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*CLANDESTINE BLAZE  "Deliverers of Faith" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Finally re-press of 4th album! Black metal. 12 pages booklet. in jewelbox. Northern Heritage


*BLACK FEAST "Larenuf Jubileum" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Finnish black death a'la Beherit, Dead Christ, Abhorer, Blasphemy. Collection of rare materials of this obscure Finnish band.


*SVARTSYN "Black Testament" cd (12.00,-) NEW
"Black Testament" can be described as a sinister mix between Destruction Of Man (2003) and Timeless Reign (2007) releases.Ornias comments: "it's a journey through my spiritual darkness and death." The album was recorded at Mortsella Studio, Belgium. A short series of video clips documenting the recording process (vocals, guitars and drums) can be viewed at the links below.

*ACRIMONIOUS "Sunyata" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Typhonian occult metallers ACRIMONIOUS return with with a new rock-influenced and ritual-driven black metal release, wrapped in a classic heavy metal feeling. Band's second full-length album entitled Sunyata is due to be released on Agonia

*AOSOTH "III" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*AOSOTH "IV" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*ARMAGEDDA "echoes in eternity" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
with old materials. split 7"s, compilations, owen 7" and mLP, demo tracks, live tracks. Swedish black metal.

*ARMAGEDDA "ond spiritism" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
swedish black metal. 3rd full length

*ARMAGEDDA "only true believers" digi cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
re-issue with new art

*ARMAGEDDA "the final war approaching -remaster" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
remastered new version of the debut album

*BLACKDEATH "Phobos" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Always improving, original and great black metal from Russia.

*BLAZE OF PERDITION "near death revelations" cd (12.00,-) NEW
New album 2015

*CATERVA RUNA "Europa Nostra" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Radical Italian Black Metal

*FORGOTTEN TOMB "Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love" cd (12.00,-) NEW
The new album is a "mix of melancholy, groove and pure malignancy" - as put by band's leader, Ferdinando "Herr Morbid" Marchisio. "We kept the sound very organic and natural, kinda old-fashioned but still very fresh. The new songs are heavy as fuck and they feature our classic trademark plus some new elements. I can't wait for people to listen to it, 'cause it's a really special album for us and probably the most extreme we did in quite a while, both musically and conceptually".

*FORGOTTEN TOMB "Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Long awaited and long time out-of-press re-master of the band’s classic album. Limited edition with unreleased pictures and new liner notes by Herr Morbid himself. A must-have for all the fans of the band as well as for everyone into negative and obscure Black Metal. Includes bonus track.

*FORGOTTEN TOMB "Songs to Leave" cd (12.00,-) NEW
A must-have for all the fans of the band as well as for everyone into negative and obscure Black Metal.

*FORGOTTEN TOMB "Springtime Depression" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Long awaited and long time out-of-press re-master of the band’s classic album. Limited edition with unreleased pictures and new liner notes by Herr Morbid himself. Includes bonus track. A must-have for all the fans of the band as well as for everyone into negative and obscure Black Metal.

*IMPIETY "formidonis nex cultus" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*IMPIETY "Skullfucking Armageddon" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*IMPIETY "worshippers of the sevent tyranny" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*INFERNAL WAR "Axiom" cd (12.00,-) NEW
new album of fast blasting black death from Poland!

*INFERNAL WAR "conflagrator" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
polish bm

*INFERNAL WAR "Redesekration" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
polish bm

*KALMANKANTAJA / V-KHAOZ "split" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal

*KING DUDE "songs of the flesh & blood - in the key of the light" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*SIELUNVIHOLLINEN "Hautaruhtinas" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal debut album

*SVARTSYN "The True Legend" cd (12.00,-) NEW
SVARTSYN's debut album re-released after so many years being out of print. Re-mastered, re-mixed with re-recorded part of the guitars and vocals. Released with new cover artwork by Chadwick St. John. Comes with rare and unreleased pictures from The True Legend's period. A must have release for every Svartsyn's fan as well as 90's Black Metal.

*SVARTSYN "wrath upon the earth" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*THE RUINS OF BEVERAST "Rain upon the impure" cd (12.00,-) NEW
van records digipak

*THE RUINS OF BEVERAST "unlock the shrine" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*THUNDERBOLT "Apocalyptic Doom" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
polish black metal

*URFAUST "der einsiedler" mcd (8.00,-) RESTOCK
massive mcd with atmospheric obscure metal

*URGEHAL "atomkinder" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*URGEHAL "Goatcraft Torment" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*URGEHAL "through thick fog till death" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
norwegian bm

Exclucive songs from Hammer of Hate artists. 1. BLOODHAMMER - Vihan vasara 2. SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT - Welcome labyrinthian 3. FÖRGJORD - Surman virta 4. ARSONIST LODGE - Blasphemy.Fire.Attack! 5. BEHEXEN - My sould to the devil 6. AZAGHAL - Ikuiset arvet 7. ANAL BLASPHEMY - Crucifix fuck 8. ANGUISHED - Unleash the demons 9. ENOCHIAN CRESCENT - Spirit murder 10. EVANGELIVM - Sanctus ignis 11. JUMALHÄMÄRÄ - Thanatos basilos 12. ORFVS - Liekit Bethlehemin yllä 13. PURE EVIL - Decaying remnants of humanity 14. VALOTON - Vaivu avichiin .

*VARATHRON "Untrodden Corridors of Hades" cd (12.00,-) NEW
The Greek based band consists of Stefan Necroabyssious (vocals), Achilleas C (guitars), Sotiris (guitars), Stratos (bass) as well as Haris (drums) and has been active on the stage since 1989. Band's early albums are considered to be the cornerstones of the Hellenic black metal scene, alongside the releases of Necromantia and Rotting Christ, with whom the group shared members as well as similar fascination towards early style. VARATHRON's trademark are mid-paced riffs that have a classic, old-school feel strengthened by a progressive view, as well as epic atmosphere that only few can match. Band's discography includes black metal gems of the 90's such as "His Majesty at the Swamp"(1993) and "Walpurgisnacht" (1995).

*AOSOTH "III" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*BLAZE OF PERDITION "Near Death Revelations" LP (17.00,-) NEW
new LP

*INFERNAL WAR "Redesekration" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*INFERNAL WAR "Terrorfront" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*OHTAR  "Petrified Breath of Hope" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
Finally vinyl version! Gatefold cover and double sided insert.

*RUHO / GRAUSAMKEIT "split" 7" (7.00,-) NEW

*URGEHAL "atomkinder" LP (15.00,-) NEW

*URGEHAL "Through thick fog till death" LP (15.00,-) NEW

*IMHOTEP "#11" zine (10.00,-) NEW
60s. And when the Son died on the cross on that day, all those years ago, little did He know that ca. 1984 years later the ultimate demon of war, Abigor, would see the light of night in form of an article delving into the heart and soul of this demon, this band, this creation. And when the Father, the almighty One who belittles all those who attempt to dethrone Him from His pillars in Heaven, looked upon His creation, the ones supposed to love Him and none other before Him, all he ever saw was chaos and disorder. He saw His child, the creation He named Mayhem. And in Mayhem He saw Himself, for is not His child one with Himself? And when the Spirit felt the anger of Its Father, of Its Son, It took Its hands and touched upon She we name God and upon He we name Son. And the Three stood on the ground of Heaven and gazed below... ...and saw the horror of war, the demon of war unleashing chaos and disorder upon Heaven!


*ILL OMENED "Conflagration Roaring Hell " cd (13.00,-) RESTOCK
Russian black/death metal

*MACABRE OMEN "Gods of War - at war" cd (13.00,-) RESTOCK
greek black metal. Van.

*SUURI SHAMAANI "Mysteerien Maailma" cd (14.00,-) RESTOCK
Minimalist dark ambient humming from Holocausto/Beherit. Re-issue of 1999 album, edition of only 300 CD's! KVLT.

*URFAUST "apparitions" mCD (8.00,-) RESTOCK
latest mCD


*CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Fist of The Northern Destroyer" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Black metal. Northern Heritage


*SATANIC WARMASTER "black metal kommando" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK


*ABSU "temples of offal / return of the ancients" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Dark Descent is honored to reissue ABSU's 1992 masterpiece "The Temples Of Offal" plus the cult "Return Of The Ancients" demo! The booklet is designed in the spirit of the original EP layout with attention to detail - even down to the original typeface! As a bonus, we have included the track "Abhorred Xul," composed when Absu was still called Azathoth, previously only available on the long out of print “Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L” 3-LP box set.

*ADVERSARIAL "D.E.N.A.T.B.K.O.N." cd (12.00,-) NEW
Canadian underlords of nihilistic warrior cult death metal ADVERSARIAL have crawled up from the depths to unleash Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism. The band's first full-length since 2010's All Idols Fall Before the Hammer offers nine tracks of hellishly twisted aural blasphemy.

*ARYAN KAMPF 88 "Le Kombat continue !" cd (12.00,-) NEW
nsbm. All discs have little storage wear, but new release.

*DEATH STRIKE "Fuckin Death" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Dark Descent Records is proud to announce the CD reissue of Death Strike's Fuckin' Death. Active from 1984 to 1985, Fuckin' Death represented one of death metal's earliest recordings. Death Strike disbanded after 1985's Fuckin' Death demo and Paul Speckmann went on to front the legendary Master. Fuckin' Death was eventually re-released in 1991 on CD and vinyl, with additional tracks, by Nuclear Blast. The CD reissue contains the original eight tracks offered by the 1991 Nuclear Blast edition but adds four never-before-released rehearsal tracks to the mix. Additionally, the layout is comprised of an eight-page booklet featuring the intended original gold pantone color cover. Olivier "Zoltar" Badin from Terrorizer Magazine provides a foreword and the booklet contains liner notes from Paul Speckmann as well as new scans/photos.

*DEPRAVITY "Silence of the centuries" CD (12.00,-) NEW
Finnish early 90's Death Metal. Includes all demos and mCD. Complete discography collection!!

*DESOLATE SHRINE "The Heart of the Netherworld" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Desolate Shrine returns to kick off 2015 in grand fashion with their most focused work to date. Desolate Shrine brings their trademark oppressive sound to the table while incorporating subtle melody throughout. "The Heart of the Netherworld" is seven new tracks spanning 63 minutes. Stunning cover art once again by L.L. from Desolate Shrine.

*JEX THOTH "Blood Moon Rise" cd (12.00,-) NEW
occult doom

*JEX THOTH "s/t" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
progressive doom

*JEX THOTH "Totem" mCD (8.00,-) NEW
Occult doom

*JEX THOTH "Witness" mCD (8.00,-) NEW
Occult doom

*KRYPTS "Unending Degradation" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Festering in the underground since their inception in 2008. Helsinki-based Krypts are prepared to set free their debut full-length. While the trademark Krypts' sounds from the 2009 demo and 2011 EP are there (lumbering low-end. bone-crunching riffs and toxic vocals). "Unending Degradation" showcases a band which has honed their craft and is ready to deliver one of 2013's must-have death metal releases. Open the Crypt and enter...

*LANTERN "below" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Dark and twisted Finnish death metal like no other

*LIE IN RUINS "Towards Divine Death" cd (12.00,-) NEW
The anticipated follow-up to 2009's "Swallowed by the Void" (released on Spinefarm Records). Finland's Lie in Ruins make no missteps in delivering a 70 minute opus of pure death metal. Spanning 10 tracks, "Towards the Divine Death," displays a much more mature band and vision. While you will hear typical Lie in Ruins moments on this album, make no mistake, this is a nastier and grittier album that will leave you hoping the band doesn't go five more years before assaulting us with another album. Hail supreme Finnish death! Hail the divine death!

*LVCIFYRE "svn eater" cd (12.00,-) NEW
After releasing their debut album, "The Calling Depths," in 2011, Lvcifyre set out on a path of darkness and returned with the brilliant new album, "SVN EATER." Based out of the United Kingdom, "SVN EATER" spans nine tracks clocking in at almost 50 minutes and will no doubt be one of the best, if not the best, releases of 2014. HDHM!

*PLAGA "magia Gwiezdnej Entropii" CD (12.00,-) RESTOCK
full length from the great Polish bm horde!!

*PLAGA "magia Gwiezdnej Entropii" digi CD (13.00,-) NEW
digipak version! full length from the great Polish bm horde!!

*PROTECTOR "Echoes from the past..." cd (12.00,-) NEW
two demo tracks and two albums on same CD! 80's German thrash.

*PROTECTOR "ominous message of brutality" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Late 80's German thrash

*ROOT "hell symphony" cd (12.00,-) NEW
1991 album

*SATANIC WARMASTER "Fimbulwinter" cd japan import (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Japanese edition, hand numbered 500. With obi and booklet with also Japanese texts. Thicker paper on booklet too.

*SWALLOWED "Lunarterial" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Long-awaited debut full-length from Finland's Swallowed. Bleak and harrowing, Lunarterial shows Swallowed at their tightest and most disturbing. Six tracks, fifty-four minutes.

*ARCH TOLL "poisener" LP (17.00,-) NEW
ultra raw bm

*ARKONA "imperium" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Polish black metal horde. First vinyl version of 1996 album originally CD on Astral Wings label!! Not for weak modern bm lovers!

*CARCASS "Reek Of Putrefaction" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Goregrind classic!

*GONTYNA KRY  "Welowie" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
4th demo of this polish bm band on LP !

*PLAGA "magia Gwiezdnej Entropii" LP (17.00,-) NEW
Vinyl version of debut full length of Plaga! Don't miss!

*SATANHARTALT "Deabscuaergewinn" LP (17.00,-) NEW
black noise ambient obscurity


*BOSSE-DE-NAGE "allfours" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*BOSSE-DE-NAGE "III" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*GRAVE MIASMA "odori sepulcrorum" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*KHOST "Corrosive Shroud" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Corrosive Shroud is the second album from Birmingham band khost, following the 2014 debut Copper Lock Hell. The album has a singular theme: inside the hand-me-down concrete relics in which we necessarily live and from which we draw perceptions. The music is the sound of lightless blocks, oxygen-starved sheds and apparitions, using stark and unrefined found sounds stacked against Khost's massively detuned guitars.

*MOLOCH "Die Isolation" cd (12.00,-) NEW
A new opus comes from the woods of Carpathia. It is a despairing portrayal of the souls that are lost in the winter woods. Hypnotic sounds, like a thousand blades in a dance of a winter blizzard, leaving thousands of cuts digging into the body. Heart-rending screams of freezing flesh, summoning death, dissolving within echoes on the mountains. This album delivers cold, misanthropic and desolate mid-tempo, Nordic-influenced Black Metal, alongside melancholic Dark Ambient tracks. Crunchy distorted guitar minimalism, primal thrashing beats, and an overall raw necroish execution are reinforced by howling, tortured, grim vocals that recall the old Burzum era.

*MZ.412 "Hekatomb" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*PORTAL "swarth" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
lates album of chaos

*PORTAL "vexovoid" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*PYHÄ KUOLEMA "saavun vaikken kulkisi" digi cd (13.00,-) NEW
digipak re-issue of debut album!

*TERVAHÄÄT "taival" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
rustique & ritualistic neofolk

*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" girlie t-shirt S (15.00,-) RESTOCK
girlie S

*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" girlie t-shirt M (15.00,-) NEW
girlie M

*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" girlie L (15.00,-) NEW
girlie t-shirt in L.

*SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT "logo" patch (5.00,-) NEW
embroided logo patch.

*KOHORT "christian masquerade" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
Polish black metal kult! Limited 300!!


*GRUNT "Sacrosanct Imperium" tape (7.00,-) RESTOCK
New 2015 studio tape that continues well where "Myth Of Blood" directed. No leftovers, no live material. Just new songs, of rough industrial-noise & power electronics. Chrome tapes, b/w j-card packaging with lyrics/artwork. Freak Animal.


*FLESHPRESS "Tearing Skyholes" CD (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Four men dragging behind them a weight equal to the burden of existence. Years and years of constant uphill struggle, slowly rising from sludgy roots towards a plane never walked, witnessed or heard. Parched skin and weary posture may fool the uninitiated, for this troupe will bare their teeth when you least expect it, devouring all like the gaping maw of a sudden storm. All this manifests on Tearing Skyholes, the sixth album by Fleshpress. The years travelled off the beaten path show in the pure vision and determination to deliver the ultimate work of sound thus far. Ironically, the sound now being stripped to bare essentials, the music reveals unprecedented sonic richness and atmosphere. Make no mistake; the teeth are still sharp, the spit remains venomous and the heaviness is still more than you can handle, but something new and far more ominous is brooding inside this beast.


*CLANDESTINE BLAZE  "Deliverers of Faith" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Finally re-press of 4th album! Black metal. 12 pages booklet. in jewelbox. Northern Heritage

*CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Fist of The Northern Destroyer" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Black metal. Northern Heritage

*CLANDESTINE BLAZE "New Golgotha Rising" t-shirt L (15.00,-) RESTOCK
2015 album shirt

*VAPAUDENRISTI "demo 2007" tape (6.00,-) RESTOCK
pro-tapes and covers, sligtly remastered reissues of old demo CDR!


*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Third full lentgh album of Mgła, "Exercises in futility", is out now on Northern Heritage and No Solace. EIF is continuation of bleak, dark and disillusioned Mgła style of black metal. It was meant to be most coherent recording to date, and also turned out to be the rawest (as in: most natural, not necessarily harshest) one. The album is composed of 6 songs, playing time 42 minutes. 8 page booklet with lyrics.

*PHLEGEIN "From The Land of Death" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Phlegein completed their 2nd full length, "From The Land of Death" album! They offer absolutely strongest material so far! Razor sharp sound, ripping vocals, excellent songs of pure Finnish black metal! Each song of album is strong, filled with killer riffs. Northern Heritage NH-090.

*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" girlie t-shirt S (15.00,-) NEW
girlie S


*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" t-shirt XXL (15.00,-) NEW

*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" t-shirt XL (15.00,-) NEW

*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" t-shirt L (15.00,-) NEW

*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" t-shirt M (15.00,-) NEW

*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" t-shirt S (15.00,-) NEW

*MGLA "hesychasm" T-shirt XXL (15.00,-) NEW

*MGLA "hesychasm" t-shirt XL (15.00,-) NEW

*MGLA "hesychasm" t-shirt L (15.00,-) NEW

*MGLA "hesychasm" t-shirt M (15.00,-) NEW

*MGLA "hesychasm" t-shirt S (15.00,-) NEW


2nd-Hand *(V.E.G.A.) "cocaine" LP (10.00,-) RESTOCK

2nd-Hand *DRASTUS "roars from the old serpents paradice" LP (10.00,-) RESTOCK

2nd-Hand *IC REX "valonkantajan alkemia" 2xLP (14.00,-) RESTOCK
Vinyl version of Finnish black metal album with two bonus tracks!

2nd-Hand *VORDR "vordr" mLP (9.00,-) RESTOCK
s/t mLP. color cover

2nd-Hand *XASTHUR "nocturnal poisoning" 2xLP (22.00,-) RESTOCK
black vinyl, southern lord pressing 2005


*RIENAUS "Ye shall bathe in excrements of a goat" tape (7.00,-) RESTOCK
Official re-release of the demo from 2001. Circa 19 minutes of black metal music. For those who don't know: this band has nothing to do with the new band called Rienaus. Finnish obscure black metal!!


*KRISTALLNACHT "warspirit" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
original mCD + 4 bonus tracks in digipak.

*SPEAR OF LONGINUS "tyons" digi cd (12.00,-) NEW
digipak on Darker Than Black.

*TWO RUNES "herää eurooppa" mcd (7.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal. Demo re-issued on pressed CD by Darker Than Black.


*ARGENTUM "Ditirambos al dios de la guerra" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*CORAZZATA VALDEMONE "avanguardia rumorista" cd (12.00,-) NEW
martial industrial

*HURUSOMA "Sombre Iconoclasm" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Remember the Japanese band grim album on Sombre Records? Fast and cruel black metal!

*INFERNAL NECROMANCY "Infernal Necromancy" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Japanese imperial black metal

*KRIEGSFALL-U "untitled" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Martial industrial. Some songs from split 7"s, most unreleased material. Digipak.

*KRIEGSFALL-U/ KRASCHAU  "unitas" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*SATANIC WARMASTER "Fimbulwinter" cd japan import (12.00,-) NEW
Japanese edition, hand numbered 500. With obi and booklet with also Japanese texts. Thicker paper on booklet too.

*T-WALD "Landeinwärts " cd (12.00,-) NEW


*DOLENTIA  "Iniciacao Eversiva" cd (12.00,-) NEW

Raw but atmospheric Heathen Black Metal from Belarus. LP'09 on CD now, with bonus track.

*GORRCH "Nero Estasi" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Italian Black Metal

Britih Epic Hammer Black Metal. Third album.

*LIKVANN / GRAVKORS "split" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Norsk Arisk Black Metal. Split CD'2014.

*MARDRAUM "Southern Darkness" cd (12.00,-) NEW
New on Totenkopf Propaganda

*NADIWRATH "circle of pest" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Greek black metal on Drakkar

*NEKROKRIST SS "suicide" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish black metal

*NEVOA "The Absence of Void" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Atmospheric / Post Black Metal

*NORTH "demons in fire 93/94" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Cult Polish Black Metal. All demos gathered on CD. This CD release gathered all three demos from early years of North. Without remastering, just original way. Out now!

Atmospheric Black Metal from Canada. Second album.

*PIMEYDENTUOJA "the devils epoch" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finnish black death metal

*SENTIMEN BELTZA "Pagopean" cd (12.00,-) NEW
new full-lenght album of Sentimen Beltza on Altare.

*SEVEROTH "winterfall" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Atmospheric Black Metal with strong ambient touches from Ukraine, for worshippers of early Emperor or Evilfeast. Debut album.

*STONE SHIP "the eye" tape (6.00,-) NEW
Purple pro-tape with 10-page booklet. Under a Serpent Sun Records 2015. Finnish doom.

*INTHYFLESH "Do Sangue que Verte Veneno " 12" (17.00,-) NEW
very limited vinyl

Cold Ambient/Black Metal from Poland, Hateful founder side-project. Second album


*BLACK HOWLING "O Sangue E A Terra" digi cd (12.00,-) NEW
Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal from Portugal

*HÄMYS "alkemia" cd (12.00,-) NEW
"Debut album of promising Finnish black metal group. After many demos, EP’s and a huge steps forward to darkness this band is finally ready to unleash a full-length album. This is not another clone of old legendary bands, but unique Finnish black metal with their own style including melodies and some clean vocal parts having partly similar atmosphere like Goatmoon has created with their albums. This is a fresh wind in Finnish black metal scene. If you like bands which are not following the others, then you should definitely check this out!"

*ILL OMENED "Conflagration Roaring Hell " cd (13.00,-) NEW
Russian black/death metal

*THY SERPENT "Forest of Witchery" cd (13.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal

*VAPAUDENRISTI "army green" t-shirt L (15.00,-) RESTOCK

*GOATMOON / DEAD REPTILE SHRINE "winterforest" tape (6.00,-) RESTOCK
pro tape version of the split!

*THY SERPENT "Forest of Witchery" tape (7.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal

*KOHORT "christian masquerade" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
Polish black metal kult! Limited 300!!

*SZRON "Pure Slavonic Blasphemy" LP (17.00,-) NEW
excellent raw black metal from poland! Demo 2001 reissued first time on LP!


*MÖRKÖ "III" cdr (7.00,-) NEW
demo III of Mörkö, as CDR.

*MÖRKÖ "IV" cdr (7.00,-) NEW
ultra minimal black metal. CDr demo.


*THROAT "short circuit" 12" (13.00,-) NEW
screeching noiserock from great Finnish band.

*EXISTENTIELL "" book (12.00,-) NEW
"After a year of mental torture and battling through a long-finger ailment, Existentiell ´zine is finally available, including interviews with: Book Of Sand (US), Chaos Moon/Esoterica (US), Greg Downey (AUS), Eos (CAN), Mörkö (FIN), Nandor Nevai (US), Ordinance (FIN), Osman Arabi (LEB), Ride For Revenge (FIN), Johannes Riisitauti (FIN) & Siorai Geimhreadh (IRE). Includes plenty of quasi-philosophical fumblings through meta-modernism, the creative process and the ethnomethodology of underground metal." Note that we´re not talking about an ordinary ´zine but a 200-page, content-driven book.


*GOATLORD "demo 87 / reh 88" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Utmost cult black-death-doom, demo '87! Reh 88.

*GOATLORD "sodomize the goat" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Utmost cult black-death-doom, demo '88!

*HAIL "Bestial Storms of the abyssic pit" cd (7.00,-) RESTOCK
Cult Finnish black metal of death. Ahdistuksen Aihio.


*AEGRUS "Devotion for the devil" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*ARGHOSLENT "galloping through the battleruins" digi cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*HAIL "Lawgiver" mcd (7.00,-) RESTOCK
First track from HAIL "Lawgiver" MCD. Released in 2015 by Ahdistuksen Aihio. Originally featured as a bonus track on "Inheritance of Evilness" DLP (2008). Recorded in 2002. ahdistuksen aihio

*VLAD TEPES / BELKETRE "split" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Drakkar prod.

*DOOM SNAKE CULT "Love Sorrow Doom" LP (17.00,-) NEW
In the late 1980s, Doom Snake Cult appeared like a hallucinatory vision in the same Nevada desert that almost simultaneously spawned the likes of their psychotropic substance-consuming brethren, Goatlord. Although it is commonly believed that Doom Snake Cult began as a post-Goatlord project, the truth is that DSC was actually a separate entity that existed alongside Goatlord throughout its existence. In fact, Doom Snake Cult recorded its first and only full-length album, “Love, Sorrow, Doom,” in 1990, one year prior to Goatlord’s recording of “Reflections of the Solstice.” Obvious parallels and direct connections between the two bands exist, not only because of their common location and confessed fondness for psychedelia, but also due to their similar musical output and shared members. Most notably, Ace Still’s immediately recognizable and distinctively harrowing vocals adorn both band’s albums. Additionally, Doom Snake Cult’s guitarist, Nelg, is confirmed to have performed in lieu of Joe Frankulin on Goatlord’s first-ever recorded version of “Sacrifice.” In the same year and manner of release as the North American version of Goatlord’s first album, Doom Snake Cult’s “Love, Sorrow, Doom” album was first unleashed on CD and cassette by JL America in 1992, two years after it had been recorded. Originally, in 1990, the band had signed with Torrid Records – of Exodus “Bonded by Flood” fame – but those plans never came to fruition due to Torrid’s eventual dissolution, and thus JL America became the official label for the release of “LSD.” In addition to Ace Still’s trademark vocal delivery, the album is characterized by a guitar tone that harkens back quite convincingly to that of Hellhammer, which was undoubtedly one of the band’s primary influences. However, what distinguishes DSC from many of those from whom they drew their inspiration was their propensity to dwell in the sub-tempos of black doom that force listeners to languish in the darker regions of their consciousness. In 2004, Nuclear War Now! rightfully sought to resurrect this masterpiece by reissuing “Love, Sorrow, Doom” on vinyl LP format for the first time. Now, eleven years later, NWN! endeavors to further cement Doom Snake Cult’s oft-overlooked legacy. Much in the same schizophrenic way in which a brain functions under the influence of hallucinogens, this re-release continues in the tradition of previous versions by altering a few of its prominent components. As with the transition between the original JL America release and the first NWN! version, the cover art has once again been replaced, this time with a much more fitting piece from the incomparable Manuel Tinnemans, with the layout as a whole executed brilliantly by TLMN. Also, just as the original track list had been modified for the 2004 vinyl release, the current version’s track list reflects the band’s recent decision to improve the sequencing of songs. As such, this version opens with “Enchanted Cerebral Forest,” which immediately beckons the listener to “journey to the center of your mind” and perfectly sets the scene for the dark introspection that one would be sure to undergo upon following the inherently prescribed chemical enhancement.

*GNOSIS "The Third Eye Gate" LP (17.00,-) NEW
With distinguished pride and anticipation, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to announce the signing of GNOSIS to its enlisted ranks. Hailing from Florida (and its members having previously participated in other regional bands of somewhat disparate styles), GNOSIS was born into the esteemed lineage of a highly-regarded tradition in black/death metal. Their geographic roots notwithstanding, GNOSIS (from the Greek term denoting a “religion of knowledge”) may actually share more in common musically with the tradition of the country from which the name is derived. Though the band is clearly anything but a clone of a previously established style or aesthetic, the riffs themselves exude characteristics similar to those that adorn the ancient Greek canon of black metal (VARATHRON, in particular, comes to mind). On the other hand, and further confirming the difficulty in strictly characterizing the band’s output according to a particular sound, the vocals, song structures, and atmosphere are more reminiscent of Goetia-era MYSTIFIER. These elements combine most effectively to produce a singular result that is both unique in and of itself, while at the same time paying homage to the ancestors of two distinct heritages that laid the foundations upon which this temple of wretchedness could be built.

*GOATLORD "Demo 87 / Reh 88" 2xLP (24.00,-) NEW
In 1985, Goatlord emerged from beneath the desolate sands of the Mojave desert and released their first demo two years later, following the replacement of their original bassist. Though the band would ultimately become best known for their first full-length album, “Reflections of the Solstice,” it was on this first recording, known succinctly as “Demo ’87,” that they established the prototype for the primeval sound that would eventually come to characterize them as one of the most unique bands to ever emerge, not only from the depraved setting of Las Vegas, but also from the U.S. metal underground as a whole. The tracks on Demo ’87, which most obviously reflect the band’s primary influences from the revered likes of entities such as Hellhammer and Sodom, were clearly a necessary stepping stone in the descent towards the black doom death rituals that would later become further explored on subsequent recordings. In comparison to the later versions of the same four songs, the Demo ’87 tracks are relatively shorter, more concise, and noticeably faster, thus serving as a testament to a band that was still working to define its own sound. In the months that followed the original release of Demo ’87, the band revisited this same material and accentuated its more doom-laden aspects, which effectively lengthened the songs and augmented the thrashier original versions with elements derived from other musical influences such as Pentagram and St. Vitus. In addition to the reworked tracks from Demo ’87, the band also wrote and rehearsed a significant number of new songs, which were also to follow in the same new vein. With the greatest of personal pleasure and pride, Nuclear War Now! announces its re-issue of the complete, original Demo ’87 in conjunction with a first-time release of a 1988 rehearsal recording that exemplifies Goatlord’s majestic devolution. The “Reh. ’88” recording, which until this point was unavailable to the public, was unearthed and graciously offered by Don of the Dead (Nunslaughter), one of the earliest and most fervent worshipers of this black doom cult. “Reh. ’88” is heretofore likely to be considered the most primitive document in the band’s archive. On this recording, Ace Still’s vocals are particularly possessed, as if they are being dry-heaved forth from the partially decayed larynx of an undead being. Additionally, this recording offers a rare and intriguing window into the rehearsal room and perhaps provides more concrete evidence of the band’s known penchant for mind-altering chemicals, as demonstrated by the awkwardly confused reference to “Twilight Rem” by an unidentified band member just prior to the six-minute mark of “Distorted Birth.” Finally, this release features the original cover artwork from Demo ’87 and as a bonus includes alternate versions of “Chicken Dance” and “Voodoo Mass,” taken from the recording session of Reflections of the Solstice, also to be re-released by NWN!

*GOATLORD "Last Sodomy of Mary" LP (17.00,-) RESTOCK
live and radio clips etc.

*GOATLORD "Reflections of the Solstice" LP (17.00,-) NEW
The transition in style that Goatlord underwent between the releases of “Demo ’87” and the “Sodomize the Goat” demo in 1988 began to expose some differences in the individual members’ visions for the band’s future direction. Although guitarist Joe Frankulin has been quoted as stating that the deliberate attempt to slow the pace of certain sections of the songs quite dramatically had gone a bit too far, vocalist Ace Still instead embraced this change wholeheartedly, which eventually led to him parting ways with Goatlord prior to the band’s signing with Turbo Music for the recording of their first album, “Reflections of the Solstice,” in 1991. In the wake of Ace’s departure, Frankulin and company enlisted the vocal services of Mitch Harris, who would soon become better known for his involvement in Napalm Death. Curiously, although it is commonly recognized that Harris indeed recorded lead vocal tracks for the entire album, it is instead the voice of Ace Still that appears on the released recording. Given the band’s known indulgence in hallucinogenics, it is as fitting as it is mysterious that Ace Still somehow re-emerged from the fog to record the lead vocal tracks on “Reflections…,” and it is perhaps equally interesting to note that Harris’ vocals only surface as a backing track on “Sacrifice.” These differences in musical visions aside, “Reflections of the Solstice” followed much in the same vein as the “Sodomize the Goat” demo. In fact, every song on the album had also been previously recorded for the 1988 demo, and the band continued to masterfully fuse frenetically-paced death/thrash segments with more tortured, black/doom dirges. On the other hand, at least one noteworthy alteration was made to one song’s composition – namely, the extended delay-and-reverb-enhanced intro that was added to “Possessed Soldiers of War.” Moreover, the most significant difference that is pervasive throughout the album is the seemingly inexplicable use of an electronic drum kit, which adds to “Reflections…” a modern and technical element that was clearly not present on previous recordings. Notwithstanding the fact that over the years some have unfairly criticized this particular aspect of the album, the unnatural sound of the drums should instead be considered and appreciated as yet another bizarre anecdote in the band’s development, which simply adds another important dimension to Goatlord’s historic significance. Following the album’s initial 1991 European release by Turbo Music, the U.S.-based label JL America licensed a version for the North American market the following year, albeit with different cover artwork and one additional track, and for some reason decided to rename it “Goatlord.” Fifteen years later, Nuclear War Now! rightly decided to resurrect this masterpiece in order to ensure its continued proliferation. Now, as it was first proud to do in 2007, Nuclear War Now! once again offers a re-release of “Reflections of the Solstice,” as part of its recently coordinated and comprehensive effort to cement Goatlord’s legacy as one of the most important and unique bands to ever defile all that is considered sacred.

*GOATLORD "Sodomize the Goat" 2xLP (24.00,-) NEW
Following the release of their first demo, aptly titled “Demo ’87,” Goatlord made a conscious effort to modify their musical approach in such a way that would eventually lead to their present-day status as visionaries in the subgenre of black doom metal. By the time they had recorded the “Sodomize the Goat” demo in 1988, the original versions of the songs from the first demo had been altered to a state that convincingly reflected a sort of manic, LSD-induced psychosis. Although the faster, death/thrashier sections of songs like “Possessed Soldiers of War” were still present, the slower, reality-distorting segments of the same songs had been accentuated to a point where the reworked versions of the Demo ’87 tracks had taken on a life of their own. Moreover, the hideous emergence of newer tracks, such as “Twilight Rem” and “Distorted Birth,” upped the ante of this new crossbreed of doomed black/death by pushing song-length boundaries past the nine-minute mark. Although the “Sodomize the Goat” demo has been re-issued twice since its initial, foreboding conception in 1988, the version that Nuclear War Now! hereby presents is unparalleled in terms of its quality and its adherence to the integrity of the original recording. Whereas the previously-released version of “The Fog” was inexplicably truncated on the aforementioned re-issues, this release includes the entire one-and-a-half-minute-plus intro to the song, as originally intended. Additionally, no expense was spared in an attempt to capture the sound that the band itself would have produced at the time of its recording if the means to do so had been made readily available. To this end, NWN! conspired with guitarist Joe Frankulin to obtain a vintage Vestafire 4-track recorder, the very same machine that had been used for the original recording, and the original tape was remixed and remastered by James Plotkin under the direct supervision of Frankulin himself. With the unquestionable mastery of the ensuing debut full-length album notwithstanding, many of the most ardent Goatlord worshipers are likely to hail “Sodomize the Goat” as the band’s definitive recording, and thus NWN! has striven to present this work in the most befitting manner possible. As such, the original unholy artwork has appropriately been resurrected to adorn the cover of the gatefold for this double-LP release, which is accompanied by an A2 poster, and the austerity of the remaining layout pays homage to the day when the band first set out to unleash this masterpiece. Forever Black Dwell in Hell.

*MORTIFERA "IV: Sanctii Tristhess" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*SIELUNVIHOLLINEN "Hautaruhtinas" LP (18.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal

*VLAD TEPES / BELKETRE  "split" 2xLP (24.00,-) NEW
Official double vinyl LP of the utmost black metal classic!!!


*AEOGA "Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers & Palace For Vultunales " cd (12.00,-) NEW
After a decade of unavailability we are proud to release ‘Triangle of Nebula-Devourers’ and ‘Palace for Vultunales’ by Aeoga on a CD through our Stellar Mansion series. Both of these were previously released in 2005 simultaneously with the ‘Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus’ album; ‘ToND’ was limited to 100 CD-r copies and ‘PfV’ came exclusively as a part of ‘ZBtH-L’ deluxe box set that was limited to only 40 copies. 'Triangle of Nebula-Devourers' presents three electro-acoustic pieces that will take you through the hazy desert toward the non-spatial zero time. Tempesting, obscure and flowing archaic ambience where meditative rhythms, transcendental resonances and abstract passages blend together – sonic alchemy that will permute the sub-/ non-conscious patterns of the Self. This album is an incomparable outcome in the field of experimental and abstract ambience. 'Palace for Vultunales’ presents two dronumental tracks varying from backwards flowing acoustical drones, eerie sample textures and harmonic sound clouds to archaic rhythm patterns. A voyage through the Coprophagik Cycle into the heart of absolute being - an opus between old school drone ambience and experimental ritual music. The album is enclosed inside a silk-screen printed Stellar Mansion cardboard covers including four, two-sided insert cards.

*HAIL "Bestial Storms of the abyssic pit" cd (7.00,-) NEW
Cult Finnish black metal of death. Ahdistuksen Aihio.

*HAIL "Lawgiver" mcd (7.00,-) NEW
First track from HAIL "Lawgiver" MCD. Released in 2015 by Ahdistuksen Aihio. Originally featured as a bonus track on "Inheritance of Evilness" DLP (2008). Recorded in 2002. ahdistuksen aihio

*DEVILRY "rites for the sring of supremacy" LP (15.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish militant death metal


*MGLA "Mdlosci + Further Down The Nest" mcd (7.00,-) RESTOCK
includes material of the two 7"s ! Great black metal known from releases on Northern Heritage. Released by Garazel.


*BEHEXEN "By the blessing of satan" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
great finnish bm!

*HORNA "envaatnags eflos solf esgantaavne" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*VALTAKUNTA "s/t" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Occult, obscure, raw and primitive black metal from this anonymous Finnish duo. Fits neatly in Bestial Burst catalog with the noisiest and weirdest black-metal-and-beyond releases from Masokismi to Dead Reptile Shrine to Kärsimysnäytelmä! and Mustamaa etc.etc., yet of course Valtakunta has their very own, chaotic yet hypnotic style that will swallow your soul into it´s evil abyss. Self titled eight song debut CD limited to 300 copies.

*VORUM "grim death awaits" mcd (7.00,-) RESTOCK

*AXNAAR "shite into death" tape (6.00,-) NEW
raw blackmetal-noise

*AXNAAR "unbanished evil" tape (6.00,-) NEW
raw blackmetal-noise

*AXNAAR "useless meat / sacred flesh" tape (6.00,-) NEW
raw blackmetal-noise

*RIENAUS "Ye shall bathe in excrements of a goat" tape (7.00,-) NEW
Official re-release of the demo from 2001. Circa 19 minutes of black metal music. For those who don't know: this band has nothing to do with the new band called Rienaus. Finnish obscure black metal!!

*DER STURMER "areifatoi" 7" (9.00,-) RESTOCK


*RIPPIKOULU "musta seremonia" LP (16.00,-) RESTOCK
The legendary Finnish underground metal masterpiece, rescued from cult obscurity! Limited pressing on transparent red vinyl with thick reverse board 350 gsm gatefold covers and high quality remastered sound.

*RIPPIKOULU "ulvaja" 12" (15.00,-) NEW
return of Rippikoulu, finnish cult death-doom. Surprisingly good return after 21 years! Slow, deep and dark death doom.


*DEMILICH "20th adversary if emptiness" 2xCD (16.00,-) NEW
cult finnish technical death metal. Complete works on one double CD!

*RIPPIKOULU "musta seremonia" CD (12.00,-) RESTOCK
The legendary Finnish underground metal masterpiece, rescued from cult obscurity! Six panel digipak CD version.


*ABOMINATOR "Subversives for Lucifer" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
aussie war metal. osmose prod.

2nd-Hand *AD HOMINEM  "Climax of Hatred" cd (6.00,-) RESTOCK
fast black metal

*ANGREPP "libido" cd (12.00,-) NEW
swedish black metal

*ARKHA SVA "Donusdogama: En Accrochant Le Mendiant Qui Tomba Du Trône De Dieu" cd (12.00,-) NEW
2014 album of this Japanese black metal band.

*AVERSE SEFIRA "advent parallax" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*BLACK WITCHERY "inferno of sacred destruction" cd+dvd (13.00,-) RESTOCK
new album as cd + dvd set!

*CENOTAPH "riding our black oceans" cd (12.00,-) NEW
1994, Melodic Death Metal from Mexico D.F.

*DARKENHöLD "castellum" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*DODSFALL "Kaosmakt" cd (12.00,-) NEW
"Forakt For Livet" is taken from the up-coming album KAOSMAKT! It was recorded and mixed by legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studio in Sweden (Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Old Man’s Child). Mastering was made by producer Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio in Sweden, (Marduk, Ragnarok). Osmose Productions

*GHOST KOMMANDO "Abraxas Rising" mCD (7.00,-) NEW
Breath Of Pestilence

*GLACIATION "sur les falaises de marbre" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Ex-members from Alcest, Peste Noire etc! Osmose.

*GRAVEBORNE "Through The Window Of The Night " cd (12.00,-) NEW
Finnish black metal

*HATE FOREST "battlefields" digi-cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Re-issue by Osmose

*IMMORTAL "damned in black" digi cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
digipak Osmose

*KHAOS DEI "Tell them lucifer was here" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*LASCOWIEC "Frostwinds of the Apocalypse" cd (12.00,-) NEW
dark hidden prod

*MIRKHALL "Heathen Hearted" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Finnish Pagan Black Metal Compilation of the demos "Winter of Tragedies Reing" & "RIng to Rule", Plus a rehesal Bonus Track!!!

*MOR DAGOR "redeemer" cd (12.00,-) NEW
fast black/death. Osmose.

*MORGON "black light of liberation" cd (12.00,-) NEW
melodic black/death metal from germany. Sounds like a mix of dissection and unanimated !!

*MYHRDING "nordens mörkaste kapitel" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*NATTSMYG "Född at härska" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Unexploded records

*NECROMANTIA "Crossing the fiery path" cd (12.00,-) NEW

*NECROMANTIA "Scarlet evil witching black" cd (12.00,-) NEW
classic greek black metal!

*NIGHTBRINGER / ACHERONTAS "The Ruins Of Edom" digi cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
ltd 1000 digipak. Agonia.

*OLD WAINDS "death nord kult" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*OMINOUS RESURRECTION "omniscient" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Ominous Resurrection's debut album on CD on Funeral Industries.

*OPHIDIAN COIL  "Denial / Will / Becoming" mcd (7.00,-) NEW
Grandiose offering of the Serbian cultists manifested in a form of an EP, crafted under the influence of the Other Side and charged with a fivefold spell of blazing fervour!

*PANZERFAUST "I phallus" cd (12.00,-) NEW
radical black metal from poland

*SADISTIK EXEKUTION "the magus" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK

*SIGILLUM DIABOLICUM "chroniques de l infamie" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Thors Hammer productions

*SUHNOPFER  "laments / L Aube des Trepasses" cd (12.00,-) NEW
demo and ep on one CD.

*SUHNOPFER  "Nos Sombres Chapelles" cd (12.00,-) NEW
French black metal

*SUHNOPFER "offertoire" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Medieval Black Metal from France

*ULVEGR "The Call of Glacial Emptiness" cd (12.00,-) NEW
second album of Ulvegr

*ÖMHETEN "själv" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Depressive black metal from Sweden.

*CELTEFOG "deliverance" tape (5.00,-) NEW
pro-tapes and full color covers. 9 track demo.

*LEVIATHAN "howl mockery at the cross" 2xLP (22.00,-) RESTOCK
Funeral Industries pressing

*NAGLFAR "harvest" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*NAGLFAR  "pariah" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*URGEHAL "ikonoklast" LP (17.00,-) NEW

*ARISE! "#1" zine (6.00,-) NEW
ARISE! REVOLT! EXIST! This zine takes one clear theme and viewpoint and pierces it through different bands, countries and genres. From Chile to Sweden, from heavy metal to hardcore, Arise! tries to examine what is the role of rebellion in today’s extreme music – be the nature of this rebellion spiritual, social, musical or personal. It means 52 A4 pages and in-depth interviews with these bands and artists: HATEFUL ABANDON GRAVMASKIN MORBUS CHRON DHG ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD SAMI KETTUNEN PROFESSOR BLACK MAGIC CIRCLE ACERO LETAL LUCIFER’S HAMMER MIDNIGHT GARDEN OF WORM KOVAA RASVAA + articles from philosophers, magicians, metalheads and punkrockers + 25+ ‘rebel anthem’ recommendations from the underground

*RAWWAR "#3" 2x zine + cd (14.00,-) NEW
Countless black metal interviews packages in 100+ pages divided into two magazines and also CD of The True Incest included.