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Clinic Of Torture delivers you harsh noise with violent power electronics touch. Sound of CoT is created without overdubs and recorded to analogue tape. Despite or maybe because of simple and "primitive" recording methods, result is very powerful and refreshing in times of digital and hi-fi noise. CoT sound is filled with harsh electronics, junk metal, feedback, agonizing voice of tortured females, whipping, etc. Themes are influenced by s/m, torture and abuse. Both, tributes to s/m entertainment as well as personal involvement.


Clinic of Torture "s/t" CDr (not strictly limited. c. 200 manufactured and sold) 2000
Clinic of Torture "Whip And Pierce" LP (ltd 200 sold out) 2001
Clinic of Torture "Perversion Bizar" 3"CDr (ltd 70 sold out) 2003
Clinic of Torture "Whip And Pierce / Perversion Bizar" CD (200 copies) 2005 sold out
Clinic of Torture "Sounds of Torment + Dedicated To Erotic Perversion" CDr+DVD (ltd 30) 2007 sold out
Clinic of Torture "Sounds of Torment" tape 2007 available

V/A "What This Is All About" CDr (Antihumanism records) 2004
V/A "Nihilistic Paraphilia" 3"CDr (Freak Animal, Grunt tour japan only release) 2005
V/A "Acephale" CD (Acephale) 2004 not out yet
V/A "The End For Simulation Of Pro-Creation" tape 2007, available
V/A "Reprisal" track for exlusive for live event in 4.8.2007 Kirkkonummi/Finland not out yet

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