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(note: in some band names i.e. The New Blockaders, The Protagonist etc, they are listed alphabetically in letter "T". However, some cases like The Haters, is often listed simply as Haters in "H". Artist names are listed by the first name. Like John Hudak is in "J" not "H", etc.)
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*ALCHEMY OF THE 21ST CENTURY "Beauty of Aesthetic Imperfection" cd (12.00,-)
Field recordings, violin, citra, percussion, metal, glass, stones, water,... 14 tracks, half field recording, half studio live. Freak Animal Records.

*AMK & KITTEN ON THE KEYS "since you went away" 3"cd (6.00,-)
a collaboration of amk´s turntable destruction and piano by burlesque performer kitten on the keys. a real factory pressed cd. Banned prod

*ARMON KUILU "armon kuilu" mcd (7.00,-)
"The first release from Totuuden Sarvi Levyt is a piece of Finnish art destined to remain in the minds of those who hear it. The debut mini-album by Armon Kuilu is a funereal musical journey. two long progressive compositions built out mostly of classical piano. strings. orchestral drums. singing. prayers and invocations in male and female voices. More of a gothic work than a total assault on the senses. yet one must remember that the word gothic is often abused in connotation with just a melancholic form of new age entertainment music but here the soundscapes bring to mind images of forlorn cemetaries. initiatory cults. bloodletting. woodlands and altered states of consciousness. At times the melodies of chamber music break out into squeals. groans and crackling which haunt the space and resonate with the Finnish poetry. that most of the time reminds one of a satanic ceremony. Some passages sound familiar to the listeners of European avantgarde and progressive music such as ACTUS. ART ZOYD and releases from the label Athanor. Post-industrial fans should also listen to this work but remember that this is not your generic so-called occult album with the usual Crowley spoken parts. Instead this is a deeply personal work with challenging classical and sometimes jazz or progressive melodies composed by the master behind the project and performed by real musicians with authentic instruments and also utilizing real actors for the various voices and spoken parts. Believe me. you will hear the difference. The mini-album comes in a black & white sleeve with a full color 8-page art booklet (size 7x7"). built from nature-mystical imagery shot on infrared film."

*ARSE "discography" cd (12.00,-)
This Finnish band triumphed shortly during 1992-1993, followed in footsteps of Sore Throat, Seven Minutes of Nausea and most of all, early ANAL CUNT! Live assaults and one "studio demo" is compiled to one nearly 50 minute CD! Test the limits of noisecore chaos you can take! Absolute must! Lolita Slavinder Records.

*ASHLEY C "drift" cd (12.00,-)
Second CD of Ashley C on Freak Animal takes project to new dimensions of rotten minimalism. Ashley C manages to escape all the easy solutions of noise entertainment and instead offers two painfully challenging pieces of ultimate tape decay. Warm analogue hiss. broken mutated sounds of recycled and re-re-redubbed sounds. swallowed in magnetic abyss. No aggression or loudness. no ambient or industrial. Atmosphere is highly obcure and keep one waiting for climax what will never come. Approach is opposed to academic tape studies. Aesthetics and presentation is very close to all past Ashley C hand made ruggedness and xerox cult. Packaged in 3 fold cardboard sleeve. Freak Animal CD-072

*ASHLEY C "timeless reality" cd (12.00,-)
Early tape material power electronics associations of Ashley C are gone. This Danish project has been progressing and conquering new territories of sound. Timeless Reality is interesting study of the less noisy and less harsh side of electronics and scrap metal. It´s coarse in fidelity, creating nearly suffocating atmosphere, yet delicate and detailed with rich texture that evolves from song to another. Freak Animal Records is proud to offer this debute CD of rising project!

*AUBE "MILLENNIUM (DEFINITIVE EDITION)" 12xcd + cd-r (50.00,-)
If you think you don´t have enough aube. here´s one disc for each month and bonus CDr only available in this box set ! (discs were also awailable separately). This is priced to be cheaper than individual discs. so use possibility to get them all cheap at once! Amplexus


*BIIG CEITY ORCHESTRAW "Sound effects library volume two" cd (10.00,-)
USA experimental noise veterans

*BUDRÜS "Canine Visions IX" CD (12.00,-)
I'm almost out of words when I need to describe what Budrus really is. I'm certain no "sample track" will help you grasp the excellency of this album. Releasing this masterpiece has been delayed beyond reasonable time. but as it managed to evade categorization and trends. it is so timeless that year here or there won't hurt. Budrus is duo consisting members of Girnų Giesmės and Pogrom. Knowing little by these two projects may help one to be aware of possibilities. but Budrus manages to go beyond being mere "collaboration" and contain project of its own identity. Wonderful instrument drones. melancholy slow melodies and diversity of compositions and textures and combined with power of ultra masculine vocal performance of Leonardas Marozas. Artwork and lyrics combined with strange combinations of atmosphere. melancholy. aggressive force and tasty effects is beyond anything I hear anyone else doing. Downtempo. ambient/drone with the forcefullness of power electronics without having almost any musical similarities to mentioned genres. Don't expect easy genre music. give it a try and be rewarded! FA-CD-075 Freak Animal


*CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST "soundtrack" cd (12.00,-)
soundtrack by riz ortolani for infamous cannabal movie

*CATHARSIS / DRAPE EXCREMENT "split" cd (12.00,-)
ambient-death industrial.

*CEKTA ?EHNKCA "bo3aenctbne" cd (12.00,-)
soviet|postsoviet industrial|postindustrial music. NAme something like that. All text in russian

*CHARLIE MANSON "Summer of hate (1967 sessions)" cd (12.00,-)
hippie guru/mass murder advocate/cult figure, his folk tunes on CD.

*CLINIC OF TORTURE "Live Sadism" CD (12.00,-)
All 3 Clinic Of Torture live shows. full uncut versions. Over one hour of fierce and vile industrial-noise. Musical equivalent of s/m session - from bright and intense moments to clumsy transitions and following of primitive intuition. IOPS

*CLINIC OF TORTURE "s/t" CD (12.00,-)
CD re-issue of the debut release what was originally cdr in 2000. c. 1 hour of harsh industrial-noise sadism, painful electronics and sounds of torture. Industrial Recollections

*CLOAMA "Neuroscan Organization / Blood Illumination" cd (12.00,-)
Dark and gloomy industrial-soundscapes from Finland. Re-issue of LP and tape on one CD. Industrial Recollections.

*CON-DOM "Live Action 1/4" cd (12.00,-)
Industrial Recollections celebrates 30 years of Con-Dom with re-issue of debut tape. Live actions 1 & 2 from 1983. CD out now. LP later.

*CON-DOM "Subjection" cd (12.00,-)
Industrial Recollections CD re-issue of CON-DOM "Subjection". Originally 50 copies tape on Bloodlust! -label. Two 30 minutes electronic noise pieces from 1996.

*CONTAGIOUS ORGASM "corporal" cd (12.00,-)
Compiling early SSSM label compilation tape tracks from 80´s and early 90´s on one disc! Logical addition to previous 3 C.O. titles under Industrial Recollections.

*CONTAGIOUS ORGASM "thin skinned" cd (12.00,-)
3rd tape from 1989 presents 2 long tracks, in total c. 45 minutes of playing time of experiemental industrial by the Japanese cult band. Those who heard the previous two tapes re-issued, can´t go wrong with this one! Industrial Recollections.

*CONTROLLED BLEEDING "Shanked and Slithering" cd (9.00,-)
Some small scratches, but don´t affect playing. Old noise legend with their good era noise works re-worked once again for super harsh noise !! Recommended

*CREAMFACE "Cum On Clothes" CD (12.00,-)
c. 30 mins / 30 tracks. 2013 album on Creamface. 100% Porno Grind since 1999! Listen couple tracks from youtube link.


*DISORDER OF DEADEIGHT "Depthsounder" CD (12.00,-)
Finnish project (featuring both members of Mörkö. connections to Jumalhämärä. etc...) has created wide variety of different material. which none really gives accurate hints about what this particular album is about. Minimalistic progressive process-orientated rock music from the wobbly wonderland of human psyche. Only electric guitar and analogue synth is present from more regular rock instruments. Abundance of various other instruments. Epic and massive tracks. Entire material can be heard for free on their bandcamp site. This is second release of TotuudenSarviLevyt.

*DMDN "agonistes 1+2" CD (12.00,-)
Industrial Recollections presents CD version of this re-issue. Originally 1994 GROSS label tape. released on LP by Supreme Tool Supplies and CD by Industrial Recollections. Majority of the 80's works of this Dutch PE/noise creator can be found from "Sling Trip" and "Sling Trip 2" CD's. Agonistes deliverers his noisiest material with 2 long pieces.

*DRAPE EXCREMENT / SOLDNERGEIST "split" cd (12.00,-)
german industrial


*EGOPROBLEM "Exit/Tape/Kill" cd (12.00,-)
Year 1994 in Norway. Lasse Marhaug has yet to start working under his own name. Obscure short lived project just before that, titled Egoproblem releases one 20 minute tape and performs one live gigs. This CD collects those materials, presenting the most straight forward industrial/power electronics works of Lasse Marhaug. In total c. 40 minutes of simple but effective works full of hard tones and metal banging. Tape/Exit/Kill from original DAT tape, live recording with decayed and crude industrial-noise attack! including liner notes by the artists. Industrial Recollections

New on Freak Animal & Audio Dissection! Italian noise of most violent kind and malicious atmosphere. Booklet with photos.

*ERIC LUNDE "candyhole" cd (12.00,-)
Full length CD of Eric Lunde combines noise and concept art. From fierce tape recycling to field recordings, spoken word, digital edge meeting harsh analogue damage. Unique quality of Eric Lunde´s work still present after decades! Freak Animal

*ERIC LUNDE "Colorado terrain investigation" cd (12.00,-)
Including the material of the 7" and double 7" releases and 20 minutes live performance only existing in form of VHS. These both originally released in 1988 by RRRecords, documenting sonic terrain investigations. Eric Lunde does what nobody else is doing. Crude and decayed quality of original releases is still fresh today! Comes with 8 page full color booklet reproducing the original artworks in their aging decayed looks. Industrial Recollections.

*ERIC LUNDE "XCHDX/TapeDeathCut" CD (12.00,-)
Including the material of the XCHdX: On The Terrain Of Prophecy 12", split LP with Hands To. These both originally released in 1989. Some bonus material from very limited tape that was available only to subscribers of Witness To Disaster and was not for sale. Eric Lunde does what nobody else is doing. Crude and decayed quality of original releases is still fresh today! Comes with 8 page full color booklet reproducing the original artworks in their aging decayed looks. Industrial Recollections.

*ETHNIC ACID "power-works 1986-88" 2xcd (15.00,-)
compilation of mid/late 80s UK project of Anthony DiFranco (Ramleh, Skullflower, Ax, Novatron, JFK, etc). chosen tracks from his forgotten & most obscure tape releases. known from Broken Flag Birthbiter JFK Disciple Productions but also 4 previously unreleased tracks! Industrial Recollections


*GELSOMINA / SQUAMATA "Junkyard Behemoth" cd (12.00,-)
great harsh noise. Freak Animal Records

*GRUNT "europe after storm" cd (12.00,-)
2012 Industrial Recollections/Force Majeure version of this CD originally released by Force Majeure. Now jewelbox packaging. but will all same artworks as the original fold-out poster cover! Late 90's Grunt with studio and live materials. New pressing.

*GRUNT  "long lasting happiness" CD (12.00,-)
This CD is not an album. although it could have been. Lets look back to mid 2000's before "Seer Of Decay" album and many of these recordings are showing the direction taken on that album. Long Lasting Happeness session originally published as split tape with Prurient (Freak Animal) that has been out of stock for years. Two tracks. "Never Wake Up" and "Streets of Decadence" recorded around same time. basically belonging to same session of sounds. have remained unreleased for all these years. Waiting for one compilation to be out. which probably never will. Further 4 tracks are alternative version of "Street of Decadence". which made it to Nihilistic Paraphilia 1. and thematically those releases belong to the same re-issue. "Caught (original version)" from same disc shows early version of raw PE style later adjusted further on split with Taint. "Paid Victims Of Modern World Fetishes" and "MaleClit" are songs only released in ltd to 50 copies Nihilistic Paraphialia vol. 2! "Nihilistic Paraphilia" compilations were Japanese tour releases made in tiny CDR editions sold in Grunt tours 2005 and 2008. This CD compiles some of the best materials of this era of Grunt. filled with piercing feedback. sharp and crispy ear-slashing metal scrap noises. abundance of vocals and very song oriented approach as opposed to "plain noise" pieces. Still vast variety and abundance of sonic elements. 50 minutes.

*GRUNT "Myth Of Blood" CD (12.00,-)
2015 new Grunt album!! Available on CD and LP! With 12 pages booklet with lyrics and art. Fierce power electronics.

*GRUNT "petturien rooli" cd (12.00,-)
Freak Animal is proud to present new full length CD of Grunt! Recorded between 2007-2009. making it longest recording task of project so far. Presenting some of the new sides of Grunt. but with the touch known from before. Album contains no harsh noise. but is innovative mixture of fierce power electronics with echoes of early 80´s Ramleh & Sutcliffe Jugend. mixed with experimental organic noise influences a´la Organum. Ferial Confine. to heavy dominant euro PE/industrial attacks to rhythic elements and metal percussions linking towards Vivenza. Test Dept and Militia. Exclusively Finnish language lyrics and samples. with themes related to history of Finland since early turbulent years of civil war to post WWII atmosphere. 64 minutes with 9 songs presenting wide variety of moods. sound sources. compositions. approaches. blended into album that could be said unique even in extensive Grunt discography! Packaged in jewelbox with b/w artwork. Freak Animal 049

*GRUNT "Someone Is Watching" CD (7.00,-)
Finally re-issue of this 1998 tape! Perhaps 8 years ago started re-issue project has slowly moved towards completion. Back in 2005 Hermetique remastered original tape material for CD. and now finally out and available! Late 90's style noisy PE from Grunt. themed on surveillance. control society and big brother paranoia. Force Majeure 2011.

*GRUNT "terror & degeneration" CD (12.00,-)
re-issue of classic Grunt material from 1997-1998. Industrial Recollections.

*GRUNT / CLOAMA "valkoinen kuolema / belaja smert" cd (12.00,-)
This was the first Grunt/Cloama work. Split album recorded mostly around 1998. It was finally released in 2002 and sold out. Now Freak Animal is proud to present 2nd pressing in jewelbox. Most of recordings are 1998. with additional live collaboration and Cloama track 1999-2000. Grunt side of material continues the "Europe After Storm" era highly contructed power electronics. including militant rhythms and hostile vocals suitable for theme focusing around Finland vs. Russian war propaganda. Cloama is his crystallic power electronics tones and distorted vocals. Re-issue from 2012 comes in jewelbox and Russian language part of title is corrected into "Belaja Smert". Finnish industrial-noise and power electronics!. Cloama: Grunt:


*HAARE "funeral of souls" cd (12.00,-)
New CD on Freak Animal. Psychedelic funeral drone. Full color covers in jewelbox.

*HAARE "Regression" cd (12.00,-)
Order from link above


*JOHN DUNCAN & CARL MICHAEL VON HAUSSWOLFF  "Our Telluric Conversation" cd (12.00,-)
23five Incorporated proudly presents Our Telluric Conversation — the second collaborative album from John Duncan and Carl Michael von Hausswolff. This is an album which Duncan describes as having been galvanized by magnetism. In a semantic sleight of hand, Duncan and Hausswolff reveal magnetism through a duality of meanings. One on hand, they speak of the physical phenomenon of charged objects that exert an attraction or repulsion upon other objects; yet on the other, magnetism can be defined the psychological influence wielded by charismatic individuals. Our Telluric Conversation maps out the complexities that emerged through the collaborative pursuits of these venerated sound artists. The tools that the two employed for Our Telluric Conversation are common to their respective catalogues of recordings, with Duncan bringing his shortwave, data streams, and uncanny use of the human voice while Hausswolff employed oscillators, sonar, and wire tapping microphones. The album opens with the mechanical rotation of modulated sonar, providing a hypnotic pulse which slowly submits to an obstinate surge of rumbling noise, that in turn collapses into focused white-noise turbulence and tone-bent SSB transmissions. All of this abruptly detours with a protracted spoken narrative from Hausswolff who whispers a Pynchonesque text about a maggot-infested individual who seeks to remedy his affliction by communing with cobras and geckoes. Afterwards, Duncan and Hausswolff entertain the seduction of the long-form drone constructions; however, their sublime minimalism is so brilliant in its beauty as to be piercingly acute through the purity of honed sinewaves. The final entry from their Conversation is the perfect marriage of the established Duncan and Hausswolff aesthetics, with a spare low-frequency hum deadening the sonic architecture before a static charge of crackled ether supplements the auditory smoldering. Our Telluric Conversation stands as a bold, expressive piece of sound art, confident in its multiplicity of perspectives caught in a constant flux of attraction and repulsion. The recording comes with a 40 page booklet with an interview between Duncan and Hausswolff about their histories, ideas, and methodologies; furthermore, the packaging is completed by a curiously tactile O-card, which has been embossed with braille and covered with a rubbery coating. For almost a quarter century, John Duncan has constructed a radical body of sonic provocation through noise, field recordings, installation, and perhaps most notably shortwave. His interests have long been grounded in the psychological implications of sound, and how it has the ability to bring ecstasy, hostility, empathy, abjection, etc. to the listener. Always questioning himself and the world around him, Duncan remains one of the most dynamic artists of the contemporary era. Carl Michael von Hausswolff is a Swedish composer currently working in Stockholm. His work involves studies of electricity, frequency, intonation and even paranormal activities within the framework of a challenging conceptual ideology of sound. Hausswolff’s audiovisual installations have been shown at biennials in Istanbul and Johannesburg, and his music has been performed throughout Europe and North America. He is also co-monarch (with Leif Elggren) of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.


*KARJALAN SISSIT "karjalasta kajahtaa" cd (15.00,-)
horrors of finland obsessed neo classic industrial and iskelmä nostalgia

*KLEISTWAHR "this world is not my home" cd (13.00,-)
new album from Gary Mundy.


*MENM "for delta relics" cd (10.00,-)
new items. but little wear in disc due long storage. Debut CD of this great Finnish band. Kaos Kontrol

*MOTHER SAVAGE "Kryptopyrrole" CD (12.00,-)
Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella from Macronympha. Very physical and hand-on approach on industrial-noise. with many similar sonic qualities as Macronympha. This tape originally published under this name in 1996 by Mother Savage Noise Productions. Industrial Recollection version includes artwork from it's earlier version simply known as Mother Savege "2" tape.

*MXM "Flesh Biting Paedophile" cd (12.00,-)
Macronympha + Monde Bruits!! The cult of the crunchy harsh noise!! Monde Bruits was the Japanese noise music project of Shohei Iwasaki. He died in a motorcycle accident in 2005. and perhaps due this misfortune. his works has been been very hard to find due lack of any re-issues. Portuguese Man-Of-War. Purgatory and such tapes from 1991 remain along worshipped treasure of noise fanatics. Industrial Recollections had possibility to publish only release that could be fully authorized by its makers: MxM. In this release. Macronympha takes the source material of Monde Bruits. creating intense mix. transforming the ultra busy and highly electric works of Monde Bruits into heavy crunch and brutally saturated rumble. It combines the best elements of both. creating harsh noise release one should not miss! Originally released by Mother Savage Noise Productions in 1995. This version Industrial Recollections 2013.


*NEW ARRIVALS "click link below to enter new store" (1.00,-)
Here will not be new arrivals listed. New store Store is being slowly manually updated to include all material of this previous list remains here but is slowly moved to new site. Moving entire catalogue from old site to new one will take plenty of time. We urge to order from new catalogue, but if something is not listed there yet, feel free to drop email like before and we'll deal with order. Automatic webstore orders ship instantly. If you order via email, there may be some delays in replying.

*NICOLE 12 "Substitute" cd (12.00,-)
Possibly among most offensive and horrid Freak Animal Records releses. 2nd full length of Nicole 12 is once again re-released. Most likely final edition of the album is closer to original cd packaging. with cardboard covers and folded insert. all black & white. Atmospheric oscillations and dense electronic textures with the "sugardaddy" vocals.... Note: content of release may be offensive for some listeners & your custom agents. Approach with caution. Freak Animal Records.


*ONE DARK EYE "Transmissions of fistulae aeuris" cd (12.00,-)
Rodger Stella of Macronympha with his obscure experimental yet crude noise cut up´s. Re-issue of mid 90´s Mother Savage Noise Productions tape on Industrial Recollections.

*OVMN "optimum volume maximum noise" cd (12.00,-)
Macronympha side project, the early protagonists of wall of noise! Originally Mother Savage Noise Productions, re-issued by Industrial Recollections. Finally remaining covers arrived from print... so now available!


*PAHUUS "pahuuden voitto" mcd (5.00,-)
FIN Total d-beat hardcore punk in the lines of Discharge, Mellakka and Kuro. 6 songs in 15 minutes

*PEENEMÜNDE  "II" CD (12.00,-)
I wasn't personally very excited when Peenemunde approached with their first recordings. I gave harsh critics and eventually project decided to completely re-do the material what eventually became their (improved) debut album. Case was entirely different with this second full length. I saw their great live performance and had opportunity to hear some raw out-takes of upcoming second album. Instantly I offered to publish material as proper CD. if rest of material stands equally strong. And it does. No critics of suggestions was needed. On first album P. Perä-Takala (Sick Seed) and P. Dassum (Umpio) basically combined the known elements of their projects as mere "collaboration". but now Peenemunde stands as project of its own identity! Second assault of Peenumunde abandons smashing junk metals and enters the dark laboratory of poisonous experiments with cold electronics! Duo created material live on tape in sessions what to me sounds unlike anyone else does. It has the cold electric feel. without the elements of "techno". It has the fierce junk metals. without fitting into line with other junk metal noisers out there. It is rotten sound from gutters of laboratory. without being unnecessary "lofi" or poor quality. Thematically Peenemünde is based on inventiveness of mankind in the field of warfare and cruelty. concentrating especially on WWII. Essential!

*PUTREFIER "Beyond Scathing" CD (12.00,-)
In 1986 Birthbiter labels first release was debut tape of Putrefier. 4 tracks of intense electronics. which would mix together spirit of UK power electronics. noise and experimental industrial. This extremely rare recording is finally presented on CD format. offering great sound and artwork scanned from original covers. See Industrial Recollections two other Putrefier titles. These 3 together pretty much sum up the 80's / early 90's Putrefier approach! Industrial Recollections

*PUTREFIER  "cog dominance" CD (12.00,-)
In 1987 infamous UK label Broken Flag released second full length tape of Putrefier. 5 tracks of intense electronics. which would mix together spirit of UK power electronics. noise and experimental industrial. This extremely rare recording is finally presented on CD format. offering great sound and artwork scanned from original covers. See Industrial Recollections two other Putrefier titles. These 3 together pretty much sum up the 80's / early 90's Putrefier approach! Industrial Recollections

*PUTREFIER "Unreleased and compilation archive" CD (12.00,-)
See also Industrial Recollections two other Putrefier titles. These 3 together pretty much sum up the 80's / early 90's Putrefier approach! "Unreleased and compilation archive" collects together 10 tracks recorded between 1988-1990. Songs from compilations "Epitapes". "Tearing Wings Off Of Butterflies" and criminally overlooked PE classic "Pray For Fire" 7". Both long original version of "Suffocation" and the version that was released on "Dedication Zweite Auslese". Rest previously unheard materials! Industrial Recollections


*ROBERT RICH "Bestiary" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient on Release Records

*ROTAT "Carnal Beauty" cd (12.00,-)
Order from link above


*SADIO "Sophisticated Methods in Torture" CD (12.00,-)
SADIO is Kommando Skingraft (fin) and Grunt (fin) project. Debut CD consist 10 tracks of extremely fierce material. All recordings were conducted studio-live, in loud and rough situations. No multitracking or editing. Album consists loud and piercing power electronics assaults as well as brutal noise and more experimental moments. Rare blend of influences ranging from Final Solution, Strict, Ramleh, Sutcliffe Jugend to turbulent storming noise of Monde Bruits and Solmania to brooding dark obscurities of Herman Kopp and odd electronic rhythm pulses of Club Moral. Naturally not very far from own works of participants of project!

*SEWER ELECTION "Vengeance" 3"cd (6.00,-)
Swedish harsh noise artist known from many tapes, cdr´s etc, but not from many "proper" cd releases. Freak Animal is proud to offer 3"mCD with c. 20 minutes of most intense noise wreckage. Freak Animal.

*SHIFT "sleep paralysis" cd (12.00,-)
Last copies! FA-CD-048. Re-issue of the tape done by Freak Animal not so long ago. Simply landmark in Shifts discography. Heaviness. slowness. heavily processed vocals. deep throbbing synths... Somewhere between power electronics. death industrial. heavy drone. not fitting exactly to the easy sub-genres. but suitable for anyone appreciating dark and heavy electronics. Full color covers in jewelbox. Freak Animal.

*SHIFT / SICK SEED "split" CD (12.00,-)
Shift at his most aggressive here. Monolith track from harsh crackling industrial noise with aggressive voice to thick and heavy droning sounds with subtle spoken word sampling. Sick Seed presents 3 tracks of caveman power electronics. Ugly, fierce and nasty stuff. Packaged in jewelbox with 3 full color insert cards. Also available on vinyl!! Freak Animal

*SKM-ETR "Screwdriver City" 3"cd (6.00,-)
Previous full length CD caught plenty of attention in power electronics scene. In this new mCD, SKM-ETR takes more straight forward power electronics approach. Hard electronic noise wall with hateful vocals. Freak Animal.

*SOL INVICTUS "thrones" cd (14.00,-)
Legendary UK esoteric neofolk etc

*SPLINTERED "Turned Inside Out" 2xCD (15.00,-)
Collection of rare. demo. unreleased. singles.... See video trailer for information. tracklist & sound sample!


*TERG "We are watching them" cd-r (4.00,-)

*TESTICLE HAZARD "Python in the bowl" CD (12.00,-)
Testicle Hazard full length CD is duo of Tommi Keränen and Lasse Marhaug. Already on top of the current harsh noise. TH did something usual: They went to real studio. Loud amplifier blasting highly textured. rough and noisy distorted wreckage. yet the overall atmosphere goes way beyond the usual line-in fuzz walls found on many releases these days. Top quality noise assault and this unusual angle towards recording of harsh noise makes this album essential to check out. Freak Animal Records cd-067.

*TRAIT (A.K.A. ERIC LUNDE) "Inspirationals" cd (12.00,-)
Back in 1988 Arbeit Group label released obscure industrial-noise release by project called TRAIT. A-side of the tape includes several different arrangement for inspiration in battle. B-side included several of those arrangements combined together for temporary unified action. 45 minutes of most primitive analogue destruction, leaving no place for easylistening or relaxing moments. Even with the atmopheric and dark moment, sound is extremely decayed and coarse sound of tape loops, manipulation and electronics which transforms it to difficult industrial-noise. Years after the original release, personnel behind it has been officially declassified. Trait is one of the most vicious works of Eric Lunde, known for 80´s masterpieces under his own name and legendary industrial group Boy Dirt Car. Releases on V2 archief, RRR, AWB, Powertech Industries. "Inspirationals" is carefully reflecting the original tape as accurately as possible. Material is transferred from original master tapes to CD by artist himself, leaving everything 100% as is. There is 2 long pieces (A and B side) with no mastering, no cleaning up, no boosting. Artwork is faithful to the original release, replicating the it as accurate as possible. This is the first release by Industrial Recollections label, aimed for re-issuing sold out pe/industrial/noise releases for fanatical audience. Distributed by Freak Animal Records.


*UMPIO "muelas" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish harsh noise at finest! Umpio has slowly but steadily reached the top level of harsh noise. Scrap metal, self build metal junk instruments, feedback, intense cut-ups. Think of Knurl, Sickness, K2 etc with addtional P.Dassum physical craftmanship and you may get close to Umpio. 40 minutes.


*VEPRISUICIDA "Веприсуицида" cdr (8.00,-)
DK-01, originally Ultra tape from 1996, cdr re-issue by: Dubinogolovaya Korobochka.

*VEPRISUICIDA "oskoplenie" cdr (8.00,-)
re-issue of old Ultra label tape, ltd 69 euro.


*WILL OVER MATTER "Lust For Knowledge" cd (12.00,-)
Freak Animal Records is proud to present new album of Will Over Matter. Band continues its path to new dimensions. Utterly unique approach bordering genius and utterly insane. Making choices that nobody else dares. Will Over Matter's take on esoteric-industrial noise abandons the cliche's of dark ambient/reverb drenched ritual muzak etc. It doesn't sound "retro". yet approach has more in common to M.B. and Musiikkivyöry for example. than contemporary noise. Listen to short sample featuring clip from 3 songs.

*WOLFSDUISTER "Het Duistere Pad III " tape (4.00,-)
Black droning soundscapes from Holland


*YAO 91404 D "LenShumZavod" cd (12.00,-)
Freak Animal is proud to present 1st real CD release by this obscure Russian industrial-noise unit. Several extremely limited tapes and CDR´s in ther backcatalogue, with various approaches and different levels of success. This CD marks one of their biggest highlights, with crude physically crafted industrial-noise. Even if it crosses borders towards purity of harsh noise once in a while, the spirit of Soviet factory landscapes is always present. 2 long tracks that develop during their playing time to different atmospheres. In jewelbox with b/w artwork. Freak Animal cd-047


australian noise compilation!

*V/A "HOUR OF THE WOLF" cd (12.00,-)
Hour Of The Wolf consist nearly 20 minutes work per four artists. Martin Bladh (IRM). Kristian Olsson (Survival Unit. Alfarmania). Kevin Tomkins (Sutcliffe Jugend) and Joel Danielsson. Decayed tape manipulations. field recordings. gloomy ambient drones. monumental experimental soundscapes. For nocturnal solitary listening. Comes with 16 pages full color A5 size booklet including artwork and text by each artist. Freak Animal Records.

Gelsomina, Lowlife, Control, Montage, Aeoga, Intant Movie Combinations, Halo Manash, Redhouse, Indra and many more! Good variation of industrial-noise-pe-ambient. in dvd box.

Romanian Iron Guard marches!

*V/A "music makes a quiet mind - musically incorrect #2" cdr* (4.00,-)
Haare, rats with wings, toni kandelin, uton, armenia, gelsomina.

Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Black Leather Jesus, Control Resistance, Daniel Menche, Fuck The World/Cunnyplug, W-Project, Grey Wolves, Macronympha, Nimoy and monstrous 20 minute contribution from Incapacitants! Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting! Industrial Recollections

*V/A "NOISE DECAY - noises and such from Denmark vol 1" cd-r (3.00,-)
A compilation of Danish noise music, presenting a number 16 of known and unknown artists from the "scene" in Denmark. Artist appearing on the comp will include names such as nxfxtxex, Hentai, Respirator, Dark Vibes, b3nny, and Wäldchengarten, as well as a number of up and coming acts. It is, to my knowledge, the first of its kind. Includes an 8-page booklet and is limited to 100 copies.

*V/A "Risveglio Di Una Citta (In Memory Of Luigi Russolo)" 6 x CDR* (35.00,-)
Limited edition of 160 handnumbered copies. The 6 CDr´s come in a full colour art book of 20 pages. Cría Cuervos, Lieutenant Caramel, Big City Orchestra , Head58m, Government Alpha, Hyware. One disc each!

Name says it all. Includes also long Haters re-mix using these tracks!

Lolita Slavinder unleashes the long awaited compilation of Finnish noisecore!! NIHILIST COMMANDO presents the nihilo noisecore in bands finest tradition. NUCLEAR VOICE reeks the south american DT/Reh damage with hints of Necropussy or Hellnoise. A.N.H. still reminds their early 90's sound. but with additional influence of Deche-Charge at their best. TUHO wrestles in dirty basement. BEIP screams out total pussy core. From NOISE WASTE archives was found unreleased recording of ultra chaotic vocal storm and instrument distorter. ANAL KEG unreleased demo 2006 in it's full glory. AUNT MARY returns with fresh material from 2011. with nasty and fierce sound. making their comeback 7" sound like Toto. FUNERAL MONGOLOIDS. fast and furious. retarded noisecore in at its best. S.E.X. is like Tokyo Anal Dynamite era Gerogerigegege with throatier vocals. YESMEANSYES finishes this 60 minutes compilation with their best live recording ever. full of energy. 12 pages booklet and inlay. (Note that release date 14.9. Will be shipped then.)

*V/A "TERROR CAMPAIGN" cd (12.00,-)
Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Taint, Con-Dom, Daniel Menche, Macronympha, Nimoy, Odal, Goldenrod, Fascist Imperium, Contagious Orgasm! Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting! Industrial Recollections

*V/A "thermodynamics" cdr* (4.00,-)
in slim dvd box. The bizarre blue spectre, camisole, maleux, the vault. o.m.s. - N.m.a.

*V/A "TO MAGIC 2" cd (12.00,-)
Orplid, Tenhi, Dornenreich, Bethlehem, Empyrium, Of the wand and the moon, In the woods... more!