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*AZAGHAL "Madon Sanat" cd (13.00,-) NEW
New album of Azaghal!

*GOAT SEMEN "Ego Svm Satana" cd (14.00,-) NEW
Peruvian black death mayhem. KVLT.

Second underground edition of this double feature dvd available now! Finnish black metal is known for it´s extreme views and merciless no-compromise approach. As a music genre, black metal differs from the others by having a strong ideological contest. Satanic values, glorification of evil and unsolidarity, as well as pure hatred towards christian and multicultural society, are more than just childish rebellion for the people involved. Eternal Flame of Gehenna examines the phenomena through interviewing the key figures of the moment. It gives the face to a subculture seen as a threat to common safety by Finnish Security Intelligence. In this movie you find out about thoughts of a grave violator, grave robber and hear what they feel when the old wooden church is burning down. Eternal Flame of Gehenna is also a view on the history and the current state of Finnish black metal featuring bands like Azaghal, Azazel, Barathrum, Beherit, Enochian Crescent, Goatmoon, Horna, Satanic Warmaster etc. Noise of Finland is a documentary about finnish noise and power electronics scene. Loud distorted noise made with scrap metal and effect pedals are combined with extreme views and shocking visuals. The barriers of human limits and impossibility of commercial success are surpassed with limitless self expression. Movie includes the artists of the genre like Grunt, Bizarre Uproar, Manic/Depression, Sick Seed and Strom.EC. Both movies directed by Sami Kettunen. PAL DVD second underground edition, with cover lay out by Werwolf, English subtitles, on Bestial Burst/Northern Heritage/Primitive Reaction/Hammer of Hate.

*BARATHRUM "Infernal" 2xLP (24.00,-) NEW
Full color gatefold, with lyrics. Barathrum classic.

*HORNA / DEMONIC CHRIST "split" 7" (7.00,-) NEW
FIN + USA black metal


*DENOUNCEMENT PYRE "World Cremation" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Comes with a 16-page booklet featuring illustrations & lyrics for each song. Limited edition DIGIPAK CD also comes with a 16-page booklet. "Album of the Year!" -Metal Maniacs. Following the path of the fallen angel from down under, Denouncement Pyre spews forth from the mouth of the abyss their long-awaited full-length release entitled World Cremation. Delving deeper into the realm of the lawless gods whilst offering primitive blackened death metal far darker and more focused than previously displayed on past EPs and demos. Join or suffer..

2nd-Hand *HORNA "hiidentorni / kohti yhdeksän nousua" 2xCD (15.00,-) RESTOCK
double CD version of woodcut with disc 1: hiidentorni / kohti yhdeksän nousua disc 2: Perimä Vihassa Ja Verikostossa / Ordo Regnum Sathanas. Was released back in 2001, now long sold out...

2nd-Hand *THYRANE "Black Harmony" cd (10.00,-) RESTOCK
1998 Finnish black metal! Nice condition copy of old Woodcut release.


*INSANIS "Through the Flesh to the Eternal Dream " tape (7.00,-) NEW
From the darkness of Russia hails INSANIS with their debut demo. INSANIS present their deathworship and MLO doctrines in the form of Black/Death metal with powerful vocals. Expect not the boring type of Black/Death but devious and variable songs with malicious melodies. Includes also an Ondskapt cover song. DEATH FOREVER! Limited to 166 copies pro-tape.


*ARYAN KAMPF 88 "nsbm - anthologie d un kombat belge" cd (12.00,-) NEW
raw nsbm

*AT WAR "Infidel" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*AURA SHINING GREEN "East of the Sun & West of the Moon" 2xCD (15.00,-) NEW
Anima Arctica presents: Released on the name day of Joonatan, the massive retrospective compilation double-CD of Joonatan Elokuu's wandering psychedelic folk group Aura Shining Green sees the light of day and the bright moonlit night. The first part "East of the Sun" carries the soft fragrance of flowers and the sunlit forests, reminding us perhaps of the works of B'ee (In Gowan Ring & Birch Book), Nick Drake and even early tunes Leonard Cohen. Second part "West of the Moon" takes us through the mysterious moonlit nights filled with wonder & magic. Bearing the ever present strong psychedelic folk aura and possibly some hints the artists mentioned earlier, these stories are murkier and full of feeling and intimacy. One might even hear some reminiscences of works of Timothy Renner (Stone Breath, Crown Tongue...) or even legendary Coil or Tangerine Dream in more ambient parts and synthesizer works. The beauty and depth of detail of his magnum opus is underlined by masterful guitarwork and his utterly soft and tender vocals.

*BLACKDEATH "gift" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Latest album of Blackdeath! Follow up to Phobos!

*IRONBIRD "pentagrammi & tursaansydän" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Vaino Valkeat productions.

*SLAVES MASK  "Soak Kaos " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Industrial/trip-hop/avant-pop by sg.7 & Kaarna.

*TERVAHÄÄT "" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
gloomy folk / freezing ritual ambient

*TERVAHÄÄT "kalmonsäie" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
freezing ritual neofolk

*TERVAHÄÄT "patria" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
neo folk from finland

*TERVAHÄÄT "taival" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
rustique & ritualistic neofolk

*IRONBIRD "pentagrammi & tursaansydän" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Vaino Valkeat productions. New album of Kareliaani, Kalevalan Viikingit, Morningstar etc guy.


*MAVETH "breath of an abomination" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish fast and brutal death metal

*MAVETH "coils of the black earth" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish death metal

*MAVETH / EMBRACE OF THORNS "A Plague through the heavens" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
death metal. Finland + Greece.

*AXNAAR "Crawling Misery" 7" (8.00,-) NEW
BM noise. Filth & Violence


*ULCERATE "of fracture and failure" cd (12.00,-) NEW
technical death metal


*DARKTHULE "Arktoy Oryge" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Compilation of old stuff including the 7" eps "Revolution of Souls" and "In the Sight of Dawn" and more

*GUERRA TOTAL / BESTIAL REVILER "split" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*MORBOSIDAD "tortura" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*SERPENTFYRE ""Of darkness & true light"" tape (4.00,-) RESTOCK
The Finnish band's debut demo of dedicated and skillfully composed black metal with a raw but detailed sound. Traditional, yet very original. Five songs in 34 minutes. Pro-tape, second pressing with improved sound quality.


*GNAW THEIR TONGUES "l arrivee de la terne mort triomphante" cd (12.00,-) NEW
One of the extreme metal/industrial underground's most unique bands, Gnaw Their Tongues arises again with a new album of majestic, orchestral death-terror called L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante, a series of five hymns to the death shroud, a celebration of dissolution. This Dutch one-man avant black/doom/industrial band is responsible for two of the most chilling albums of abstract heaviness to have been released in recent years (An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood and All The Grand Magnificence Of Perversity, but with this new full-length, Gnaw Their Tongues peels back additional layers of it's bombastic horror to reveal moments of euphonic beauty more than we've heard on the previous albums.

*THE SINISTER FLAME "IV" zine (10.00,-) NEW
The gates are open once more, as the black light of Lucifer illuminates the horizon. The prominent Finnish Satanic Metal magazine THE SINISTER FLAME returns with a striking Issue IV, this time entirely in full colour. Black Arts are practiced and Seven Fold Ways are walked with Sulphure of MMP TEMPLE, Michael Morthwork of HAMMEMIT, VK of VASSAFOR, Lord Mörder of SOL EVIL, Alina of LAMIA VOX, DeathMessiah of PROSELYTISM RECORDS and an anonymous member of IRKALLIAN ORACLE. In addition, D. Aggressor of DOMAINS kindly leads you inside the macabre reality of Sinister Ceremonies. The philosophy and ethos of Order of Nine Angles lies strong within the interviews but is also presenced via articles, ensuring that the calling of the depths will be heard. Exquisitely designed and illustrated by Mikko Mattila (ISTEN) and professionally printed in full colour, with its 56/A4 pages THE SINISTER FLAME IV is a unique and unequaled platform for Satanic Wisdom and Art.


*MGLA "presence" mcd (7.00,-) RESTOCK
Back in stock! Often praised Mgla's first c. 20 minute 3-track miniCD showing bands supreme sense of cold melody already in early stages of band! Northern Heritage.


*ELIMI "The Seed" mcd (6.00,-) NEW
Here we have the new Mini CD of Elimi. 2 songs with a playing time of 21 minutes. Expect melodic black metal in the typical swedish style.

*INSANE VESPER "Abominations Of Death" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
After the EPs "Twilight of Extinction" & "Therefore, He Shall Consume", the bearers of His plague and death are back with their first full length intitled "Abomination of Death"... Eight new hymns of a decadent & filthy Black Metal to glorify the dead and the might of the black gods, devourers of the every lives and all its beings...

*LUGNASAD "Smell Of A Grey Sore" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Art Of Propaganda is proud to announce to release the debut album of Lugnasad. One of the most outstanding newcomer band from France. "Smell Of A Grey Sore" comes in a 6 sided digipak and it contains 7 songs Influenced by scandinavian bands like Dissection. Shining. new Marduk or Funeral Mist with a playing time of 52 minutes. With Vestal of Merrimack on the vocals. The music is absolute atmospheric. melodic. sometimes depressive and will send you into abyss of hate !!!

*TUMULUS ANMATUS "Ave Casus Mundi" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Formed in 2005 in by Tumulash and Gerion. 5 years later this young italian band release their mighty debut album through Art Of Propaganda.It is limited to 666 copies. Melodic and aggressive black metal.All lyrics are complete in italian. One of the new upcoming bands from this land with a lot of passion and energy for their music. The music compares to Spite Extreme Wing's album "Non Dvcor, Dvco"

*VANHELGA "Höst" cd (12.00,-) NEW
"Höst" continues where "Angest" ends. Melancholic,sick and depressive music that destroys your mind. The perfect soundtrack for this winter. The music is definitely for fans of Apati and the mighty Lifelover. Be prepared for it - as of now an ex-member of Lifelover joined Vanhelga

*VANHELGA "Längtan" digi cd (12.00,-) NEW
VANHELGA was formed in Linköping, Sweden, in 2001 by J. Ottosson, AKA 145188, who got together with like-minded musicians in order to finally breathe life into his vision, something he had not been able to do with any previous bands and musicians he had worked with. Through music and lyrics, VANHELGA - which, translated from Swedish, means "Profane" - explores the darker side of humanity, the one that few will admit exists, but which nevertheless is a huge part of every individual's existence. VANHELGA's music can doubtlessly be classed as black metal, but that would be too restrictive a definition. Their music is cold and sinister, but with melodies and melancholic moments that can draw you in and lull you into a false sense of security before you realize, too late, that you have been caught in an ominous web of sound that sends shivers down your spine. With their second full-length album, 2012's Höst, receiving high praise from both the press and the fans, VANHELGA has been hailed by many critics as one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Sweden in recent years. The upcoming release of Längtan, coupled with the band's intense stage presence, will only serve to confirm and strengthen this opinion and expand VANHELGA's ever-growing fanbase. A statement from VANHELGA reads: "With "Längtan, we have each sought, either with our words or our music, to give voice to our hatred of life. And our love of life. A life that is a prison full of slaves. If we don't embrace the end of this life, and transcend the limitations imposed on us by this world we live in, then we will never be free. Because freedom can only exist once we have broken free from the material world and the strictures imposed on us by society. To attain it, we must become one with all and none. It is a state we can only attain through death. Längtan is about longing. Längtan is about death. It is about facing death without fear and without regret, because death is another chapter in our life, not the ending of it. It is the definitive chapter in our lives. Lives that are lived as half lives, fake lives, because we are forced to live them within the only reality that this fucked-up world allows us. It is an existence we want to escape from in order that we may truly start to live. So that we may find peace. A peace we can only find after death. A life we can only live after death. A life we can live forever. Längtan is about longing. Längtan is about death. Längtan is about the longing to die."

*WOLFTHORN "Towards Ipsissimus" cd (12.00,-) NEW
"After the split EP with Erhabenheit released in 2008 Wolfthorn returns with its third full-length opus entitled “Towards Ipsissimus”. Recorded with a new line-up consisting of the current and former members of the much respectable German hordes such as Purest, Empaligon and Total Hate, clad in a raw yet powerful sound garment the album delivers six anthems of ferocious, morbid Black Metal filled with the uttermost devotion to the Highest God of the Other Side."

*ABSU "red" t-shirt L (15.00,-) NEW
Nice red shirt with 2-side print

*ABSU "red" t-shirt M (15.00,-) NEW
nice red shirt with two side print.

*ULVER "" patch (6.00,-) RESTOCK

*A.M.S.G. "The Principle Of Evil Becomes The Ideal Of The Promethean " 12" (12.00,-) NEW

*BLAZE OF SORROW  "echi" LP (15.00,-) NEW
The new revelation of Italian Black Metal scene: Blaze Of Sorrow! Echi is the third album in the band's existence. Expect stylish Italian Nostalgic Black Metal. A must release for the Italian Black Metal lovers who are into late Spite Extreme Wing. Finally on vinyl limited to 300 copies with different artwork and tracklist, thick printed innersleeve and gloss laminated cover.

2nd-Hand *EXORDIUM "In Wrath Principle" LP (11.00,-) RESTOCK
Finally out after long delays! Completely re-mastered for vinyl record with much more fierce and primitive sound. Now razorsharp guitar work dominating album instead of heavy drum blast. For those who want clean and nice. look for the CD version. Those who was harder and darker. LP is a must. Packaged in full color gatefold sleeve. Fast black metal assault for the strong mind not following the trendy subgenres. Special offer: but LP + Exordium T-shirt for bundle discount price of 20 euro!! T-shirts only available in limited quantities!

*INSANE VESPER / TRIUMFALL "split" 10" (12.00,-) NEW
Here we have the entitled split "Demise of Being" between Insane Vesper from France and Triumfall from Serbia. Both bands present two new exclusive songs. Atterigner of Triumfall is vocalist of norwegian black metal legend Gorgoroth since 2012. This 10" is limited to 333 copies and contains an A4 insert. It's a VINYL ONLY RELEASE!!!

*KJELD "De Tiid haldt gjin Skoft" LP (15.00,-) NEW
Furious melodic black metal taking you back to riff based black metal of the 90s, yet with a very heavy, more modern production. One side music, other etched.

2nd-Hand *TOTENBURG "endzeit" LP (11.00,-) RESTOCK
new album on vinyl!

2nd-Hand *UNCELESTIAL "Born With Lucifer´s Mark" 12"mLP (9.00,-) RESTOCK
With new line-up. ex- Uncreastion´s Dawn continues where they left in "Death´s Tyranny" album. Going further into insanity of obscure and technical guitar riffs and possessed roaring vocals. This is black metal outside the copycat scene and shallow imitators etc. You will hear echoes of Grand Belial´s Key. Mayhem. Morbid Angel. and much more. with result being nothing but 100% Uncelestial. Nearly half an hour of length these days could qualify as "full length". but this 4 tracks + intro recording is 12” pressed on 45rpm with great sound!! Hear mp3 of one of the tracks on below mentioned site. Northern Heritage. NH-065

*VEIL "dolor / sombre" 2xLP (23.00,-) NEW
Depressive BM on Satanic Skinhead Propaganda. Demo and album on same double LP.

*BURNING ABYSS "#8" zine (7.00,-) NEW
Interviews with Erik of Watain, Bob of Immolation, Steve 'Zetro' Sousa of Exodus/Hatriot, Mr. Mors Dalos Ra of Necros Christos, Silencer of Medico Peste, L.L. of Desolate Shrine, David of Domains, Mysth & Morbid of Ethelyn, Rou of Sartegos and Chris of Ominous Domain distro/Razed Soul Records. To complete the whole, we have included a short article about France's Massacra and, as usual, Sascha of Mandatory's memories of classic (death) metal albums of the 1990s, some quotes, playlists, and over 200 reviews of music and 'zines. All this written in English on 68 professionally printed, full-size pages.

*SLAVES "#2" zine (7.00,-) NEW
Amputator, Antichrist Kramer (huge in depth 18 page interview), Below, Caroline Pierce (about her time in the porn biz), Hellvetron/ Nyogthaeblisz, Indesinence, Iscariah (about his time spent as a kid at a xtian camp in Norway), Lust retrospective with Sabazios, Sanctophoby, Sex Blasphemy, Silver Key Records. This issue is 64 a5, black and white pages printed on high quality stock. It continues the perversion, nihilism and non-pc vitriol of the first issue, ramping up to new and fucked up levels. Same fucked up tits, arse, death and psychedelia, cut and paste style as the first issue.


*DOOMBRINGER "The Grand Sabbath" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Polish death metal with connection to Cultes Des Ghoules!

*ENCOFFINATION "III - hear me o death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)" cd (12.00,-) NEW
ultra down tuned slow morbid death doom

*INFERNAL WAR "Chronicles of Genocide" cd (12.00,-) NEW
New album!

*KRIEGSMASCHINE "Altered States of Divinity" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Long awaited repress of their 2005 album! Elite black metal from Poland. No Solace.

*MGLA "(malignant voices)" t-shirt L (15.00,-) RESTOCK
see image. Shirt called "earthbound".

*MGLA "(malignant voices)" t-shirt XL (15.00,-) RESTOCK
see image. Shirt called "earthbound"

*MGLA  "(malignant voices)" t-shirt S (15.00,-) NEW
see image. known also as shirt called "earthbound"

*MGLA "(malignant voices)" t-shirt M (15.00,-) RESTOCK
see image. known also as shirt called "earthbound"


*BIZARRE UPROAR "rape africa" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Bizarre Uproar's 2012 album shows the band in its slowpaced movement towards new directions. Since 1992 the surface of Bizarre Uproar has been covered in filthy distorted mud. on each full length album it has moved forward from previous. Rape Africa is the heaviest and darkest of the albums. Abusing ultra heavy sludgy bass. colossal rumbling drumming. slow moving heavily echoed vocals. urban field recordings. tribal percussions and even if rejecting majority of sound sources known from past releases - ending up in logical continuum of Bizarre Uproar's output! CD out now. LP in late october!! Freak Animal / Filth & Violence


*ARYAN TERRORISM "war" cd (12.00,-) NEW
2002 original cd edition few copies in stock! Explicit NSBM classic.

Black metal. lower silesian stronghold

*FANISK "noontide" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Reissue CD from 2004 where sun is black.

*LYKANTHROPY "Operation Werewolf " cd (12.00,-) NEW
german warhungry black metal

*MORTIFERA "IV: Sanctii Tristhess" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Latest Mortifera album. French melodic bm. Drakkar.

*NOKTURNE "embracer of dark ages" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Black metal

*SPEAR OF LONGINUS "yoga of national socialism" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*THUNDERBOLT "the sons of darkness" cd 2002 (12.00,-) NEW
2002 Resistance pressing

*THUNDERBOLT / KATAXU "split" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Ancestral Research label press!!

*VLAD TEPES "Dans Notre Chute..." cd 2014 (12.00,-) NEW
Part of fully Vlad Tepes authorzed reissues! Originally released July 1995 Recorded at the Black Legions' studio using a 4 tx recorder only. This third Vlad Tepes main record (after the War Funeral March & The Celtic Poetry) is consecutive to a period of terrible pain and sadness. Its spawn came as painful as the sound presented here would let you imagine. So experience this pain for yourself as this is dedicated to all the sad souls who followed our path and respected our works since the begining of our Dark Journey through this cancerous "world". Wlad, jan. 14

*VLAD TEPES "Morte Lune" cd 2014 (12.00,-) NEW
Part of fully authorized Vlad Tepes versions, from masters! Great sound, with liner notes from Wlad, lyric booklet etc!

*VLAD TEPES "The Return Of The Unweeping - Collection" cd 2014 (12.00,-) NEW
Part of fully authorized Vlad Tepes versions, from masters! The Return Of The Unweeping Originally released sept. 1994 as a trial for our "new" 4 tx recorder come from Meyhna'ch The Return Of The Unweeping II Originally released oct. 1995 as an experimentation using the original RotU drums tracks. This collection is dedicated to Meyhna'ch who shared our path during our Dark Journey Vlad Tepes may have not been the same without you...

*WINTERCULT "the last winter" digi CD (12.00,-) NEW
Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal from Russia

*YMIRS BLOOD "Blood of the ice giant" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finnish pagan metal

*YMIRS BLOOD "voluspa: doom cold as stone" cd (12.00,-) NEW
pagan metal

*AUSCHWITZ SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA "national socialist order" tape (6.00,-) NEW
Raw grindcore madness from Finland! hand numbered 40 copies.

*ILDJARN "strength & Anger" 2xLP (26.00,-) NEW
season of mist reissue of great black metal classic!!

*NECROPHOBIC "womb of lilithu" 2xLP (23.00,-) NEW
ltd 450 copies!


*ABSU "the sun of tiphareth" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*BARATHRUM  "Jetblack warmetal" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Long lost and previously unreleased album of BARATHRUM recorded in the year 1993 even before the cult albums ”Hailstorm” and ”Eerie” served as debut full-lengths at the Barathrum’s career. Now, found from the archives and finally after 21 years it will be officially released. Includes classic Jetblack EP from 1997 as a bonus and first time ever in CD format. WARMETAL! Digipack CD.

*BLASPHEMY "Gods of War + Blood Upon the Altar" digi cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
cult classic

*HATE FOREST "the most ancient ones" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Osmose prod re-issue in cardboard digisleeve

*IMPALED NAZARENE "Tol cormpt norz norz norz" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*IMPALED NAZARENE "ugra karma" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*ONDSKAPT "draco sit mihi dux" digi cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
nice looking digipak re-issue on Osmose prod.

*ONDSKAPT "Dödens Evangelium" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
new digipak edition

*SCORPIO DOCTRINE  "Via Liminalis" mCD (7.00,-) NEW
"Debut EP of this Esoteric Darkwave / Martial Industrial act from Finland. "Via Liminalis" reflects the tradition of the Left Handed mystery cults and Occult philosophy to manifest the fundamental & ecstatic shadow aspects of humane experience and religion by the vehicle of voice. We owe our homage to the Liminal and to the Death, the Mother of all Sabbaths."

*VUOHI "Witchcraft Warfare" tape (5.00,-) NEW
”Third demo of Finnish black metal horde VUOHI offers you 27 minutes and 7 tracks of grinding and death-reeking black metal in the frames of apocalypse and nuclear winter. Pro-printed tape. Pavitra Kunta Productions release”

*AD HOMINEM "climax of hatred" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Osmose repress

*AD HOMINEM "theory 0" LP (17.00,-) NEW
vinyl reissue on Osmose

*BARATHRUM "Jetblack" 7" (8.00,-) NEW
First ever re-issue of this cult 7” EP from Finnish black metal pioneers known as BARATHRUM previously released in 1997. Comes with the black on black cover artwork the band and the label originally planned.

*BARATHRUM "Warmetal" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Long lost and previously unreleased album of BARATHRUM recorded in the year 1993 even before the cult albums ”Hailstorm” and ”Eerie” served as debut full-lengths at the Barathrum’s career. Now, found from the archives and finally after 21 years it will be officially released. WARMETAL! 45rpm ”12 LP.

*DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT "Follow The Calls of Battle" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Vinyl Reissue by Osmose

Vinyl Reissue by Osmose

*DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT "nocturnal march" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Vinyl Reissue by Osmose

*NIANTIEL  "Cavern Of The Skeletal Spirits" 12" (25.00,-) NEW
Satanic Skinhead Propaganda

*SARCOFAGO "inri" LP (17.00,-) NEW
transparent yellow/red splatter vinyl. Osmose reissue of one of the mightiest classics of die hard metal!


2nd-Hand *DARK FUNERAL "vobiscum satanas" cd (8.00,-) RESTOCK

*DODSENGEL / HETROERTZEN "Capax Infiniti" digi cd (12.00,-) NEW

*HERETIC "gods over humans, slavens under satan" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*JORMUNDGAND "Visions of the past, which has not yet come to be" cd (12.00,-) NEW
swedish black metal on Christhunt productions.

*NUBIFEROUS "Mara" cd* (12.00,-) NEW
tranquil esoteric ambient with natural sounds

*NUKLEAR FROST "Subjugation" digi-cd (12.00,-) NEW

*ORNAMENTS OF SIN "Preparing War/ Oath To The Fallen Ones" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
This is no new album. but a ' Best of ' are offered 16 songs with a new Mastering! Who knows of Ornament of Sin what knows Him expects. All the others get a fine Zyklon - B shower. extremist Black Metals from France!

*OSTOTS "heriotzaren bidezidorrak" cd (12.00,-) NEW
black metal.

*SEA OF TREES "Aokigahara" mCD (7.00,-) NEW
suicidal black metal

*WELTKRIEGH "Sepulchral Gnosis " cd (12.00,-) NEW
pure, luciferian Black Metal. Ewiges Reich + Dark Fury members! Christhunt productions.

*WOLFSDUISTER "Het Duistere Pad III " tape (4.00,-) NEW
Black droning soundscapes from Holland

*ZUARASIZ "Pod Stanicami Ognistych Skrzyde³" mCD (7.00,-) NEW

*ASTAROTH "real hate" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*BLACK ROCK  "Black Rock " tape (5.00,-) NEW
Me Saco Un Ojo Records

*EALD "We are but a Reminiscence of a Dream" tape (5.00,-) NEW
black metal

*ENECARE "Dawn Of Creations Ruin" tape (4.00,-) NEW
Black Metal. Northern Sky prod.

*GRAFVOLLUTH "Long Live Death!" tape (4.00,-) NEW
USA black metal

*HOUR OF THY VOYAGER "Hour of Thy Voyager" tape (4.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal

*NADIWRATH "Nihilistic Stench " tape (4.00,-) NEW

*PERVERTED BLASPHEMY "demo II" tape (4.00,-) NEW
perverted black metal

*RITUAL LAIR "morbid ritual of the insane" tape (5.00,-) NEW
Garazel. pro-tapes.

*THE GBS (GRAND BEAST SODOMY) "Fuck The Holy Trinity " tape (4.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal

*WOLFSDUISTER "Het Duistere Pad II" tape (4.00,-) NEW
Black droning soundscapes from Holland


*GRAVELAND "thousand swords" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
classic! Now with black & white old style cover!

*NARGAROTH "Amarok" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*NARGAROTH  "black metal ist krieg" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Weltanschauung" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
No Colours

*BLACKDEATH "Phobos" LP (15.00,-) NEW
Always improving, original and great black metal from Russia. Northern Heritage has long history of this band, and c. 10 years after Bottomless Armageddon was released among NH "licensed vinyls" series co-released with Faustian Prod, now "Phobos" LP is published in co-operation with Heidens Hart. Includes great giant A2 size poster!

*NARGAROTH  "rasluka " LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
two 10"s on one LP.

*SATANIC WARMASTER "black metal kommando" LP (17.00,-) NEW


*INQUISITION  "into the infernal regions of the ancient cult" A5 digi CD (15.00,-) NEW
Great album on big size digipak style.

*NOKTURNAL MORTUM "lunar poetry" A5digi cd (15.00,-) RESTOCK
special re-press in A5 digibook format

*SATANIZE "Holy Destruction Ritual" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Rotten black metal

*DER STURMER "The Blood Calls For W.A.R.!" LP (19.00,-) NEW

*PANTHEON "vargrstrike" LP (19.00,-) NEW
Official reissue of 2001 full length on LP! NSBM

*ABHORRENT VISIONS "#2" zine (7.00,-) NEW
Forced Kill, Condor, Vigilance, Evilnight, Iron Kobra, Castle Freak, Revel in Flesh, Black Crucifixion.


*BIZARRE UPROAR "amputaatio" cd (12.00,-) NEW
2015 album of Bizarre Uproar!!


*AKASHAH "barbarous" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Vinlandic pagan black metal on Strong Survive

*AKASHAH "The Dance of Beltaine Fire " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Vinlandic pagan black metal on Strong Survive

*ANTEDILUVIAN "Through the Cervix of Hawaah" cd (12.00,-) NEW
fast and chaotic blakened death. Invictus.

*APOCALYPSE COMMAND "Lust, Vengeance, Death " cd (12.00,-) NEW
fast blackened death. Invictus.

*HORRID "Sacrilegious Fornication" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Death metal since 1989. Latest album recorded at sunlight.

*KURGAALL "Voluntas Luciferi" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Italian black metal, second album.

*LORD OF EVIL "satans soldiers" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Most extreme Polish black metal

*DRUDKH "the swan road" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*FROST "defendo patria" tape (3.00,-) NEW
Canadian bm

*FROST "La Grande Bataille De Notre Temps" tape (4.00,-) NEW
canadian bm


*INCRIMINATED "death noize" mCD (7.00,-) RESTOCK
Some copies left. Link to sample added. the ugliest and nastiest old school metal of death!! For woshippers of filth. The best possible ending for the band to retire at the highest moments of their career. Previously 10” vinyl now also as mCD! Northern Heritage NH-061

*DRUDKH "estrangement" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*DRUDKH "eternal turn of the wheel" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*DRUDKH "forgotten legends" tape (5.00,-) RESTOCK

*DRUDKH "microcosm" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*DRUDKH "songs of grief and solitude" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*INFERNO "nikdy nepokrteni" tape (4.00,-) NEW
black metal

*OHTAR "when I cut the throat" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*ANCESTORS BLOOD "a moment of clarity" LP (17.00,-) NEW
feedback have pronounced this as the best Ancestors Blood album yet, even ending up in many "best of 2013"-lists. Well, as the midwinterday is now behind us and it is time to announce the much requested vinyl edition of the album. The new album 'A moment of clarity' is production wise a lot rougher than the previous 'Return of the ancient ones' and 'When the forest calls'; it goes back to the sound of their first demos. So expect a lot more primitive and rougher in sound, yet possibly their strongest songs ever. Recommended to fanatics of Satyricon debut and later Summoning.

*HELDENTOD "Virradat" LP (17.00,-) NEW
NSBM from Hungary, ltd 199.

*INCRIMINATED "death noize" 10" (10.00,-) RESTOCK
Some copies left! Link added for sample! the ugliest and nastiest old school metal of death!! For woshippers of filth. The best possible ending for the band to retire at the highest moments of their career. Northern Heriatege

*LEICHENZUG "Feuertod " LP (17.00,-) NEW
Finally on banned on Vinyl! The Songs from the 2007 Split CD with Eviscerated + a unreleased Bonus song

lim. to 300 copies 1 atmoshperic song of ND in the vein of Nostalgia, 2 new and mainly agressive Songs from Myrd + a completly remastered Version of Vspolokhs great hymn "Extrinisc Obscuratism"

*SARKRISTA "The Archeronian Worship" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Sarkrista of Northern Germany reveal their first full length work of Satanic black metal art "The Acheronian Worship". Raw, direct and well written; powerful guitars and bass, hard hitting drums, maniacal vocals: black metal the way it should be. Highly recommended for fans of Horna, Baptism, Satanic Warmaster and the like


*ANCESTORS BLOOD "return of the ancient ones" mcd (7.00,-) RESTOCK

*BLOOD STRONGHOLD "From Sepulchral Remains... " cd (12.00,-) NEW
black metal with epic feel and rawness in same work.

*CAEDES CRUENTA  "Ereipia Psychon" cd (12.00,-) NEW
A glorious return to the mighty early 90's of the traditional Greek sound. Obscure, majestic and abyssic occult Black Metal art deeply influenced by the classic era of Rotting Christ, Varathron, Thou Art Lord, and Zemial. CD is numbered edition of 500

*DARKNESS ENSHROUDED THE MIST  "The Black Curses" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
The anthology CD of DARKNESS ENSHROUDED THE MIST entitled “The Black Curses”. This compilation CD is featuring most of their previously released material. The tracks on this release have previously been released by Zinarthan. Winterreich and Wolfsvuur. Splits have been with Forbidden Citadel of Spirits. Krypthall and Mons Veneris.

*DJEVELKULT "I Djevelens Tegn" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Norwegian black metal

*DOMAINS "Sinister Ceremonies" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Listen sample at bandcamp. Sinister death black from Spain.

*GOATMOON "hard evidence" digi-cd (12.00,-) NEW
digipak reissue of ultra rare live CD of Goatmoon!!

*IMPIETY "Ravage & Conquer" cd (12.00,-) NEW
super jewelbox with slipcase

*MORDSCHLAG "Scholastic Nihilism " digi CD (12.00,-) NEW
pure Black Metal from Poland! Christhunt

*NACHTFALKE "Last Battles" 3xCD (17.00,-) NEW
Includes the releases "As The Wolfes Died" + "Following The Wanderers Path" + "Wotan's Return", and 6 new songs (about 52 minutes playing time!) + Tribute To Bathory songs!

*NACHTFALKE "wotans return" digi-cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
new album

*NIDSANG "Into the Womb of Dissolving Flames" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Swedish black metal

1 atmoshperic song of ND in the vein of Nostalgia, 2 new and mainly agressive Songs from Myrd + a completly remastered Version of Vspolokhs great hymn "Extrinisc Obscuratism"

*PEST "nekrolog" 2xCD (15.00,-) NEW
double CD compilation of GERMAN PEST!

*ROTTING CHRIST "Passage To Arcturo" cd (brazil) (12.00,-) NEW
new pressing of this classic! Brazil edition, with lyrics in color booklet, but follows closely to old spirit of this cult release.

*TODESRUNE "Blutrausch" digi-cd (12.00,-) NEW

*WILL OVER MATTER "might of the planet eater" 2xCD (15.00,-) RESTOCK
cosmic sound of void and deadly electronics. Ritual electronics and occult industrial from Finland

*WOLFNACHT "zeit der cherusker" digi-cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*CHANTS FROM THE VOID "Chants from the Void" tape (5.00,-) NEW
Norwegian black metal

*CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Harmony Of Struggle" tape (6.00,-) RESTOCK
Tape version. With lyrics.

*DEATHRONER "deathroner" tape (5.00,-) NEW
Tour De Garde

*MANNFALL "Join der Kvlt" tape (4.00,-) NEW
raw black metal from australia

*MORTE LUNE "Into the Depths of the Mind" tape (4.00,-) NEW
Portuguese raw black metal

*PERVERTED BLASPHEMY "demo 1" tape (4.00,-) NEW
Blasphemous and fierce black metal chaos

*TRIUMPH OF THE MOON "rehearsal 14.5.2012" tape (4.00,-) NEW
raw black metal. Gravgaver 001

*GRAVELAND / HONOR "raiders of revenge" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Polish cult brotherhood split


*FLESHPRESS "Tearing Skyholes" 2xLP (20.00,-) RESTOCK
2xLP out now!! Perfect analogue master cut. lyric sheet transparent x-ray style. Kult Of Nihilow. Four men dragging behind them a weight equal to the burden of existence. Years and years of constant uphill struggle, slowly rising from sludgy roots towards a plane never walked, witnessed or heard. Parched skin and weary posture may fool the uninitiated, for this troupe will bare their teeth when you least expect it, devouring all like the gaping maw of a sudden storm. All this manifests on Tearing Skyholes, the sixth album by Fleshpress. The years travelled off the beaten path show in the pure vision and determination to deliver the ultimate work of sound thus far. Ironically, the sound now being stripped to bare essentials, the music reveals unprecedented sonic richness and atmosphere. Make no mistake; the teeth are still sharp, the spit remains venomous and the heaviness is still more than you can handle, but something new and far more ominous is brooding inside this beast.


*FIN "Refutable Arts of the Noble Reserve" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Non-stop riffing, black metal war hymns, without unnecesities.

*KRODA "Schwarzpfad" digi cd (12.00,-) NEW
2011 album of Kroda

*MORBID FOG/ L HIVER  "ars nocturna" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Greek black metal

*BEHEXEN "From the devils chalice" t-shirt L (17.00,-) NEW

*BEHEXEN  "From The Devils Chalice" t-shirt XL (17.00,-) NEW

*KRODA "die with your god" patch (5.00,-) NEW
circular patch with burning house of god with band logos and mentioned slogan

*BESTIAL WHORE "vile lust" tape (5.00,-) NEW
Four Satanic black/death/thrash perversions

*BLOOD STRONGHOLD "From Sepulchral Remains... " tape (6.00,-) NEW
If you like Graveland and some older Polish sound, check out this..

*HELLVETRON "Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*HOHL "Apocalyptic Hymns" tape (5.00,-) NEW
A Curse of Death upon mankind! "Apocalyptic Hymns" is an audible Death Ritual performed to crush modernity, eliminate the weak and strengthen the resolve of the Tyrant! The plague of humanity and all the sub-specie eccentricities that accompany them are the kindling to which these fires burn. With complete devotion to The Diabolic and at one with the Forces of Darkness and Evil, "Apocalyptic Hymns" is the coming of Glorious Genocide, Power and Domination!

*NIGRUMMAGIA "demo" tape (5.00,-) NEW
First opus from the temple of NIGRUMMAGIA. Putrid devotional hymns of Death and Chaos ushering in the black aeon of universal destruction. No life will be spared, beware the lord is coming and with him comes the flames of perdition.

*FORGOTTEN PATH  "#6" zine (7.00,-) NEW
The thickest publication we have ever made - 132 professionally printed b/w pages - includes interviews with: Nivlhel, Anthro Halaust, Living Altar, Pestilential Shadows, Drunemeton (ex-Heresiarch Seminary), “Oaken Throne Zine”, Gorrch, Necrohell , Thorybos , GRAVEBORNE , Devlsy, SALIGIA , Inthyflesh , Serpents Lair , Popravèí Vrch , Inquisitor , Zargof , Grom Records, Slidhr, Grave Miasma, Norman Shores, A.M.S.G., Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult . Therefore, it offers three special articles (on best albums from Greek scene during several pats years, on Niklas Kvarforth's activity, and post- invasion into Black Metal), as well as usual reports from local fests and review sections.


*ANGUISHED "cold" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
“Cold cuts you deep with razors of melancholy and hateful despair! Possessed Demoness, the tortured soul of Anguished, creates and performs hymns of this Finnish one woman howl with a very unique touch! The songs are full of suicidal despair and sadness but Anguished also shows a side of worshipping Satan with devoted words of dedication to the bleak darkness. As Possessed Demoness handles all instruments with the help of a session drummer she also performs the lyrics with soul piercing shrieks reminding of the early Cradle of Filth high-pitched screams! This is the debut release of Anguished and proofs the bands strenght and interesting approach on Finnish Black Metal!”

*ARSONIST LODGE "Iankaikkinen. Pysyvä. Muuttumaton Pimeys " cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
After the fires have been lit with previous EP and MCD releases the debut full-lenght of ARSONIST LODGE bursts in flames! With the flaming torch in hand the arsonist Diabolus Sylvarum plunges into the deep. eternal Darkness of Satan singing praise to Him in words of burning devotion. Raw and relentless Black Metal whips its listener as the Darkness opens and one's soul can rejoice in the enlightenment of the true meaning of Satanism. For when the fires burn to ashes those of false light and as the world is embraced by the everlasting. permanent. constant Darkness. one true light of Lucifer will shine on His devoted disciples. First edition of 500 copies comes in a digipack with embossed printing.

*KRODA "cry to me river" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
purity through fire digipak

*KRODA "towards the firmaments verge of life" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Purity through fire

*SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT "cultus nex" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
first album, Finnish bm

*VERHEKST  "dogma" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Hammer of Hate

*GRUNT "Decadence of Flesh" dvd-r (10.00,-) RESTOCK
Some copies back in stock of this 2008 dvdr release! 2 live gigs + Decadence of Flesh video = c. 50 minutes. Nudity, blood and permanent bodily harm. ADULTS ONLY ! Good sound & picture.

Finally out long awaited split of two finnish BM bands.

*DODSENGEL "mirium occultum" 2xLP (22.00,-) RESTOCK
praised album back in stock on vinyl!

*HETROERTZEN "Ain Soph Aur" 2xLP (25.00,-) NEW
double LP with extensive LP size booklet with lyrics, lots of artwork etc.

*LORD OF EVIL "satanic war master" 7" (7.00,-) NEW


*ARMATUS / BLUTKULT "honor him" 10" (13.00,-) RESTOCK


*WILL OVER MATTER "Toisesta Maailmasta" tape (7.00,-) RESTOCK
30 minutes assault of one of the most primitive Will Over Matter recordings. Signals from other dimensions. rugged electronic noises. interview of unearthly experiences and fierce vocals. Freak Animal Records.


*ALGHAZANTH "AbcaMelekTaus" mcd (7.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish black metal. Woodcut.

*CHTHONIAN "The preachings of hate are Lord " cd (12.00,-) NEW

*DODSENGEL "mirium occultum" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*ENOCHIAN CRESCENT "black church" 2xCD (15.00,-) RESTOCK
previous album re-issue on digipak. including bonus material

*FORGOTTEN HORROR "the serpent creation" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Woodcut. Finnish black death

*HORNA "hautakylmyyden mailla" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

Compilation containing the two 7"s "Tandava" and "One Tail, One Head".

*PERDITION WINDS "aura of suffering" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Perdition Winds was established in 2009, hailing from south of Finland. Delivering raw, minimal and cold Black Metal with scorn! No fancy dresses, no professionalism, no futile gimmicks. Only pure Black Metal! Band´s debut, "s/t" EP, was released in 2012 and now band is ready to unleash their first full length upon worldwide underground.

*SVARTIDAUDI "flesh cathedral" digi cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*VEMOD "Venter På Stormene " cd (12.00,-) NEW
terratur possesions

*ANGMAR "All Has To End" tape (6.00,-) NEW
3 tracks in 18 minutes. Finnish bm.

*LORD OF PAGATHORN  "Nekros Philia" LP (17.00,-) NEW
LP version of this Black Metal assault

*VORUM "poisoned void" LP (15.00,-) RESTOCK
death metal from finland


*BEHERIT  "At the devils studio" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Release/shippingdate 19.6.2011! This is an official BEHERIT debut album, recorded back in 1990 in Ala Ky Studio, Rovaniemi. Because of the problems with Turbo Music album never seen the darkness of the night and the master tape lost 20 for years. Sodomatic Slaughter found the master tape from his personal collection in 2010 and band started to prepare it for releasing. In this album you can hear 2 totally unreleased tracks and rest are totally different versions you haven´t hear before. Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance and Sodomatic Slaughter recorded this as a duo and it was a live sessions in studio. Mastered 2010 xxx in xxx Studio. "The Oath of the Black Blood" is a compilation of demo and 7´EP, but this is the REAL debut album! KVLT.


2014 repress of 3rd album of Fleshpress. Heavy, slow and dark.


*EXITUS "Statutum Est Hominibus Mori " LP+cd (18.00,-) NEW
Exitus was a seminal Finnish doom/death/thrash metal band that only survived from 1989 to 1990. They released one official demo, Statutum Est Hominibus Mori in 1990 that was sold to friends and through the underground metal zines of the time. Only around 300 copies were ever made. The band played some gigs in Helsinki area with local bands like Abhorrence and Oppression and were quite popular in those circles. Now, 23 years later, the remastered demo is available on vinyl with a bonus CD-EP of unreleased live and rehearsal tracks. You've finally got the chance to hear what dark, gloomy, sounds they used to make back then. An absolute must for fans of Dream Death, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Candlemass... The Svart reissue consists of the entire 30 minute demo remastered on LP and an ultra-rare rehearsal tape as added bonus on CD. The set comes in gatefold covers

*VAINAJA "kadotetut" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Finnish death doom


*WAIL "" t-shirt L (15.00,-) NEW

*WAIL "" t-shirt XL (15.00,-) NEW


*ARCANA COELESTIA "nomas" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Maybe still not recognized abroad as they should [be], ARCANA COELESTIA are one of Italy’s tops at the moment in term of avantgarde doom/black metal, or how else calling this music? Avantgarde Music.

*DEFUNTOS "Velha Palida Face " cd (12.00,-) NEW
suffocating sounding suicadal and depressive music.

*FALKENBACH "...En Their Medh Riki Fara... " cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
pagan metal

*HORNWOOD FELL  "s/t" cd (12.00,-) NEW
The project was born in Italy in May 2013 under a strong 90’s Norwegian black metal influence. Among the group’s major influences the fierceness of Ulver’s Nattens Madrigal, the compulsiveness of Darkthrone, the first Borknagar album, Satyricon… Burzum. The Rotten sounds… dark and obscure woods, fires and smokes!! In a hystorical moment when all black metal bands try or pretend to diverge from the original pact, putting any sort of “post whatever” influence in their music, HORNWOOD FELL shoots in our mouths a ass-kicking, highly technically performed, black metal album that has its only limit in being released 20 years too late to become a timeless classic!

*INQUISITION "magnificent glorification of lucifer" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
finally back in stock! cult black metal assault

*INQUISITION "nefarious dismal orations" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
great black metal

*NKVD  "Hakmarrja" cd (12.00,-) NEW
The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs abbreviated NKVD was a law enforcement agency of the Soviet Union that directly executed the rule of power of the All Union Communist Party. It was closely associated with the Soviet secret police, which at times was part of the agency, and is known for itspolitical repression during the era of Joseph Stalin! NKVD released a marvellous album a few years ago, titled ‘Âëàñòü‘ on Those Opposed Records, among other previous releases.. and we fell in love with it hopelessly. Communist black metal, Industrial black metal, Sonic Terrorists… i read various ways to describe them but why should we seal one officially? Just be afraid at the knock of your door! ‘Hakmarrja’ is the title of their new album, out on Avantgarde Music

*SCHATTENTHRON "Der alte Thron, siechend im Schatten" cd (12.00,-) NEW
atmospheric black metal, yet fast and raw.

*SIVYJ YAR  "from the dead villages darkness" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Rarely does a band come from seemingly nowhere to collectively blow us out of the water the way Sivyj Yar did this month. The one-man band was already on our radar — Sivyj Yar is actually a Black Market alum class of December 2013 — but even so, we didn’t see this coming: one of the best songs, if not one of the best albums, of 2014. “Distant Haze Was Arising” — the centerpiece of Sivyj Yar’s forthcoming LP, From The Dead Villages’ Darkness — is just plain gorgeous. It’s an atmospheric black metal masterpiece built on sweeping, rock-solid riffs that seamlessly pull in heart-stopping acoustics, which, in other hands, often seem like a distracting afterthought. Some people hear a bowed instrument in metal and automatically bust out a thumbs down, but even the most cynical hesher would be lying if s/he denied that swelling feeling in the chest that grabs hold the moment “Distant Haze Was Arising” hits its stride. It’s just invigorating. It’s hard to believe Sivyj Yar aren’t a household name already, although you have to think the band’s home base, Russia, hasn’t helped in terms of getting the word out. Hopefully “Distant Haze Was Arising” fixes that. At the Sargeist show this past weekend at St. Vitus, Michael and I were talking about how we wished “Distant Haze” never ended. The outro riff is one for the ages, and when it fades to black, you’ll be ready to dive in all over again.

*SVARTHYR "Vortex of the slain" mCD FREE  RESTOCK
Fanatical black metal

*BLOOD STRONGHOLD "Blood Spilt in the Earths Viscera" 7" (7.00,-) NEW

*NECROSTRIGIS "Sinister Fires Rituals" 7" (7.00,-) NEW


*RAHU "The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Finally CD version!

*CULTES DES GHOULES "spectres over transylvania" patch (5.00,-) NEW

*ROTTING CHRIST "" t-shirt M (15.00,-) NEW

*ROTTING CHRIST "" t-shirt XL (15.00,-) NEW

*SATANIC WARMASTER "nachzehrer" patch (6.00,-) NEW

*ULVER "" patch (6.00,-) NEW

*ASYMMETRY "A Gift From Heaven" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Fin+Usa mystical black metal.


*ACHERONTAS "Black Blood Ceremony " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Blood-chilling and top-quality live recording of the band’s 2o14 gig in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Greatly capturing the atmosphere of ACHERONTAS' live performance, this record will be unleashed in a one-edition only print.

*ARKTAU EOS "ioh-maera" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Ioh-Maera & Unworeldes present the latest steps in the evolution of Arktau Eos' "archaic elemental music" towards new and unknown spheres; their previous output has been received exceptionally well across a variety of genres. with its praises sung by enthusiasts into experimental/minimalistic music. dark ambient. and the old-school ritual music typified by early Ain Soph or the Nekrophile Records roster from the mid-’80s. Arktau Eos work in a specially built studio-laboratory recording mostly on real. old-time reel tape. utilising an array of unusual. ethnic and self-built instruments. as well as synths from the ‘60s and ‘70s in an intuitive or a mediumistic manner. It is a highly original venture into still largely unexplored territory. which has also drawn considerable interest outside of specifically music-related circles – as testified by the recent appearance of the group at Seattle's Esoteric Book Conference.

*COUNTESS "ancient lies and battle cries" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Barbarian Wrath

*COUNTESS "Sermons of the infidel" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Latest album

*COUNTESS "the gospel of the horned one" cd (12.00,-) NEW
The 1993 debut album re-released. Improved cover, yet as identical as possible layout. No remaster bullshit: The sound remains as rotten as before. CD comes with 2 bonustracks, LP comes with inlay and xeroxed sheet with reviews from back in the days.

*COUNTESS "the return of the horned one" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Nazguls eerie prod!!

*DESIR DE MOURIR "Incure the Wrath of Silence" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Desir de mourir's first opus "incure the wrath of silence" CD version available via AMOR FATI PROD. now! All tape editions released by Karge Welten Kunstverlag are sold since months. Dark raging black metal. Cold and misanthrophic art that unsettles the ones who sink into the atmosphere of this ambient black metal masterpiece! Early burzum meets usbm with classic dsbm vibe. Desir de mourir claims the downfall of everything!!

*DIABOLI "invocation" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Diaboli is one of the oldest black metal bands of Finland. who have never stopped. never wimped out. never compromised. Only short time obstacles of prison sentences and suicides in the ranks of band has made few moments of silence. “Invocation” was already recorded couple years back. but NH has kept delaying the release simply to avoid too many releases appear on short period of time. From “Kirous” and “Antichrist” albums. Diaboli heads towards darker and more sinister lethal black metal assault. No keyboard intros. Less of the Nordic thin razor guitars. It is still 100% guaranteed Diaboli. now with heavier guitars. deeper bassier sound quality. Nothing is hidden below the layers of distortion. No emo/shoegazer. but simply amazing great punishing riffs one after another. In the Finnish scene. often dominated by melodies and harmonies. the power of ultimate RIFFS is undeniable! Feel the strength of Diaboli’s Invocation!! NH-069

*ESSENZ  "KVIITIIVZ - Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen" cd (12.00,-) NEW
ESSENZ likes to paint a hole in your heart. The feeling which creeps into your eyes, ears and mouth... upon your neck. Transcend this feeling into meditation. Let KVIITIIVZ surround you and... grow. The great calling of the unseen. Below, above and arround us. Right now and forever.

*GOAT TORMENT  "Dominande Tenebrae" cd (12.00,-) NEW
After the Split EP with The Beast and "Into the Mouth of the Serent" EP Goat Torment's Debut Album "Dominande Tenebrae" is now finaly unleashed by Amor Fati Productions. Expect 9 sinister hymns of crushing Black/Death Darkness.

*MORDAEHOTH "limburgian pagan madness" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Dutch Pagan Black Metal since ‘95: The new album shows a cold and harsh return to the roots. Each format comes with different bonus (cover) tracks, hailing the days of old. CD limited to 500, LP to 250 copies

*MOSAIC "Old Mans Wynter " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Divided in 2 chapters and 6 songs, "OLD MANs WYNTAR" is a conceptual album themed around the different sides of Winter, with lyrics openly inspired by the German poet Georg Trakl carefully re-written and re-composed and paired with lines of the mastermind IK. Available as CD incl. 12-page booklet.

*NECROBLOOD "The Rite of Evil " cd (12.00,-) NEW
This CD is a compilation CD featuring both Necroblood's long sold out demo "The Rite of Evil" and their 7'' EP released on Spikekult in 2011. The tracks of the demo were remixed and the vocals were re-recorded so they can fit better to what the band has been doing both in studio and on stage with the current line-up. Expect 8 tracks of bestial and primitive Black/Death in the vein of Archgoat, Teitanblood, Von etc.

*VLAD TEPES "celtic poetry" mcd (8.00,-) NEW
Remastered/ remixed by Wlad. Drakkar.

*VLAD TEPES "into frosty madness" mCD (8.00,-) NEW
Vlad Tepes says "Of course, all of what is coming will be official and definitive, sourced and remixed/remastered from my own 4 tx master tapes". Into Frosty Madness never sounded this good before! Forget all sorts of bootlegs made of rotten tape copies. Sound is raw, fierce, but strong!

*VLAD TEPES "Winter" mcd (8.00,-) NEW
Remastered/ remixed by Wlad. Drakkar

*AOYE "" tape (7.00,-) NEW
Drone music and ritual ambient from Finland. First tape from new project.

*ABHORRENCE "completely vulgar" 2xLP (22.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish death metal from the old times.

*ACHERONTAS "Black Blood Ceremony " LP (17.00,-) NEW
Blood-chilling and top-quality live recording of the band’s 2o14 gig in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Greatly capturing the atmosphere of ACHERONTAS' live performance, this record will be unleashed in a one-edition only print.

*COUNTESS "the gospel of the horned one" LP (17.00,-) NEW
The 1993 debut album re-released. Improved cover, yet as identical as possible layout. No remaster bullshit: The sound remains as rotten as before. CD comes with 2 bonustracks, LP comes with inlay and xeroxed sheet with reviews from back in the days.

*DIABOLI "invocation" LP (15.00,-) RESTOCK
Diaboli is one of the oldest black metal bands of Finland. who have never stopped. never wimped out. never compromised. Only short time obstacles of prison sentences and suicides in the ranks of band has made few moments of silence. “Invocation” was already recorded couple years back. but NH has kept delaying the release simply to avoid too many releases appear on short period of time. From “Kirous” and “Antichrist” albums. Diaboli heads towards darker and more sinister lethal black metal assault. No keyboard intros. Less of the Nordic thin razor guitars. It is still 100% guaranteed Diaboli. now with heavier guitars. deeper bassier sound quality. Nothing is hidden below the layers of distortion. No emo/shoegazer. but simply amazing great punishing riffs one after another. In the Finnish scene. often dominated by melodies and harmonies. the power of ultimate RIFFS is undeniable! Feel the strength of Diaboli’s Invocation!! NH-069

*MORDAEHOTH "limburgian pagan madness" LP (17.00,-) NEW
with 3 bonus tracks on LP version!

*MORDICUS "dances from left" LP+7" (20.00,-) NEW
Finnish death metal assault from 1993 first time on vinyl, including replica of 1992 7" ! Svart

*THE DEATHTRIP "Deep Drone Master" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Black Metal with Host (UK) on guitars and Aldrahn (Norway) on vocals. Black Metal. Svart.

*THORS HAMMER "three weeds from the same root" LP (17.00,-) NEW
cult black metal from Poland!! First time on LP !!


*PYHÄ KUOLEMA "Kevättuulisormi" cd (13.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish language folk/ singer/songwriter stuff. Excellent second album.

*PYHÄ KUOLEMA "kevättuulisormi" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish language folk/ singer/songwriter stuff. Excellent second album

*SINK "fog & dominance" LP (15.00,-) NEW


*BAPTISM "Grim Arts of Melancholy" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
BAPTISM is known as one of the most reliable Finnish black metal acts with it´s instantly recognizable. yet deeply traditional. sort of puritanical "Eliterian" musical worship and esotericism. Referencing both older metal and a newly awakened purpose for a more extreme form of Luciferian art. BAPTISM´s work is always more than mere music - it´s a theistic black metal ceremony. As it is. "Grim Arts of Melancholy" stands as a natural continuation of the work BAPTISM initiated in the 90´s. Sargofagian´s articulated vocals unveil mysteries of a blackest nature in the foreground of a deeply darkened. almost insane. mostly mid-paced riffscape. which seems this time to have kept to a minimum the use of beautiful counterpointing of melodies. Old-school thrashing parts are captured amidst songs in their flight across godless depths. yet return to obscurity as soon as the listener is awakened from the morbid trance of a mid-paced minor key hammering. For most of the time the whole album sounds like one single extended ceremonial track dedicated to Azazel or some other force whose name is unknown to mankind. It achieves this atmosphere without using standard tricks such as extremely lo-fi production; in fact. this one probably has the clearest and most dynamic production BAPTISM ever had. It serves it´s purpose here to highlight the nature of the album as a sort of anti-symphony. a prayer. a clear vision of doom. The messages of BAPTISM´s "Grim Arts" are serious prophecies. not entertaining background music! 6 panel cover booklet including exclusive artwork and for the first time all lyrics printed also in CD version.


*GENITAL AMPUTATION "shitting through a mangled vagina" mcd (7.00,-) NEW
New Finnish guttural sick gore influenced by Mortician. Pressed cd, but only 100 copies!! Bird Vomit Records.

*GOATMOON "Voitto tai valhalla" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Finally new album from mighty Goatmoon!

*SATANIC WARMASTER "fimbulwinter" cd (13.00,-) NEW
Waited and now praised new SATANIC WARMASTER album return with masterful album, taking speed and clarity of cold nordic black metal to spirit of 90's scandinavia, but of course with trademark Werewolf croacking voice and unmistaken sense of melody and crushing riffs.

*ANAL BLASPHEMY "perversions of satan" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*DEATHSPELL OMEGA "infernal battles" LP (19.00,-) NEW
debut LP finally re-issued in black vinyl! Artwork is same as in pic LP box. End All Life.

*DEATHSPELL OMEGA "Inquisitors of Satan" LP (19.00,-) NEW
debut LP finally re-issued in black vinyl! Artwork is same as in pic LP box. End All Life

*DEATHSPELL OMEGA "manifestation 2002" LP (19.00,-) NEW
end all life

*DEATHSPELL OMEGA "Manifestations 2000-2001" LP (19.00,-) NEW
end all life.

*DEATHSPELL OMEGA "Si Monvmentvm Reqvires Circvmspice" 2xLP (25.00,-) RESTOCK
vinyl re-press of the classic album !!

*EVILFEAST "Lost Horizons of Wisdom " 2xLP (22.00,-) RESTOCK
Among absolute best of current Polish BM ! Third output of Evilfeast finally out on vinyl. All copies come with logo patch and the release is limited to 500 handnumbered copies!

*EVILFEAST "wintermoon enchantment" 2xLP (22.00,-) RESTOCK
Polish bm

*TEITANBLOOD "death" 2xLP (25.00,-) RESTOCK
release date march 13th! Orders including this item will be sent then.