalleet. Jason created a shifting, moving tapestry of sounds with beautiful ebb and flow. Marc Behrens uses his signature, understated approach to create a piece full of layers with focus on the nuances of tiny sounds. Sukora´s contribution uses small sounds that are almost imperceptible with periods of near silence. Peter Duimelinks explores the extremes of the original by focusing on the highest frequencies and lowest, bassy rumbles. These are blended with a gentle rhythmic pulse that is easier felt than heard. John himself created yet another rich soundscape that is hard to imagine having been coaxed from the original. Francisco Lopez approaches his track with a violent furor that culminates with stark silence. Eric Lanzillotta pays homage to an earlier phase of John´s work from his days using the analogue tape. His piece rumbles steadily along and crushes the original beyond recognition. Frans de Waard presents a piece varied with buzzes and whirling sounds compacted into so many layers. The final statement is from Leif Elggren. It sounds as though he ran the original backwards in layers. It is accented with loud, piercing blasts of static interference. The variety over the two compact disks is exactly what one would hope for from a project of this scope. It is varied, confrontational and cohesive. This is a beautiful statement that compliments what John does best- single-minded, gentle soundscapes that are deeply personal and peaceful. John´s compositions set a calm, serene mood for the listener. Fans of his style will not be disappointed. The CD´s are packaged in a 12 page booklet which includes photo work from John Hudak and Rachael Jackson. This is a limited edition of 500 copies"

*JOHN WISE "soft punk" cd (12.00,-)

*JOHN ZEWIZZ "2012" cd (12.00,-)
JOHN ZEZIZZ releases hiz first solo CD stepping out ov the SLEEPCHAMBER shadows after almost 30 years! Thru the eras ov Sexmagick, Fetish, Electronic Goth, The Barbitchuettes, Women Of The SS, and at least 6 other stages ov his own unique esoteric styles ov musick : “2012” starts out at the title track. A dance kick poly rhythm styled piece that abstractly question us if 2021 will be the end ov daze. Strangely, you will find the chorus hauntingly hard to evict. “IMMORTALITY" slinks along like an electric styled ´Gang Of Four´ track with strangle stayed guitar leads and heavy bass beats. “BLACKSTRAP CORSET” iz a great fetish fun-house piece complete with clown house laughter, school teacher commands and a great heavy low pounding beat – The chorus is clever and sleazy... “INSOMNIA” iz a long piece that contains a steady bass pulse laced in all sorts ov exotik stereo electronix. With a theme ov suggested bestiality and no sleep the track iz nightmare like and bizarre, but still very interesting. Jaguar growls included. “OBSESSION” iz a whispered fetish command vocal styled strap beat track. The overlaid electornix are ghostly and unique. Az what haz made SLEEPCHAMBER so original exists here. Obviously Mr. Zewizz iz the main ingredient in the SLEEPCHAMBER formula. “SPY VS SPY” iz a trip in a dimensional layer ov dark and eerie rhythms that flow thru your veins az whispered vocals again penetrate the subconscious in a virus like degree. “HELLS ANGELS” iz a poly rhythm driven track with a heavy beat kick & Harley´s racing through out. “EECIFORP?” iz proficiency backwards. Again the most abstract track on the CD suggesting 2012 being the end ov time. Ending the CD is a 12 ½ minute dance re-mix ov the title track “2012”. But after the first 5 minutes it scratches into a surreal vocal style ov the opening track.

*JOSEPH HAMMER "Knob Opera" 3"cd (6.00,-)

*JUHYO / JOSHUA NORTON CABAL  "Human Cargo" cd (12.00,-)
Juhyo teams up with Joshua Norton Cabal (Andrew Nolan of The Endless Blocakade) for a two-pronged investigation into the world of human trafficking and modern slavery. Pro CD in jewel case with full-color four-page booklet, limited to 500 copies

*JULIEN OTTAVI "The Black Symphony" cd (12.00,-)
The new solo work by renown french soundartist is the true symphony. divided into several parts titled like "Adagio". "Allegro". "Menuet" etc. but without any hints to traditional instruments or classical orchestration - just the pure white noise structures.

*JULIEN OTTAVI "The Black Symphony" cd (12.00,-)
The new solo work by inventive french soundartist is the true symphony, divided into several parts titled like "Adagio", "Allegro", "Menuet" etc. but without any hints to traditional instruments or classical orchestration - just the pure white noise structures.

*JøRGEN KNUDSEN "Wealth" cd (12.00,-)
This is the first solo album of Norwegian composer and musician Jørgen Knudsen who was a founding member of highly acclaimed duo Information. This duo had an unique combination of sound and creative methods as well as their interest in connecting music with visuals, texts, dances etc. Information released a few fantastic albums on labels such as Beatservice and Rune Grammofon. Jørgen had been working on his first solo album during last few years, recording and collecting the audio sources for it. Most of these recordings were made in defferent places around the planet: Norway, Iceland, Greece, Chech Republic, Japan, China, Shri-Lanka, Goa, Thailand, Cambodia etc… Generally speaking, “Wealth” has no typical style or even its own specific sound, this record reflects the Jørgen´s interests in developing music in many different directions at the same time. Follows its name, “Wealth” is a surrealistic blend of natural sounds and field-recordings, acoustic instruments, exotic voices, delicate melodies in “Thai pop” style, different found sounds and noises. Another interesting fact about this release: the music was composed by Norwegian, recorded around the world, assembled in Cambodia and Thailand & at last, released on Ukrainian record label. Beautiful fotos on the cover of this album were made by Ukrainian photographer Sergey “Doctor” Volkov in Greece. Is this a Globalism?


*K. MEIZTER [BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE] "Tetraphobia" cd (12.00,-)
After channelising all his musical energy into Beyond Sensory Experience for the past two years, K. Meizter finally returns with a new solo exertion. Spawned during the sinister last months of a northern year, Tetraphobia scans through the kafkaesque layers of human anxiety, and continues K. Meizter’s distinctive manipulation of sound, melody and pulse. Following Travelling Light, Dark Matters and the Horologium collaboration Eight Studies in Transition, K. Meizter’s new release develops even more unsettling atmospheres of reflection and alteration. With 10 tracks and over an hour of foreboding avant-garde, Tetraphobia is K. Meizter’s most convincing work this far. Dark and solemn.

*K.K.NULL / DEISON "into" cd (12.00,-)
Japan + Italy collab.

*K11 "The Sacred Wood" cd (13.00,-)
K11 (aka Pietro Riparbelli) is a very good sound-sculptor continuing the long tradition of Italian Ambient Industrial artists ... This special album was recorded at the enchanting park of Monsters of Bomarzo. The park of Monsters of Bomarzo was devised by the architect Pirro Ligorio (he completed the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Rome after the death of Michelangelo and built Villa d´Este in Tivoli) on commission of Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, called Vicino, only to vent the heart broken at the death of is wife Giulia Farnese. The park was born in 1552 as "Villa of Wonders" to be the only one of it´s kind in the world. Incredible but true, the Park of Monsters remained in complete oblivion till 1954 and only few people was aware about all the fantastic treasures contained within the park for over 400 years ! K11 was recording the soul of this park of Monsters and Wonders and after re-working the sounds he delivers us a trip between reality and dream. Psychadelic, ritual ambient music from an other space, from an other era, from an other land...

*K2/POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS "Sprouts and memories" cdr (6.00,-)
harsh noise

*KAPOTTE MUZIEK "Praag / Rottendam" cd (8.00,-)
old Dutch experimental noise craftsman with new disc.

*KARJALAN SISSIT "karjalasta kajahtaa" cd (15.00,-)
horrors of finland obsessed neo classic industrial and iskelmä nostalgia

*KARNA "Diabolic (soundtrack for my nightmares)" cd (12.00,-)
black ambient

*KEIKO HIGUCHI / CRIS X "melt" cd (12.00,-)
It is a work of the Tokyo-based voice performer and pianist, Keiko Higuchi, and the Rome/Berlin-based sound artist, Cris X. Lost and coming into a cave, the breathing of each other can be heard in obscurity. The found scarlet “primodia” in the unlit world is icy cold yet hot. Like a burning coal concealed with care, the calm pathos, however, sealed in their stirring sound, are going to “melt”. Keiko Higuchi: Keiko Higuchi is a vocalist, pianist, performer residing in Japan. She has started out playing improvisation when she was in the united states with a band named “Saturnalia”. After she came back to Japan in 1998, she has made some tours with the butoh dancer, Imre Thormann and the cellist, Yasumune Morishige, and also have worked with various musicians and groups. Her work is not only limited to her improv. vocal work, but she also works as a singer with the pianist, shin-ichiro kanda,where she does more of a “conventional” way of singing, her solo piano/vocal work, and as a group/ unit, she works in DUEL (Mitsuru Tabata, ASTRO, Kelly Churko and keiko higuchi), KYOHANSHA (isshee on bass, keiko higuchi on drums), etc, there are many units she has been in. As an improviser, she has performed with many musicians/ groups in and out of Japan. she also works as a writer, photographer, vocal teacher and so on. CRIS X: Cristiano Luciani was born in Rome, Italy, in the 1976. He is a sound and visual artist and he works and lives in Rome (Italy) and Berlin (Germany). Cris X’s solo project exploring the synthesis of composition and improvisation and Its music moving from electronics and noise to expressionist ambient and musique concrète. He composed and performed music for theatre productions, contemporary ballet and live film scorings, along with the soundtracks of his own video production. His visual and sound artwork has been exhibited in different contexts and festivals throughout Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, China and South America. He has collaborated and played with musicians and artists from different cultures and art scenes as Merzbow/Masami Akita, KK Null/Kazuyuki Kishino, MB/Maurizio Bianchi, Phil Minton, Tristan Horsinger, Sachiko, Michiko Hirayama, Hamayoko/Yoko Higashi, Gene Coleman, Eugene Chadbourne, Torturing nurse among others. In the 2010 he created the experimental label CX Records which concentrates on the release and publishing of his own musical/video works and collaborations.

*KENOTAPH "Promise" cd (12.00,-)
sideproject of Skalp presents the material of an old tape with bonus material from the same time. Distorted rhythmic noise with harsh pounding machinelike sounds and slow wispering voice. (functional 012)

*KEVIN DRUMM "imperial horizon" cd (12.00,-)
crystal drone. hospital productions

*KEY "Silver Moon Slumber" cd (12.00,-)
scruffy neo-folk & pop

*KHOST "Corrosive Shroud" cd (12.00,-)
Corrosive Shroud is the second album from Birmingham band khost, following the 2014 debut Copper Lock Hell. The album has a singular theme: inside the hand-me-down concrete relics in which we necessarily live and from which we draw perceptions. The music is the sound of lightless blocks, oxygen-starved sheds and apparitions, using stark and unrefined found sounds stacked against Khost's massively detuned guitars.

*KINETIX "final archives" cd (12.00,-)
The final chapter for this project run by Gianluca Becuzzi well know for his old dark wave project LIMBO but also for his solo works and collaborations with Fabio Orsi. FINAL ARCHIVES is a sort of collection of rare tracks recorded from 1999 to 2006 totally reworked and remastered in 2009. From booklet notes: ABSOLUTE GREY is the title that Kinetix gave at his graphic artwork selection exhibited with an ambient post-scoring specifically composed for the expositive space. The exhibition is made of ten grey scale serigraphies on white forex scheets (1 meter x 1 meter) and a composition of 20 minutes played through two lour speakers and one woofer covered with grey powder on top of a white cube. Absolute Grey is been presented at the sound art festival PX2_Piombino_eXperimenta_2006. RW MATERIALS is a collection of seven short tracks from the early Kinetix production. Noise gestaltmusic. A multidimensional concept created with sound layers and ambient concretism. These tracks help to the listener to understand the start point of the Kinetix sound research. RESOUNDING SULPTURES is based on the concept of “composition for blocks of sound” made in 50’s and 60’s by Iannis Xenakis. For this reason traditional compositional criteria (harmonic-melodic / rhythmic-metric) will replace the various criteria of plastic / spatial forms. Part of the sound sources used for Resounding Sculptures were extracted from the works of Iannis Xenakis to whom this composition is dedicated.

*KINETIX "Gestaltsystem 01 possible forms" 2xCD (14.00,-)
This release is a totally reworked version of "Possible Forms" previously produced as CDR in edition of 100 copies by Nova Ars Digitandi. and it's a part of "Gestaltsystem" installation. It has unique conception of everchanging soundsculpture. composed by randomly juxtaposed audio fragments of the specially designed structure. This is the best digital sound art piece we ever heard. and it should appeal to all minimal electronic music admirers.

*KINETIX "Selected E Mission" cd (10.00,-)

*KIYOSHI MIZUTANI "bird songs" cd (8.00,-)
At Lethe voice festival

*KIYOSHI MIZUTANI / KUWAYAMA / SHIMADA  "Gambetta" cd (12.00,-)
(mv27) Kiyoharu Kuwayama/Hideaki Shimada/Kiyoshi Mizutani "Gambetta" CD This unique collaboration of three Japanese musicians (coming from quite different music background) tends to be the most radical and uncompromising one. It´s really hard to explain what it´s all about, it´s too alien and very far from any rational thought you can imagine. For the unprepared listener, it can be very uneasy and helpless experience, but for me, it explains the very idea of avant garde music in our post modern age.

*KK NULL "ergosphere" cd (12.00,-)

*KK NULL "Galactic Tornado" cd (12.00,-)
The album “Galactic Tornado” by Mr. Kazuyuki Kishino (KK NULL) presents the deep, dense & dynamic electronic music. It´s unconditional, intuitive and highly emotional excellent audio-work. Combining synthetic sounds from various synthesizers and electronic machines with acoustic audio signals, the composer explores (from his own point of view) some artistic values of “psychedelic electronic sound” that were widly presented on space/electronic/kraut albums from 70s. Naturally, this CD could be recommended for listeners who prefer the contemporary experimental sound in its highest quality and for fans of “retro spacey” sound from the groups such as Popol Vuh, Cluster or even Tangerined Dream as well. Luxurious 6-panels digipack with silver lettering and spot varnishing feautures artwork with images done by Kazuyuki Kishino.

*KK NULL "Gamma ray burster" cd (12.00,-)
"Gamma ray burster" is the newest masterpiece of KK Null. one of the most influential artists in japanese Noise and Experimental music. Rhythmic and pounding analogue sine waves combined with experimental electronic sounds. flirring. whistling. crackling. rumbling and noising inside Your head. on "Gamma ray burster" you can enjoy noisy tracks with even danceable parts. as well as pure noise and avantgardistic experimental Cold Electronics. This album contains all kinds of different experimental Noise styles. what makes the 52 minutes very enjoyable and entertaining. let you take you to a trip into another galaxy. Far from here. Very far!

*KK NULL "Material Darkness" cd (12.00,-)
Two long tracks by sonic wizard Kazuyuki Kishino aka KK NULL. Full of dynamic approach. shifts quickly between glitchy electronics. banging wave of noise. cutup electro-acoustic. pulsing rhythms. sonically-crafted sculptures and droning ethereal ambiance.

*KK NULL "prime radiant" cd (12.00,-)

*KK NULL / MOZ "A Split Release" cd (10.00,-)
Interesting split effort from two diverse artists; KK Null from Japan, known from his many projects presents five pieces mixing electronics and rhythmical elements ranging from chaotic and noisy to soothing and hypnotic, whereas MOZ from the U.S. offers six pieces of socially introspective death industrial ambience with deep rumbling electronics and sharp attacking noises. Stylish full colour sleeve in standard jewel case. Limited edition of 500 copies.

*KLEISTWAHR "this world is not my home" cd (13.00,-)
new album from Gary Mundy.

*KLINIKAL SKUM "chosen powerless" cd (12.00,-)
morbid lethal electronics

*KNOX OM PAX "Laudanum" cd (10.00,-)
dark ambient industrial. Destructive Industries

*KNURL "Mesosoma" cdr (7.00,-)
All pieces produced and recorded live by Alan Bloor Jan/Feb 2009 using scrap metal + violin. Special thanks to Rafal Kochan.

*KNURL "nervescrap" cd (6.00,-)
pure noise

*KOEFF "liminal looks" 3"cd (6.00,-)
Johanna (ex-Institut) never disappoints - this is the usual slab of thought induced structured disco-industrial with commanding vocals. A must in every good home!

*KOERPERWELTEN "Avatars of Rape and Rage" cd (12.00,-)
Having started the process way back in 2002, this collaborative project between Swedish powerhouse Nordvargr and US apocalyptic industrialists Navicon Torture Technoloies finally sees the light (so to speak) in 2008, having been re-worked and re-structured as a perilous 40 minute plunge into a black hole of sound. Waves of grim, doom filled atmospheric sludge crossbred with buzzing black drones, grinding distortion, and a seething underbelly of rhythmic pulsations, ultimately delivering everything you might expect from these two giantsof the industrial scene. In 6 panel digipak, with extreme and controversial, Jonathan Canady designed artwork sure to be banned if it falls into the wrong hands..

*KOJI MARUTANI "Pataphysics" cd (10.00,-)
Our first release for 2000, this is from Japanese composer Koji Marutani, who also runs the Digital Narcis label. Here, he presents a group of recordings of wide variation. He continues his series of "Scenes" recordings which incorporate field and locational recordings with electronic elements. The first piece is inspired by the radical piano work of Eric Satie. Other pieces includes cool, flowing ambiance and cut up´s of American, Japanese and European TV and radio broadcasts. There is also his attempt at adding a warm, human element to the often tired Electro- Blip sound. It´s packaged in a perfect balance of austere lights and earthy tones in an edition of 500

*KOUHEI MATSUNAGA "Complicated high still now..." cd-r (7.00,-)
When Eastern Europe only starts discovering "noise" music, in Japan - Meka of "noise´ music, a new age of artists, naming themselves "post noise", wave is arising. One of them - Kouhei Matsunaga, well know from his split editions with Merzbow, constructed an interesting recording named "Complicated high still now?" from his archive tracks. Album consists of four tracks. Their totality makes an illusion of deep, sometimes dark, psychedelic mood to the listener. Album starts with silent and anxious track. The second one consists of prepossessing electronic loops. At the time of hearing the record the listener undoubtedly can recognise Japan music school. The third and the fourth tracks, which are the longest, Kouhei starts to rage over using the best Japan weapon - "noise". Noise itself is quite aggressive and reminds of roughest Japan "noise" epoch creations but the construction of the sound is different and characteristic only to Kouhei. "Complicated high still now?" is undoubtedly Japan "post noise" music masterpiece. Album lasts for 36 min. 30 sec. It?s packed in a nontypical red plastic jewel case. We recommend you to listen to "Complicated high still now" only on Hi-fi stereo. Limited edition 211.

*KREUZER "l´armee secrete" 3"cdr (5.00,-)
Mini Album through the form of 5 well-executed tracks which fusion and combine elements of Martial Industrial, Power Electronics, Dark Ambient quite in the way of the old European school. Rhythmic militant percussion, processed voice samples, powerful synth lines.

*KREUZWEG OST "Gott Mit Uns" cd (12.00,-)
2nd monumental album from Kreuzweg Ost for Cold Spring. headed by Michael Gregor (SUMMONING / AMESTIGON). "We see a light through the dim and cloudy shadows of our existence. In the electric field between. Total faith and desperation. hope and doubt. eternal bliss and delusion. we walk an unsure path to an unknown end. When the clouds open. the light navigates. The loud music of the sky: pounding drums surrounded by trumpets and swirling voices echoing from a distance unknown". Kreuzweg Ost rises again with God on their side. “Gott Mit Uns” combines a variety of different musical styles: from Martial Industrial to Classical sounds. from deep Ambient to cinematic anthems. These musical prayers are made for those seeking salvation.

*KRIEGSFALL-U "new album" cd (12.00,-)
New album from 2011. Who knows what it is called? A new eponymous album of Hungarian project KRIEGSFALL-U will be released on the 31st of May 2011. Uncompromising sacral martial industrial with apocalyptic neo-folk elements declaiming in Hungarian. Delikatessen for lovers of old Dernière Volonté, Der Blutharsch, Sophia. Luxurious digipack edition with 12 pages booklet.

*KRIEGSFALL-U "untitled" cd (12.00,-)
Martial industrial. Some songs from split 7"s, most unreleased material. Digipak.

*KRIEGSFALL-U/ KRASCHAU  "unitas" cd (12.00,-)

*KRISTIAN OLSSON / BO CAVEFORS "dödens ö / die toteninsel" cd (12.00,-)
digipak on Autarkeia

*KRISTOFFER NYSTRöMS ORKESTER "Overlook Hotel" cd (12.00,-)
Overlook Hotel heralds the return of the mighty KNO. the collaborative project between Swedish industrial legend Peter Nystrom (Megaptera. Negru Voda). and Norwegian up and comer Kristoffer Oustad (V:28. Plague Machinery). 5 years after the highly acclaimed brakeHEAD CD. KNO welcomes you into the Overlook Hotel. where every room has a ghost. and every room has a story to tell. Travel the hallways and explore. as you venture into a more cerebral musical state than what brakeHEAD offered. where ghostly transmissions and hypnotic layers of surreal. ethereal atmospheres intersect with disembodied voices. clattering. furnace blasting percussion. and of course. healthy injections of true. old fashioned industrial noise and sweeping doom. done in the best Scandinavian style (imagine if Deutsch Nepal had continued in the same path laid down by Benevolence and you start to get the idea). The pacing of the album is truly impeccable. flowing seamlessly from to track. as if moving from room to room in a hazy. dream state. the layering and cohesiveness on a whole nothing short of meticulous. Don’t miss a chance to grab what is unequivocally one of the most well conceived and well executed records in the history of Malignant.

*KRISTUS KUT "butterfly king" cd (12.00,-)
Kristus Kut´s newest release. Butterfly King features seven atmospheric tracks of dark, ritualistic ambient. An excellent soundscape of voodoo, sexual imagery, and sexual liberation. Fully packaged in shrinkwrapped jewel case, 4-panel insert, clear tray, and 2-sided tray card. Beautiful artwork by WoLF Englander.

*KSHATRIY "From Heart to Heart" cd (12.00,-)
Kshatriy pleases his fans with a regularity of his musical experiences and Muzyka Voln label gladly presents his third CD-album "From Heart to Heart". Many reviewers referred Kshatriy's previous works to space dark ambient and the new album also has a cosmogonic feel to its musical images. This time everything takes place in utterly deep space. in the immense emptiness that contains the whole world. Swinging on slow waves which shimmer in all possible colours we contemplate monumental galactic metamorphoses. Slowly unwinding are the tight spirals of synthesizer drone. rhythmic patterns pulsate and emotional melodies are cut with rare flashes of voice samples. Smoothly flows the sound. charged with energy. transmitting the experience of self-awareness from the musician to the listener... from heart to heart.

dark industrial ambient

*KUWAYAMA & URABE  "Heteroptics" cd (8.00,-)
Heteroptics is a recording of the first collaboration by Kuwayama Kiyoharu (aka Lethe. here playing cello. viola. and metal junk) and Masayoshi Urabe (saxophone. chains. and more industrial debris). recorded live with no edits or overdubs in an abandoned warehouse space by Nagoya Port. Japan. Massive. desolate music that seems to send urgent signal flares into the dense darkness of the industrial space. Listen sample in link above.

*KUWAYAMA-KIJIMA "01.05.10" cd (10.00,-)
Kiyoharu Kuwayama (cello, violin) and Rina Kijima (violin, viola) have been creating rich, flowing live improvisations for some years. On previous efforts, they have recorded improvisational pieces under a highway interpass whereby the environmental sounds of the area are heard in the background of each piece. Much of this music is to be heard on the trente oiseaux, gg, and 20 City labels, to name a few. With this release, we hear a refinement of this sound as the improvisations found on this CD were recorded in the empty warehouse no.20. Gone are passing cars and other incidental sounds. This work gives us the chance to hear the beautiful interplay of these two gifted musicians that is flawlessly recorded and leaves no detail unheard or muffled. The CD is packaged between five beautiful double sided cards containing artwork from Kiyoharu that suggests alchemy and the melting of sound. An edition of 400


*LA MAISON MODERNE "Day After Day" mcd (7.00,-)
relaxing electronic dance music for hot nights or to start a day with. LMM is a side-project of Der Blutharsch and mixes a sense of humor with the spirit of wine drinking. Music which some of might hate while others might enjoy this so strange mix. (Hau Ruck 7)

*LABURINTHOS "augoeides" cd (12.00,-)
In the musical inferno of transmodernity. Laburinthos aims at burning all the heresies of present day music. Thus. by transposing the concept of labyrinth into music. a new avant-garde style was created: Labyrinthine BlueWave. Besides the sonority of a dignified sadness. the lyrics written in English and Enochian. plunging the band into an esoteric universe. The sound of our music is rooted in the Gothic Rock (The Sister of Mercy. Fields of The Nephilim). Dark Wave & Ethereal Wave (Lycia. David Galas). but the inflections of such bands as Neronoia. The 3rd and the Mortal. Kauan. Monumentum or Stille Opprör are prevalent.

Thanks to his long experience in the world of electronic music, Andrew Lagowski leads our attention through brilliant, harmonious and involving electro paths. The sound structures are continuously fluttering inside electric spirals of minimal atmospheres, futuristic beats and avantgarde solutions coming from the most experimental and cultured industrial music.

*LAIBACH "M.B. December 21, 1984" cd (12.00,-)
classic industrial art

*LAIBACH "macbeth" cd (12.00,-)
classic Laibach album.

*LAIBACH "Neo Konservativ" cd (12.00,-)
Repress due to demand! The official release of the semi-official, legendary 1000 only vinyl from 1985, now a highly sought-after collectors piece! Lovingly remastered, with an 8 page book of new text about LAIBACH and NSK of the time by ALEXEI MONROE (commissioned exclusively for this release by LAIBACH), plus never before seen images from the NSK archive. This album finds LAIBACH at their most powerful, orchestral and anthemic!!

*LAND:FIRE "shortwave transmission" cd (12.00,-)
Loki Foundation

*LAP DANCER "Rituals of the Gaping Secretion" cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-196

*LASIK SURGERY "cyclo" cd (12.00,-)
Tense electronic plots, calm ambiental stasis, inserts of sharp and harsh metallic sonorities, distorsions, filaments of subliminal melodies, masses of dark and penetrating low frequency drones. The journey of Lasik Surgery starts with a whirlwind of atmospheres and perpetually prismatic sonorities that have a big impact on the listener. This project was born from the minds of Pierpaolo Zoppo/Mauthausen Orchestra, the memorable noise-power electronic author who firmly came back to the fore in the recent years, and Gianluca Favaron, a skilled master controller and sound assembler with a long experience, already active under other aliases (Ab’she, Under the Snow, Metal Music Machine). The first exciting chapter of Lasik Surgery – a name that will surprise us again in the future for sure – comes with a free DVD that includes two videclips created by ENRICO BRESSAN.

*LAST RAPE "maimed left arm" cd (10.00,-)
wall of noise.

*LAURENT PERNICE "Humus - Musiques immobiles 5-15" cd (12.00,-)
new album of Laurent Pernice, providing fresh views for academic avantgarde, from the different sides of microtonal music, reductive minimalism and other methods of digital decomposition

*LAURENT PERRIER "as far as" cd (12.00,-)
marvellous feat of postmodern cut-up composition. Perrier has taken samples of orchestral music, fragmented them into very short loops, and woven them together into an eerie, tonally complex, and altogether alien sounding composition. The music unfolds over six tracks but is a single coherent piece.

*LE DEPEUPLEUR "Disambiguation" cd (8.00,-)
in paper sleeve.´Disambiguation´ is the third CD from the duo of Zbigniew Karkowski and Kaspar T. Toeplitz. It features one ongoing stream of grey, heavy and disturbing noises. It contains blocks of solid and almost material sounds, causing a physicality and urgency to the "music" which is rare to find these days.

*LE SYNDICAT "Corrumpate" cd-r (6.00,-)
legendary french rhythmic old school industrial noise. 80´s tape material on CD´s! RRR/Pure

*LEICHENHALLE "Bloodsoil" cd-r (5.00,-)
from 2003, but got new handful of copies!! Polish PE!

*LEICHENHALLE / STEGM "split" cd-r (5.00,-)
polish & canadian industrial/PE. From 2002, ltd 100. Got few remaining copies of this!!

*LEIDUNGR "De Nio Kraftsångerna" cd (12.00,-)
Nordic Ritual Folk. Crafted by weaving ritual elements into traditional folk, Leidungr‘s mesmerizing work is also imbued with an indelible martial aura which reinforces the underlying heroic mood summoned on these recordings. With members of Arditi, Puissance, Ofermod.

*LEIF ELGGREN "talking to a dead queen" cd (12.00,-)
pure drone sound! 63 minutes piece of resonating amplified cu-pipe!

*LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NU "Demain, Cetait Hier" cd (12.00,-)
Les Fragments de la Nuit return with their second masterpiece. Lush nocturnal Neo-Classical pieces forming an epic soundtrack that runs from quiet, melancholy-driven moments to stirring, violent passages and eerie moods.

*LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NUIT  "Musique du Crépuscule" cd (12.00,-)
A vision of night wrapped in mystery: a night haunted by spectral chants, under the spell of epic, poignant strings and sustained by hypnotic piano pulsations. A neo-classical or post-nocturnal masterpiece!

*LETHE "catastrophe point 5" cd (12.00,-)
Catastrophe Point #5 is the latest in Kuwayama Kiyoharu‘s signature series of compositions that explore the charged, mysterious atmosphere of disused industrial sites. For this album, Lethe turns his attention to an abandoned warehouse by a pier in his hometown of Nagoya, Japan, using objects discovered in situ to perform a ritual of sonic resurrection. He brings a dead space back to life, giving it a voice and allowing it to speak. Metal chains, sheet metal, broken machinery, and factory debris are bowed, struck, and dragged across the concrete floors of the massive hall, reverberating and responding as Kuwayama and his microphones scuttle across the desolate terrain. Growling cello and unstable horns underscore the torrents of percussive clatter. Catastrophe Point #5 is a haunting album of volatile, malevolent ambiance. Kiyoharu Kuwayama began working with sound in the late 1980s, using half-scale violin, cello, and found junk objects in the group Minotaure. In 1999, he and violinist Rina Kijima formed the improvisational acoustic duo Kuwayama-Kijima to bring their instruments outdoors and perform in environments with unique acoustic properties, notably underneath a highway overpass and in a construction site. Between 1999 and 2003, Kuwayama organized the five-day-long Lethe.Voice.Festival in an unused grain warehouse.

*LETHE "nowhere" cd* (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*LIHOLESIE "Boundless Thirst for the Outside" cd (12.00,-)
Transient serenity of the previous album has gone. More Angst, more drums, more thrilling tunes! Go ahead! Beyond horizons! The fourth album of the project LIHOLESIE. More Industrial-Neofolk with barbaric drum patterns but keeping to the previous melodic/lyrical lines this time. Enigmatic, dark, mysterious. Amid debris of a bygone civilization.

*LIONEL MARCHETTI "Portrait d´un glacier" cd (8.00,-)
Some of the best concrete, environmental works you could hear, weaved location recordings I guess from the Alps, adorned with sound sources that come from far away to the left or right occasionally. You are always travelling, there´s always movement, seamlessly, calmly, not sudden switches of environment, but a steady flow of change and new characterization. I like the use of one time sounds that don´t get repeated. You want to click back and hear it again but then some other current scenario is making your mind work by then. These works are great, not since some of the best Eric La Casa or the Liminality comp have I been transported so completely. The wind, the crunch of snow underfoot, the bent branches left behind, the far away hail of a fellow trekker.

*LIONEL MARCHETTI & SEIJIRO MURAYAMA "Hatali Atseli (L’Echange des Yeux)" cd (12.00,-)
For his second Intransitive album, Lionel Marchetti returns to his favorite subject: the modern musique concrete composer as shaman. Amid an atmosphere of heavy mystery and engrossing, sublime confusion, Hatali Atsalei (L’Echange des Yeux) seems to be informed by radio drama, improvisation, and documentary recording. According to Olivier Capparos’ liner notes, the album provides a “rather faithful“ experience of Ancient Greek ritual: Hatali Atseli, the exchange of eyes. Marchetti the alchemist takes the listener to the scene of an imaginary sacred rite, drawing us in with hints of narrative, only to throw expectations aside with the slice of razor on tape. Fire, water, wind instruments and percussion are blended with the voice of collaborator Seijiro Murayama to create something which is not quite a representation of ritual, but is a ritual itself that becomes completed by the act of listening.

*LOCKWELD "Industrial Requiem" cd (10.00,-)
Lockweld have been sonically tormenting the scene for several years now. This duo of husband and wife create dark power electronics, using such elements as power sanders, electric saws and other devices of limited destruction, only matched by tortured vocals and droning analog sounds. Very good stuff! Recommended for those who like dirty sound of industrial noise loop-rhythm, some samples and noise.

*LOINEN / KSNK / PASK-ALEX "Noiseferatum" cdr (7.00,-)
Finnish fusion of dirty sludge and noise. Pro-CDR in digipak. Ltd 100.

*LONSAI MAIKOV VS. DISSONANT ELEPHANT "Thee Darkening ov Powers" cd (12.00,-)
Old Europa Cafe

*LOREN BOYER "Des Parasites Risquent De Se Produire" cd (10.00,-)
Immediately impressive... Time, or maybe time pieces, could play a part in the construction of this series of (mostly) guitar compositions, nearly all of which have something curious ticking inside them. Elsewhere, subterranean drones and radio squeal add thier atmospheric weight to the proceedings until, finally, Boyer´s pecking guitar style emerges fleetingly before being gobbled up in a storm of sonic flak. Great stuff." -Edwin Pouncey, The Wire

*LOREN CHASSE & MICHAEL NORTHAM "The Otolith " cd (12.00,-)
The recordings of Loren Chasse and Michael Northam begin and end with the great outdoors. Yet, the well-documented wanderlust of these two kindred sound artists is only part of the equation. Field recordings of wind, water, and stone intertwine and hybridize within private rituals of droning psychedelic ragas that return as a folklore reiterating the mystery of the natural world around us. Through his numerous contributions to the multi-faceted Jewelled Antler as well his solo work, Chasse has long postulated the microphone as an extension of his ear, which magnifies and probes the surface of the earth for a tactile grit that permeates all of the sounds that he generates. Northam claims his inspiration from vast geographies, microscopic detail, and severe weather, which he compacts through various techniques to explore what is between improvisation and acousmatic composition. Both Chasse and Northam entertain such notions through an alchemy of arcane instruments: autoharps, ouds, flutes, bells, gongs, bowed wires, harmonium, and Northam's magnetic table harp. The Otolith is the result of several years of work, with sounds gathered collectively in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout Europe. The album speaks as a bramble of fence wire and chaparral scrub oak, acquiring an unkempt collection of rubbish, cobwebs, insects, and soil within its tangle. As the wind pushes in one direction, this mass emits a quite if scratchy melody as if the ghost from a forgotten song; but when the wind changes directions, it bellows a rasping din of metal and vine cracking against itself. This sodden calliope tumbles into a miasma of droning atmospheres, softly rasped distortion, and very subtly rendered lulabies lurking deep within the overgrowth. Listen samples at label site.

*LOTUS CIRCLE "caves" cd (12.00,-)
otus Circle’s sound expression is based on an experimental karma of genres such as Doom. drone. black Metal. noise/electronic music always under the sign of a spiritual Inner Ritualism. “Caves” is a truly monster of warm and enveloping drone bringing the listener to an unknown and somewhat psychedelic level. After five years from the previous praised ”Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods” album. LOTUS CIRCLE are back for a new spiritual catharsis.

*LOU REED "metal machine music" cd (12.00,-)
guitar feedback and effect classic from 1975. Always talked about, if you haven´t checked out, then check it.

*LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS "Glamorous Piles & Puffy Saddlebags" cd (12.00,-)
Scatological. goofy and gender-fucked. Lovely Little Girls somehow hit at a perfect balance between pretentious-as-hell art-faggotry and hilarious self-deprecation.

*LOWLIFE "piece of shit whore" biz card (6.00,-)
filthy sick noise

*LOWLIFE "piece of shit whore II" 3" cdr (6.00,-)
Belgian noise assaulter on piece of shit whore.

*LUASA RAELON "the house of flesh" cd (12.00,-)
droning ambient

*LUC FERRARI  "Unheimlich schön" 3"CD (4.00,-)
metamkine electro-acoustic/musique concrete collection. Cheap and good way to get known with many international artists

*LUCISFERRATO "Weltanschauung" cd (12.00,-)
Re-edition with some aditional unreleased material of the Lucisferrato masterpiece album !Previously out in 1998 only as CDR in a limited edition of 100 copies on the Russian label Black Dead Rabbit

*LUFTWAFFE RAID "empire" cd (12.00,-)
national socialist ambient

*LULL & BETA CLOUD & ANDREW LILES "Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured" cd (12.00,-)
From England to the United States and back again... it all started as a simple drone project between LULL (aka Mick Harris of Scorn. ex-Napalm Death) and BETA CLOUD (aka Carl Pace). based on the concept of how insomnia can effect your thought patterns. Billows of powerful bass drones set to indistinct flourishes of temporary insanity. The original track is there. but also included is a fierce remix track by legendary sound artist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND). Fans of Lull and Beta Cloud will really sink their teeth into this one; what Liles has created here is not a simple remix but a raging. deconstruction as only he can do. Originally released as a limited 3" CD in 2008. now proudly presented in a deluxe digipak edition with stunning new artwork. A captivating listen for dark ambient and harsh noise fans alike.

Delicate and fragile dreaming atmospheres, melodic and hypnotic ambient light sparks, sonic landscapes both semi-acoustic and then close to shoegaze, introspective lyrics almost "whispered" by a simple and "gentle" voice, mainly based on evocative and shiny, delicate, and dilated electric guitar riffs, layed on discreet rhythmic backgrounds, sometimes simply backed by acoustic guitar chords, in a singer-songwriter mood. An intense album, all to discover; simply elegant, and at the same time mature and extremely touching... In the vein of LOW, IRON & WINE...

*LUMINOUS "links" cd (10.00,-)
After a decade of activity, the first official CD by Tim Chaplin´s electronic/experimental project Luminous. Links consists of two thirty minute pieces. For fans of drone, dark ambience and experimentalism. All CDs are housed in red clam shell cases and feature on body artwork by Thumbprint Press´s WT Nelson.

*LUNUS (TEATRO SATANICO) "nihil" cd (12.00,-)
LUNUS at his beAst monochrome stark harsh beat & anti-drone musick. For those who do not have memory Lunus is the solo project of Devis "deviLs" Granziera of Teatro Satanico. And indeed here, among these gloomy tracks, you may find the bitter essence of older Teatro Satanico recordings. Industrial noise reverberations and echoes emerging before dissolving once again to leave tense heavy beat. And then strands of bursts of unbridled synthetic mangling. And subsequently wisps of melancholic alien tones and shadows. NIHIL is the nothing that Death brings. Nothing that will never go away, like a blurry recall from blackest emptiness, like a deep dark blood-spilling slash in your soul, a souvenir from Hell and an album of bleak, desperate, sad, doomed beauty. Comes as a luxurious Digipack with cover art by Italian maestro Saturno Buttò.

*LURK "Furking" cd-r (6.00,-)
side project of Mobjelka Pulse. Blade Records.

*LUST FOR YOUTH "solar flare" cd (12.00,-)
Avant records


experimental computer stuff from member of Archon Satani. Short loops, clicks, hiss and other sounds create weird rhythmic machine music.

*M.F.S. "s/t" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)
Finnish power electronics / industrial. Neuroscan org.

*M.TODD/L.KERR "Beyond The Threshold" cdr (5.00,-)
a collaboration from M.Todd(Transcendent Device) and L.Kerr(Steel Hook Prostheses). Dark ambient/death industrail ala YEN POX. older LUSTMORD. ARCHON SATANI etc. PRO CDr(full colored and shrink wrapped).

*MAAAA "decay and demoralization" cd (12.00,-)
6 tracks well over 60 minutes in length. This stuff is harsh and without a doubt the most extreme band coming out of Poland´s underground today. Decay and Demoralization includes tons of power electronics and bizarre recordings that create an odd, otherworldly atmosphere stuck in a white noise frenzy. Banging metal, shrieking, dying, the cover of this album should say it all. These guys like to take the energy of punk rock and fuse it with noise, creating a sound all their own. An excellent showcase of what´s to come.

*MAATH "No Survivors for the new world" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient on Eibon records

*MACHINEFABRIEK "Veldwerk" cd (12.00,-)
Sublime drone music and field recordings by Rutger Zuydervelt. 'Slovensko I & II' are best seen as a travel diary. recorded in Slovakia. RZ made 'sound snapshots' with a small digital recorder. A major influence both while recording and assembling the tracks was Chinese sound artist Yan Jun. 'Rusland' is a sound collage comprising field recordings and sections of live performances made in Russia. An incredible adventure and culture shock with long train journeys. bizarre venues and amazing people. 'The Breaking Water' can be heard as a sonic portrait of Rotterdam's famous Erasmus bridge. It includes recordings taken from both on and beneath the bridge. along with further sounds from the river that it crosses. the Nieuwe Maas. 'Floor & Radio' is a contrast to the outdoor pieces recorded for the the installation 'Licthung' in Radolfzell. Germany. Contrasted against the outdoor silence was the squeaking floor in the guest house and the distorted signal and static from the radio. Sometimes there's music in everything. Makino Takashi asked RZ to perform a score for his film 'In Your Star'. After a screening in Tokyo. a studio version was recorded. The result is 'Apollo'. a sonic journey to space and beyond. Digipak.

*MACHINEFABRIEK "Vloed" cd (12.00,-)
´Vloed´ is a collection of (slightly edited) live performances, recorded between 2006 and 2008 in Amsterdam and Den Haag. "All performances find Machinefabriek in fine form, offering up thick billows of warm guitar shimmer, fluttery staticky ambience, and at one point some uncharacteristically heavy super distorted metallic guitar, but here, it´s not so much metal as simply a mighty drone, thick and throbbing and super intense. There are long stretches of near silence and super minimal high end drone, glimmering slow building crescendos, squalls of distorted choral buzz, warm whirring metallic reverberations, shimmery and dense black dronemusik, all the stuff we love about Machinefabriek" (Aquarius). Beautifully remastered with a 20-minute bonus track, ´Vloed´ captures the immersive live experience of a Machinefabriek concert. Presented in a stunning matt digipak with modified artwork.

*MACRONYMPHA / GREY WOLVES / SUDDEN INFANT "Interzone 3" cd (12.00,-)
This 1992 collaboration has been issued at least 5 times. Originally by SSS Productions. followed by Open Wound. Industrial Heritage and Mutter Wild. But never before on CD. Not only it's extremely good release what comes to music. but also reminder of somehow more innovative and creative ways of making release. It was possible to combine masterminds of different approaches to create on masterpiece. Versatile Swiss aktionist. brutal American harsh noise unit and bleak lo-fi UK industrial/pe. One track edited by Joke Lanz. 3 others by Rodger Stella. based on the source sounds of eachother. Sound is the absolute best. from master tapes of band. and cover artwork created from original images. It doesn't imitate SSS approach. but the original intention of Macronympha. Industrial Recollections.

*MACULATUM "The Nameless City" cd (12.00,-)
The Nameless City is the debut of Maculatum. the much anticipated collaborative project of Malignant dark ambient stalwarts Collapsar and Rasalhague. 6 tracks of visionary and cinematic black ambience based on Lovecraftian mythology. populated by unseen cosmic horrors and shapeless forms. The sound here is vast and luminous. and yet simultaneously menacing and oppressive…swirls of sprawling drones infused with ethereal murk and a steady stream of richly textured percussion. cavernous creaks. terrifying rituals. and heavily reverbed. ghostly vocalizations that arise from deep within the jungle and ruins of an ancient civilization. This is exactly what you want in a collaboration such as this…the best aspects of both Collapsar and Rasalhague brought together. without sounding derivative of either project. Limited to just 500 copies. in slim. fold out eco-wallet. this is of course a must for all those that appreciate dark ambience that goes beyond the realms of the ordinary.

*MAISON CLOSE "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Debut CD by this French project which has been existing for a couple of years now.. Cold and sick power-electronics but also dark atmospheric soundscapes with many sample-voices and some vocals, evolving like a soundtrack inspired by the movie "Johnny got his gun". In the way of ANENZEPHALIA, DAGDA MOR and DEATH SQUAD. A deep and and journey into pain. Digipack. Limited ed. 500

*MAJDONEK WALTZ / SAL SOLARIS "tenebrae" cd (12.00,-)

*MALDUR ATAI "Borgata" cd (12.00,-)
“Borgata”. the forth full-length album by Maldur Atai. Autarkeia

*MALDUR ATAI "Checkpoint" cd (12.00,-)
This is the first full album of industrial/ambient project Maldur Atai, titled Checkpoint. This dose of music of nearly one hour emanates strong and solid atmosphere that grows, develops and changes during each exquisitely constructed track. The notional indexes of the album touch upon a variety of religious aspects. Yet, they all are related to violence in religion and religion as an arcane or masked violator acting in informational reality. This album reveals religion as a system marketed and propagated by invisible conspirators. The system marked by powerful structure, network and techniques. It exists as a secret institute in the informational field of hallucinations, entices with its promises and attractive images, however, in reality opens horrible nightmares, marauds and kills. What is worst in this matrix is that it chooses children as its main target. The adults have been conditioned in their childhood so that they would sacrifice their children to the system later. Checkpoint is a filtration camp where the children´s souls are met by elitist creatures of the arcane society wearing black mantles and hiding their faces. They lie, they enslave, they manipulate and they involve you in the vicious circle with almost no hope of retreat. Checkpoint is an abstract, universal and purified vision of Maldur Atai in which many will recognise their own very personal experiences and the symbols of the everyday secret war.

*MALDUR ATAI "vermin" cd (12.00,-)
Vermin is the second full album coming from the industrial/ambient project Maldur Atai. The subject-matter of this album is the arcane supernatural world that is sometimes accidentally opened by unawares people. They summon demons they cannot control later. Vermin is a contact with otherworldly powers with unpredictable aftermath, the word about which will spread for ages. It is an album testifying the outburst of aggression destroying safe existence. This is one of the gloomiest and most persuasive albums released recently. The atmosphere of the tracks varies greatly, yet they have one common impact: they make your hair rise. Languorous, ominous and full of longing sounds turn into devouring mentally disturbed elements. Rich sample library was used for the composition of the album. The layout of samples in the sonic fabric is not accidental. The place of each sample is meticulously chosen and well-thought, so the album seems incomposite and involving. Vermin is the invasion of powerful and especially malicious demons into the everyday life upon the accidental uttering of the forbidden mantra. Do not forget to make the circle in chalk, the vermin knock on you door.

*MAMMAL "misery" 3"cdr (6.00,-)
chondritic sound

*MANIFESTO "rust" cd (12.00,-)
Silken Tofu is proud to present RUST. the third album by Swedish artist Magnus Zetterberg aka Manifest. Emotional and mental decay. self-contempt and depression being the main themes. RUST consists of seven brooding yet introspective tracks. following the proud death industrial tradition of other Swedish artists as Megaptera. Mental Destruction et al. After releases on such labels as Plague Recordings and Quartier23. this is Manifesto's most accomplished and mature work.

*MANILAPEDE "Manilapede" cd (12.00,-)
"Makes me feel like i´ve bored a hole into the center of the earth with my teeth!" says one friend close to this Starving Weirdo´s alter-ego band. Self described as "Dune Rock" & coming from the deserts of Manila. California; this is a band very influenced by it´s surroundings. Slow motion metalic riffs ring throughout the entire 50 minutes of the debut album. laying the founding for waves of rolling synth lines and sporadic clangings echoing in the distance. presumably a shamanic attempt at drums but too lost in a trance to muster any concrete tempo or rhythmn. Album of the year for me. what about you?" Turgid Animal

*MARC BEHRENS "Animistic (For Donatella)" cd* (10.00,-)
experimental / ambient recordings, with large jewelbox (dvd size) with good covers. Marc Behrens is an artist and designer working in several fields. He has conceived musical compositions, installations, performances, objects, videos, and design.

*MARSPITER "Vigila" cd-r (5.00,-)
40min · 2004 · pro-duplicated CD-R in full color jewel case Mars is an ancient Deity with many faces and many names. Resurrected here in a twilight gloom hovering over a mythical battlefield. The idol cracks and the voice of Ares reverberates through a mountain-valley. Operatic ritual warfare. "...From what is witnessed here through storm and deep bass only the most barren of cauldron-stirring impossibilities are likely. Through the murk there is a vague anthem playing, almost symphonic, but audible enough to make one wonder about the real hydraulic power behind the mysterious layers here. Part impending drama, part dalliance, part aural earthquake yoga. [...] It’s all rather esoteric and somewhat remains informal and rough edged. There are horns and bass drums molding the atmosphere. And all the while this shapes as a soundtrack to some haunted corner of a small, left of center town. This is a new wave of our industrial past, the baby siblings of Hafler Trio or the second coming of Dead Voices on Air. If you like the grey areas of broad, full-bodied dark ambient music this is one of the more essential releases this year..."- TJ Norris, Igloo magazine

*MARTIN BLADH "dirge; the peter sotos files" cd (12.00,-)
Martin Bladh of IRM with samples & spoken word from author Peter Sotos. Freak Animal Records

*MARZURAAN "five years worth of fuck all" cd (12.00,-)
collection of five years of rare tracks. Noiserocksludgedrone. At War With False Noise.

*MATT SHOEMAKER "Erosion of the Analogous Eye" cd (12.00,-)
The studio of Matt Shoemaker is alive with electricity. Impossibly complex wirings channel signal in and out of analog synth modules, an array of curious aluminums boxes with unmarked knobs, slinkies strung from ceiling to floor creating a set of giant spring reverb units, accelerometers attached to consumer electronic errata, and even a few conventional tools like guitar stomp boxes and a bruised computer. For all of the convoluted engineering that goes into Shoemaker's equipment, the resulting mesmerism in sound appears effortless and strangely organic. Shoemaker has enjoyed a semi-obscure career through his polymath activities that bridge such electronic experiments with a choice library of globe-trotted field recordings and a broad knowledge of avant-garde cinema. For Erosion of the Analogous Eye, Shoemaker waves his hands about his laboratory to construct an ever-evolving album for mutant dronemuzik. His electrical seas of synthetic bristling undulate with placid regularity, only to find Shoemaker contorting these brain-melting psychedelics into cancerous, atonal bellows. Out of his allotropic shifts, one can find swells of irradiated static transform into the graceful chime of temple bells; and electrical phase patterns slip into deep forest murmurings dotted with narcoleptic birds calls. On one hand, this album is prescient of the revival for progressive electronics currently underway in the flood of US post-noise projects; it's easy to triangulate this between Emeralds and Heldon. But on the other hand, Erosion of the Analogous Eye is the continuation of where Shoemaker had begun with his early work on Trente Oiseaux with its grotesques exaggerations of field recording into this beguiling piece of art. The artwork on Erosion of the Analogous Eye features unique hand-dyed abstractions mounted onto letterpressed paper. This has warranted a very small pressing of 300 copies. Listen samples at labels site.

*MATT SHOEMAKER "Spots in the Sun " cd (12.00,-)
Matt Shoemaker pulled his chin away from his hand after several ponderous moments, positing that the title to this electrically charged opus of encrypted drone holds at least two entry points. The most obvious reference for Spots in the Sun would be the astrophysical study of sunspots with all of the allusions to earthly disturbances triggered by events millions of miles away. Yet, on the other hand, Shoemaker also proposed an earthbound reference to regions of the world that only exist – perhaps literally, perhaps psycho-geographically – under the intense glare of sunlight. He then shrugged his shoulders, hoping for an ideal situation in which his audience will confront his work as a vacuum and allow personal references to be drawn from within. In simplest terms, Spots in the Sun is a grotesque, sonic landscape with details exaggerated out of proportion and narratives folded upon themselves in a magnificent abstraction of electro-acoustics, rarified field recordings, and particulate matter plucked from ether. Shoemaker works in monochrome, shaping his gray tonalities into rhizomes of shadow which occasionally erupt in brilliance of hyper-realized clarity. While the familiar sounds of encircling birds, turbulent weather, and temple bells litter Shoemaker's recordings, the sonic topography describes a vulgar and hostile landscape where fits of delirium and circadian arrhythmia are common human responses. Shoemaker achieves these complex metaphors through labyrinthine drones spiralling through irradiated fog and glassine vibrations, punctured by the scars of a landscape in perpetual revolt. In many ways, Shoemaker's Spots in the Sun could be mistaken for Bernard Parmegiani at his most focused or even John Duncan at his most gracefully brutal. Shoemaker has two previous recordings for Bernhard Günter's seminal Trente Oiseaux label of lowercase sound, and he currently resides in Seattle. Tthis version is out of print, a second edition with letterpress artwork was published soon thereafter.

*MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA / NIMH "from unearthly places" cd (12.00,-)
new collaboration

*MAZAKON TACTICS  "The Entrancing Cage " cd (12.00,-)
Sacha Mandler has been constantly drifting in-between styles from harsh noise wall to synth pop and back, but his longest living death industrial project remains strong in its ideas and sounds. After several releases on tapes and CDrs here comes the first full-length CD. Painful, dark and personal release that has been delayed to be released far too much, ranging from dark ambient to death industrial, to power electronics. Nightmarish soundscapes, recorded 2008-2010.

*MB (MAURIZIO BIANCHI) "A.M.B. Lehn Tale" cd (9.00,-)


*MB (MAURIZIO BIANCHI) & MAOR APPELBAUM "neurotransmitters" cdr (6.00,-)

*MB (MAURIZIO BIANCHI) / LAND USE "Psychoneurose" cd (10.00,-)
Italian Avant-Noise legend M.B. and Land Use collaborate on dramatic, subterranean wall-of-noise constructions and swirling textural storms, dense and complex arrangements, shifting and shimmering tones barely under control, streaming toward some distant and indefineable precipice. Not noisy, but way too tense and corrosive to be called ambient. These vibrant monoliths of sound shift the listeners pysche into a restless sort of zen, a blissful chaos - truly mind and mood-altering. Bianchi released early records on Whitehouse´s Come Org. label and has been active since the 1970´s. And a recent and conspicuous absence from the experimental music world has been broken by several recent releases of surprising freshness and relevance. It is unclear where MB leaves off and Land Use begins but Psychoneurose is definitely a clear and brilliant return to early MB techniques with several refinements in delivery and focus. Psychoneurose will be the clear weapon of choice for those who prefer their ambience with teeth and their Power-Electronics with more of the deep, vaster textures than violence."

*MB MAURIZIO BIANCHI / CRIA CUEVOS "azazel" cd (12.00,-)

*MELEK-THA "Acclaim Hell" cd (12.00,-)
apocalypse of black industrial

*MELEK-THA "Gloriam Demandi Regnia For The Damned" cd (12.00,-)
apocalypse of black industrial

*MELEK-THA "The Decimation World" cd (12.00,-)
apocalypse of black industrial

*MEM "It Was A Very Good Year" cd (6.00,-)
"The newest Alluvial release is a bit of a departure from many of our past releases. It is perhaps more in line with our Kuwayama-Kijima compact disc from earlier this year. Mem is one Kamil Antosiewicz from Warsaw. Kamil existed in a previous incarnation as one third of the now defunct Polish trio, EA. Mem’s work typically attempts to link sonic anomalies with electronics. His most recent interests include the decontextualisation of sound material. He is currently experimenting with primal structures of non-organic origin, such as white noise and sine waves, and melding them into sounds of organic nature. He works mainly with a PC platform. On "It Was A Very Good Year", Mem takes source material from perhaps the most popular version of a standard American classic of the same title from the early 1960’s. Mem uses isolated sections of string sounds from a big band orchestra and draws them out into slowly cascading layers. We hear humming, vibrating, drawn out drones that build very slowly into a massive crescendo of noise that eventually include others sounds from the orchestra. Many of the sounds are manipulated, but nothing outside the original recorded version is added. The piece results in a stunningly beautiful hour with hypnotic qualities that build in giant ebbs and flows. As a point reference, this is reminiscent of some of the best work from Charlemagne Palestine and Vidna Obmana. In addition to his work as a composer, Kamil runs the Salvia Association with Viön, and formerly worked as a music journalist and cyberculture writer-editor for the first Polish internet magazine titled "WWW"."

*MENM "for delta relics" cd (10.00,-)
new items. but little wear in disc due long storage. Debut CD of this great Finnish band. Kaos Kontrol

merzbow fucks up Emils early LP

*MESEKTET "Towards A Bleak Sun" cd (12.00,-)
Ancient Egypt inspired, monolithic drone/dark ambient. Mesektet created rumbling earth drones that echo through caverns and temples. Vast swathes of ominous drones, primordial vibrations, and ceremonial ambience take you on an immersive journey to the Netherworld. The name ‘Mesektet’ comes from one of the two boats which the Egyptian solar deity Ra travelled in: Mandjet was his ‘morning boat’, and Mesektet the ‘evening boat’. Ra used Mesektet as a boat to travel back to the Netherworld from a long day of shining. The deity’s travels were an inspiration for the essence and rich sound of “Towards a Bleak Sun”. Six lengthy tracks (46 minutes) composed as a soundtrack for the deep pyramids and long travels to the Netherworld.

*MICHAEL GENDREAU  "55 Pas De La Ligne Au Nº3" cd (12.00,-)
Composer and sound researcher Michael Gendreau posits that his lengthy, if understated career in the amorphous arena of the underground noise culture purposefully avoids the attachments to any stylistic concerns in music: "I don't think it is possible to identify an illogical aesthetic goal, and reach it by logical deterministic means." Such has been the case for his solo work as well as his collaboration with Suzanne Dycus in Crawling With Tarts. In both instances, Gendreau's compositional techniques center on the actualization of conceptual agendas through the repression of the recognizability of any particular tool, medium, or instrument. It is an important distinction to make between repression and disguising, as Gendreau and Crawling With Tarts have been quite forthcoming in what instrumentations and mediums they have decided upon, sometimes emerging as surreal anti-pop, ‘operas’ culled from antique 78s, or microsymphanies constructed from 9-volt motors. Gendreau has constructed his most recent work, 55 Pas De La Ligne Au Nº3, entirely on several turntables, a very common tool within Gendreau’s catalogue. Immediately upon listening to this album, it will become apparent that any associations to fellow Bay Area wax wizards as Mixmaster Mike or Q-Bert should be tossed out the window. This album doesn’t even have many similarities to such avant-turntablists as Janek Schaefer or Philip Jeck. Rather, Gendreau actively seeks out the rarely considered sonic spaces within the confines of the record player itself. This micro-space is alive with the muffled whirrings of motors quietly spiraling in place and the delicate precision of belts and gears designed to make as little noise as possible. Gendreau amplifies such spaces through the use of accelerometers—technical devices used detect very minute vibrations with a far greater sensitivity than the more commonly used piezo-electric contact microphones. When Gendreau inevitably drops the needle on the record, the whole cavity of the turntable resonates with those vibrations inscribed within the vinyl. For this album, Gendreau relies upon run-out grooves and the hissing crackle of antique vinyl with only the tiniest of references to any appropriated sounds or cultural ready-mades, which appear as merely as quiet upsurge of incomprehensible voices. Compositionally speaking, Gendreau is at his best on 55 Pas De La Ligne Au Nº3, as the album constantly shifts through subtle passages that incrementally increase up to a crescendo of nervous squeals and squalid whistles from his overworked turntable

*MICHAEL MANTRA "Sonic Alter (Deepchord Remix)" cd (10.00,-)
amplexus. ambient.

*MICHEL BANABILA "The Latest Research From The Department Of Electrical Engineering" cd (6.00,-)
Hereby a new Banabila album,´The Latest Research From The Department Of Electrical Engineering´. Sources of inspiration include themes like electricity, the work of Nicolai Tesla, and the world of cybergames. Some of the recordings arose from earlier mix-versions of these tracks, originally made for the dance performance ZOUT, by Conny Janssen Danst and Anne Soldaat. This time, unlike previous Banabila albums, there is very little of the so-called ´world music´, voice samples or jazz influences, but instead a mainly electronic angle, with a special contribution on the long intro of track 6, ´More Signals From KrakRot´, by sound-artist/performer Zenial (AudioTong, Vivo Records).

*MIGUEL A RUIZ "grosor" cd (10.00,-)
This is the new. remastered version of classic material recorded back in 80s. next to postindustrial aesthetics priority in electronic music. Rigorous and austere. ascetic but dynamic. this music rearranges everyday being into mindchallenging imagination. reserving the leading parts for the habitual processes and domestic objects. From the deep underground of Spanish industrial music. it comes to be rediscovered after 15 years.

*MIKE PAGE "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
mr. F/I/T/H . Skyburial. etc...

*MIKE SHIFLET "hearing (or not)" cd-r (5.00,-)
electronic noise

*MIKE SHIFLET & JESSICA RYLAN "Disguised as Librarians" cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-210

*MINOTAUR "obsession" cd (12.00,-)
Minotaur is a power electronics project featuring James Keeler (Wilt) and George Proctor (Mutant Ape). Obsession deals with sexual themes with lyrics appropriated from the book “Delta of Venus” by Anais Nin. Nin is known for writing short stories in the 40’s about taboo sexual experiences but often discussed erotic situations from a feminine point of view. Phage.

*MITCHELL BROWN "Plug-in Parsnip " cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-190

*MIXTURIZER "siete patologias" cd (5.00,-)
Intense Noise album, seven tracks dealing with sickness, abstractness, violence, insanity. Purely analog executed, effect units, machines, cheap odd mics, feedback, metal junk, voice, body and soul... Variated, ranging from lo-fi to brightness, from dynamic to static, from detailed to brutalist, from chaotic to structured, hopeless, restless, undogmatic, straight to the sick point... Factory pressed CD packaged in cardboard sleeve.

*MIXTURIZER "stereotypes" biz card (4.00,-)

*MK9 "discography and video 2001-2006" 2x cd (12.00,-)
collection of all impossible to find CDR and video works (as well as debut 7") of MK9 (ex-DEATH SQUAD). Some vocals. mostly high pitch electronic torment that logically continues from later days of Death Squad sound! Essential!

*MK9 "nothingness exist" cdr (5.00,-)
2012 tour CDR of MK9!! Just few in stock!!

*MLEHST "This pain does not belong to me" cd-r (6.00,-)
UK experimental noise

*MOKE GROTTON "Wrangled Sleeper" cd-r (6.00,-)

*MONDBLUT "scorn" cd (12.00,-)
dark vinyl records

*MONSTRARE "Novum Ott" cd (12.00,-)
This is Monstrares second full length cd that delves deeper into the darkest reaches of humanities horrific mind. Cold, Dark ambient, pasted with ritualistic overtures, a nightmarish sountrack for the soul.

*MONTAGE / RULLA "split" cd (12.00,-)
japan vs finland noise

*MOON FAR AWAY "Minnesang " cd (12.00,-)
brilliant new album by Russia's most famous Folk band! Since the release of their now-classic Russian neofolk album "BELOVODIE" five years ago, MOON FAR AWAY has proved its status of the “band of influence” in the current Russian scene, as well as the title of one of the most respected Russian groups abroad. The band’s cult following includes both dark folk, neofolk and folk metal fans and the gothic and neoclassic audience. It is because of this wide audience that MFA’s new album, which has long been promoted by independent media, will undoubtedly become one of 2010 most anticipated releases. "MINNESANG" is an album of 21st century ritual music encased in a unique fusion of the most diverse and zeitgeist-capturing musical styles, from neofolk and post punk to practically future pop. All these facets of contemporary music blend seamlessly in the unparalleled sound of MOON FAR AWAY’s probably most polystylistic, yet internally deeply conceptual and person-centered album of the group. The theme of the album, the deep-rooted feminine archetypes in contemporary art, is embodied in the title, which identifies a genre of medieval knight lyrics. At the same time, most of the original Russian-language lyrics on the album are drenched with the trademark Pomor flavors, emphasizing the pride that the band’s has always taken in its cultural roots that extend deep into the epic traditions of the Russian North. All of this makes the term “pop album” that the band itself uses in reference to "MINNESANG" a pure art-provocation. MFA’s new album consists of 12 tracks, all of which may well become (and some of which have already become, thanks to the band’s concert performances and pieces recorded on international collection CDs) hits and anthems. "MINNESANG" is a puzzle, a rebus that took years to create and will take much more than a cursory listen to solve. It is a new milestone achieved by a cult group who already gave contemporary art scene a number of discoveries and revelations. "Minnesang" was also released in Russia at the same time by SHADOWPLAY. the Ahnstern-version has partly different artwork, infos in latin letters and the last song is completely different to the Russian version 12 songs / 61 min

*MORVA "o" cd-r (6.00,-)
Italian extreme noise. nice cardboard covers

*MOTHER SAVAGE "Kryptopyrrole" CD (12.00,-)
Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella from Macronympha. Very physical and hand-on approach on industrial-noise. with many similar sonic qualities as Macronympha. This tape originally published under this name in 1996 by Mother Savage Noise Productions. Industrial Recollection version includes artwork from it's earlier version simply known as Mother Savege "2" tape.

*MS30 "t.i.a." cd (12.00,-)
MS30 is born from the encounter between the Korg MS20 of TZII and the Korg MS10 of Aymeric De Tapol. resulting in massive frequencies. sharp cuts and hypnotizing pulsations. Both artists share a fascination for West-Africa. which brought them to work around on this thematic. with their own vision and cultural codes. AYMERIC DE TAPOL is an experimental and electro-acoustic composer. based in Brussels. He works for contemporary dance pieces. radiophonic creations and as a freelance sound engineer for cinema and documentary films. Since 1998. he focuses his work on climatic sound takes. The final result is a composition where minimalist soundscapes interact with each other and lead to organic maps. close to microsound or noise. His works could be described as ‘travelling music’: the music score for a non-existing movie. Since 1996 TZII has been spreading his magickal corrosive frequencies all over the world by touring from Europe to Australia. passing by the USA. Canada. Japan and Africa. where he played hundreds of shows. spreading cinematic ambient and raw electronic anger. He’s a co-founder and active member of the V-ATAK collective & dvd label. one half of SOLAR SKELETONS and a member of DUFLAN DUFLAN and several other bands. He also works for dance companies. living performances. movie soundtracks and any other mediums with sound inside.

*MULTIPOINT INJECTOR "Disseminator" cdr* (6.00,-)
Dark industrial / ambient with analog experimental sounds! Since 1961 when the first man went to the Space, the regular manned and unmanned exploration has been set going. The Space has become the ground of research and throughly investigation about the Earth. The Space also became the chance for the survival of humanity. The album "Disseminator" is the experimental trial of going into the extraterriestrial zone. The musical picture of exploring and humanizating the Space. MULTIPOINT INJECTOR is the author´s musical project of Absteiner from :WULGATA:. It has got few already released albums. "Disseminator" is the first CD released outside native initiatives. F4F and Mizantropy Records. More than 65 minutes long CD contains the compound of various genres and experimental sounds. Calm, pulse and stretched sound structures. The unconventionally released album made of a 450 x 180 mm cardboard stripe, folded in 3 parts and glued around with color photos. Professionally made CDR with a print. The whole is folded by hand and numbered up to 150 pieces.

*MUNDUS MANTIS / KONS "split" cd-r (5.00,-)
Split release by Danish noise-artist Mundus Mantis and Anglo-Danish artist køns (ex-member of the early-90s electronic act Teste). The music ranges from pure harsh ear-numbing noise to more beat-based tracks. The CD-R is presented in a stylish transparent cover and is limited to 45 numbered copies.

*MURDER CORPORATION "New Crimes" cd (6.00,-)
CD compilation made out of "New Crimes" tape box! Best moments of MC´s lo-fi Italian p.e./noise.

*MURDEROUS VISION "Black Hellebore - A Quiver of Arrows" cd (12.00,-)
Murderous Vision has been creating dark ambient and power electronics tracks since the late 90's with most releases on his label Live Bait Recordings Foundation. Black Hellebore contains 6 new tracks plus "Horned Beast of Golgotha" which was previously released on the split cassette with Nyodene D titled Kirkebrennan. The bulk of the material on this album is well composed atmospheric dark ambient tracks with obvious industrial influence. Almost half of the tracks have vocals. which range from a spoken word style to heavily distorted power electronics influenced screaming. The album was mastered by John Stillings and contains contributions by Amanda Howland. Wyatt Howland. Richard Pflueger. Cunting Daughters. Michael James. Tym Flemming. N Brewer and Aaron Vilk.

*MURDEROUS VISION "The Times Without Gods" cd (10.00,-)
"Great release from this American dark ambient artist also being the man behind the Live Bait label and In Death´s Throes. Massive pieces of dense and obscure ambient textures, filled with numbing drones, collages of barely comprehensible voices and chants, ritualistic elements and subtle orchestrations. Beautiful full colour sleeve in standard jewel case."

*MURDEROUS VISION / KURU "Blood – Brain Barrier" cd-r* (3.00,-)
Murderous noise. A split effort by Murderous Vision and Kuru. Murderous Vision presents a homicidal narrative through the medium of death-industrial, placing the listener at a barren locale on the fringe of the city, in the playground of a killer amid society´s refuse. The story progresses in grainy black and white... The Kuru side of the split tells of a similar compulsion but changes the setting to that of a primordial wilderness where instinct supercedes logic. The gods came down from the sky, dream-state gives way to bloody necessity, your body is not your own, all flesh belongs to the tribe...the ritual is joined..

*MURMER "What Are The Roots That Clutch" cd (12.00,-)
It was a cavernous tone that broadcast from a ventilator duct that inspired Patrick McGinley to begin collecting field recordings and working them into his slow-arc compositions. At the time when he heard that particular tone in that particular city at that particular time, he had no gear to recording device on hand. Over the next fifteen years (and counting) McGinley has eased into a peripatetic lifestyle, wandering the European countryside and forests (but never straying too far from the thrum and spark of civilization) in search of the same epiphany with his head rattled to the sound of a cavernous air duct. Around 1996, McGinley adopted the moniker Murmer for his compositional work; and though his work often steps into the quieter realm of sound construction, much of his field recordings and resultant compositions privilege interference and disturbances that occur within any given sound ecology. Those sounds could be the elusive tone from that ventilator, the polyrhythmic chorus of chirping frogs, the abstracted roar from an Arctic wind tearing across the Black Sea, or the metallic skree from a bowed antenna perched atop a Soviet-era observatory. What Are The Roots That Clutch marks McGinley's first full album in nearly 5 years, but it marks an elegant continuation of his previous album We Share A Shadow. The five chapters of this album can't easily be associated with any specific location; instead McGinley overlaps and crosshatches his field recordings and abstractions into acousmatic passages with ghostly, half-melodic qualities. Even the two unprocessed recordings of the album are impossibly complex in their accretions of sound. McGinley's composed pieces embrace lithe, mysterious drones whose mossy, damp atmosphere perfectly situate with tactile crunches, tactile events, and signal noise generation. Eels and leaches would not be out of place in such an environment; but the subaquatic murk snaps into a hallowed manifestation of ritualized minimalism at the album's finale -- one that LaMonte Young and Angus Maclise might have conjured in 1968 with clattering percussive elements and a hypnotic blur of harmonic drone. What Are The Roots That Clutch is limited to 400 copies and comes housed with letterpress artwork.

*MUSHROOM´S PATIENCE  "water" cd (12.00,-)
brandnew Cd by roman psychadelic masters with Raffaelle cerroni, Clau D.E.D.I. (Ain Soph), J.Weber & Frl. Tost (NOVY SVET), and Flavio /D.B.P.I.T.). (HauRuck) HR72

*MUTANT APE "norse beauty" 3"cd-r (4.00,-)
UK noise!

*MUTANT APE "What´s Left?" cd (10.00,-)
First CD release by Turgid Animal UK´s big boss man. AKA "The Best of 2006". this disc re-issues tracks from the CD-r split with Shift on Alfa Male Discharge. the "What´s Left?" business card set on Dumping Ground. the "No Bodies" 3" CD-r on Amorf Sounds and the Mutant Ape side of the split tape with Grunt. All tracks take a more composed route than previous and more recent works and blur the lines between Rough Harsh Noise. Power Electronics and almost Industrial Soundscapes. 50+ minutes of blown out hatred from northern England´s most loved/hated (depending who you talk to). If you were to pick up just one item from this lad´s messy and plain filthy discography. let this be the one. Edition of 300 copies. 4 page booklet and double sided tray with black and white artwork by Tony Shepard in standard jewel case. Evil... but you knew that already.

*MXM "Flesh Biting Paedophile" cd (12.00,-)
Macronympha + Monde Bruits!! The cult of the crunchy harsh noise!! Monde Bruits was the Japanese noise music project of Shohei Iwasaki. He died in a motorcycle accident in 2005. and perhaps due this misfortune. his works has been been very hard to find due lack of any re-issues. Portuguese Man-Of-War. Purgatory and such tapes from 1991 remain along worshipped treasure of noise fanatics. Industrial Recollections had possibility to publish only release that could be fully authorized by its makers: MxM. In this release. Macronympha takes the source material of Monde Bruits. creating intense mix. transforming the ultra busy and highly electric works of Monde Bruits into heavy crunch and brutally saturated rumble. It combines the best elements of both. creating harsh noise release one should not miss! Originally released by Mother Savage Noise Productions in 1995. This version Industrial Recollections 2013.

*MYSTERY HEARSAY "Flesh Tomb" cd (12.00,-)
(mv38) Mystery Hearsay "Flesh Tomb" CD The music of Mystery Hearsay is synth/guitar based old school post-industrial from the 80s. the classics of hometaping aesthetics. psychedelic noise trips with some rhythmic parts and fuzzy vocals. This is the first proper CD album including the remastered tracks from "Flesh Tomb" tape. and from "Unifur" tape originally released as LARB album back in 1986.

*MYSTERY SCHOOL "Dawn Of Magicians" cd (12.00,-)
Awake before it´s too late. Remove the scales from your eyes and heart. This is a meditational work that serves as an opening to other possibilities.

*MYSTERY SCHOOL "triangle of the sun" cd (12.00,-)
"Triangle of the Sun" is an instrumental work that references the male/sun energy - the morning star. It is a land where drones and drum beats live in harmony while creating a vibratory trip through these energies.


*N.F.H. "Hackelsekista" cd (12.00,-)
Hypnotising, ambient, recorded in the wilderness, in decaying suburban envoirments, this is not the standard Black Metal release, in fact it´s not Black Metal, it´s a Dark Ambient project, with among others, Ravenlord of Woods of Infinity behind the group, consisting of 4 other members. If you want a soundscape that provides you with hate, with a sense of being there, that provokes your feelings, a CD without comprimise, over 70min of the darkest of ambient/ritualistic sound to be discovered. Comes crowned in maybe the best looking booklet I ever seen. All in all, don´t miss out. This will be a trip you will not forget. -Total Holocaust Records

*NADJA / ATAVIST / SATORI "Infernal Procession... And Then Everything Dies" cd (12.00,-)
Split release from Canadian Shoegaze / Droners Nadja (Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff), Manchester Doomers Atavist and UK Fortean Electronics / Dark Ambient act Satori. Released to coincide with their UK joint tour. Ltd x 1000 copies in a 6-panel outsized sleeve.

*NAJ "resituation" cd (6.00,-)
lithuanian noise. RRR/PURE

*NAOS "the final harvest" cd (12.00,-)
Modern Classical, Experimental, Ambient from member of Necromantia/Thou Art Lord/Diabolos Rising

*NAZI UFO COMMANDER "Radiant Entropie" cd (12.00,-)
Singular, uncompromised and inimitable ! The second and final transmission from Nazi UFO Commander, a last warning from beyond to “the hive mind extant on this planet.” Finally revealed and clarified: the secrets of Neuschwabenland, Aldebaran and “the Reclamation,” set to a martial ambience. Feast on the crumbs, as The Commander has embarked upon a journey from which He will not return until the rest of us have long passed on.

*NECROPHORUS "imprints" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient. side project of Raison D´Etre

*NEGRU PULSE "Madeira" cd (12.00,-)
Collaboration between 2 great swedish CMI area projects: - Negru Voda (Megaptera´s side project) - Moljebka Pulse, 2 long dark industrial tracks in best cold northern tradition !

*NEGRU VODA "appetizer" cdr (10.00,-)
highly limited pro-CDR release promoting the upcoming triple CD set!!

*NEGRU VODA / KNÖS "face without face" cdr (7.00,-)
new CDR release from Malignant Records

*NEKAYA BULKAUSHAYA SREDA "From Space Chaos To Cosmic Noise" cd (12.00,-)
Project starts as a part of 'first Izhevsk wave'. First records (circa 1993) was heavily influenced by aesthetics of space research. Last album was recorded (circa 1997) with Polyvox and lost. After 10 years author found this record.made some minor mastering and gave it to label. We proudly present to you this obscure mix of aggressive power electronics sound and soviet sci-fi spirit.

*NELS CLINE & DAVID SARNO "Buried on bunker hill" cd (7.00,-)
It´s impossible to do this record justice in a review, it should just be heard. I´ve never heard of these two guys and here is a really great record of experimental ambient, falling somewhere near Mandible Chatter, Final and Ruhr Hunter. It just goes to show that Ground Fault, the label here, is really only interested in putting out the best sounds they can find. The first piece, ´Swinging London´, is a fearless nineteen minutes of elegant changes from panoramic dream-textures and anthemic ambient to building washes of sonic strength and exhuberant release. Guitar sheers off the edges, makes coiled nests inside of a thick wall of drone, certainly vertical sounding, high, climbing, towering into the clouds. But you´re there, flying up the grand sides, never finding the end, waves of golden sound crashing over you, the eventual end not as important as your movement along this perfect monolith. In stark contrast, the second five-minute track, ´Hydrofoil´, is a coy, introspective groaning chamber, periodic pings of chord trilling in the darkness, winds moving through the center. I could go on, describing each track like this, but then we´d have a ridiculously long review here. These guys use all the right tools for the job: guitar, autoharp, electric bass, drones, loops, turning out a very precise, unavoidable vision of sonic beauty. Excellent. Can´t recommend this too much. " (says Manifold Records) Groundfault

*NEVER PRESENCE FOREVER "Disturbed visceral nociception" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient on Crionic Mind.

*NEW ARRIVALS "click link below to enter new store" (1.00,-)
Here will not be new arrivals listed. New store Store is being slowly manually updated to include all material of this previous list remains here but is slowly moved to new site. Moving entire catalogue from old site to new one will take plenty of time. We urge to order from new catalogue, but if something is not listed there yet, feel free to drop email like before and we'll deal with order. Automatic webstore orders ship instantly. If you order via email, there may be some delays in replying.

*NEW RISEN THRONE / CRUEL HARVEST "shadows over humanity" cd (12.00,-)
black ambient

*NICOLE 12 "playground" cd (12.00,-)
Among the most offensive Freak Animal releases. re-press of the debut album and L01ita Love tape/cdr on same disc. Packaging closer to original edition. but now black & white with lyrics printed on cover. Warning: subject matter could be offensive for some listeners. Freak Animal Records

*NICOLE 12 "Substitute" cd (12.00,-)
Possibly among most offensive and horrid Freak Animal Records releses. 2nd full length of Nicole 12 is once again re-released. Most likely final edition of the album is closer to original cd packaging. with cardboard covers and folded insert. all black & white. Atmospheric oscillations and dense electronic textures with the "sugardaddy" vocals.... Note: content of release may be offensive for some listeners & your custom agents. Approach with caution. Freak Animal Records.

after great CD on Total Holocaust Records, now new album of this 5 member band what combines junk metal, homemade instruments and field recordings. Something between The New Blockaders, Einturzende Neubaten and NWW. SNSE

After Sweden’s Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar’s impressive full length albums Hålrum (SNSE) and Skrankverk (Dystonia EK) (among other stellar releases), this collaborative album shows an even further development in their sound. The pairing with Green Army Fraction (also from Sweden) for Westerbotten results in a massive, powerful sound. Their heavy use of cymbals and analog electronics creates impressions that surpass harsh noise trappings, and the listener immediately realizes that Westerbotten exceeds genre definitions or expectations of either group involved. The sounds created reveal the magickal qualities of Metgumbnerbone or Coil, the dark psychedelic ambiance of The Stargazer´s Assistant The Other Side of the Island or Wolf Eyes’ Black Wing Over the Sand, and the cacophony of The New Blockaders. Prepare yourself for one of the most impressive listens in recent memory. Elaborately printed with metallic inks and packaged in a gatefold sleeve, along with a 16-page booklet.

*NIHIL EST EXCELLENCE "environ" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)

*NIKO "q" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)
female noise from Japan. Very simple analogue buzz.

After the post-industral / power-electronics "diversions" of hise recent collaboration with Pierpaolo Zoppo / Mauthausen Orchestra in "From Unhealthy Places", and "Forgotten Realm, the "second chapter" of the Halls of Mirrors projects with Andrea Marutti / Amon in dark ambient "territories", Nimh (Giuseppe Verticchio) returns as a "solo" artist in his newest "Krungthep Archives", rediscovering the sounds of his oriental ethnic instruments, collected in he Far-East, mainly in Thailand. The recordings of these "Archives from Bangkok" (the "City of Angels" or Krungthep in the local idiom) are often submerged with electronic sounds, drones, voices, urban noises, field-recordings, loops, rhytmic fragments, lively and dinamically reach sound waves. Otherwise, sometimes the traditional instruments own natural sounds emerge, giving life to suggestive and catching semi-acoustic soundscapes. New ambitious Ethnic-electronic-experimental evolutions stylistically located right among "The Missing Tapes" and "Travel Diary" previous CDs. All the contrasts of a geographical universe perpetually suspended between ancient cultures and an out of control modernism, perfectly translated in in music by a careful and sensible expert of those places and cultures.

*NIMH "Subterranean Thoughts" cd (12.00,-)
ambient. Silentes minimal editions

*NIMH/NEFELHEIM "Whispers From The Ashes" cd (10.00,-)
ambient. amplexus

*NJURMANNEN "Terror in the Dollhouse" cd (12.00,-)
NJURMANNEN was the VERY first project in which Lina DEUTSCH NEPAL was involved !!! And he was working and recording with the rest of this "CULT" band all the tracks on this album !!! The album features studio recordings arround 1990 by the legendary Swedish electronica pioneers Njurmännen! This CD album contains the most part of their long time out of print LP "Reality Adventures" plus some stray material from compilations and seven inch vinyl and one previously un-released track! Snappy gothic pop tunes meet electronic gamelan meets Russian poetry in outer space... Or something like that... Or much more simply "The real cult release of 2008" !!!?!?!?

*NMPERIGN  "Ommatidia" cd (12.00,-)
nmperign are one of the most celebrated and influential bands in contemporary improvised music. Yet surprisingly, more than a decade after their debut, Greg Kelley (trumpet) and Bhob Rainey (soprano sax) have never recorded a studio album as an unaccompanied duo… until now! The music is spare and peerlessly inventive as always, but the mood remains light and joyful, with a subtle undercurrent of absurd humor. While improvised music can sometimes seem airless and precious, Ommatidia opens the window on a sunny afternoon… the album’s gusts of breath, percussive splatter, and controlled explosions form six succinct pieces that feel alive and vital, while still speaking in nmperign’s utterly unique sonic language. A perfect way in for newcomers and a revelation for long-time fans, Ommatidia is the essential nmperign. Previous nmperign albums have employed guest musicians – notably close collaborator and tape loop saboteur Jason Lescalleet, but also luminaries such as Gunter Mueller, Axel Doerner, Andrea Neumann, and Burkhard Beins – and subversive or dodgy recording techniques; their 2xLP on Siwa was recorded entirely to micro-cassette and cassette walkman, while an early CD on Selektion was edited from live mini-disc recordings. Intransitive is proud to present the nmperign album that fans have been waiting for: the core duo, beautifully recorded in an actual studio with excellent microphones. When not making nmperign music, Greg Kelley performs with the aggressively psychedelic noise unit Heathen Shame (along with Wayne Rogers & Kate Village of Major Stars), minimalist chamber group The Undr Quartet, and raucous rock band Life Partners. Rainey regularly tours with folk/pop duo Damon & Naomi and leads The BSC, an eight-piece electro-acoustic improvising ensemble. They live in Boston and New Orleans, respectively.

*NO MORE MUSIC (MATTIN + LUCIO CAPECE) "Universal Prostitution" cd (12.00,-)
brutal noise

*NO XIVIC "uneksija" cd (8.00,-)
Praised Finnish experimental / ambient / etc

*NO XIVIC / SOMNIVORE  "Getsemane" cd-r (6.00,-)
split CDr of Finnish experimental noise. Digipak covers. New Old Sentinel

*NORDVARGR "helvete" cd (12.00,-)
mz.412 nordvargr back with another cd

*NORDVARGR "pyrrhula" cd (12.00,-)
leader of MZ412, Folkstorm etc in his solo work

*NORTHAUNT / SVARTSINN "The Borrowed World" cd (12.00,-)
Inspired by Cormac Mc Carthy´s novel 'The Road', the two Norwegian masterminds Haerleif Langas and Jan Roger Petterson joined forces to create this stunning split album. This release brings finally new recordings since Northaunt´s 'Horizon' from 2006 and Svartsinn´s 'Elegies for the End' from 2009 (both CDs released on Cyclic Law). 'The Borrowed World' is the soundtrack for a world in decay, directed by the emotive and grandly melancholic signature of both projects. This is isolationist ambient music that unfolds its meditative atmosphere with majestic and melodic waves of droning sounds, environmental field recordings from the icy landscapes of the deepest North and magnificent Cello recordings of Amund Ulvestad. The ashes of the late world carried on the bleak and temporal winds to and fro in the void. Carried forth and scattered and carried forth again. Everything uncoupled from it's shoring. Unsupported in the ashen air. Sustained by a breath, trembling and brief. If only my heart were stone. Regular CD edition available as 6-panel digi file.

*NOTHING "Carried By A Red Thread" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)
NOTHINGS´s "Carried By A Red Thread" is comprised of two tracks. The first being a companion piece to a track on the upcoming full length to be released on Eibon. The second is a composite of a live performance and unreleased studio material. The release boats a much more harsh and violent side to Nothing. Comes in slimline case.

*NOVATRON "new rising sun" cd (12.00,-)
Heavy drone project of Anthony Di Franco (Ethnic Acid, Ax, JFK, Ramleh, Skullflowe,...). Long sold out Cold Spring release from 1999!!! few copies here!!

*NP VS THIRDORGAN "ver.2" cd-r (7.00,-)
jap noise

*NUBIFEROUS "Mara" cd* (12.00,-)
tranquil esoteric ambient with natural sounds

*NYRJÄ "nielu" cd-r (5.00,-)
"Industrial / Harsh Ambient. Nyrjä played on the ´moad´-compilation. Now he brings a full cd of dark atmospheres" From Finland


*OBJEKT 4  "Dead World Analysis" 2xcd-r (12.00,-)
dark ambient.

*OBJEKT 4 "Extermination Processing tower" cd (12.00,-)
"Swe. Unique, sombre, harsh thriller ambient/dark vawe/industrial"

*OBJEKT 4 "mindscars" cd (12.00,-)
swedish dark ambient.

*OBJEKT/URIAN "Tonfragmente II" cd (12.00,-)
Rerelease of the debut tape and debut CDR by this German duo. known for its outstanding live performances. Like the one they gave during the Deadly Actions festival in Lille on november 2002… 63 minutes of old-school industrial & Power-electronics at one and the same time original. melodic and powerful. Comes in special digipack with some varnished parts.

*OBLIVION ENSEMBLE "Seraphim Hallucino" cd (12.00,-)
Malignant Records (2006) Oblivion Ensemble’s fifth full-length release, the first since the virtual opera “Nightmare: Sinistrotorse” (Complacency, 1995). At Seraphim Hallucino’s source are strange, electro-acoustic improvisations of percussion, trumpet, voice, synthesizers and guitar. These improvisations are sculpted and sampled, twisted and turned, shaped into building and diminishing moments, and, at times appearing alone, pure and unmodified. Deeply imbedded in the music and fragmented lyrics are secrets, intertwining themes, voices, imprinted messages - listening with headphones in a darkened room is highly recommended.

*OF SWINE AND SWILL "" cd (12.00,-)
with member of Murderous Vision

*OLEKRANON "bilal" cd (12.00,-)
Ryan Huber, main man behind Vopat and Bobcrane, puts on his Olekranon hat and fires off a dark and pulsing wall of layered beats, squalling guitar and unidentifiable sounds, melting into a sonic collision of noise rock and vintage industrial. Ten tracks, 42 minutes. Pro CD in jewel case with full-color four-page booklet, limited to 500 copies

*OLNEYVILLE SOUND SYSTEM  "Effors in freedumb" cd (10.00,-)
swampy, sludgy, hot and stripped out fuzz / jazz / rock trio with bass, drums and variety of other instruments including electronic sax

*OMEGAPOINT "drones" cd-r (5.00,-)
Japanese noise drones. Dotsmark.

*OMENYA "ancient rites" cd (12.00,-)
8 tracks/40 minutes of most delicate ambience with slight early RAPOON influences. First edition of 1.000 coming in oversized fold-out paper cover."

*OMIT "Tracer" 2xCD (14.00,-)
"Clinton Williams admits that he has never been particularly keen in marketing the obsessive electronic constructions he's produced under the moniker Omit over the past two decades. Williams once infamously quipped to Nick Cain that he should simply print a couple pages of zeros in lieu of the failing interview that Cain was conducting for his own Opprobrium magazine a little over a decade ago. While such actions may be confused with those of a curmudgeonly hermit, Williams is concerned with his impeccable battery of synthetic sounds intent on psychological dislocation. Having released the bulk of his work in tiny self-published editions of lathe-cut singles and hand-dubbed cassettes, Omit has enjoyed several high-profile releases thanks to the diligence of Corpus Hermeticum and Anomalous Records who both rescued some of Omit's finest work from terminal obscurity. The Helen Scarsdale Agency is proud to announce the arrival of his latest recording Tracer a double disc set. As with all of his previous work, Tracer is an antiquated behemoth, constructed from analogue synthesizers, primitive drum machines, homespun electronics, and numerous effects pedals. Simple wooden rhythms trot, trudge, and even glide along taut metric grids hotwired with bursts of mechanical splutter and the occasional creak from Pierre Henry's wooden door. An occasionally menacing, but more often melancholic orchestration of synthetic tones ripple, flex, and dissolve across the uniform structuralism, creating an ecstatic paranoia rarely heard with such splendor, rigor, and sublime blackness. If sonic references are required, then the Klaus Schulze masterpiece Cyborg remains the closest analogy to what may be found in Tracer." -- Helen Scarsdale, September 2005 The Helen Scarsdale Agency offers this opus in an edition of 750 copies, hand printed through letterpress and silkscreen.

*OND "ond" cd (12.00,-)
sad low frequency ambient

*ONE DARK EYE "Transmissions of fistulae aeuris" cd (12.00,-)
Rodger Stella of Macronympha with his obscure experimental yet crude noise cut up´s. Re-issue of mid 90´s Mother Savage Noise Productions tape on Industrial Recollections.

*ONIROT "Deux Ex Machina" cd (12.00,-)
Desolate isolationist dark ambient

*ONOMATOPOEIA "A marble holder from andover" mcd (5.00,-)
good experimental noise from UK. talented collage of various noise sounds

*ONOMATOPOEIA / SMELL & QUIM "fanny batter" cd (10.00,-)
UK noise collaboration from about mid 90´s

*ONTAYSO "Elochim" cd (12.00,-)
Second album, after ´Score of an Imaginary Iceland´ on U-cover 40. Members of Ontayso are Koen Lybaert, Esther Santoyo and Dave Vanderplas, who are also involved in Llips and Starfish Pool. For this album they were apparently inspired by the work of strip artist Moebius. A mixture of electronic and acoustic (guitar,sax, piano) sound sources, as well as field recordings and vocals make up the musical menu. Most elements are heavily treated though. With such a line-up you may expect more song-based material, but "Elochim" contains subtle soundscapes which are not very melodic. The minimal soundscape opener ´I think I fly´ takes you to a stormy night. The acoustic elements really play a nice role here, like the sparse saxophone tones and the moving piano passage halfway. Fine cinematic music which brings a lot of atmosphere in your living room. The mixture of electronic layers and acoustic instruments, futher adorned by various sound elements, works very well. The music is soft and tranquil, but with experimental compositions and a lot of tension underneath." Tantric Harmonies

*OPIUM / SOSTRAH TINNITUS "stain" cd (12.00,-)
Warm, involving, deep and penetrating sounds... Flowing sounds patterns, vibrating drones permeated by a discreet sense of tension, evolving in dark, obscure, foggy, nocturnal atmospheres, violated by raven voices, mysterious noises and sounds of metal objects in motion... And then concrete noises, confused and elusive melodies, feeble light flashes, buried echoes of human voices, distantr whispers, sudden passages of rough sounds, undefined nuisances, subliminal and hypnotic sequences, just like a recollection of unreal and dusty sounds from an old carillon... An extraordinary and not to be missed journey in the darkness, lead with great skill by two of the most remarkable artists coming from the Italian ambient/dark-ambient scene of the last decade.

*ORCHIS "a thousand winters" cd (12.00,-)
This 1997 concept album, an important piece in the history of neo-folk music, is resurrected by the Infinite Fog label. Comes in a 6-panel digipak with gold stamping

*ORGANIZATION TOTH "birth of light" cd (12.00,-)
Ritual & magic beating, dark & bleak industrial sounds for see "the birth of light" .... Ill ritual muzak for your magik experiments & for necrophile nostalgics ...

*ORGANOMEHANIZM "Сумеречное Состояние (Twilight State)" cdr (6.00,-)
Limited to 59 copies. Tracks 1 & 2 - 2006 Tracks 3 - 2007. No album name is given on the sleeve.

*ORGANOMEHANIZM "Quiet Insanity" cdr (6.00,-)
New album of recently reactivated noisician Kirill Stoukalin from Leningrad -- you must forget about Saint-Petersburg here for it´s pure concrete hash, rusty metal, killing cold humidity and mouldiness of Soviet era city from the banks of Neva. Kirill was a founder of REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM -- one of the very first Russian Industrial projects which started in the same time infamous Alexander Lebedev-Frontov did (early 1990s). If you still haven´t heard a track from it -- you are loosing some great experience of feeling pure old-school madness and simplicity in the vein of M.B. and M.O. "Quiet insanity" includes 8 tracks of decomposed vinyl records, analogue sound sources and various schizophrenic samples.

*ORIGAMI REPLIKA "kommerz - merzbow in the hands of origami replika" cd (10.00,-)
"This CD sees Origami Replika (a now defunct part of the ever changing Origami cultural collective/phenomenon) made up by three of Norway´s most diehard noiseheads -- Lasse Marhaug, Tore H. Bøe, and Mads Staff Jensen. Recorded in 1997, this effort is entirely based on sound sources from the back catalogue of Merzbow. With no back-bending, knee-scraping humility, and with a pure love for all source sounds, Origami Replika have shaped classic Merzbow sound into all-new compositions. These are innovative and highly potent re-workings of the harsh soundwaves, recommended to all those who still have a healthy addiction to the Merzbow sounds of yesterday. Thick and meaty, the blasts emanating from the speakers is filled with lusty, fetishized, organic heavy noise and experimental Dadaism, ready to be devoured by the faithful disciples. Originally planned for release on another label, and now finally unleashed on Segerhuva, this is a CD that has been tried and tested over and over again. These recordings, created almost a decade ago, have been remastered by Lasse Marhaug, and it is safe to say that this CD has stood the test of TIME. After nine years, it sounds remarkable -- a solid chunk of the classic, living breathing Noise Object that some call religion. Bottom line -- the NOISE FETISH is still very much alive and well. This time it comes from a somewhat unexpected source. Indulge!"

*ORIGAMI REPLIKA "schmerzpunkdada" cd (12.00,-)
old jazzassin records noise release

*ORIGAMI SUBTROPIKA "Ultimatum" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)

*ORO ORO "prarastos ziemos" cd (12.00,-)

*ORO! ORO!  "Sastingis" cd (12.00,-)
The latest oro!oro! album is dedicated to the eternal winter. To the everlasting glacial stagnation. Just imagine it is one and the same season - the season of winter - all year round. That is the true core of the stagnation. Excessively deep meditative sounds remind ether. the habitat of spirits. Reluctantly you ask yourself if you are still alive? In terms of style. the album harks back to the cult ambient albums of Current’93. Those who still recall The Stars Are Marching Sadly Home may expect the same atmosphere. Perhaps now is the time when the waiting for the spring will never end?

*OSTARBEITER "The Iron Era" 2x CD* (15.00,-)
Ostarbeiter was a Death Industrial project of Olegh Kolyada (= the man behind Oda Relicta. First Human Ferro. In Meditarium). dating back to summer 1998. During 1999-2001 the band released several tapes & CDRs under different titles. The current 2CD edition is a collection of material recorded at the turn of the millennium. The industrialist document also includes four collaborations with Deutsch Nepal. Wertham. Isomer. and Streicher. Comes in a double DVD-sized clear plastic case. 24 songs / 112 min.

*OTZEPENEVSHIYE / VIR "the knife" cd (12.00,-)
Otzepenevshiye were formed in 2006 and by now have already recorded a conceptual split-album with Allerseelen and Neutral (2008. Ewers Tonkunst / Indiestate). have taken part in a series of releases of the Heliophagia label and contributed to several compilations. The band consists of members of the well-known Russian post-industrial projects Sal Solaris and Reutoff. Vir' dates from 1996. having released some self-made demos. split-releases and two full-length albums: "Lower Forest" (2006. Indie-Go!) and "Horna" (2008. Mosquito Records). The creation of a collaboration album was conceived by the members of both bands during their collective gig in Kazan'. Through the mutual exchange and editing of material they managed to record not just a split but something more that combined the planes of both acts and surpassed their traditional sound. not always resembling the individual works of both projects. The style of the album is really hard to define but to mark the relative field we could use such tags as sludge / drone doom / industrial / dark ambient. Roaring guitars and the powerful drive of a live drum kit turn into measured industrial drum-machine rhythms. a clatter of iron sheets. synthesizers and field recordings. then again giving room to overdriven strings and profound insane vocals of Sergey Milushkin (Vir'). Metaphysically this album is a kind of optical device. a magic lantern with opaque glass - matching the anguish and desperation of Russian life. However looking more closely one can distinguish amazing patterns on the black soot of this glass behind which shines the everburning living fire.

*OVAL LANGUAGE "Tapes Singles and Remixes" cd (12.00,-)
This first CD album presents the old tracks restored from tapes, as well as exclusive remixes made by Guido Hübner (Das Synthetische Mischgewebe). It´s a wonderful excursion into the world of underground noise music which is sometimes extreme but always interesting and unpredictable. Thi is a very special appearance in our personal music research, and is a real discovery for all the fans of the experimental music genre.

*OVMN "optimum volume maximum noise" cd (12.00,-)
Macronympha side project, the early protagonists of wall of noise! Originally Mother Savage Noise Productions, re-issued by Industrial Recollections. Finally remaining covers arrived from print... so now available!

*OVUM "Plastic Passion " cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-184


*P. MILES BRYSON "The Weight Of The World - A Long Day´s Tango Into Night " cd (12.00,-)
Japan´s SSSM label release from 2002. Minimal, Experimental, Ambient.

*P.O.S.K. "toys" cdr* (5.00,-)
spatter prod. in dvd box.

*PAAK / TBC "Lenin Dada" cd* (12.00,-)
Experimental, Noise, Minimal, Abstract

*PACIFIC 231 & RAPOON  "palestine" cd (12.00,-)
Palestine is a face-2-face in memoriam between Pacific 231 & Rapoon to the late Bryn Jones 1961-1999 a.k.a. Muslimgauze. The production also support the justified struggle for a truly free Palestinian nation, a key issue for a middle-east liberated from foreign ingerance. Music was the modus operandi Muslimgauze wanted to carry the message and music is the medium we want to continue to convey the legacy. This regular edition is in-fact also a special edition due to the special screen printed Protex-Box / Lever Kick-out box and for the black coloured playing side of the CD !

*PACIFIC 231 / VOX POPULI "Cthulhu Revisitation" cd (12.00,-)
(mv16) Pacific 231 & Vox Populi! "Cthulhu Revisitation" CD Extra-ordinary, mystic journey into musical world of these two long-running, legendary french projects. This album was composed from the old, but also completely new material (1986-2007), it includes both studio and live recordings, re-arranged and reworked for your listening pleasure. The first ever Vox Populi! CD after many vinyls and tapes produced in 80-90s. Acoustics and electronics, lyricism and dramatics, traditions and avantgarde.

*PAHUUS "pahuuden voitto" mcd (5.00,-)
FIN Total d-beat hardcore punk in the lines of Discharge, Mellakka and Kuro. 6 songs in 15 minutes

*PALE ROSES  "The Rutted Road " cd (12.00,-)
Brilliant songwriting in style of SPIROGYRA, C.O.B., PEARLS BEFORE SWINE, CURRENT 93 < The Rutted Road is the the third album by French Neofolk band Pale Roses, following Fear Of Dawn (The Eastern Front 2010) and Unveiled (Rage in Eden 2011). Basically, the music remains the same: pastoral guitar arpeggios, melodic bass lines, a bit of piano. However more percussion and sound effects than in the first two albums. Lyrics are a tribute to some historical places (Bedlam and Tyburn), to a few of our favorite authors and to pagan beliefs and various elements of folklore.

*PANICSVILLE "sterile" cd (12.00,-)
usa experimental noise

*PANZAR "Pratotypon" cd (12.00,-)
old europa cafe

*PARANOIA INDUCTA "Pia Fraus" cd* (10.00,-)
Dark ambient / Dark industrial sounds! "Pia Fraus” is second part of the Lux Mundi trilogy. This trilogy is a tribute to all those who died, were killed, deceived, humiliated and oppressed by chatolic church. It´s a tribute to all those victims who instead of love and hope were given torment and death. More than 50 minutes long album, on whitch the creator of PARANOIA INDUCTA, Anthony A. Destroyer once again invited eLL from SUI GENERIS UMBRA nad Robert Marciniak from RUKKANOR. Second act in red symbolises the cardinal color. And as the first album that was violet, symbolising the bishop and rachbishop state, the "Pia Fraus" is dedicated to all victims of cardinals. Dark ambient album with specific atmosphere of death and industrial sounds, choirs, songs and voices. The style from "Gloria Laus" was kepted.

*PARANOID TIME "Nod Off " cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-217

*PBK & ZANSTONES "Mantis Fog Desert" cd (12.00,-)
The new collaboration of PBK and Zan Hoffman (Zanstones) is the experiment in perfect interaction between noise music. ambient approach and electronic sound. with organic and sometimes even psychedelic output. For both artists. being active in the underground music scene for many years. this album is very distinct and peculiar showcase of their endless creative potential.

*PBK / C. REIDER "Discorporate" cdr* (7.00,-)
Over the last ten years PBK had occasionally sent source material to C. Reider for collaboration, however, the collaboration never came together. Suddenly, earlier this year PBK was surprised to find a parcel in the mail from C. Reider with the finished master inside. He played it and found the mixes to be a new kind of 21st century psychedelic drone space music. in slim dvd box. ltd 120

*PBK/TELEPHERIQUE "Noise Ambient connection" cd (12.00,-)
This particular album is the first ever collaboration between american soundartist Phillip B. Klingler and german band Telepherique, it represents yet another breakthrough in the search for a music that is comprehensively exploring 21st century ambient music, an essential listening experience which is absolutely unique for the whole genre history as well as for both artists.

*PCRV "no use for a broken existence" cdr (4.00,-)
snip snip

*PEDASTRIAN DEPOSIT  "Fatale" cd (10.00,-)
usa harsh noise

*PEENEMÜNDE  "II" CD (12.00,-)
I wasn't personally very excited when Peenemunde approached with their first recordings. I gave harsh critics and eventually project decided to completely re-do the material what eventually became their (improved) debut album. Case was entirely different with this second full length. I saw their great live performance and had opportunity to hear some raw out-takes of upcoming second album. Instantly I offered to publish material as proper CD. if rest of material stands equally strong. And it does. No critics of suggestions was needed. On first album P. Perä-Takala (Sick Seed) and P. Dassum (Umpio) basically combined the known elements of their projects as mere "collaboration". but now Peenemunde stands as project of its own identity! Second assault of Peenumunde abandons smashing junk metals and enters the dark laboratory of poisonous experiments with cold electronics! Duo created material live on tape in sessions what to me sounds unlike anyone else does. It has the cold electric feel. without the elements of "techno". It has the fierce junk metals. without fitting into line with other junk metal noisers out there. It is rotten sound from gutters of laboratory. without being unnecessary "lofi" or poor quality. Thematically Peenemünde is based on inventiveness of mankind in the field of warfare and cruelty. concentrating especially on WWII. Essential!

*PENITENT "Deserted Dreams" cd (10.00,-)
synth music

*PER ASPERA "Nil Desperandum" cd (12.00,-)
The third and the most complete release by one of the most tallented ambient artists hailing from Poland these days. Unifying vast array of elements. Per Aspera once again achieves remarkably introvert but vibrant style. Eerie industrial atmosphere seamlessly blends with serene harmonies of almost orchestral form. Cinematic. monstrous drone formations morph into pulsating abyss of dissonant disturbances and uncompromised sonic experiments. overlaid by subtle beauty of human voice and minimalist acoustic instrumentation. All those skillful. multiformal explorations establish Nil desperandum one of those albums of complex yet stable musical concept—reflecting the incoherencies of human nature and its immanent affection to chaos and order merged together. Per Aspera tends to render tragically compound heritage of the mankind. being constantly shaped by cultural. ethnic and religious or ideologic discrepancies. Definitely not your average dark–ambient buzz. this album stands out of the dull cliche. The sound may appeal to the admirers of T. Köner. Parca Pace. Nocturnal Emissions or Neubautens to name a few but still. expect no pattern follower. Complemented with special A5–sized glossy digipak designed by Ibsen studio

*PERSONA "ruines" cd (12.00,-)
Cd in digipack edition with a 24 full colourpages booklet about the concept of the ruin along the times. 19 tracks performing different styles such as dark ambient, industrial, noise, etc.

*PESTHAUSCH "Erinnerung an die Zukunft" cd-r (4.00,-)
Brutal industrial/noise anti-music from Germany. Includes a NON cover. Jewel case

*PETER ANDERSSON [RAION D’ÊTRE]  "Music for Film and Exhibition II" cd (13.00,-)
´Music for Film and Exhibition II´ is just like that: a levelled declitre of raison d´être, a brimful tablespoon of Atomine Elektrine, a couple of teaspoons of Necrophorus and a little bit of this and little bit of that, mixed into a perfect blend of many tastes. Peter Andersson, well-known from projects like Raison d´être, Stratvm Terror, Necrophorus and Atomine Elektrine, shows here broad spectrum of sonic atmospheres, like if all of his different music projects were combined into one. From ambient-drone-textures and electronic chill-out to concrete sounds to even pure atmopsheric piano tunes.

*PETRICHOR "In Flagrante Delicto " cd (12.00,-)
Death Ambient from Finland. Cursed tapes

*PHELIOS "Gates of Atlantis " cd (12.00,-)
The first new recording from Phelios since 2010’s highly acclaimed Astral Unity. finds Martin Stürtzer in fine form. creating yet another masterwork of meticulously crafted. richly detailed cosmic doom. Very few acts. if any. are more adept at composing such epically scaled atmospheres and Gates of Atlantis once again sets the bar impossibly high. offering up a multi-colored tapestry of sweeping sounds. full of majestic. nebulous drones and ominous strings. propelled forth by rising waves of tribal percussion and more earthen. textural darkness. The scope and breadth of the 7 tracks here truly transcends dark ambience. and the sheer weight and complexity of sound is nothing short of awe inspiring. A triumphant return from one of the genre’s great practitioners. In 6 panel eco-wallet with artwork by Pär Boström (Kammarheit) and mastered by Secret Lab

*PHOLDEA "An Instance of this" cd-r (6.00,-)
ltd 200 on Blade rec.

*PHRAGMENTS "Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood " cd (12.00,-)
"Youve seen it before. Certain bands or artists delivering their finest work with their first recording. Then, in futile attempts to capture some of the same magic, becoming formulaic and stale, rehashing ideas and never really achieving the same caliber of work. Others, expanding on the elements of their prior releases, and through a natural maturation process, get stronger with each release. That would certainly be the case with Phragments. With their third full length studio CD, this Slovakian duo have made remarkable strides not only in quality but in scope. Equipped with an enriched sonic palate, Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood mixes forceful brass and dark orchestral strings with rolls of powerful tribal percussion, somber wind instrumentation, ominous atmospheres, industrial clangor, and a strong and commanding vocal presence, particularly on tracks like “Over Deadlands” and “The Kin of Cain”. Cohesive, complete, and epic, this is a release that will open some eyes to new found authority of Phragments. Yours to discover. In 6 panel digipak.. "

*PHRAGMENTS "earth shall not cover their blood" cd (12.00,-)
new on Malignant records

*PHRAGMENTS & KORINTH "Mysteries of the Greylands" cd (12.00,-)
On this album, Phragments and Korinth have united into one monolithic entity, to produce a common opus. Orchestral choirs, dark ambient and ritual passages create a perfect cinematic journey over the mysterious Greylands, an archetypal and symbolic travel through the hidden side of the world. All songs are the result of collaboration of the two projects, resulting in a unique narrative experience. After three years of work, Phragments and Korinth deliver a ripe album - a great journey for the listener.


*POWER OF JISM "Your Son Died Laughing " cd (12.00,-)
Power is a good word to describe this music. This is metal that slowly permeates in a kind of ongoing primitive ritual. The guitar work seems almost freeform and intertwines repetitively with the hypnotic bass lines and drums. Unlike faster metal, this industrial group can hold on to an abstract sound and make it writhe and repeat, containing kind of a brooding fury. The vocals are tortured and introspective. Overall the whole thing stays in control of itself, but evolves in what sounds like a live experience. Very heavy and long tracks go on seemingly forever, creating an intense mood. This is what hard rock should sound like: unpretentious, evocative, and relentless.

*PRAYING FOR OBLIVION "Ordinalzahl / 0" cd (10.00,-)
new album on Obscurex

*PROSCRIPTOR "The serpentine has rosen" cd (12.00,-)
The second CD offering of Proscriptor, mixing Celtic, Middle Eastern Rock, Experimental and Industrial sounds by this former Cruel Moon/Cold Meat Industries artist. Proscriptor is the founding member of Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn: southern abyssic communion chapter in Dallas, Texas.

*PROSTATE "rip vip" cd (12.00,-)
this is Prostates debut album. which took three years to get to a point they were happy with. Prostate is a minneapolis industrial band with heavy synth beats. distorted vocals and two live drummers. think skinny puppy with test department metal and junk drumming. Prostate has been playing tons of shows locally and recently played a fest with Youth Code. this disc contains 51 mins of material. you can check out two of the tracks on their soundcloud page.

*PSICOPOMPO (HERMANN KOPP + LORENZO ABATTOIR)  "Synchronicity (Theory of Carl Jung)" cd (12.00,-)
Psicopompo is the death guide that accompanies the dying to the afterworld. Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not causally related. From the conceptualization of these two themes combined, German composer/musician Hermann Kopp (of Jorg Buttgereit’s Nekromantik and Der Todesking soundtracks) and Italian Noise Experimentalist Lorenzo Abattoir (Nascitari) merge their unique compositional techniques and source equipment (Hermann Kopp: Violin, Tambourine, Electronics / Lorenzo Abattoir: Shruti Box, Timbal & electronics), leaving the results entirely to chance. The final result is the unity of an audio event joining together 2 separate executions of melody and rhythm without any post production or added effects, bringing out the forlorn emotions of being on the journey to the new world upon death.

*PSYCHIC TV "Batschkapp" cd (12.00,-)

*PSYCHIC TV "hacienda" cd (12.00,-)
PSYCHIC TV. 5th November 1984. Manchester. This was PSYCHIC TV's first show at NEW ORDER / FACTORY's legendary HACIENDA club! For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge. John Gosling (Zos Kia. Coil). Paul Reeson. and Alex Fergusson. Tracklisting: 1. Intro. 2. Enochian Calls. 3. I Like You. 4. Unclean Monks. 5. Unclean. 6. Roman P.. 7. Southern Comfort. 8. Godstar. 9. Thee Starlit Mire. 10. Thee Shining. This is the complete show with unseen photos! Ltd x 1000 copies.

*PSYCHIC TV "Live At Thee Marquee" cd (12.00,-)
PSYCHIC TV's complete. unheard show. recorded at the prestigious Marquee Club. London. 20th May 1986. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge. Alex Fergusson. Mouse. Matthew Best. Tracklisting: 1. Intro. 2. Ov Power. 3. She Touched Me. 4. Just Like Arcadia. 5. Supermale. 6. I Like You. 7. Riot In Thee Eye. 8. Interstellar Overdrive. 9. Unclean. 10. Godstar. 11. We Kiss. 12. Roman P.. 13. IT. Ltd x 1000 copies. featuring an 8-page booklet of unseen photos.

*PSYCHIC TV "Live At Thee Ritz" 2xCD (15.00,-)
Recorded on 6th November 1983. this is the complete. mostly unheard document of Psychic TV’s first ever show as a full live band. after their appearance at The Final Academy. with William S. Burroughs in 1982. Originally issued on vinyl only in 1989 (in an edition of 5000 copies). rare tapes have been found to expand to a full double CD set. with updated sleeve notes and never before seen photos. The classic PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge. Alex Fergusson. John Gosling. Peter Christopherson. and Geff Rushton.

*PSYCHIC TV "OV Power" cd (12.00,-)

*PSYCHIC TV "Paramartha" cd (12.00,-)

*PSYCHIC TV "Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light" cd (12.00,-)
PSYCHIC TV in a unique line-up - a unique show. recorded 19th May 1985 at Hammersmith Palais. London. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge. Alex Fergusson. Max Prior. Mouse. Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson. Dave Ball (Soft Cell). Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade. Sorrow. Coil. Current 93). Tracklisting: 1. Intro. 2. I Like You. 3. Just Like Arcadia. 4. Godstar. 5. Roman P.. 6. Unclean. 7. Baby's Gone Away. 8. Southern Comfort. 9. We Kiss. 10. Thee Starlit Mire. 11. Ov Power. This is a completely unheard show. with unseen photos! Ltd x 1000 copies.

*PSYCHIC TV "Those who do not" cd (12.00,-)
cold spring records

*PSYCHONAUT 75 "Stealing the fire from heaven" cd (12.00,-)
devils industrial ebm from Black Funeral / Valefor / Psychonaut mastermind

*PSYCHONAUT 75 / AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT "Demonium of the Earth / Bird of Oblivion an Incantation of Fire " cd (12.00,-)
Split release by those 2 well known USA sabbatic & demonic projects! Psychonaut 75 deliver a pumping black industrial & high witchcraft & chaos also due to the presence of 3 whitches in the group! Aestetic Meat Front is involved with infamous depograming rituals, using the original sounds of meat, blood, fire & bones! Sex-magick & self-deification

*PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "4: You shall not destroy" cd (12.00,-)
4th album. Finnish industrial metal with hints of death metal.

*PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "revolt" cd (12.00,-)
New album, now industrial metal style a´la some Ministry stuff.

*PSYGRAM "Gehorgange" cd (10.00,-)
amplexus ambient

PI is the one from now-dead FUNKSTILLESENDER / ZFK / KOMATOSERZUSTAND ranks. His part had been recorded during 2004 and remastered during the beginning of 2005. The base of its piece is songs of THE BEATLES. Brainquaking Harsh Noise is the result of the processing. Project of MAJDANEK WALTZ Dark Folk band, GANZER. Factory War is a sort of a radioshow based on the book Mona Lisa Overdrive by W.Gibson. Radio-controlled robots, made of metal junks, (the Witch, the Judge and the Investigator) are crushing in a battle in a factory yard. Monotonous, transcendent Harsh Noise. SS -- Harsh Noise / Power Noise project of POLARIS with a couple of split-tapes done. 4 tracks of hysterical Harsh Noise & buzzing Power Electronics.154 copies with inserts.

*PUTREFIER "Beyond Scathing" CD (12.00,-)
In 1986 Birthbiter labels first release was debut tape of Putrefier. 4 tracks of intense electronics. which would mix together spirit of UK power electronics. noise and experimental industrial. This extremely rare recording is finally presented on CD format. offering great sound and artwork scanned from original covers. See Industrial Recollections two other Putrefier titles. These 3 together pretty much sum up the 80's / early 90's Putrefier approach! Industrial Recollections

*PUTREFIER  "cog dominance" CD (12.00,-)
In 1987 infamous UK label Broken Flag released second full length tape of Putrefier. 5 tracks of intense electronics. which would mix together spirit of UK power electronics. noise and experimental industrial. This extremely rare recording is finally presented on CD format. offering great sound and artwork scanned from original covers. See Industrial Recollections two other Putrefier titles. These 3 together pretty much sum up the 80's / early 90's Putrefier approach! Industrial Recollections

*PUTREFIER "Trace Element Syntax" cd (6.00,-)

*PUTREFIER "Unreleased and compilation archive" CD (12.00,-)
See also Industrial Recollections two other Putrefier titles. These 3 together pretty much sum up the 80's / early 90's Putrefier approach! "Unreleased and compilation archive" collects together 10 tracks recorded between 1988-1990. Songs from compilations "Epitapes". "Tearing Wings Off Of Butterflies" and criminally overlooked PE classic "Pray For Fire" 7". Both long original version of "Suffocation" and the version that was released on "Dedication Zweite Auslese". Rest previously unheard materials! Industrial Recollections

*PYLONE "grounded hands" cd (12.00,-)
Under this moniker hides French electronic composer Laurent Perrier, of whom we reviewed As Far As last month. Grounded Hands shows the more mechanical facet of this artist’s music, based on reiterative rhythms and pulses more than anything. This kind of mechanism does possess a heart, although camouflaged under an apparent coldness: Perrier devises in fact sonic radiations that definitely furnish the record with an analogical (but not anachronistic) aura, its five tracks linked without interruptions just like in a suite. This “warmth” is indeed much welcome, especially in the sub-bass frequency sector that represents a cocoon-like wrapping under which the listener’s certainties get some comfort despite a few not really expected occurrences. The general stance is one of “techno-minimalism” scarred by a degree of abstractness, with several enjoyable episodes that might vaguely recall the “easiest” components in the work of sound sculptors active in the area of labels such as For 4 Ears (Günter Müller, Norbert Möslang), with a sort of sugary decoration over the top and, in general, a simpler compositional structure. This didn’t prevent me from listening to the CD three or four consecutive times as, in any case, this is a well-conceived release


*QUINTO SOL "ollintonatiuh" cd (12.00,-)


*R.H.Y. YAU "contiguous" cd (6.00,-)
Physical noise regurtations. RRR/PURE

*R.H.Y. YAU / SCOT JENERIK "meat" cd (12.00,-)

*R.H.Y.YAU "The hidden tongue" cd (8.00,-)
Harsh and strange noise like mixing Masonna and R. & Gurgelstock.

*R.Y.N. "Cosmic Birth" cd (12.00,-)
Following the "Astral Death" CD from earlier this year. Pete Burn and Dean Glaister return with a new disc of older tracks recorded from 2003-2004 at various times and places with various moods and instruments but somehow they manage to make the album as a whole flow like a cosmic river. Long drawn out psychedelic tones buckling under guitar motifs and heavy metallic bass form the album's core and what more could we possibly ask for? Expert drone by one of the best acts in the field. Mastered by James Plotkin.

*RADIONOVA "avalanche" cd-r (6.00,-)
solo project of one Squamata member. Harsh noise.

*RAFAEL FLORES "Nubes. cometas. rumores y orugas" cd (12.00,-)
First official CD album of Rafael Flores who hails from the depth of spanish noise underground scene. known for his early works released under Comando Bruno moniker. This compilation presents the latest decade of his sound experimentation. and shows quite diverse sides of his creative efforts. which ranges from collaged field recordings to noise ambient loops. from rhythmic structures to hypnotic electronic passages.

*RAJNA "offering" cd (12.00,-)
With "Offering", their 9th album and first for Equilibrium, Rajna continue their musical and cultural quest, crossing the Mediterranean and taking us over the Aegean islands, the Cyclades, Crete and Greece, towards Turkey, where Orient and Occident meet.

*RAMLEH "We created it - lets take over, vol 3" cd (8.00,-)

*RAPE-X "false" cd (12.00,-)
USA power electronics. At War With False Noise.

*RASALHAGUE "Rage Inside the Window" cd* (12.00,-)
Following the self released 3inch CDr from a few years back, Rage Inside the Window is the astounding formal debut of Indiana based dark ambient artist Rasalhague, offering some of the most haunting, dread filled, and yet dynamic atmospheres we´ve come across in some time. Inspired by the true events of a young girl neglectfully imprisoned in filth and squalor by her thoughtless and uncaring mother. Rage Inside the Window takes the listener into the mind of a savagely depraved soul. Don´t expect ambient of the spaced out, blissful, and softly textured variety. This is dirty and impenetrably dark, with an intertwining mass of demonic squalls, intense probing, highly ominous tonal drones, distant monolithic pulsations, and bleak isolationism. 6 lengthy tracks of pure psychological horror are presented here, with each piece segueing into each other in transforming waves, progressively getting darker, brooding, and more menacing as it goes. Finally, with the final track, some semblance of solace is achieved. Reference points can be made to Atrium Carceri, recent Raison d´Etre, and the like, but ultimately, Rasalhague operates within its own realm. In 6 panel, full color DVD Digipak.

*RATATOESKR "Leaving the light" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient. Farbstoff Abstract Media

*REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM "Do You Feel Crunch In Your Ass.Yellow Bastards?" cd (12.00,-)
Another album of great project. Reissue of Ultra U21 tape. Ironic dedication to Russia-Japan relationships :) Bonus track from 'VA Soundterror' tape (Ultra U25 limited 30). Characteristic Red.Ad.Abs sound!

*REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM "Ïîñëåäíèå Êîíâóëüñèè (Last Convulses)" cdr (7.00,-)
Operator produkzion 2008.

*REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM  "Ñîâìåõêàñòðàöèÿ" cd (12.00,-)
Ltd to 375 copies. Issued on ULTRA label as tape. 7 track is bonus. Cult russian industrial trio from Saint Petersburg. Was a part of famous "Leningrad School of Industrial".

*REND "Proberta Gerbar" cd (6.00,-)
good heavy noise. rrr/pure

*RESGESTAE  "Etat d Urgence" cd (12.00,-)
RESGESTAE is the project of Nicholas P., an experimental musician living in Athens, Greece. Using samples, field-recording, etc. he creates post-industrial, cinematic soundscapes, incorporating true political, social and economic elements. "Etat d'Urgence" is no more than a social control soundtrack, an experience in our daily lives of fear. Recommended to all those who like POST-SCRIPTUM and PROPERGOL. In digipack.

*RICHARD FRANCIS + BRUCE RUSSELL  "garage music" cd (12.00,-)
Bruce Russell has an MA in Political Studies. and works as an information designer. He has previously worked in the field of archives management. during which time he ran the National Radio sound archive. As a sound artist Russell is known mainly for his involvement in New Zealand’s longest-running improvisational 'post-rock' group. the Dead C.. although he also works in the field of radiophonic composition. and records as a solo artist and with the trio A Handful of Dust. He performs with electric guitar. electronic devices and analogue tapes. Bruce also runs the internationally respected record label Corpus Hermeticum. Richard Francis (b. 1977) is representing the younger generation of NZ musicians. working mainly with electronics and noise matters. Auckland based sound artist. he is active for the last 16 years composing and improvising. releasing sound work on CD/LP. performing live concerts and producing sound installations. He uses recordings of acoustic and electronic sounds. a tone generator. analogue electronics and computer to produce sound works. He has released solo and collaborative albums on a number of international and local record labels including Korm Plastics. Monochrome Vision. Drone Records. Scarcelight. Digitalis Industries. Last Visible Dog. CPP and his own record label CMR. Recent published collaborative CDs have been with Jason Kahn (USA) and Francisco Lopez (Spain). He has performed live concerts at Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Adam Art Gallery. De Affair Festival. Tuned City Festival. Issue Project Room etc. From 2003-2006 Francis co-operated ACROMA. an organization that coordinated a series of experimental music events in Auckland hosting local and visiting experimental sound artists. From 2004-2007 Francis was a member of the Alt.Music committee - New Zealands long running experimental music festival and performance series. and from 2005-06 served on the board of the Audio Foundation. This album is a collection of their collaborations in different modes. Three parts of "Garage" are their showcase of mail music exchange. the "Undead" piece is the justaposition of two solo sets from 2009. and "Live" is recorded during the concert at The Physics Room. Christchurch. Francis plays modular synthesizer and computer. and Russell uses guitar. tapes and clavioline (the old synthesizer like instrument invented in 1947). Limited edition of 500 copies in special packaging - custom made of textured paper. assembled by hand.

*RICHARD GARET "areal" cd (12.00,-)
In working with sound, video, and installation, Richard Garet has made an artform of interference. In previous work, he's employed photosensors to control a particular audio signal through the erratic nature of a violently pulsing abstract film. He's flooded a performance space with fog to disperse multi-channel video work into an ephemeral yet sculptural mass, accompanied by an equally diffused sound design. And here on AreaI, Garet continues his ongoing research with electromagnetic disturbances through radio. Garet treats the radio process of transmission and reception as a routing system for the audio signal, all the while deliberately agitating and distressing the nodes that direct the course of that signal. For example, an electrical motor might be situated near a radio's antenna disrupting its ability to properly receive a transmission that Garet is broadcasting from nearby. Through the controlled use of electro-acoustic techniques (some rough and volatile, some refined and delicate), he organizes the signal distortion, the crackling static, and the ever-present tendencies for feedback into swarms of chiming resonance, electrically sourced harmonics, tactile bricolage, and impressionist din. As much as Garet's process pushes the interaction of sound and electricity to the brink of self-immolation, Areal balances his crunched textures with extended passages of radiant blooms of blurry noise and drone, finding common ground between the glassine density from Rhys Chatham and the splintered excursions of Kevin Drumm.

*RICHARD RAMIREZ "tragic birth forming vol.2" cdr (6.00,-)

*RICHARD RAMIREZ / CRAWLING IRIS "collaboration" cd-r (5.00,-)
harsh noise. Pitchphase

*RLW "eaRLy W 5: Grauzeit" cdr (8.00,-)
Songs From Under the Floorboards is proud to present this gem from the archives of Ralf Wehowsky. aka RLW. founder of the Selektion label (a major inspiration for my starting Intransitive) and the legendary German band industrial/noise band P16.D4 (a major early and lasting influence on my own music). Grauzeit features a previously unreleased session from October 1980 and two added studio improvisations that would appear in edited form on Wer Nicht Arbeiten Will Soll Auch Nicht Essen!. P16.D4′s debut cassette album. The band. which includes a young Achim Scepanski (later to found the Mille Plateaux and Force Inc techno labels) on synth. played a strange blend of gray noise. psychedelic improvisation. and industrial dub provocation that still sounds unhinged today. RLW and his colleagues (friends from school. and a temporarily-out-of-the-hospital mental patient who happened to be in the audience at an early concert) made a dada/jazz/punk racket in stark contrast to the fashionable new wave scenes in Berlin and Hamburg at the time. They would rapidly evolve into an art collective that would create installations. write and publish books. produce records and CDs. and instigate an international network of cassette-trading collaborators at a time when self-publishing on tape was itself a radical political act. Listen sample at link above.

*RMEDL / K11 "Chthonian Music" cd (12.00,-)
Reissue of an extremely limited 2010 release (x50 private copies). This multi-dimensional collaborative opera (audio installation and concept album) is a bridge between the conception of sound within the contemporary art scene. post-industrial culture and the avantgarde black metal musical scene. It focuses on creating a dialogic development between radical forms of concrete music. unorthodox sounds. conceptual arts and experimental recording practices of acoustic phenomena. The following artists participated on the release: Aderlating. Andrea Marutti. Burial Hex. Christina Kubisch. Deadwood. Francesco Brasini (Sevenguitars). Francisco Lopez. Gianluca Becuzzi. L’Acephale. Luciano Maggiore. Massimo Bartolini. Nordvargr. Philippe Petit. Seth Cluett. Utarm. Y.E.R.M.O..

*ROBEDOOR "Tomahawk Wraiths " cd-r (7.00,-)
Even More Death & Horror series on Troniks! TRO-185

*ROBERT RICH "Bestiary" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient on Release Records

*RODGER STELLA "Hand Of The Minotaur, Live In Birmingham, AL 06.20.06" 3"cdr * (7.00,-)
Macronympha´s Rodger Stella at his solo work. Very limited release from 2007, sealed in black plastic, in slim dvd case

*ROEL MEELKOP & MECHA/ORGA "Rotterdam 54:21" cd (12.00,-)
This first collaboration between Roel Meelkop and Yiorgis Sakellariou consists of three pieces. two solos and one duet. Unusual and groundbreaking combination of modified field recordings and twisted sound of old analogue synths shows the distinct and personal approach to the electronic composition. shaped throughout the years of studio practice.

*ROMA AMOR "Occhi Neri" cd (12.00,-)
Somewhere between the melodic folk-inflected charm of Italian 60’s songwriters and the cabaret swoon of French chansonniers. Roma Amor’s new album is instinctively romantic and sophisticated. This album will seduce you with its summer-evening mellowness before breaking your heart with its beautifully sensual croon. Wonderful ballads and torch songs about love inspired by the epic. fatalistic rugged grandeur of Aznavour. Brel. Piaf. and 60’s Italian songwriters. though in a much quieter and more delicate setting. The album is sung in Italian with some French touches and the songs are from Roma Amor’s own harvest. The result isn't experimental or innovative. but an acoustic and intimate album for fans of well-crafted singer-songwriting. Retro chic pale-blue digipak packaging with all lyrics included.

*RONEZ "Nihao! I´m deaf and it´s okay" cd-r (7.00,-)

*ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI  "demian" cd (12.00,-)
Cold Spring proudly presents the brand new album from Rose Rovine E Amanti. "Demian" is a powerful mixture of Neo-Folk-Rock with a Mediterranean sensibility. 10 tracks presenting the new, unique sound from this great Italian project. Comes with an outstanding 14-page booklet containing exclusive drawings by Bulgarian artist Emil Ivanov Saparevski, which illustrate each song and its lyrics. Highly recommended!

*ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI "Rituale Romanum" cd (12.00,-)
Rose Rovine e Amanti is the solo project of Damiano Mercuri from Roma. Italian neo-folk with a neoclassical touch. Christianity and old European cabaret sin, Love and Hate. ´Rituale Romanum´ features guest appearances from Josef K (Von Thronstahl), Belborn and Pamela Gargiuto. RR&A began in 2002, releasing two previous CDRs and an MCD. cold spring records

*ROTAT "Carnal Beauty" cd (12.00,-)
Order from link above

*ROXANNE JEAN POLISE "Changing Light Patterns Of The Underwater Forest" 3"cdr (6.00,-)
chondritic sound

*RUMUNIJA / OBSRR / VILKDUJA  "III" cd (12.00,-)
Almost an hour of the best bands from Lithuanian underground. These projects have earned their status with their excellent live shows and usually highly limited releases. And no matter how people try to put them in frames of certain styles - slow neopolka, sharp minor, post-folk, country antigothic or so, the main thing to listen to them is the spirit that they breath. I guess dark cabaret would be the most suitable term of all. But well, you have to listen to that yourself. This is an album for autumn with a dose of melancholy, sadness, light and romance. Nothing to do with noise this time. 300 copies. Digipak CD with booklet.

*RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK "Die Mund So Rot..." cd (6.00,-)


*S. BIASIN TRIO "untitled" cd (8.00,-)
Use and abuse of an obsessive electronic music tied to gloomy esoteric invectives for a cathartic sound assault which doesn´t seem to want us for prisoners. The chronicles of the world´s end are commented thorugh the magnifying glass of this historic project of violent-coloured electronic where the occult and sulphureous mark of the friends from Teatro Satanico is well alive.

*S.E.T.I. "baikal" cd (12.00,-)
The aural world of BAIKAL evokes a crystalline landscape full of huge and breathtaking images, guiding the listener to arcane places, lakes and steppes.This new output of Andrew Lagowski aka S.E.T.I. is the result of the examination with the idea of old and sunken crafts being hidden in lakes while surfacing through the water in abandoned areas where only few people would live and survive. Calm and smooth soundscapes and atmospheric synth waves loaded with digitized voices and textured layers of noises and samples. BAIKAL is another step further in S.E.T.I.’s history of deep sounding ambient music. An evolving, moving and skittering Masterpiece!

*S36NZ-OKH "Meditzina Katastrof " cdr (6.00,-)
One member of Stalnoy Pakt with his own project!! Zhelezobeton.

*SABLE MOUVANT "Bridge That Leads Nowhere" cd (12.00,-)
"SABLE MOUVANT is a music project coming from Lithuanian artist GyS. The project may be classified as hypnotic drone ambient. The first album titled Bridge That Leads Nowhere perfectly conveys gloomy, melancholic world where the prevailing trends include reduction, extinction and impalpability. Compositions of Bridge That Leads Nowhere are very slow and solid, their monotonic vibes are the source of a weird hypnotic feeling. Here we have live and pulsatile drone ambient where the track names precisely represent their mood best described as solitude and isolation. SABLE MOUVANT music offers a full dose of Gnostic unknowability, cryptic atmosphere. It is best suited for listening in derelict wastelands, while meditating invisible, elemental and indeed pervading supernatural reality that uncompromisingly regulates the evolution of all worlds known and unknown. The album will please anyone who’s not indifferent to the music of Jarl, Moljebka Pvlse, NWW, Kammarheit."

*SACHIKO & FUKUOKA RINJI "void" cdr (8.00,-)
The Second release of the live recording of FUKUOKA Rinji duo Sachiko that has continued intermittently. Drone that centers on voices and strings. The voice of the prayer that comes in succession like restless waves makes delayed psychedelia.

*SADIO "Sophisticated Methods in Torture" CD (12.00,-)
SADIO is Kommando Skingraft (fin) and Grunt (fin) project. Debut CD consist 10 tracks of extremely fierce material. All recordings were conducted studio-live, in loud and rough situations. No multitracking or editing. Album consists loud and piercing power electronics assaults as well as brutal noise and more experimental moments. Rare blend of influences ranging from Final Solution, Strict, Ramleh, Sutcliffe Jugend to turbulent storming noise of Monde Bruits and Solmania to brooding dark obscurities of Herman Kopp and odd electronic rhythm pulses of Club Moral. Naturally not very far from own works of participants of project!

*SAGITTARIUS "songs from the ivory tower" cd (12.00,-)
"Songs from the Ivory Tower" contains 15 pieces of dark Neoclassical music and is mainly based on poems by Stefan George, Bernhard von Uxkull-Gyllenband, Gottfried Benn, Ludwig Uhland and Timo Kölling, plus a number of instrumental and Neofolk pieces. Featuring guest contributions by Marcel P. (Von Thronstahl), Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben), Damiano Mercuri (Rose Rovine E Amanti), Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R. / Seelenlicht) and Philipp Jonas (Secrets Of The Moon).

*SAGITTARIUS "the kingdom come" cd (12.00,-)
Recorded between 2008 and 2011 and influenced by the intellectual world of the German poet Stefan George. "The Kingdom Come" contains 18 songs with a playing time of 65 minutes. With Sagittarius now grown to a full four piece line-up featuring new members Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben) on vocals and Theresia W. on oboe. and once again assisted by a number of highly gifted guest musicians. including sG (Secrets Of The Moon). Dev (While Angels Watch) and Josef K. (Von Thronstahl). Sagittarius has managed to conceive a unique and outstanding album in the tradition of the classic European Art Song. blending sophisticated neoclassical compositions with a touch of suicidal folk noir. Cold Spring.

*SAL SOLARIS "Die Scherben " cd (12.00,-)
kultFRONT and ZHELEZOBETON labels are glad to announce the new CD by one of the most outstanding Russian post-industrial projects - Sal Solaris. This release follows the logic of the "Der Ruf" compilation CD (2006, Der Angriff) and collects the tracks recorded at different times on various occasions. Among other tracks the disc contains compositions from the compilations "The Black Square" (2006, kultFRONT), "Iznutri" (2007, Ewers Tonkunst), "Rush for Black Celebration" (2008, kultFRONT), "Heliophagia III" (2009, Heliophagia), "Art of Caring the Dead" (2009, Dodozavr), "Heliolatria" (2010, Heliophagia), also tracks from the split 10" record with Stahlwerk 9 (2004, Der Angriff) and several previously unreleased compositions. When describing the sound of Sal Solaris reviewers often mention the neologism "power ambient" and we can't but agree with this term. The music of this duet coming from Rostov-on-Don and Moscow combines the elements of dark, often space ambient, post-industrial and power electronics, a collage approach and a dense saturated atmosphere, not relaxing but rather stimulating the listener. A collection of works created during various years allows to trace the live dynamics of the project - from the austere ideological persistence of the "early National-Bolshevist period" to the more sculpturesque and psychedelic compositions, including some naive but remarkable exercises. The works feature contributions from many band friends, including Russian cosmist writer Ivan Polikarov, lead artist of "Crazy Pierrot Cabaret" Sergey Vasilyev, piano player & composer Anna Antropova, decadent cynic and erudite DJ Deutschmark, master of noises Nikolay Lepesa, trombone player Seung-hui Cho and even Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskiy.

*SALA "En-trance" cd (12.00,-)
""En-trance” was recorded, but still wasn’t released by the magic-practising artists almost a decade ago. This album compiles two lasting live-recorded tracks. Ritual pulsing, archaic sound of wind instruments, deep-dark “ambient” and surrealistic, unexpected music bends immersing the audience to the swirl of phantasmagoric moods. There are some movies classified as of the “noir” stylistics, the main feature of which is highly forcible and strong atmosphere. If the records also have the classification of the “noir”, “En-trance” could be considered one of the most emphatic works of this style. Emotions generated by the “En-trance” music could be compared with the psychedelic atmosphere of the first albums of NWW, Hybryds. Interesting record and mystic ritual having sustained the challenge of social disregard during the years."

*SALA "single" cd-r (5.00,-)

*SALA DELLE COLONNE  "Il Destino della Orchestra Aurora" CD (12.00,-)
Third full length CD by this Italian Martial Industrial project after their sucesfull album out on CMI. “Il Destino della Aurora Orchestra” CD album by SALA DELLE COLONNE. in his symbolic title already declines his strong intentions. with the word “Destino” that can be translated in English either with "Destiny" or with "Doom". We can read it as "The Destiny of Aurora Orchestra". when the September 8. 1943. during the Second World War. the musicians was divided (someone followed the Republic of Salò. others went with the Partisans). to symbolize and remember the tragedy of separation in Italy that followed the end of fascism and the outbreak of civil war that put brothers against brothers. And we can listen it as "The Doom of Aurora Orchestra". following the neoclassical martial orchestration in doom key adopted by Sala delle Colonne in some tracks. an "orchestral doom" like the evolution of the style used in earlier work “XX A.D”. Another great leap in quality and innovation of this eclectic Italian artist. by now well known even outside the neoclassical / martial world in which it was - so far - located.

*SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEM "accident worship" cdr (5.00,-)
Finnish experimental noise. factory made pro-CDR.

*SANTAAGOSTINO "Operazione Paura " cd (12.00,-)
Ambient dark ambient Experimental field recordings

*SATOR ABSENTIA "ExisTime" cd (12.00,-)
dark vinyl records

*SATOR ABSENTIA "The True Meaning of Golgatha" cd (12.00,-)
dark vinyl records

*SATORI "contemptus mundi" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*SATORI "kanashibari" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*SCHLOSS TEGAL "Oranur III “The Third And Final Report" cd (12.00,-)
Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and his encounters with UFOs. this influential album has been remastered and reworked from the original recordings. with new bonus tracks and new remixed versions. Originally released in 1997 on CD by Tegal Records (Ltd x 1000) and LP by Artware Productions. Germany (Ltd x 1000). all of the original subject matter has been taken to a new level with this digital recording from the analogue sources. This is the third and final warning to the sleeping beings of the earth. This album influenced many other electronic artists and has been hailed as one of the first recordings to be labelled “dark ambient”.

*SCORPIO DOCTRINE  "Via Liminalis" mCD (7.00,-)
"Debut EP of this Esoteric Darkwave / Martial Industrial act from Finland. "Via Liminalis" reflects the tradition of the Left Handed mystery cults and Occult philosophy to manifest the fundamental & ecstatic shadow aspects of humane experience and religion by the vehicle of voice. We owe our homage to the Liminal and to the Death, the Mother of all Sabbaths."

*SCOTT ARFORD / RANDY H.Y.YAU  "Edit For Uncousciousness" cd (12.00,-)
Man behind Radiosonde join with R.H.Y. Yau ! Co released by Ausculture and Ground Fault!

*SCOTT HULL "audiofilm 1" 3"cd (6.00,-)
Scott Hull is already well known in the grind/metal underground for his devestating riffage in Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed; outside of extreme metal, however, Scott has also worked JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY HOUR and on dark, sumptuous soundscapes and ambient film scores at his Visceralsound lair that have just recently began to appear in recorded form over the past few years. Scott´s Requiem CD that came out through Relapse Records earlier this year was one of the first official releases of his film score/soundscape work, and was widely embraced by fans of bleak cinematic ambience and chilling electronic sound sculpture. Crucial Blast is following that amazing disc with a series of limited-edition 3" CDs that each feature a short, 10+ minute piece of fearsome dark ambient music from Scott that showcase his skill at blending blackend Lustmordian drift with terrifying mixing techniques that clot the mind´s eye with unnerving, nightmarish sound events. This first part of the Audiofilm Series is a terrifying fug of demonic drone that utilizes delirious stereo panning and slabs of obsidian ambience, and it slowly unfolds over the length of the piece to reveal layers of malevolent black drone and unsettling voices seemingly lost between planes of shadow. Audiofilm I plays out like a wildly hallucinogenic horror film score, and anyone into Scott´s previous ambient/soundscape work will find this to be one of his darkest pieces yet. The disc is limited to a single pressing of 1,000 copies, packaged in a tiny 4" x 4" glossy gatefold jacket with stunning full color artwork from artist Seldon Hunt. Recommended to enthusiasts of the isolationist terror of Painkiller’s Execution Ground ambient disc, Lustmord, and Scorn.

*SCREWTAPE "S&M e.p." 3"cdr (5.00,-)
Screwtape is the noise project of Melbourne sound artist Andrew McIntosh. The S&M E.P. is one track, 18 minutes and 10 seconds of stereo generated feedback. The track is underpinned with a sample taken from a corporate motivational speechcalled S&M. Limited edition 8cm CD of 50 copies.

*SCUM FROM THE SUN "4" cd (12.00,-)
Avantgarde Music is glad to [try and] help out X Pianeta label with distribution of their latest offering. a new album by Milan’s sound experi-mentalists Scum from the Sun. Matter. That is the key word to understand this record. The ruins of the modern world we live in represent Matter. the visibile reality that we accept. and the historical present we are involved in. The various ways through which oppression manifests itself are the core subject of this record. Harsh. dark and oppressive tones are used to convey substance. and the tangible thickness of the sound. Drums are used for the first time. in several songs; the most primitive rock instrument which beckons tribal drums and ancient rites. Each track evokes icons and myths from various cultures and eras. offering a journey through mankind’s weaknesses and obsessions. until the metaphorical end of the world and its values.

*SEELENLICHT "gods and devils" cd (12.00,-)
This stunning debut release from a project of Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Butow Maler (Kammer Sieben) contains 14 darkly satirical compositions that strip bare the mechanism of human nature and the madness of the contemporary world. Comprised of Gothic murder ballads, electronic, folk and neoclassical elements, this album is brimming with originality, enthusiasm and creativity. Guests: Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben), Maria Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Eustacia Vye (Horologium). Digipak.

*SEHNSUCHT "wuste" cd (12.00,-)
Former MAYHEM front man MANIAC, whose band SKITLIV has proved to be a surprising departure from the Black Metal genre for which he was best known for over 20 years, has formed a side-project with fiancé Vivian Slaughter, bass player/vocalist with the Japanese all-girl band GALLHAMMER, SKITLIV´s guitarist Ingvar Magnusson and experimentalist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND). Unlike SKITLIV, which is a noise/doom amalgam, with Maniacs vocals still firmly rooted in Black Metal, SEHNSUCHT is in the noise / darkwave / ambient genre, with any vestiges of Black Metal pared away. 6-panel digipak.

*SEKTION B & CONTROL "live" mini dvdr (10.00,-)
Sektion B, Control live at the destruction alpha festival, Juli 4th 2004 amsterdam. Was limited 150 back in 2005, found 1 copy... get before too late.


noisejunk and electro-noisegrind

*SEWER ELECTION "Vengeance" 3"cd (6.00,-)
Swedish harsh noise artist known from many tapes, cdr´s etc, but not from many "proper" cd releases. Freak Animal is proud to offer 3"mCD with c. 20 minutes of most intense noise wreckage. Freak Animal.

*SHIFT "sleep paralysis" cd (12.00,-)
Last copies! FA-CD-048. Re-issue of the tape done by Freak Animal not so long ago. Simply landmark in Shifts discography. Heaviness. slowness. heavily processed vocals. deep throbbing synths... Somewhere between power electronics. death industrial. heavy drone. not fitting exactly to the easy sub-genres. but suitable for anyone appreciating dark and heavy electronics. Full color covers in jewelbox. Freak Animal.

*SHIFT / SICK SEED "split" CD (12.00,-)
Shift at his most aggressive here. Monolith track from harsh crackling industrial noise with aggressive voice to thick and heavy droning sounds with subtle spoken word sampling. Sick Seed presents 3 tracks of caveman power electronics. Ugly, fierce and nasty stuff. Packaged in jewelbox with 3 full color insert cards. Also available on vinyl!! Freak Animal

*SHIFTS "vertonen 15" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)
Frans De Waard ambient

*SHINJUKU THIEF "The Scribbler" cd (12.00,-)
Reissue of the 1992 classic by this Australian genius. originally released in an edition of 500 copies (Dorobo). Occasional bursts of factory noise. industrial rumblings and disembodied German voices form the backdrop to a minimalist reworking of Kafka's "The Trial." An album of dense filmic atmospheres and orchestral instrumentation. 'The Scribbler' has been digitally remastered and is enhanced with a series of video clips constructed by Richard Grant (I+T=R). incorporating both new material together with the original images prepared for "The Scribbler" live show. Cold Spring.

*SHOCK FRONTIER  "Mancuerda Confessions " cd (12.00,-)
Founded some time during 2010. Shock Frontier is the brainchild of Psychomanteum’s Robert Kozletski. Born from an increasing interest in harsher industrial sounds. and aided by long time friend Kyle Carney (Defiantly Fading). Mancuerda Confessions is an expertly composed and finely honed collection of shape shifting. nightmarish emissions and radioactive tonalities. drawing inspiration from some of the early death industrial pioneers. but adding an unique. densely layered and atmospheric style. This is a soundtrack to a world that ends not in a cataclysmic. fiery fashion. but one that slowly decays and rots into oblivion. where swathes of ghostly textures. samples. and disembodied noises morph into murky ambient realms. and caustic frequency reverberations pierce through a bleak. post-apocalyptic haze. After 19 years in existence. it’s arguable that a definitive Malignant sound exists. but if it does. Shock Frontier has managed to come awfully close to capturing it with Mancuerda Confessions. A must for fans of Megaptera. Steel Hook Prostheses. Soldnergeist. and the early CMI sound. In 6 panel eco-wallet. designed by Brian Vdp. and mastered by John Stillings/Steel Hook Audio.Tracklisting: Paroxysm. Angels Upon Iron Horses. Blood Eagle Zealot. The Confessional. Controlled Atmosphere Killing (feat. Staalkracht ). Understanding the Extent Of Our Disintegration. Decrepitude Approaching. Mancuerda. This Is Paradise

*SHOW OF EXAGGERATION "s/t" cd (8.00,-)
This is a Phillip Munch(Templegarden/Ars Morendi) and Bernard Wostheinrich(Centrozoon) collaberation delving deep into the experimental ambient genre. Moments of broken drum sparsely break up this journey into a parallel uninverse of noisy landscapes. Comes in a cardboard sleve, desinged by Markus Rueter.

*SHROUD OF VAPOUR  "Suicide Forest Sessions" cd (12.00,-)
Hiroshi Hasegawa, Rohco, L’eclipse Nue (Daniel Sine) and Yoshiko Honda collaborate with one another as Shroud of Vapour in this special project entitled Suicide Forest Sessions. The Suicide Forest in Aokigahara, Japan serves as the recording ground due to its strong historic association with demons in Japanese mythology as well as being a popular place for suicide in Japan. The dense forest and it’s still quiet void of almost all wildlife bring out the very nature of the artists true intent, reflecting the atmosphere of desolation and despair of a haunted suicide ground. The weaving in and out of distant female wails and ambient like soundscapes seem to echo the lost spirits of those that have chosen to take their own lives here. This entire project was recorded using only equipment that required no electricity and relied purely on battery power. Strangely enough, out of a total of 3 recordings that were done that day, only 2 were able to be retrieved, and are thus presented here in their true form.

*SIGILLUMS S "Studs And Divinity" cd (12.00,-)
Sigillum S is one of the most wellknown italian post-industrial band, "Studs And Divinity" was their 1989 album, originally released by Minus Habens only on tapes, now it's fully remastered and expanded with some bonus tracks from the same time, pushing themselves through the challenge of reconfiguration without external reference. Release date is 28th December 2013. Limited edition of 500 copies in jewelcase

*SIGMA OCTANTIS  "Dissipations" cd (12.00,-)
Final release from this enigmatic French act, who over their 10 plus year existence, evolved into something very cerebral and innovative, fusing tribal rhythms and percussion with post-industrial and post-rock soundscapes, where cinematic textures and emotive melodies combine to create an eclectic, yet highly detailed and focused listening experience. Sigma Octantis has never been shy about their admiration of Morthound, and while that rings true with Dissipations, they have undoubtedly forged their own identity, the strength of their sound coming from an ability to take a template established 20 years ago, and expound upon it with a distinctive and broad palette of layers and complexities, where the overall arrangement of the tracks is structured and song oriented, but made surreal, unpredictable, and infinitely engrossing. A unique vision has come to pass, but will continue to live on with a strong end statement. For fans of Morthound, Deutsch Nepal, and the latter works of Caul. A Malignant Antibody release, co-released with French label OPN Records, limited to 500 copies in eco-wallet. Mastered by Frederic Arbour (Cyclic Law).

*SILENT SERVANT "Negative Fascination" cd (12.00,-)
Hospital Productions. Electronic music.

*SIMON WHETHAM & FRIENDS "Meditations on Light" 2x CD (15.00,-)
In 2009 Simon Whetham was commissioned by painter Kathryn Thomas to compose a surround sound composition and installation to accompany her Darkspace project. a series of paintings inspired by the infinity of the cosmos. which was exhibited as part of her biggest solo exhibition to date. 'Lightyears'.

*SIMPLY DEAD`S  "structure of minds" cd (12.00,-)

*SIMULACRA "there is a fountain filled with blood" cd (12.00,-)
Degradation, degeneration, fear, sadness, loneliness, the end... these and many other negativities, "dressed in a dark ambient garment" can be felt in the new work of Simulacra. The five foggy pieces of work that overwhelm the listener with a feeling of a total solitariness while waiting for something that is not avoidable and can’t be stopped create the musical whole. The sounds used in the new album of Simulacra are, as usual, the minimalist form of dark ambient, that emanates with hypnotic attraction. The main motif of the new album is a fountain filled with blood that symbolizes the source of death, the place we constantly head on in our gloomy existential pilgrimage. The atmosphere of the album grabs the listener’s heart... to stop its beating with one grip.

*SIMULACRUM "Anti Matter Society" cd (12.00,-)
"A real surprise from Slovakia. A couple of years after their debut CD on Old Europa Cafe, SIMULACRUM returns with a real masterpiece of ritual ambient in the vein of the best COLD MEAT sound. A symphony that penetrates the soul and heads towards a desolate but incontaminated world. There isn´t any possibility for thought; the only way is to leave the body and let the soul fly free. An absolute musical milestone. Limited handnumbered edition of 555 copies in special package." project of Einleitungszeit members!

*SIMULACRUM "Upuaut" cd (12.00,-)
3rd full length album by this great Slovakian project ! "Upuaut" means in old Egyptian : "that (man), who opens a door" this album is less ambient than the previous two, containing great tantric rythms ( sometimes reminding to the best Rapoon ...), many sampled voices & droning, mystic, hypnotic & sexual sounds ... the perfect soundtrack for your rituals . Booklet cover with sea-landscapes & sea-ruins. OEC

*SINK "the holy testament " cd (12.00,-)

*SINK "the process" cd (12.00,-)

*SISSY SPACEK "sepsis" cd (12.00,-)
john wiese, damion romero + 6 others doing experimental noise

*SISTRENATUS "division one" cd (12.00,-)
Powerful debut of the Canadian noise project. 'Division One' is harsher and more bombastic than Harlow MacFarlane's now defunct project FUNERARY CALL. A true onslaught of Black Ambient. Power Noise and Death Industrial. This is the much anticipated album. after the well received track on our legendary SWARM sampler.

*SISTRENATUS "Sensitive Disturbance" cd (12.00,-)
Blurring the lines between Dark Ambient. Industrial and Noise. Sistrenatus storms forth. shifting between oppressive aggression and unsettling atmospheres. "Sensitive Disturbance" is the third offering from this now legendary Canadian act. whose debut "Division One" was issued on Cold Spring in 2007. An aural journey through the urban decay of abandoned factories. scorched landscapes and underground passageways. "Sensitive Disturbance" is an abrasive rendition of the industrial revolution in its darkest phases. Cold Spring.

*SKALPELL "in between" cd (12.00,-)

*SKINMASK "reinstalment of harmony" 3"cdr (5.00,-)
In mini dvd case.Ronf Records.

*SKM-ETR "Screwdriver City" 3"cd (6.00,-)
Previous full length CD caught plenty of attention in power electronics scene. In this new mCD, SKM-ETR takes more straight forward power electronics approach. Hard electronic noise wall with hateful vocals. Freak Animal.

*SKORNEG "Foehn" cd (12.00,-)
Collaborative effort between Frédéric Arbour of famed dark ambient label Cyclic Law and his solo project Visions, and Montreal based ambient/experimental project, Skinwell. Conceptually it oscillates around the northern elements of Glaciers, Winds and the exploration of such rugged territories, both physically, intellectually and spiritually. Musically, it brings us 4 tracks of massively scaled power drones, barren ambience, and black hole atmospherics, each piece starting in a more minimal fashion, then slowing escalating into a hypnotic spectrum of melting drift, ascending and descending tones, and undercurrents of distant industrial churn. Only time will tell if this is a one off project, but for now, drone enthusiasts and dark ambient purists can unite and revel in this fantastic offering.

*SKROLL "Dances and Marches for the Orphan age" cd (12.00,-)
Aghiatrias-side project, a bit like ISN meets The Moon Lay Hidden..

*SKULL:AXIS "The transparent society" cd (12.00,-)
skull:axis formed by accident in 1998 in Brighton. England. when two like-minded individuals happened to be neighbours. With a love of Old-School Industrial and Experimental music. skull:axis was born. Several live performances followed. accompanied by live visuals and an array of fx and random metal objects. creating a mercilessly dark and disorientating atmosphere. that culminated in a support slot for veterans Attrittion in 1999. After a hiatus of several years and with the original members parting ways. skull:axis has be reborn....The rest will be history in the making. Jason B Bernard is skull:axis and owner of Peripheral Records.

*SKULLPTURE / BJERGA & IVERSEN  "split" cd-r (4.00,-)
new release on M.I.R.! Skullpture w/ Pekka of Gelsomina !

*SKY BURIAL "threnody for collapsing sun" cd (12.00,-)
New from mr. Fire In The Head.

*SLAVE AUCTION  "s/t" cdr (6.00,-)
italian death industrial with Cria Cuervos's Eugenio Maggi

*SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY "nostromo" cd (12.00,-)

*SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY "stealth" 2xCD (15.00,-)
Sublime new album from the drone / dark ambient legend. As a project commissioned for Cold Spring. "Stealth" presents itself as an exploration of sounds neither here nor there. textures camouflaged against their own background noise. and the distant crackling telemetric code-speak of a vague humanity hidden behind a cloak of deadly high-technology. Comprising of five deeply-layered extended tracks. mixed and edited from re-sampled location recordings originally captured inside the hangar environs of a Northrop-Grumman B-2 Stealth Bomber. during a period of downtime maintenance at a U.S. Air Force base in Cambridgeshire. England. Original field recordings and texture preparations by FOURM/Si_Comm. First edition pressing of 1000 copies includes bonus disc comprised of this *pre-mix* material in its original. un-edited form. as a representation of the source audio from which "Stealth" was reconstituted. Deep listening inspired by one of the most mysterious aircraft of the twentieth-century. Headphones recommended. Cold Spring

*SLMAKITA "Cleveland, Ohio" cd (12.00,-)
Steve Makita has been immersed in noise for nearly two decades. From the power violence attack of Apartment 213, to the organic power-tool assault of Lockweld, to lending noise to terrorizers like Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fistula, he has steadily honed his approach while expanding his range. Now, with his solo concern slMakita, he joins the Housepig family and brings forth a tightly focused slab of experimental sound. Finding inspiration in his unabashed love for the legendary Nurse With Wound, he bypasses imitation and instead immerses the listener in an open-ended sound space where grinders duet with piano, pitted metal meets the fragile voice, all enveloped in the resonance of a decayed environment. A most extraordinary work inspired by a most mundane locale... "Cleveland, Ohio" is packaged in a standard jewel case with full-color four-page booklet, and is limited to 300 copies.

*SLOTH "a whole other world of fun ..." cd (12.00,-)
weirdo stuff. At War with false noise

noisy and obscure US cult and russian clumsy retardom

*SMELL & QUIM "diameter of elvis colon" cd (6.00,-)
UK obscure noise. RRR/PURE

*SMELL & QUIM "the christmas album" cd (12.00,-)
Notorious Smell & Quim balances on edge of works of genious and retard. Obscure aesthetics mix culture, art, sleaze, humor and noise actions into unique mix that can be only from S&Q! Part studio part live, tape originally on SFCR now re-issued with artwork following the original ideas and sound re-mastered by band with slightly more clarity. Industrial Recollections

*SMELL & QUIM & ONOMATOPOEIA  "Live At Kirkstall Lites " cd (7.00,-)
Senior English statesmen Smell & Quim and Onomatopoeia offer up a horrifying 20 minute live collaboration which has been subsequently studio brutalised – read: glorifyingly distorted – for your sickly noise pleasure. The God-knows-what live antics are fodder for the studio mix’s chipper, delivering an unrelenting pummelling of sound and a few bloodied stumps of input material at the end of it. CD in a matte-side printed card wallet, edition of 300 copies. c. 20 minutes = budget price.

*SOL INVICTUS "thrones" cd (14.00,-)
Legendary UK esoteric neofolk etc

*SOLDNERGEIST "terror" cd (6.00,-)
in my opinion the best CD of this german power electronics / death industrial band.

*SOLVENT CAGE "The Day Of the Locusts" cdr (5.00,-)
black CDr with individual alcohol based ink print

*SOMNIVORE "clergy of oneiros" cd (12.00,-)
experimental music

*SOMNIVORE + KIVELÄ "maeltröm" cdr (7.00,-)

*SON-DHA "Red Sector A Speeds up Alio Die" cd (10.00,-)
dark ambient on Release Records

*SONIC CATERING BAND "Live From The Canteens Of Atlantis" 2xCD (12.00,-)
electronic/drone/experiemental. Absurd #30.

*SOUTH SATURN DELTA "experience the concreteness" cd (12.00,-)
This is South Saturn Delta´s debut album, featuring their finest live recordings from between 2003-2005, in Osaka and Tokyo. SSD is a kind of Japanoise supergroup, formed in 2003, with guitar and voice from Maso Yamazaki (Masonna), synth and voice from Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro, C.C.C.C., YBO2) and drums from Nobuko Emi (Tsurubami). An extreme psychedlic noise trip over 4 lengthy tracks.

*SPHäRE SECHS "Tiefschlaf" cd (12.00,-)
The formal debut of Martin Stürtzer’s (Phelios) and Christian Stritzel’s deep ambient project. Tiefschlaf was recorded live during a “sleep-concert” which took place in the Sophienkirche (Phobos Festival) in Wuppertal. Germany in September 2011. Few names in the dark ambient field carry more weight than Martin Stürtzer. so it’s no surprise at the nature and quality of the music spanning the 6 tracks found here. And while it covers some of the same terrain as Phelios. Sphäre Sechs is a much more singular sonic expedition; gorgeous passages of sweeping. cosmic drones and textural ripples that fan out over a vast. luminous landscape. the amorphous tones and glassy. serene ambience melding together in pristine. meditative washes of sound. This is some of the purest ambience you’ll find and the perfect atmosphere for drifting off into a seemingly endless dream state.

*SPIRACLE "Ananta" 2xCD (14.00,-)
Ananta is a twin set of compositions that urge the listener toward a dreamless sleep-state, while reflecting the glowing warmth of a blossoming sunrise. In constructing the two variations of Ananta, Kojo began with finely tuned drones extracted from a Dilruba and a Sarangi, and applied a process of merging sympathetic field recordings and other tonal interferences alongside those instrumental sounds. The resulting pieces are elliptically static drone compositions that brightly shimmer with hues of gold, crimson, and aquamarine.

*SPK "despair" dvd (19.00,-)
After being hidden in time for about 25 years this industrial milestone of the infamous 1st generation got renovated extended and digitally overworked by CaTV. Cathy Vogan - Media Artist & Designer has been three times nominated for Video Art Award and received ZKM (Karlsuhe) Production Award for her work! Check it out here: A true statement and monument for the outstanding band S.P.K. who gathered together under so many names like: SoliPsiK, Selektiv Pornography Kontrol, Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv, System Planning Korporation just to name a few, and with this release a new name is created: "Schuldig an der Pervertierung der Kultur." Besides D.Guerin and CAT TV another member needs to be mentoined: K.OSMOSIS K. Osmosis is an active member of - possibly the new "Neil" (Ni/H/IL)! This brilliant young man suffers from Asperger´s syndrome. He writes his solepsistic texts to the world from his Keller via his identical (mirror) twin brother, in-between paralyzing bouts of "stimming." K.O. is in the process of articulating a fresh, theoretical foundation for the Kollective SPK. Twin Vision, Cat TV and Tesco Germany presents the only group in industrial musics history that stands on the same level as Throbbing Gristle, for some even above. Influence to so many followers. The project ideal is to express the content of various psycho -pathalogical conditions, especially schizophrenia, manic - depressive psychosis, mental retardation and paranoia. Information Overload supersedes normal, rational thought structures, forcing deviation into less restrictive mental procedures of so-called ´mental illness.´ SPK is trying to be a voice for those individuals condemned to the slow decay of mental hospitals and chemical/electro/surgical therapy, without fetishising them into blatant entertainment product. ´SONIC FOR MANICS´ aims to be a vehicle for sharing mental experiences through sound. This DVD compiles material that marked the genesis of the group . The members at that time were known as Operator, Ne(H)il and Tone Generator. Like rare live moments of the bands, energetic performances covering music from "Leichenschrei" to "Information Overload," Live rehearsal footage from "Auto Dafe," slide shows, documentary and a filmed interview with Tone Generator aka Domink Guerin founding member and man behind Twin Vision. DVD PAL REGION FREE!!

*SPLINTER VS. STALIN  "Eravamo Così Felici" cd (12.00,-)
More italian goodness! Band formed in 2003 by Nicola (Fecalove) and Marco. First official CD release and first one featuring Lorenzo (Thanatologist. Nave. Entropic Degrade Behind Phylogeny) on vocals. Seven tracks of decayed and wrong industrial/noise/power electronics with brutal vocals in italian. Analogue and digital noise . various electronics. tape looping and much more. Quite a change from the past releases. A concept about the last years of Mirko Sartori. a reclusive mad man who lived with the mummified corpse ofhis mother Anna for three years in a little town in northern Italy . covering their apartment's walls with weird prayers and requests of help. Lyrics are nothing else than what he wrote on the walls. No changes or interpretations. Pure italian suburban depression. madness and void. Comes in japanese style pvc protection sleeve. full colour paper digipack. 8 page booklet featuring lyrics in italian and translation in english.

*SPLINTERED "Turned Inside Out" 2xCD (15.00,-)
Collection of rare. demo. unreleased. singles.... See video trailer for information. tracklist & sound sample!

*SPOONBENDER 1.1.1 "Stereo Telepathy Academy" cd (12.00,-)
In 1913, Marcel Duchamp dropped three pieces of string, each a meter long, from a height equal to their length. He then cut shapes into pieces of wood in order to document the rumpled line of his three fallen strings. In essence, Duchamp conceived his 3 Standard Stoppages as a preservation of chance, which he viewed as a means to combat logical reality. In addition to Duchamp's self-proclaimed antipathy to the rational world, he was quite particular in how he contextualized and executed his ideas through readymade objects, chance operations, and his notorious psycho-sexually charged dioramas. It is this dualism between the chance operation and an absolute intellectual/technical control which brings us to the present age, and to Spoonbender 1.1.1 in particular. the acceptance and integration of opposites results in the 3rd option: everything. The San Francisco-based Spoonbender 1.1.1 outlines itself as the 'tele-ambient dream self' of the critically-acclaimed, 'populist avant-tronics and media group' I Am Spoonbender. It is important to note that Spoonbender 1.1.1 declares itself not a side project of I Am Spoonbender, but a psychologically immersive extension of the central IAS concept. Both projects uncover the hidden connections that lie beneath the surface of reality by delving into the arenas of paranormal research - the exploration of the occult significance surrounding the number 3 and its strange laws, for example - but the intended outcomes for these concepts are decidedly different. for Stereo Telepathy Academy, Spoonbender 1.1.1 exercises psychic community through the architecture of the soundtrack. At the beginning of the first 'transmission' of Stereo Telepathy Academy on November 3rd, 2004 - a performance where the group supported Genesis P-Orridge's PTV3 - 1.1.1's Dustin Donaldson announced that "tonight's Spoonbender 1.1.1 show is governed by chance operations and the 'third mind' technique. Spoken text was taken from one film, overlayed onto images from another film, and the score was composed while viewing a third (and secret) film source. The synchronistic results appear to be intentional." Such was the strategy of Duchamp's aforementioned piece nearly a century ago; but Spoonbender 1.1.1's collision of artforms also employs the technique found in the William S. Burroughs / Brion Gyson classic The Third Mind. As the images of David Cronenberg's rarely seen film Crimes Of The Future flickered, Spoonbender 1.1.1 radiated an inverted telekinetic minimalism of undulating tones supporting the third piece of the puzzle: spoken text from Cronenberg's Stereo, a faux-documentary detailing a surgical procedure for the advancement of telepathic communication. The result: a sort of 'Wizard Of Oz / Dark Side Of The Moon' for the mimetic engineering mindset.

*SQE "5+4" cd (12.00,-)
SQE. is the moniker of J GRECO. living and working in New York. USA. Active in the electro-acoustic/experimental scene since the mid-1990s. he founded Smooth Quality Excrement together and collaborated with such artists as Ure Thrall. Paul Lacosta and Michael Hensley (Blood Box. Yen Pox). before concentrating on his solo material as SQE. As SQE. J. Greco with collaborated the likes of Amber Asylum. Tony Wakeford and Alan Trench & Tracy Jeffery (Orchis/Temple Music). This resulted in releases on Old Europa Cafe. Drone Records and Anticlock Records. With ‘5+4’. J Greco takes his work to a completely different level. perhaps more accessible sounding but still with its necessary hooks and experimental sounds. Stylistically. it might surprise some (quite a few) people. with its contemporary electronic sounds and dub influences. Armed with effects. acoustic instruments and the lovely voice of Tracy Jeffery. SQE has made the soundtrack to some hazy. warm summer nights. combining this warmness with a slightly fuzzy mood and an at times cold 80s feel.

*SRMEIXNER  "ten thousand ways to die" cd (12.00,-)
An exceptional take on the spaghetti western thematics, made up primarily from field recordings, samples and digital manipulation, to make a desert-flavoured experimental set of tracks full of quick turns and unexpected dynamics. Well done, Mr. Meixner - we love it and so will all you intrigued enthusiasts!

*SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "Ketsueki No Eiga" cd (10.00,-)
Italian electronic noise!

*ST "Pillow talk" 3"cd-r (3.00,-)
19 Evil harsh noise tracks from ST, one half of legendary Pacific Northwest act The Sunken. In similar vein to the release on Obscurica but even more deadly! Turgid Animal Records

*STAHLWERK 9  "The Grey Ghost" cd (12.00,-)
A masterpiece of Black Industrial and Dark Ambient mixed with hard and pulsating rhythms. The Grey Ghost is a psychotic soundtrack for your worst nightmares. directly crawling into your subconscious. First new Stahlwerk 9 album since 5 years! 7 songs / 67 min. comes as 4-side digipak. Steinklang

*STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES "The Empirics Guild" cd (12.00,-)
The first full length release since 2008's Atrocitizer. The Empirics Guild finds this Texas death industrial duo digging even deeper into the depths of depravity and clinical madness. having taking their time to create 12 tracks of gristly. necro-horror atmospheres and multi-layered. hallucinatory soundscapes. where shuddering waves of charred and blackened electronic filth meet heavily distorted. sadistic vocalizations. Ghastly and nightmarish. this is the soundtrack to surgery performed amidst filth and grime. with flickering lights. rusty scalpels. and absolutely no hope of anesthesia. SHP have always been adept at fusing dark. cinematic ambience with power electronics and they have certainly perfected that skill with The Empirics Guild. In 6 panel digipak with suitably gruesome artwork.

*STEN OVE TOFT / JON ERIKSEN / UTARM "split" cd (7.00,-)
norwegian experimental noise

*STEVEN SEVERIN "Vampyr" cd (12.00,-)
Following on from 2010′s ‘Blood Of A Poet’ (CSR135CD). Steven Severin presents the third score in his ‘Music For Silentes’ series. Acclaimed solo artist and founder member of the legendary Siouxsie And The Banshees. Severin presents a mesmerising score. heightening appreciation of the surreal and enigmatic nature of the original work. ‘Vampyr’. Carl Theodor Dreyer’s unsettling tale of fear and obsession. finds its aural counterpart in Severin’s textured score; a synthesised. highly atmospheric soundscape drawing the listener rhythmically into the story. Shot with a silent film aesthetic despite being within the sound era (and a year after Lugosi starred in Universal’s ‘Dracula’). ‘Vampyr’ is an alternative take on the cinematic vampire. creating an intense. nightmarish atmosphere that haunts the mind. Presented in a textured card sleeve with artwork by Arban. Cold Spring

*STONE GLASS STEEL "Dismembering Artists " cd (10.00,-)
Release of the very first, thought to be lost, SGS recording, all remastered and remixed for optimum clarity and pulverizing effect. A raw, less polished and outwardly less atmospheric rendition of the SGS formula, Dismembering Artists stands as an important document in the evolution of Stone Glass Steel´s unique sound. Equipped with a dizzying array of percussive firepower and churning machine sounds as it´s backbone, Dismembering Artists perpetually morphs and evolves with surging eruptions of radiant noise, shimmering factory drones, and velocity driven rhythms. Like all of Phil´s work, this is a complex assemblage of sampled, re-assembled and deconstructed sound, with the familiar being destroyed and rebuilt into a dynamic display of aggression and unbridled power, done only the SGS knows how.

*SUDDEN INFANT "ear wash" cd (8.00,-)
Joke Lanz - turntables, noise toys & voice, Franz Lieberherr - trombone & yodeling, Christian Weber - bass & substructural noises. "ultra sonic ,Scatter it,Scatter it.! really noisy!! Noisy cut-up avantgarde. wonderful composition and a humor sense."

*SUDDEN INFANT  "live" cd-r (5.00,-)

*SUDDEN INFANT "solothurn" cd (7.00,-)

*SURVIVALIST "les mouvements del la femme" cdr (7.00,-)
UK industrial / dark soundscapes with lots of spoken word pieces. Pro-cdr with full color covers.

*SUTEKH HEXEN  "become" cd (12.00,-)
First CD edition of Sutekh Hexenfs critically acclaimed reel-to-reel / 12 gBecomeh, along with an exclusive bonus track, eVestibulef, serving as an extraordinary junction in the listening experience. gBecomeh centres on vortex, repetition, and inducing trance-like states. The release serves to bridge the gap between gBehind The Throneh and gMonument Of Decayh. Adorned with stunning artwork and layout by Kevin Gan Yuen and source photography by Patricia Cram. Mastered by James Plotkin. Digipak.

*SV.20 "Acid Vomit Human Genocide" cd (10.00,-)
"Industrialized Post Apocalyptic Bio-Nuclear Radiative Frequencies"... from Lebanon ! Also known from Stalaggh connections.

*SVASTI-AYANAM "sanklesa" cd (12.00,-)
[by Peter Andersson] Svasti-ayanam is Peter Andersson´s foray into dark, Tibetan-Nepalese ambience. Andersson is well known for his work as Raison D´etre, Atomine Elektrine etc. In this incarnation, his signature Raison D´etre sound has been modified in an incredibly pronounced, and effective way. Sanklesa is marked by strong tribal rhythms that draw the listener into distant, foreign, ritual soundscapes. Andersson has released a prolific catalogue of music, that includes many CD´s, limited vinyl and countless compilation appearances. Album incl. 2 exlusive bonus-tracks.


*T-WALD "Landeinwärts " cd (12.00,-)

*T.O.M.B. "Third Wave Holocaust " cd (12.00,-)
Active for over a decade and with releases on Fall of Nature. Todestrieb. and Crucial Blast. Pennsylvania’s T.O.M.B. has come to embody the spirit of what Black Plagve is and was started for. pushing sound to the extreme by taking elements of dark ambient. noise. metal and death industrial and assembling them into powerful. blackened occult rituals. Built around field recordings that consist of cemetery desecrations. live crematory incineration's and disturbing. abandoned insane asylum ceremonies. everything is misshapen and deformed. twisted and crafted into harrowing episodes of hallucinatory. blood soaked rituals. demonic incantations. and waves of foul smelling textures. 10 tracks in total. some. such as Clairvoyant Frequencies. Electric Exorcism. or Vulgarity. with their dense reverberating churn. necrotized tones. and over modulated frequency abuse. fall into the power electronics vein. Others. such as the tribalistic Vom Voodoo. Na La Gore Na. and Tribute to Hanhua. are drenched in unholy atmospherics. with buried rhythms. clanging percussion and deathchant vocalizations. It’s all held together with a clenched. rotten fist. moving and writhing in perfect unison over its 50 time frame. Another strong and welcome addition to the growing Black Plagve roster and a resounding reason why T.O.M.B. remains at the forefront of the “black noise” movement.Recommended for fans of MZ.412. Gnaw Their Tongues. DEATHSTENCH

*T.O.M.B. "uag" CD (12.00,-)
For nearly a decade now. the shadowy collective known as T.O.M.B. (or Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy) have been creating a particular brand of industrial death worship with some of creepiest recordings that I've heard out of this realm. I discovered the band through their 2007 album Macabre Noize Royale on Todestrieb. whose grating industrial rhythms. blasts of blackened noise and malformed black metal left my skull a charred husk. and I've been following their clandestine electro-acoustic experiments and rituals of corpse-abuse ever since. Now. T.O.M.B. have brought us their latest album (and first for Crucial Blast) UAG (or Undercovered Ancient Gateways. and it follows the group of crypt-crawlers through eleven tracks of suffocating black ambience and lifeless industrial pummel that strips away most of the black metal elements of previous releases. crafting a more abstract. ambient sound this time around. The band has largely distinguished their approach to black industrial because of the sound sources they use; making their way into abandoned sanitariums. morgues. decaying crypts. and other sites of psychological and spiritual distress (such as the Pennhurst State Hospital in Pennsylvania. and Kentucky's infamous Waverly Hills). the members of T.O.M.B. capture the natural ambience of these locations with field recorded sounds. and engage in pounding percussive workouts by banging and hammering on the very walls and structures of these sites. These rumbling industrial rituals result is a mix of Neubauten-esque bashing and rhythmic forms combined with crushing harsh industrial noise and lightless black ambient voids. sculpted into a uniquely haunted industrial ambience on UAG. As far as references go. I hear traces of death industrial (a la Atrax Morgue / Subklinik / Mauthausen Orchestra / Brighter Death Now) here. as well as the black industrial weirdness of bands like Abruptum. MZ412. and Stalagggh. but there's also echoes of Lustmord's early work here as well in the cavernous black spaces that T.O.M.B. explores. There is no narrative here. nothing resembling "mood music"; each track flows directly into the next. the album crawling and breathing as a single malevolent organism. The title track opens the album with massive metallic reverberations rumble through vast cavernous realms of darkness and roaring subterranean maelstrom. corrosive distorted noise washing over the pounding sheet-metal percussion and almost tribal-like rhythms. like the howling of the dead emanating from the bowels of the earth. Then "Torment" creeps in. layering agonized distorted howls and monstrous moaning vocalizations over sweeping noise and a pulsating distorted synth. the whole sound drifting through an echo-chamber of hallucinatory horror. then slipping into the swelling subterranean rumblings. juddering machine rhythms and pounding cemetery gate rhythms of "Mausoleum Witchcraft". The subsequent depths of the Underground Ancient Gateways are further infested with these rattling infernal engines and massive rumbling dronescapes. violent metal percussion. ghostly effects and mysterious sounds drifting across the abyssal emptiness. various nightmarish vocalizations. the pounding drums and other hammered objects a constant presence. Some of the album's more disturbing moments appear on the psychedelic noise eruption "Blood Vortex" that resembles one of CCCC's extreme synth-noise meltdowns. a mass of swarming electronic glitch whirling over smeared drones and distant machine noise that apparently used actual blood as a sound source; the snarling. teeth-gnashing blood ritual chaos of the "Tribe Of The Corpse" gives way to the dank Lustmordian depths of "Graveyard Requiem"; and the twelve-minute "EMPLEH". where the cavernous ambience transforms into twisted atonal guitar noise. distant cries. and eerie howls cloaked in thick black fog. later revealing warped. quasi-black-metal shapes as it drifts deeper and deeper into the pit. The closest that the album ever approaches anything resembling black metal. though. is on the psychotic blastscape "Leech". where those faint. programmed blastbeats drift up out of a hazy dungeon ambience amid snarling demonic vocals and reverb-soaked synthesizers. The one piece on UAG that really gets under my skin though is "Cadaver Transmissions". a recording of contact mic scrapings across the rotting flesh of an actual corpse. backed by echoing black drift. creating the blackest of ambient soundscapes on what is already a supremely unsettling listening experience. Highly recommended to fans of blackened industrial and black ambience. Comes in a full-color digipack.

*TABATA MITSURU "mankind spree" cd (12.00,-)
Fourth Dimension

*TAC "out of context" cd (6.00,-)

*TAC "Twilight Rituals" cd (10.00,-)
This is the brand NEW album from Tac !!! T.R. was recorded in the same sessions of "Waiting for the Twilight" and include 14 new exclusive tracks..., a sort of "Waiting..." twin album."Twilight Rituals" is the complementary twin album to "Waiting For The Twilight", created during the very same recording sessions. T.A.C. keep on in pursuing their aural alchemy of psycho-ambient soundscapes, and hypnotic songs achieving atmospheres not so distant from "WFTT". This time sounds are more determinate and static but once again not easy to be classified and still carrying the listener in a surreal world without any fixed reference-point. "Twilight Rituals" also is the matrix of "WFTT" but, according to T.A.C. wicked logic, being conceived before it had to be released after. This is the DEFINITIVE sound-trip from the future past . Really !!! DREAM IN LIGHT

*TAC "Waiting for the Twilight" cd (10.00,-)
This is the first issue of SMALLVOICES. We are very proud to present the return of T.A.C. after five years from their last release "Apotropaismo". After a long time of hibernating sleep, this unforgetted experienced italian band is back in a magnificent body-form, with a new upsetting sonic paradox... T.A.C. has created a virtual drome where never heard acoustic waves collapse into boundless technoid cages, wrapping dehumanized scared voices from the atavistic twilight of dying future! The shining (master)mind of the SB restrained this symptons in form of luminouses distant experiences in an ALIEN URBAN dimension. A TRIBERNETIC SHAMAN will transfer you in a world of visions, combining sicked chants with electronical sounds, destructured (un)human female voices with unbelieveble acoustics soundscapes... Image a sort of cross between Coil, Matmos, a sort of post-modern obscure evolution of trip-hop and future hyper electronics music...! A swirling interplay that aims at sweeping away old musical categories, anyhow doomed to strain and break under their own burden. They pursue a declared commitment: to explore the depths of the human nature and to stimulate the listeners´ imagination. DREAM IN LIGHT...

*TADM "satisfying dog" cd-r (6.00,-)
harsh noise

*TAINT "Indecent Liberties" CD (12.00,-)
Re-issue of 1995 power electronics classic!

*TBC "chicago 2" cd-r (4.00,-)
industrial noise

*TBC "Insecta: The Birth Of Gods" cd (12.00,-)
Thomas Beck started in the early 80s as H 6 4. influenced by the aesthetics of Dada/Futurism - an antistatement of society and music. He was active in tape/mailart network with two labels (DDT-Tapes and EX) and fanzine called "Magazine". Some years later he discovered the possibilities of natural sound phenomena - the structure and signals of being there. In 1991 he formed the "Hör-Bar" music club with Y-Ton-G and Malte Steiner and changed the name to tbc. The main idea was to make a room for exchange of musical ideas and the possibility to meet musicians from around the world. In 1992. Thomas started the new record label Wachsender Prozess for noise culture based sounds. which is still active. Together with Günter Reznicek (Nova Huta) und Felix Knoth (Felix Kubin. Klangkrieg) he launched the "Odradek" magazine. devoted to electroacoustic and electronic music. and weekly experimental music program Radio Gagarin on local autonomy radio station FSK. Further projects included some short films. art stuff. DJing. several performances with the improvisational band Six and More. the collaboration with Jan Iwers (No) called Freie Hand. Also with Guy Saldanha. Heiner Metzger. and some mail music projects with Brume. Artificial Memory Trace. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe. The interactive sound installations with Istari Lasterfaher and label art exhibition at different spaces. participation in the improvisation noise group 180 Grad and the citizenship of Elgaland/Vargaland completes the presentation of this outstanding german soundartist. This is his first proper solo CD.

*TBC "Stendal 1.2 Cancelled" cdr (5.00,-)
ambient, industrial.

*TBC "wasserfeur august 2007" cdr (6.00,-)
industrial noise

*TCHERNOBLYAD "ikea" 3"cdr (5.00,-)
russian noise

*TCHERNOBLYAD "love" cd (12.00,-)
russian industrial noise

*TEATRO SATANICO "Fatwa" cd (12.00,-)
This album is without a doubt the band’s most Satanick work to date. It starts with a bunch of anti-religion synth-punk songs. Then it moves deeply farther into esoterick electronick left-hand paths. where post-industrial noises copulate with minimal-electro sounds. And then it puts a malediction (or a prayer?) on the real enemy of humanity. And ends summoning the Proud Adversary of the true evil. a ritual invocation to the only and true Light-bringer! And then again more hell to tell ... 10 songs with Italian. English and Latin lyrics. Post-industrial laptop-punk & Satanicka esotericka electronicka at his very very beAst! OEC

*TEHO TEARDO "Tower/Microphone" cd (8.00,-)
For the recordings 1 and 2, 24 contact mics were placed on the roof, on the walls, between the bricks, and under the ground of the ancient tower "ospedale dei battuti" in San Vito al Tagliamento (pn), Italy. The 24 mics were plugged into a pa system which made tower became a big mic. The tower/mic´s sonic identity and sound relation with the environment was then affected by manipulating the volume faders and several analog filters connected to the pa. This piece has been commissioned by the contemporary Art Festival Hic et Nunc in 2005

*TELEPHRIQUE "Musique Montage" cd-r (6.00,-)
Blade Records

*TERG "Instinctive death" cd-r (4.00,-)
"Three lengthy brand new tracks with a new sound because of completely different way of recording and mastering. Recording was done with new, totally analog setup, sounding much more intense and extreme then ever before!"

*TERG "We are watching them" cd-r (4.00,-)

*TERRA SANCTA "disintegration" cd (12.00,-)
new on malignant records

*TERRA SANCTA "Sunken Buried Forgotten" mCD (7.00,-)
A brand new CDEP from Terra Sancta. originally planned as part of the next full length release. but the tracks here are significantly different from the newer material being recorded as to warrant a separate release. Sunken|Buried|Forgotten should be seen as a sort of bridge between Terra Sancta's past and future recordings. the three tracks here (total time roughly 23 minutes) representing the heavy droning sound found on particular parts of Disintegration; swaths of roughly textured. post-industrial drift. propelled forth with a massive back weight into a crescendo of epic turbulence. leaving a wake of swirling cosmic debris in its path. Once again. Terra Sancta shows an innate ability to push the limits of what is traditionally considered dark ambient. 4 panel digipak. lmtd 500 copies

*TERRA TERATOS  "Meditations about secret of my Dark destiny pt. 2" cd (12.00,-)
dark Synth music

*TESTICLE HAZARD "Python in the bowl" CD (12.00,-)
Testicle Hazard full length CD is duo of Tommi Keränen and Lasse Marhaug. Already on top of the current harsh noise. TH did something usual: They went to real studio. Loud amplifier blasting highly textured. rough and noisy distorted wreckage. yet the overall atmosphere goes way beyond the usual line-in fuzz walls found on many releases these days. Top quality noise assault and this unusual angle towards recording of harsh noise makes this album essential to check out. Freak Animal Records cd-067.

The World As Will collaborations between composers Tetsuo Furudate and Zbigniew Karkowski reflect their mutual adherence to the principles of the 19th Century thinker Arthur Schopenhauer, who had demonstrated a necessarily pessimistic philosophy within the comprehensive four volume set entitled Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung (World As Will). It is the opinion of Furudate and Karkowski that "Will keeps creating the World and History, Will creates human Tragedies, causes Chaos and is the primary source of Creation." Schopenhauer purported that scientific explanation can never do more than systematize and classify that which appears to be reality, and instead offered the theory that reality could be understood through the objectification of the individual will, as the capacity for consciousness to bring reality into being. It is a mistake, however, to assume that Schopenhauer implied that will equates only as force. Nevertheless, if each individual shapes their desires and understandings through the force of will, then social relationships are based upon a network of self-defining acts; thus, human suffering is not symptomatic but inherent to society as a whole. For Schopenhauer, morality is the denial of the force of will, and should be eschewed in favor of the will as the primal creative force even at the inevitable price of existential pessimism. Almost 200 years later, Furudate and Karkowski have forged a collaborative sound that builds upon these principles, highlighting that their synchronized wills can unleash an infernal majesty through the cruel manifestation of electronic sound. Drawing also from the acknowledgement of Schopenhauser’s influence upon Richard Wagner’s vigorous operas, Furudate and Karkowski have centered World As Will 2 almost exclusively upon samples of Karkowski’s little heard orchestral work and Wagner’s masterful Götterdammerung. Augmented through the crucible of digital processing, these electronic samples of vivid polyphony found in the masculine crescendos of orchestral sound take a violent turn towards the realms of militant noise. World As Will 2 results in an unrelenting soundtrack of expressive power and will, shaped within arenas of sound. Tetsuo Furudate is a Japanese based composer who has dedicated himself to the dynamics of noise. Zbigniew Karkowski is a Polish-Swedish composer presently working in Tokyo, Japan, having worked extensively within the experimental noise scene during the past 11 years. Along with Furudate, Karkowski has collaborated with Francisco Lopez, Merzbow, Pita, Helmut Schaefer, Aube, John Duncan, The Hafler Trio, CM von Hausswolff, Ulf Bilting, and many others. He has performed at countless venues and festivals across the globe, including several appearances at 23five's annual Activating The Medium festival.

*THANOS CHRYSAKIS "magma" cd (12.00,-)
"Magma" is nearly half hour long electroacoustic piece. recorded in 2011 and presenting one of the best compositions by the artist. For this work. he extensively uses electronic devices. acoustic sounds and field recordings.

*THE BEING "through madness to mercury" cd (12.00,-)
A musical style perhaps best described as neofolk / neocabaret - though not strictly bound to a genre as such - takes the listener on a journey through a the realms of self-transformation with a strange, unworldly and experimental mixture of moodswings that intentionally shock the mind and purposefully disturb the mental balance.

*THE CHERRY POINT "night of the bloody tapes" cd (10.00,-)
best american harsh walls of noise

*THE GUILTY C. AND RAW FEEDBACK ARCHESTRO  "Live at Bears" cdr (6.00,-)
LINE-UP: LEMTATUNIT/FILTH THE SLEEP. recorded at Namba Bears 2006.

*THE NORDIC MIRACLE "we shall provide" cd (10.00,-)
harsh noise

*THE TRIPLE TREE "ghosts" cd (12.00,-)
The Triple Tree consists of Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus) and Andrew King aided and abetted by M, Autumn Grieve, Kris Force, Guy Harries, Renee Rosen and John Murphy, and is an extended homage to the supernatural fiction of M. R. James (with a certain nod to his notable studies in the New Testament Apocrypha) the greatest ghost story writer in the English language, and the finest medievalist of his generation. Join Dr Wakeford and the Rev. King as they search for the Three Crowns, attempt to Cast the Runes, purchase The Mezzotint, follow Mr Abney’s "remarkable enlightenment" in Lost Hearts, and join Count Magnus on the "Black Crusade"! Winter evenings will never be the same again… Presented in a luxurious digipak with booklet.

*THIRDORGAN "Bionic Ambient Music" cd-r (7.00,-)

*THIRDORGAN VS HYWARE  "split" cd-r (6.00,-)

*THREE TIMES HATE "wwk" cd-r (6.00,-)
power electronics on membrum debile propaganda, in digipak!

*THURSTON MOORE "sensitive" cd (12.00,-)
guitar noise

*TIM CATLIN "Radio Ghosts" cd (12.00,-)
The name Tim Catlin may not be terribly well known amongst the avant-guitarist circles; but his recorded output clearly stands amongst the best that Glenn Branca, Keith Rowe, and Jim O’Rourke have mustered from their six strings hard wired into the histories of electroacoustics, minimalism, and post-punk experimentation. Based out of Melbourne, Catlin is a guitarist who incessantly tinkers with the mechanics of his instrument, envisioning it as alternately as a mimetic sculptural object and a pure sound generator. Through his experiments with alternative tunings, atypical string gauges, and Rube Goldberg contraptions of interconnected motors, speakers, and radios, he seeks out the rasping textures of strings vibrating against each other, the acoustic phase patterns of two microtonally tuned strings, and the electrical purity of circuits feeding back upon themselves, essentially creating a polyglot drone symphony cast in smoldering monochrome. Radio Ghosts arrives nearly five years after his debut album Slow Twitch and showcases Catlin’s unassuming expertise with the finer aspects of the mechanically prepared guitar. For all of its dynamic frequencies and crosshatched vibrations, Radio Ghosts is devoid of Marshall stacks, Sunn amps, and stomp boxes, as Catlin captures the acoustic phenomenon of the guitar’s transient vibrations and steers clear of any tricked out sonic demolition. Instead, Radio Ghosts focuses upon the minutiae of the guitar: wood, strings, and amplifier. Through his refined, tabletop guitar techniques, Catlin prefers to set his guitar in motion, allowing the process dictate the course of action with minor edits and sleights of hand from the composer himself. Catlin’s drone guitar work is simultaneously capable of expressionistic illusions (e.g. cicada choruses, industrial grind, uncanny ephemera from the radio waves, etc.) and a sonic transcendence of pure sonic introspection. Given that the final piece on Radio Ghosts replaces the guitar with a crash cymbal that Catlin agitates through similar processes, Catlin’s work shows that Organum does not have exclusivity on the bowed cymbal for creating epic, tactile sound fields.

*TOBACCONISTS "ocean drama" cdr (8.00,-)
In April 2009. Scott Foust (Idea Fire Company. XX Committe. Tart. and the Swill Radio label) was invited to screen his feature length movie Here’s To Love in Europe. as well as staging his The Four Accomplishments performance. The trip to Europe also gave him the opportunity to join musical hands with Frans de Waard (Beequeen. Freiband. Shifts. Kapotte Muziek). who had been on tour with Idea Fire Company in 2005. resulting in the IFCo album Vital. As both Scott and Frans are heavy smokers. they settled upon The Tobacconists as the name for their collaborative musical venture (Ashtray Temple was considered. then rejected). Scott and Frans got to work in the Extrapool studio. composing six pieces using a small keyboard. an echo machine. a radio. some pre-recorded tapes. a laptop. and some contact microphones. Then. they took the road to perform in the Netherlands. Germany. Belgium and the UK. At the end of their tour. they spent a week conducting proper studio recordings of all six pieces plus a seventh. ’The Dark Secrets Of Dr. Perati’. which was released as a 7″ by Plinkity Plonk/Swill Radio. The six pieces will be released in 2011 as an LP. Smoking Is Green. by Hanson Records/Swill Radio. One piece from the forthcoming record. Ocean Drama. was deemed suitable for an extensive rework using the entire principle recording. made by Foust on a boat. This extended version of Ocean Drama. now available as a stand-alone album from Songs From Under the Floorboards. is more spacious. giving room to each individual sound with a great sense of the ‘drama’. It is the most radiophonic piece that The Tobacconists have created so far.

*TODD FLETCHER "star" cd (10.00,-)
amplexus ambient

*TOM GRIMLEY "Rudimentary!" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)
builds "sound bombs" or these autonomous electro mechanical boxes. See His stuff usually sounds a lot like David Tudor (Rainforest). This disc features 2 of his sound bombs

*TOMAS PHILLIPS + DEANG KING "les mailles" cd (12.00,-)
The duo of Dean King and Tomas Phillips came together in 2000 with the mere intention of exploring a shared aesthetic. Their aim was the achievement of a balance between digital and non-digital sound and a functional recognition of their differences in terms of utility and signification. Whilst computer technology remains central to their work, they make an effort to locate composition within a space of physicality. Hence the use of acoustic instrumentation and field recordings gathered on the periphery of laptops, they seek to foreground the act of listening in the slowly evolving tradition of microsound, without precluding the possibility of active and engaged harmony.

*TORE HONORE BOE "Suave Siesta" cd (12.00,-)
Originally intended just as a plain reissue of long gone siesta album (released in 2000 on JAZZASSIN label, Norway), this CD turned into something beyond the common sense for album repress. Suave Siesta features Suave, brand new full length recording by ORIGAMI REPUBLIKA president T. H BOE, exploring yet undiscovered paths of environmental music. Expect five new tracks of calmed down exceptional ambience/environmental collages reminding and 34 minutes of original Siesta recording and above all, an astonishing artwork. Coming in jewel case, first press of 1.000 copies (initial repress coming with different artwork). CD, 11 tracks/60 minutes, 16 pages booklet

*TORSO / UNICORN "split" cd (8.00,-)
USA noise.

*TOTE STADT "dead cd/hard dada" cdr* (6.00,-)
in slim dvd case

*TOTENHAUS  "dead & gone" cd-r (5.00,-)
dark industrial noise.

*TRAIT (A.K.A. ERIC LUNDE) "Inspirationals" cd (12.00,-)
Back in 1988 Arbeit Group label released obscure industrial-noise release by project called TRAIT. A-side of the tape includes several different arrangement for inspiration in battle. B-side included several of those arrangements combined together for temporary unified action. 45 minutes of most primitive analogue destruction, leaving no place for easylistening or relaxing moments. Even with the atmopheric and dark moment, sound is extremely decayed and coarse sound of tape loops, manipulation and electronics which transforms it to difficult industrial-noise. Years after the original release, personnel behind it has been officially declassified. Trait is one of the most vicious works of Eric Lunde, known for 80´s masterpieces under his own name and legendary industrial group Boy Dirt Car. Releases on V2 archief, RRR, AWB, Powertech Industries. "Inspirationals" is carefully reflecting the original tape as accurately as possible. Material is transferred from original master tapes to CD by artist himself, leaving everything 100% as is. There is 2 long pieces (A and B side) with no mastering, no cleaning up, no boosting. Artwork is faithful to the original release, replicating the it as accurate as possible. This is the first release by Industrial Recollections label, aimed for re-issuing sold out pe/industrial/noise releases for fanatical audience. Distributed by Freak Animal Records.

*TRAMA AFONA "Trama afonA" cd (12.00,-)
rama afonA is the sound/visual project by Lorenzo Scacchia (Roma, 1977), a vain attempt to tramaphonise (convey) what he sees in the dark and hears into silence… Apart from a few self-productions, this album constitutes the first official release, gathering tracks composed between 2005 and 2008 (presented in reverse chronological order). Tracks 1, 3 were inspired by a wonderful creature. Tracks 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 were composed as soundtrack for various solo photo/graphic exhibitions by Trama afonA. Track 4 drew inspiration from a story by H. P. Lovecraft. Track 11 was composed for an Italian compilation. Tracks 13, 14 were the soundtrack for the former Trama afonA’s website. Trama afonA is gathering suggestions from the contemporary quotidian theatre and at the same time from the past, namely the 19th and early 20th centuries. Paying particular attention to the individual and specific human stories, rather than to History… Focusing on what happens behind the scenes, aside, beneath. Subjects and dynamics less showy, blurred, but not consequently less interesting or worth caring. Opening doors and drawers using the sole curiosity as tool, walking backwards the traces of memory, wandering amid shades and details given by mystery, decadence, abandon, romanticism… Carefully delving into psychological dynamics. Openly denouncing the social plagues, but often humbly providing just visual and sound suggestions.

*TRANCE "compiled" cd (12.00,-)
Trance is the one-man project by american musician Mason Jones, known also as the founder of Charnel House label. During the 10 years of existence, he released 4 albums and numerous compilation tracks, which are often even more original and precious than album tracks. That´s why we decided to gather them altogether for this release, which collects the most interesting material from the archives of the underground network.

*TREES "sickness in" cd (12.00,-)
'Sickness In' is the third album from Portland's most wretched. Trees. Following their similarly abject slabs of feedback-doused horror and quasi-formless dirge 'Lights Bane' and 'Freed Of This Flesh' on Crucial Blast. the band again presents a two-song assault. each one roughly fifteen minutes in length. each a slowly rotting heap of droning slow-motion deathdoom riffs decomposing into clouds of black amplifier hum. high shrieking voices and tortured screams drifting against the glacial roar of smoking amp stacks and short-circuiting hardware. Where the previous album had Trees employing some interesting rhythmic chaos and longer stretches of ambient filth. this time around the band drops some of their most leaden. majestic riffs yet into their slow-mo filthstorm. massive saurian doom riffs slipping WAY out of the confines of 'groove' and deep into rumbling fields of charred ritualistic chanting and almost Abruptum-like states of psychotic noise. The first track 'Cover Your Mouth' crashes in on an avalanche of thrumming electricity and metallic noise. the crushing abstract heaviness collapsing in on itself. the rhythm section accentuating the rumbling black mass/mess with thunderous blasts of anti-propulsion. Trees have always seemed to have a somewhat improvisational feel to their extreme doom-laden horror. but just when you think that 'Cover' is on the verge of dissolving into a field of pure drone. the band unleashes titanic earth-scorching riffage. On 'Perish'. the resonant sound of throat singing introduces a new wave of howling ambient feedback and speaker-hiss. but soon transforms into another twisted. agonized pain-dirge. those tortured vocals scraped raw. pain-wracked screams rising and falling behind the amorphous black sludge and diseased drones.

*TROBAR DE MORTE "reverie" cd (12.00,-)
Medieva/fantasy/Folk. A powerful and christalline production delivering 12 new songs of fantasy medieval ethnic melodies with choirs, flutes, harps, violin, pianos and pounding drum parts all wrapped around Lady Morte’s triumphant female vocals.

*TUNNELS OF AH "Lost Corridors" cd (12.00,-)
Tunnels Of Âh is the new project of former HEAD OF DAVID vocalist Stephen Âh Burroughs. "Lost Corridors" is the first Tunnels Of Âh release and features Burroughs' "industrial esoterica". evoking the spirit of the pioneering underground experimental scene in the new dark age. This is psychick war. A mandatory release for those who worship at the altars of Coil. Psychic TV. Arktau Eos. Z'EV...


*ULTRA "stain" cd (12.00,-)
Experimental/noise US outfit Ultra creates deeply anxious collages of sound and voice in a mixture of fear and beauty. There are some places where they scream their faces off, but mostly it is the nature of the sounds themselves: hordes of insects, demonic sighs, electric buzzes, rumbles, creaking that gets under your skin and into your head, whether you want it to or not.

*ULTRA MILKMAIDS "03|02|USA" cd (6.00,-)

*ULTRA UNITED "ultra audience" cd (12.00,-)
With this fascinating debut album ULTRA UNITED established what the artist himself calls "Emotional Electronics" - a work full of contrasts, perfect and inconsistent in master-like brilliance. Sleepless nights, the passion of a love affair or a heated duel at dusk... ULTRA UNITED has created an incredible density throughout a cycle of 9 songs, spanning his bandwidth beyond categorization and thus creating an almost physical adventure by uniting intense multi-layered sound-massifs with subliminal bass movements and filigree shapes of lucid and epic dimension. The amalgamation of embers and ice!

*UMPIO "muelas" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish harsh noise at finest! Umpio has slowly but steadily reached the top level of harsh noise. Scrap metal, self build metal junk instruments, feedback, intense cut-ups. Think of Knurl, Sickness, K2 etc with addtional P.Dassum physical craftmanship and you may get close to Umpio. 40 minutes.

*UNDER THE SNOW "delta" cd (12.00,-)
Extended sonic fluxes of synthetic nature mixed with delicate acoustic and electric guitars chords and riffs, crowd noises, indefinite and fading melodic "spots" of unknown origin, feedbacks, echoes, pulsations, vibrations, cracklings, rustling waves in continuous movement... But also sudden pauses, unpredictable and improbabl inserts of folk blues radio transmissions, crystal clear water sounds, static, wrapping and dramatic electronic weaves, metallic tickings... An extraordinary range of sounds and atmospheres for this new, challenging and really particular experimental-explorative project by Stefano Gentile and Gianluca Favaron.

*UNICORN "Playing With Light" cd (10.00,-)
Pro-pressed CD with Nelson of Bastard Noise steps out solo with a disc at the intersection of noise, ambient and minimalist melodic lines. 7 tracks, 40+ minutes, cd-rom content includes 3 short films by Stephanie Miller, soundtracks by Unicorn.

*UR "trieb" cd-r (6.00,-)
Ur was born from the collaboration between Federico Esposito and Mauro Sciaccaluga, both hailing from the hardcore-punk scene and from bands like Heartside (F.E.), Never Was, Downright, Kafka, Stalker (M.S.). The two joined in 2003 to work on F.E. s industrial solo-project (a.k.a. Den LXV) live set, later they decided to collaborate and improvise together to create a new entity. Andrea Ferraris joined the band in the early days of 2005, contributing to define further on the sonic identity of the combo. A.F. is well known for having played and recorded with different bands ranging from hardcore to indie-post rock to experimental music (Airchamber3, Deep End, Burning Defeat, Permanent Scar, Onefineday, Ultraviolet Make Me Sick, Permanent Scar, etc ). Ur music is mostly based on improvisation that usually starts with drones or samples (with no pre-definite structure), to which they superimpose layers of electro-acoustic noisescapes coming from objects, field recordings, analog and traditional instruments processed using a load of pedals and effects. The sound ends painting a solid, harsh and dramatic industrial lounge where archaic instincts and modern obsessions meet. To use the words of a sound engineer after one of their live sets: " all sounds like early Pink Floyd on acid...on muriatic acid".

*UTARM "Minus The Divine" cd (12.00,-)
Utarm is Norway´s Sindre Foss Skancke and "Minus The Divine" is the incredible new album released as follow up to 2007´s "Mutilation Epoch". Experimental Black Metal and Noise rolled into one well composed and certainly exciting if not bizarre sounding album. All the best bits of Skullflower. early industrial and influences drawn from his countries native Black Metal underworld fighting for space amongst a backdrop of blackened Harsh Noise filth. Limited to 300 copies.

*UTON "from the twilight, next to nowhere and disappeared" cd (12.00,-)
Uton is the one-man project of Jani Hirvonen originally hailing from Tampere, Finland. After 2001 Uton’s been releasing many albums on many different labels (like PseudoArcana, Jewelled Antler, Last Visible Dog, Ikuisuus). Uton’s music is a mix of many genres, including elements from drone, avant-noise, free-improv, psychedelia, ambient, tape-music, musique concre´te etc. Sometimes wondering in the silent dark semi-acoustic mysteries, and in the next day creating noisy wall of sound with outer space echoes and alien atmospheres. Uton’s sound is made from many sources; like electric guitar (which is usually detuned, prepared or/and bowed), small synths (usually far away from modern possibilities), electronics (mixer, bunch of cables with effect pedals), voice, different type of percussions (small drums, maracasses), bells, violin, flutes, keyboards… and nowadays also some digital manipulation too. All kind of instruments are welcome to join in, but the result is always coming from the same filter (which we call now with name “Uton”) He has collaborated with Alan Courtis (Reynols), Antony Milton (Mrtyu, Black Boned Angel), Ben Reynolds, Peter Wright, Jari Koho (Vapaa), Maxime Primault (Enfer Boreal, High Wolf) and Jan Anderzen (Tomutonttu, Kemialliset Ysta¨va¨t) among others. "From The Twilight, Next to Nowhere and Disappeared" album was recorded already around 2004-2005 in Tampere, Finland. Recorded with four-track tape recorder, and later edited and mastered digitally on computer. Musically this album shows the most mysterious and atmospheric side of Uton.

*UTON / ANTI "split" cdr (6.00,-)
Finnish experimental

*UTON / COURTIS "Flokka Kur" cd (12.00,-)
Flokka Kur is a collaboration work by Finnish Uton and Argentinan Anla Courtis. Started from the noisy mystical drones of Uton and after continued by Anla’s manipulations & some extra noise. Described as a “shamanic music in urban context” & “sounds for non-euclidean geometry landscapes”. All that under a theme of flowers, mixed with spanish and finnish language. Anla Courtis was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires , Argentina . He was a founder member of Reynols. He has more than 200 solo releases and collaborations. His music always has strong experimental sense and usually based on high-skilled techniques of prepared sound, tape manipulations, processing of field recordings, live electronics, objects, cymbals, synthesizers, computer tools, playing traditional (both acoustic and electric) instruments as well as self-built, strange and unusual instruments (eg. unstringed guitar). Jani Hirvonen aka Uton is a Finnish artist born in 1979. Uton’s music is a mix of many genres, including elements from drone, avant-noise, free-improv, psychedelia, ambient, tape-music, musique concre´te etc. Sometimes wondering in the silent dark semi-acoustic mysteries, and in the next day creating noisy wall of sound with outer space echoes and alien atmospheres.


*VALVULA ANTIRRETORNO "Dios Existe" cd-r (6.00,-)
sound of death

*VARIATIONS OF SEX "fight consume and die" cd-r (6.00,-)
japanese noise

*VARIATIONS OF SEX  "My Cock Is Beyond Good And Evil" cd-r (6.00,-)
japanese noise

*VAZHES "Seid" cd (12.00,-)
Ritual noise|Folk. Digisleeve CD. Seid is a debut album by "Vazhes". a side-project of Sergey Gabbasov. In popular etymology of the Permian Komis "aged people" ("vazhes". "vazh otir") means an ancient. very old people. The Permian Komis call "vazhes" some early population of the Upper Kama. which is supposed to have disappeared when the "new" ("wil") people of the Permian Komis arrived to these lands. This old population is also named "chud'" ("chuchkiie". "chudskoy otir"). The album consists of 4 tracks; two of them ? ?Seid? and ?Krishna? - have been realized by "Vazhes". The second track is a collaborative work by "Vazhes" and "Fanum"; the forth is made jointly by "Vazhes" and "Akpan". The album is dedicated to the violent struggle between the contemporary chaotic society and the eternal natural harmony. embodied in traditional cultures. Cover picture made by Haerleif Langas ("Northaunt").

*VECTORSCOPE "Monitoring The Blind" cd (12.00,-)
VECTORSCOPE " is a one-man project, showcasing unique musicianship and experimentation . The album was created by experimental artist Maor Appelbaum using eclectic instrumentation and numerous sound techniques. Walking the thin line between space age electro music and old school avant-garde, " VECTORSCOPE " creates its very own musical cubicle, existing as a unique, independent musical experience. While its roots are deep in experimental music, the album lends its unparalleled creativity from other, multi disciplinal genres, thus creating a truly magnificent piece of sound and atmosphere. With our world in chaos, and mankind on the brink of destruction, " VECTORSCOPE " is the obvious musical outcome.

*VEILED ALLUSIONS "Visions of the World" cd (12.00,-)
Karsten Hamre project. 70 minutes of minimal dark ambient with noise and industrial touches, a view upon the grim, suicidal future of the world! One of the most appreciated acts of this genre.

*VELEHENTOR "Vishudha Kali" cd (12.00,-)
Droning Ritual Dark Ambient. All tracks were recorded at live session back in December 2007. Here are no electric and synthetic sounds but natural acoustic instruments only. Activities: 3 dung chen. ting gzhang. lag rnga. drill bu. rkang gling. damaru. Tibetan singing bowls. physharmonium. bells & chimes. All music perfomed by 121 & Vishudha Kali (Andrei Bulin/Komarov). Throat singing & Shree Ishopanishad Divine Mantra chanting by Vishudha Kali (Andrei Bulin/Komarov). This album is dedicated to devotees of ancient times. explorers of the Eternity and of the reverse side of being. The people is coming & passing away. and life is too short. and the secret of Nature is still transcendent - impossible to be understood. Shree Ishopanishad Album was performed once as concert act.

*VELEMARA "Abysmia" cd (12.00,-)
Velemara sound quality shows that there still exist people who invest a lot of time into the music equipment. Very responsive Velemara sound takes you to a phantasmagorical world of dusk. At times. the atmosphere is futuristic and militaristic. and then again so mystical as to evoke interesting associations to the audience. The style of music makes one infer that the author has indeed heard NTT. Nordvargr and MZ412 projects. In broader terms. Velemara offers a remarkable solid Scandinavian-type sound and a black industrial atmosphere.

*VENNT "vennt" cd (12.00,-)
A three-way summit on bleak doom and buzzing misery. Sandy Saunders (Torso), Darcy Spidle (Divorce Records) and Jordan Hines mix drums, bass, electronics and vocals into a thick morass. Vennt stakes out territory at the intersection of black metal, drone, doom and power electronics, then fortifies the barricades. US Edition, co-released with Hear More!, features a copper cover with insert in a heavy poly sleeve, and is hand-numbered and limited to 400 copies

*VEPRISUICIDA "Веприсуицида" cdr (8.00,-)
DK-01, originally Ultra tape from 1996, cdr re-issue by: Dubinogolovaya Korobochka.

*VEPRISUICIDA "oskoplenie" cdr (8.00,-)
re-issue of old Ultra label tape, ltd 69 euro.

*VEPRISUICIDA / ORGANOMEHANIZM "collaboration" cdr (8.00,-)
russian industrial noise

*VERDE "kato internetist" 2xcd-r (10.00,-)
Verde is back with a massive over 150 minute double album. This is by far the most varied and also the best Verde recording this far, and it features the unique sounds of Mika Rintala´s self-built analog synthesizers mixed with an amazing variety of vintage (and other) instruments handled by Mika himself along with a host of talented Finnish underground musicians. Although uncompromisingly original, some of the material is slightly reminiscent of folks like Faust, the very early Tangerine dream, or "Ummagumma"/"Atom Heart Mother" era Pink Floyd. One of the tracks also features a lengthy excerpt of an Ektroverde live jam from a few years ago. "

*VERDE "kärmes" cd (12.00,-)
finnish experimental unit

*VERDE "legenda" cd (12.00,-)
Legenda is on one hand a combination and a continuum of different things, on the other something unique. Listener with a sharp ear and enlightened mind should be able to locate the past points of reference for the CD. Legenda is a logical continuum of the 1960s and 1970s wild electronic experiments and general recklessness of Finnish Underground Music. Legenda is a logical continuum of Krautrock as bands like Faust, Can, Neu and Amon Düül presented it for us. Legenda is a logical continuum of the multiplicity of golden era Pink Floyd (Ummagumma/Atom Heart Mother) and their perfection in sounds and recording techniques. Legenda is a logical continuum of the work that was started back in the day by Nurse With Wound, Throbbing Gristle and such industrial music pioneers. Legenda is a logical continuum of Miles Davis masterworks such as Bitches Brew and his live recordings from the same era. The music of Verde is not meant for superficial listening. Verde challenge their listeners instead of trying to please them. Legenda is the second official CD by Verde, lead by electronics wizard/madman Mika Rintala (ex-Circle, Ektroverde). The first one, Vuoronumero, came out in 2004. Legenda is co-released by MIR, Zum Teufel and Ruma Puulaaki. Digipak

*VERDE "vuoronumero" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish experimental electronics

*VERTONEN "all who wander are not lost" 3"cd-r (6.00,-)
"the audio extrapolation of mercury slowly filling a stainless steel bathtub then slowly being drained out. tones weave, waver, and are swallowed by one another over the course of 18 minutes. packaged in a balsa wood box"Banned Prod.

*VERTONEN "The ocean is gone, the ship is next" cd (8.00,-)
Drawing on a wide array of sound sources--sometimes processed, sometimes not--Vertonen´s sound output explores audio terrain ranging from crunchy and dense sonic chaos to off-kilter rhythms to deep evolving drones, making plenty of stops between.

*VIDNA OBMANA "tremor" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient on Release Records

*VILE PLUMAGE "black tar jenny" 3"cdr (3.00,-)
Obscure uk noise. Starts with almost ritualistic chanting & metal objects and progresses into hard electronic noise and contributions of regular instruments. Always fierce live recording feel to it.

*VINTERRIKET / A.E.P "split" cd (12.00,-)
minimalist ambient

*VIODRE "interpol alchemi" cd (12.00,-)
Hospital productions

*VOID "Alloskren" cd (8.00,-)
industrial / power electronics from czech republic, full color digi pak. Membrum Debile Propaganda

*VRIL "the observer" cd (12.00,-)
From everything pure until the most gross form of substance, everything is in vibration

*VRIL / FEAR KONSTRUKTOR "element of steel" cd (12.00,-)


*WALTER RUTTMANN  "Weekend" 3"CD (4.00,-)
This work was realized in 1930. It is cinema for the ear: a sound film with no images, recorded and edited on film (optical sound). metamkine electro-acoustic/musique concrete collection. Cheap and good way to get known with many international artists

*WATERCOLOURED WELL "Arsonists Rebirthday Audition" cd (12.00,-)
For this recording. eight people come together after a performance night. with hangover and Himalaya-Food from Maggi Kochstudio: no rules. no target. just flux with sound and ink. Brandstifter is interdisciplinary amalgam. chairman of Walpoden. plays as/in Meulenkrach. SK Orchestra. The Dass Sägebett. Wizards of Oi... Ronnie Oliveras is a part of Datashock. Flamingo Creatures. Autistic Argonauts. Phantom Limbo. Dirk Huelstrunk is soundpoetry-performer all over Europe. Scandinavia and USA. with lectures and workshops at schools and universities. broadcasting for e.g. HR. DLF. SWR. RNEspagna and regulary shows Knallfabet on Radio X. co-founder of Kulturnetz Frankfurt e.V. who organizes cultural events. festivals and poetry-slams. Tanja Roolfs is member of the performance-duo Horstundireneschmitt and co-host of Walpodenakademie. co-organizer of Kunstzwerg-Festival. shop & studio for jewellery. art and design in Mainz. released some music with Immerhin and Blechen on tape and CD. Daniel Voigt runs SicSic Tapes label. works at Phantom Limbo Collective. plays as/in Hering und seine sieben Sachen. Horzes. Autistic Argonauts and Pawned Pajamas. Johannes Lauxen is member of Knertz Collective and performed with We Rip Stockings!. Death Machine. Kolter and solo (releases on Knertz and Kind City). Mr. Ebu works also as Herr Ebu and with Hacke Peters and makes music for TV-documentations. DVDs and slideshows. runs label Ebus Music and regular show on Radio X. also author for fanzines. magazines and books. Barbara Rössler did coverpainting during the musical performance. she lives and works as illustrator. caricaturist and painter in Mainz. has exhibitions. participations and performances since 1995. founded the artist’s workshop Das Atelier.

*WAVEFORM TRANSMISSION  "V1.0 - 1.9" cd (12.00,-)
Silentes label 10 year anniversary! Rod Modell and Chris Troy creating cold ambient soundscapes with huge amount of analogue and digital synthesizers.

*WHITEDOG "autumnal phase" cdr (5.00,-)
Wintage tapes and records

*WICKED KING WICKER  "Evolving" cd (12.00,-)
Brand new studio album from Wicked King Wicker. WKW return to Cold Spring with their seventh album proper. Thick. black noise is underpinned by monolithic. crawling doom. in a way that only Wicked King Wicker can deliver. Total annihilation spread over 4 immense tracks. 45 minutes of music to shatter souls. Features cover art from Steve Cerio (The Residents’ regular designer). “…rather impressive they are… it’s great”

*WICKED MESSENGER  "Dreamer​ Redeemer " cd (12.00,-)
Listen album from bandcamp. electronic ambient drone experimental grand ambient industrial minimal monumentalism post-modern

*WICKED MESSENGER "Officium Nocturnum" 2xCD (15.00,-)
Listen album from bandcamp. electronic grand ambient monumentalism post-modern spoken word ambient drone experimental industrial minimal

*WILL OVER MATTER "Lust For Knowledge" cd (12.00,-)
Freak Animal Records is proud to present new album of Will Over Matter. Band continues its path to new dimensions. Utterly unique approach bordering genius and utterly insane. Making choices that nobody else dares. Will Over Matter's take on esoteric-industrial noise abandons the cliche's of dark ambient/reverb drenched ritual muzak etc. It doesn't sound "retro". yet approach has more in common to M.B. and Musiikkivyöry for example. than contemporary noise. Listen to short sample featuring clip from 3 songs.

*WILT "the damnation helix - zeitgeist movement vol. 2" cd (12.00,-)
"Latest release from James Keeler offers the familiar dark atmospheres of Wilt’s previous works, but infused with a new sense of brutality and apocalyptic sounds. Churning, sludgey, discordant, and hallucinatory expulsions done in a unique and effective manner.. "

*WIRE WEREWOLVES "...And The Moon Became A Fang" 3"CDR (6.00,-)
Elephant Graveyard / Chondritic sound

*WOLF EYES "always wrong" cd (12.00,-)
Well known usa free-experimetal-noise before it went to trip metal.

*WOLF EYES "black wing over the sand" cd (12.00,-)
iDeal recordings

*WOLFSDUISTER "Het Duistere Pad III " tape (4.00,-)
Black droning soundscapes from Holland

*WOLFSKIN "O Ajuntar das sambras" cd (12.00,-)
new on malignant records

*WOLFSKIN FEAT. LAST INDUSTRIAL ESTATE "Stonegates of Silence" cd (12.00,-)
And so the journey formally ends for Wolfskin, 15 years from whence it began with the release of the Hidden Fortress cassette back in 1995. The essence of Wolfskin has transformed and mutated throughout the years, reaching on "The Stonegates of Silence" it´s simpler form….one of desolation, solitude, insanity and death, the final frontiers of human existence. As he did with The Hidden Fortress: A Revisitation CD, Wolfskin once again pairs up with Anders Peterson of Objekt 4 fame, now operating under the name of Last Industrial Estate for the purposes of this recording. This is Wolfskin at its bleakest and most restrained, offering 5 tracks of enveloping ambience built around foggy, ambiguous textures and an endless flow of drifting isolationism, shapeless horrors, and oppressive subterranean heaviness. In the case of Stonegates, Wolfskin goes out not with a bang, but with a slow, evolutionary creep into the shadows, forever etched in the lexicon of dark ambient music. In 4 panel digipak.

*WORD OF COMMAND "pestilence and rot" 3"CDR (6.00,-)
Chondritic Sound/elephant graveyard

*WYRM "Live On KSER. org the tunnel 90.7 FM 12/12/2008" cdr (6.00,-)
"New Age Musick for The New Dark Ages"


*XIPHOID DEMENTIA "wounds never heal" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)
us dark ambient. Soulworm editions

*XOMBIE "Deathdrip" 3"cdr (6.00,-)
chondritic sound


*YANNICK FRANCK "Hierophany" cd (12.00,-)
In such conservative genre like ambient there is not easy to find something to discover. but the music of Yannick Franck can change this widespread prejudice. Infuenced by recent trip to Russia and the orthodox culture. he composed the continuous suite of three movements. showing his personal vision of the ancient rite. small scrathes on disc

*YANNICK FRANCK & PIETRO RIPARBELLI "whinny muir" cd (12.00,-)
A single, long, deeply moving, slow and expanded drone-track, built on everchanging sonic masses, low frequencies, strong electric/electronic sounds, field recordings, feedbacks, buzzes, hisses, rough distortions, sunken organ chords, subdued inserts of strings orchestral parts. Alternation of progressive crescendos, ambiental stasis, sudden, dramatic and catching dynamic shocks... An involving and extraordinary "trip" across an obscure sonic path, convincingly assembled in collaborative form by italian Pietro Riparbelli (K11, PT-R) and belgian Yannick Franck (Y.E.R.M.O., Idiosyncrasia).

*YAO 91404 D "Ïåñíÿ Ðàáî÷èõ" cdr* (6.00,-)
Russian Industrial, Noise, Experimental . Limited to 50 copies in full-colored envelope with poster. Previously released on cassette on YAOP in 2002 and was limited to 10 copies. Whatever the actual name is. Ostroga label, with Catalog#: OTR-007 .

*YAO 91404 D "LenShumZavod" cd (12.00,-)
Freak Animal is proud to present 1st real CD release by this obscure Russian industrial-noise unit. Several extremely limited tapes and CDR´s in ther backcatalogue, with various approaches and different levels of success. This CD marks one of their biggest highlights, with crude physically crafted industrial-noise. Even if it crosses borders towards purity of harsh noise once in a while, the spirit of Soviet factory landscapes is always present. 2 long tracks that develop during their playing time to different atmospheres. In jewelbox with b/w artwork. Freak Animal cd-047

*YAO 91404 D "Stahlwinterbosheit" cdr* (6.00,-)
Russian Abstract, Musique Concrète, Noise, Industrial . CDr comes between in a foldout plastic cover and is limited to handnumbered 51 copies


*ZAIMPH "Sexual Infinity" cd (10.00,-)
"ZAIMPH is MARCIA from DOUBLE LEOPARDS and HOTOTOGISU going solo. A super-fine set of hippy-ish folk drone magic released in an edition of 1,000 copies. "Sexual Infinity stands refreshingly organized into six escalating pieces of her signature guitar, voice, and electronic moodscapes entrancing the listener with sinister seduction. comparisons to early ´80s power electronics and industrial acts as Uncommunity, Mauthausen Orchestra and Ramleh reside in the underbelly of Zaimph´s ability to generate ominous, gritty, and doom laden atmosphere cloaked in a thick lush drone. what begins with raw ethereal guitar shadows of longing delight closes with vital gripping electronic tension."

*ZAK "Cai-Lay" cd (10.00,-)
new kind of heavy electronic abstruct music. Para disc (japan)

*ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI  "Consciously Unconscious - Unconsciously Conscious" 3"CD (4.00,-)
metamkine electro-acoustic/musique concrete collection. Cheap and good way to get known with many international artists

*ZENI GEVA "maximum money monster" cd (12.00,-)
kk nulls band!

*ZENIAL "connection reset by peer" cd (12.00,-)
It's Zenial's first album in 6 years. and it shows his creativity in the context of live activity. It does not mean that 'Connection Reset by Peer' is a live album as such. Yes. the source material for the record was recorded live during sonic experiments and creating sound installations over the past few years. The album is not a compilation though-it's a well-weighed entity. thematically and sonically coherent. 'Connection Reset by Peer' is a result of interferences of environment sounds based to a large extent on electricity. radio feedback. electromagnetic field sounds emitted by current generators and elements of the so-called field recordings

*ZK "Aethyr Jumpers" cd (8.00,-)
Aethyr Jumpers marks the unheimlich return of Mark Godwin and Gareth Ormerod aka zK. a pair of respected ambient conceptualists with a discography including work for Coil. Forced Nostalgia and Skam. It's a haunting piece of work. arranging sombre solo piano around a morphing backdrop of noxiously gaseous electro-acoustic textures. mottled rhythms and disembodied voices. all pieced together with a slowly revealing. ritualist agenda that commands focussed observation. interaction and listening through each of its seven stages.

*ZONE NORD "roferon A" cd (6.00,-)
great french electronic noises. RRR/PURE

*ZSOLT SORES "Ahad´s Master´s Garden III" 2xCD (15.00,-)
The Harmonian Blues 1 and 2 2CD, joint-released by Fourth Dimension and AudioTONG. These two discs capture Budapest´s prolific and versatile musician, Zsolt Sores, in a fully tranced-out fug that draws not only from his background in rock music but also his strong leanings towards the avant-garde and improvisation partly formed by being classically-trained yet never content to remain as such. In turn, we are treated to some near-mystical and transcendental journeys through a contemporary psychedelia at once recalling Taj Mahal Travellers and the spaceward-bound forays of early Pink Floyd and Can as well as Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock with their grizzled Dadaism and Lee Ranaldo´s expansive and drone-bound guitar textures. Inspired by Fourier´s Harmonian Opera and several quotations by Hakim Bey, Sores´ has here created an album that resonates with depth of a nature rarely found these days. In special full colour gatefold packaging and limited to 300, this can now be ordered via the Catalogue.


*V/A " HARD PANNING: the ultimate contemporary cut-up harsh noise international compilation" cd (12.00,-)
The hardest-hitting release of the year. Featuring well-established artists as well as relative newcomers, the compilation contains roughly 50 minutes of top quality, complex and dynamic harsh noise. HARD PANNING documents the evolution and redefining of the genre which came a long way since the early pioneers. A definite must-have. Featuring: Ahlzagailzehguh, Deafault, Developer, Encephalophonic, Facialmess, Jaakko Vanhala, Jake Vida, K2, Kazuma Kubota, Kazumoto Endo, Lettera 22, Maaaa, Mantichora, Purgist & T.E.F. Co-release by Triangle Records and Somnolent Shelter Records. Co-curated by Sergei Hanolainen and Dawid Kowalski.

*V/A "33 RPM: 10 Hours of Sound from France" cd (12.00,-)
An exhibition companion compilation to SFMOMA's 2003 listening room program 33 RPM: 10 Hours of Sound from France, curated by Laurent Dailleau. 33 RPM's Compact Disc companion features compositions from Kasper Toeplitz, Kristoff K. Roll, Jean-Claude Risset, Lionel Marchetti, Christophe Havel, Laurent Dailleau, Mathieu Chamagne, pizMO, Jean-Philippe Gross, and Mimetic. Comes with a 24 page booklet and original program details.

CD compilation made exclusively for the 3rd Industrial Festival in Wroclaw Poland ( 12-13 november 2004), that contain unreleased studio tracks by all the bands that played in those 2 rainy nights...RAPOON, GIRNU GIESMES, JOB KARMA, AGHIATRIAS, HAWTHORN, SIEBEN, INSTITUTION D.O.L., MAGIC CARPATHIANS PROJECT, KRATONG, DEUTSCH NEPAL.


*V/A "BLACK SQUARE" cd (12.00,-)
Fresh survey of Russian post-industrial scene performed by KultFront activists. The continuation of line started with "Red Square" compilation. 15 exclusive tracks from BRZB (collaboration between Dmitry Zuboff from Hypnoz and Alexei Borisov), Bardoseneticcube, Ganzer feat. Lenochka, Ritualnaya Bioingeneria, Cyclotimia, SS-18 (side-project of DMT), Evilution, EKRAN (collaboration between Kryptogen Rundfunk and Anthesteria), Bunker (side-project of Ryr), Reutoff, Misery, Anthesteria, Tsaraas (side-project of Majdanek Waltz), Sal Solaris, Necropolis.

*V/A "C2H23NO5: Diacetylmorphin" cd (10.00,-)

*V/A "CATACLASTIC FRACTURE vol 2" cd (8.00,-)
2nd compilation in the series after long sold out Cataclastic Fracture 3 x c-90 compilation tape series. This CD has 1 minute each, 74 artists. CONCRETE VIOLIN, PRURIENT, TEF, XOME, STEEL HOOK PROTHESIS, STOLEN LIGHT, GUILTY CONNECTOR, NOISEBITCH, STEGM, CRANK STURGEON, MK9, TADM, BULL ANUS, BIG CITY ORCHESTRA.. to name a few. Deadline Recordings.

*V/A "COLLAPSE" cd (8.00,-)
Released on occasion of the ´´Collapse´´ festival in Rostock/Germany, August 2000. This compilation contains exclusive studio tracks by all performing artists: Ultra United, MZ.412 vs. Folkstorm, Nocturne, Predominance, Heid, Ex.Order and Axon Neuron/Vagwa.

*V/A "Dark Transmissions" cd (8.00,-)
Mostrare, Habeeb, Wilt, Endzeit, Veiled Allusions, Divine Muzak, Termvred, Aural Blasphemy and many others, in total 15 bands! Good way to get know with many rather new/unknown artists of noise/ ambient.

*V/A "DEATH ODORS III" cd (13.00,-)
classic slaughter productions dark ambient comp with Negru Voda, Stratum Terror, Schloss Tegal, Bad Sector, Folkstorm, IRM, Desiderii Marginis, etc...

*V/A "Don't Get Annoyed. Get Inspired! " cd* (6.00,-)
Origami Galaktika. kobi. Lasse Marhaug. Sindre Bjerga. etc.. in dvd box with insert.

*V/A "DRY LUNGS IV" cd (12.00,-)
Controlled Bleeding, Dissecting Table, Robert Rich, Gerogerigegege, and more! Classic comp, available also on vinyl !

*V/A "EKHNATHON" cd (12.00,-)
"This compilation, originally released in 1984 as a vinyl LP by MULTIPLE CONFIGURATION in collaboration with the legendary ADN label, is finally available again in a completely remastered CD version. “Ekhnaton” collects tracks recorded by the most daring and remarkable bands that were active in the experimental Italian scene during those years. “Simple Italian Research Vol. 1″ was (and still is) the subtitle of an album that includes two tracks from each of the following bands: Maze 1066, Tasaday (whose “Implosione tra le pieghe dell’anima” has recently been reissued by Silentes), Evitaxal – an alias for Roberto Marinelli, also active as Laxative Souls – and the more well-known and active TAC (TOMOGRAFIA ASSIALE COMPUTERIZZATA). Through a valuable and accurate restoration, we’re glad to make available again an unmissable view on the first intuitions and the experimental methodologies that shaped their times, leaving a permanent mark – in Italy and abroad – on the following generations. "

*V/A "EPICUREAN ESCAPISM I" cd+dvd* (20.00,-)
CD with brandnew & exclusive tracks by KRANK, JARL, IRM and a collaboration of HUMAN LARVAE & ANEMONE TUBE, a DVD collecting a variety of MARTIN BLADH`s video works (92min.), ranging from his first short film “Pig and Tomboy” (2005) to the conceptual installation video “DES” (2009), as well as a 24-page catalogue with essays & artworks by MARTIN BLADH. Limited to 350 copies.

*V/A "Epicurean Escapism II Compilation + Con-Dom " cd+ dvd (20.00,-)
On the occasion of the second Epicurean Escapism Festival 15th of June 2013 a CD/DVD compilation is released. including a CD with exclusive tracks by the performing artists KE/HIL. POST SCRIPTVM. ANEMONE TUBE. DIETER MÜH & TREPANERINGSRITUALEN. a DVD by CON-DOM with super 8 short films and experimental movies created by Mike Dando in the 1980s to early 1990s and finally digitally restored in 2013 and a 20-page catalogue with essay & artworks by ALEX TENNIGKEIT. ANDREW LILES. CARMEN BURGUESS. DENNIS RUDOLPH. PHILIP BEST & RUDOLF EB.ER. Epicurean Escapism II CD Playtime: 53 minutes 1 Ke/Hil - Dark Germany 3:55 2 Anemone Tube - Apocalyptic Fantasy 3:20 3 Anemone Tube - Accumulations 8:44 4 Post Scriptvm - Leprous Driver 7:42 5 Trepaneringsritualen - Vanärat Är Ditt Namn 3:29 6 Trepaneringsritualen - End Of Flesh 5:10 7 Dieter Müh - Bethlehem 20:34 Con-Dom “We Who Were Living Are Now Dying” DVD Playtime: 55 minutes 1 Impressions of a System 6:12 2 The Coming of Christ 13:35 3 Our Pleasure in the Pain/Vilification 8:42 4 All In Good Faith 1 14:18 5 All In Good Faith 2 (Get Right With God) 6:52 6 Hunger for Death 5:57 Catalogue 20 page catalogue with essay and art works by ALEX TENNIGKEIT ANDREW LILES CARMEN BURGUESS DENNIS RUDOLPH PHILIP BEST RUDOLF EB.ER Conception. compilation and design: The Epicurean 2013 Curation of the visual artists & essay: Uwe Schneider/African Paper 2012/13 CD mastering: Phil Julian 2013 DVD editing & mastering: Industrial Recollections 2013 DVD Format: Region free PAL (playable on any computer and any DVD Player. which can play PAL with no restriction coded for any region) Released by: The Epicurean (D). Silken Tofu (BE) & Peripheral Records (UK) Release date: 15th of June 2013 Edition: Limited. hand numbered 350 copies Packaging: luxurious 6 panel 21 x 15 cm folder + 20-page catalogue. printed on matt image paper with dispersion varnish and packaged in a transparent. sealable bag

*V/A "EROS WEAPONS" cd (9.00,-)
International Noise Music Contest "Luigi Russolo - Rossana Maggia" (for young composers under 35) Donal Sarsfield. Georges Forget. Hayashi Koyhei. Junya Oikawa. Vasily Stepanov. Junya Oikawa. Alejandron Casales Navarrete. etc...

*V/A "FATHER:LAND" cd (13.00,-)
Brilliant compilation with mostly EXCLUSIVE songs (or never before released versions) for this compilation by: Sagittarius - Jännerwein - Von Thronstahl - Stormfagel - Verdandi - Svarrogh - Atomtrakt Hrossharsgrani - Dead Man's Hill - Werra - Vinterriket - Rasthof Dachau - Oda Relicta

*V/A "FEED YOUR EGO" cd (12.00,-)
noisecore + noise compilation with Poochlatz, Caranava Anarquist, Dave Phillips, Seven Minutes of Nausea, Dead Peni, Goatworshipper. Nat Records (jap)

*V/A "FUCK THE MODERN WORLD" cd (12.00,-)
CON-DOM, JANITOR, FROZEN FACES, DEUTCH NEPAL, HAZARD, THE GREY WOLVES, and more. Includes live & exclusive studio tracks from bands.

australian noise compilation!

*V/A "FUNERAL SONGS" cd (12.00,-)
Raison D´etre, Alio Die, Amber Asylum, Gruntsplatter, House of Low Culture, Shinjuku Thief + many more

*V/A "GOTHENBURG 08" cd (12.00,-)

*V/A "Hail Be You Sovereigns. Lief And Dear" 2xCD (15.00,-)
John Barleycorn is king of the fields. gloriously robed in green and crowned with sheaves of golden wheat. He reigns all summer long. but is cut down and deposed at harvest-time. only to be reborn and reinstated the following year. He relies on no arid theory to justify his rule. but only his endless generosity to his subjects. The King is dead – long live the King. 30 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music.

*V/A "HEILIGE FEUER" cd* (13.00,-)
sol solaris, deutsch nepal, der blutharsh, genocide organ, reutof. c. dvd size packaging.

*V/A "HEILIGE FEUER #3" cd * (15.00,-)
dvd side package, Wappenbund, Lunar Abyss Quartet, Inade, Cyclotimia.

*V/A "HOUR OF THE WOLF" cd (12.00,-)
Hour Of The Wolf consist nearly 20 minutes work per four artists. Martin Bladh (IRM). Kristian Olsson (Survival Unit. Alfarmania). Kevin Tomkins (Sutcliffe Jugend) and Joel Danielsson. Decayed tape manipulations. field recordings. gloomy ambient drones. monumental experimental soundscapes. For nocturnal solitary listening. Comes with 16 pages full color A5 size booklet including artwork and text by each artist. Freak Animal Records.

Gelsomina, Lowlife, Control, Montage, Aeoga, Intant Movie Combinations, Halo Manash, Redhouse, Indra and many more! Good variation of industrial-noise-pe-ambient. in dvd box.

*V/A "HOWARD 31 - Artware compilation vol. 1" cd (12.00,-)
Klangkrieg, Contagious Orgasm, Small Cruel Party, CCCC, Syllyk, etc. another nice compilation from mid 90´s noise & experimental sound!

*V/A "jenseits der rosen" cd (12.00,-)
sol invinctus, costes, suckdog, pure

*V/A "John Barleycorn Reborn: Rebirth" 2xCD (15.00,-)
The compilers of 'John Barleycorn Reborn' (2007). faced an embarrassment of riches - a testament both to English folk heritage and the health of the contemporary folk music scene. So here we have the second crop from that original sowing. Originally released for download only. now finally available as a stunning double CD. with every track completely remastered to the highest quality. 33 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music.

Romanian Iron Guard marches!

*V/A "MORAL HAZARD" cd* (6.00,-)
steel hook prothesis, la komunidad, mourmansk 150, Climax Denial, Leiche Rustikal, and many more. slim dvd case.

*V/A "music makes a quiet mind - musically incorrect #2" cdr* (4.00,-)
Haare, rats with wings, toni kandelin, uton, armenia, gelsomina.

*V/A "MUTATIONS OF A DREAM" cd (8.00,-)
compilation of unknown Finnish noise / ambient. KOJE, HOMBRE MUERTO, KONEMESSIAS, NYRJÄ, HAAVA, DIVERAEON, LÖYLY, VASEMMAN RAAJAN HALVAUS, THE 4TH FLOOR, MAELSTROM. Only pressed 300, real CD with full color cover!

*V/A "Muzyka Voln" cd (12.00,-)
The first release of a new sublabel of ZHELEZOBETON - Muzyka Voln - is a compilation of the same name, containing compositions from twelve Russian projects playing ambient / drone music. A selection of audio-tales in which each project introduces the listener to its own sound world he´s living in: mystical stories, isolationism, altered states of consciousness, space landscapes, monotonous technogenic rumble, guitar passages and much more... Specially for this compilation exclusive tracks were provided by: Anthesteria feat. Kaj?, Bardoseneticcube, Cisfinitum, Closing The Eternity, Exit In Grey, Hum, Instant Movie Combinations, Kshatriy, Lunar^Abyss^Deus^Organum, Necropolis, Polaris and RemoteBand. This compilation may be useful for those interested in the Russian experimental scene and just for lovers of beautiful contemplative music. The CD is housed in a six-panel digipak decorated with photos of Baltic Sea made by Pavel "fljo~t" Pevnitsky.

Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Black Leather Jesus, Control Resistance, Daniel Menche, Fuck The World/Cunnyplug, W-Project, Grey Wolves, Macronympha, Nimoy and monstrous 20 minute contribution from Incapacitants! Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting! Industrial Recollections

*V/A "NO NOISE IS GOOD NOISE" cd (8.00,-)
99 tracks of short noise cuts from all over the world. Discs are slightly scratched, so price is cheaper. Fecalove, Mutant Ape, Haters, Papercut, Lowlife, Rancid Shit Wank, Other Peoples Childen....... and a lot more.

*V/A "NOISE DECAY - noises and such from Denmark vol 1" cd-r (3.00,-)
A compilation of Danish noise music, presenting a number 16 of known and unknown artists from the "scene" in Denmark. Artist appearing on the comp will include names such as nxfxtxex, Hentai, Respirator, Dark Vibes, b3nny, and Wäldchengarten, as well as a number of up and coming acts. It is, to my knowledge, the first of its kind. Includes an 8-page booklet and is limited to 100 copies.

*V/A "NOISERISING" cd (12.00,-)
Hong Kong. Taiwan and Mainland China. who are active(addicted) to develop and present their own SOUND nowadays! Learn whatfs really happening of recent experimental and non-academic music in Hong Kong. Taiwan and Mainland China. features tracks by Formalin (Guangzhou). Hatred In Eyes (Hong Kong). ‘ä–k”MH Taipei Hot Autumn (Taipei). ”~Žu—E Mei Zhiyoung (Changchun). lllllllllllHH (Shanghai). Torturing Nurse (Shanghai). VAVABOND (Beijing). Orgasm Denial (Hong Kong) and Edwin Lo (Hong Kong). We hope to show you at least part of the fact. some artists we have followed and communicated for days but not stupid recommendations made by Mr. Know-nothing journalists or Chinese-manias. Unfortunately. we have to give up some names because of disc length. Maybe next time if you care.

*V/A "orphee" cd (12.00,-)
prophecy compilation with christian death, john foxx, black tape for blue girl, tones on tail, peter ulrich, unto ashes, and so on..

*V/A "Raiz Iberica" cd (12.00,-)
'Raíz Ibérica' ('Iberian Root') is a meeting of Iberian bands dealing with the myths, legends and origins of Iberia Peninsula (Spain & Portugal). From delicate Folk tunes to Ur-Folk through more Natural-Ambient songs to even Ritual passages and traditional music. All bands involved have a deep connection with the old roots, stones and mountains forming this particular land. This is the perfect compilation to be intruduced in Iberian folk nowadays. More if you're interested in the folk rooted on traditions, legends and old Gods... Featuring Àrnica, Sangre de Muérdago, Urze de Lume, Keltika Hispanna, Stillme, Caelia, Azagatel, Wihinnei Rita, Cosmos, The Wyrm, Azagatel, Ángel Román. Get ready to enter into hidden Iberia...

*V/A "RED SQUARE" cd (12.00,-)
Feat. comFORdebt, Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran, Rupor Udara, Majdanek Waltz, MP 44, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Cloning Experiment Failure, Comforter, Linija Mass, Fedor Svolotch, Chelovek, Mashina I Trans V Urbastrukture, DMT, Shumy Rossii (Noises of Russia), Disciplina Arcani, Cisfinitum, Knut. "The third release of musical label KultFront is a compilation entitled "Red Square". 16 Russian industrial projects, more or less known, prepared exclusive tracks for this compilation. There was a simple task given to the musicians - to try to express their attitude to revolution in general and to National-Bolshevism in particular. Maliciously, archly, pathetically, cosmically, intelligently - it´s all went different. That´s why the compilation contains very stylistically diverse, but qualitatively rich and rather difficult for one-time listening industrial mass. Fragile cardboard sleeve symbolizes the frailty of existence while the CD itself is done in the form of steel armoured train wheel. Just as revolution absorbs absolutely everything, the music and design of this release include completely incompatible, sometimes diametrically opposed things. Intro and Outro contain the recordings made during revolutionary mass-meeting in St. Petersburg at November 7, 2004. Conceptually, this CD has all the chances to go down in history of Russian industrial."

*V/A "Revenge ?! Yes ! NORDIC AUDIO MODERN 2012" cd (12.00,-)
There is nothing much to say about this record. Only that it was created by dedicating new and previously unreleased tracks by the legendary world famous ambient/industrial bands to the cult festival NORDIC AUDIO MODERN. To this record at least three new tracks were loaded by a legendary Der General. also known as Deutsch Nepal. It is simply the best compilation of 2012. I bet on that for “a tank of methanol”! land:fire. circular. deutsch nepal . herbst9 . fjernlys . ex.order. inade. in slaughter natives. maldur atai -. oro! oro! . survival unit . trepaneringsritualen. 79 mins! Autarkeia

*V/A "Risveglio Di Una Citta (In Memory Of Luigi Russolo)" 6 x CDR* (35.00,-)
Limited edition of 160 handnumbered copies. The 6 CDr´s come in a full colour art book of 20 pages. Cría Cuervos, Lieutenant Caramel, Big City Orchestra , Head58m, Government Alpha, Hyware. One disc each!

*V/A "Russolo Contest" 2xCD (13.00,-)
In March 2010, Le Bruit De La Neige Festival organized the annual Luigi Russolo - Rossana Maggia Competition at the Faverges Soierie. The aim was to promote the electroacoustic music of young composers (under 35 years old). 60 composers from 28 countries participated in this contest. We selected 15 pieces received the maximum votes.

Name says it all. Includes also long Haters re-mix using these tracks!

*V/A "SIX DOORS" cd (10.00,-)
Aube, Bastard Noise, Guilty Connector & Tabata, Luasa Raelon, Unicorn, and Oblong Box. 6 tracks, 71 minutes

*V/A "sky flowers & horse eggs" cd (10.00,-)
blackhouse. etant donnes. nocturnal emissions. randy greif. zoviet france. g-park. etc etc!

Lolita Slavinder unleashes the long awaited compilation of Finnish noisecore!! NIHILIST COMMANDO presents the nihilo noisecore in bands finest tradition. NUCLEAR VOICE reeks the south american DT/Reh damage with hints of Necropussy or Hellnoise. A.N.H. still reminds their early 90's sound. but with additional influence of Deche-Charge at their best. TUHO wrestles in dirty basement. BEIP screams out total pussy core. From NOISE WASTE archives was found unreleased recording of ultra chaotic vocal storm and instrument distorter. ANAL KEG unreleased demo 2006 in it's full glory. AUNT MARY returns with fresh material from 2011. with nasty and fierce sound. making their comeback 7" sound like Toto. FUNERAL MONGOLOIDS. fast and furious. retarded noisecore in at its best. S.E.X. is like Tokyo Anal Dynamite era Gerogerigegege with throatier vocals. YESMEANSYES finishes this 60 minutes compilation with their best live recording ever. full of energy. 12 pages booklet and inlay. (Note that release date 14.9. Will be shipped then.)

New good price!! Check this out!! Segerhuva records compilation! Best way to get known this good swedish labels bands! Exclusive tracks !! MNEM, SEWER ELECTION, KOEFF, SKIN AREA, JARL, GOVERNMENT ALPHA, OCHU, BARRIKAD, BLOD, MARTIN BLADH, SHARON´S LAST PARTY, INSTITUT and more!!

*V/A "TENSION STATE COLLAPSING - Houstonoise compilation" 2xCD (15.00,-)
INDUSTRIAL RECOLLECTIONS. In 1995-1996 one could describe as golden years of Texas noise. These two compilations curated by Richard Ramirez, originally tape releases on Chaotic Noise Productions, released in tiny editions almost 15 years ago is proof of it. Known from harshness and simple ear assaulting qualities, this compilation shows also the nightmarish industrial-noise edge of clanging metals, tape manipulations, fierce feedback, brutal samples,... 2 hours with 28 tracks. Slave Labor, Kaibatsu, Electro Anal Kink, Limacon, Infant Erection, Black Leather Jesus, Rotten Piece, Threshold of Sleep, Scrotal Termites, Manplug, Mass Murder Media, Stab Range and many more! Both compilations are presented with original line-up´s. Volume levels has been corrected, but otherwise sound left untouched to reflect the mood of original tapes. Double-jewelbox with re-prints of original artwork.

*V/A "TERROR CAMPAIGN" cd (12.00,-)
Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Taint, Con-Dom, Daniel Menche, Macronympha, Nimoy, Odal, Goldenrod, Fascist Imperium, Contagious Orgasm! Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting! Industrial Recollections

*V/A "TESTAMENT" cd (8.00,-)
Artificial Memory Trace, Thomas Dimuzio, RLW, John Wiggins, Koji Marutani and more. Experimental soundworks. RRR

*V/A "THE STEINKLANG PICTURE YEARS 1995-1996" 4xCD* (25.00,-)
7" size with re-issues of best early Steinklang picture vinyl releases. Irikarah, Atrox, Rasthof Dachau, DKF, Viron and more..

*V/A "thermodynamics" cdr* (4.00,-)
in slim dvd box. The bizarre blue spectre, camisole, maleux, the vault. o.m.s. - N.m.a.

*V/A "Throne" 2xCD (10.00,-)
A nice-price 2CD sampler of our current / forthcoming releases. 33 original tracks spanning over 100 releases. since our last sampler “Swarm”. “Throne” encompasses Industrial. Dark Ambient. Ritual. Japanese Noise. Drone. Power Electronics. Death Industrial. Dark Folk. Orchestral music. A wonderful collection for you to discover the world of Cold Spring. Track Listing: Disc 1 1. Iron Fist Of The Sun – ‘Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand’ 2. Kreuzweg Ost – ‘Calvaria’ 3. Sleep Research Facility – ‘Stealth1 (Excerpt)’ 4. TenHornedBeast – ‘Cimmeria’ 5. Splinterskin – ‘The Thing That Wasn’t’ 6. C.C.C.C. – ‘Chaos Is The Cosmos (Excerpt) 7. Hirsute Pursuit Feat. Boyd Rice – ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ 8. Heldentod – ‘Incorruptible’ 9. Satori – ‘Entity’ 10. NDE – ‘Untitled’ 11. Rose Rovine E Amanti – ‘Demian’ 12. Nordvargr – ‘Tordön’ 13. Merzbow & Z’EV – ‘Spiral Left (Excerpt)’ 14. Steven Severin – ‘Through A Glass Darkly’ 15. Sutcliffe Jugend – ‘Carnage’ 16. Emme Ya – ‘Descending To Astral Void (Solve Et Coagula)’ Disc 2 1. Goatvargr ‘Goatsbane /Scapewolf’ 2. Von Thronstahl – ‘Gloomy White Sunday’ 3. Z’EV – ‘V2 = U2- 2 (Excerpt)’ 4. Skullflower – ‘Hanged Man’s Seed’ 5. All Hail The Transcending Ghost – ‘Intornator’ 6. Prurient – ‘Specter Of A Child’ 7. Deadwood – ‘A.V.E’ 8. Cages – ‘If It Flies. It Dies (Excerpt)’ 9. Wicked King Wicker – ‘The High Exalted Nothing’ 10. Merzbow Vs Nordvargr – ‘Heterotic String Hybrid’ 11. South Saturn Delta – ‘Banishment Snake (Excerpt)’ 12. Sagittarius – ‘Uni Ja Kuolema’ 13. Fire In The Head – ‘Gag Order’ 14. Sistrenatus – ‘Slow-Wave’ 15. Sehnsucht – ‘Sult (Excerpt)’ 16. Merzbow – ‘Anicca Part. 1 (Excerpt)’ 17. Anni Hogan – ‘Mother Goddess’

*V/A "TO MAGIC 2" cd (12.00,-)
Orplid, Tenhi, Dornenreich, Bethlehem, Empyrium, Of the wand and the moon, In the woods... more!


*V/A "U.S. Bestial Forces" 3xCD (25.00,-)
US. BESTIAL FORCES! unites really 50 pearls of US American power electronic bands: F/I/T/H. Richard Ramirez. Genocide Lolita. Violent Pink. Deeper Wells. Frailty of Angels. Gnawed. Magia Nuda. James Balster. Deterge. Blood Rhythms. NYARLATHOTEP. R.S.P.. Churner. RU-486 feat. Bereft. Koufar. His Throne. The Vomit Arsonist. Constrictions. Miscreant. Murderous Vision. Nyodene D.. Cunting Daughters. Josh Hydeman. Goatlab. The Thin White Puke. Bitchneck. Corpuscle. Bereft. Klit. Hierchiss. Sharpwaist. False Flag. Xiphoid Dementia. Streetmeat. Corephallism. Pharmakon. Slogun. Rape-X features Missy Moist. Zulanwar. Custodian. Grammal Seizure. Striations. Steel Hook Prostheses. Mania. Blessed Sacrifist. Wolverine Carcass. Heavy Breathing. Secret Guilt. Machismo.

*V/A "VARIABLE RESISTANCE: 10 Hours of Sound from Australia" cd (12.00,-)
Variable Resistance— a co-presentation between 23five Incorporated and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art—originally celebrated this Australian renaissance with a 10 hour ‘listening event’ in September of 2002. From those ten hours, curator Philip Samartzis distilled the best tracks to be featured on this CD compendium. Variable Resistance is a title that encapsulates the tone and extent of the work on hand, referencing not only the electronic gizmo (the variable resistor) as key to many of the featured homespun constructions filtered through state of the art DSP filters, but also as an applicable non-definition of those artists who "offer variable resistance in how they are defined and the positions they occupy in a broader cultural context, fragmented, and dispersed among remote cities and divided by enormous physical and psychological space." Within this disc, the Australian aesthetic finds itself reflecting a number of ideas previously mined throughout the history of electronic music from Mego’s fascination with the streaming micro-textures of digital fragmentation to Metamkine’s conceptual riddles within their Cinema Pour L’oreille series to the brazen noise-junk collages from Merzbow and Otomo Yoshihide. Yet, Variable Resistance resolves its uniqueness by smashing these references with brutish noise and demonstrative force applied to the stereotypically delicate sensibilities of electro-acoustic composition. For instance, Samartzis’ collages of environmental, plundered, and digitized sound meld into psychologically abrasive narrative scalded by toxic agents; Pimmon transforms agitated chunks of granular synthesis into cybersonic lullabies; and David Brown’s jarringly angular duet between a prepared guitar and a squeaking door stands as a steroid injected homage to Pierre Henry’s musique concrete classic Variations Pour Une Porte Et Un Soupir. Along with Samartzis, Brown, and Pimmon, Variable Resistance also features exclusive compositions from Oren Ambarchi, Robbie Avenaim, Philip Samartzis, Xonk, Thembi Soddell, Darrin Verhagen, and Delire.

*V/A "VARIABLE RESISTANCE: 10 Hours of Sound from Japan" 2xCD (15.00,-)
This two-disc compilation coincides with last year's SFMOMA exhibit of the same name, a "listening event documenting the past 50 years of Japanese experimental music," though this recording features mostly electronic-oriented material from the past few years. Despite this, its breadth is exceptional and some of the tracks are unreleased, so it's excellent both for collectors or as an introduction. Noise, of course, is a focal point, and each of the several noise pieces are quite distinct—Pain Jerk's track is a rumbling, rhythmic assault in contrast to Masonna's brighter vocal and synth-driven freakout. The Otomo Yoshihide track, consisting only of high frequency guitar feedback, is easily the toughest; he exploits the subtle interaction of two tonally pure sustained notes, holding them for uncomfortable lengths of time. It's interesting and challenging but I prefer his more dynamic work. Other tracks range from minimalist-inspired rhythmic clicks, such as the Nerve Net Noise, Atau Tanaka, and Ryoji Ikeda tracks, which all manage to distinguish themselves with their detailed but disarmingly simple tonal palettes, to more abstract, juxtaposed medleys. Masahiro Miwa's contribution uses plaintive low-fi synths to establish tension; though the sounds are light and playful, the overall feel is heavy and works well with his stated topic of youth violence in Japan. I like I.d.'s supposedly "hacker"-inspired piece. Its discrete bundles of static and waves of digital noise sound almost like information, and it slowly develops into something vaguely repetitive and structured. The compilation also features a few notable older but forward-looking pieces. Yasunao Tone's track is about contrasts: beauty and ugliness as well as ancient and modern, combining gorgeous flute playing and a noisy synth that sounds like the creaking of a door. The music stops periodically for an NPR-type voice to read some semi-decent poetry; although the track is long and generally simple, it's still engaging and I love the flute playing. The Kazuo Uehara composition, dating back to 1988, has the most impressive sounds on the disc. It begins with some quiet, indeterminate events and some mumbled French with a cavernous echo, and the vocals grow increasingly processed and alien. Stunning woodwind-like drones build towards an organ-like range and later into hauntingly serene howling and whistling. The ground that this compilation covers, as a whole, is amazing, and it definitely reaffirms the brilliance of Japanese musical innovation.

limited 318 copies. Con-Dom, Fecalove, Satanismo Calibro 9, Beyond Sensory Experience, Brighter Death Now.

"Leiche Rustikal : Fields Of Forgotten 3", "Oxyd : Atria" , "Allerseeleen : Mit Der Sonne" ,"Troum : Donisis" ,"Job Karma : Talk With Daddy" ,"Sol Invictus : The Blackleg Miner", "Lagowski : MVe5_Wroc" ,"Tabor Radosti : Cas Uderu" ,"Herbst9 : I Bloodwhisper 2 Pass The Gate" ,"Hati vs. Z´ev : Layering Of The Elements", We can hear a multitude of sounds, taste a multitude of flavours, walking under the rain in the evocative setting of Ostrow Tumski. From the thin grey shades of Herbst 9 to the esoteric hypnotisms of Allerseelen, through the wrapping electronics soundscapes of Job Karma and the delicate folk melodies of Sol Invictus. A journey through ambient atmospheres, industrial movements and a comforting melancholy moistened by little raindrops… A dusty old computer which spits out elaborate electronic solutions through a trembling screen which will show a city in black and white. An entity full of chrome metal covered with a futuristic loneliness, crossed piercing gloomy ambient passages distorted by a turmoil of electro rhythms. A work for the most delicate and passionate palates and for those who are looking for an avantgarde sound. From Poland a duet who offers a complex but interesting electronic carpet with a thrilling remix featuring their more famous mates CH District"

*V/A "We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold " 2xCD (15.00,-)
he follow-up to our award winning Folk compilation "John Barleycorn Reborn" from 2007. 34 tracks and 146 minutes of music from the best of current British Folk artists. The raw green of spring is burnished through midsummer into the baked golden crust of August, the headlong vigour of new growth slowing, ripening into a sagging, fecund fullness. Crows wheel low over a cornfield, inkblots spilt on the wide blue sky, their ragged cries cracking the drowsy haze of high summer. Cornstalks rustle and whisper secretively, heads nodding sagely in the light breeze, spread resplendent over the land like the bushy sun-bleached beard of Barleycorn himself, basking in the afternoon heat. The image fades, dispersing into the ripples of Mimir’s black mirror, and now the harvest appears as the radiant blonde braids of gentle Sif, Norse goddess of the corn, ever-faithful wife of Thor, patroness of fidelity, of promises kept. Again the mirror ripples, and now the corn forms the mane of a magnificent horse, surging over the earth, alive with energy, bearing the memory of innumerable harvests past and the promise of harvests yet to come, past and future radiating out in all directions from this perfect, poised moment of completion. It’s time to reap.

*V/A "WE WOULD BE HAPPY" cd (10.00,-)
Cock ESP, Costes, Lasse Marhaug, KK Null, Richard Ramirez, Smell & Quim

*V/A "Widerstand" cd* (12.00,-)
Packaged in a DVD box with large booklet. Propergol, Con-Dom, Maison Close, and more..

This year is of course the year that we celebrate 100 years of The Art Of Noise. not the band. but the manifesto from Luigi Russolo. If that line doesn't mean anything. stop reading here and google it first. Somewhere you can win an award 'Luigi Russolo-Rossana Maggia' for 'young composers under 35' (I think I ranted before about being young vs being old in this world) and the prize winners are on this compilation. the 1st. 2nd and 3rd prize. as well as the audience awards and mentions by Ginafranco Maffina. Rossana Maggia and Dmitry Vasilyev (the jury perhaps?). All of these works are between 8 and 11 minutes. perhaps a restriction for entering this competition? Steven Snethkamp (2nd prize) has a weird piece for percussion. wind instruments and organ. maybe representing the orchestral noise as outlined by Russolo. whereas the third prize (for Carlos David Perales Cejudo) is more conventional electro-acoustic music. Not bad. but perhaps not special enough. Which I may also think of Theodore Karkatselas and Esteban Zuniga Dominguez. Vasilyev's mention goes to Andrei Lisin who delivers actually a very nice and somewhat cruder collage of sound. more fitting these pages. The two audience awards are also nice pieces. especially by Sam Salem. Prize winner is Timothy Schmele whose 'The Common Perkins Scream' is indeed a great piece combing cleverly electro-acoustic sounds. spoken word and electronics into a fine small piece with great radio play quality. Perhaps it would have been my winner too. (Says Frans De Ward)