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Finally LP version of this raw and morbid perversion.


*BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "With Promises Of Death" cd (14.00,-) NEW
"WITH PROMISES OF DEATH" is the first new full length album from seminal death industrial legend BDN in eight years. The inaugural release on Roger Karmanik's new label, FAMILJEGRAVEN, created with the sole intention of producing releases from BRIGHTER DEATH NOW in the wake of COLD MEAT INDUSTRY's demise, heralds a slew of planned reissues and new material. THIS IS NOT OVER!

*ANAL BLASPHEMY / AZAGHAL "split" 7" (7.00,-) NEW
Finally out long awaited split of two finnish BM bands.

*GORGUTS "...And then comes lividity 1990. demo anthology vol 1" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Demo Anthology vol 1!!! Re-issue LP of first demo from 1990! Technical Death Metal masters.

*GORGUTS "...And then comes lividity 1990. demo anthology vol 2" LP (17.00,-) NEW
demo anthology 2, includes "Considered Dead" 1991 and "Erosion of Sanity" demo 1992.

*GORGUTS "...And then comes lividity 1990. demo anthology vol 3" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Demo anthology vol 3. includes "Obscura demos 1993", "Obscura demos 1994", "Obscura demos 1995"

*K.S.K.N.P. "Death Instruktions " LP (22.00,-) NEW
As singular entities, Steel Hook Prostheses, Shock Frontier, Peter Nystrom (Megaptera/Negru Voda/KNO/Obscene Noise Korporation), and Stephen Petrus (Murderous Vision) have created some of the darkest and most hellish soundscapes of the last 15 years, so one can only imagine what happens when they collaborate as a collective, but that’s exactly what we have with “Death Instruktions”. ..a kind of “death industrial super group” that brings together the best aspects of all parties involved, dragging the listener into a nightmarish realm where the atmosphere is seething with depravity, the air rancid and stale, and the sounds of bloodletting and torture are on full display. Make no mistake, despite the number of hands in the mix, this is focused and incisive, where thick layers of morbidly squirming frequencies, malevolent vocals, sadistic ambience, and pounding, machine rhythms create a visceral and vile listening environment that takes what each act has done individually to a whole new dimension. Titles such as “Scorched Skeletal Remains”, “Conditions For Suffocation”, and “To Desecrate Angelic Flesh” reveal the depths of horror that exist within. Single handedly one of the most disturbing releases to grace the Malignant roster-as if you expected anything less. Lmtd to 250 copies with insert. Artwork by renowned artist, Brian VDP. "...an intense and very dark vortex, nourished from nightmares and darkest visions". 9.3/10 Necroweb.

*RAZOR "Open Hostility" LP (17.00,-) NEW
1991 album reissue. Thrash.

*RAZOR "violent restitution" LP (17.00,-) NEW
1988 thrash!! Re-issue vinyl!



most filthiest finnish black metal

*BARATHRUM "Immortal" cd (13.00,-) NEW
Finally re-issue of this cult Finnish black metal album from earlier dark days of Barathrum!! Primitive Reaction

*BLOOD AXIS "born again" cd (16.00,-) RESTOCK
killer new album after years and years of waiting! Neo-folk, experimental gloomy music, great studio recordings, huge improvement from the past!! Storm/Tesco.

*BLOOD AXIS & LES JOYAX DE LA PRINCESSE "absinthia taetra" cd (16.00,-) RESTOCK
another BA & LJDLP collaboration recording! Nice digipak!

*FLAME "march into firelands" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Prepare to March Into Firelands - FLAME are here to burn you straight to hell! A cult name in their native Finnish scene, FLAME summon forth triumphant epics of gnarliness that are equal parts ancient blackthrash and just-as-ancient bestial metal. And now, six years after their Into the Age of Fire debut LP, FLAME return with the highly anticipated March Into Firelands, proving that their unholy conflagration's as potent as ever: dynamic yet immediately headbanging, rooted in the old ways yet never recreating anyone's past glories... feel this FLAME and take this torch! Played by members of Adorior, Barathrum, Urn & Hell Spirit. CD booklet features killer artwork by Juanjo Castellano (Incantation, Anal Vomit, etc) across 12 pages with lyrics, photos, etc

collaboration of two Finnish bm bands. Hammer of Hate.

*NATTFOG "Mustan Auringon Riitti" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
"After the promising demo and splitLP with Nekrokrist SS. NATTFOG present their debut full-length 'Mustan Auringon Riitti' (The Rite of the Black Sun) through Hammer of Hate. Nattfog originate from the southern shores of Finland tormented by icy seawinds. Their style can easily be connected to the masterful Finnish Black Metal sound in the vein of SATANIC WARMASTER. SARGEIST. HORNA. GOATMOON with a raw yet melodic approach. genuine underground Black Metal. 'Mustan Auringon Riitti' is full of melancholic soundscapes but with a strong sense of proud warspirit. much like is the nature of a typical Finnish man. The lyrics of 'Mustan Auringon Riitti' deal with a strong occult theme and old Northern/Scandinavian mythologies with a sense of national pride. The debut of Nattfog will definitely not go unnoticed and strenghtens the already well-known Finnish underground Black Metal excellence.”

*NEUTRON HAMMER "iron storm evocation" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
After nine years of impure existence; Demo. two EP´s plus a bunch of fierce and relentless live appearances. Neutron Hammer is finally ready to unleash their debut LP upon the worldwide underground. Pounding. twisted and immensely heavy thrashing album full of repugnant perversions and sadistic madness. Only for the damned and sick!

*RIDE FOR REVENGE / BIZARRE UPROAR "collaboration" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Rare collaboration album of Finnish black metal and noise. Previously released on cassette limited to only 100 copies, finally available as a limited edition compact disc by Bestial Burst and Filth&Violence.

*RIENAUS "Aamutähdelle" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Traditional Nordic black metal, Finnish quality quaranteed. Debut full-length album. KVLT

*STORMHEIT "Chronicon Finlandiae" cd (13.00,-) RESTOCK
new album in noble digibook in regular jewelbox size.

*STORMHEIT "Pohjanmaa" cd (13.00,-) RESTOCK
New album of national romantic epic metal.

*VITSAUS "sielunmessu" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
great album of raw yet melodic Finnish black metal. Get it !

*BEHERIT "Drawing Down The Moon" tape (7.00,-) NEW
pro tape!

*BLOODHAMMER / RIDE FOR REVENGE "chord of the left hand" tape (6.00,-) RESTOCK
pro-tape on KVLT

*PSEUDOGOD "deathwomb catechesis" tape (7.00,-) RESTOCK
Deathwomb Catechesis”. the long awaited debut album from Russian black metal terrorists PSEUDOGOD! Cover artwork by Antichrist Kramer (SSP) – interior artwork by Alexander L. Brown (WITCHRIST). Boundless morbidity. bestial chum. grinding disease. otherworldly dread: these are the hailmarks of Russian PSEUDOGOD. who’ve quickly decimated the extreme SatanicBlackDeath scene over the past few years to become one of the most-hailed bands around. And that horrible splendor will shine even further with the release of their highly anticipated debut album. “Deathwomb Catechesis”. Evoking its namesake as well as a host of other nameless horrors. this work of art drives deep into the mysteries of death. dragging the helpless listen along as their sepulchral black/death conjures its spell. Prepare. then. to enter PSEUDOGOD’s deathwomb! LP comes with massive 24-page 12x12 inch booklet! KVLT

*AZRAEL RISING "anti-gravity" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
deep, spiritual, physical, psychotic, clear, cleansing, depraved, violent, melancholic, vengeful black metal. "This new album of Azrael Rising is the best release from Primitive Reaction so far." -Sami Tenetz / Thy Serpent


*STRIX "Taetra Opera Carnis" tape (6.00,-) NEW

*YSENGRIN "T.R.I.A.D.E" tape (6.00,-) NEW


*ABIGOR "satanized" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Sail productions version.

*ACHERONTAS "Amenti" cd (14.00,-) NEW
With their fourth full length album, Acherontas once again offer intense & sinister Art at its best. The 62 minutes longing album features guest appearances / collaborations with following artists: Naas Alcameth / Nightbringer, Henry Möller from Arditi & Puissance, Jhon Longshaw (Black Seas of Infinity) and Edgar Kerval from Emme Ya and comes as a noble Digipak CD, incl. a 24 pages booklet.

*ACHERONTAS "Tat Tvam Asi (Universal Omniscience)" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Re-issue of Acherontas debut full length album.

*ACHERONTAS "theosis" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Re-issue of Acherontas' second full length album. wtc

W.T.C.Productions proudly presents "Pylons of the Adversary",a Split Album with exclusive contributions of Acherontas, Arditi,Shibalba & Puissance..Comes as 6 panel Digipak CD

*ARYMAN "Plugawe dziedzictwo" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Fast and fierce black metal from Poland.

*BARAD DUR  "vergeltung" cd (12.00,-) NEW
German black metal!

*DYSANGELIUM "Leviaxxis " cd (6.00,-) NEW
demo cd. pressed disc (not cdr!) but in cardboard cover.

*ETERNUM "Veil of Ancient Darkness " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Re-issue of Eternum's debut full length album."Veil of Ancient Darkness" offers hateful,epic, and barbaric Black Metal in the vein of the infamous Polish hordes of the 90s!

*FROZEN SHADOWS "hantises" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Holy Records 2004 press.

*GRAV "Dit inget ljus kan nå " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Blut&Eisen Prod. proudly presents the Digipak CD version of GRAV's "Dit inget ljus kan nå",released under license of Ancient Records.

*KADOTUS "seven glorifications of evil" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
finnish black metal. blut & eisen

*LORD OF PAGATHORN  "Nekros Philia" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal. Digipak. Woodcut.

*MISTREAT "10 years anniversary live 1998" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finally supreme quality Mistreat audio recording sees daylight in form of official live CD fully approved by Mistreat! Sakaramiina.

*PARIA  "Surrealist satanist" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Paria's third full length album,named "Surrealist Satanist".The album comes as Digipack CD incl. 12 pages booklet.Sticking to their guns, Paria are following their path of fierce & sick Black Metal consequently. WTC.

*PERDITION WINDS "aura of suffering" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Perdition Winds was established in 2009, hailing from south of Finland. Delivering raw, minimal and cold Black Metal with scorn! No fancy dresses, no professionalism, no futile gimmicks. Only pure Black Metal! Band´s debut, "s/t" EP, was released in 2012 and now band is ready to unleash their first full length upon worldwide underground.

*SARGEIST "feeding the crawling shadows" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
new album of Finnish black metal worshippers.

*FUNERARY BELL  "horrific transcosmic overture" tape (6.00,-) NEW
pro-tape with pin! Finnish occult black metal


*ASCENSION "Consolamentum" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Praised German black metal!! WTC

*BEFORE GOD "wolves amongst the sheep" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
BFG related pagan bm project

*VEIL "sombre" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*WALKNUT "graveforests and their shadows" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
back in stock!! Great black metal with atmosphere and strength! Recommended!


*ACCUSED "the curse of martha splatterhead" cd (12.00,-) NEW
crossover thrash hardcore

Grim and Satanic Black Metal

*CTHULHU RITES "Posrod Misteriow Koszmaru" cd (12.00,-) NEW
polish black metal. Eastside.

Misanthropic Black Metal from Hungary. Long awaited new album finally available

Raw but melodic Black Metal from Canada. New album.

*FUNERAL FOG "Isolated From Light " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Italian suicidal black metal

*HADEZ "morituri te salutant" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Hadez Death/black Metal from Lima Hell, Peru

*HERETICAL "Demonarchrist " cd (12.00,-) NEW
"Originally known as Immolator and after 3 demos changing their name to Heretical they have been lurking and refining their dark craft since 1993!!! This being the bands third full length once again shows on how the old mixed with the new can be such a brutal and destructive combination. This also is another prime example of how symphonic black metal can be creative and yet devastating!! You will hear hints of mid era Marduk in some of the riffing however other then that the band has an approach though not overly original is all their own as they incorporate their own dose of occult sounds and ambiance that will bring to mind other Italian greats as Evol [R.I.P.], Mortuary Drape, Necromass, Opera IX etc.... . They even incorporate the old school gang Thrash vocals, some nice lead guitar work, as well as Death Metal Influences!!! There is some violin and piano on a couple of tracks to add to the overall atmosphere to. A band that has resided for far to long in the deepest pits of the underground and mostly unknown until now will leave it's mark with this Epic Modern Black Metal masterpiece!!!! THE SECOND COMING OF DARKNESS IS HERE!!!!"

*KALMANKANTAJA "ahdistus" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finnish suicidal black metal

Norsk Arisk Black Metal. Debut album

*MORTA SKULD "serving two masters" cd (12.00,-) NEW
crushing death metal.

French black metal

Slavonic Black Metal with folk and ambient touches. Croatian-Polish line-up, with Perunwit and Percival members.

Excellent Slavonic Black Metal from Poland. Great third album.

*SYTRIS "stronghold of wrath" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Dark Metal from Poland. Pluton's Rising Productions & Hell Is Here Production

*VELVET CACOON "genevieve" cd (12.00,-) NEW
southern lord repress of minimal black metal album

*VOLLMOND  "rituals of conquest" cd (12.00,-) NEW
black doom


*CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Fist of The Northern Destroyer" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Black metal. Northern Heritage

2nd-Hand *DEATHSPELL OMEGA "manifestation 2002" cd (6.00,-) RESTOCK
original NH edition. Small pile found in storage, these are new, but have small "dots" = storage wear in discs. Many labels would sell stuff like this as "new"... Anyways, possibility to get first edition for good price!!

*GRAVELAND "Ogien Przebudzenia " cd (12.00,-) NEW

*GRAVELAND "Pamiec i Przeznaczenie " cd (12.00,-) NEW
jewelbox edition

*GRAVELAND "Prawo Stali " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Jewelbox. Polish version of Creed of Iron, different compared to old version!

*ADVERSARIAL  "All Idols Fall Before the Hammer" LP (15.00,-) RESTOCK
This Canadian trio´s debut album after the great ´Thralls´ DEMO (Zombie Ritual Tapes), ´´All Idols Fall Before the Hammer´´ is an aural assault which blasts the listener through eight songs in over 36 minutes of blackened metal of death. Prepare to be struck by the Hammer of ADVERSARIAL!!

*AEVANGELIST "De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis" 2xLP (22.00,-) NEW
Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and lead by Matron Thorn and Ascaris (both active under the black metal insignias of Benighted In Sodom), ÆVANGELIST play dark death metal to end all death metal. Like in a terrifying exorcism, the duo has extracted the very essence of the genre out of its carcass, showing it in all its putridity and disgust through the asphyxiating sounds and the growling choirs of the debut album "De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis". There's a disturbing and totally hallucinating atmosphere haunting their songs; something that assaults and violates the senses, and that works on the subconscious in subliminal, occult ways. Comparable perhaps to Portal, Mitochondrion, Vasaeleth and even late Blut Aus Nord, ÆVANGELIST ride on majestic black wings, dispensing chaos, darkness and fever like rotten hosts with which to feed countless agonizing souls. You won't find anything pleasant in this dark epiphany. No melodies, no nice hooks, no frills. Just ugliness and utter despair; the tortured screams of those who already inhaled the nauseating, unbereable stench of death while waiting for the horrendous vacuum of non-existence that lays beyond...

*AMALEK "Die Rückkehr Wotans" LP (15.00,-) NEW
Pagan black metal

*BEHERIT "Drawing Down The Moon" pic LP (19.00,-) RESTOCK
2013 KVLT version of utmost classic Finnish black metal album!!

*BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR  "Beyond Time & Portals of Death" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Limited to 300 copies! Hailing from the Patagonian capital city of Nequen, Argentina. BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR play a dark & primordial Black/Death Metal with a very tribal and unique sound which is both interesting and distinctly South American. The band issued its first demo, , in 2008 and the latest EP "Bestial Obscure Metal Kaos" in 2012. The "Bestial Obscure Metal Kaos" EP was the catalyst to a tour that took the band to Chile, Bolivia, Peru and all over Argentina. This limited edition vinyl, combines both these releases on one record, now together re-titled as "Beyond Time & Portals of Death". Let this documment serve as a pre-taste of the bands development and give you a hint of what is to come on the bands upcoming album on Blood Harvest.

*BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT  "Ancient Insignias " LP (17.00,-) NEW
BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT unleash their long-awaited debut full-length “Ancient Insignias” delivering eight Bestial War Commands in the vein of Diocletian, Order From Chaos, Blasphemy, Necros Christos and Naked Whipper vomiting forth iconoclastic blasphemies against this modern world praising the way of the Conqueror inspired by the works of F. Nietzsche, J. Evola, O. Spengler, E. Jünger, R. Redbeard and P.G. Helmkamp

*BLAZE OF PERDITION "towards the blaze of perdition" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
The debut album from 2010 finally gets the vinyl treatment! BLAZE OF PERDITION originates from Lublin. Poland. A creation of pure darkness fronted by two vocalists spewing forth 9 blasphemic hymns of agressive. hateful and crushing Black Metal. You should also pick up their amazing split with Russian horde PSEUDOGOD! Recommended to fans of Watain. Emperor. Deathspell Omega. and maybe even Dissection.

*CHAKAL "Abominable Anno Domini" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Classic 80's Cogumelo cult! Brazil thrash!

*COFFIN TEXTS "Tomb of Infinite Ritual" LP (17.00,-) NEW
'Tomb of Infinite Ritual', the 2nd album by this legendary trio from Los Angeles, California. Founded by Roberto Cradenas and Richard Gonzales back in 1995 after the break-up of cult gore grind band ENTITY. Coffin Texts has been roaming the California Death Metal underground since their initiation. Sharing members with cult bands such as SADISTIC INTENT, POSSESSED, INFAMY, ENTITY and other bands in which the members are active. Roberto Cardenas is also playing in the great renowned power-metal band AGENT STEEL. Developing their own unique style and sound they released their debut CD in 2000, titled 'Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife' which was released in US/Canada, South America and Europe on CD and vinyl format. Celebrated in the underground, this is a well hidden gem and high-class, true Death Metal with its roots in the ancient Californian Death Metal style. After several studio mishaps and hard-drive crashes, the band just recently managed to finalize the mixing process. 'Tomb of Infinite Ritual' shows COFFIN TEXTS at their very best. While the musicians themselves have developed and perfected their skills, the same spirit and approach to Death Metal remains true and intact!

*DIABOLICAL MESSIAH "Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Long overdue, BLOOD HARVEST is proud to present a vinyl LP pressing of DIABOLICAL MESSIAH's cult debut album, Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! Originally released on CD in 2010 by the esteemed Proselytism label, Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! was soon being hailed by underground diehards as a supreme entry into the legendary canon of Chilean death metal. A true power-trio, DIABOLICAL MESSIAH here unleash wave after undulating wave of militant, cyclonic violence, reeking of sulfur, the occult, and unhinged diabolism. It's a sound that will remind many of prime Morbid Angel, Krisiun, Angelcorpse, and Incantation, but with that insane edge only South America can deliver. Onward to Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! - (Nathan T. Birk)

*DIOCLETIAN "Gesundrian" LP (17.00,-) NEW
2014 marks the ten year anniversary of New Zealand's Diocletian, and the advent of their most barbaric and ferocious release to date, ‘Gesundrian'. Drawing inspiration from early masterpieces by the likes of Voivod and Morbid Angel, ‘Gesundrian' is a development on Diocletian's trademark unrelenting steamroller approach with the barbed aggression not heard since their earliest works. It is a reflection of continual transformation and balance between order and chaos, themes which have pervaded Diocletian's music, aesthetics and philosophy since the very beginning.

*EMPTY "Etica Profana Negativa" LP (17.00,-) NEW
limited only 250!!! EMPTY, since 1995 are spreading their will of death and uneasiness through their funerary art. The band is back now with the album called “ETICA PROFANA NEGATIVA”. An album that like a cursed shadow whispering to your subconscious over and over again the senseless of the being of the life itself. A devious path with dramatic landscapes of narrow desolation, which leads the band to the peak of the everlasting and enduring sorrow of life…the peak of the blackest desolation of the moribund Black Metal scene.

*HOLOCAUSTO "Campo de exterminio" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Great re-issue of thrashin war metal assault from 1987!!!

*IMMORTAL "damned in black" LP transparent (17.00,-) NEW
clear = transparent vinyl on Osmose prod.

*IMPALED NAZARENE "Vigorous and Liberating Death" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Vigorous And Liberating Death continues the band´s brutal legacy, featuring 13 brand new songs. 16 pages high quality booklet on laminated mat paper with lyrics, photo.

*MALSAINT "Anti Islamist Proselytism" LP (15.00,-) NEW
French black metal

*MERCILESS "The Awakening" LP (17.00,-) NEW
re-issue of classic swedish deathrash attack (originally Deathlike Silence first release!). With 4 bonus live tracks from 1990! Essential!

*NARGAROTH "Black Metal Ist Krieg" 2xLP (22.00,-) NEW
german black metal

*PEST "desecration" LP (15.00,-) NEW
Swedish black metal on No Colours.

French black metal

*SARCOFAGO "hate" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Cogumelo cult attack. Osmose repress.

*SARGEIST "Feeding The Crawling Shadows" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Latest album of this Finnish black metal horde. WTC

*SHROUD OF THE HERETIC  "Revelations in Alchemy " LP (17.00,-) NEW
Formed in 2009 in Portland, Oregon. After releasing the Boiled to Death demo and some changes in lineup, the band matured into its current incarnation: vocalist/bassist Thom, drummer Lauren, and guitarist JT. The Boiled to Death demo was released on vinyl through BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS, limited to 300 copies, and on CD through Craneo Negro, who also co-released the vinyl edition. In 2013, SHROUD OF THE HERETIC recorded their debut full-length, Revelations in Alchemy, to be released on vinyl, again through BLOOD HARVEST, and on CD through Craneo Negro. A churning, cavernous rumble of occult Metal of Death, SHROUD OF THE HERETIC's Revelations in Alchemy revels in the otherworldly and the ghastly, the horrific and the sublime. Always pulsing and pouding ever forward, ever toward terrible visions, the trio's sound is as spiritual as it is physical. SHROUD OF THE HERETIC have had the opportunity to share the stage with Grave Upheaval, Impetuous Ritual, Anhedonist, Ritual Necromancy, Dispirit, Old Skin, and Knelt Rote. The band is currently writing their darkest, bleakest material to date.

*URFAUST "Der freiwillige Bettler" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
2010 album.


*IMMORTAL "damned in black" LP (15.00,-) RESTOCK
Good new Osmose vinyl pressing


*AXIS OF ADVANCE "purify" mcd (7.00,-) RESTOCK
aggressive war metal

*CAINAN DAWN "Thavmial" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Will appeal to the fans of Occult Black Metal.

*DIOCLETIAN "Gesundrian" cd (12.00,-) NEW
2014 marks the ten year anniversary of New Zealand's Diocletian, and the advent of their most barbaric and ferocious release to date, ‘Gesundrian'. Drawing inspiration from early masterpieces by the likes of Voivod and Morbid Angel, ‘Gesundrian' is a development on Diocletian's trademark unrelenting steamroller approach with the barbed aggression not heard since their earliest works. It is a reflection of continual transformation and balance between order and chaos, themes which have pervaded Diocletian's music, aesthetics and philosophy since the very beginning.

*EMPTY "Etica Profana Negativa " cd (12.00,-) NEW
EMPTY, since 1995 are spreading their will of death and uneasiness through their funerary art. The band is back now with the album called “ETICA PROFANA NEGATIVA”. An album that like a cursed shadow whispering to your subconscious over and over again the senseless of the being of the life itself. A devious path with dramatic landscapes of narrow desolation, which leads the band to the peak of the everlasting and enduring sorrow of life…the peak of the blackest desolation of the moribund Black Metal scene.

*IMPALED NAZARENE  "Vigorous and Liberating Death " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Vigorous And Liberating Death continues the band´s brutal legacy, featuring 13 brand new songs. 16 pages high quality booklet on laminated mat paper with lyrics, photo.

*MERCILESS "the awakening" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
swedish cult classic!!

*MOURNFUL CONGREGATION "concrescence of the sophia" mcd (8.00,-) NEW
30 minutes digipak cd with two new tunes of total doom! Osmose

*WITCHMASTER "Antichristus Ex Utero" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Raw, violent & filthy ! A relentless Thrash Black Metal assault! Featuring ex-members of Behemoth, Incantation, Vader & Profanum.

*BLOOD AXIS "born again" t-shirt L (15.00,-) NEW

*BLOOD AXIS "Born Again" t-shirt M (15.00,-) NEW

*ENSLAVED "eld" t-shit L (15.00,-) RESTOCK
two side print

*ENSLAVED "frost" t-shirt L (15.00,-) NEW

*MARDUK "opus nocturne" t-shirt L (15.00,-) NEW

*MERCILESS "the awakening" t-shirt M (15.00,-) NEW

*ITSEMURHA "All my life for Satan " tape (6.00,-) RESTOCK
"Melancholic Black Metal suffering from Finland. Itsemurha studies the thematics of breaking the cycle of existence via the ultimate act of despair. suicide. the sin of all religions. A life dedicated to Satan. death the only reality in His name. Bleeding tunes of sorrow and screams of painful hatred and devotion!"

*SACRIFICIUM CARMEN "Sanansaattaja" tape (6.00,-) RESTOCK
"Raw underground Black Metal assault from Finland! Featuring members of RIIVAUS and ARAQIEL this promising new act delivers Black Metal down to its basic form as it was meant to be. For worshippers of the Finnish Black Metal sound at its best SACRIFICIUM CARMEN offers fast paced Black Metal with a melodic touch! Following the voice of Satan..."

*SIELUNVIHOLLINEN "ruttokieli" tape (6.00,-) RESTOCK
"Second demo from the mysterious horde of blasphemic hatred SIELUNVIHOLLINEN. delivering Satanic Black Metal in the melodic yet raw vein! The second offering of SIELUNVIHOLLINEN tops even the brilliance of the debut demo and is easily one of the most promising newcomers from the Finnish Black Metal scene!"


*SNUFF "II" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
CD version of Snuff's second LP. No extra material but slightly boosted sound for even more challenging listening experience. Pure feedback-drenched and murk-ridden old school power electronics. Utterly hateful and depraved, not for casual listeners or the easily offended. CD in standard jewelcase.


*AURVANDIL "Thrones" tape (5.00,-) NEW

*USVED "" 2x tape (10.00,-) NEW
Special package, oversized. Might add to higher postage, depending on destination. Obsure darkness...

*WHITE MEDAL "guthmers hahl" tape (6.00,-) NEW
UK black metal

*KOHORT "christian masquerade" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
Polish black metal kult! Limited 300!!



*INQUISITION "magnificent glorification of lucifer" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
finally back in stock! cult black metal assault

*INQUISITION "nefarious dismal orations" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
great black metal

*INQUISITION "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
After 3 Years of Silence one of the latest cult Acts return with the Black Metal Album of the Year!

*VELES "night on the bare mountain / black hateful metal" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
finally back in stock!!! Greatest Polish bm classics!!

*DEREK HOLLAND "Poliittinen Sotilas" kirja (10.00,-) RESTOCK
Suomenkielistä käännöstä on tarkistettu ja mukana on myös päivitetty esipuhe alkuperäisestä käännöksestä. Tänä vuonna tulee kuluneeksi kolmekymmentä vuotta siitä kun viime vuosikymmenten eräs vaikutusvaltaisimmista nationalistisista traktaateista, englantilaisen Derek Hollandin The Political Soldier. A Statement (1984) näki päivänvalon. Sen kunniaksi pamfletti julkaistaan uusien sukupolvien insipiraatioksi nyt ensi kertaa suomeksi omana erillisena paperisena julkaisuna. Liimasidottu pokkari.


Pyhä Kuolema live kasetti! Mielipiteitä jakanut erilainen keikka Oulun Veljesiltamista. Keikalla kaikki tunnetut PK hittibiisit (jos moista ilmaisua sopii käyttää!) loisti poissaolollaan ja tilalla oli sekä rauhallisempaa tarinankerrontaa kuin ekstaattisiin sfääreihin nousseita myllytyksiä, joissa maanisesti toistuvat toisiinsa punoutuvat kitarakuviot ja perkussioiden pauke yhdistyi omalaatuisiin teksteihin. Yleisönä kenties viitisenkymmentä vierasta, kuuntelemassa täysin ilman vahvistimia, kynttilän valossa soitettua keikkaa. Näytebiisi on wanha laina, jonka inspiraationa ollut Jim Reevesin versio, mutta kappaleen alkuperä on vielä syvemmällä vanhan amerikan musiikissa. The Original Carter Family soittanut kappaletta jo joskus 20-30 luvun tienoilla ja tuntuu hurjalta että se on pienellä tulkinnalla edelleen niin tuoretta musiikkia. Näyttää että tietyt perusasiat ja kantavat ideat ei vanhene, halpojen trendien noustessa ja hapantuessa kerta toisensa jälkeen.


*ESKATOZOA "Cosmic Elements Coalesce " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Eskatozoa's sound is rooted in the abyssal depths of the early universe and extends as far as the most distant future. Hurled across millions of ages, experience the darkness of a photon-devouring black hole; the brilliance of the brightest supernovae; the terrifying isolation and endless repetition of empty space. The vistas without solid boundaries you sense convolute and congeal into undulations shimmering and swooshing, twirling and twinkling. Now accessible here, on Earth. Debut album in luxurious digipak.

*RIDE FOR REVENGE / BIZARRE UPROAR "collaboration" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Rare collaboration album of Finnish black metal and noise. Previously released on cassette limited to only 100 copies, finally available as a limited edition compact disc by Bestial Burst and Filth&Violence.

*MGLA "(malignant voices)" t-shirt M (15.00,-) RESTOCK
see image. Don't know "name" of the shirt.

Light grey shirt. see image for front & back printing.

*BIG BOSS "Q7" tape (7.00,-) NEW
Original 1994 tapes from Czech! Pro-tapes and covers, Big Boss / Root!

*GONKULATOR / OLD PAGAN  "split" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Massachusetts black noise cult coupled with raw black metal from Saarbrücken, Germany. Blasphemous black vinyl limited to 300 copies


*MGLA "With Hearts Toward None" LP (15.00,-) RESTOCK
Last copies of current pressing in stock! No plans for immediate repess.. Great sound. stylish minimalistic cover. with lyrics. One regular black vinyl version exists! Northern Heritage.

*SARGEIST "The Rebirth Of A Cursed Existence" 2x LP (20.00,-) RESTOCK
gatefold, compilation of songs from small releases.


16 x 24 cm - 60 pages - hardcover. TIMELESS Andrew KING (from Sol Invictus, Duo Noir and The Triple Tree) artbook displaying a complete retrospective of his paintings + extended notes from the artist.

*ANTICHRIST  "#6 (2008)" zine (2.00,-) RESTOCK
Alastor, Moder, Hate, Dimentianon, Sathanas, Old Temple Records, Rigor Sardonicus, Slaughter Brute, Drace Hypnacis and more.

*ANTICHRIST "#7 (2008)" zine (2.00,-) RESTOCK
Dead to this world, pathogen, abrasive, adastra, aasgard, lividity, metal church, Sauron, Goretrust.

*BURNING ABYSS "#6" zine (2.00,-) RESTOCK
Mandatory, Underdark, Throneum, Vulcano, Manticore, Apocalyptic Visions, etc etc.. pro printed zine with 54/A4 pages.

*BURNING CHURCHES "#7 " zine (3.00,-) RESTOCK

Ruins, Orator, Ungod, Soul Devour, Battlestorm, Aras, etc...

*DEADLY ILLNESS "4" zine (2.00,-) RESTOCK
Anguish, Slaughter Strike, Extermination Angel, Sardonis and more.

*METAL HORDE "#10" zine (4.00,-) RESTOCK
Vale Of Amonition. Metal On Metal Records. Ratos De Porao. Necros Christos. Torture Division. Imago Mortis. Dhisti.

*METAL HORDE "#11" zine (4.00,-) RESTOCK
Cauchemar. Warhammer. Moloch. Asphyx. Martyrium. Undersave. Forca Macabra.

*METAL HORDE "#12" zine (4.00,-) RESTOCK
Christophe Szpadjel. Tankard. Agresiva. Iron Kobra. Ravensire. Darkest Era. Outrage. Arkham Witch. etc

*RIDDLE OF STEEL "#6" zine (6.00,-) RESTOCK

*SERPENTSCOPE "#2" zine (4.00,-) RESTOCK
For the second time. Serpentscope zine presents what we deem the best in death metal. Like intros on Archgoat records. this catchphrase never gets old. Serpentscope zine. issue two. Sixteen meticulously laid out tabloid pages. Stories about metal of death and loss of life. Offset printed. Includes interviews with Abhorrence. Adorior. Antediluvian. Antropomorphia. Burial Invocation. Cruciamentum. Death Strike. Degial. Grippiud. Infinitum Obscure. Lustration. Morbus Chron. Obliteration. Orator. Pustulation. Razor Of Occam. Ruminations. Swallowed. Time Crypt. Unholy Crucifix. The Vein. and Whore. All interviews from 2011-2012. A collaborative issue between Kaleidoscope and The Serpent Bearer zines.

*SOLEIL TRYSTE "#3" zine (2.00,-) RESTOCK
72 professionally printed pages in half-letter format. full color hardboard cover and well layouted content in classy black/whi + long. deep and personal interviews with: Anguish (Sweden). Cruciamentum (UK). Gevurah (Canada). Ominous Silence Rec. (UK). The Nihilistic Front (Australia). Vulturine (Brasil). + a long diary of the »Doomwards let us row« european tour 2012 with: Esoteric (UK). Ahab (Germany). Ophis (Germany) + further features includes a report on the »Congregation of the Obscure« european tour 2012 with: Dead Congregation (Greece) . Infinitum Obscure (Mexiko)


*ILDRA "Edelland" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Described often as pagan metal. music itself is a lot more black metal focused. There is a significant mid-period Graveland influence throughout the structure of the material here. and not to forget also a large “Hammerheart” influence to proceedings as well. This is none more obvious than in the vast meandering instrumental passages to many of the songs; the dense surging riffing and the booming coarse vocals driven by the warlike pounding on the drums give the music a real presence of triumph. On top of this there is also that weathered organic sound constantly existent throughout. augmented frequently by some rather illustrious work on the acoustic guitar.


*SEGES FINDERE "dessemitize" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
new on Elegy Records

*SEGES FINDERE "hateful wargasm" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Elegy records


*BLOODHAMMER "Abbedissan Saatanalliset Houreet" tape (7.00,-) NEW
Long sold out masterpiece of raw Finnish black/thrash! Nun-desecrating brutality all the way and includes previously vinyl-only bonus tracks!

*DIABOLI "Anthems of Sorrow" tape (7.00,-) NEW
Tape version of Diaboli third album. Mastered, revised artwork. Chrome tapes.

*DIABOLI "Mesmerized in Darkness" tape (7.00,-) NEW
Tape version of Diaboli debut. Mastered, new artwork. Chrome tapes.

*DIABOLI "Towards Damnation" tape (7.00,-) NEW
Tape version of Diaboli second album. Mastered, new artwork. Chrome tapes.

*VAPAUDENRISTI "Elokuu 2014 : live" tape (6.00,-) NEW
Live in Hakkila. Raw radical rock. Old tracks, new tracks, cover tracks.

*VAPAUDENRISTI "Syyskuu 2014 live" tape (6.00,-) NEW
Live in Colours of Autumn. Raw radical rock. Old tracks, new tracks, cover tracks. 3 bands own tracks that do not appear in any studio recording yet!


*DER STURMER "The Blood Calls For W.A.R.!" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finally repress of this radical bm classic.

collaboration of two Finnish bm bands. Hammer of Hate.

*RIENAUS "Aamutähdelle" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Traditional Nordic black metal, Finnish quality quaranteed. Debut full-length album. KVLT

*TERVAHÄÄT "patria" cd (12.00,-) NEW
neo folk from finland

*TERVAHÄÄT "taival" cd (12.00,-) NEW
rustique & ritualistic neofolk

*WULKANAZ "HaglaNaudizEisaz" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
swedish black metal. Altare productions

*WULKANAZ "Paurpura Fraeovibokos" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
swedish black metal. Altare productions

*KRIEG "the isolationist" 2xLP (20.00,-) NEW

*PRECAMBRIAN "Proarkhe" 7" (7.00,-) NEW
New band formed by 3 Drudkh members: R.-vocals/ guitars, K.- bass, V.- drums. Slavonic black metal in the vein of HATE FOREST with Nordic influences.

96 pages, black/white offset print, glossy paper, paperback. Interviews: Skepticism Government Alpha / Xerxes Der Blutharsch / WKN Worship Yen Pox Iron Fist Of The Sun Crowbar MK9 / Neural Operations Church Of Misery Kozeljnik Skull:Axis / Peripheral Records Electric Wizard The Vomit Arsonist / Danvers State Recordings plus lots of reviews!


*KEY "Silver Moon Slumber" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
scruffy neo-folk & pop


Finnish skinhead stompers in action! pro-CDR in cardsleeve.

*AUTARCIE "Groupuscule" LP (16.00,-) NEW
vinyl only, 300 copies!! French black metal

2nd-Hand *DEVILRY "Muslim Genocide" 7" (6.00,-) RESTOCK
death metal

2nd-Hand *NEUTRON HAMMER "Damnation´s Bringer" 7" (6.00,-) RESTOCK
Debut vinyl from crushing Finnish warhungry black metal band! Huge improvment from demo tape!

2nd-Hand *PEST "Belials Possessed Wolves" 7" (35.00,-) RESTOCK
Rare original Northern Heritage title! NH-003!!!!

2nd-Hand *PEST "Towards The Bestial Armageddon " 7" (15.00,-) RESTOCK
First Pest (fin) 7" from 1998!! Finnish black heavy metal cult !!

2nd-Hand *SABBAT "musta tuli" 7" (6.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish language song included in this new 7", get it now before too late, label is burning & destroyed copies and going to be rare.

2nd-Hand *SABBAT / UNHOLY GRAVE "split" 7" (7.00,-) RESTOCK
color vinyl. 2001 edition.

*ZEPULKR / SALE FREUX  "Les fables immorales et fuites improbables de Crapefreux en Morterat" LP (16.00,-) NEW
french black metal. Limited 300!

*DEREK HOLLAND "Poliittinen Sotilas" kirja (10.00,-) NEW
Suomenkielistä käännöstä on tarkistettu ja mukana on myös päivitetty esipuhe alkuperäisestä käännöksestä. Tänä vuonna tulee kuluneeksi kolmekymmentä vuotta siitä kun viime vuosikymmenten eräs vaikutusvaltaisimmista nationalistisista traktaateista, englantilaisen Derek Hollandin The Political Soldier. A Statement (1984) näki päivänvalon. Sen kunniaksi pamfletti julkaistaan uusien sukupolvien insipiraatioksi nyt ensi kertaa suomeksi omana erillisena paperisena julkaisuna. Liimasidottu pokkari.

2nd-Hand *ROK "Under A Southern Sky " 7" (7.00,-) RESTOCK
2001, black vinyl. Rok from Sadistik Exekution.


After seven long years of curses and waiting this split is now available for the first time. 5 tracks + 1 cover for each band in the purest and mighty Gorgon's and OTAL's way. Old School Black Metal belonged to Necromantical Concilium Black Metal. Including photos and lyrics ! Co released with D.U.K.E. and Exh Goéthie.

*LES CHANTS DE NIHIL  "Propagande Erogene" cd (12.00,-) NEW
French black metal.

*OF THE WAND & THE MOON "sonnenheim" cd (15.00,-) NEW
neo folk

*OF THE WAND & THE MOON "the lone descent" cd (15.00,-) NEW
neo folk


*ARMAGEDDA "I am" mCD (7.00,-) RESTOCK
swedish black metal

*ARMAGEDDA "only true believers" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
swedish black metal


*AGONIZED "Gods..." mCD (7.00,-) RESTOCK
First time on Pro CD for this classic Finnish Death Metal demo from 1991 which was sadly the only material recorded by the band. A must for fans of Demilich . Funebre. early Carcass etc. etc. Original artwork by Chris Moyen has been expanded for this release.

*ORDER FROM CHAOS "plateau of invinciblity" cd (14.00,-) NEW
Original shivadarshana edition!

*ENSHADOWED "magic chaos psychedelia" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*KRIEG / MOLOCH  "split" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*LUGUBRUM "albino de kongo" LP (17.00,-) NEW


*CEMETERY LUST  "Orgies Of Abomination" cd (12.00,-) NEW
One of HELLS HEADBANGERS latest unearthings from metal's dirtiest underground, CEMETERY LUST present their highly anticipated debut for the label, Orgies of Abomination. Following on from their cult debut Screams of the Violated, soon to be reissued by HELLS HEADBANGERS, Orgies of Abomination sees these Portland sleaze-bangers perfecting their vile, violent craft. Fittingly titled, Orgies of Abomination is a veritable smorgasbord of lyrical depravity, ably backed up by filthy, feral thrash metal that equally nods to '80s German proto-black, San Francisco speed metal, and even South American proto-death, all done with devilish glee. These songs stick in your head, and then CEMETERY LUST explodes right out of it, cremating all party-thrash pretenders. Right from the beginning until the bloody end, CEMETERY LUST demand you partake in Orgies of Abomination!

*CENTURIAN "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Originally released in 1999, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a well-earned reissue of CENTURIAN's classic debut album, Choronzonic Chaos Gods. Very aptly titled, Choronzonic Chaos Gods is a veritable vortex of chaos magick executed with military precision. CENTURIAN at this stage could accurately be described as "death metal," but the ever-cyclonic, ever-coiling whirlwinds unleashed by the band take on a form more supernatural than physical. As such, CENTURIAN's debut album found much favor with the black metal faithful at the time, as well as those who held hope for a flagging death metal scene; not for nothing was it released by the esteemed Full Moon Productions label. Now, HELLS HEADBANGERS unleashes Choronzonic Chaos Gods, out of print for years.

*CENTURIAN "Of Purest Fire" mCD (7.00,-) NEW
Originally released in 1997, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a well-earned reissue of CENTURIAN's sole demo, Of Purest Fire. Very aptly titled, CENTURIAN's introduction to the world is a veritable conflagration of occult energy and seared-black death metal battery. Although the band would find acclaim in the metal scene with their subsequent debut album, Choronzonic Chaos Gods, it was here with Of Purest Fire where CENTURIAN were at their rawest and most hungry, not to mention their most blackened, with cult covers of early Morbid Angel and Inquisitor underlinining this point in no uncertain terms; not for nothing was it later released on CD by the esteemed Full Moon Productions label. Now, HELLS HEADBANGERS unleashes Of Purest Fire, out of print for years

*DENIAL OF GOD "Death and the beyond" cd (12.00,-) NEW
The ghoulish masters of the crypt return! Their first full-length in six years, underground legends DENIAL OF GOD emerge from the grave with "Death and the Beyond," the band's heaviest and most morbid monument to date. Containing eight cursed tracks in 62 minutes and recorded in 13 days the analog way at the legendary Berno Studio (Grotesque, Kaamos, Amon Amarth, etc) in Sweden, "Death and the Beyond" captures all the trademark darkness and ghoulish atmosphere of classic DENIAL OF GOD, now going on 20-plus years. Want the perfect combination of black, death, doom, and heavy metal? Seek "Death and the Beyond"!

*DESTROYER 666 "to devil his due" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Australian and antichrist, king of kings, the lords of the wild: the legendary DESTROYER 666 are all this and infinitely more, feeding the hellbangers´ insatiable need with their long-awaited "To The Devil His Due" collection. Compiling the band´s cult (and long-out-of-print) 7" vinyl releases onto a fiery full-length, "To the Devil His Due" is perhaps DESTROYER 666´s greatest clutch of songs, their most memorable material ever, immediately ingraining and marching forward to victory. Satanic speed metal majesty with which to dominate, fuck, and destroy - "To The Devil His Due"! Recommended for diehards of DESTROYER 666, because there is only one DESTROYER 666, now and forever.

*NOCTURNAL GRAVES "From The Bloodline Of Cain " cd (12.00,-) NEW
After a three-year hiatus, NOCTURNAL GRAVES return from a morbid slumber with ...From the Bloodline of Cain. Before they broke up in 2010, NOCTURNAL GRAVES were at the forefront of a fertile Australian underground metal scene that ably mainlined the best elements of black, death, and thrash. With ...From the Bloodline of Cain, the Oz commando show that their first run was no fluke, and are back with a bloody vengeance. In many ways, NOCTURNAL GRAVES' present can be best described as the perfect synthesis of ancient South American and German styles - fierce and fiery, incensed and enraged, and eternally thrusting with violence & force - but with a immediately ingraining songwriting acumen that's second to none. These songs will get in your head, and FAST, and compel you

*SACROCURSE "Unholier Master" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Hot on the heels of their internationally acclaimed Sulphur Blessing demo, black/death barbarians SACROCURSE deliver their highly anticipated debut album, Unholier Master. Much like that debut demo, Unholier Master sees scene veteran Zolrak Montes - most known for Nodens and Unholier, but also a former member of Morbosidad and Obeisance - joined by Turkey's Godslaying Hellblast, unleashing one furious, fiery barrage of bestiality after another, their surging onslaught whipping the listener into a diabolical possession. But here, SACROCURSE receive the properly crushing production their maniacal metal so deserves: robust and rounded, full yet feral, highlighting the red-eyed and rabid performances rendered by Zolrak and company. Immediately memorable from beginning to bloody end, Unholier Master proves who the new masters are...

*TERMINAL DEATH "terminal death" cd (12.00,-) NEW
When you talk about the earliest Death Metal bands, we think of SEPULTURA, DEATH, POSSESSED (all stemming from VENOM) right off the top, but there were a few ripping bands that quickly fell into obscurity and TERMINAL DEATH is one of those bands. This is not just an obscure band; they could have been a HUGE Death Metal band if they were signed to the right label back then. They certainly had all of the talent the aforementioned bands did. Their 1985 Demo tape screams with energy and intensity! This is a re-mastered collection of their complete and very short-lived career. The CD booklet is massive with a very in-depth and lengthy interview done by Laurent from Snakepit Magazine. There aren't that many Death Metal bands can come close to how amazing these songs were. This collection is another snapshot of that amazing early Slayer-esque Death Metal. Co-founder Shaun Glass, whom also co-found SINDROME later joined the more well known classic Death Metal band BROKEN HOPE in the early 1990's. Shadow Kingdom Records teamed up with Hells Headbangers Records to release this lost gem as a Double LP. If you're into vinyl, keep your eyes peeled for it will be a glorified presentation

*FLESHPRESS "2014" t-shirt S (15.00,-) NEW
Fleshpress shirt, light grey with black print.

*FLESHPRESS "2014" t-shirt M (15.00,-) NEW
light grey shirt with black print

*FLESHPRESS "2014" t-shirt L (15.00,-) NEW

*FLESHPRESS "2014" t-shirt XL (15.00,-) NEW

*SPECTRAL LORE "I" tape (5.00,-) NEW


*CULTES DES GHOULES "henbane" 2xLP (22.00,-) RESTOCK
great album! Back in stock!

*EVIL FEAST "wintermoon enchantment" 2xLP (20.00,-) RESTOCK
Polish bm

*IMPETIGO "ultimo mondo cannibale / faceless" 2xLP (22.00,-) NEW
OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: Comes in Gatefold jacket, heavy printed inner sleeves with lyrics and a large full-color A2 poster. The audio & packaging are the exact same as the 2007 pressing on Hells Headbangers. The underground Death/Grind/Gore Metal classic from 1990 has been re-issued with the ORIGINALLY BANNED COVER ARTWORK now fully restored in all its gory glory! This art was always meant to be the true cover for "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" but the printers that Wild Rags Records used in the early 90's refused to print it due to the graphic nature. This art was Stevo at his sick and morbid best! The album has been re-mastered by Patrick Bruss from Crypticus and includes the infamous "Faceless" EP remastered along with all the old classic artwork, show flyers, photos and more! This is the ultimate vinyl edition of this beloved splatter classic! Uncle Creepy lives yet again!

*MACABRE "dahmer" 2x pic LP (22.00,-) NEW
In a catalog rich with such classics as Gloom, Murder Metal, and especially Sinister Slaughter, it was Dahmer where MACABRE truly transcended their genre and especially their patented, highly individual sound. Released as the new millennium kicked off, Dahmer saw MACABRE tackle their most ambitious project yet: an entire album lyrically/conceptually devoted to one of the world's most notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer. Although MACABRE had long been obsessed with serial killers and put their twisted tales into diabolic death metal form, Dahmer chronologically charted its namesake's life, death, and of corpse, his many deathly deeds between then. But it was not simply the lyricism that impressed - rather, the music across Dahmer absolutely amazed and bloodily bewildered. At 26 tracks, each one catchier and more crazed than the last, Dahmer displayed MACABRE as masters of a manic maelstrom that combine death metalled assault 'n' battery with a freewheeling, nursery-rhymed insanity that's chilling and FUN in equal measures. Longtime fans of the band and especially this record, HELLS HEADBANGERS proudly presents MACABRE's bloody classic Dahmer on picture disc format for the very first time.

*MORTICIAN "Chainsaw Dismemberment" 2xLP (22.00,-) NEW
OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS! Comes in a gatefold cover with an Obi Strip and a large A2 poster of the cover artwork. Pressed on colored vinyl only with silkscreened artwork on side D. Universally recognized as the most brutal band in the universe, infamous horror-lords Mortician disregard any and all pleas for mercy, suffocating the underground with Chainsaw Dismemberment, their 2nd full-length album from 1999! Force-feeding death metal mascochists 28 blood-encrusted slices of menacing, futuristic gore-grind, Will Rahmer and Roger Beaujard eradicate existing musical boundaries, taking truly depraved metal one step further in creating heinously sick, horrific slabs of shocking, decapitating death. Nearly 50 minutes in length, Chainsaw Dismemberment pulverizes and pummels while dragging the barbaric Mortician sound further into the grave as they de-tune their axes an additional two steps! Morose passages of unrelenting dementia and homicidal drum programming combine to blur the lines of metal's past with that of its future. The Tall Man's house band has returned! Let butchery begin!

*THE LURKING CORPSES  "23 Tales Of Terror " 2xLP (22.00,-) NEW
OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: Comes in a Gatefold jacket, all copies on colored vinyl only. Now sounding better than ever, "23 Tales of Terror" was specially remixed and remastered for this vinyl release! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this cult gem, HELLS HEADBANGERS will reanimate THE LURKING CORPSES' 23 Tales of Terror debut for its first (and only) incarnation on vinyl! Fittingly and frightfully, 23 Tales of Terror will receive a limited-edition double-LP treatment on colored vinyl, fresh from the crypt. Masked and dressed in black cloaks, horror metal freaks THE LURKING CORPSES have been brewing a thrashy, punk-influenced version of 1950s B-movie fuzz 'n' scuzz since 2001. Deadly committed to the cause, THE LURKING CORPSES are fulfilling every horror geek's wet dream with their tongue-in-cheek mix of sex, violence, and good, old-fashioned horror-flick gore. Recommended for diehards of THE MISFITS/SAMHAIN, MERCYFUL FATE/KING DIAMOND, and horror movie enthusiasts everywhere...accept this sacrifice in homage!

german black metal. For underground devotees!


*PYLVANAINEN "maamme raunioilla" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finnish nationalist punk

*MANZER "Light of the wrecker" tape (6.00,-) NEW
pro-tapes and full color covers.

*SABBAT "kill fuck jesus christ" tape (6.00,-) NEW
pro-tapes, full color covers

*SABBAT "sabbatical satanichrist slaughter" tape (6.00,-) NEW
pro-tape, full color covers.

*DOMAINS "sinister ceremonies" LP (17.00,-) NEW
LP version of the 1st album!


*BIZARRE UPROAR "live humiliation" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
brutal new live CD with exclusive stuff not heard on previous live releases. F&V.


*ALLERSEELEN "stirb und werde" 2xLP (22.00,-) NEW

2nd-Hand *ANAL BLASPHEMY "Sermons of a Sodomite" 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
"A theme EP release from ANAL BLASPHEMY featuring 2 songs + one instrumental outro. The strongest and most solid AB release so far presenting the new style of AB with mid-tempo crushing and fast blasting Black Metal accompanied with blasphemous vocal outbursts of violent mockery. The theme of the EP is a true story about a transsexual vicar in Finland. ridiculing his perversion of faith and the work against the creation of his god!"

2nd-Hand *ANTAEUS / KATHARSIS "split" 7" (7.00,-) RESTOCK
Great Katharsis song here! Essential!

2nd-Hand *BLACK ANGEL "Reign Of Satan" pic 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
pic 7", big poster cover.

*CHANGES "hero takes his stand" 2xLP (20.00,-) RESTOCK
apocalyptic folk

*HALGADOM "Wille : Tatkraft : Potential" LP (17.00,-) NEW
german black metal

2nd-Hand *SCALARE "the wine of satan" 7" (4.00,-) NEW
rock with demonic vocals

2nd-Hand *SWARMING / ZOMBIE RITUAL "split" 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
good sick death metal


All of You who have gone before, across the ages we call You, to join us and together reach the unsetting stars of the White Nights, the Horizon of Hollow Earth. The very first part of the Aural Holograms series incorporates various call and response patterns manifesting vibrating, subtle energies, all of which have been accurately divided into separate rhythmic dimensions and time-shifting aural tapestries. The overall experience - i.e. the ecstatic effect - is transmitted by the intensity of syncopated rhythms, reed organ lingering on a few tones, self-transforming vocal work accompanied with carefully chosen oscillating tunes and a variety of percussive patterns utilising artefacts crafted according to the methods of traditional metallurgia, as well as real-time tape operations. { 61°26´N 21°52´E } The rum is poured on the ground, words are spoken in secrecy: the Dead Men will come to tell their tales. Comes in six-panel hand finished cardboard booklet

*HALO MANASH "Am Kha Astrie" cd (13.00,-) NEW
As the apex of Spring heralds awakenings, Halo Manash emerges from Winter and hibernation ~ Treefaced. Horns spiral skyward and antlers ascend. A tripartite trunk arises – a pillar that splits all worlds. Am Kha Astrie, a work of heliotropic, elemental ambient, is an opening, an awakening, a summoning, a crossing of thresholds. After their previous oneiric and minimal album, Am Kha Astrie sees Halo Manash re-integrate a more diverse instrumentation and a multiplicity of soundsources to create their work, which consists of seven interrelated tracks. Am Kha Astrie is a complete work in itself, but can also be viewed as the second facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation. Archaic elemental drums, bones and spiraling animal horns merge with various metal percussions, chimes, wind-instruments, voices and a multitude of other instruments to create a deep, earthly and yet celestially-bound opus. Am Kha Astrie is a massive and sometimes ominous work, a primal experience of coming-into-being, with all the terror, ecstasy and divine awe that it implies. Comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet

*HATE FOREST "the gates" digi cd (12.00,-) NEW
new cardboard sleeve packaging

*ZOAT-AON "the triplex bestial" cd* (12.00,-) RESTOCK
By the careful adjustment and manipulation of both modern and archaic mediums is created a highly dynamic work of aural alchemy depicting the trance and dream of a carnal totem standing between Heaven and Earth, where the unearthly sound of starlight´s serpentine arteries winding together with the blackened branches above mingles with the oneiric hisses and crackles of necromantic phantoms and slithering roots below. A barbarous, sonic paradox suggesting the subtle arousal of the ancestry in flesh, a work both soothing and threatening to the intuitive mind. (total time: 61:05) Comes in an oversized 4 panel cardboard covers.

2nd-Hand *ABHORROT "Rites Of Prehistoric Darkness " 7" (5.00,-) RESTOCK

2nd-Hand *ACRIMONIOUS  "Broken Bonds Of Balance " 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
fast black metal on Nuclear Winter Records.

2nd-Hand *ASSAULTER / TRENCH HELL "split" 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK

2nd-Hand *BLACK ANGEL "art and fire" 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
exotic bm on Legion of Death Records

*DARK AGES "rabble, whores, usurpers" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Experimental dark music

2nd-Hand *DENIAL OF GOD / ABYSMAL GRIEF "split " 7" (7.00,-) RESTOCK
2009, gatefold, color vinyl, like new

2nd-Hand *EMPEROR "Reverence" 7" (18.00,-) NEW
1st press 7", 1997.

2nd-Hand *ENVENOM "Christfukk " 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
Iron Bonehead

2nd-Hand *ENVENOM "christfukk" 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
Brutal malaysian black/death.

2nd-Hand *INFERNAL NECROMANCY "Freezing Blackstained Universe " 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
very raw japanese black metal, ltd numbered vinyl 2003. Featuring ABSURD cover.

2nd-Hand *SLAVIA "norwegian black terror" 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
drakkar. Norwegian black metal

2nd-Hand *TERATO "The Morbid Wraiths" 7" (4.00,-) RESTOCK
Norwegian black metal recorded at necromorbus 2009


*FLESHPRESS "III" cd (12.00,-) NEW
2014 repress of 3rd album of Fleshpress. Heavy, slow and dark.

*FLESHPRESS "Pillars" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Repress of praised 4th album! Sludge-doom-bizarre


2nd-Hand *BEHERIT "engram" cd (8.00,-) RESTOCK
jewelbox edition, like new.

2nd-Hand *CARPATHIAN FOREST "morbid fascination of death" cd (8.00,-) RESTOCK
avantgarde 2001 pressing

2nd-Hand *CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Fire Burns in our hearts" cd 2nd press (15.00,-) RESTOCK
Like new. Blackmetal.com edition 2005. (2nd press)

*DEATHKEY "Emanations Of Binaural Terror" mCD (8.00,-) NEW
Wait is over! New material of DEATHKEY on mCD, total hammer in your face. Freak Animal.

2nd-Hand *FALKENBACH "Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty " digi cd (10.00,-) RESTOCK
2003 Napalm Records, limited gold printed digipak edition. Disc like new. Digipak slight storage wear.

2nd-Hand *VERMINOUS "The Unholy Communion " cd (10.00,-) RESTOCK
Like new. Swedish death metal.

2nd-Hand *VON "satanic blood angel" cd (15.00,-) RESTOCK
2002 NWN press like new.

2nd-Hand *WINDIR "1184 " cd (10.00,-) NEW
2001 Head Not Found press, like new. Norwegian viking/bm

2nd-Hand *WINDIR "arntor" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Head Not Found repress. This version: http://www.discogs.com/Windir-Arntor/release/3778792


2nd-Hand *ARVET "ihmiskärsimys" mcd (5.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish BM

*BLOOD AXIS  "ultimacy" cd (16.00,-) RESTOCK
Blood Axis Ultimacy (1991-2011) Storm Records. catalog number STRM-13 Gatefold digisleeve with inner jacket. CD running time: 72 minutes Track listing: 1. The Ride 2. Wir rufen deine Wölfe 3. Mandragora (Alraune) 4. The March of Brian Boru 5. Follow Me Up to Carlow 6. Der gefallene Engel 7. Herjafather 8. The Hangman and the Papist 9. Bearer of 10.000 Eyes - Lord of Ages 10. Electricity 11. Life 12. Eternal Soul (Germania Mix) 13. The Storm Before the Calm 14. Walked in Line Ultimacy (1991-2011) brings together on one CD the definitive versions of all the singles and compilation tracks released by Blood Axis during the first two decades since the project was founded. Packaged in an elegant digifile case designed by Davide Maspero and Max Ribaric of the Italian underground journal Occidental Congress. and expertly re-mastered by Blood Axis member and renowned studio engineer Robert Ferbrache. Ultimacy presents these rare tracks in their ideal form. exactly as the band itself has always heard and envisioned them. The songs appear in a reverse chronological order. beginning with more recent work and moving back through time to the distant past. Blood Axis has never been bound to a particular style of music. and this is amply demonstrated here with material that spans from aggressive folk rock to atmospheric ritual pieces. all the way to menacing electronica. The topical themes of these songs encompass European folklore; early 20th-century German occultism; Norse and Perso-Roman mythology; fatalism. militarism. and Nietzschean romanticism. In addition to the three core Blood Axis members-Michael Moynihan. Robert Ferbrache. and Annabel Lee-the songs on Ultimacy also feature a number of notable guest contributors including Stephen Flowers (Edred Thorsson). Boyd Rice (Non). Thomas Thorn (Slave State / My Life with the Thrill Kill Kill Kult / Electric Hellfire Club). and Markus Wolff (Waldteufel). Blood Axis has always elicited strong. polarized reactions and a fair dose of controversy that still lingers to the present day. Ultimacy provides a unique opportunity for both the initiated and the uninitiated to explore the history of an influential an uncompromising musical project that refuses to be categorized or contained. and which always operates according to its own rules. "A thunderstorm was in our sky. the nature which we are grew dark-for we had no road." ­- Nietzsche

*BRIGHTER DEATH NOW  "breaking down nihil" 2xCD (18.00,-) NEW
Der Angriff and Indiestate Distribution proudly present a very special 2CD release of one of the most influential and famous power electronics projects in the world, a favourite child of Cold Meat Industry mastermind Roger Karmanik - Brighter Death Now. Recorded live during short Russian tour made in September 2009, it is unique since the lineup was made of Russian artists and only Roger himself was a part of the common European live incarnation of BDN. The persons behind Anthesteria and LamiaVox have joined him in Moscow while the guys from Bardoseneticube and 414 were together with him on stage in St.Petersburg. The basic parts of the tracks have been sent to them all in advance, so they have prepared their own vision of this material, thus it was nothing like a spontaneous improvisation or jam-session, but pure conceived and well-organized collaboration. Both shows have been recorded on a multi-channel devices, then carefully mixed and mastered, so the final quality is close to the studio one without losing any bit of the raw energy of live performance. The result is a very fresh and unexpected look on the well-known BDN compositions such as "Innerwar", "PayDay" and "Testing" which should be interested not only for devoted followers of the project but for the wider audience of power electronics / death industrial fans. The real gem in our roster, not to be missed! The release is limited to 450 copies and comes in a special embossed foldout envelope with cardboard inner sleeves.

*BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "innerwar" cd (13.00,-) RESTOCK
swedish death industrial

2nd-Hand *CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Night Of The Unholy Flames " cd 2nd ed (15.00,-) RESTOCK
Mint condition 2nd edition (2005). Matte covers with lyrics. Barely different from current version.

2nd-Hand *CRIMSON MOON "under the serpentine spell" cd (8.00,-) RESTOCK
like new. THR

*DER BLUTHARSCH "Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil! " cd (15.00,-) RESTOCK

*DER BLUTHARSCH "the moment of truth" cd+3"cd (15.00,-) RESTOCK

*DER BLUTHARSCH "The Philosophers Stone" cd (16.00,-) RESTOCK
in hardcover book package, last album of Der Blutharsch!!

*DER BLUTHARSCH "The Pleasures Received In Pain" cd (15.00,-) RESTOCK
in cardboard sleeve

*DER BLUTHARSCH "time is thee enemy" cd (15.00,-) RESTOCK

*DER BLUTHARSCH "track of the hunted" cd (15.00,-) NEW

*FIRE + ICE "fractured man" cd (18.00,-) RESTOCK
Ian Read founded Fire + Ice in 1991 after several years as a member of Sol Invictus. FIRE + ICE takes the purity and philosophy of early music and melds it into a message redolent with powerful seeds of honour. truth. loyalty and the bond of true friendship. The music reflects Ian Read's keen interests in magic lore. runes. tradition. renaissance medievalism. Nordic mysticism and other occult mysteries. His work as Fire + Ice has a large amount of influence on neofolk music The year 2000 saw the last last Fire + Ice release "Birdking". this higly praised album already a classic in this genre. is now followed by "Fractured Man". 12 years later Ian Read and his contributors are showing that Fire + Ice music is still outstanding in the nowadays neofolk music scene. The well arranged conceptional recordings are refreshening a whole genre. together with the participating artists Ian Read did create another milestone in his musical carreer. FIRE + ICE is Ian Read - vocals with the following contributions: Ælfsiden - Annabel Lee: violin. Hohner pianet. Michael Moynihan: bodhrán. Caratacus - Douglas P: guitar. Fractured Man - music by Unto Ashes (Michael Laird: harmonium. Annabel Lee: violin). Fractured Again - Douglas P: guitar. backing vocal. Ericah Hagle: backing vocal. Have You Seen? - music by Bart Farar/Unto Ashes (Bart Farar: guitar. Michael Laird: hammered dulcimer. autoharp. mandolin. other voices). Jubal and Tubal Cain - music by Unto Ashes (Michael Laird: mandolin. Appalacian dulcimer. guitar. bells. Annabel Lee: violin). Mr Wednesday - David: Rickenbacker . Terry Davey: frame drum. fiddle. guitars and arrangement (additional bodhrán by Michael Moynihan). Treasure House. Nimm and Verloschen - music by Sonne Hagal. with additional guitar by Vurgart. (Nimm features additional bodhrán by Michael Moynihan.) Recorded at The Electric Cat/Luftschutz Entertainment. Potsdam 2011 Annabel Lee's Violin and Michael Moynihan's bodhrán recorded by Robert Ferbrache at Absinthe Mobile in Vermont.

*FIRE+ICE "hollow ways" cd (16.00,-) RESTOCK
cult neofolk legend

*FIRE+ICE "runa" cd (16.00,-) RESTOCK
neo folk

*FREYA ASWYNN "shades of yggdrasil" cd (16.00,-) RESTOCK
neo folk

2nd-Hand *FUNERARY CALL "Dark waters stirred" cd (8.00,-) RESTOCK

*KARJALAN SISSIT "karjalasta kajahtaa" cd (15.00,-) RESTOCK
horrors of finland obsessed neo classic industrial and iskelmä nostalgia

2nd-Hand *MUTIILATION "black millenium (grimly reborn)" cd (15.00,-) RESTOCK
First edition on Drakkar productions

2nd-Hand *MUTIILATION "rattekönig" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Original Ordealis Records jewelcase edition!

2nd-Hand *NECROVATION "necrovation" cd (7.00,-) RESTOCK

*V/A "THE PACT... OF THE GODS" cd (15.00,-) RESTOCK
essential compilation from Fremdheit Fremd with CHANGES, DER BLUTHARSCH, FIRE+ICE, ALLERSEELEN, BLOOD AXIS, OSTARA, and more...

2nd-Hand *VERMETH "Your Ruin" cd (39.00,-) RESTOCK
great condition original Drakkar productions. Black Legions.

*VON THRONSTAHL  "Return your Revolt into Style!" 2xCD (19.00,-) NEW
Die Wiederveröffentlichung des 2002 erschienen Albums erscheint in kürze auf Trutzburg-Thule ! Digital remastered präsentiert sich die Sammlung der zwischen 1999 und 2001 entstandenen Werke, neu gestaltet, im 8 seitigen Digipac umhüllt von einem goldbedruckten Pappschuber. Diese Veröffentlichung beinhaltet zudem eine zweite Bonus CD vollgepackt mit raren Remixen, Versionen und bisher unveröffentlichten Stücken. TRUTZBURG

*GENOCIDE ORGAN "live in Japan 2007" LP (19.00,-) RESTOCK
This numbered, limited edition LP features the best tracks from two G.O. Tokyo performances in 2007. The record comes housed in a gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve and contains an A2 poster.


2nd-Hand *BEHERIT /ARCHGOAT "Messe Des Morts / Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration) " cd (19.00,-) RESTOCK
1999 Necropolis Records pressing. Great condition

*SVOLDER "Desecration of The Five Holy Pillars" cd (12.00,-) NEW
praised Canadian BM album!