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*1349 "hellfire" cd (12.00,-)


*20.SV "acid vomit human genocide" cd (12.00,-)
black industrial


*5:45 "Notwehr" cd (12.00,-)
german bm

*5ML "injection" cd (12.00,-)
Depressive Rock / Black metal for fans for lifelover



*A TASTE FOR DECAY  "Beneath Black Waters" cd (12.00,-)
Terrifying industrial-tinged blackened soundtracks to bludgeon your ears with. Featuring collaborations with Alan Dubin (GNAW/Khanate/OLD). Billy Anderson (Blessing The Hogs) and John Paul Whetzel (Pro-Death/StemCell Research Project).

*A WINTER LOST "Die längste nacht" cd (12.00,-)

*A WINTER LOST "Weltenende" cd (12.00,-)
A brand new Black Metal band from Nova Scotia, Canada with sophisticated musicians from the North American metal scene. Six tracks of atmospheric, cold Canadian Black Metal with melancholy and very unique way. Weltenende is the travelling beyond the destroyed world. A Winter Lost is a journey back to ones roots starting from the foundation of not knowing even what the questions are, to just acting and removing ones self out of everything they know and into the unknown destroying their fears of failure so that they can learn something, or anything that can allow them to form an image of their place in the world. The 1st full length album, CD came out in normal jewel case.

*AASGARD "Nekriki Mistagogia" cd (12.00,-)

*AASGARD "nyx" mcd (7.00,-)

*ABADDON INCARNATE "the last supper" cd (12.00,-)
Brutal death metal

*ABAZAGORATH / BLOODSTORM "ancient entities arise" cd (12.00,-)

*ABHOR  "Vocat Spiritum Morti" cd (12.00,-)
melodic black metal with keyboards. The Oath.

*ABOMINATOR "Evil Proclaimed " cd (12.00,-)
At long last, legendary black/death heretics ABOMINATOR return from suspended animation with their highly anticipated comeback album, Evil Proclaimed. After eight years in the abyss, the core creative duo of drummer/vocalist Chris Volcano and guitarist Andrew Undertaker - both longtime veterans of the deadly Australian metal scene - have reignited the hellfire, having learned their lessons well from a devilish hiatus, and thusly deliver a demonic slab of black/death metal carnage. Aptly titled, Evil Proclaimed is ABOMINATOR's fifth album to date, and their first album for HELLS HEADBANGERS. Here, these Oz barbarians range their entire discography, the filth 'n' fury of their earliest days well accounted for whilst showing a nuanced sense of dynamics not heard on their previous albums. The attack's not unlike a heat-seeking missile: stealthy, insistent, focused, FAST...and death imminent. With a history that stretches back more than 20 years now, ABOMINATOR display no signs of softening nor compromise; if anything, they're more committed than ever to harnessing the powers of chaos and unleashing them back as a maelstrom of blackened Metal of Death. Rounded off by the band's best, burliest production ever, Evil Proclaimed is the victorious return everyone's been awaiting of ABOMINATOR. Onward they march...


*ABOMINATOR "Nuctemeron Decent" cd (12.00,-)
osmose prod.

*ABSCESS "Bourbon. Blood and Butchery" cd (12.00,-)
After Autopsy reunited Abscess was laid to rest in a stinking coffin full of piss. vomit and bourbon to never rise again. This 24 track collection seeks some retribution (for the dead) with all material from the splits with Bonesaw. Population Reduction and Eat My Fuk along with never before released rehearsal demo 1999 and live tracks from various shows. Comes with 12 page booklet with photos. lyrics and cover art by longtime collaborator Dennis Dread.

*ABSCESS "Damned And Mummified" cd (12.00,-)
praised new album!!

*ABSCESS / BLOODRED BACTERIA  "split" mcd (7.00,-)
on Bestial Burst !

*ABSOLUTUS "Ostendit Quam Nihil Sumus" cd (12.00,-)
Belgian bm. GoatWarRec

*ABSOULUTE OF MALIGNITY  "" cd (10.00,-)
satanic propaganda religious black metal

*ABYSS / BLACK AUTUMN "split" cd-r (3.00,-)
blackmetal meets darkambient. Farbstoff Abstract Media

*ABYSSIC HATE "suicidal emotions" cd (12.00,-)
Essential piece of midpaced suicidal black metal.

*ACCURST "fragments of a nightmare" cd (12.00,-)

*ACCUSED "the curse of martha splatterhead" cd (12.00,-)
crossover thrash hardcore


*ACID WITCH "stoned" cd (12.00,-)
Hells Headbangers

*ACTUM INFERNI "The Embodiment of Death" cd (12.00,-)

*AD NOCTUM "arrogance" cd (12.00,-)
undercover records. With members of Denial Of God and Serpent Saints

*ADULTERY "Age Of Rebirths" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal. Eastside records

*ADVERSARIAL "All Idols Fall Before the Hammer " cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*AELTER "Dusk Dawn / Follow You Beloved " 2xCD (15.00,-)
One of several side-projects to emerge from the Wolvserpent camp. Aelter is the solo effort of Wolvserpent guitarist Blake Green. With Aelter. Blake explores a similar realm of dark majestic sound to Wolvserpent. with his massive downtuned guitar roar and bleak minor key melodies being the common thread between the two projects. But where Wolvserpent blends this chugging Melvins-esque heaviness and haunting slowcore arpeggios with violins. pounding drums. and a propensity for extended hypno-dirges. Aelter dispenses with the drums almost completely and goes for a more cinematic approach using layered keyboards and gorgeous harmonized voices that reminds me of something you would have heard on Beggers Banquet or 4AD being fused to a malevolent black heaviness. Both of the Aelter albums were only released on vinyl in limited editions of a few hundred copies and are close to going out of print completely. but we have now gathered both Dusk Dawn and Follow You Beloved together in a double disc set. The first Aelter record Dusk Dawn from 2009 from is now out of print on vinyl and featured two side-long tracks. The first half "Dusk" begins much like something you would hear from Wolvserpent. an eerie guitar figure slowly plucked over heavy. rumbling doom metal chords. the dark menacing sound slowly unfolding in a manner similar to newer Earth but with a much more sinister vibe. But then this gloomy dirge starts to transform into something that is not so much like Wolvserpent as lush gauzy synthesizers wash in alongside ethereal choral voices. the sound drifting and uncoiling without the propulsion of drums or any other percussion. just a cloudy black fog of doom-laden darkwave underscored with those heavy rumbling guitars. This sound is utterly gorgeous. like some strange mixture of Earth's bleak ambient heaviness and the dark ethereal downer pop of Clan Of Xymox or some similar darkwave outfit. The second track travels deeper into this lush shadowy ambience. the guitars dropping out for long stretches of time as gorgeous high-end drones and shimmering dream-pop keyboards. The vocals begin to appear way off in the distance. slowly fading inwards as the guitars again materialize with chugging downtuned crunch and somber minor key melodies unwinding overhead. And when the vocals build into a majestic multi-part harmony. this becomes incredibly beautiful. like some drifting dreampop epic descending into darkness. finally combining with a minimal piano melody at the end. The second Aelter album Follow You Beloved (released on vinyl in 2011) grows even darker. much of the prettiness from the first album leeched out by the swelling blackness. but still rife with moments of fragile beauty. The drums are also more prominent here. making this the heavier of the two albums by far. The first side is "Beloved". which begins with a solemn organ line joined by equally funereal piano notes awash in lunar glow. It transforms into a desolate guitar instrumental. reverby guitar twang unfolding around delicate acoustic picking and washes of ethereal synth that almost has a Badalamenti tint to it; then the drums come in. heavy and plodding. just as the airy fragile layered vocals materialize and the sound appears as some kind of shadow-cast. doom laden slowcore. It's really gorgeous stuff. moving through passages where everything drops out and just a single electric guitar chimes in the darkness. a simple minor key figure repeated over and over. and spacey orchestral synths gradually drift in as a steady sinister bass pulse echoes through the darkness. Like the earlier work. this makes me think of drone metallers Earth crossed with swirling darkwave pop. heavy and ominous but shot through with gorgeous moody melody. The song finally returns to the dark lumbering heaviness as everything drops back in. sheets of delayed guitar and what sounds like a mandolin swirling around the treacly drums and that central melody that threads throughout the song. turning even heavier and blacker as massive distorted doom riffage slowly pours in and the music slows down. changing into a blackly majestic Western-tinged doom in it's last few minutes. On the other side. "Follow You" takes us once more into eerie Badalamenti-like haze of sorrowful reverb guitar and haunting droning keys joined by deep bass notes and cello-like sounds. and then suddenly drops into doomed crush. slow ponderous drums and crushing glacial guitars continuing the main melody. distant ethereal vocals layered in eerie harmony behind the grim doom-laden heaviness. eventually flowing out into a mass of choral darkness later in the song when the music drops out and the vocals come to the fore. Later. it transforms back into the heavy droning funeral procession from before. the riff repeating over and over again. a droning. swirling processional dirge adorned with droning keyboards.

*AETERNUS "Burning the shround" cd (12.00,-)
Includes studio songs from 2000, live songs from 2000, 1998 songs originally from pic 7" and 1998 which was originally bonus track of "dark sorcery".

*AETERNUS ODIUM "tropas de lucifer" cd (12.00,-)
Brazil black metal


*AETHERES "Laknienie Misterium Nocy" cd (12.00,-)
ltd 500. black metal

*AETHERIUS OBSCURITAS "Black Medicine / Fekete Orvossag" cd (12.00,-)
Aetherius Obscuritas came alive in 2002 as a one-man band. In 2007 Arkhorrl found a (studio) drummer to take the place of the previous drum-machine. Aetherius Obscuritas plays elite black metal, in sound, atmosphere and composition. The technical drumming and extremely harsh and unique vocals make it what it is. Recommended to fans of Taake, Dissection and Ragnarok! This is their 2nd full length on Paragon. This unique Hungarian black metal band incorporates an undying atmosphere and true spirit for black metal that brings to mind some Norwegian and Swedish greats!!! As they say themselves; "We exist to be a true homage to what black metal stands for, both musically and ideologically". This release will also include a Marduk Cover!!!!

*AFFLICTION GATE "severance (dead to this world)" mcd (7.00,-)
death metal in old good way

*AGHOR "Necrolivonica" cd (12.00,-)
"Necrolivonica" is Aghor's debut album. "Necrolivonica" is a bow to 90's death metal megaliths, whose direct influences can be easily recognised on the record. Drums have been recorded at the Hely Studios by Sander Heinsoo, the rest was recorded, mixed and designed by the band itself. The album artwork was made by Roberto Toderico. The author of Aghor's logo is Christophe Szpajdel. "Necrolivonica" was released by Offense Records.


*AGMEN "dethroned" cd (12.00,-)
Cze. Last album. Technic, fast raw Black Metal. Handnumbered to 1000 copies

*AGMEN "eternal" cd (12.00,-)
Cze. Third album. Great, antichristian, raw Black Metal. Dark Storm members!!!

*AHNENERBE "vril" mCD (7.00,-)
polish bm

*AHNENSTAHL "Zwischen Tod Und Leben" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*AIDS "Syndrome Of The End Approaching" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*AKERBELTZ "a wave of darkness" cd (12.00,-)

*ALASTOR "demon attack" cd (12.00,-)

*ALASTOR "noble north" cd (12.00,-)

*ALCHEMY OF THE 21ST CENTURY "Beauty of Aesthetic Imperfection" cd (12.00,-)
Field recordings, violin, citra, percussion, metal, glass, stones, water,... 14 tracks, half field recording, half studio live. Freak Animal Records.


Cold Spring are proud to announce the debut album from All Hail The Transcending Ghost - a joint collaboration between Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412, Toroidh, Folkstorm etc) and Tim Bertilsson (Fear Falls Burning, Switchblade). Together the Swedish legends have created arguably one of the most haunting drone-dark-ambient-industrial works in recent years, invoking the spirits of old Nordvargr, meets the sludge-doom vibe of Tim´s hellish guitar. This has to be the most unsettling work from Nordvargr, as the man himself states "truly the most scary music I have recorded". An icy chill down your spine... a cold hand on your shoulder... you are never alone in the darkness.

*ALLERSEELEN / SANGRE CAVALLUM "barco do vinho" cd (12.00,-)

*ALLFADER "black blood flux" cd (12.00,-)
osmose prod

*ALLFATHER "Weapon of Ascension" cd (12.00,-)
US black metal

*ALTAR SHADOWS "speckledy falcon" cd (12.00,-)

*ALTARS "Paramnesia" cd (12.00,-)
At long last, one of death metal's best-kept secrets unleashes their debut album: Australian enigmas ALTARS and their heaving, harrowing Paramnesia. For the past four years, ALTARS have been quietly honing their craft across a demo, two splits, and a single, but on Paramnesia, the trio tear down all boundaries and set their sights for the abyss and ether alike. For Paramnesia is both death metal of a tangibly sepulchral, cavernously physical construct and yet brims with an almost-metaphysical levity as its serpentine structures and technical ecstasy work their black magick across its eight-song expense, reaching total transcendence during the final trio of tracks which comprise the three-part title track. Witness ALTARS' Paramnesia and commune with unforgettable energies. Front cover art by Denis Forkas, with additional artwork and design by Alexander Brown (BNB Illustration, Witchrist)

*AMESOEURS "ruines humaines" mcd (7.00,-)
"...the soundtrack of the absurd, sad and suffocating era we are living in; the metaphor of the modern world..." (Neige, Amesoeurs/Alcest)

*AMNION "cryptic wanderings" cd (9.00,-)
good spanish bm, but discs have some scratches. Nothing what affect playing, so get this for discount price now!

*AMNIS NIHILI "Christological Escalation" mcd (7.00,-)
“Black Metal” term here used as a simplifying definition which the band itself normally would refuse. Amnis Nihili’s music in fact is rather richer of layers and influences than the first minute of their opening track (“Christological Escalation”) would let you imagine: let this quarter of an hour flow in your speakers. perceive it and understand how unique their artistic offering is in the actual panorama. We can hear dark metal. industrial music. ambient. weird samples… of course all of these perfectly layered onto a solid black metal structure. Before being it published and become a public release. people from our entourage who accessed this recording for a listen would mention to me early Watain. early Keep of Kalessin mixed up with some of the actual French Black Metal movement (i.e. Antaeus. Arkhon Infaustus) as well as Leviathan. Lurker Of Chalice.

*AMOROK "blasphemous edictum" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*AMSG "the principle of evil becomes the ideal of promethean" cd (12.00,-)
Supremacy Through Intolerance

*AMYSTERY "All Hail the Cult " cd (12.00,-)

*AMYSTERY "Grim Satanic Blessing " cd (12.00,-)

*AN EXTRAVAGANCE OF NORM  "An Extravagance Of Norm" cd (12.00,-)
Extreme "Modern" Black Metal for fans of VED BUENS ENDE, SATYRICON, THORNS, ZYKLON

*ANABOTH "Nie czas pomiotow" cd (12.00,-)
garazel. Polish dark metal.

*ANABOTH "Pomiedzy Swiatami" cd (12.00,-)
garazel. Polish dark metal

*ANAEL "from arcane fires" cd (12.00,-)

*ANAL BLASPHEMY "Sermons of a Sodomite" mcd (7.00,-)
"A theme EP release from ANAL BLASPHEMY featuring 2 songs + one instrumental outro. The strongest and most solid AB release so far presenting the new style of AB with mid-tempo crushing and fast blasting Black Metal accompanied with blasphemous vocal outbursts of violent mockery. The theme of the EP is a true story about a transsexual vicar in Finland. ridiculing his perversion of faith and the work against the creation of his god!"

*ANAL VOMIT "depravation" cd (12.00,-)
sick peru blackdeath massacre

*ANAL VOMIT "Gathering of the putrid demons" cd (12.00,-)
New album of these Peruvian demons! Old school dirthy thrashing Black / Death Metal from Hell in the vein of Holocausto, old Sepultura, Sarcofago, Vulcano...

*ANAL VOMIT / GOAT SEMEN  "Devotos Del Diablo" cd (12.00,-)
Peru bestial black metal.

*ANAPTHERGAL "An Intracranial Disclosure - - - 1997-1998" cdr (7.00,-)
Obscure Finnish ambient/industrial. Soulworm

*ANATOMIA / GRUDGE / COFFINS "doomed to death, damned in hell" cd (12.00,-)
heavy as fuck death-doom + death metal assault from Japan!!

*ANCESTORS BLOOD  "a dark passage from past" cd (12.00,-)

*ANCESTORS BLOOD "a moment of clarity" cd (12.00,-)
excellent Finnish black metal!


*ANCESTORS BLOOD "return of the ancient ones" cd (12.00,-)

*ANCESTORS BLOOD  "when the frost calls" mcd (7.00,-)

*ANCIENT "det glemte riket" cd (12.00,-)

*ANCIENT "eerily howling winds - the antediluvian tapes" cd (12.00,-)

*ANCIENTBLOOD "the profane hymns of the suvereign darkness" mcd (6.00,-)
Ancientblood is a nihilistic Black Metal cult from Brazil. lidered by Lord Mantus with the main purpose to spread the Black Metal wrath worldwide. mixing influences of old school bands like Venom and Hellhammer. Celtic Frost. Bathory. Burzum and Darkthrone. allied to an anti-human conception

*ANGANTYR "havn" cd (12.00,-)
northern silence

*ANGANTYR  "sejr" cd (12.00,-)

*ANGANTYR "sejr / Nordens stolte brigere" cd (12.00,-)
northern silence

*ANGANTYR "svig" cd (12.00,-)
northern silence

*ANGEL OF DAMNATION "Carnal Philosophy" cd (12.00,-)
Black Vinyl Edition! This is the debut album of a new German Doom Metal Diamond. "Carnal Philosophy" will be a pleasure for all fans into old Candlemass & Black Sabbath. Featuring members of Dawn of Winter & Nocturnal.

*ANGEL WITCH "screaming and bleeding" cd (12.00,-)

*ANGELCORPSE "of lucifer and lightning" cd (12.00,-)

*ANGMAR / THE TRUE ENDLESS  "split" cd (12.00,-)
black metal fin / ita. Bestial Burst

*ANGREPP "libido" cd (12.00,-)
swedish black metal


*ANGUISHED "cold" cd (12.00,-)
“Cold cuts you deep with razors of melancholy and hateful despair! Possessed Demoness, the tortured soul of Anguished, creates and performs hymns of this Finnish one woman howl with a very unique touch! The songs are full of suicidal despair and sadness but Anguished also shows a side of worshipping Satan with devoted words of dedication to the bleak darkness. As Possessed Demoness handles all instruments with the help of a session drummer she also performs the lyrics with soul piercing shrieks reminding of the early Cradle of Filth high-pitched screams! This is the debut release of Anguished and proofs the bands strenght and interesting approach on Finnish Black Metal!”

*ANIMA DAMNATA "Tormenting pale flesh..." cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*ANIMO AEGOR "Impuls" cd (12.00,-)
melodic black metal

*ANIMUS MORTIS "Thresholds of Insanity" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*ANTAEUS "Cut yourself and Worship Satan" cd (12.00,-)

*ANTAEUS "De Principii Evangelikum" cd (12.00,-)

*ANTEDILUVIAN "Through the Cervix of Hawaah" cd (12.00,-)
fast and chaotic blakened death. Invictus.


*ANTI "the insignificanse of life" cd (12.00,-)
German suicidal bm.


*ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM "Ars Longa. Vita Brevis..." cd (12.00,-)

*ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM "Conclamatum Est" cd (12.00,-)

*AOSOTH "ashes of angels" cd (12.00,-)
new album

*AOSOTH "III" cd (12.00,-)

*AOSOTH "IV" cd (12.00,-)

*APHOOM ZHAH / SMIERCIESLAU "Immortal Black Metal" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*APOCALYPSE COMMAND "Lust, Vengeance, Death " cd (12.00,-)
fast blackened death. Invictus.


*APOCALYPTIC RAIDS "only death is real" cd (12.00,-)
total worship!

*APOLLYON "diaboli gratia" mcd (7.00,-)
fullmoon prod

Grim and Satanic Black Metal


*APOPTOSIS "from fall to winter solstice" cdr (6.00,-)
pro-cdr of black metal

*APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE "last sunrise" cd (12.00,-)
The sophomore follow-up to their successful debut from 2008, going further down the path that Sincerest Misery began, taking the listener even deeper into these beautiful cold depths of sorrow & ruin.

*APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE "sincerest misery" cd (12.00,-)

*APOSTOLUM "anedonia" cd (12.00,-)

*APOSTOLUM "Anedonia" mcd (7.00,-)
moribund cult

*ARATHYR "curse mans blame" cd (12.00,-)
anti christian black / death from Poland

*ARCANA COELESTIA "nomas" cd (12.00,-)
Maybe still not recognized abroad as they should [be], ARCANA COELESTIA are one of Italy’s tops at the moment in term of avantgarde doom/black metal, or how else calling this music? Avantgarde Music.


*ARCANA COELISTIA "le mirage de l´ideal" cd (12.00,-)

*ARCANUS TENEBRA "odium in homines" cd (12.00,-)
drakkar prod.

*ARCKANUM "anticosmos" A5 box cd (12.00,-)
first limited edition in dvd box size jewelbox!

*ARCKANUM "Fenris Kindir" cd (12.00,-)

*ARCTIC FROST "exclusion of hope" cd (12.00,-)

*ARES KINGDOM "Incendiary" cd (12.00,-)

*ARES KINGDOM "Veneration" cd (12.00,-)

*ARES WRATH DIVISION  "War Bombastic Black metal" cd-r (3.00,-)
20 minutes of brutal black/death attack in fast souther style

*ARGENTUM "Ditirambos al dios de la guerra" cd (12.00,-)


*ARGHARUS "pleistas" cd (12.00,-)
praised rising black metal band from Lithuania, with modern but unpretentious touch.

*ARGHOSLENT "1990-1994 the first three demos" cd (12.00,-)

*ARGHOSLENT "arsenal of glory" digi cd (12.00,-)
full color digi cd version on Vinland Winds.

*ARGHOSLENT "galloping through the battleruins" digi cd (12.00,-)

*ARGHOSLENT "hornets of the pogrom" cd (12.00,-)
new album on cd!!

*ARGHOSLENT "incorrigible bigotry" digi cd (12.00,-)
Drakkar prod. digipak! Great album!

*ARGHOSLENT / MARTIAL BARRAGE "split" cd (12.00,-)

*ARKENSTONE "Hymns To Our Fatherland" cd (12.00,-)

*ARKHA SVA "Donusdogama: En Accrochant Le Mendiant Qui Tomba Du Trône De Dieu" cd (12.00,-)
2014 album of this Japanese black metal band.


*ARKHA SVA "Gloria Satanae " cd (12.00,-)
Those Opposed Records repress


*ARKHA SVA "Mikama Isaro Mada " cd (12.00,-)
Those opposed Records repress.

*ARKHA SVA "Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V) " cd (12.00,-)
those opposed. With material from several split Records. Drowning The Light, Chalice of Blood, Winter Funeral, Woods Of Infinity,..

*ARKHA SVA "Odo Kikale Qaa (VI-VI-LV) " cd (12.00,-)
A Sixth Sense Of Darkness + splits with Black Stench and Hypotermia + bonus tracks.

*ARKHON INFAUSTUS  "hell injection" cd (12.00,-)
fast and furious french black metal

*ARKTAU AON  "Ikuisuus näkyy luiden läpi " cd (14.00,-)
Thought lost and subsequently forgotten. a complete album by AIH & AIL of ARKTAU EOS and JKV of ZOÄT-AON was recently rediscovered. This unknown chapter in the evolution of the classic Finnish ritual sound originates from sessions held in May 2005. when Arktau Eos was still unnamed. beginning work on their seminal opus ‘Mirrorion’ and Zoät-Aon had just released the equally influential ‘Star Autopsy’ CD. The album retains the original title of the sessions: ‘Ikuisuus näkyy luiden läpi’. Finnish for ‘Eternity Shines Through the Bones’. and for purposes of this release the group is named simply ARKTAU AON. ‘Ikuisuus näkyy luiden läpi’ is enthusiastic. youthfully vigorous and decidedly ominous ritual music with a total running time of 31:53. Instead of songs. it is divided into different ‘movements’ or phases: it resembles a field recording of some obscure ceremony from a far-off corner of the world. Boasting a raw but good. clear sound. ‘INLL’ remains unaltered save for the mastering done in 2013 at Katajan Kaiku studio.

*ARKTHOS "Knights of the eternal sun" cd (12.00,-)
US nsbm on Supernal music

*ARMAGEDDA "echoes in eternity" cd (12.00,-)
with old materials. split 7"s, compilations, owen 7" and mLP, demo tracks, live tracks. Swedish black metal.

*ARMAGEDDA "I am" mCD (7.00,-)
swedish black metal

*ARMAGEDDA "ond spiritism" cd (12.00,-)
swedish black metal. 3rd full length

*ARMAGEDDA "only true believers" digi cd (12.00,-)
re-issue with new art

*ARMAGEDDA "only true believers" cd (12.00,-)
swedish black metal

*ARMAGEDDA "the final war approaching -remaster" cd (12.00,-)
remastered new version of the debut album

*ARMAGEDDON "sieg hail 666" cd (12.00,-)

*ARMON KUILU "armon kuilu" mcd (7.00,-)
"The first release from Totuuden Sarvi Levyt is a piece of Finnish art destined to remain in the minds of those who hear it. The debut mini-album by Armon Kuilu is a funereal musical journey. two long progressive compositions built out mostly of classical piano. strings. orchestral drums. singing. prayers and invocations in male and female voices. More of a gothic work than a total assault on the senses. yet one must remember that the word gothic is often abused in connotation with just a melancholic form of new age entertainment music but here the soundscapes bring to mind images of forlorn cemetaries. initiatory cults. bloodletting. woodlands and altered states of consciousness. At times the melodies of chamber music break out into squeals. groans and crackling which haunt the space and resonate with the Finnish poetry. that most of the time reminds one of a satanic ceremony. Some passages sound familiar to the listeners of European avantgarde and progressive music such as ACTUS. ART ZOYD and releases from the label Athanor. Post-industrial fans should also listen to this work but remember that this is not your generic so-called occult album with the usual Crowley spoken parts. Instead this is a deeply personal work with challenging classical and sometimes jazz or progressive melodies composed by the master behind the project and performed by real musicians with authentic instruments and also utilizing real actors for the various voices and spoken parts. Believe me. you will hear the difference. The mini-album comes in a black & white sleeve with a full color 8-page art booklet (size 7x7"). built from nature-mystical imagery shot on infrared film."


*ARMOUR "s/t" cd (14.00,-)
After rollin' out several successful EPs, the heavy metal hammer of ARMOUR strikes hard n' heavy with their highly anticipated debut full-lengther featuring all new high voltage hits. This is no lame retro-joke playing pub tribute nights; these accomplished Finn's boast the best elements from the great heavy metal 80's with style n' class. Expect no melodic glam, ARMOUR are heavy as Hades delivering it fast n' loud... a real jammer guaranteed to rock your socks off! Cover painting by Joe "Motorhead" Petagno.

*ARMOUR "sonichouse tape - american invasion" mcd (7.00,-)
perhaps final version! American pressing with again another bonus tracks!!

*ARMOURED ANGEL "angel of the 6th order" cd (12.00,-)

*ARMOURED ANGEL "baptism in blood" cd (12.00,-)

*ARPHAXAT "loudun la maudite" cd (12.00,-)
hells headbangers

*ARS GOETIA / OLD BONES "split" mCD (7.00,-)

*ARS MANIFESTIA "le lacrime dell universo" cd (12.00,-)

*ARS MANIFESTIA  "The Enchanting Dark´s Arrival" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. black seed prod.

*ARS MORIENDI "L´oppression du rien" cd (12.00,-)

*ARSAIDH "Roots " cd (12.00,-)
Debut album of this Scotch band; Digipack. Featuring the mastermind behind Askival.

*ARSE "discography" cd (12.00,-)
This Finnish band triumphed shortly during 1992-1993, followed in footsteps of Sore Throat, Seven Minutes of Nausea and most of all, early ANAL CUNT! Live assaults and one "studio demo" is compiled to one nearly 50 minute CD! Test the limits of noisecore chaos you can take! Absolute must! Lolita Slavinder Records.


*ARSONIST LODGE "Iankaikkinen. Pysyvä. Muuttumaton Pimeys " cd (12.00,-)
After the fires have been lit with previous EP and MCD releases the debut full-lenght of ARSONIST LODGE bursts in flames! With the flaming torch in hand the arsonist Diabolus Sylvarum plunges into the deep. eternal Darkness of Satan singing praise to Him in words of burning devotion. Raw and relentless Black Metal whips its listener as the Darkness opens and one's soul can rejoice in the enlightenment of the true meaning of Satanism. For when the fires burn to ashes those of false light and as the world is embraced by the everlasting. permanent. constant Darkness. one true light of Lucifer will shine on His devoted disciples. First edition of 500 copies comes in a digipack with embossed printing.

*ARSONIST LODGE "Perkele, Antikristus ja Väärä Profeetta" mcd (7.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*ART ABSCONS + GNOMONCLAST "Songs of Hate + Hate" cd (12.00,-)
Collaborative release by those 2 primer German / US art-dark-folk projects. A lovely bounch of superb Noir-Cabaret charming songs. The songs comprising "Songs of Hate + Hate" were solitarily composed and authored respectively by Art Abscon, J1 StatiK, and N2 ItinitI. In the span of one week, having met in Abscon, the three made record of these disparate compositions and agreed to ceremonially burry several corpses by way of lyrical effigy. It had long been their ambition to speak clearly; that their meaning be readily understood. In the plainest words, their "Songs of Hate + Hate" are a praxis for what is to come and a faithful record of what came before; as was once sung in song: "Do this for love, but first honor hate" (Luftwaffe, Ere I Perish). These songs are dedicated to those who would profit from borrowed accomplishments, but have nothing of their own to create. Art, J1 and N2 give their assurance that from their words and signs no theft will bring benefit. For after the last lie is redacted, what remains is often unkind. The jackals and hyenas know who they are; this album is dedicated to their dishonor.

*ARYAN KAMPF 88 "Le Kombat continue !" cd (12.00,-)
nsbm. All discs have little storage wear, but new release.

*ARYAN WINDS / BRUMALIS / VALHALLA SAINTS "darkness hatred and war" cd (12.00,-)

*ARYMAN "Plugawe dziedzictwo" cd (12.00,-)
Fast and fierce black metal from Poland.


*ASAG "" cd (12.00,-)
fullmoon funeral prod

*ASBAAR "Corona Veli Aurei" cd (12.00,-)
ASBAAR is a new dark ambient project of Marc Merinee (known for his martial industrial act ELDAR signed to Cold Meat Industry. as well as for his participation in Equimanthorn). "ASBAAR is a meeting with our ancestors who speak to us in our dreams. and teach us how to run our lives. everything that lies between the energies that move the world. To hear is to connect with our collective conscience. irrational consciousness that unites all living things together with all the energy that moves the universe." (Marc Merinee)

*ASES "the dark anthems" mcd (7.00,-)
fast and brutal black metal

*ASHES "funeral forest" cd (12.00,-)
Official re-issue of their blazing demos. Necro Black Metal with an Ambient-like atmosphere, drenched in cavernous reverb and with unexpected turns." Supernal Music.

*ASKUROR / LORD THEMGOROTH  "split" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*ASKUROR / VARGSHELSKE  "split" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*ASOFY "Percezione" cd (12.00,-)
Album number two from Italy’s Asofy (and first full-length since 2001). Percezione opens with a desolate chord fading in. a harmony synchronizes with it. steady drums and a gentle arpeggio begin. and then. like a tramp screaming his drunken despair at the empty sky. Tryfar bellows a colossal yet brief salvo brimming in angst and despair. A deeply atmospheric and emotive work. Percezione’s black light atmospherics have a lightness about them that makes the darkened journey through its 48 minutes a curiously pained and cathartic one. Abundant in deep. dark. depressive tones. the atmospherics of Percezione are as oppressive as they are intimate to the point of asphyxiation and elation. Rest and revulsion intertwine into one sickening salvation as the album’s broad vistas continually evolve and Tryfar’s opulent instrumentation weaves in. out and through itself. Hypnotic and mesmerising rhythms. multi-layered and near-tangible textures. the album’s miasmic depths make for a mystical and evocative experience that prompts many a return. Highly recommended.

*ASTARTE "Demonized" cd (12.00,-)
female black / dark metal

*ASTRAL SLEEP "unawakening" cd (12.00,-)

*ASTROFAES "Dying Emotions Domain" digi cd (12.00,-)
Negative Existence re-issue.

*AT WAR "Infidel" cd (12.00,-)

*ATAVIST "II ruined" cd (12.00,-)
sludge doom, US pressing with bonus track!

*ATAVIST / NADJA "II points at infinity" cd (12.00,-)
doom + drone bands collaborate

*ATER ERA "Beneath Inanimate Grime" cd (12.00,-)

*ATMAN "l´assasi de venus" cd (12.00,-)

*ATOMIC AGGRESSOR "rise of the ancient ones" cd (12.00,-)
hells headbangers

*ATOMIC ROAR "Warfare Merchants" cd (12.00,-)
Roaring from the Brazllian underground. the much awaited debut full length album from ATOMIC ROAR is here. "Warfare Merchants" is a teutonic thrashing punk holocaust which sounds like Lemmy & Tom G. Warrior detonating the nuke. A must for fans of Venom. Motorhead. Slaughter. GBH. NME. etc. Features a Misfits cover. 12 page booklet.

*ATOMINE ELEKTRINE "archimetrical universe" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*ATOMIZER "caustic music for the spiritually bankrupt" cd (12.00,-)

*ATOMIZER "death mutation disease annihilation" cd (12.00,-)
slipcase. new version with 6 demo tracks.

*ATOMIZER "Songs of Slaughter - Songs of Sacrifice" cd (12.00,-)
thrashing war

*ATRA "In Reverence of Decay" cd (12.00,-)
2nd full-length album: “In Reverence of Decay” Pays homage to the destruction of man and flesh! Raw. Primative Black Metal from spheres beyond. The true essence of evil & melancholy sacrificed by Blackheart!

*ATRA "Up-turning the Curse" cd (12.00,-)
Eerie. Diabolic Black Metal from Australia

*ATRUM INRITUS "prognatus in vorago" cd (12.00,-)

*AUGRIMMER "Autumnal Heavens " mcd (7.00,-)
Augrimmer play Black Metal in the mid-90s swedish style not unlike early Dissection & Setherial. but of course don't sound exactly like any of those two. It's just hints here and there in the music and arrangements. This conceptual MCD is strictly limited to 999 copies

*AUGRIMMER "nothing ever was" cd (12.00,-)
Nordic sounding bm with 80's influence.

*AURA NOIR "Live Nightmare on Elm Street" cd (12.00,-)
1996 live

*AURA SHINING GREEN "East of the Sun & West of the Moon" 2xCD (15.00,-)
Anima Arctica presents: Released on the name day of Joonatan, the massive retrospective compilation double-CD of Joonatan Elokuu's wandering psychedelic folk group Aura Shining Green sees the light of day and the bright moonlit night. The first part "East of the Sun" carries the soft fragrance of flowers and the sunlit forests, reminding us perhaps of the works of B'ee (In Gowan Ring & Birch Book), Nick Drake and even early tunes Leonard Cohen. Second part "West of the Moon" takes us through the mysterious moonlit nights filled with wonder & magic. Bearing the ever present strong psychedelic folk aura and possibly some hints the artists mentioned earlier, these stories are murkier and full of feeling and intimacy. One might even hear some reminiscences of works of Timothy Renner (Stone Breath, Crown Tongue...) or even legendary Coil or Tangerine Dream in more ambient parts and synthesizer works. The beauty and depth of detail of his magnum opus is underlined by masterful guitarwork and his utterly soft and tender vocals.

*AURAL HOLOGRAMS VOL. I "" cd (12.00,-)
All of You who have gone before, across the ages we call You, to join us and together reach the unsetting stars of the White Nights, the Horizon of Hollow Earth. The very first part of the Aural Holograms series incorporates various call and response patterns manifesting vibrating, subtle energies, all of which have been accurately divided into separate rhythmic dimensions and time-shifting aural tapestries. The overall experience - i.e. the ecstatic effect - is transmitted by the intensity of syncopated rhythms, reed organ lingering on a few tones, self-transforming vocal work accompanied with carefully chosen oscillating tunes and a variety of percussive patterns utilising artefacts crafted according to the methods of traditional metallurgia, as well as real-time tape operations. { 61°26´N 21°52´E } The rum is poured on the ground, words are spoken in secrecy: the Dead Men will come to tell their tales. Comes in six-panel hand finished cardboard booklet

*AUTARCIE  "S.I.D.A." cd (12.00,-)

*AUTARCIE  "Sédition. Isolement. Déliquescence. Autarcie" cd (12.00,-)
french bm

*AUTOPSY "acts of unspeakable" cd (13.00,-)
18 tracks album is boosted by fiend for blood ep tracks and bonus live tracks, all together 34 songs of filthy death metal!!

*AUTOPSY "dead as fuck" cd (9.00,-)
live with good sound

*AUTOPSY "shit fun" cd (12.00,-)
digipak with 10 live bonus tracks. Sick death metal assault

*AUTOPSY  "torn from the grave" cd (12.00,-)

*AUTUMNIA "by the candless obsequial" cd (12.00,-)
sorrow doom

*AUTUMNIA "in loneliness of two souls" cd (12.00,-)
sorrowful doom

*AVE MARIA "chapte I" cd (12.00,-)
Ahdistuksen Aihio sample http://airameva.bandcamp.com/

*AVENGER ""Live in Open Hell Fest 2003" cd (12.00,-)
limited edition hand numbered out of 666 copies

*AVENGER "Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy" cd (12.00,-)
Blackened Death Metal from the Czech Republic

*AVERSE SEFIRA "advent parallax" cd (12.00,-)

*AVERSE SERIFA "battle´s clarion" cd (12.00,-)

*AVICHI "The Divine tragedy" cd (12.00,-)

*AVSKED / SCHLAFLOS "split" cd (12.00,-)
Mysterious, distant and trance-inducing Black Metal, created by members of VEINELIIS and MISANTHROPIC PATH. AVSKED create an aura of despair with their monolithic dirges full of torturous vocals and discomforting little ideas and interludes; SCHLAFLOS is mostly instrumental and very hypnotic, evoking obscure visions one could experience during sleepless nights... Comes in a full-colour 6-page digipak.

*AVSKY "mass destruction" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*AVSOLUTIZED... "Mot Din Svarta Angest" cd (12.00,-)
album + bonus tracks. Demo, setherial cover etc.


*AXIS OF ADVANCE "obey" cd (12.00,-)

*AXIS OF ADVANCE "purify" mcd (7.00,-)
aggressive war metal

*AXIS OF ADVANCE "strike" cd (12.00,-)

*AXIS POWERS "pure slaughter" cd (12.00,-)
iron fist prod

*AZAGHAL "Madon Sanat" cd (13.00,-)
New album of Azaghal!

*AZAGHAL "mustamaa / kristinusko liekeissä" 2xCD (15.00,-)
double cd in nice cardboard sleeve. 1997/1999 Finnish bm! Helvete.ru

*AZAGHAL "nemesis" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal. Brazil edition.

*AZAHEL´S FORTRESS  "Secrets of the forest" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*AZAZEL "Crucify Jesus Christ Again" cd (12.00,-)
Finally CD of the cult recording from depth of Finnish black metal underground! Include debut demo and unheard grim rehearsal tape! Last Rites

Polish BM


*AZRAEL "Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat" 2x cd (12.00,-)
post-bm obscurity from USA.

*AZRAEL "obdurate / unto death" cd (12.00,-)

*AZRAEL RISING "" mcd (7.00,-)
First mini album after successful demo. Melancholic & suicidal black metal with real atmosphere in the vein of Anti, Shining and Silencer. Really good sound quality and versatile vocals. Total playing time 22,42. Cover artwork made by Albert Witchfinder of Reverend Bizarre.

*AZRAEL RISING "anti-gravity" cd (12.00,-)
deep, spiritual, physical, psychotic, clear, cleansing, depraved, violent, melancholic, vengeful black metal. "This new album of Azrael Rising is the best release from Primitive Reaction so far." -Sami Tenetz / Thy Serpent


*BAHIMIRON "southern nihilism" cd (12.00,-)

*BALMOG "necroangels revelations" mcd (7.00,-)
Finally available in CD Format this recording done back in 2010 and previously only available in tape and vinyl formats. Black Metal created under the principles of fundamentalism and devotion. This recording remains for many as theit most obscure recording up to date...


*BALMOG "testimony of the abominable" cd (12.00,-)
Black Seed Prod.

*BAND OF PAIN "Sacred Flesh Original Movie Soundtrack" cd (12.00,-)
On Friday 14th April 2000, the controversial film Sacred Flesh finally premiered at the ABC Piccadilly cinema for a two week stint, before being shown at cinemas across the country. It was delayed as the BBFC decided on whether to grant a certificate for screening, or to ban it altogether! Finally, with a few edits they gave it an 18 certificate. The soundtrack was written by Steve Pittis´ Band Of Pain, creating a very dark, brooding atmosphere to compliment Nigel Wingrove´s film. Originally with a 16-page booklet depicting explicit scenes from the film, pressure from the distributors forced the artwork into a revised 4-page version. Sacred Flesh is dark journey into realms of mental anguish and repression; a very Black Ambient soundtrack. This is Band Of Pain working in the medium to which its most suited. An incredible album with massive demand from both film and music distributors alike

*BANN "antiochia" cd (12.00,-)

*BAPTISM "As The Darkness Enters" cd (12.00,-)
Since 1998 Baptism has casted its grim shadow over Finnish landscape. "Satanic Rituals" and "Sons Of Ruin & Terror" demo tapes were noticed by few. but already debut album "The Beherial Midnight" (NH 2002) was firm milestone marking their path of rise from depths of underground among widely praised elite of Finnish Black Metal. "Morbid Wings Of Sathanas" (NH 2005) and "Grim Arts Of Melancholy" (NH 2008) together with handful of smaller releases between major works made clear intent of Baptism is to go further. Each time sink into deeper levels of darkness. Baptism has continued their firm path of esoteric satanism and evading surrounding trends of genre. Not only remaining faithful to bands spirit. but perfecting it's musical representation. "As The Darkness Enters" (NH 2012) is logical step higher. where every element of band has gained strength. From writing of riffs. to composition and balance of sound. 2012 Baptism radiates the confidence of its mastermind to combine freezing melancholy. cold razor sharp fierce aggression. traditions of heavy black metal and atmospheric dark melodies. Blend it together in ways only Baptism can. therefore making it constantly harder and harder to point references to other bands. Comes in jewelbox. with 12 pages booklet including all the lyrics. Northern Heritage. sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7x8kLF554Y


*BAPTISM "Evil Mysteries" mCD (7.00,-)
THIS IS PRE-ORDER! CD WILL BE OUT IN END OF MONTH! Finally for the first time. CD version of magnificent "Evil Mysteries" 10". Including already classic anthem Azazelin Tähti !

*BAPTISM "Gloria Tibi Satana" cd (12.00,-)
Out Now! includes all the EP material; ”Black Ceremony” & split 7” eps, bonus songs, and some rehearsal tapes from between years 2002-2009. Artwork contains pictures between hateful years of worship to illumination. Cover art is from our archives of sacred wisdom by J. Nefastos, made in 2002. Compilation released by band's long time label, Northern Heritage.

*BAPTISM "Grim Arts of Melancholy" cd (12.00,-)
BAPTISM is known as one of the most reliable Finnish black metal acts with it´s instantly recognizable. yet deeply traditional. sort of puritanical "Eliterian" musical worship and esotericism. Referencing both older metal and a newly awakened purpose for a more extreme form of Luciferian art. BAPTISM´s work is always more than mere music - it´s a theistic black metal ceremony. As it is. "Grim Arts of Melancholy" stands as a natural continuation of the work BAPTISM initiated in the 90´s. Sargofagian´s articulated vocals unveil mysteries of a blackest nature in the foreground of a deeply darkened. almost insane. mostly mid-paced riffscape. which seems this time to have kept to a minimum the use of beautiful counterpointing of melodies. Old-school thrashing parts are captured amidst songs in their flight across godless depths. yet return to obscurity as soon as the listener is awakened from the morbid trance of a mid-paced minor key hammering. For most of the time the whole album sounds like one single extended ceremonial track dedicated to Azazel or some other force whose name is unknown to mankind. It achieves this atmosphere without using standard tricks such as extremely lo-fi production; in fact. this one probably has the clearest and most dynamic production BAPTISM ever had. It serves it´s purpose here to highlight the nature of the album as a sort of anti-symphony. a prayer. a clear vision of doom. The messages of BAPTISM´s "Grim Arts" are serious prophecies. not entertaining background music! 6 panel cover booklet including exclusive artwork and for the first time all lyrics printed also in CD version.


*BAPTISM "morbid wings of sathanas" cd (12.00,-)
heavily requested previous album now back in stock!! Elite Finnish black metal. Northern Heritage

*BAPTISM "The Beherial Midnight" cd (12.00,-)
Pre-order! Shipping mid/late may!


*BAPTISM "Wisdom & Hate" cd (12.00,-)
Re-issue of classic Baptism release that was originally very limited mcd and lp. This version includes all material of vinyl version, making both formats equal in length. This is pre-order! Shipping in mid/late may!


*BARAD DUR  "vergeltung" cd (12.00,-)
German black metal!


*BARATHRUM "Infernal" cd (13.00,-)
Finally re-issue of this cult Finnish black metal album from earlier dark days of Barathrum!! Primitive Reaction


*BARATHRUM  "Jetblack warmetal" cd (12.00,-)
Long lost and previously unreleased album of BARATHRUM recorded in the year 1993 even before the cult albums ”Hailstorm” and ”Eerie” served as debut full-lengths at the Barathrum’s career. Now, found from the archives and finally after 21 years it will be officially released. Includes classic Jetblack EP from 1997 as a bonus and first time ever in CD format. WARMETAL! Digipack CD.

*BARBATOS "fury, fear, flesh and bone" cd (12.00,-)
japanese war metal

*BATTALION "Into Harms Way" cd (12.00,-)
war metal

*BEFORE GOD "wolves amongst the sheep" cd (12.00,-)
BFG related pagan bm project


*BEHEMOTH "zos kia cultos" cd (12.00,-)
polish death metal

*BEHERIT  "At the devils studio" cd (12.00,-)
Release/shippingdate 19.6.2011! This is an official BEHERIT debut album, recorded back in 1990 in Ala Ky Studio, Rovaniemi. Because of the problems with Turbo Music album never seen the darkness of the night and the master tape lost 20 for years. Sodomatic Slaughter found the master tape from his personal collection in 2010 and band started to prepare it for releasing. In this album you can hear 2 totally unreleased tracks and rest are totally different versions you haven´t hear before. Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance and Sodomatic Slaughter recorded this as a duo and it was a live sessions in studio. Mastered 2010 xxx in xxx Studio. "The Oath of the Black Blood" is a compilation of demo and 7´EP, but this is the REAL debut album! KVLT.

*BEHERIT "Complete Worxxx / Beast of Beherit" cd (12.00,-)
good compilation including album tracks + live + demo etc

*BEHERIT "drawing down the moon" digipak CD (14.00,-)
2013 KVLT version of utmost classic Finnish black metal album!! First time on digipak.

*BEHIKRA "demo 1996" cd (12.00,-)
in digisleeve

*BELENOS "errances oniriques" cd (12.00,-)
german pagan bm

*BELENOS "yen sonn gardis" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*BELIAL "Gods of the pit II" mcd (5.00,-)
old Finnish death metal

*BELIAR "Arcana Imperii" mcd (7.00,-)

*BELLUM / RHUNE "Vinland Rising" cd (12.00,-)
Grim Heathen BM / Raw Pagan War Metal

*BENEDICTION "subconscious terror" cd (12.00,-)

*BENIGHTED IN SODOM "in hora maledictus pt.1 " cd (12.00,-)


*BENIGHTED LEAMS  "Ferly Centesms" cd (12.00,-)
Unusual and little experimental dark metal with bm/pagan/mythic influences, strange song stuctures etc. English band.

*BERZERKER "Cries of blood and hate" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*BESATT "black mass" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*BESATT "demonicon" cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal


*BESATT "hail lucifer" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*BESATT "Triumph Of Antichrist" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*BESTIAL HOLOCAUST "temple of damned" cd (12.00,-)

*BESTIAL MOCKERY "slaying the life" cd (12.00,-)
swedish thrashing madness

*BESTIAL MOCKERY / INQUISITOR  "split" cd (12.00,-)
ltd 500 with demo material from both.

*BESTIAL MOCKERY / UNHOLY MASSACRE  "split" cd (12.00,-)
bestial metal attack

*BESTIAL SUMMONING "the dark war has begun" cd (12.00,-)
chaotic bm

*BETHLEHEM  "Reflektionen aufs Sterben" cd (12.00,-)

*BETHLEHEM "S.u.i.z.i.d." cd (12.00,-)
suicidal metal

*BETHLEHEM  "schatten auf der alexander welt" 2xcd (15.00,-)

*BETHLEHEM "Stönkfitzchen" mcd (7.00,-)
red stream

*BEYOND BLACK VOID "desolate" cd (12.00,-)
ultra massive nihilistic doom

*BEYOND HELVETE "self therapy" cd (12.00,-)
BEYOND HELVETE crosses various styles of rock and metal. Lyric contents are most from psychic matters and in a negative and misanthropic view with reference to the artists mind. BEYOND HELVETE is just deep emotional music.

*BEYOND LIGHT "Eclipsed Sun Path" cd (12.00,-)
Living in a Daydream Nightmare state in which you are floating around, giving you the feeling everything is somewhat blur and strange. Some parts look beautiful in silence and loneliness and some parts give you the feeling everything is fake and full of aggression towards you. Pain and depression in a calm and beautiful way as well in a hard and painful way. Expressing Depression in different styles and therefore different musical elements. Combining for instance clean guitar with hard and raw guitar work, keyboards and sound effects. Depressive/Atmospheric Black Metal from the Netherlands. The 1st full length album, CD came out in normal jewel case.

*BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE "ratan" cd (13.00,-)
Third & final part of the BSE trilogy during 2003 ! It takes off where Urmula ended, spiralling further down the dark ambient soundscapes. wonderfull dark ambient sounds with exoterical inspiration from Mr. Drakh (star of MZ.412) & the scientist K. Meizter , digipack plus booklet in the same vain of the 1st & 2nd album!

*BHAGAVAT "annunciazione" cd (12.00,-)
Drakkar prod


*BITTER PEACE "Glorificus Vis" cd (12.00,-)
A blitzkrieg of devastating old style Black Metal sure to run the rivers red blood and scorch the earth into a dead carcass of ash. Elegy Records.

*BIZARRE UPROAR "amputaatio" cd (12.00,-)
2015 album of Bizarre Uproar!!

*BLACK ALTAR "suicide session" cd (12.00,-)
Black Metal from poland.


*BLACK AUTUMN "cult of nihil" cd (12.00,-)
ISO 666


*BLACK AUTUMN "Ecstasy, Nightmare, Doom" cd (12.00,-)
Original ISO 666 release!!


*BLACK AUTUMN "The Advent October" cd (12.00,-)
For those who don't know. Black Autumn were born in 1995 as a two-member band and by then they were influenced by bands like Emperor and Satyricon. Today. there is only one member remaining. M. Krall. and the band plays Doom. Ambient Black Metal. The MCD is composed by 4 tracks. all of them very melodic and consistent. Artwork cover shows us desolated greyish woods and skies. The whole work is the perfect soundtrack for a solitary travel in the Autumn rain and cold. All the songs are very musical and have very well achieved melancholy and solitude expressions. it is a masterpiece. First track The Advent October is very slow and melodic and matches the atmospheric sounds with acoustic sounds. It's very peaceful for two minutes. before it develops into a very sad and strong melody where voice takes part too. Second and third tracks follow the same line. Last track A Silver Line of Light is maybe the most remarkable one. Starting with a piano interlude. then little by little all the other elements are introduced in there until it becomes a very powerful song. If you expect melancholic strong and powerful songs you will like this MCD for sure. It's very pleasant and enjoyable. not trivial. Voice is just perfect. no other voice would match better with this songs.

*BLACK DEATH RITUAL "Profound Echoes of the end" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal. Hammer of Hate

*BLACK DEMENTIA "Dictum Of Negation" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*BLACK DRAUGWATH "the true bottomless armageddon" cd (12.00,-)
In 1997. a now ancient Russian band called Black Draugwath recorded an album called "Bottomless Armageddon". The release of the album was delayed and pushed backwards for years and years. In the mean time. the band changed the name to Blackdeath and recorded and released the "Saturn sector" and "Fucking fullmoon foundation" albums. In 2004. after some re-workings and re-recorded vocals. the album was finally released on CD and LP. It's long sold out by now and actually one of the hardest to find albums in the whole Blackdeath discography. as well as probably their harshest. This unreleased. first rough version of the album. with the original vocals takes never saw the black of night until the paths of Blackdeath and HHR crossed 16 years after those original recordings. We now present "The true Bottomless Armageddon" under Black Draugwath monniker.


*BLACK FLAME "Conquering Purity" cd (10.00,-)
New price. Black metal. Worship Him Records.

*BLACK FUNERAL "waters of weeping" cd (12.00,-)
bleak black metal

*BLACK GOAT "" cd (12.00,-)
One of the best and darkest from San Francisco´s ultra-cult Black Metal underground! A full album of eight (8) unholy and blasphemous tracks (but only 7 song-titles are printed on the cover and booklet) of Nordic-inspired Black Metal recorded over 8 years ago [Live Mic] at KDVS fm, University of California, at Davis. A skillful and top-notch blend of Norge melodies plus German Thrash classicism!

*BLACK HOWLING  "Melancholy of a Pagan Bucolic Spirit" cd (12.00,-)
portugal bm

*BLACK HOWLING "O Sangue E A Terra" digi cd (12.00,-)
Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal from Portugal


*BLACK SALVATION "lunia" cd (12.00,-)
Black DrOOMe

*BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY / KANIBA / UGEGI AOIVEAE A SER  "The Trinity of Non Beings" cd (12.00,-)
black ambient. Autumn Wind Productions.


*BLACK WITCHERY "Desecration of the holy kingdom" cd (12.00,-)
blasting chaotic bm


*BLACK WITCHERY "inferno of sacred destruction" cd+dvd (13.00,-)
new album as cd + dvd set!

*BLACK WITCHERY "Upheaval of satanic might" cd (12.00,-)
blastic chaotic bm

*BLACKDEATH "chronicles of hellish circles" cd (12.00,-)
rare and obscure tracks from demo/7" etc

*BLACKDEATH "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" cd (12.00,-)
re-release of 2nd album

*BLACKDEATH "gift" cd (12.00,-)
Latest album of Blackdeath! Follow up to Phobos!

*BLACKDEATH "katharsis: Kalte lider aus der hölle" cd (12.00,-)
Finally in stock!! Blackdeath returns stronger than ever!! Totally cult insane black metal from Russia!! Recommended!

*BLACKDEATH "Phobos" cd (12.00,-)
Always improving, original and great black metal from Russia.

*BLACKDEATH "Satan macht frei" cd (12.00,-)
back in stock ! good new album 2004 ! Raw and sinister. not as dirty/lo-fi as bottomless armageddon was.

*BLACKDEATH "vortex" cd (12.00,-)
killer new album from Blackdeath (rus) !!! Cruel and obscure with demented vocals and sheer darkness.

*BLACKDEATH / LEVIATHAN  "split" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. ISO666

*BLACKHORNED "Dark Season" cd (12.00,-)
evil spell records. Black/Thrash/Doom Metal from Denmark

*BLACKHORNED "lost in a twilight world" cd (12.00,-)

*BLACKHORNED "Lost in the twilight world" cd (12.00,-)
undercover records

*BLACKHORNED SAGA "broken messaih" mcd (7.00,-)
Drakkar re-issue of old Polish bm material

*BLACKHORNED SAGA "broken messiah" mcd (7.00,-)

*BLACKLODGE "time" cd (10.00,-)
BL disc of the material available as split LP with abigor

*BLACKWINGED "soul deconstruction" mcd (7.00,-)
"Experienced and known for their devastating live acts Russian band BLACKWINGED presents it´s debut mini-album celebrating the fall of a man in ever-expanding flames of Hell. Carefully bred in the shadows traditionalist yet genuine Black Metal leading through audial darkness to where no light is but the one of Lucifer. Raw yet powerful Black Metal expression executed in 4 hymns!"

*BLAKULLA "Darkened by an Occult Wisdom" cd (12.00,-)
with patch

*BLASPHEMOPHAGER "the III command of the absolute chaos" cd (12.00,-)
Nuclear War Now

*BLASPHEMOUS LEGION / THY NADIR "split" cd (12.00,-)

*BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT "ancient igsignias" cd (12.00,-)
brutal bm

*BLASPHEMY "Gods of War + Blood Upon the Altar" digi cd (12.00,-)
cult classic

*BLAZE OF SORROW "echi" cd (12.00,-)
Atmospheric Black Metal.

*BLEEDING FIST  "Bestial Kruzifix666ion" cd (12.00,-)
Chaos Goat-Rocking Holocaust Thrashing Black Metal! MORIBUND continues its quest to find the darkest, most depraved sounds from all four corners of the earth, and its latest diamond in the rough is Slovenia’s BLEEDING FIST. Bound to incinerate all, Bestial Kruzifix666ion is the band’s awaited come-back album. Featuring some of the filthiest, most violent sounds in the extreme-metal underground, Bestial Kruzifix666ion is an utterly dangerous, all-screws-loose warhead of nuclear Thrash, bestial Black Metal and morbid Death Metal. Self-proclaimed "chaos metallers" BLEEDING FIST once again prove that the underground’s most-buried treasures are always the richest. Highly anticipated come-back album from the leading Slovenian Metal band! Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Panorama by Marko Gigon. Sick cover art by Sickness 666 (Impiety, Tyrants Blood)! Mandatory for fans of ABSU, BEHERIT, ARCHGOAT, IMPIETY, SLAYER and AYAT!

*BLESSED IN SIN "eritis sicut dii" cd (12.00,-)
French black metal. 2013 album full of melancholy.



*BLIZZARD "Les Litanies de Satan" cd (9.00,-)
black metal

*BLIZZARD "pure filth and mayhem" cd (9.00,-)
Re-Release of this Classic Album. The First time on CD plus the Tracks from the Witchburner/Blizzard EP+ the "Hellish Rock'n'Metal " EP Killer Black´n Roll between Motörhead and Venom.

*BLODFEST "I kong skjolds Navn" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*BLODSRIT "Diktat Deliberi " cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal veterans Blodsrit are back with their sixth album. The album contains eight hymns of the finest Black Metal and have been perfected in Necromorbus Studio (Watain. Funeral Mist. Armagedda etc) by Sverker Widgren. It comes in a noble digipack

*BLODSRIT "helveteshymner" cd (12.00,-)
nor bm

*BLODSRIT "ocularis infernum / secrets unveiled" cd (12.00,-)
nor bm

*BLODSRIT "supreme misanthropy mmviii" cd (12.00,-)
nor bm

*BLODSRIT "The Well of Light has Finally Dried" cd (12.00,-)
Norwegian black metal.

*BLOOD AXIS "born again" cd (16.00,-)
killer new album after years and years of waiting! Neo-folk, experimental gloomy music, great studio recordings, huge improvement from the past!! Storm/Tesco.

*BLOOD AXIS "gospel of inhumanity" cd (15.00,-)
debut album of legendary band!

*BLOOD AXIS  "ultimacy" cd (16.00,-)
Blood Axis Ultimacy (1991-2011) Storm Records. catalog number STRM-13 Gatefold digisleeve with inner jacket. CD running time: 72 minutes Track listing: 1. The Ride 2. Wir rufen deine Wölfe 3. Mandragora (Alraune) 4. The March of Brian Boru 5. Follow Me Up to Carlow 6. Der gefallene Engel 7. Herjafather 8. The Hangman and the Papist 9. Bearer of 10.000 Eyes - Lord of Ages 10. Electricity 11. Life 12. Eternal Soul (Germania Mix) 13. The Storm Before the Calm 14. Walked in Line Ultimacy (1991-2011) brings together on one CD the definitive versions of all the singles and compilation tracks released by Blood Axis during the first two decades since the project was founded. Packaged in an elegant digifile case designed by Davide Maspero and Max Ribaric of the Italian underground journal Occidental Congress. and expertly re-mastered by Blood Axis member and renowned studio engineer Robert Ferbrache. Ultimacy presents these rare tracks in their ideal form. exactly as the band itself has always heard and envisioned them. The songs appear in a reverse chronological order. beginning with more recent work and moving back through time to the distant past. Blood Axis has never been bound to a particular style of music. and this is amply demonstrated here with material that spans from aggressive folk rock to atmospheric ritual pieces. all the way to menacing electronica. The topical themes of these songs encompass European folklore; early 20th-century German occultism; Norse and Perso-Roman mythology; fatalism. militarism. and Nietzschean romanticism. In addition to the three core Blood Axis members-Michael Moynihan. Robert Ferbrache. and Annabel Lee-the songs on Ultimacy also feature a number of notable guest contributors including Stephen Flowers (Edred Thorsson). Boyd Rice (Non). Thomas Thorn (Slave State / My Life with the Thrill Kill Kill Kult / Electric Hellfire Club). and Markus Wolff (Waldteufel). Blood Axis has always elicited strong. polarized reactions and a fair dose of controversy that still lingers to the present day. Ultimacy provides a unique opportunity for both the initiated and the uninitiated to explore the history of an influential an uncompromising musical project that refuses to be categorized or contained. and which always operates according to its own rules. "A thunderstorm was in our sky. the nature which we are grew dark-for we had no road." ­- Nietzsche

*BLOOD AXIS & LES JOYAX DE LA PRINCESSE "absinthia taetra" cd (16.00,-)
another BA & LJDLP collaboration recording! Nice digipak!

*BLOOD DEVOTION "defile of innocense" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*BLOOD OF KINGU "Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon" cd (12.00,-)
New album on Season of Mist


*BLOOD OF KINGU "de occulta philosophia" dig cd (12.00,-)
2nd edition on digifile, with new artwork. Ex-Hate Forest fast mystical black metal

*BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL "" cd (12.00,-)
re-release of demo. black doom

*BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL "a banishing ritual" cd (12.00,-)
digipak, funeral doom

*BLOOD POLLUTION "armed you" cd (12.00,-)
russian thrash metal

*BLOOD RED FOG "death cult" cd (12.00,-)
The two "Death Cult" tapes. released previously in 2012 on one CD. Expect true Finnish black metal the Blood Red Fog way. 9 tracks. 51 minutes. booklet comes with lyrics.

*BLOOD RED FOG "demo 1" mcd (8.00,-)
edition of 300 re-issued on real cd.

*BLOOD RED FOG "harvest" cd (12.00,-)
long awaited follow up full length from this Finnish black metal band. Saturnian Productions.

*BLOOD RED FOG "On deaths wings" cd (12.00,-)
Blood Red Fog's third full-length album offers a solid crystallization of the band's ten year career and the vision of the woeful and melancholic Finnish black metal.


*BLOOD RED FOG "radiating desolation" mCD (7.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*BLOOD RED FOG / FUNERARY BELL "split" mcd (7.00,-)

*BLOOD REVOLT "Indoctrine" cd (12.00,-)
The unique combination of A.A. Nemtheanga (PRIMORDIAL) with Vermin and J Read (AXIS OF ADVANCE/REVENGE) unleashes the beast that is BLOOD REVOLT! A complex mix of violent, intense and pulverising Metal with the unusual approach from vocalist Nemtheanga tells the tale of a man in despair as he slowly begins to crack and engage in a reign of terror. An album of innovation, integrity and brutality!

*BLOOD STAINED DUSK  "Dirge of Death´s Silence" cd (12.00,-)
Raw and uncompromising. Will remind you of old Emperor. BLOOD STAINED DUSK succeed in evoking a somber and bleak mood, while still supplying ample helpings of the obligatory bursts of brimstone-fuelled fury their colleagues specialize in. 7 tracks of black metal excellence.

*BLOOD STRONGHOLD "From Sepulchral Remains... " cd (12.00,-)
black metal with epic feel and rawness in same work.


*BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "in the grave" cd (12.00,-)

*BLOOD VENGEANCE "Iron Warfare" cd (12.00,-)
war black metal

*BLOODHAMMER "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" cd (12.00,-)
great new album!!! Darker than ever before! Recommended.

*BLOODHAMMER "The Passion of the Devil" mcd (6.00,-)
midpaced/slow tracks! Hammer of Hate / Breath of Pestilence.

*BLOODHAMMER / INCRIMINATED "split" cd (12.00,-)
Bestial Burst re-issued this great title! LP was done on Northern Heritage many years ago. Finnish primitive brutalism.

*BLOODLINE "hate procession" cd (12.00,-)

*BLOODOLINE "Storm & Brilliance" cd (12.00,-)
like early Dodheimsgard, Zyklon-B...but also very disharmonic and original.


*BLOODRAIN "Bloodrain III: Nomen Nostrum Legio" cd (9.00,-)
Russian black metal since 1995. This is new 2006 album!

*BLOODRAIN "II: Ultimatum" cd (12.00,-)
Hexenhammer rec/Stellar Winter rec

*BLOODRAIN "IV: hostis humani generis" cd (12.00,-)
black thrash

*BLOODTHORN "genocide" cd (12.00,-)
red stream

*BLOODTHORN "Under the reign of terror" cd (12.00,-)

*BLOODWRITTEN "inquity intensity insanity" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*BLOODY LAIR "total mayhem" cd (12.00,-)
War Productions

*BLOT MINE "ashcloud" cd (12.00,-)

*BLUT "Grief and Incurable Pain" cd (12.00,-)
Dense drone/doom in the vein of Profan. Mixing long noisy drone with powerful drum guided heavy doom. Blut presents a strong. crushing full lenght worth to be checked for those into disturbing doom. You can check a sample from Death.Mourning.Famine at the band's myspace. Limited to 100.

*BLUTAAR "Sklaventod für Verrat" cd (12.00,-)

*BLUTKLINGE "reflection of a bleak mind" cd (12.00,-)
German black metal


*BLUTRACHE "in den fängen des wahnsinns" cd (12.00,-)
not to be confused with Finnish band. This is german bm,

*BLÅKULLA "Hymns to the past glory" mcd (7.00,-)
Lower Silesian Stronghold

*BOG OF THE INFIDEL  "To Corrupt Your Sons and Lust After Your Daughters" mcd (7.00,-)
"...4 songs of raw, primal black metal that hints at the glorious Norwegian & Swedish scenes of the classic era. Bits of Dissection, Emperor, Ulver, and Darkthrone abound here, as Bog of the Infidel weave melodic atmosphere with some truly pulverizing arrangements long on flailing drum blasts, razor sharp riffs, and moaning vocal growls & wails...


*BOMBARDER "speed kills" cd (12.00,-)
east european metal hell. Yugoslavia late 80´s!

*BONESAW "sawtopsy" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*BONESAW / HAEMOPHAGUS "split" cd (12.00,-)
Excellent old school Death from Scotand and Italy. Brand new material from both bands. Vinyl later this year.

*BONESAW/ BONE GNAWER "split" mcd (7.00,-)
death metal

*BORGIA / YSENGRIN "ars magna moriendi" cd (12.00,-)

*BORGNE "Entraves de l ame" cd (12.00,-)
After the mechanical fury of IV. Borgne is back with a more complex and torturous opus on which the martial and brutal parts are interlaced with darker. more eerie moments. On this album. Borgne mastermind Bornyhake has allied himself with Xasthur's Malefic and Vinterriket's CZ who supply very haunting keyboard pieces to the music. But don't let the somewhat more organic side of this new album fool you. Entraves de l'Âme will plunge you directly into a universe of hatred and horror...

*BORGNE "IV" cd (12.00,-)
Hailing from Switzerland, and thus being the first group from outside of Québec signed on Sepulchral Productions, Borgne plays cold, mechanical and inhumane Industrial/Black Metal, as martial as it is hypnotic. Do not expect any lame techno beats here, only blistering Black Metal done in a more “synthetic” way, with a dense, suffocating sound and some dark ambient passages. IV is a methodical, controlled, and surgical assault on your senses.

*BORKNAGAR "Borknagar" cd (12.00,-)

*BORN OF SIN "Let it begin" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*BOSQUE "passage" cd (12.00,-)

*BOSQUE / SENTHIL  "split" cd (12.00,-)

*BOSQUE / SENTHIL "split" cd (12.00,-)
Funeral Doom Metal

*BOSSE "Visions of the End" cd (12.00,-)
We are very. very honored to present six new tracks of introspective melancholy from one of our favorite artists. Presented in a slim wallet. similar to the Bosse 3 demo.

*BOSSE-DE-NAGE "allfours" cd (12.00,-)

*BOSSE-DE-NAGE "III" cd (12.00,-)

*BOTULISTUM "Pestilential Terror" cd (12.00,-)
dutch black metal

*BRIARGH "krigas" cd (12.00,-)
celtic/pagan black metal

*BRIARGH / HEILNOZ "split" cd (12.00,-)
Lower Silesian Stronghold

*BROWN JENKINS "angel eyes" cd (12.00,-)

*BROWN JENKINS "dagonite" cd (12.00,-)
USA black doom

*BRUMALIS "Furore Normannum" cd (12.00,-)
raw heathen metal, CD with 5 bonus tracks, including Burzum cover. Bestial Burst

*BRUMES D´ AUTOMNE "Fiers et Victorieux" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*BRUTAL TRUTH "evolution through revolution" cd (12.00,-)

*BULLETWOLF "demolanolin" cdr (4.00,-)
heavy stoner doom

*BULLETWOLF "Double Shots of Rock and Roll" cd (12.00,-)
heavy/stoner/doom metal

*BURIAL HEX "In Psychic Defense" cd (12.00,-)
Burial Hex is a composition cycle of Post-Industrial music, dubbed “Horror Electronics”, by Clay Ruby. With a progressive mix of influences as far-reaching as vintage Industrial and Power Electronics, Kosmische Music, Black Metal, Techno and Electro, Early Music and Contemporary Classical, these dynamic compositions are simply unclassifiable. This compilation continues the stunning trajectory of the previous Cold Spring reissue collection, “Book of Delusions”, falling even further into the spiraling abyss of ritual music made in preparation for the Final Mysteries in the twilight of this Kali Yuga. Collecting tracks from various out-of-print vinyl releases, including In Psychic Defense, The Tower, Fantasie und Fuge, Hunger, and the highly sought-after “A Kiss To Birth The Rotted Sun” from the WVNDRKMMER 5xCS compilation, this volume is a welcome addition to every Burial Hex collection, as well as an ideal introduction for the Horror Electronics neophyte.


*BURIAL HORDES "12 years of war and revenge" cd (12.00,-)
12 years anniversary compilation. Brutal black metal with a death-oozing aura performed the old school way. BURIAL HORDES was formed in 2001 and released two albums on Pulverised Records among other works. The band consists of founding member Necro (Enshadowed). Psychaos (Dead Congregation) & Cthonos (ex-Ravencult). 21 tracks. 75 minutes. 20-page booklet with liner notes. releases' pictures. old interviews...

*BURIAL HORDES "incendium" cd (12.00,-)
Greek BM


*BURIALMOUND "Devils Work" cd (12.00,-)
blashemous Finnish death metal.

*BURNING BETHLEHEM "The unholy path to hell" cd (12.00,-)
USA bm


*BURNING CASKETS "to burn a false prophet" cd (12.00,-)
emo bashing death metal

*BURNING WITCH "crippled lucifer" 3xCD (32.00,-)
Japanese edition with extra bonus disc including 1996 demo and good sounding live!

*BURZUM "fallen" cd (17.00,-)
Latest Burzum album on digipak

*BUSTUM "return of hate" cd (12.00,-)
darker than black

*BÖLZER "Roman Acupuncture" digi cd (8.00,-)


*CABAL "midian" cd (12.00,-)

*CACODAEMON "Tales of Demoncy" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish brutal black-death massacre

*CAED DHU "by tych co namu wladna postracac z oltarzy" cd (12.00,-)

*CAMPO DE MAYO  "" cd (12.00,-)
anti-communist bm from Argentina

*CAMPO DE MAYO / PERMAFROST  "split" cd (12.00,-)
Anti-communist Black Metal / Ancient Black Forest. Southern Elite Black Metal split for radical minds. 48 minutes of insane hate.


*CANCER "to the gory end" cd (12.00,-)
death metal classic

*CANIS DIRUS "a somber wind from distant shore" cd (12.00,-)
debut is a black metal bouquet of Midwestern melancholy forged in the desolate hinterlands of Minnesota. Named after the “dire wolf” indigenous to North America over 100,000 years ago, CANIS DIRUS base their epic songs around their disdain for humanity who have been perpetually encroaching on nature. The last burning embers of dying autumnal twilight, the beckoning shrieks of oncoming night, the blanket of everlasting darkness: All encapsulated in the foreboding atmosphere of “A Somber Wind from a Distant Shore”. Mandatory for fans of Burzum, Shining, old Bethlehem, Silencer and Xathur!

*CANNIBAL ACCIDENT "and the friends of flesh" mCD (7.00,-)
Finnish gore / grind / death


*CANNIBAL ACCIDENT "and the friends of flesh" mCD (8.00,-)
Finnish grind & mosh.

*CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST "soundtrack" cd (12.00,-)
soundtrack by riz ortolani for infamous cannabal movie

*CAPILLA ARDIENTE "Solve et Coagula" cd (12.00,-)
"Having been mostly influenced by old school Metal from the 80´s and early 90´s, first and foremost Heavy, Doom and Thrash Metal, their music breathes the true spirit of these days. The most notable influences when it comes to the actual sound of CAPILLA ARDIENTE, however, are Epic Doom bands one an all - Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Mercy, Sorcerer, Solstice and Scald. If you add a bit of King Diamond & Mercyful Fate, old VoïVod, Celtic Frost and Motörhead to that you´ll get a good idea of what CAPILLA ARDIENTE sounds like. "

*CAPITIS DAMNARE "black stigmatized" cd (12.00,-)

CAPITIS DAMNARE’s second full-length “EX REGNUM SPIRITUS IN MANIFESTUS". 8 tracks of unusual Black/Death Metal!! A total mass dealing with necromantical. demonolatric powers and the proclamation of total satanic supremacy! A must to all most Underground worshipers.

*CAPITOLLIUM "Seraphim’s Lair" cd (12.00,-)
symphonic black metal with Kroda and Pagan Land members.

*CARCASS "reek of putrefaction" cd (12.00,-)
the classic of noisy grindcore. Earache.

*CARPATHIAN FOREST "we´re going to hell - over a decade of perversion" cd (12.00,-)

*CARPTICON "master morality" cd (12.00,-)
norwegian bm

*CARRION WRAITH "" cd (12.00,-)

*CARTHAUM "blutt und threnen" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*CARTHAUM "Einheit" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Ewiges Eis Records

*CARTHAUN  "Brachland" cd (12.00,-)
German black metal.


Debut album of this Atmospheric Heathen Black Metal from France. Over 60 minutes of mix “western style” Heathen Black Metal with Graveland vein from “Thousand Swords” era.

*CAST IRON "leather & metal" mcd (5.00,-)

*CASTLEUMBRA "cthulu wgah nagl fntagn" mcd (7.00,-)

*CATACLYST "Monuments of a Rubicund Age" cd (12.00,-)
A strange project that for a moment united Peter Andersson (raison d´etre) and Johanna Rosenqvist (ex-Institut, Koeff) in the distant 1992. Cataclyst´s music combines the melancholic beauty of early raison d´etre and Necrophorus, harsh industrial rhythms of Institut and tribal-elements of another undeservingly forgotten project of Peter - Svasti-Ayanam... What differs this product from other works of Swedish industrial scene masters is the atmosphere of remote fairy worlds in which you smoothly sink into while listening to "Monuments of a Rubicund Age". Peter and Johanna have woven an infinite labyrinth of mirages, walking through which will be a pleasant surprise for both the fans of ambient / experimental / industrial and more conservative gothic lovers. The first edition of the album was published by Peter´s own label Yantra Atmospheres in 1999 and was limited to 100 copies. This reissue has been made by joint efforts of the labels Tantric Harmonies and Zhelezobeton, it contains a shorter version of the album´s last piece + bonus-track. Original photographs are made by Pavel Bourchenko.

*CATACOMBS "In the Depths of R´lyeh" cd (12.00,-)
extreme doom

*CATALEPTIC "Strength Within" cd (12.00,-)
Deep. beautiful. massive and riff-oriented Metal from the dark woods of Nummela. The debut album of Cataleptic has been in the works for quite some time now but finally it saw the cold winter light in Decemeber 2011.

*CATENATAM LUCEM "shoah" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*CATERVA RUNA "Europa Nostra" cd (12.00,-)
Radical Italian Black Metal

*CATHEDRAL  "the carnival bizarre" cd (12.00,-)

*CATHEDRAL  "the VIIth coming" cd (12.00,-)

*CAUCHEMAR "Tenebrario" cd (12.00,-)
With the release of its 2010 MLP. “La Vierge Noire.” Canada’s Cauchemar immediately garnered the praise of the underground with its five tracks of fine traditional doom interspersed with passages of driving heavy metal. Guitarist François Patry’s riffs and songwriting anchored by Patrick Pageau’s fastidious percussion and Annick Giroux’s haunting vocals immediately stood out as being both authentic and unique amid the emerging and increasingly crowded sub-genre of female-fronted doom bands. Despite many fans’ desire for new material following the release of the MLP. Cauchemar members Patry and Giroux chose to explore and absorb rather than record and transmit. Their one-and-a-half-year peregrination carried them to South America. Asia. and Europe. As part of their travels. Patry and Giroux re-assembled Cauchemar and toured extensively in Europe and also played shows in Chile. Peru. Colombia. and India all while continuing to write new material for their debut LP inspired and informed by their sojourns. Upon returning to Canada. Cauchemar. now a four-piece featuring Andres Arango on bass. began recording its first full-length. Entitled “Tenebrario.” the album is steeped in mysterious atmosphere and finds the band delivering more of the solid songwriting featured on the MLP while also expanding in complexity and range. Striving for an aesthetically comprehensive presentation. Cauchemar enlisted Paolo Girardi to provide the cover art. which is among the best of his pieces to be featured on an album cover. The three-year silence preceding this release only enhanced the band’s approach and the resulting work speaks for itself.

*CAULDRON BLACK RAM "skulduggery" cd (12.00,-)

*CAULDRON BLACK RAM "stalagmire" cd (12.00,-)
obscure death metal

*CAULDRON BLACK RAM "the poisoner" mCD (12.00,-)

*CELESTIA "Dead Insecta Sequestration" cd (apparitia) (12.00,-)
Apparitia records version with jewelbox + slipcase. French dark black metal

*CELESTIA "delhys catess" digi cd (12.00,-)

*CELESTIA "retrospectra" cd (12.00,-)
slipcase jewelbox

*CELESTIAL BLOODSHED  "omega" cd (12.00,-)
album title is omega sign

*CELESTIIAL "where life springs eternal" cd (12.00,-)
black funeral doom

*CELTIC BLOOD "s/t" mcd (7.00,-)

*CELTIC DANCE "ancient battlecry" cd (12.00,-)
Re-recorded album from 1998 with bonus.


*CELTIC FROST "reign of steel" cd (9.00,-)
cheap bootleg of demo, live recordings etc,. + bonus videos

*CEMETERY LUST  "Orgies Of Abomination" cd (12.00,-)
One of HELLS HEADBANGERS latest unearthings from metal's dirtiest underground, CEMETERY LUST present their highly anticipated debut for the label, Orgies of Abomination. Following on from their cult debut Screams of the Violated, soon to be reissued by HELLS HEADBANGERS, Orgies of Abomination sees these Portland sleaze-bangers perfecting their vile, violent craft. Fittingly titled, Orgies of Abomination is a veritable smorgasbord of lyrical depravity, ably backed up by filthy, feral thrash metal that equally nods to '80s German proto-black, San Francisco speed metal, and even South American proto-death, all done with devilish glee. These songs stick in your head, and then CEMETERY LUST explodes right out of it, cremating all party-thrash pretenders. Right from the beginning until the bloody end, CEMETERY LUST demand you partake in Orgies of Abomination!

*CENOTAPH "riding our black oceans" cd (12.00,-)
1994, Melodic Death Metal from Mexico D.F.


*CENTURIAN "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" cd (12.00,-)
Originally released in 1999, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a well-earned reissue of CENTURIAN's classic debut album, Choronzonic Chaos Gods. Very aptly titled, Choronzonic Chaos Gods is a veritable vortex of chaos magick executed with military precision. CENTURIAN at this stage could accurately be described as "death metal," but the ever-cyclonic, ever-coiling whirlwinds unleashed by the band take on a form more supernatural than physical. As such, CENTURIAN's debut album found much favor with the black metal faithful at the time, as well as those who held hope for a flagging death metal scene; not for nothing was it released by the esteemed Full Moon Productions label. Now, HELLS HEADBANGERS unleashes Choronzonic Chaos Gods, out of print for years.


*CENTURIAN "Of Purest Fire" mCD (7.00,-)
Originally released in 1997, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a well-earned reissue of CENTURIAN's sole demo, Of Purest Fire. Very aptly titled, CENTURIAN's introduction to the world is a veritable conflagration of occult energy and seared-black death metal battery. Although the band would find acclaim in the metal scene with their subsequent debut album, Choronzonic Chaos Gods, it was here with Of Purest Fire where CENTURIAN were at their rawest and most hungry, not to mention their most blackened, with cult covers of early Morbid Angel and Inquisitor underlinining this point in no uncertain terms; not for nothing was it later released on CD by the esteemed Full Moon Productions label. Now, HELLS HEADBANGERS unleashes Of Purest Fire, out of print for years

*CEREKLOTH "pandemonium prayers" cd (12.00,-)
evil metal of death worship. Hells headbangers

*CEREMONIAL EXECUTION "death shall set us free" cd (12.00,-)
death metal, full length 2005! Nuclear Winter Records

*CHAKAL  "demon king" cd (12.00,-)
cogumelo kult

*CHANGES "a ripple in time" cd (15.00,-)
great neofolk

*CHANGES "lament" cd (15.00,-)
From Changes´ inception, R. N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk have woven bardic tales of gallantry, chivalry and of larger-than-life legendary and mythical heroes. They´ve sung of new love, love unrequited and love lost. They´ve written songs painting sonic imagery foretelling a dark apocalyptic future, which later came to pass while currently prophesying a society in the seminal stages of an even darker fate. With their new album, Lament, they turn their gaze inward, to their own personal apocalypses, stemming from their long marriages ending in dismal dissolution. They tell of their dark, oppressive inner-world that sought to drive them beyond the brink of despair. Only by being able to immerse themselves in their art and create works expressing these sorrows would they be able to maintain their sanity. Lament reaches out to all who´ve had their lives disrupted by modern societal partners going through mid-life crises, becoming antagonistic strangers to their families overnight. The song entitled "The Invisible Man" tells a tale based on H. G. Wells´ novel with a personal twist. In their song "Emily", the historical figure of poetess Emily Dickinson comes to life. The "Mountains of Sorrow (Remix)", is an instrumental song enhanced by the deft arrangement, musicians and singers of Der Blutharsch with a voice-over by R. N. Taylor of his heart-rending lyric poetry. Also included, new versions of three of Changes´ earlier works; "The Saddest Thing", "Sweet Eve" and "Memorabilia" as these songs merged well with the album´s concept. Lament is sixty-four minutes in length with thirteen tracks. Comes in nice Digipak with a sixteen page liner booklet

*CHAOS INVOCATION "Black Mirror Hours" cd (12.00,-)
German black metal. WTC.

*CHAOS INVOCATION  "In bloodline with the snake" cd (12.00,-)
Chaos Invocations's debut album.

*CHAOS MOON "origin of apparition" cd (12.00,-)


*CHAOS OMEN "Let Clarity Succumb" mcd (7.00,-)
black metal

*CHARLIE MANSON "Summer of hate (1967 sessions)" cd (12.00,-)
hippie guru/mass murder advocate/cult figure, his folk tunes on CD.

*CHARNEL HOUSE "Contagion" cd (12.00,-)
Destructive mimimalist doom fronted by languid. icy vocals. Melodic and rythmic. isolated and intense.

*CHARNEL WINDS "der teufelsbund" cd (12.00,-)
Werewolf Records brings us debut album of C.W.!! A Revelation of luciferian light and unbound artistic spirit! Finnish black metal. release date 8.8.2011 shipping starts then..

*CHARNEL WINDS / VERGE "Two Serpents" mCD (7.00,-)
"Charnel Winds and Verge and their mainmen are superficially the two serpents; yet the concept of the record dwells much deeper. Already present in the novel recordings like Hatemagic and Der Teufelsbund is the unity of separate essences that come to represent each other from time to time. Gods and Devils appear here not as self-preserving and objective entities but the transmutative symbols of the very essence of occult psychic world. Moreover this is the only known work of the individual referred to as fra Ialpirgah who seemed deranged and worse to others but to some few he was the crazy fucking godhead that earned him his name."

*CHELMNO "Horizon of Events" cd (12.00,-)
Chelmno is another great band of Vidharr (Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Beatrìk, Near, Profezia) performing traditional Black Metal, paying tribute to the old spirit, combining the austerity of BM with dark & misty visions. Entering the world of Chelmno you are entering the world of sinister and gloom! Expect obscure and tenebrous Dark Italian Black Metal, performed with great skills and sound! The 2nd full length album after the "Under Our Cemetary" debut and the "From the Ancient Dolomitic Forests" Split 7" Ep with Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Near & Lorn. CD came out in normal jewel case.

*CHRIST AGONY "Unholy Dae Moon" 3xCD (20.00,-)
three albums of Christ agony in one thick digipak.

*CHRIST BEHEADED "open the gates of hell" mcd (7.00,-)

*CHRISTICIDE "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
great black metal with no gimmick, just total coldness.

*CHTHONIAN "The preachings of hate are Lord " cd (12.00,-)


*CHUR (UKR) / OPRICH (RUS) "split" cd (12.00,-)
this time CHUR arrives withit´s another incarnation: haunted, deeply atmospheric and cold traditional Black Metal meditation to the World of the Dead without major folk influences or whatever you may recall from their debut. Folk Pagan Metal on OPRICH side, a new opus after the split with KRODA (UKR): an unique and powerful interpretation of 2 archaic Russian folk songs (a ritual song "Kak na Kupalu" and Russian medieval robber´s song "Dubravushka") in Metal form + their 2 own compositions.

*CHURCH BIZARRE "sic luceat lux" 2xcd (15.00,-)
hells headbangers

*CIANIDE "gods of death" cd (12.00,-)
Formed in 1988. CIANIDE's vision was to create the heaviest Death Metal in existence... and they DID! Their 6th full-length album is yet another classic under their bullet belts! Expect no frills and no bullshit. only a continuation of the death. doom & destruction maniacs have come to expect over the last 20+ years! This Metal NEVER bends motherfuckers and always remember. CIANIDE KILLS!!!!

*CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS "avain ja veitsi" cd (12.00,-)

*CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS "cast to the pits" cd (12.00,-)

*CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS "ipsos" cd (12.00,-)

*CIRRHOSIS "alcoholic death noise" cd (12.00,-)

*CIRRHOSIS "drinks from hell" cd (12.00,-)

*CLANDESTINE BLAZE  "Deliverers of Faith" cd (12.00,-)
Finally re-press of 4th album! Black metal. 12 pages booklet. in jewelbox. Northern Heritage


*CLANDESTINE BLAZE "falling monuments" cd (12.00,-)
2010 album of Clandestine Blaze underlines the core of black metal as it has been interpreted by it. Utmost focus on the core elements of riffs. melody. song structures and lyrics. leaving out everything unnecessary. In stripped down simplicity of sound. music and artwork it continues logical journey since Church Of Atrocity. with more distorted. lethal and fierce sound. Northern Heritage.


*CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Fire Burns In Our Hearts" cd (12.00,-)
3 pressings before has been made by Blackmetal.com and latest been sold out for years (came in 2006). Now 4th marks it's return to Northern Heritage's catalogue. Music is 100% same (no remastering etc!). cover artwork is slightly different - like it has been in most pressings. No new additions. just adjusted old graphics. Significant difference would be that cover is 8 page booklet with all lyrics. including also previously unseen outro lyrics! NH-001 / 2012.


*CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Harmony Of Struggle" CD (12.00,-)
Clandestine Blaze 2013 album is another step widening the concepts started in previous albums. 40 minutes of pure Finnish Black Metal!

*CLANDESTINE BLAZE "New Golgotha Rising" CD (12.00,-)
Out Now! 2015 album of Clandestine Blaze. Black Metal. Northern Heritage.


half collaboration recordings and half each band does "normal" solo track


cold spring

*CLOAMA + DIE BLUTLEUCHTE  "Cloama + Die Blutleuchte " cd (12.00,-)
Re-issue of a of the first collaboration CDR. New artwork, jewelcase with 12 page booklet. Limited to 300x.

*CLOCKWORK SPIRIT "" cd (12.00,-)
Clockwork Spirit is a Finnish metal band that draws its inspiration from dark and strange atmospheres. Melodic and epic themes contrast with the dark and distressing giving birth to bizarre mindscapes and a sense of cosmic alienation. The music can be categorized as black/death/dark metal. but no clear boundaries can be made concerning the musical genre of the band. Matters of the occult. horror fiction and modernist philosophies are some of the prevailing themes in Clockwork Spirit's lyric.... Think BM like modern Arcturus or such. Nothing brutal here...

*COFFIN BIRTH "miracle of death" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*COFFIN TEXTS "Gods of Creation. Death & Afterlife" cd (12.00,-)

*COFFINS "sawage sludgecore treatment" cd (12.00,-)
name says it all. Bones Brigade

*COIL / NIN "recoiled" cd (12.00,-)
“Recoiled” is a rambunctious alchemy, of magikal Coil sensibilities and hi-tech home circa 90’s mixing technique, all fused in the cave-like early studios of Danny Hyde / Peter Christopherson. These were the unrestrained PRE- BIG studio- mix downs, of four songs which long time Coil admirer / collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix. Reznor sent over the original multi-tracks and DATs to Hyde / Christopherson, who independently mixed versions and then met to synch both creations, molding them into these master versions. ”Recoiled” includes a fuller, more opulent version of the track ‘Closer’, which eventually made it onto the opening credits to the movie “SE7EN“. These 5 lengthy compositions (just under 40 minutes) are pre-Ableton / laptop generation type priest song creations, with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumoured to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure. 4 of the tracks were released on the download-only “Uncoiled”. A bonus, previously unheard track from the same sessions closes the album. Jhonn Balance is also manifest on this gilded constellation. Beautifully remastered.

*COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE "domination and servitude" cd (12.00,-)

*COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE "Trial By Ice 2002-2010 " cd (12.00,-)
What was originally planned as a simple re-release of the ´Curse´ tape from 2005 has finally turned into an almost completely unique compilation, presenting demo material, unreleased and rerecorded tracks from the past nine years. This compilation aptly represents the diverse and original style COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE have developed over the years, ranging from raw, norse style Black Metal to more technical and progressive pieces, droning dirges and mesmerizing ambient tracks.

*COLDNESS "poisoned gift" cd (12.00,-)

*COLLAPSAR "beyond the event horizon" cd (12.00,-)
Malignant presents another rising star within the dark ambient scene, this time in the form of French act Collapsar. With their debut CD, “Beyond The Event Horizon” Collapsar transports the listener on an epic journey deep into the cosmos, forging a path across a vast, inky void, and steering a course around a roiling galactic core of hyper-dense stars and black holes. The sound is epic, expansive, and most of all, HEAVY. There is beauty and tranquility within these realms, but there is no light – just massive, pulsating textures coalescing into shimmering drones, rippling sound waves, and billowing, multi-dimensional layers of powerful dark energy. “Beyond the Event Horizon” is without question, dark ambient in its purest form and one of the more genre defining releases of the last several years. A must for fans of Inade, Lustmord and the like

*COLORLESS FOREST "Those Who Come With The Rain" cd (12.00,-)

*COLOSSEUM "chapter 2: numquam" cd (12.00,-)
colossal funeral doom

*COMBAT "northwind/aryan spirit of war" digi-cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal. Digipak.

*COME BACK FROM THE DEAD  "the coffin earth's entrails" cd (12.00,-)
Debut album of this Spanish old school Death Metal band, mixing the raw guitars of the first Dismember album with the heaviness of Autopsy and a hint of dirty crust / D-Beat. A superb debut! Mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios. Killer artwork by Mr. Cesar Valladares!


*CON DEMEK "Technological Shack Job" cd (12.00,-)
"after long time of silence Con Demek presents another highlight on CD. Con Demek so far has released 2 Lp´s, two 7´s and one CD. Here this american band present their ultimum. Over 60 min. of the finest soundscaped mixed rhythms with the typical controversial outcrafts of noise and samples. A hit in face of the conservative views of church lovers, a CD full of cynism and sarcasm. You won´t be dissapointed about the well structured noise developing to a wall of rhythms. (functional 011) "

*CONJURATION "Funeral Of The Living" mcd (7.00,-)
Old school Horror metal with brutal vocals, sometimes obscure, sometimes rocking. Bestial Burst

*CONQUEROR "war cult supremacy" 2xCD (15.00,-)
double cd on NWN

*CONQUEST "endless power" cd (12.00,-)
ukraina power metal

*CONSPIRATOR "exorcism" cd (12.00,-)

*CONSPIRATOR "exorcism" cd (12.00,-)
undercover records

*CONTROL RESISTANCE "Declaration 1994-2011" cd (12.00,-)
Industrial Recollections is proud to present complete works of Control Resistance. CD collects together compilation tracks. 10". side project and Con-Dom track freaturing CR material. Includes also unreleased new track from 2011! From heavy and fierce throbbing power electronics to rhythmic industrial-metal. Watch videoclip of the 2011 song found on link. http://cfprod.com/fa/kuvat/ir-CR.jpg And another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xapw9ly3OI8&feature=channel_video_title


*CONVENT "abandon your lord" cd (12.00,-)

*COPROMESIS "muay thai ladyboys" cd (12.00,-)
obscene grindcore

*CORAZZATA VALDEMONE "avanguardia rumorista" cd (12.00,-)
martial industrial


*CORNIGR "Relics Of Inner War" cd (12.00,-)
previously tape on Saturnian productions. now digipak CD on Ahdistuksen Aihio! Finnish black metal!


*CORPUS CHRISTII "Carving a Pyramid of Thoughts" mcd (7.00,-)
New mini album of Corpus Christii consists of 4 unreleased tracks and 1 prevously released just on the Tormented Belief LP version. 25 minutes of spiritual ecstasy.

*CORPUS CHRISTII "the fire god" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*CORPUS CHRISTII "tormented belief" cd (12.00,-)
Melancholic. aggressive and grim Black Metal from Portugal

*CORTISOL "meat" cd (12.00,-)
Think THERGOTHON, WINTER, SKEPTICISM, even GRIEF and you might come close to what the band sounds like… But slow it down a notch more! This is dirtly, gritty, Darker than black type doom… not for everybody

*COSMIC CHURCH / BLOOD RED FOG "split" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*COSMIC EKPYROSIS / ARS MACABRA "split" cd (12.00,-)
two ancient spiritual black metal scenes joined in this conspiracy project. Primordial black metal hammering without compromise. Grom records.

*COUNTESS "ancient lies and battle cries" cd (12.00,-)
Barbarian Wrath


*COUNTESS "Hells Rock and Roll" mcd (8.00,-)

*COUNTESS "Sermons of the infidel" cd (12.00,-)
Latest album


*COUNTESS "the gospel of the horned one" cd (12.00,-)
The 1993 debut album re-released. Improved cover, yet as identical as possible layout. No remaster bullshit: The sound remains as rotten as before. CD comes with 2 bonustracks, LP comes with inlay and xeroxed sheet with reviews from back in the days.

*COUNTESS "the return of the horned one" cd (12.00,-)
Nazguls eerie prod!!


*CREAMFACE "Cum On Clothes" CD (12.00,-)
c. 30 mins / 30 tracks. 2013 album on Creamface. 100% Porno Grind since 1999! Listen couple tracks from youtube link.


*CREATURE "Der Ursprung" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Christhunt prod

*CREEPING "Funeral Crawl" cd (12.00,-)
black metal from new zealand with groove elements.

*CRIMSON "fading" cd (12.00,-)
Grief, solitude and autumn skies in crimson blossom. The music of Crimson is like well written poetry. You should let it speak for itself, there´s no words to fully describe this work. Melancholia lingers in perfect harmony with this soothing and acoustic creation. Music to detach from this plane of existence. Dreams to dust. Reality ablaze. Crimson awakes. Fading.

*CRIMSON "fading" cd (12.00,-)

*CRIPTA OCCULTA "cros dos dolmens esquridos" cd (12.00,-)
darker than black

*CROM DUBH  "Heimweh" cd (12.00,-)
Black Metal. Van Records.


*CROSS VAULT "Spectres of revocable loss" cd (12.00,-)
This album is one of these rare achievements any band could be eternally proud of! Although the two guys behind CROSS VAULT are anything but newcomers, "Spectres of revocable loss" is their first release under the banner of CROSS VAULT. If the name WARNING (UK) as a main influence rings any bells, and you're of the opinion that CLASSIC DOOM METAL should first and foremost be slow, harmonious, sorrowful and crushing, yet never tiring, boring, repetitive or lacking in variety; that the most important ingredients are masterful songwriting, flawless musicianship and an unreal (really! we're in awe) vocal performance, then this is THE Doom Metal album you should write on top of your to-buy-list for 2014! The album includes 5 own compositions that focus on the subject of loss, as well as a cover of the WARNING (UK)-track "Footprints" which quite honestly sounds as if it belongs on this album. The artwork was created by well-known American artist Lucas Ruggieri in his beautiful Doré/Dürer-style, and depicts a scene from George Orwell's dystopian classic "1984" which also inspired the lyrics to the song "At our bleakest".

*CROSSWRECKER "Black Flame Divination" mcd (7.00,-)
blackened thrash from Finland. No Sign Of Life.

Australian Atmospheric Black Metal. The silence of ages past is broken by Crowned’s spectral choir. Their murky veil of Atmospheric Black Metal echoes like the chant of choral ghosts in forgotten crypts. Channeling a haunting resonance of the dark ages as creeping shadows enshroud. light scarcely brakes upon the cold stone where a Vacuous Spectral Silence lingers eternally. ‘Vacuous Spectral Silence’ is the magnificent debut album by the cloaked trinity. Crowned. Australian Black metal created under night’s transcendental veil with intelligence. subtlety and abundant atmosphere. an austere opus traversing life. death and infinity.


*CRUCIFICTION "portal to the beyond" cd (12.00,-)
greet ultra brutal death metal with members of goatvomit, naer mataron, angelcorpse,...

*CRUCIFIED MORTALS "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Get ready to be hit in the face with an iron fist of thrash metal insanity... after ten years of several EP and demo outputs. Crucified Mortals release their first full-length album. Comprised of eleven horror tales transcribed into metallic hymns the album continues the bands' own appalling sound with arguably their best material to date. A truly unique style of well-played and evil fucking thrash with hints of death metal that showcases a diverse range sure to satisfy the ear's craving for speed. heavy and memorable riffing complimented with harsh angry vocals and pounding drums. Hammer the nails & thrash 'til fucking death

*CRUCIFIER "Stronger than passing time" cd (12.00,-)
death to mankind

*CRUOR CULTUM "Bloody days on the altar" cd (12.00,-)
raw satanic black metal

*CRUX "Rev Smrti - Screams of Death" cd (12.00,-)
early 90´s Czech thrash-death

*CRUX DISSIMULATA "expedition punitive" cd (12.00,-)
pro-european heathen metal

*CRYPTIC WINDS "Storms of the black millenium" mcd (7.00,-)
US black metal on Breath of Night Records


*CTHULHU "telepathic pre-knowledge" cd-r (6.00,-)
dark experimental

*CTHULHU RITES "Posrod Misteriow Koszmaru" cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal. Eastside.


*CULT OF CATHARSIS / OPUS FORGOTTEN "split" cd (12.00,-)
COC: Epic / Viking BM with members and ex-members from Aeternus, Helheim, Taake, Einherjer etc, OF: Thundering Norwegian Black Metal

*CULT OF DAATH "The grand tortures of hell" cd (12.00,-)
american black-death assault.

*CULT OF DAATH "Under the cover of the triumphant Holocaust" cd (12.00,-)
includes "Under the cover of darkness" and "The tiumphant Holocaust" of this american brutal black/death horde. Antinomian´s demo series release, but unline previous pro-CDr´s, this is professional real CD release!

*CURRENT 93 "dawn" cd (12.00,-)
Official russian edition (all texts in Russian!!)

*CURRENT 93 "halo" cd (12.00,-)
Official russian edition (all texts in Russian!!)

*CURRENT 93 "how I devoured apocalypse balloon" 2xCD (15.00,-)
Official russian edition (all texts in Russian!!)

*CURRENT 93 "hypnagogue 1 & 2" cd (12.00,-)
Official russian edition (all texts in Russian!!)

*CURRENT 93 "little menstrual night music" cd (12.00,-)
Official russian edition (all texts in Russian!!)

*CURRENT 93 "the great in the small" cd (12.00,-)
Official russian edition (all texts in Russian!!)

*CURSE "Slaughter of the stars" cd (12.00,-)
new album. Known from No Colours. Now on Blackmetal.com. Icelandic pagan-bm

*CURSE / SYKDOM "split" cd (12.00,-)
SYKDOM´s half of this high-calibre split-album was recorded during the cold Winter months (January and February) of early 2007 as an interim bridge between the previous album "Under Krigen" and the next [forthcoming] full-length SYKDOM album. "Verden og Fanden" is a mesmerizing, epic, and powerful blend of the mid-paced atmosphere of the "Mjollnir (That Smashes)" album and the aggressive, (semi) power-oriented triumph of "Under Krigen". Evocative, nostalgic, yet still remaining brutal, and definitely in the signature SYKDOM / MASSEMORD vein. Vocals and recording by Lord Hastur Warmachine. Highly-recommended to fans of KAMPFAR, EINHERJER, HELHEIM, MANEGARM, THRUDVANGAR, etc.! Icelandic Black Metal veterans CURSE´s contribution to this split-CD features one very long song (20 minutes, indexed as 4 tracks) recorded during the "Slaughter of Stars" sessions; the continuation and conclusion of a track that appears on the previous full-length album as "In Life and in Death, Part I". On the surface, very similar in atmosphere to SYKDOM´s previous releases (though unintentional, since CURSE´s tracks were recorded long ago), CURSE´s half of this split is also mesmerizing in a driving way-- progressive Nordic Metal for long sea-going voyages, or for general ´life-in-the-fastlane´ journeys. Die-hard fans of CURSE might be surprised at the inclusion of a distinctly Icelandic style of Blackened ´Shoegazing´ part in the middle of one of the song´s movements that is light years beyond current NACHTMYSTIUM tangents. A successful ´experiment´ of sorts, but good evidence of the dynamic creativity from the genius also directly associated with POTENTIAM, FORTID, WITHERED, and THULE! Hails to Eldur and Electric Horizon Records in Iceland

*CURSED 13  "Triumf" cd (12.00,-)
carnal records


*DAATH SHADOW "crown for kings" cd (12.00,-)
for fans of immortal, early bathory, satyricon. Black Metal on Osmose prod.

*DAEMONHEIM "Wolfskind" cd-r (5.00,-)
german black metal demo CDr, ltd 111.

War productions

*DAEMONOLITH "by order of decimation" cd (12.00,-)
music could be described as influenced by early emperor. early immortal. bathory

*DAGON "They who abideth amidst the poison" cd (12.00,-)
US black metal. Desastrious Records.

*DAHLIA´S TEAR "Harmonious euphonies for supernatural traumas mesmerising Our existences in radient corpuscle Galaxies" cd (12.00,-)
Fra/Tur. Mystic, cosmic Ambient

*DAMNATION ARMY "the art of the occult" cd (12.00,-)
raw and fast swedish black metal. God is myth records

*DAMNGOD "holy terror" cd (6.00,-)
Finnish death metal with heavy sound. no grinding or technical gimmicks

*DANTALION "Return to Deep Lethargy" digi CD (12.00,-)
With 8 years of existence. three great albums. numerous live performances with bands like Ancient Rites. Corpus Christii. Destruction. Empty. Foscor. Haemorrhage. Lux Divina. Omission among many others in the trunk. the black metal band Dantalion back with their fourth full length album. With a superb production. mastered by none other than Sverker Widgren at Necromorbus (Demonical. Funeral Mist. Ondskapt. Watain). they offer six new songs full of atmosphere and melancholy. Fans of Beatrik. Forgotten Tomb. early Katatonia. Nyktalgia and Shining is highly recommended.

*DANTALION  "When The Ravens... " cd (12.00,-)
"Out of Galicia, high mountains chains on the harsh weather coast of the atlantic, a region which played a importent role in the history of several celtic and germanic tribes, a new Band telling from the Cult of Death! Headcult!!! On their debut "When The Ravens fly Over Me", DANTALION playing nordic and modern, fast, atmospheric Black Metal with acoustic parts and a lot of grim! The art of death without compromise! A tip for friends of HELRUNAR`s debut "Gratr"! "

*DAPNOM "paralipomenes a la divine comedie" mcd (8.00,-)
The Greatest French Dark Ambient Artist is back with his most elaborated release. 4 tracks of Dark Ritual Sophisticated Evil Music.

*DARK AGES "the tractatus de hereticis sortilegiis" cd (14.00,-)
A most certain strange and true discovery of blackest blasphemies, nighttime rituals and terrible crimes against our mother church. New dark ambient masterpiece from a frontman of DRUDKH and HATE FOREST. With this third album Dark Ages has lifted their dark art to the new level. CD comes with 12 pages booklet.

*DARK AGES "twilight of europe" digi cd (12.00,-)
re-issue in digipak

*DARK AGES / FROM THE BOGS OF AUGHISKA "split" cd (12.00,-)

*DARK CELEBRATION "phlegethon" cd (12.00,-)
paragon records

*DARK FORTRESS "Profane Genocidal Creations" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Red Stream

*DARK FORTRESS "tales from eternal dusk" cd (12.00,-)

*DARK FURY "Fortress of eagles" cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal

*DARK FURY "saligia" cd (12.00,-)

*DARK FURY "semper fidelis" cd (12.00,-)
new black metal

*DARK FURY "Slavonic Thunder" cd (12.00,-)

*DARK FURY "Synningthwait" cd (12.00,-)
BM from poland!


*DARK FURY "The price of treason" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*DARK FURY "Vae Victis" cd (12.00,-)
cold nsbm

*DARK FURY "w.a.r." cd (12.00,-)
new album

*DARK FURY / EVIL / PAGAN HELLFIRE "we know how to hate" cd (12.00,-)

*DARK FURY / WHITE DEVILS / WAR "alliance in hate" cd (12.00,-)
hateful Polish black metal

*DARK LEGIONS "Satanic Destroyer" cd (12.00,-)
german thrash metal with possibly worst cover you will ever seen in metal album.

*DARK MESSIAH "Rise of Black Dawn" mcd (7.00,-)
new on Full Moon Productions

*DARKCREED "dark regions" mcd (7.00,-)
death doom

*DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT "necrovision" cd (12.00,-)

*DARKENHöLD "castellum" cd (12.00,-)

*DARKEST GROVE "Coming Of 2012" cd (12.00,-)
Its been a long 6 years since the last album. Already being compared by some European fans as being very Norse'esque in sound and emotion. Immerse yourself in some very solid sounds to come from the USA with thee essence of black metal. Conceptually derived around the 2012 mythos visualizing the end in its many forms known through humanity and into the beyond. Vocally comparable to Aldrahn of ex-Dodheimsgard.Thorns.Zykon B etc. and aggressive philosophical black metal.

*DARKEST GROVE "Pain And Suffering Shall Be Known" cd (12.00,-)
black metal on forever plagued records

*DARKEST HATE WARFRONT "Satanic Annihilation Kommando" cd (12.00,-)
Brazil black metal

*DARKESTRAH "khagan" cd (12.00,-)

*DARKMOON WARRIOR "Crown of snakes " cd (12.00,-)
After several Demo's. the "We Walk the Infernal Path" split album with Eternity. Luror and Shadows Toward My Sky and the "In Fundis Inferiorum" Mini album. Darkmoon Warrior finally present their debut album "Cown of snakes". which holds over 52 minutes of traditional Black Metal.The album comes as a Digi CD. incl. Booklet.

*DARKNESS ENSHROUDED THE MIST  "The Black Curses" cd (12.00,-)
The anthology CD of DARKNESS ENSHROUDED THE MIST entitled “The Black Curses”. This compilation CD is featuring most of their previously released material. The tracks on this release have previously been released by Zinarthan. Winterreich and Wolfsvuur. Splits have been with Forbidden Citadel of Spirits. Krypthall and Mons Veneris.


*DARKNESS ETERNAL "Misanthropic Annihilation" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*DARKSPACE "I" slipcase cd (13.00,-)
1st album with jewelcase inside slipcase

*DARKSPACE "II" slipcase cd (13.00,-)
2nd album with jewelcase inside slipcase

*DARKSPACE "III" slipcase cd (12.00,-)

*DARKSPACE "III" cd (12.00,-)
latest DS album, slipcase cd.

*DARKTHRONE "cult is alive / too old too cold" cd (13.00,-)
peaceville edition in superjewelbox

*DARKTHRONE "cult is alive / too old too cold (brazil)" cd (14.00,-)
official south america edition with two releases on same cd, with slipcase.

*DARKTHRONE "goatlord" cd (12.00,-)
the end records digipak

*DARKTHRONE "preparing for war" 2xCD + dvd (25.00,-)

*DARKTHRONE "ravishing grimness" cd (12.00,-)
the end records

*DARKTHRONE "sardonic wrath" cd (12.00,-)
the end records version

*DARKTHRONE "under the funeral moon" cd (12.00,-)
peaceville digipak

*DARKTHULE "Arktoy Oryge" cd (12.00,-)
Compilation of old stuff including the 7" eps "Revolution of Souls" and "In the Sight of Dawn" and more


*DARVULIA "L´Alliance Des Venins" cd (12.00,-)
French Black Metal

*DAVID E. WILLIAMS "Trust No Scaffold Built of this Bone" cd (12.00,-)
An undisputed yet controversial cult icon for over 2 decades. David E. Williams continues to expand the boundaries of dark cabaret and neofolk in ways that perpetually leave him as the ultimate outsider of both genres. As always. his 6th full length release documents the violent dread of every moment for a troubadour narrator on the nexus of existential angst and cultural despair. The new music ranges from finger-snapping ditties to chamber synthpop to his ever popular piano-driven art songs. with lead vocals by himself and other luminaries such as Andrew King. Lloyd James (Naevus) and Jane Elizabeth (Tesco USA). Other participants include Jerome Deppe. David Talento. Adrina Hansen. Ken Brune and Wendy Mittelstadt. An essential release from this former and current collaborator of Deathpile. Blood Axis and Rozz Williams of Christian Death!

*DAWNFALL "Drei Kräume" cd (12.00,-)
very obscure, progressive and often very improvised sounding dark metal with raw vocals and lo-fi sound

*DE MAGIA VETERUM "migdal bavel" A5 digi cd (12.00,-)

*DEAD "hanging illusions" cd (12.00,-)
re-issue of demo. 6 persons from Finland. Russian and Mexico create black ambient project under name Dead.

*DEAD CONGREGATION  "Promulgation of the Fall" cd (12.00,-)
Latest album, voted album of the year in 2014 in many publications (including the legendary Voices From The Darkside).

*DEAD CONGREGATION  "purifying consecrated ground" mCD (7.00,-)
Martyrdoom, new press of this death metal attack!

*DEAD CONGREGATION "purifying consecrated ground" mcd (7.00,-)
regular jewelbox

*DEAD CONSPIRACY "gore drenched legacy" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*DEAD HEAD "kill division" cd (12.00,-)

*DEAD INSIDE "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Debut release of new band, with members of Paragon Impure, Gotmoor, Verloren and Double Diamond....Cruel & sickening Black´n´Roll

*DEAD MAN´S HILL "spirits" cd* (12.00,-)
Over the last 7 years, DEAD MAN´S HILL became a well known and much appreciated artist in Ritual Ambient, Neoclassic and Bombastic Martial Music and with this new album, the band drags the listener into alternate realities and far away spheres. The lyrics are mainly dealing with travelling in these worlds. Musically the album goes further in the vein of Lakes of Sacrifice (2006) but a lot deeper-going and much more worked out, so you can say that "Spirits" is definitely the band´s best album up to date. Dark and deep-dronning Ambient, mixed with strong and powerful Martial songs, varied with hypnotically mesmerizing Tribal parts. All in all the whole Album has a strong Death Industrial touch and even carries some Gregorian elements. Listen to this album, and let yourself take away to a intangible world, to far away shperes where things are just different to all You ever expected. "Spirits" includes a video from the track Road to Sweet Waters, made by Alex Hugin Wieser. 8 songs / 65 min.

*DEAD OF WINTER "At the realm of abyss" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*DEAD REPTILE SHRINE "burning black infinity" cd (12.00,-)
CD version out !

*DEAD REPTILE SHRINE  "Praise cemetary" cd (12.00,-)

*DEAD TO EARTH / VOLKEINBLUCHT / IDVARP  "split" cd (12.00,-)
Out now, the pure essnece of the underground on one cd! 11 tracks of misery, hate and warfare upon the Christian beast. Over one year in the making, we are extremely proud of this release

*DEAD WORLD  "collusion" cd (12.00,-)
industrial metal

*DEADMAN "spirito di pietra" cd (12.00,-)
The full length plague “Spirito di Pietra” will be spreaded soon in order to highlight the continuos decay of human being. Some of the most apocalyptic, intense, mind-shattering tunes will catch you soon.

*DEADWOOD "8 19" cd (12.00,-)
Power Electronics from Sweden. This is DEADWOOD´s debut album and is a solid, pounding force of electronics, Death Ambient atmospheres and brutal vocals. Featuring a member of Satanic Black Metal act Blodulv. File alongside such luminaries as The Grey Wolves and Mz.412. DEADWOOD is a relentless assault on the senses! Approach with due caution!

*DEADWOOD "Ramblack" cd (12.00,-)
“Ramblack" is the follow up to Deadwood´s successful 2005 album "8 19". Over the past 3 years this Swedish artist has been toiling away, creating a new black ambient / death noise masterpiece and "Ramblack" is the result. Cloaked in a more raw and morbid sound then its predecessor, this album truly changes one´s perspective of audial darkness. This analogue beast of an album layers the tonal prayers of demons and the distorted cries of angels, sickness and depravity. True Death Electronics. The soundtrack to your end. "Ramblack" features guest vocals from Norwegian Black Metal legend Maniac (Skitliv, ex-Mayhem), whose vocal approach on the song ´Forakt´ shows the full range of his capacity. Truly one of the most sick and twisted pieces of sonic art ever recorded. Enjoy the disease!

*DEADWOOD "Sheolic" cd (12.00,-)
The desolate new album from Sweden¡¯s Deadwood (aka Daniel Jansson of CULTED). Recorded 2009-2011, ¡°Sheolic¡± mixes dark ambient with black Industrial and power electronics, making this the bleakest Deadwood album to date. Cold, distorted waves of nefarious electronics, putrescent vocals and dense, heavy rhythms take you to a new sub-level of despair that delivers on many plains of consciousness. Influenced by the downfall of mankind and the men and women that willingly embrace it; from religious cults to those who choose to act on their own. This is the final part of the Deadwood trilogy for Cold Spring ¨C beginning with ¡°8 19¡å in 2005, continuing with ¡°Ramblack¡± in 2008, and finishing with ¡°Sheolic¡± in 2014. Cover art by Laetitia Mantis

*DEAKON "demo(ns)" cd (12.00,-)
Two first demos on one CD. Limited DIGI including: I. “The Portrait” – 4 tracks of ragged, raw and brutal Black/Death Metal in the best traditions of the 90-ies’underground. Submitted to the idea of pressing listeners with powerful and original sound, unpredictable twists, brilliant mastery and some peculiarities of mixing. The primal atmosphere of grim and occult UGBM. II. “Corrupt my Soul by Means of the Senses” - 3 tracks of this masterpiece can reveal all clandestine crypts of mystery of ancient Death Metal. Stranger, heavier, darker and more raw and sophisticated. Mastery, uncommon approach and prodigious atmosphere sometimes going out of control. But this is a misleading impression. A Death/Black Metal Masterpiece!

*DEATH CITADEL  "Bestial Antaumus" cd (12.00,-)
Finally CD of the cult recording from depth of Finnish black metal underground! Last Rites

*DEATH CITADEL "unland spidercult" CD (12.00,-)
One of utmost Finnish cult demos from past. 50+ minutes of original black/death worship. Released by: Last Rites, exclusively distributed by Northern Heritage and Werewolf records!

*DEATH IN JUNE "braun buch zwei" cd (15.00,-)

*DEATH IN JUNE "burial" cd (15.00,-)

*DEATH STRIKE "Fuckin Death" cd (12.00,-)
Dark Descent Records is proud to announce the CD reissue of Death Strike's Fuckin' Death. Active from 1984 to 1985, Fuckin' Death represented one of death metal's earliest recordings. Death Strike disbanded after 1985's Fuckin' Death demo and Paul Speckmann went on to front the legendary Master. Fuckin' Death was eventually re-released in 1991 on CD and vinyl, with additional tracks, by Nuclear Blast. The CD reissue contains the original eight tracks offered by the 1991 Nuclear Blast edition but adds four never-before-released rehearsal tracks to the mix. Additionally, the layout is comprised of an eight-page booklet featuring the intended original gold pantone color cover. Olivier "Zoltar" Badin from Terrorizer Magazine provides a foreword and the booklet contains liner notes from Paul Speckmann as well as new scans/photos.


*DEATH YELL "Morbid Rites" cd (12.00,-)
Nuclear War Now bringing you more essentials! South American death savages!

*DEATHCON "monotremata" cd (12.00,-)
80´s Thrash influenced Death Metal featuring members of Helheim, Taake and Grimfistm

*DEATHKEY "Emanations Of Binaural Terror" mCD (8.00,-)
Wait is over! New material of DEATHKEY on mCD, total hammer in your face. Freak Animal.

*DEATHROW "gateways to oblivion" cd (12.00,-)
avantgarde records

*DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER "The first bestial butchery" cd (12.00,-)
Well done Finnish black/death attack. Somewhere close to Cult of Daath, Manticore and such newer bands with more deathly touch.

*DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER "WarBloodMassacre" cd (12.00,-)
bestial heavy death metal war.

*DEATHSTENCH "Massed in Black Shadow" cd (12.00,-)
Debut full length from the Los Angeles based duo of Darea Plantin and John-Paul Whetzel. also known for their work in the misanthropic black-doom trio. Welter in Thy Blood. Within their short discography. DEATHSTENCH has proven particularly adept incorporating elements of death industrial. dark ambient. doom. and black metal. and hideously transforming and molding them into a writhing mass of absolute filth and abject darkness. Built upon field recordings. scrap metal percussion. harrowing electronics. down tuned guitar & bass. and demonic vocalizations. the sound is both nihilistic and vile. rife with occult incantations. buzzing. distorted horror. and saturated walls of droning depravity that dissolve into roiling murk and hellish. blackened smear. Their latest installment. Massed in Black Shadow. is an impious communion summoning and invoking the soundtrack for all death to come. 6 tracks. totaling just over 45 minutes. guaranteed to deliver some of the most terrifying and purely misanthropic sounds you're likely to find anywhere. ?Bastards of the Black Flame? features additional sounds and effects by Cory Rowell of Demonologists. and all tracks are mastered by Billy Anderson (Neurosis. Sleep. Eyehategod. Crisis). For fans of Steel Hook Prostheses. MZ.412. Brighter Death Now. Gnaw Their Tongues. Abruptum.

*DEBAUCHERY "Dead Scream Symphony" mcd (7.00,-)
black / death. Was released on 10" by EAL earlier. now CD by Blood Fire Death

*DECAYED "black metal flame" cd (12.00,-)

*DECAYED "blasphemic offerings - the singles 1993-2011" 2xCD (15.00,-)
compilation of single.

*DECAYED "chaos underground" cd (12.00,-)
lates album on black seed prod.

*DECAYED "nocturnaal" cd (12.00,-)

*DECAYED "resurrectionem mortuorum" cd (12.00,-)

*DECAYED "the ancient brethren" cd (12.00,-)
little marks on the discs.. but new album of Decayed!

*DECAYED "The conjuration of the southern circle" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal blast from Portugal

*DECAYED "under hecate´s spell" cd (12.00,-)
fast black metal

*DECAYED / DARKNESS "split" cd (12.00,-)

*DECAYED / THUGNOR "split" cd (12.00,-)
drakkar prod

*DECAYING "Devastate" cd (12.00,-)
Debut full-length on CD ! Crushing and Oppressive Finnish Death Metal. Limited edition of 500 copies . Cover and layot by Bartek Kurzok.

*DECEIVER "riding with the reaper" cd (12.00,-)
iron fist prod

*DECEPTION "inferno" cd (12.00,-)
Black Metal on DTM

*DECIEVERION "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Death metal from USA with Grand Belial´s Key member! Includes Celtic Frost cover.

*DEEP DESOLATION "subliminal visions" cd (12.00,-)
black doom.

*DEFUNTOS "A negra vastidao das nossas almas" cd (12.00,-)

*DEFUNTOS "Sangue Morto" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*DEFUNTOS "Velha Palida Face " cd (12.00,-)
suffocating sounding suicadal and depressive music.


*DEIPHAGO "Filipino Antichrist" cd (12.00,-)
Hi-Speed Satanic Bestial Metal. Hells headbangers

*DEIPHAGO "satan alpha omega" cd (12.00,-)
Experiencing DEIPHAGO is like diving into the mouth of hell. On their third LP, Satan Alpha Omega, the Filipino power-trio open that maw even wider, swallowing whole the listener within their sulfurous storm. Heaving with horrific intensity, DEIPHAGO blast forth with nine hateful hymns bursting with vortextural riffing, mind-melted solos, decimated (and decimating) drums, and poisonous tongues exalting the devil in all his forms. If their previous two albums redefined black metalled violence, Satan Alpha Omega shall wipe the slate clean!


*DEMILICH "20th adversary if emptiness" 2xCD (16.00,-)
cult finnish technical death metal. Complete works on one double CD!

*DEMIURG "From the Throne of Darkness" cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal. Eastside

*DEMIURG "unholy war - Sword of rebellion" cd (12.00,-)
Polish black metal

*DEMOGORGON "naenie" cd (12.00,-)
undercover records

*DEMON REALM  "A Legend of Power" cd (12.00,-)
Hateful oldschool blackmetal blazing productions

*DEMONCY "enthroned is the night" cd (12.00,-)
Forever plagued records

*DEMONCY "Faustian Dawn / Within the sylvan Realms of Frost" 2x cd (12.00,-)
double-digipak with two demos mentioned in title + 4 more demos. US black metal

*DEMONCY "joined in darkness" cd (12.00,-)

*DEMONIC CHRIST "Demonic Battle Metal" cd (12.00,-)
"Ex-MYTHIC DANA DUFFEY CLAYTON´S DEMONIC CHRIST is back with their second CD; reissued during the Autumnal Equinox (September 23rd) 2005 on BlackMetal.com Records!! This essential anthology of rare demo tracks was originally released in 2001 by Cryonics Records in a limited edition of only 250 hand-numbered copies! Our newly RE-ISSUE CD features 2 BONUS VIDEOCLIPS exclusive to this release only; and includes an incredible re-designed DELUXE 16 page full-colour BOOKLET filled with extensive liner-notes, rare photos, and lyrics! The first 3 tracks taken from the super-rare "DECEIVING THE HEAVENS" demo (1993) feature PROFANATICA bassist Aragon Amori (r.i.p.), recorded obviously before his untimely death! Other tracks are from promo and demo releases from 1995 and 1996 -- All tracks appear on this reissue CD in their original, unaltered form; NOT "re-mastered" to preserve the original feeling and atmosphere of the truly cult recordings! Veteran USBM pioneers with ex-MYTHIC Dana Duffey, and other [former] members now in DARKMOON and WEHRWOLF!"

*DEMONIC SLAUGHTER "Cold Disease of Reality" cd (12.00,-)
old school black metal, with darkthrone cover

*DEMONOMANCY "supremacy through intolerance" cd (12.00,-)

*DEMONOMANCY "Throne of Demonic Proselytism" cd (12.00,-)
Nuclear War Now


*DEN SAAKALDTE "Ol, mörke og depressjon" cd (12.00,-)

*DEN SAAKELDTE "all hail pessimism" cd (12.00,-)

*DENOUNCEMENT PYRE "World Cremation" cd (12.00,-)
Comes with a 16-page booklet featuring illustrations & lyrics for each song. Limited edition DIGIPAK CD also comes with a 16-page booklet. "Album of the Year!" -Metal Maniacs. Following the path of the fallen angel from down under, Denouncement Pyre spews forth from the mouth of the abyss their long-awaited full-length release entitled World Cremation. Delving deeper into the realm of the lawless gods whilst offering primitive blackened death metal far darker and more focused than previously displayed on past EPs and demos. Join or suffer..

*DENSE VISION SHRINE "Litanies of Desire" cd (10.00,-)
Karsten Harme of (Veiled Allusions/Penitent/Arcane Art Fame) project DENSE VISION SHRINE, falls under the line of the famous productions of label CMI .Quieter moments, softly neoclassical and with immanent, rather than bombastic, gothic drama.We see big things with this project a must for fans of Lustmord, Protagonist and Coph Nia

*DEPRAVITY "Silence of the centuries" CD (12.00,-)
Finnish early 90's Death Metal. Includes all demos and mCD. Complete discography collection!!


*DER BLUTHARSCH "Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil! " cd (15.00,-)

*DER BLUTHARSCH "live at copenhagen" cd (15.00,-)

*DER BLUTHARSCH "Live at the monastery" cd (16.00,-)

*DER BLUTHARSCH "live in leiden" cd (15.00,-)

*DER BLUTHARSCH  "s/t" cd (15.00,-)
WKN 14

*DER BLUTHARSCH "the moment of truth" cd+3"cd (15.00,-)

*DER BLUTHARSCH "The Philosophers Stone" cd (16.00,-)
in hardcover book package, last album of Der Blutharsch!!

*DER BLUTHARSCH "The Pleasures Received In Pain" cd (15.00,-)
in cardboard sleeve

*DER BLUTHARSCH "time is thee enemy" cd (15.00,-)

*DER BLUTHARSCH "track of the hunted" cd (15.00,-)

*DER BLUTHARSCH "when all else fails" cd (15.00,-)

*DER BLUTHARSCH "When did wonderland end?" cd+dvd (22.00,-)
finally the all new album strike by Albin Julius (vocals, drums, percusion, harp, harmonium, piano, synth and programming), Marthynna (vocals, percussion, drums, tambourine), Bain Wolfkind (vocals, guitar, snare drum), Jörg B. (guitar, bass guitar), aided by Paola Andrea Riascos of Terroritmo (vocals), Christine K. of Graumahd (clarinet), Matt Howden of Sieben, Sol Invictus, (violin), Alessio B. of Varunna (cello), Didi Bruckmeyer of Fuckhead (vocals), and Douglas P. (lyrics). With the deluxe foilblocked package comes a ltd. DVD with a clip for the track: „so bring your iron rain down upon me“

*DER STURMER "bloodsworn" digi cd (12.00,-)
compiles all the old splits. tapes. compilations. with big booklet. In digipak

*DER STURMER "bloodsworn" cd (12.00,-)
compiles all the old splits, tapes, compilations. with big booklet.

*DER STURMER "The Blood Calls For W.A.R.!" cd (12.00,-)
Finally repress of this radical bm classic.

*DER STURMER "transcendental racial idealism" cd (12.00,-)
regular jewel box of this new album of NSBM.

*DER STURMER "transcendental racial idealism" digi cd (12.00,-)
digipak version of new album!

*DER STURMER / TOTENBURG "split" digi cd (12.00,-)

*DER STURMER / TOTENBURG "split" cd (12.00,-)
regular cd version

After their impressive debut ("Le Feu Sacre"), May 2003 saw the release of the second CD by this revered French neo-folk outfit. "Les Blessures de L'ombre" contains truly distinctive military styled pop songs and ballads. It also has a few musical and emotional elements reminiscent of "Obéir et Mourir" (their rare, limited tape box set).

*DES ESSEINTES "Les Diaboliques" cd (12.00,-)
swe industrial

*DES ESSEINTES "Mondo Macabro" cd (12.00,-)
swe industrial

*DESASTER "tyrants of the netherwold" cd (12.00,-)

*DESASTROUS "Loekr Inn Niflheim" cd (12.00,-)
raw black metal.

*DESCENDING DARKNESS "blutrausch" cd (12.00,-)

*DESCENDING DARKNESS "gevatter hein" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*DESIDERII MARGINIS "years lend the golden charm" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient industrial

*DESIR DE MOURIR "Incure the Wrath of Silence" cd (12.00,-)
Desir de mourir's first opus "incure the wrath of silence" CD version available via AMOR FATI PROD. now! All tape editions released by Karge Welten Kunstverlag are sold since months. Dark raging black metal. Cold and misanthrophic art that unsettles the ones who sink into the atmosphere of this ambient black metal masterpiece! Early burzum meets usbm with classic dsbm vibe. Desir de mourir claims the downfall of everything!!


*DESOLATION ZONE "I´homme Machine" cd-r (6.00,-)
special package in metal box . industrial noise from Profanum (pol) member. Beast of Prey

*DESTROYER 666 "cold steel... for an iron age" cd (12.00,-)

*DESTROYER 666 "defiance" cd (12.00,-)

*DESTROYER 666 "defiance" cd (12.00,-)
somber music

*DESTROYER 666 "phoneix rising" cd (12.00,-)

*DESTRUCTION "devolution" cd (12.00,-)

*DESTRUCTION "inventor of evil" cd (12.00,-)

*DESTRUKTOR "nailed" cd (12.00,-)
Warring Black Metal of Death

*DESULTORY "From Beyond The Visions Of Death" cd (12.00,-)
Demo CD from this now broken up old Swedish Death Metal band. Excellent quality and great sound. contains all 3 of their demos so you can enjoy to the fullest the days before they went weak. Also features 4 live tracks one of which is a cover of Black Sabbath's "Symptom of the Universe." Killer layout with full color layout. This is an actual legitimate CD. NOT a CD-R!!

*DETONATOR666 "At The Dawn Of Sadistic Infernal Holocaust" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Eclipse prod

*DEUS IGNOTUS "Procession Of An Old Religion " mcd (7.00,-)
Greece once again highlights an array of black metal force upon the masses with DEUS IGNOTUS and their Procession of an Old Religion. Ultra-aggressive anti-Christian black/death metal, Procession of an Old Religion is the follow-up to their debut album, Chrismation. Here, DEUS IGNOTUS create a totally brutal and relentless onslaught that never stops pounding down upon you. Think Archgoat, but only more aggressive, and thus highly recommended for fans of Black Witchery or Demoncy. FOREVER PLAGUED RECORDS is proud to announce DEUS IGNOTUS to its ranks and looks forward to sending their menacing sounds out into the masses.

*DEUS MORTEM "emanations of the black light" cd (12.00,-)
Polish black metal


*DEUTCH NEPAL "tolerance" cd (12.00,-)
re-issue of dark ambient classic in deluxe digipak

*DEUTSCH NEPAL "erosion" cd (12.00,-)
re-issue of dark ambient classic in deluxe digipak

*DEVASTATION "total fucking ripping death" cd (12.00,-)
Mighty Chicagoland (NOT Texas!) 80's Death Metal available on CD for the very first time!! This is a piece of metal history that must NOT be ignored! Features their previously unreleased "Untitled 1987 LP" along with their 2 cult demos "A Creation of My Ripping Death -1986" and "A Re-Creation of My Ripping Death -1987"! Great metal sound with liner notes. band pics. and 14 tracks total. This is an actual legitimate full color CD. NOT a cheap CD-R!! ALL YOU POSERS WILL BE CRUSHED BY TOTAL FUCKING RIPPING DEATH. ARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

*DEVASTATOR "conjuring evil" cd (12.00,-)

*DEVASTATOR "morbid force" cd (12.00,-)

*DEVASTATOR "The End" cd (12.00,-)
More than 70 minutes of Pure Sacrilegious Black Metal with outbreaks of neck-breaking old school thrash!!! No trendy intros or rainy outros. Expect nothing but Unholy black/thrash destructive metal bringing Judeo-Christian Scum to their knees!" Regimental Records

*DEVASTATOR/BLASPHEMER "split" cd (12.00,-)
Split CD release from two U.S. hordes. DEVASTATOR play Black Metal with Thrash elements. BLASPHEMER evokes cold, desolate feeling one has to hear to believe.

*DEVASTRACKTOR "Warhorsepowers and A Megaton of Balls" cd (12.00,-)
This is the future of Finnish Thrash Metal. Ugly as hell and full of true 80's attitude. Highly recommended for anyone into Real Thrash Metal!

*DEVATHORN "Diadema" cd (12.00,-)
Nordic-influenced Hellenic Black Metal War from the corpse-painted trio featuring Saevus Helcath (Former DODSFERD session-guitarist, but only before 2005), with vocalist Althagor, and female drummer Mechblastess! DEVATHORN´s full-length debut album includes nine tracks of atheistic antidomatism and elite Vehement Greek Black Metal in its purest form. High-calibre attack, yet still in the brutal Orthodox vein of Rotting christ, Varathron, Absu, Melechesh, and Cult of Daath; all with an epic militaristic aggression, and an underlying headbanging atmosphere evoking old German Teutonic Thrash! Because of DEVATHORN´s female drummer, obvious comparisons to Germany´s Darkened Nocturne Slaughtercult are inevitable, though posititvely acceptable

*DEVILISH ERA "The Deiphobic Syndrome" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Forgotten Wisdom prod

*DEVILISM "Possessium" cd (12.00,-)
ltd 350 copies in digipak. Eisenwald

*DEVILRY "rites for the spring of supremacy" cd (12.00,-)
finnish totalitarian death metal. musically reminding Deicide!

*DEVILRY "stormbolt" mcd (7.00,-)
extremely tight but militant Finnish death metal. Recommended. Bestial Burst.

*DEVILS EMISSARY "Evangelic Decimation" cd (12.00,-)

*DEVILS EMISSARY "Malignant Invocation" cd (12.00,-)

*DEVISER "Running Sore" cd (12.00,-)
greek black metal

*DIABLERIE "Transition 2.0 " mCD (7.00,-)
Finnish industrial death metal


*DIABOLI "invocation" cd (12.00,-)
Diaboli is one of the oldest black metal bands of Finland. who have never stopped. never wimped out. never compromised. Only short time obstacles of prison sentences and suicides in the ranks of band has made few moments of silence. “Invocation” was already recorded couple years back. but NH has kept delaying the release simply to avoid too many releases appear on short period of time. From “Kirous” and “Antichrist” albums. Diaboli heads towards darker and more sinister lethal black metal assault. No keyboard intros. Less of the Nordic thin razor guitars. It is still 100% guaranteed Diaboli. now with heavier guitars. deeper bassier sound quality. Nothing is hidden below the layers of distortion. No emo/shoegazer. but simply amazing great punishing riffs one after another. In the Finnish scene. often dominated by melodies and harmonies. the power of ultimate RIFFS is undeniable! Feel the strength of Diaboli’s Invocation!! NH-069


*DIABOLI "Wiking Division" cd (12.00,-) RESTOCK
Merciless black death with violent lyrics. Out end of month, same time as CB LP!


*DIABOLIC FORCE "old school attack" cd (12.00,-)
no colours

*DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES "the final step before the dawn" cd (12.00,-)
Lower Silesian Stronghold


*DIAMATREGON "the satanic devotion" cd (12.00,-)

*DIAPSIQUIR "a.n.t.i." cd (12.00,-)
french weirdo returns with even more bizarre album.

*DIAPSIQUIR "pacta daemoniarum / crasse" 2x cd (15.00,-)
double cd of old demo material

*DIE HARD "evil always returns" cd (12.00,-)

*DIE HARD  "nihilistic vision" cd (12.00,-)

*DIE SAAT "Der Schlachten Tribut" cd (12.00,-)
58 min german heathen BM in the vein of Falkenbach/Menhir/Nokturnal Mortum

*DIE SAAT "wir laden zum feste" cd (12.00,-)

*DIECOLD "die in hell" cd (12.00,-)
Hungarian black metal

*DIES ATER "Hunger For Life" CD (12.00,-)
Brandnew and long awaited new masterpiece from this german cult black metal act !! Recorded in stage one studio and hellsounds studio.guest vocals on track 3 from Unhold from Luror!

*DIM ARCANA "ars populi" cd (12.00,-)
Dim Arcana was born in the a.d. MMVIII. from the intent to recall ancient atmospheres of death and pestilence. dreadful environments where the man of the medieval times lived. Influenced by the greatest names of the ambient scene (like Uruk-Hai. Raison D'etre. Equimanthorn) the duo presents a medieval dark ambient with great noise and drone influences. alternating orchestral passages of ethereal rhyming. Lavish breaths of past times serve as frames. where bells of churches and ancestral instruments bring you back in medieval Europe. This debut full length album follows the EP Yersinia also released by Black Drone. CD comes in beautifully designed 6-panel digipak and includes 12-page booklet with texts and illustrations.

*DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS "Magical Matrix of ... " cd (12.00,-)
khaos metal with industrial elements

Dimentianon play Black/Death/Thrash, and Rigor Sardonicous is Apocalyptic Funeral Doom. Both bands are from Long Island, NY.

*DIOCLETIAN "Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes" cd (12.00,-)

*DIOCLETIAN "doom cult" cd (12.00,-)

*DIOCLETIAN/WEREGOAT "Disciples Of War" cd (12.00,-)
Six bludgeoning tracks (three from each band) from two of the most vicious bands active. Diocletian and Weregoat pummel listeners with 28 minutes of auditory rape. Mastered by V.K.. artwork by Daniel Desecrator.

*DIONONESISTE "mota" cd (12.00,-)
Atmospheric Blackened Death from the catacombs of Turin. A unique one man act that rips up the book on the DM by numbers shit with many unexpected twist and turns. Completed with a putrid and cavernous production that puts over produced and sanitized so called “Death Metal” back in the pop charts where it belongs!


*DISASTROUS MURMUR  "marinate your meat" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*DISFIGURED DEAD "Visions Of Death" cd (12.00,-)
Scream Bloody Gore!! An asset of old fashion Death Metal torn from the grave while intoxicated on genre pioneering masterpieces like "Severed Survival", "Horrified", "Into the Grave" and "Scream Bloody Gore". Prepare for memorable & heavy tracks of utter horror, pain, gore & death sure to satisfy all deathheads who have the guts to listen. FOR DIE HARDS OF: Repulsion, Death, Autopsy, Grave

*DISFIGURED DEAD "visions of death" cd (12.00,-)
Scream Bloody Gore!! An asset of old fashion Death Metal torn from the grave while intoxicated on genre pioneering masterpieces like "Severed Survival", "Horrified", "Into the Grave" and "Scream Bloody Gore". Prepare for memorable & heavy tracks of utter horror, pain, gore & death sure to satisfy all deathheads who have the guts to listen. FOR DIE HARDS OF: Repulsion, Death, Autopsy, Grave

*DISINTER "Desecrate" cd (12.00,-)
death metal. merciless records

*DISIPLIN "molti nemici - molto onore" cd (12.00,-)
frento europa

*DISJECTA "Da Marmorea Lapide Ombrati" cd (12.00,-)
sharp sounding italian black metal

*DISLOYAL "prophecy" cd (12.00,-)

*DISMEMBER "like an everflowing stream" cd (12.00,-)

*DISMEMBER "where ironcrosses grow" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*DISORDER OF DEADEIGHT "Depthsounder" CD (12.00,-)
Finnish project (featuring both members of Mörkö. connections to Jumalhämärä. etc...) has created wide variety of different material. which none really gives accurate hints about what this particular album is about. Minimalistic progressive process-orientated rock music from the wobbly wonderland of human psyche. Only electric guitar and analogue synth is present from more regular rock instruments. Abundance of various other instruments. Epic and massive tracks. Entire material can be heard for free on their bandcamp site. This is second release of TotuudenSarviLevyt.


*DISSECTION "live in oslo 4th of may 1994" cd (12.00,-)
live bootleg...

*DISSECTION "live legacy" cd (12.00,-)

*DISSECTION "The Past Is Alive" cd (12.00,-)
Karmageddon Media´s compilation of early Dissection.

*DISSIMULATION "atiduohit mirusius" cd (12.00,-)

*DISSIMULATION "Maras" cd (12.00,-)
lithuanian war death. Digipak

*DISSIMULATION "Prakeikimas" cd (12.00,-)
lithuanian war death

*DIVINA INFERIS "Aura Damnation" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*DIVINE CODEX "ante matter" cd (12.00,-)

*DJEVEL  "Saa Raa og Kald" cd (12.00,-)
melodic, but raw BM


*DJEVELKULT "I Djevelens Tegn" cd (12.00,-)
Norwegian black metal


*DO SKONU "Womb Of Primeval Darkness" cd (12.00,-)
Ukrainian occult black shamanism

*DODFODD "demo10" cd (12.00,-)

*DODKVLT "I" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*DODSANGEL "imperator" 2xCD (15.00,-)
The new album from DØDSENGEL – ‘IMPERATOR’. 150 epic minutes of ground-breaking black metal art. Double-CD 24-page digibook co-released by Terratur Possessions and Barghest.

*DODSENGEL / HETROERTZEN "Capax Infiniti" digi cd (12.00,-)

*DODSFALL "Djevelens Evangelie" cd (12.00,-)
brandnew album !!cult norwegian/mexican black metal.Produced by Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio !!!

*DODSFALL "Inn i Morkets Kongedomme" cd (12.00,-)
Excellent Old School Black Metal from Norway with members of AETERNUS. ANCIENT. ARVAS. ONDSKAPT

*DODSFALL "Kaosmakt" cd (12.00,-)
"Forakt For Livet" is taken from the up-coming album KAOSMAKT! It was recorded and mixed by legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studio in Sweden (Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Old Man’s Child). Mastering was made by producer Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio in Sweden, (Marduk, Ragnarok). Osmose Productions


*DODSFALL "Kronet i Svart Eld" mcd (7.00,-)
Old school Black Metal masterpiece with V-REX (ex-ANCIENT. ex-AETERNUS. ARVAS). ISHTAR (MOONLIGHT). GRAVE (INFUNERAL. ex-ONDSKAPT). GJERMUND (TAAKE. FROSTMOON). A must have for every complete Black Metal collection. Mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio (RAGNAROK. MARDUK. OFERMOD. THE LEGION). "Kronet i Svart Eld" includes the following guests; Magnus Devo Andersson (MARDUK). Necrosadist (SORCERY. PATRONYMICON) and Fauk (HORDAGAARD).

*DODSFER / MORTOVATIS "split" cd (12.00,-)

*DODSFERD "death set the beginning of my journey" cd (12.00,-)

*DODSFERD "denying with arrogance your pathetic existence" cd (12.00,-)

*DODSFERD "Fucking your creation" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. moribund.

*DODSFERD / GANZMORD  "Doom and Destroy" cd (12.00,-)
A furious, relentless assault of brutal Berzerker Black Metal war from the American BM Underground versus Hellenic Black Metal misanthropy from Athens. 9 Songs; 46:15 total running-time. A.B.M.U. Rising! GANZMORD return to unleash pure uncompromising misanthropic aggression with totally unbridled intensity and furious energetic rage! A high-velocity fist to the face of the Metal scene; utterly grim to the bone, prepare for DOOM AND DESTRUCTION! Now signed to Moribund Records in 2007, Greek DODSFERD unleash rippin´ Thrashing Nordic-influenced Hellenic Black Metal in the vein of early ("Return of...") BATHORY, DARKTHRONE, NARGAROTH, and CRAFT

*DODSTED "Desecrating the spirit of life" cd (12.00,-)
Hellenic black metal with Judas Iscariot / Katharsis influences.

*DOLENTIA  "Iniciacao Eversiva" cd (12.00,-)

*DOLENTIAN / TUMULUM "split" cd (12.00,-)
Violent and raw yet emotional black metal, based on nationalism and occultism vs black metal forged on relentless strikes of conquest & battlecries for the glory of the ancients. 500 copies only!

*DOM DRACUL "Attack on the Crucified" cd (12.00,-)
digipak. Raw black metal.

*DOMAINS "Sinister Ceremonies" cd (12.00,-)
Listen sample at bandcamp. Sinister death black from Spain.


*DOMINI INFERI "devil cvlt" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*DOOMED "doomed to death damned in hell" cd (12.00,-)
DOOMED. This band consisted of Chris Reifert (drums, vocals) and Danny Coralles (guitar) from AUTOPSY along with the Boogieman. The CD contains both seven-inch EPs they released (for Peaceville collectors´ club and Relapse) along with a bonus live track they would often do as an encore at AUTOPSY shows. All tracks appear on CD for the first time.

*DOOMED AND DISGUSTING "Satan´s Nightmare" cd (12.00,-)
Sadistik Exekution bass players solo of obscure stuff.

*DOOMINHATED "Inferno Caput Mundi" cd (12.00,-)
Long-overdue full-length album of high-calibre, yet still grim, still raging epic Pagan Black Metal from DOOMINHATED! With ´Inferno Caput Mundi (The Supreme Race)´ full-length album now available on CD, DOOMINHATED / RINGWRAITH mastermind Lord Cabal (´art and screams´) creates a skillful blend of gothic, melodic Death, and powerful Nordic-influenced epic Pagan Black Metal inspired by DARK FUNERAL, EMPEROR, BATHORY, and BORKNAGAR! Featuring some atmospheric medieval keyboards and ethereal female vocals (´whispers´) by Liv (similar to early WELTENBRAND)

*DOOMINHATED / RIGHWARITH "split" cd (12.00,-)
DOOMINHATED presents high-calibre Nordic Black Metal lyrically influenced by Charles Baudelaire and Diamanda Galas, but musically reminiscent of classic ABIGOR and early EMPEROR. RINGWRAITH features a more keyboard-oriented Tolkien Black Metal attack in the vein of immortal SUMMONING

*DOOMRAISER "Lords of Mercy" cd (12.00,-)
Traditional Doom metal

*DOOMSLAUGHTER "chants of obliteration" cd (12.00,-)
Blackened Death Metal


*DRAGOBRATH "And mountains openeth eyes..." cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal. Eastside rec

*DRAGOBRATH "Fra Myrer Taake..." cd (12.00,-)
black metal from ex-Kroda member

*DRAGOBRATH "Scripture of the Woods" cd (12.00,-)
Black Metal from ex-Kroda member

*DRASTUS "serpents chalice / material prima" mcd (8.00,-)
improved from the past. End All Life

*DRASTUS "taphos" mcd (5.00,-)
black metal

*DRAUGAR "Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy" cd (12.00,-)
folkblack/thrash, christhunt

*DRAUGAR "Weathering The Curse" cd (12.00,-)
us bm

*DREARINESS "My Mind is too weak to forget " cd (12.00,-)
Post Black / DSBM female vocalist. Dreariness is a new blackgaze / depressive black metal project from ROME, ITALY. Great atmosphere, melancholic melodies and painful vocals will draw you into a vortex of emotions. "My Mind is too Weak to Forget" will be the first debut album for them.


*DROWNED "Viscere Terrae" mcd (7.00,-)
german death metal with members of Necros Christos! Recommended

*DROWNING THE LIGHT "a world long dead" cd (12.00,-)

*DROWNING THE LIGHT "drowned" cd (12.00,-)

*DROWNING THE LIGHT "Lost kingdoms of a dark age" mcd (7.00,-)

*DROWNING THE LIGHT "oceans of eternity" cd (12.00,-)

*DROWNING THE LIGHT "serpents reign" cd (12.00,-)
little marks on discs, but nothing that effects playing.

*DRUDKH "A Furrow cut short" CD (12.00,-)
season of mist digipak

*DRUNKEN BASTARD "horns of the wasted" cd (12.00,-)

*DRUNKEN BASTARDS/RÖTTEN "global nuclearism" cd (12.00,-)

*DUB BUK "2014 album" cd (12.00,-)
2014 album. Title in ukraine language, means "nail".


*DUB DUK "Rus Ponad Vse!" cd (12.00,-)
ukraina pagan metal

*DUNKELGRAFEN "Oris Diabolis" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*DUNKELHEIT "Frozen in Eternity" cd (12.00,-)
Misanthropic Black Metal from Hungary... Debut album.

Misanthropic Black Metal from Hungary. Long awaited new album finally available


*DUSKEN "hateful" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*DUSTER "Fallen, Suicided & Forgotten" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*DUX "vintras" cd (12.00,-)
Following the demo Ezoterik sold out in a few unhappy months. DUX come back in top form with an album recorded under the aegis of the satanic priest Vintras. Always in a vein old school french black metal slightly thrash; aggressiveness. hatred. blasphemy and misanthropy are waiting for you. On jewelcase CD 8 tracks 45 minutes with 8 pages booklet.

*DYSANGELIUM "Leviaxxis " cd (6.00,-)
demo cd. pressed disc (not cdr!) but in cardboard cover.


*DYSTER "fallen, suicided & forgotten" cd (12.00,-)

*DYSTOPIA Nå "Syklus" cd (12.00,-)
black metal shoegaze. Avantgarde music.

*DÄMONEBLUT "das tor zur hölle" cd (12.00,-)
German total black metal! Recommended for fans old Absurd, true frost etc.


*EARTH "star condemn´d" cd (12.00,-)
iron fist prod.

*EBOLA "infernal revelation" cd (12.00,-)
old temple

*ECHOES OF YUL "Cold ground" cd (12.00,-)
Echoes of Yul is an act from Opale. Poland dwelling in a sound balanced between a relatively minimal and trance-inducing down-tempo akin to Jesu and the eerie discordant noise of Godflesh. The convergence of influences from two of the most prominent projects of one Justin K. Broadrick is for the most part extremely enjoyable with the duo presenting us a slow. minimal and repetitive style. with pleasant and simple melodies permeating a disturbing atmosphere punctuated with cryptic electronic effects.

*ECHTRA "paragate" cd (12.00,-)
metal drone folk.

*EDIEH "Spring Songs" cd (12.00,-)
Chinese neo-folk / dark-folk

*EGONOIR "a new philosphical thunder" cd (12.00,-)
temple of torturous

*EGZEKWIE "Czarna Noc Duszy" cd (12.00,-)
40 minutes of Funeral Doom Metal.

*EIBON "entering darkness" cd (12.00,-)

*EIDULON "Idolatriae" cd (12.00,-)
With the release of Eidulon’s debut CD Idolatriae, we at Malignant are pleased to welcome another new project into the cozy confines of our slowly expanding roster. 7 tracks of ultra bleak, abstract atmospheres, with sounds and textures that seem to seep from catacomb walls and come slithering out of subterranean chambers. Certainly, this can be classified as a dark ambient record, but at it’s core, it’s more than just that simple classification. There’s a gritty, more jagged edge here, with tetonic shifts, deep rumblings, and crackling, climatic squalls buried under a bed of ghostly reverb and haunting tonal resonance. Fits in nicely with past Malignant releases such as R|A|A|N´s ´The Nacrasti´, Heid´s ´Arktogaa´, and even Caul´s ´Crucible´ CD. In elegant 6 panel digipak, with stark black and white, carefully arranged illustrations inspired by Taschism and Spatial art. From gothtronic.com: "I am deeply impressed by this release, seven tracks of the finest dark ambient recommended tor all people who like this kind of music. This is pure beauty with great atmospheres making you dream away to the furthest regions, to places were no man has ever put his feet. Be nice to yourself and purchase this great release."

*EIKENSKADEN "There is No Light at the End of the Tunnel" cd (12.00,-)
raw french black metal

*EINDIG "Doodschrift" cd (12.00,-)
depressive black metal

*EINSAMTOD "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Nature inspired Black metal. haunting from the carpathian Forests of Slovakia. An intensive mixture of harsh. epic and melancholic Emotions.

*EISENWINTER "verkommen, entartet und verreckt" cd (12.00,-)
raw and filthy nsbm. Werewolf records

*EKKLESIAST "XOAOA" cd (12.00,-)
death doom. Soliture records

*ELDERBLOOD "Son Of The Morning " cd (12.00,-)
Symphonic Black Metal. Majestic and truly unique Black Metal band from the Ukraine. Think of mid Emperor and mid Dimmu Borgir however with a classic approach and much more organic sounding. Their are hints that the band is from the Ukraine however they have their own sound and feel and offer up a truly masterful dose of heavy melodic black metal with excellent keyboards to add that extra touch that will lead you to the outer realms. Features former members of Nokturnal Mortumn!!!

*ELDRIG "Everlasting War Divinity" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal. eastside

*ELIMI "asylum" cd (12.00,-)
"Finally is ELIMI’s second fullength album available again. It was first released by Eerie Art Records. But no signs on life from the label on a couple years. the band turned to Unexploded Records. A killer piece of northern black metal. destined to sweep away their predecessor. The formula is classic without being obsolete. thanks to a songwriting stronger than ever that created clear but complex song structures. ranging from different facets and moods of swedish black metal: melancholic. groovy. brutal. atmospheric; but also different styles because aside the primary black metal influence there are prog. psychedelic. thrashy interferences. “Asylum” could be called the album of thousand riffs. so is the infinite serie of guitars work and lead bass that makes it live and creative from the beginnig till the majestic final episode."

*ELIMI "The Seed" mcd (6.00,-)
Here we have the new Mini CD of Elimi. 2 songs with a playing time of 21 minutes. Expect melodic black metal in the typical swedish style.


*ELITE "bifrost" cd (12.00,-)
norway. bm.

*ELYSIAN BLAZE "beneath silent faces" cd (12.00,-)

*ELYSIAN BLAZE "levitating the carnal" cd (12.00,-)
new full length, black/funeral doom.

*EMANATION "the emanation of begotten chaos from god" cd (12.00,-)
Black - doom - grey matter

*EMBALMED "Exalt The Imperial Beast" cd (12.00,-)
After 17 years of strategically scattered EPs & demos. EMBALMED finally mark their triumphant return with their very first full-length album. Hailing from the darkest abyss of Mexico. EMBALMED leave nothing to subtlety when it comes to their raison d'etre - "Exalt the Imperial Beast"! A ceaselessly violent. gnawing torrent of black/death barbarity and sulfurous ritualism that is equally atrocious and dark but still retains a certain Death Metal character in the songwriting. A cult name that lurked in the shadows for far too long. EMBALMED surpass 95% of what is being offered in the current "black/death" scene - worship or die! Recommended for diehards of BESTIAL WARLUST. early MYSTIFIER. classic TEITANBLOOD. IMPURITY. and NYOGTHAEBLISZ.

*EMBRACE OF THORNS "prevalence: a decade of atomic genocide" cd (12.00,-)

*EMIT / VROLOK "split" cd (12.00,-)
black noise

*EMK "Existence if futile" cd (12.00,-)
black metal, strong & fierce, but still with keyboards and "symphonic" touch. NMB records

*EMME YA "Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems " cd (12.00,-)
40 minutes of dense astral emanations and magickal paradigms transmitted through the ritual mantras generated by Emme Ya. Emme Ya’s ‘Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems’ is based on the mysterious African Dogon tribe and their secret oral tradition. In the 1930s two anthropologists gained their trust enough to be told these remarkable secrets. The Dogon seemed to possess advanced astronomical knowledge beyond their means. without any instruments. They revealed that the star Sirius was orbited by the ‘smallest and heaviest of all stars’ and drew its elliptical orbit. which spans 50 years. This white dwarf (Sirius B) is so invisible that the first image was only obtained by scientists in 1970. But the Dogon also told of a third star in the system named Emme Ya (now Sirius C). This was only discovered in 1995 and only with the use of advanced infrared imaging. The Dogon say that their information was given to their ancestors through contact with beings from the star system of Sirius. calling these beings Nommos or ‘the monitors of the universe’. Cold Spring.

*EMPALIGON "Black Dominated Annihilation" cd (12.00,-)
brutal black/death

*EMPEROR "prometheus" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPIRE AURIGA "auriga dying" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPIRE FALLS "2000H8" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPIRE FALLS "death to false hardcore" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPIRE FALLS "join or die" cd (8.00,-)

*EMPIRE FALLS "on the attack" cd (12.00,-)
best of unreleased works 2003-2005

*EMPIRE FALLS "rac forever" cdr (7.00,-)
ltd 100 cdr in dvd box with insert. Includes Why has hardcore gone gay?. lots of own tracks and cover songs.

*EMPIRE FALLS "rekindling the fire" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPIRE FALLS "scene of the crime - the eps 1996-2004" cd (12.00,-)
compilation of 7"s. Fierce negative hardcore - with Arghoslent connections. Remember track from Crushing Rainbows comp!

*EMPIRE FALLS "underdogs" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPIRE FALLS "war is inevitable" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPIRE FALLS "we live to be hated" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPIRE FALLS / ANTAGONIZERS "split" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPIRE FALLS / CREEPOUT "split" cd (12.00,-)

*EMPTY "A Source of hollow essence" cd (12.00,-)
black metal with early Satyricon / Emperor influences


*EMPTY "Etica Profana Negativa " cd (12.00,-)
EMPTY, since 1995 are spreading their will of death and uneasiness through their funerary art. The band is back now with the album called “ETICA PROFANA NEGATIVA”. An album that like a cursed shadow whispering to your subconscious over and over again the senseless of the being of the life itself. A devious path with dramatic landscapes of narrow desolation, which leads the band to the peak of the everlasting and enduring sorrow of life…the peak of the blackest desolation of the moribund Black Metal scene.


*EMPTY "Last Breath of my Mortal Despair" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*EMYN MUIL "Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga " cd (12.00,-)

*ENCLAVE "paradise of putrefaction" cd (12.00,-)
furious black metal hymns with mystic keyboard atmospheres

*ENCOFFINATION "III - hear me o death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)" cd (12.00,-)
ultra down tuned slow morbid death doom

*ENCOFFINATION "O Hell. Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres" cd (12.00,-)
2011 album of Encoffination

*ENCOFFINATION "O' Hell. Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres" cd (12.00,-)
2011 album of Encoffination

*ENCOFFINATION "ritual ascenson beyond flesh" cd (12.00,-)

*END "end II" cd (12.00,-)
greek black metal

*ENDE "whispers of a dying earth" cd (12.00,-)

*ENDLESS BATTLE  "Brotherhood Of Hate" cd (12.00,-)
Ukraina black metal.


*ENDLESS BLIZZARD "remember your death" cd (12.00,-)
new on blackmetal.com

*ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN "ruin" cd (12.00,-)
Diehard fans of imaginative and unique Black Metal from EDM rejoice! Another 7 songs of outstanding ´one-of-a-kind´ Blackened artistry purveying grim insanity, darkened delirium, transcendental other-worldy dissonance, and disturbing sonic euphoria from the mysterious and enigmatic Kansai genius known only as CHAOS9! Fans all over the planet (from Southern California to Seattle and New York, over to France, England, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Russia, and Italy, etc.) have discovered the rare aural magic unleashed via the two previous albums ("Endless Dismal Moan" [self-titled debut, now SOLD OUT, pending re-issue in the future], and "Lord of Nightmare") to become rabid cult worshippers of this peerless one-man band. An inventive pioneering blend of necro Nordic influence and distinctly oriental atmosphere with quasi-post-industrial ambience and Underground aggression -- a truly singular, extraordinarily high-calibre potency and unparalleled creation is the triumphant domain of ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN! For the most part, still a ´secret´ virtually hidden to the majority of the mainstream press and so-called ´Kult´ cognoscenti, EDM exist successfully to consistently mesmerize and enthrall the adoring legions of addicted afficionados. The clues are revealed to only the most adventurous... Reject the dross of over-the-counter mediocrity for a taste of the new abyss welling up in your soul-- feed it with ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN "RUIN" now

*ENDURA "Black Eden" cd (12.00,-)
dark industrial

*ENFEUS LODGE "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
excellent epic and elitist black from france:new band of hunferd(O.T.A.L.) and Xaphan(Seigneur Voland.K-Nacht.Finis Gloria Dei)

*ENGORGE "Dead Fuck Blackness" cd (12.00,-)

*ENOCHIAN CRESCENT "black church" 2xCD (15.00,-)
previous album re-issue on digipak. including bonus material

*ENOCHIAN CRESCENT "black church" cd (12.00,-)
black jewelbox with silkscreened art on it. ltd version.

*ENOID "ataraxiis" cd (12.00,-)
The NEW "Ataraxiis" CD is the long-awaited third full-length album by ENOID from Switzerland. Featuring sickdrummer extraordinaire Bornyhake (also with BORGNE / KRIGAR), ENOID unleash a ferocious assault full of grim intensity, vitriol, and the utter misanthropy that made Nordic-influenced Black Metal of the early ´90s so unique and truly brilliant. Existing since 1996, ENOID attacks with onslaughts of crushing hyper-speed straight-ahead Black Metal brutality sure to impress and amaze die-hard fans of the best of the classic Norwegian scene such as MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, IMMORTAL, and early EMPEROR. With high-calibre precision and skilled aggression, ENOID always deliver total hellish chaos!

*ENOID "Dodssyklus" cd (12.00,-)

*ENOID/MORTUUS CAELUM/DIZZINESS  "split " cd (12.00,-)
Black metal. lower silesian stronghold


*ENSEPULCHRED "Suicide In Winter´s Moonlight" cd (12.00,-)
USA´s best kept secret in the torrid underbelly of the black metal world rapidly return with a new release! Originally released in an extremely limited run of hand numbered cd-rs in slimline dvd cases in 2006, we here at Autopsy Kitchen are so into this album that we couldn´t let it go unnoticed. This final and definitive version also includes a completely re-designed layout with a few newly recorded tracks not on the original version. "Suicide In Winter´s Moonlight" is 16 miserable tracks of lugubrious, woebegone black fire

*ENSEPULCHRED "The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars" cd (12.00,-)
Melancholic Black Metal on Autopsy Kitchen Records

*ENSHADOWED "Messengers of the darkset dawn" cd (12.00,-)
black metal in the norwegian way but with a very personal touch. With members of End, Burial Hordes, Merciless Crucifixion , Naer Mataron

*ENSHRINED "Derevelation" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*ENSNARED "Ravenous Damnation's Dawn" cd (12.00,-)
Wasting no time in staking their claim for death metal supremacy, Swedish newcomers ENSNARED unleash their debut mini-album, Ravenous Damnation's Dawn, following their hotly tipped 2011 demo. But let not their country of origin fool you, for ENSNARED are no mere old-school Swedeath revisionists: schooled in the "old," yes, but this fiery quartet mainline the blackthrashing insanity of '80s South America into a robust, gnarly soundfield that remains both fresh and timeless. With dizzying intensity and a flow that's forever straddling chaos and control, Ravenous Damnation's Dawn indeed ensnares the listener into a slipstream of diabolical majesty. Buttressed with CD bonus tracks from their 2011 demo, ENSNARED's Ravenous Damnation's Dawn proves that the first strike is indeed deadly! Front cover art by Daniel Selfdesecrator done with real blood, and design by Tlmnn (Necros Christos, Drowned)

*ENTASIS  "evil rise" cd (7.00,-)

*EOLE NOIR "s/t" mcd (7.00,-)
limited 200 copies. black metal

*EONA "Croyances Eternalles" cd (12.00,-)
celtic heathen music with Sombre Chemin member

*EPIDEMIA MORTALIIS "when the epidemic arrived..." cd (12.00,-)

*EPITHALIUM "Ausrottung " cd (12.00,-)
Originally released by Nebelfee Klangwerke in 2005. re-released by Misanthropic Art Productions in 2014!


*EPITHALIUM "Gottesaustreibung / Christenausweidung" cd (12.00,-)
german nsbm. Brand new Songs from this extrem Black Metal underground Band. With Members from the mighty german underground Band Totenburg. Limited to 233

*EPPING FOREST "Everblasting Struggle" cd (12.00,-)
"Everblasting Struggle" the debut album of Epping Forest, one of the earliest Portuguese Blackened Death Metal bands in existence. This mythological masterpiece in Blackened Death Metal with Corpus Christii members it´s now available!

*EQUIMANTHORN  "exalted are the 7 throne bearers of ninnkigal" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*EQUINOXIO "by the serpent and the will" cd (12.00,-)
black metal from Panama.

*EQUINOXIO "by the serpent and the will" cd (12.00,-)

*EREVOS AENAON / KULT OF TAURUS "born of fire forged of death" cd (12.00,-)

*ERIC LUNDE "ootheka" cdr (8.00,-)

*ESCARNIUM  "Rex Verminorum " cd (12.00,-)
Escarnium from Brasil - a band founded by Victor Elian (vocals, guitars), a former member of currently non-existing Impetuous Rage, later known as Poisonous. EP "Rex Verminorum" on CD inlcluding 3 brand new tracks + 4 songs from Covered in Decadence demo in total length of about 30 minutes. Great material! Escarnium combines South American acts such as Krisiun, Rebelliun with Scandinavian Death Metal.

*ESCATHON  "Causa Fortior" cd (12.00,-)
Debut cd after some demo material...traditional black metal in the vein of Moonblood,Naer Mataron and some Norwegian masters such as early Gorgoroth,Darkthrone. Nykta prods

*ESKATOZOA "Cosmic Elements Coalesce " cd (12.00,-)
Eskatozoa's sound is rooted in the abyssal depths of the early universe and extends as far as the most distant future. Hurled across millions of ages, experience the darkness of a photon-devouring black hole; the brilliance of the brightest supernovae; the terrifying isolation and endless repetition of empty space. The vistas without solid boundaries you sense convolute and congeal into undulations shimmering and swooshing, twirling and twinkling. Now accessible here, on Earth. Debut album in luxurious digipak.

*ESOTERICA "Aseity" cd (12.00,-)
USA Black metal. massive sound with gloomy keyboards.


*ESSENZ  "KVIITIIVZ - Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen" cd (12.00,-)
ESSENZ likes to paint a hole in your heart. The feeling which creeps into your eyes, ears and mouth... upon your neck. Transcend this feeling into meditation. Let KVIITIIVZ surround you and... grow. The great calling of the unseen. Below, above and arround us. Right now and forever.


*ETERNAL NIGHT "Our Failed Human Existence " cd (12.00,-)
depressive black metal

*ETERNITY "and the gruosome returns with every night" cd (12.00,-)

*ETERNITY "Funeral Mass" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal

*ETERNITY "pestiferious hymns rev I-I-XXXIII" cd (12.00,-)

*ETERNUM "Arms of Sacrifice" cd (12.00,-)
Compilation of demo recordings. Combines the Promo 2009 (tracks 7 - 10) as well as the Demo 2012 (tracks 1 - 6).

*ETERNUM "Veil of Ancient Darkness " cd (12.00,-)
Re-issue of Eternum's debut full length album."Veil of Ancient Darkness" offers hateful,epic, and barbaric Black Metal in the vein of the infamous Polish hordes of the 90s!


*ETHER "Depraved. Repressed Feelings" cd (12.00,-)
The first album from Ether (the new project from Scythrawl of Trails of Anguish and Unquintessence) represents a journey into despair and the deep. negative emotions that grip those who just can't cope with their surroundings. Sick. twisted. brutal. depressive and eerie at the same time. the Black Metal of Ether is the soundtrack of a nightmare that never seems to stop!

*ETHEREAL WOODS  "Kenilworth" cd (12.00,-)
Third album. This time ETHEREAL WOODS return with an even heavier sound (now touching Death Metal), retaining their Doomy and melancholic sound while infusing a dose of sylvian fantasy into their unique Elizabethan theme.

*ETHEREAL WOODS "thickthorn" cd (12.00,-)
"The debut album, “Thickthorn”, has now been released. Dreamy, melancholic, mid-tempo, yet at the same time raw and primitive Black Metal" Supernal music

*EVANGELIVM "nightside of eden" cd (12.00,-)
“Nightside of Eden is a result of the cold landscapes of Russia and the devotion of the 2 mystics behind Evangelivm, a channel of theistic gospel of Satan. Evangelivm also stands as the first signing of Hammer of Hate outside of Finland and quickly shows to the receiver of its black aura the reason why such a pact was made. This debut release of the coven spreads their new millenia Black Metal to poison the world with the wisdom of the ancient serpent. If we want to avoid the label of ´religious Black Metal´ Evangelivm´s audial propaganda could be described as powerful and dark Black Metal with malicious melodies accompanied with a preaching voice of Satanic terror. In nomine dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi!”

*EVERWINTER "final victory" cd-r (5.00,-)
raw black metal. CDr has professional covers and on-body print on disc! You could be almost fooled to consider this normal CD! Very high quality. Antinomian records.

*EVIG NATT "I´m silence" cd (12.00,-)
gothic doom

*EVIL "Ashes of Old " digi cd (12.00,-)
Brazil black metal. Darker than black.

*EVIL "Legenda neskrotnych Zivlov" cd (12.00,-)
The debut album of this promising Slovak horde offers 6 tracks of intense but melodic Black Metal lyrically based on the novel “Nevesta Hô¾” witten by František Švantner. The CD comes with the 8-page booklet with lyrics written in Slovak and translated to English.


*EVIL ANGEL "unholy fight for metal" cd (usa version) (12.00,-)
re-mastered US pressing of cd!

*EVIL ANGEL  "Unholy Fight For Metal" cd (12.00,-)
black-death-trash-metal attack!

*EVIL ARMY "evil army" cd (12.00,-)
Some of the very best real thrash around these days! Not to be lumped in with the latest craze of crappy thrash polluting the underground. Features 13 tracks of demonic driven speed metal with a raw hardcore attitude. For fans of old SLAYER, D.R.I., old METALLICA ("Kill ´Em All" era, says HHR!

*EVIL INCARNATE  "Waiting For His Return" cd (12.00,-)

*EVISCERATE "Beneath Dying Skies" cd (12.00,-)
“ place the CD in the player and get absolutely and completely blown away from their music. Now if there’s a band with talent and potential. then it’s these guys. Their black metal is both old fashioned. but with a modern edge to the sound. and technical.” Tombstone

*EVOKED CURSE "merciless revenge" cd (12.00,-)

*EVOKEN "Embrace the emptiness" cd (12.00,-)
slow and massive doom. Recommended

*EVOL "the sage of the horned king" 2x cd (15.00,-)

*EWIG FROST "Blue Septime Winters" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*EWIGES REICH  "Blutsturm" cd (12.00,-)
After 5 years of silence EWIGES REICH finaly returns with the band`s fourth album ! As expected. nothing less than fast and hateful Black Metal. but this time far more varied with slow and mid-paced passages and mixed with some thrashy elements!

*EWIGES REICH "thron aus eis" cd (12.00,-)

*EXCESSUM "Death Redemption" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal influenced by Dissection, Sacramentum and Watain

*EXECUTION HILL "King the Gallows " cd (12.00,-)
Lower Silesian Stronghold


*EXEKRATOR "Ordo Bestiae" cd (12.00,-)
Unique Black / Heavy Metal from Denmark. With dramatic vocals and theatrical arrangements, yet staying 100% Metal all the way, they sound like adrenaline charged Black Metal answer to Mercyful Fate! "Some of the best, most powerful heavy metal that I´ve heard in a long time" - Canadian Assault. Bestial Burst.

*EXMORTUS "un hatreds flame" cd (12.00,-)

*EXORDIUM "In Wrath Principle" cd (12.00,-)
Debut full length. Known from 10"/mCD. 7". live tape. V/A Crushing The Holy Trinity. but in first album Exordium is stronger than ever! Fast and aggressive black metal from Finland! NORTHERN HERITAGE


*EXORDIUM "s/t" mcd (7.00,-)
intro + 3 songs in 24 minutes. Previously been released by NH as 10" vinyl, limited 400 copies and sold out long ago. CD version is re-mastered with louder and clearer drums. Booklet with lyrics and lay-out following the dark style of original 10" version. Raw, but well played black metal ! See their interview in NH#3 zine! Northern Heritage.

*EXTINCTION "Down Belong the fog" cd (12.00,-)
album of tortured black sounds

*EXTINCTION "The Black Hex" mcd (7.00,-)
Mix Abruptum and slowest suicidal doom and you get something what is close to Extinction type of slow black noise.

*EXTREME NOISE TERROR "law of retaliation" cd (12.00,-)

*EYECULT "Morituri Te Salutamus" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*EZGAROTH "DCLXVI: The Order" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal


*F.ORMAL L.ORGIC D.ECAY "Lovstakken" cd (10.00,-)
the structure of this album is based on the harmonized parts of a pure ambientalistic live recording done on the mountain of Lovstakken, Bergen, Norway , processed moments of those sound recordings and music inspired by the sensations of that moments a wonderful / atmospheric ambient trip inspired by the mountain of lovstakken

*FAAGRIM "blutfrost" cd (12.00,-)

*FACE DOWN / REMASCULATE "split" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*FALKENBACH "...En Their Medh Riki Fara... " cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*FALL "Samozatracenie" cd (12.00,-)
Half year since the first well-composed demo, the new Polish BM horde “Fall” strikes again, and they do succeed! With more melancholic sounds, a denser atmosphere, a man destructs himself in the falling forest!

*FALL OF THE GREY WINGED ONE "Heons of dreams" cd (12.00,-)
guitar-drone ultra doom. Supernal Music

*FALL OF THE IDOLS "ascension 2000-2007" cd (12.00,-)
finnish doom

*FALLEN FUCKING ANGELS "everything concerning pork" cd (12.00,-)

*FALLS OF RAUROS  "Hail Wind and Hewn Oak" cd (12.00,-)
Amongst the woods, winds, and celestial nights lay these compositions that are best described as Black Folk Metal. Utilizing Black Metal as the monolithic basis of the album; acoustic and electric movements provide for intricately detailed song structures that uphold an organic mood throughout.

*FANGORN "Mysterious Land" mCD (7.00,-)
Pagan Metal from St. Petersburg/Russia.

*FARSCAPE "for those who love to kill" cd (12.00,-)
no colours

Frail and delicate ambient atmospheres, clusters of rarefied piano notes lying on discreet drones, soft and evanescent clarinet riffs, suggesting and catching natural sounds... Light and ethereal pastel-coloured musical plots... Eight tracks, one hour of suspended and quiet sonic passages, flowing like discreet background, or to listen/see in a passionate mood, dreaming in silence, lying in gloom... Wonderful ambient stuff from these two Russian artists in the same vein of some of Harold Budd´s works... Well known for their previous works on Russian FARIA Records, Faryus in the past has also crafted an album in collaboration with Robert Rich.

*FATUM ELISUM "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Fatum Elisum were formed in march 2007 with the intention of playing doom death metal with a dark mystical melancholic aura. Inspired by the early death doom metal scene - no keyboards or female vocals - with a twisted sickening dark metal edge. Musical inspirations are reflected in admirations for bands such as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Cathedral, Saint Vitus, Mourning Beloveth, Evoken, Ataraxie, Indesinence, Deinonychus, Bethlehem, Esoteric, Shining, Silencer, Hellhammer and Celtic Frost; whilst literary inspiration comes from: Antonin Artaud, Cioran, William Blake, the Bible, Bardo Thodol, Charles Beaudelaire, Lautréamont, François Villon, Joachim Du Bellay, Nietzche and Schopenhauer.

*FAULNIS "Letharg" mcd (7.00,-)
black metal. christhunt

*FAUST "Faust in Autumn" 3xCD + DVD (27.00,-)
two discs with full sets. one cd with best of UK tour 2005. and dvd with best of songs.

*FAUST "from glory to infinity" cd (12.00,-)
evolutionary death metal. Abyss Records

*FAUSTRECHT "DemoNiak" cd (12.00,-)
fast and chaotic black metal

*FDS "XII.07" mcd (7.00,-)
polish black metal with massemord / furia members.

*FEAR OF ETERNITY "ancient symbolism" cd (12.00,-)
bm. Moribund cult records.

*FEAR OF ETERNITY "funeral mass" cd (12.00,-)
US black metal. Moribund

*FEAR OF ETERNITY "Spirit of Sorrow" cd (12.00,-)
bm. Moribund

raw black metal with a touch of "epic" (near to nargaroth)

*FENRIA "De At Doden Vigda" cd (12.00,-)
The Debut Album of an allegorical piece of proclaimed Evil Necro Black Metal in the old Swedish vein from 90's, with distic lyrics sumerged in suffering whispers and propentions alusives to Death. Includes members of SETHERIAL, DIABOLICUM and DIABOLICAL.

*FENRIA "De Åt Döden Vigda" cd (12.00,-)

*FENRISULF "Eternal Inheritance" cd (12.00,-)
The Last Release Japan Cult Black Metal. MANIERISME member was in them...... limited to 500..... Raw. cold and melodic. Check out!

*FESTER "the commitments that shattered 1991-1992" cd (12.00,-)
norwegian re-issue!

*FIEND "Black Abhorrent Metal" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal on Warfront prod.

*FIMBUL "Ramnens Ferd" cd (12.00,-)
Norwegian Black Metal with Ambient interludes. "Ramnens Ferd" is a compilation CD of the two Fimbul demos, "Vinterland", and "Det Siste Slaget" both recorded in 1995. This is the first time this material has been released on CD. Eight Grim, Atmospheric Dark Metal Symphonies

*FIMBULTYR "Gryende Tidevarv" cd (12.00,-)
"The Swedish band FIMBULTYR delivery an awesome debut album of viking-inspired black metal. Melodic but also with a heavy and brutal sound and with beautiful folk music elements to show the bands their uniqe style. With "Gryende Tidevarv" they take an immense step towards the top of Black/Viking Metal scene. Fimbultyr recieved great response from the metalpress with great reviews; 8/10 My Last Chapter, 8/10 Metalmessage, 7/10 Bloodchamber, 7/10 Close Up. "

*FIN "Refutable Arts of the Noble Reserve" cd (12.00,-)
Non-stop riffing, black metal war hymns, without unnecesities.


*FINIST "awakening" cd (12.00,-)
power metal with Nokturnal Mortum member

*FINIST "nightmares" cd (12.00,-)
power metal with Nokturnal Mortum member

*FINNGALKN "Horns Against Heaven" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*FINNR´S CANE "wanderlust" cd (12.00,-)
Cold and melancholic music with deep climate of a winter journey, varying from fierce and freezing Black Metal parts to the atmospheric landscapes created with acoustic guitars, cello and clean singing with progressive Dark Doom Metal dimensions. For fans of AGALLOCH, early ULVER, etc

*FIRE + ICE "fractured man" cd (18.00,-)
Ian Read founded Fire + Ice in 1991 after several years as a member of Sol Invictus. FIRE + ICE takes the purity and philosophy of early music and melds it into a message redolent with powerful seeds of honour. truth. loyalty and the bond of true friendship. The music reflects Ian Read's keen interests in magic lore. runes. tradition. renaissance medievalism. Nordic mysticism and other occult mysteries. His work as Fire + Ice has a large amount of influence on neofolk music The year 2000 saw the last last Fire + Ice release "Birdking". this higly praised album already a classic in this genre. is now followed by "Fractured Man". 12 years later Ian Read and his contributors are showing that Fire + Ice music is still outstanding in the nowadays neofolk music scene. The well arranged conceptional recordings are refreshening a whole genre. together with the participating artists Ian Read did create another milestone in his musical carreer. FIRE + ICE is Ian Read - vocals with the following contributions: Ælfsiden - Annabel Lee: violin. Hohner pianet. Michael Moynihan: bodhrán. Caratacus - Douglas P: guitar. Fractured Man - music by Unto Ashes (Michael Laird: harmonium. Annabel Lee: violin). Fractured Again - Douglas P: guitar. backing vocal. Ericah Hagle: backing vocal. Have You Seen? - music by Bart Farar/Unto Ashes (Bart Farar: guitar. Michael Laird: hammered dulcimer. autoharp. mandolin. other voices). Jubal and Tubal Cain - music by Unto Ashes (Michael Laird: mandolin. Appalacian dulcimer. guitar. bells. Annabel Lee: violin). Mr Wednesday - David: Rickenbacker . Terry Davey: frame drum. fiddle. guitars and arrangement (additional bodhrán by Michael Moynihan). Treasure House. Nimm and Verloschen - music by Sonne Hagal. with additional guitar by Vurgart. (Nimm features additional bodhrán by Michael Moynihan.) Recorded at The Electric Cat/Luftschutz Entertainment. Potsdam 2011 Annabel Lee's Violin and Michael Moynihan's bodhrán recorded by Robert Ferbrache at Absinthe Mobile in Vermont.

*FIRE+ICE "hollow ways" cd (16.00,-)
cult neofolk legend

*FIRE+ICE "midwinter fires" cd (16.00,-)
cult neofolk legend

*FIRE+ICE "runa" cd (16.00,-)
neo folk

*FIRST HUMAN FERRO "corona astralis" cd (6.00,-)
dark ambient. New copies, but with small "dot" style scratches, therefore cheap price. Works in player, but looks 2nd hand.

*FIRST HUMAN FERRO WITH KENJI SIRATORI "adamnation" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*FIRST LAW "A Future So Bright" cd (12.00,-)
In its 20 years of existence -meanwhile the mastermind Andreas Wahnmann also has been active in several other musical projects- FIRST LAW released six full length CDs up to now and developed a trademark in sound research that is truly genre defying. The album title and the cover art for this magical 7th album stand in strong contrast to the musical content and the album manifests its ironical and deliberately conflicting nature right from the start. Deep and throbbing rhythmic patterns. endless layers of guitars droning and manipulated vocals are opposed by disturbingly beautiful melodies. The complexity of the recordings just emphasizes its depressing nature and takes the listener on a journey through sound and emotion. A FUTURE SO BRIGHT is nothing less than an outstanding sound-scape that flows like a hallucinatory maelstrom and marks the darkest release of FIRST LAW so far.

*FIRST LAW "terrorforming" cd (12.00,-)
new on Loki Foundation

*FISTULA "burdened by your existence" CD (12.00,-)
heaviest sludge mayhem!!

*FJORD "Vor Tru" cd (12.00,-)
At last. the storm from Northern Vinland is unleashed upon Midhgardhr! Fjörd’s debut full length album VOR TRU is ready to wage war through the nine worlds with its unique genre of Wotanic folk-metal inspired by legendary bands such as Isengard. Bathory. Storm and Hades. Ten thundering hymns of war and heathen pride. courage and valour. sacrifice and death are sung with clean. deep vocals exclusively and supported by a massive wall of sound and battle drums. This comes with a 16 page full-coloured booklet with lyrics and impressive graphic work.

*FJORSVARTNIR "Legions Of The North" cd (12.00,-)
Missing the old honorable days of Scandinavian Black Metal? Fjorsvartnir awoke ancient spirits buried at the beginning of 90s when coldness and grimness ruled above all. Legions Of The North truly defend what once was called Black Metal! Strong and direct riffing. deep and gloomy atmosphere filled with majestic ambient passages.


*FJÖRD "vor-tru" cd (12.00,-)
totenkopf propaganda

*FLAGELLANT "monuments" cd (12.00,-)
W.T.C. prod

*FLAGELLANT (SWE) "morbus nefastus" cd (12.00,-)
reissue of demo


*FLAGELLUM DEI "malbork" cd (12.00,-)
straight forward black metal with studio sound but still not very polished or too clean

*FLAGELLUM DEI "Order of the Obscure " cd (12.00,-)

*FLAME "Into The Age of Fire" cd (12.00,-)
extremely brutal old school thrashing black. Not happy sounding at all. Just crude and filthy.

*FLAME "march into firelands" cd (12.00,-)
Prepare to March Into Firelands - FLAME are here to burn you straight to hell! A cult name in their native Finnish scene, FLAME summon forth triumphant epics of gnarliness that are equal parts ancient blackthrash and just-as-ancient bestial metal. And now, six years after their Into the Age of Fire debut LP, FLAME return with the highly anticipated March Into Firelands, proving that their unholy conflagration's as potent as ever: dynamic yet immediately headbanging, rooted in the old ways yet never recreating anyone's past glories... feel this FLAME and take this torch! Played by members of Adorior, Barathrum, Urn & Hell Spirit. CD booklet features killer artwork by Juanjo Castellano (Incantation, Anal Vomit, etc) across 12 pages with lyrics, photos, etc

*FLAME / GHASTLY "morbid split" cd (12.00,-)
A split release with Asphyxiate Rec. limited to 500 copies. Ghastly is a new project with people from Myddraal and Misery´s Omen. they black original black horror metal with thrash touch. Flame is quite well know by their split EP with Devil Lee Rot at Iron Pagazus. they contribute their stunning demo Demonic Curse with new sound to this Split

*FLAME OF WAR "europa or the spirit among the ruins" cd (12.00,-)
heathen metal

*FLAME OF WAR "Long Live Death!" cd (12.00,-)

*FLAYING "Commandments - Violated" cd (12.00,-)
brutal death

*FLEGETHON "Behind A Side Of Times " cd (12.00,-)
funeral doom ambient

*FLESHPRESS "acid mouth strangulation" cd (12.00,-)
new album out now! Gatefold cover on cd size. Svart. Says: "Suffocating home-brewed hypnotic sludge rock from the northern swamps. On their fifth full length album Finnish sludge rockers Fleshpress evolve from their days as a rough. gritty metal machine towards the unknown. These three long tracks ebb and flow with an organic pulse. from slowly meditative passages to black swamp-sludge metal. An unsettling but oddly beautiful experience."

*FLESHPRESS "III" cd (12.00,-)
2014 repress of 3rd album of Fleshpress. Heavy, slow and dark.

*FLESHPRESS "Pillars" cd (12.00,-)
Repress of praised 4th album! Sludge-doom-bizarre

*FLESHPRESS "Tearing Skyholes" CD (12.00,-)
Four men dragging behind them a weight equal to the burden of existence. Years and years of constant uphill struggle, slowly rising from sludgy roots towards a plane never walked, witnessed or heard. Parched skin and weary posture may fool the uninitiated, for this troupe will bare their teeth when you least expect it, devouring all like the gaping maw of a sudden storm. All this manifests on Tearing Skyholes, the sixth album by Fleshpress. The years travelled off the beaten path show in the pure vision and determination to deliver the ultimate work of sound thus far. Ironically, the sound now being stripped to bare essentials, the music reveals unprecedented sonic richness and atmosphere. Make no mistake; the teeth are still sharp, the spit remains venomous and the heaviness is still more than you can handle, but something new and far more ominous is brooding inside this beast.


*FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR "lore" cd (12.00,-)
No colours digipak ltd 333.

*FLUISTERWOUD "Cangs Galg en Rad" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Fullmoon prod

*FOG "Through the eyes of night winged they come" cd (12.00,-)
us bm

*FOLKEARTH "by the sword of my father" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*FOLKEARTH "drakkars in the mist" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*FOLKEARTH "fatherland" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*FOLKEARTH "rulers of the sea" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*FOLKEARTH "songs of yore (acoustic)" cd (12.00,-)
pagan folk

*FOLKSTORM "folksongs" cd (12.00,-)
Folkstorm returns to follow up the successful 2009 album "Ortodox" with another crushing assault on your senses. This time Nordvargr pushes the sound even further and adds a more classic songstructure and vocals to the album - hence the title. While still maintaining a harsh old-school industrial vibe, these recordings takes Folkstorm to a whole new level. Welcome to explore the wrath of a man gone seriously pissed off with everyone and everything. Don´t loose the chance to taste the new Folkstorm Combat Folk-Pop(?)!

*FOLKSTORM "information blitzkrieg" cd (12.00,-)
one of better albums of Nordvargr of MZ.412

*FOLKSTORM "sweden" cd (12.00,-)
2009 cold spring pressing

*FOLKSTORM  "victory or death" cd (12.00,-)
2009 cold spring records pressing

*FOLKVANG "World of Wisdom" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal on Ancient Nation Records

*FOMORII / WIATR "split" cd (12.00,-)
Two full-length recordings from Heathen / Pagan Black Metal bands [both] featuring members of GEIMHRE, Canadian NSBM veterans signed to Stellar Winter Russia! FOMORII (with the line-up of: guitarist Vintrtrol, drummer Wiatr, and vocalist/bassist Guerfaul; plus additional vocals by WH Volk of GRIM WINTER) purvey elite Nordic-influenced Black Metal with a wide range of dynamic styles from traditional-based folk-oriented instrumental music, to anthemic Viking Metal, and grim raw BM orthodoxy in the vein of early GRAVELAND, BILSKIRNIR, and DARKTHRONE. WIATR (featuring GEIMHRE drummer Wiatr) are very similar to both FOMORII and GEIMHRE, but also strongly inspired by early ULVER and TEMNOZOR-- evident by the crystalline high-calibre acoustic tracks, and the TEMNOZOR cover-version

*FOR RUIN "december" cd (12.00,-)
black metal from Ireland

*FORESEEN "Helsinki Savagery" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish thrashing

*FOREST "As a Song in the Harvest of Grief" cd (12.00,-)
blazebirth hall elite! Original ISO 666 release!!

*FOREST "As A Song In The Harvest Of Grief" cd (stellar 49) (12.00,-)
Stellar winter re-release

*FOREST "Foredooming the Hope for Eternity" cd (12.00,-)
blazebirth hall elite! Original ISO 666 release!!

*FOREST "Like a blaze above the ashes" cd (12.00,-)
essential blazibirth hall release!! Original ISO 666 release!!

*FOREST OF IMPALED  "Rise And Conquer" cd (12.00,-)
black metal on Red Stream rec.

*FOREST OF STARS "the corpse of rebirth" cd (12.00,-)

*FORGJORD "ajasta ikuisuuteen" cd (12.00,-)
new on Hammer of hate

*FORGOTTEN HORROR "the serpent creation" cd (12.00,-)
Woodcut. Finnish black death

*FORGOTTEN TOMB "Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years" cd (12.00,-)
Long awaited and long time out-of-press re-master of the band’s classic album. Limited edition with unreleased pictures and new liner notes by Herr Morbid himself. A must-have for all the fans of the band as well as for everyone into negative and obscure Black Metal. Includes bonus track.

*FORGOTTEN TOMB "Songs to Leave" cd (12.00,-)
A must-have for all the fans of the band as well as for everyone into negative and obscure Black Metal.

*FORGOTTEN TOMB "Springtime Depression" cd (12.00,-)
Long awaited and long time out-of-press re-master of the band’s classic album. Limited edition with unreleased pictures and new liner notes by Herr Morbid himself. Includes bonus track. A must-have for all the fans of the band as well as for everyone into negative and obscure Black Metal.

*FORGOTTEN TOMB "vol 5. 1999 2009" 2xCD (14.00,-)

*FORGOTTEN WOODS "selv av natten" cd (12.00,-)

*FORNACE "Pregnant Is The Night " cd (12.00,-)
Traditional Black/Death Metal with a touch of 80's metal influences. also inspired by old Rotting Christ. Varathron. Denial Of God. and Mystifier!!! A band that has had several line-up changes and has been honing it's craft since 2000!!! This is masterpiece of vicious Black/Death Metal with killer atmosphere and some really nice bass work as well which adds to the overall spirit of the album. This band is truly devoted to the root of Black/Death Metal!!!


*FORNICATOR "fornicator" cd (12.00,-)
sick grind with Pungent Stench and GG Allin covers among lots of their own songs

*FORNICATUS "omnium animalis terminus" cd (12.00,-)

*FOUDRE NOIRE "the dark gods" cd (12.00,-)
brilliant black metal project from finland/england with shatraug from horna.2 songs with a playing time of 38 minutes.

*FOURTH MONARCHY "Amphilochia" cd (12.00,-)
Lustreless digipack with gold stamping. Full-coloured 12 pages booklet with gold paint. The data side of the disc is gold-coloured and contains pit-art. Italian black metal

*FRA HEDENSK TID  "Kaiki eno Inorui" cd (12.00,-)
Primitive Melow Black Metal From Shizuoka Pref. Kawana was playing alone. But. Syuri (ex-Fenrisulf) joined 2012!! This is 1st Full-Length.

*FRANGAR  "Bulloni Granate Bastoni" cd (12.00,-)
Italian black metal

*FREITOD "possessed by the horns of terror" cd (12.00,-)

*FREYA ASWYNN "shades of yggdrasil" cd (16.00,-)
neo folk

*FROM BEYOND "sounds of the grave" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*FRONT BEAST "black spells of the damned" cd (12.00,-)

*FRONT BEAST "Demon Ways Of Sorcery " cd (12.00,-)
Since the late '90s. Germany's FRONT BEAST have been lurking in the darkest corners of the black metal underground. Helmed by mainman Avenger. FRONT BEAST have stayed committed to a pure 'n' proud vision. honoring the ancient ways with a prolific stream of demos and split releases. Now. FRONT BEAST are prepared to storm with vengeance with their second album (and first for HELLS HEADBANGERS). Demon Ways of Sorcery. Fittingly titled. Demon Ways of Sorcery is trend-free black metal of an ancient. mystical hue: damp dungeon atmosphere. crude yet commanding execution. thirsty 'n' miserable vocals. an aura of hideousness and unhealth. and an unselfconscious obeisance of time-honored heavy metal values. When the moonlight calls...obey the Demon Ways of Sorcery!

*FRONTBEAST / MEPHISTO "split" cd (12.00,-)
metal of death

Raw but melodic Black Metal from Canada. New album.


Raw but melodic Heathen Black Metal from Canada.

*FROSTGRAVE "hymn of the dead" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Another face of hell" cd (12.00,-)
new album on ISO666

*FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Dead and forever gone" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. ISO666

*FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Death Is Coming" cd (12.00,-)
second album. 8 hymns of disgust and hatred for mankind. Fast Black-Metal with some acoustic and melodic parts

*FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "the ends stand silent" cd (12.00,-)
Osmose prod.

*FROZEN DEATH "ravenstorm" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*FROZEN OCEAN  "Natt Over Meg" cd (12.00,-)
Final chapter of the "Norse" Trilogy, "Natt Over Meg" is devoted to mighty DARKTHRONE and expressed the same crust influenced black metal with a bit stronger touch of punk. Straight-out and nonchalant primitive aggression, able to crumble the ice armour of northern seas with a single strike, alternates with sorrowful and quaintly melodic slow digressions that freeze all feelings for a short while and obduce the listener with dormant beauty of Norwegian nature tempered the black rebel souls of still invincible Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. 16 terse anthems full of night coldness; 34 long minutes full of tempered hate; 0 vain doubts and reminiscences to fashionable metal of nowadays.


*FROZEN OCEAN "Vanviddsanger" mcd (7.00,-)
A second chapter of Frozen Ocean's conceptual Norse trilogy that is devoted to glorious days and glorious personalities of Norwegian Black Metal. Direct sequel of "Likegyldig Raseri" and direct prequel of "Natt Over Meg". 16 minutes long EP of crust influenced raw black metal (Norsk Svart Punk). cold and hollow as winter mountains. 8 tracks. short and persuasive as knife stab. Dedicated to Kvist.

*FROZEN SHADOWS "dans kes bras des immortels " cd (12.00,-)
Finally back in stock! Re-issue of great debut of this Canadian band. Imagine best sides of early Emperor with speed of Immortal and additional canadian coldness. A must have.

*FROZEN SHADOWS "Empires de glace" cd (12.00,-)
canadian black metal, with influence of old Emperor. Dark and cold.

*FROZEN SHADOWS "hantises" cd (12.00,-)
Holy Records 2004 press.


*FULL BLOWN AIDS "viral load" cd (12.00,-)
Sludgecore with Anal Cunt's Seth.

*FULL DECAY "Famine, War, Disease, Unfair Justice / Warrior of the Beast born by Flaming Gehenna" cd (12.00,-)
Re-release of the demo 1997 & album 2002. Cruel Satanic Death Metal; probably the only worthy representatives of the genre coming from our lands. Featuring NAV´ & OLD WAINDS members

*FUNERAL "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
compilation of the band FUNERAL from California. This band was formed by Eric Cutler (guitar) after AUTOPSY split along with sometimes AUTOPSY/DEATH member Steve Digorgio. The CD contains the never-released demo from 1996 and a rare instrumental rehearsal from the same year of tracks done after the demo. The material is in a similar vein to "Fiend For Blood" and "Acts Of The Unspeakable", with Eric´s trademark creepy riffs and gloomy atmosphere throughout. Both releases come with booklets containing lyrics, liner notes, rare photos, etc.

*FUNERAL FEAST "Genocide Ad Nauseam" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black/Death from 2003

*FUNERAL FOG "Isolated From Light " cd (12.00,-)
Italian suicidal black metal


*FUNERAL MOON "Beneath the curse light of spectral moon" cd (12.00,-)
guttural rec

*FUNERAL RITES  "necroeater" cd (12.00,-)
album from 2000 from this Japanese band

*FUNERAL WINDS "nexion xul - the cursed bloodline" cd (12.00,-)
Normal jewel case version with full colour 12 pages booklet. The Dutch cult band returns with their crushing third full length album. 9 tracks of pure old school Black Metal without compromise! TAMTIM GALLATIM MARATU… That Evil may return to the waters of origin!

*FUNERARIUM "nocthule" cd (12.00,-)
undercover records. black metal. Black Metal from Luxembourg. old Graveland-style

*FUNERARIUM "Valley of Darkness" cd (12.00,-)
black metal from Luxembourg. Black Metal from Luxembourg. old Graveland-style

*FUNERARY BELL "Graveyeard Séance / Horrific TransCosmic Overture" cd (12.00,-)
Expect nothing but relentless occult black metal from Finland which ethos draws from horror, mysticism and 90’s black metal. Digipack CD, includes also whole 'Horrific TransCosmic Overture' 4-track EP previously released only in Cassette format.

*FUNERARY BELL "the coven" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish band returns with full length! Mortuary Drape influenced black metal!

*FUNERARY BELL "the second manifestation" mcd (7.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*FUNERARY CALL "fragments from the aethyr" cd (12.00,-)
The grand master of black ambience returns with this new missive from beyond the chthonic depths. Featuring three extended descents into jet-black drift. funereal chamber music. monstrous metallic noise. booming ritualistic percussion. slit-throat recitations of formless horror. and further abyssal abominations. Fragments From The Aethyr presents a triptych of long. sprawling pieces that descend through dark layers of cinematic sonic horror. The music shifts between violin-led passages of pitch-black. dissonant chamber music backed by booming kettledrums and traces of modern music composition and the rotting exhalations of the dead. to blasts of crushing shapeless doom where huge metallic chords thunder in the deep. sending tremors of doom-laden dronemetal rumbling through the strata of Funerary Call's demonic industrial nightmares. The sound of Fragments sometimes resembles a Bela Bartok piece drifting through a fog of black-mass ambience and the murmerings of the long dead. the sound imbued with a deep ominous feel but also glowing with a mysterious dark beauty as it builds to a crescendo of black majestic power...

*FUNEREAL MOON "Evil Night of Heresy" cd (12.00,-)
obscure black metal

*FURIA "i krzyk" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*FÄULNIS "kommando thanatos" 7" (6.00,-)

*FÖRGJORD / NEKROKRIST SS "" cd (12.00,-)
collaboration of two Finnish bm bands. Hammer of Hate.


*GALGENBERG "blutgrund/galgenberg" digi-cd (13.00,-)
digipak. Polish black metal

*GALGERAS "Booswichterij" cd (12.00,-)
return of Galgeras with real drums and studio sound = better than ever.

*GALGERAS / GÖLL / VAZAL "rage, hate and chaos" cd (12.00,-)
limited only 300! raw black metal

*GALLHAMMER "gloomy lights" cd (12.00,-)
female only Japanese black-death with Hellhammer, Burzum & Amebix incluences

*GANZMORD "Monolithic In Darkness" cd (12.00,-)
raw bm with Darkthrone cover

*GASSTURM/RABENNACHT  "split" cd (12.00,-)

*GAUNTLET / CONTAGION BLACK "split" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*GAUNTLET´S SWORD "theosophy" cd (12.00,-)
Greek black metal

*GEIMHRE "Mollachd" cd (12.00,-)
stellar winter rec

*GELIDA OBSCURITAS "Heart of Chaos" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*GENITAL AMPUTATION "shitting through a mangled vagina" mcd (7.00,-)
New Finnish guttural sick gore influenced by Mortician. Pressed cd, but only 100 copies!! Bird Vomit Records.


*GERMANEN BLUT "die waelder midgards" cd (12.00,-)

*GEXEROTT "grim arcane winds" cd (12.00,-)

*GG ALLIN "always was, is and always shall be" cd (17.00,-)
Some essential scum rock

*GG ALLIN "trouble troubadour + bonus" cd (17.00,-)
classic scum fuck acoustic 7" with extra stuff + long phone conversation while GG´s prison stay..

*GHAST "way the curse bind" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*GHOST KOMMANDO "Abraxas Rising" mCD (7.00,-)
Breath Of Pestilence


*GHREMDRAKK "Sterrenpracht" cd (12.00,-)
A 60 min journey to the stars and beyond, looking for and becoming ultimate darkness. Ghremdrakk brings forth 8 tracks of Death Worship dedicated to Him. A protest against atheism and a manifesto for religious devotion. Escape Earth!

*GIBORALTAR "lichtgeburt" cd (12.00,-)
Debut CD for this Chilean band strongly influenced by Miguel Serrano´s Esoterism, a true manifesto of Heathen & Cosmic equilibrium between Man, Nature and Universe.

*GLACIATION "sur les falaises de marbre" cd (12.00,-)
Ex-members from Alcest, Peste Noire etc! Osmose.


*GLORIA DIABOLI "gate to sheol" cd (12.00,-)
Flesh awakens to the touch of an omniscient spirit. What are the fallacies of man, the wounds that never heal? Every breath opens the gates to everlasting judgement... and thus, the path to redemption is a singular one - the way of the Lord. GLORIA DIABOLI exists in pure servitude and surrender to the Devil. No obligation is greater, no sacrifice unsubstantiated in order to serve Him... in every imaginable prospect. Join us, and embrace His poison. With these opening words from Gloria Diaboli I give you the main musician / devotee from ex-Godless North who has passed on the chalice of poison and formed Gloria Diaboli. A masterful debut for anyone who has a taste for a totally untraditional approach of Orthodox BlacK Metal. Mastered under the supervision of Necromorbus Studios. Also the two tracks from Gloria Diaboli´s first EP 7" (sold out) is added onto this disc. Full lyrics inside the booklet.

*GNAW THEIR TONGUES "l arrivee de la terne mort triomphante" cd (12.00,-)
One of the extreme metal/industrial underground's most unique bands, Gnaw Their Tongues arises again with a new album of majestic, orchestral death-terror called L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante, a series of five hymns to the death shroud, a celebration of dissolution. This Dutch one-man avant black/doom/industrial band is responsible for two of the most chilling albums of abstract heaviness to have been released in recent years (An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood and All The Grand Magnificence Of Perversity, but with this new full-length, Gnaw Their Tongues peels back additional layers of it's bombastic horror to reveal moments of euphonic beauty more than we've heard on the previous albums.


Raw but atmospheric Heathen Black Metal from Belarus. LP'09 on CD now, with bonus track.


*GNOMONCLAST "Gather Together" cd (12.00,-)
his. the second album of a proposed trilogy. furthers the themes drawn from Tempus Null nearer to a conclusion. While remaining aggressively percussive. many orchestral movements and melodic constructions accompany the virulent proclamations of J1 StatiK (Luftwaffe) and N2 ItinitI (Valence). Also accompanying Gnomonclast for this release are a host of musicians from such bands as Art Abscons. Cult Of Youth. Awen. Stahlfaust. State Research Bureau. Giftstrauch. and Front Sonore. This album exemplifies its title. for never before have so many diverse artists gathered together to tell a coherent. yet complex narrative concerning time’s certain movement toward an end. Prior to time’s censure. Gnomonclast offers "Gather Together." an album that requires close scrutiny.

*GNOSTIC "Evokin the demon" mcd (7.00,-)

*GOAT HORNS "Magician of Black Chaos" cd (12.00,-)
now full length ! Black metal with Venom & Bathory influences

*GOAT SEMEN "Ego Svm Satana" cd (14.00,-)
Peruvian black death mayhem. KVLT.

*GOAT THROWER  "Savage Souls in Sodom" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal from Massachusetts, USA. Sabbatic Goat and The Mad Arab are back! 17 long years after their debut album Cult of the Germanic Horde, we can proudly announce the second album of this unique project. Everything from the band name, pseudonyms, lyrics, vocals to artwork and over all mayhem is crazy and over-the-top! This album was supposed to come out on US label a couple of years back, but somehow didn´t, so when we got the chance to release this we didn´t have to think twice! CD has 9 new tracks + as bonus their song from the split 7"EP with Lisa the Wolfe (Ax/ction Black 1996).


*GOAT TORMENT  "Dominande Tenebrae" cd (12.00,-)
After the Split EP with The Beast and "Into the Mouth of the Serent" EP Goat Torment's Debut Album "Dominande Tenebrae" is now finaly unleashed by Amor Fati Productions. Expect 9 sinister hymns of crushing Black/Death Darkness.


*GOATFIRE "Fiendish Ruminations" cd (12.00,-)
Includes demo 1,2,3,4 and 5 + bonus track! Italian black metal known from LP on Sombre and split 7" with Altar of Perversion amongst couple other items.

*GOATFIRE "Sacrophobic Initiation" cd (12.00,-)
debut LP finally on CD. Their best recordings.

*GOATHOLOCAUST "satan jugend" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*GOATHOLOCAUST / VOCIFERIAN "Maitre Bouc" cd (12.00,-)
raw black metal. Regimental Records

*GOATLORD "demo 87 / reh 88" cd (12.00,-)
Utmost cult black-death-doom, demo '87! Reh 88.

*GOATLORD "Distorted Birth: The demos" 2x cd (13.00,-)
this is the original Goatlord. not to be confused bands who later used same name! Includes demos ´87 and ´88 and promo ´91. Their album remains one of the darkest metal records ever and these demos are essential for any Goatlord fanatic! Voodoo Black Doom!

*GOATLORD "sodomize the goat" cd (12.00,-)
Utmost cult black-death-doom, demo '88!

*GOATLORD "The Last Sodomy Of Mary" cd (12.00,-)
last remains of songs after legendary album with extensive liner notes. NWN

*GOATMOON "hard evidence" digi-cd (12.00,-)
digipak reissue of ultra rare live CD of Goatmoon!!

*GOATMOON "Voitto tai valhalla" cd (12.00,-)
Finally new album from mighty Goatmoon!

*GOATMOON / AZAZEL "split" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish cult black metal. Werewolf Records

*GOATMOON / DEAD REPTILE SHRINE "winterforest" cd (12.00,-)
CD version of the obscure finnish black/experimental darkness.

*GOATPENIS "trotz verbot, nicht tot" cd (12.00,-)

*GOATPENIS "welt in flammen" cd (12.00,-)
compilation of demos

*GOATS OF DOOM "Lost in Time and Void" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal. Ewiges Eis


*GOATSEMEN "En vivo en lima hell" cd (12.00,-)
south american live massacre! + two reh tracks as bonus.

*GOATVARGR "goatvargr" cd (12.00,-)
"A harsh journey of sound structures summoned from the deepest caverns of Hell by the scene´s most prolific madmen, Nordvargr (SE) and Goat (USA). Working with each other´s source material, they offer up a brutal and violent masterpiece. Not just a head on noise album, but a refined symphony of bestial lust, worship and violence. Goatvargr is an assault on the senses, appealing to both the metal and noise scenes (for fans of MZ.412). Ltd x 1000 in gloss digipak."

*GOATWAR "we are heretics" cd (12.00,-)
raw black metal. Sardonic Wrath rec

*GOD FORSAKEN "the tide has turned" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish doom album from 1995. Sometimes doom rock, sometimes melancholic slow anguish.

*GODFLESH "In All Languages" 2xCD (12.00,-)
disc 1 = "Flesh Of God" is a collection of greatest hits disc 2 = "Beyond The Flesh" is a collection of compilation tracks & rarities.

*GODFLESH "slavestate" cd (10.00,-)
95 CD pressing of Earache

*GODFLESH "Songs of love & hate / love & hate in dub / in all languages" 2xCD+DVD (20.00,-)
triple disc set of Godflesh.

*GODLESS NORTH "summon the age of supremacy" cd (12.00,-)
cold and grim black metal

*GODLESS RISING "battle lords" cd (12.00,-)

*GODLESS RISING "rising hatred" cd (12.00,-)

*GOLGATHA "kirchenlieder" cd (12.00,-)

*GOMORRAH "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
brutal necro doom

*GONFANON "Call to Arms" mcd (7.00,-)
Cult Black Metal from France. First release after seven years of silence. Minialbum recorded almost ten eyars ago. finally released.

*GONTYNA KRY "Arystokracja Ducha" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

After seven long years of curses and waiting this split is now available for the first time. 5 tracks + 1 cover for each band in the purest and mighty Gorgon's and OTAL's way. Old School Black Metal belonged to Necromantical Concilium Black Metal. Including photos and lyrics ! Co released with D.U.K.E. and Exh Goéthie.

*GORGOROTH "Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt " cd (12.00,-)
somber music edition

*GORRCH "Nero Estasi" cd (12.00,-)
Italian Black Metal


*GORTAL "daemonolith" cd (12.00,-)
Pagan Records

*GOSFORTH "hornlust" cd (12.00,-)
""HORNLUST" CD fulfills and maintains GOSFORTH´s commitment to creating only true Black Metal of utterly morbid and obscure grimness. "HORNLUST" guarantees to surely satisfy diehard fanatics of DARKTHRONE, BURZUM, BATHORY, and CELTIC FROST by conjuring an unholy and unique blend of all the best and truest elements of those [aforementioned] hallowed masters, but without sounding like a stale clone; and thus GOSFORTH successfully and skillfully rise above the masses to raise the standard of pure old-school grim Black Metal-- the Devil´s Noise! Comparable in the vein of standout contemporaries such as WATAIN, SETHERIAL, FROZEN SHADOWS, ONDSKAPT, etc."

*GOSFORTH "V.H.E.M.T" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Black Blood Productions

*GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "eve of the conqueror" mcd (7.00,-)

*GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "realm of the damned" cd (12.00,-)

*GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "the satanist´s dreams" cd (12.00,-)

*GOTMOOR "Vlaemsche Premitieven" cd (12.00,-)
re-release of demo ’97 and 98. Belgian black metal.

*GRA "gra" cd (12.00,-)
scandinavian black metal

*GRAB "...plague" cd (12.00,-)

*GRAFENSTEIN "Silence Endless" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*GRAFVOLLUTH "Black Metal Against Time" cd-r (7.00,-)
Depressive Hateful NSBM

*GRAIL "The Morning of Disillusionment" cd (6.00,-)
5 fast tracks of traditional black metal with haunting vocals. lyrical concept deals with the known poem of aleister crowley. pro pressed cd. 4 pages booklet. 40min playtime. nostalgic black metal art.

*GRAM "may I never hear your voices again" cd (12.00,-)
despair, anger and hate. Temple of Torturous

*GRAMARY "suffocation" cd (12.00,-)
melodic finnish bm

*GRAND BELIALS KEY / ABSURD / SIGRBLOT "weltenfeind" cd (12.00,-)

*GRAND BELIAL´S KEY "Judeobeast Assasination" cd (12.00,-)
Supreme black metal with originality ! Drakkar prod.

*GRAND BELIAL´S KEY "kosherat" cd (12.00,-)
3rd and latest album of cult band GBK! New vocalist/drummer. but following the traditions of trademark GBK spirit! Essential to everybody!! Available new and old pressing... specify which you take if you care.

*GRAND BELIAL´S KEY "Mocking The Philantropist" cd (12.00,-)
One of the most essential & original black metal bands from USA! Killer debut album. Drakkar prod

*GRANULOSUM "The Final Stand" cd (12.00,-)
bm in the vein of old BURZUM, MUTIILATION and VLAD TEPES, collection of all recordings.

*GRAV "Dit inget ljus kan nå " cd (12.00,-)
Blut&Eisen Prod. proudly presents the Digipak CD version of GRAV's "Dit inget ljus kan nå",released under license of Ancient Records.


*GRAVE "as rapture comes" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*GRAVE "exhumed - collection" cd (12.00,-)
15 extreme rotten years of Grave. songs 1991-2006 !

*GRAVE DESECRATOR "sign of doom" cd (12.00,-)
Brazil black metal

*GRAVE MIASMA "odori sepulcrorum" cd (12.00,-)

*GRAVE MIASMA "Realm Of Evoked Doom" mcd (7.00,-)

*GRAVEBORNE "pure negativity" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*GRAVEBORNE "Through The Window Of The Night " cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal


*GRAVEHILL "metal of death / the advocation of..." cd (12.00,-)

*GRAVEHILL "rites of the pentagram" cd (12.00,-)

*GRAVELAND "celtic winter" cd USA edition (12.00,-)
"One of the most hateful black metal bands of all time!! The sound, atmosphere, lyrics, and raw aggression of Celtic Winter can easily conjure up some of the most hateful emotions,and over most of the highest regarded black metal bands of the last few decades. Be swept into the total death spirit of early Graveland. Tracklisting on this reissue is the same as the No Colours version with artwork more relative to the original cassette version that came out in 93 on Melissa records." Forever Plagued records

*GRAVELAND "celtic winter" cd (12.00,-)
essential classic of early polish black metal

*GRAVELAND "cold winter blades" cd (12.00,-)
new album 2010!

*GRAVELAND "dawn of the iron blades" cd (12.00,-)
Another good pagan metal album!

*GRAVELAND "Drunemeton" cd (12.00,-)
After extensive CDr bootlegging, this early Graveland demo finally sees daylight in official CD! 15 tracks of much much more primitive and different Graveland sound than in the later demos (In the glare.., Celtic Winter) what made band one of the most influential east european black metal band.

*GRAVELAND "fire chariot of destruction" cd (12.00,-)

*GRAVELAND "following the voice of blood" cd USA edition (12.00,-)
USA edition with black/white artwork! Looks better than latest euro editions.

*GRAVELAND "following the voice of blood" cd (12.00,-)

*GRAVELAND "immortal pride" CD USA edition (12.00,-)
USA edition with black&white covers.

*GRAVELAND "immortal pride" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal hymns

*GRAVELAND "In the glare of burning churches" cd (12.00,-)
raw, clumsy and full of hate. At the same time possibly best and most cruel Graveland recording ever done! Essential to every black metal fanatic!

*GRAVELAND "necromanteion" cd (12.00,-)
include necromanteion + promo 92.

*GRAVELAND "Pamiec i Przeznaczenie " cd (12.00,-)
jewelbox edition


*GRAVELAND "Prawo Stali " cd (12.00,-)
Jewelbox. Polish version of Creed of Iron, different compared to old version!


*GRAVELAND "the fire of awakening" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*GRAVELAND "thousand swords" cd (12.00,-)
classic! Now with black & white old style cover!

*GRAVELAND "thunderbolts of gods" cd (12.00,-)
mighty Graveland!! No Colours 2013

*GRAVELAND "wotan mit mir" mcd (7.00,-)
finally cd version! Darkland

*GRAVELAND / HONOR "split" cd (12.00,-)
Pagan metal & RAC split album.

*GRAVEN "Perished And Forgotten" cd (12.00,-)
german bm a´la Darkthrone

*GRAVEN "The Shadows Eternal Call" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal. finally new album !

*GRAVEN DUSK  "Graven Dusk " cd* (14.00,-)
Blackened funeral doom. CD in Digipack in handnumbered black/silver envelope (lim. 100)


*GRAVEWURM "Blood Of The Pentagram" cd (12.00,-)
From the deepest pit of the American underground cult crawls the GRAVEWURM, relentlessly pursuing their muse since 1990: only the darkest, ugliest, absolutely swampiest blackdeath. Now with their seventh and final album "Blood of the Pentagram," GRAVEWURM continue to perfect that muse, engrossingly hypnotizing with an addictive minimalism that´s simply bred for headbanging. Darker than ever, uglier than ever, and ever obedient to his majesty at the swamp - drink deep the Blood of the Pentagram!

*GRAVEWURM "funeral empire" cd (12.00,-)
th full-length album of this Morbid Metal Cult (Gravewurm was formed back in 1990)!!!

*GRAVEWURM "funeral empire" cd (12.00,-)
total death! Time before time

*GRAVEWURM "funeral empire" cd (12.00,-)
total death metal

*GRAVEWURM "Infernal Minions" cd (12.00,-)
The American band's ninth full-length overall. GRAVEWURM's Infernal Minions "represents our continued path of worshipping the ancient gods of black metal." says founding vocalist/guitarist Funeral Grave. With cover art done by MASSACRE's Kam Lee. Infernal Minions indeed pays respect to the blackened altar of Hellhammer and Venom. Burzum and Beherit. Goatloard and Grand Belial's Key. Obstinate in their refusal to compromise. dedicated to the bitter end: For 23 years now. GRAVEWURM have been their own masters. and Infernal Minions is the aggregate accumulation of their arcane wisdom.

*GRAVEWURM / HEKSERI "split" cd (12.00,-)
black death

*GRAVEYARD "coffin years" cd (12.00,-)
Compilation CD featuring songs from various split 7"EPs, rare and unreleased songs, live recordings, plus some killer cover cersions... All in over 70 minutes of Death Metal madness! Mastered at Moontower Studios. Killer artwork by Daniel Desecrator!

*GRAVEYARD "into the mausoleum" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*GRAVEYARD DIRT "For Grace Or Damnation" cd (12.00,-)
Three years after their highly acclaimed ´Shadows Of Old Ghosts´ MCD, irish Doom veterans GRAVEYARD DIRT have finally finished their first full length album. Almost 70 minutes of melancholic and diverse Doom/Death with excellent guitar work in the vein of old ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE and their countrymates MOURNING BELOVETH and MAEL MORDHRA.

*GRAVSORG "Visions of Depression" cd (12.00,-)
8 tracks of doom negativity and black ambient frustration. for the late night hours of isolation. Down - tempo darkness, asbstract hymns to depression and decay..

*GRENADE "the howling damned" cd (12.00,-)

*GREY "the first shade of" cd (12.00,-)
new rougher signings of Avantgarde Records. black metal.

*GRIEF "come to grief" cd (12.00,-)
Cult classic of ultra sludge.

*GRIFFAR "Of Witches and celts" cd (12.00,-)
back in stock! bm.ISO666

*GRIFTESKYMFNING "demo 2008" digi cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal. Ancient Records re-issues!

*GRIFTESKYMFNING  "Djävulens boning" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal. Ancient Records re-issues!

*GRIM FUNERAL  "A Grim Funeral to the soul of this world " cd (12.00,-)
The lament of Grim Funeral has been unearthed. After two successful split albums and a long period of silence I proudly present this over an hour long debut album. An embrace of desolation engulfs the last dying breath of mankind. There are many contenders to the throne, but none that has made such a clear mark with his own sound and distinctive personality. The foremost Funeral Black Metal album that has been spat up on this foul earth. Hang your head low and let death speak for itself. The sermon has begun.

*GRIM FUNERAL "Abdication Under Funeral Dirge" cd (12.00,-)
Spanish black metal


*GRIM WINTER / WURM "suicide pact" cd-r (7.00,-)
black metal

*GRIMBANE "let the empire fall" cd (12.00,-)

*GRIMBURG "Naturherrschaft " mcd (7.00,-)
pagan metal

*GRIMFAUG "Defloration of Life´s Essense" cd (12.00,-)
good cold black metal!

*GRIMNIR "Kreuzzug in den tod" cd (12.00,-)
bm from austria. crishthunt

*GRIS "Neurasthenie" cd (12.00,-)
Mournful. sorrowful and depressive. Gris' atmospheric Black Metal celebrates the beauty of despair. Neurasthénie is the first of many more chapters to come. and like an open wound that will never close. Let Gris take you to their world of suffering...

*GRIS / SOMBRES FORETS "Miserere Luminis" digibook CD (15.00,-)
Two of Canada´s most respected Black Metal acts tread new paths and join for a very special split release... This exclusive European edition comes in deluxe Digibook, limited to a one-time pressing of 1000 copies!

*GRISATRE "Esthaetique" cd (12.00,-)
metal black metal drone ambient shoegaze


*GRISATRE "L´idee de dieu" cd (12.00,-)
The long awaited full lenght album for the french act Grisâtre finally released. After two acclaimed split albums here comes “L’idée De Dieu”, six unreleased tracks of pure bleaky black metal at its best.

*GROM "Happiness - It´s when you are dead..." cd (12.00,-)
Slavonic Black metal Ukraina

*GROM / WULFGRAVF "Fullmoon Warfare" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*GROMM "Cold Old Thorns" cd (12.00,-)
"Early tracks from Ukraine´s GROMM; an anthology collecting demo songs from the two tapes originally released by Underground Czech label, Ravenheart; PLUS 2 bonus songs: one new track recorded in 2006 (sung in English, with printed English lyric), and a cover-version of a well-known Thrash Metal classic. Excellent grim Slavonic Black Metal; diehard GROMM fanatics will be amazed how utterly great these old songs are! Includes a 4.25" x 4.25" mirror-finish metallic-silver foil / vinyl STICKER which also serves as the front-cover separate from the tri-fold booklet! "

*GROMM / ENDLESS BLIZZARD "split" cd (12.00,-)
ukraina vs. usa black metal battle.

*GROTESQUEUPHORIA "Conquered By Corruption" cd (12.00,-)
violent death metal

*GRUDOM "demo 12" digi cd (12.00,-)
Danish black metal on DTB.

*GRUDOM "skaenk Mig Dit Liv" digi CD (12.00,-)
Danish black metal on DTB.

*GRUE "Casualty of the Psychic Wars" cd (12.00,-)
Much like Absu at their best, there is a feeling of very tight control keeping all this chaos together. The guitars weave some excellent melodies over a very strong rhythm section... the closing track ranks among my favourite black metal tracks of the year...Casualty Of The Psychic Wars is an excellent, exciting record, and is well worth tracking down.


*GRUNT "europe after storm" cd (12.00,-)
2012 Industrial Recollections/Force Majeure version of this CD originally released by Force Majeure. Now jewelbox packaging. but will all same artworks as the original fold-out poster cover! Late 90's Grunt with studio and live materials. New pressing.

*GRUNT "Myth Of Blood" CD (12.00,-)
2015 new Grunt album!! Available on CD and LP! With 12 pages booklet with lyrics and art. Fierce power electronics.

*GRUNT "World Draped In A Camouflage" cd (12.00,-)
Since "Petturien Rooli" CD (2009). there has not been much else than re-issues. live materials and few compilation tracks by Grunt. It certainly have not meant anything else than preparation for the new full length assault. 10 tracks abuse diverse approaches. from tape manipulation. crushing loops. classical instruments. deep tones. concrete sounds. dry sonic elements stripped to be bone as well as multi-layers complex compositions. Grunt pours in loads of different sound elements. different sound qualities and experimentation. yet from other end of meatgrinder emerges the solid mix of ugly power electronics in form of "World Draped In A Camouflage". CD with 12 pages booklet including all lyrics and artwork. LP comes out late october!! Freak Animal.


*GRUNTSPLATTER "Pest Maiden" cd (7.00,-)
YOU CANNOT ESCAPE. Grim, opressive deathscapes. haunting atmospheres / impending doom / obsessively constructed heavy electronics detailing the plague devastation. Reissue of his early 7" + cassette release on Troniks (1999). Remixed & remastered for your ultimate death trip.

*GRÄFENSTEIN "death born" cd (12.00,-)
Gräfenstein´s 2nd album. Brutal highspeed mutilation is joining pure unholy hatred to desecrate the dead born ! If your head is not banging while listening to this fucking Old School Black Metal Attack you hear probably the false music!

*GUT "The Cumback 2006" cd (12.00,-)
German sick gore/sex/humor grind band returns from long hiatus. Some good sloppy & midpaced regurgitations mixed with retarded humor & electronic music/hiphop. half good, half inferior shit. Necroharmonic.


*H.E.R.R. "Vondel's Lucifer - First Movement" cd (12.00,-)
Taken from the Dutch playwright's 17th century opus. 'Lucifer'. this release tells of heavenly discontent amid a jealous tale of angelic rebellion in the face of God's love for humankind. Containing half-sung and spoken vocals. a gentle folk-like melody. baroque composition and rich musical arrangements. this album introduces the first three acts in 75 bombastic minutes. Guest appearances from members of Ostara. While Angels Watch. Belborn and Sagittarius.

*H.E.R.R. "XII Caesars" cd (12.00,-)
Based on Suetonius´ De Vita Caesarum (121 AD), this wonderful new album deals with the notorious lives of a dozen Roman emperors and leads you on a gripping musical adventure through the greed, cruelty, fratricide and excess, which characterised their incomparable lust for power. But this is no run-of-the-mill exercise in historical sycophancy... H.E.R.R. retell the lives of the Emperors with honesty, drama and humour. This release - complete with the compositional and vocal hallmarks for which the group is so widely renowned - is set to become a true classic of the genre. Comes with an elegant 16-page booklet!

*HABSYLL "MMVIII" cd (12.00,-)
Drone/Doom Metal

*HACAVITZ "venganza" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. moribund

*HADES "hades" cd (12.00,-)
What does a Chinese thrash death metal legend firstly release official album sound like? Dirty and low / midpaced mosh stuff. All lyrics in chinese. Mort Productions.

*HADES ARCHER "The Curse Over Mankind" cd (12.00,-)
Six new tracks and a seventh hidden. Hades Archer “The Curse Over Mankind” Ep is available in Cd format by the moment, work full of Bestial Black Metal Ritual protected under the dark path of astral witchery and luciferianism! From Chile, 3rd CD


*HADEZ "morituri te salutant" cd (12.00,-)
Hadez Death/black Metal from Lima Hell, Peru


*HAEMOTH "mortuales delect" cd (12.00,-)

*HAFLER TRIO  "Three ways of saying no: Radio Gagarin Hafler Trio Interview" cdr (5.00,-)
HAFLER TRIO interview hold on 08.05.2003 by Radio Gagarin / FSK Hamburg, by Thomas Beck aka TBC!

*HAG-HAG-HAGAL "hag-hag-hagal" cd (12.00,-)
martial Dark Ambient Russia

*HAIL "Bestial Storms of the abyssic pit" cd (7.00,-)
Cult Finnish black metal of death. Ahdistuksen Aihio.

*HAIL "Lawgiver" mcd (7.00,-)
First track from HAIL "Lawgiver" MCD. Released in 2015 by Ahdistuksen Aihio. Originally featured as a bonus track on "Inheritance of Evilness" DLP (2008). Recorded in 2002. ahdistuksen aihio

*HALGADOM "sein und verden" LP (15.00,-)

*HALLSTATT "Barbarian Warlike Supremacy" cd (12.00,-)
raw straight forward black metal with very dry vocals like in classic Immortal.

*HAMMEMIT "Spires over the burial..." cd (12.00,-)
Here is the debut album from what is being described as the new phase for EMIT. HAMMEMIT is the new recording moniker for infamous UK black-noise/ambient figure U.I./Malachi, with additional members. Spires Over the Burial Womb continue the atmosphere found on some of the last (perhaps transitional) Emit recordings (Mother of Blood for example). Deeply mysterious with a heavy religious influence. Subtle ambience, a suitable soundtrack for complete isolation in a variety of locations, certainly ancient english ruins. 8 page colour booklet, with texts for each song.

*HAMMERSTORM "The Lonely Wanderer" cd (12.00,-)
Hammerstorm presents their debut album 'The Lonely Wanderer', a fusion of Dark Atmospheric Folk & Medieval Black Metal. Made up soley by 2 members hailing from Australia and Belgium. Inspired on nature and negativity.. bringing forward a most epic sound not to be missed!


*HANGED GHOST "Knowledge of the Occult" cd (12.00,-)
Raw. dense death doom. utterly deep and sorrowful. If you heard the demos. you know what to expect. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.

*HANGED GHOST "the attraction of oblivion" cd (12.00,-)
ltd 200. Portuguese doom/death from deep underground.

*HARVIST "A Gleam in the night sky" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*HARZA "war" cd (12.00,-)
russian nsbm

*HASSERBEN / SEARING SKULL "split" cd (12.00,-)
Searing Skull play a Black Metal full of hatred and full of melancholy. Searing Skull offer us a Raw Black Metal with high-flying riffs. melodic. epic. and melancholic. with a feeling of Old Black Metal.

*HAT "the demise of mankind" cd (12.00,-)
hateful black metal

*HATE CRIME "live" cd (12.00,-)
legendary Finnish group from Helsinki. Great sounding live recording with own tracks + covers of Skrewdriver, Fortress and Celtic Warrior. Sakaramiina Levyt.

*HATE FOREST "battlefields" digi-cd (12.00,-)
Re-issue by Osmose

*HATE FOREST "dead but dreaming" cd (12.00,-)
last release of Hate Forest collecting handful of tracks left behind and live songs and cover track.

*HATE FOREST "nietzscheism" digipak cd (12.00,-)
re-issue by Osmose

*HATE FOREST "scythia" digi cd (12.00,-)
new edition on Osmose. cd gatefold style cover including "To those who came before us" track as bonus!

*HATE FOREST "scythia" cd (12.00,-)
first demo on CD! Great.

*HATE FOREST "sorrow" cd (12.00,-)
last album of HF! Fast blasting cold black metal.

*HATE FOREST "the gates" digi cd (12.00,-)
new cardboard sleeve packaging

*HATE FOREST "the gates" cd (12.00,-)
not bm! ambient sounds and some guitar work.

*HATE FOREST "the most ancient ones" cd (12.00,-)
Osmose prod re-issue in cardboard digisleeve

*HATE FOREST "To Twilight Thickets" cd (12.00,-)
Elegy Records

*HATS BARN "primitive humans desecration" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*HAVOHEJ "dethrone the son of god" cd (12.00,-)
cult black metal from usa

*HAVOHEJ "kembatinan premaster" cd (12.00,-)

*HAYRAS "Sombre destin" cd (12.00,-)
Legendary French horde, well known by cooperation with bands such as Kristallnacht. Nykta productions

*HEATHEN DAWN "wasted land" mcd (7.00,-)
pagan metal

*HEATHEN HAMMER "kinship destiny" cd (12.00,-)
strong survive records

*HEAVY METAL "heavy metal drill" cd (12.00,-)

*HEGEMOON "Szaty Klamstw" cd (12.00,-)
Raw Black Metal from Poland. CD'11

*HEGEMOON / NEOHERESY "split" cd (12.00,-)

*HEGEMOON / RUNES OF DIANCEHT "split" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal. East side records.

*HEIMDALLS WACHT  "Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal" cd (12.00,-)
From the very heart of old Westphalen - from the darkests forests. the most desolate tunnels and buried pits. the most remote holes and ruins arose a black manifest against the Zeitgeist... Hymns and sounds. that reveal what lurks beneath the seemingly orderly surface - harmonies of oblivion - voices of unreason - memories of long supressed feelings... A cry against the mechanisms of modernity! Diverse. pagan black metal with varied influences as an emotional farewell for that which once was - and never will be again...

*HEIMDALLS WACHT "Nichtorte" cd (12.00,-)
Highly anticipated proper and deserved release of Heimdalls Wacht's latest and most important album. Authentic and nostalgic pagan black metal

*HEIMDALLS WACHT  "Ut de graute olle Tied - Deel 1" cd (12.00,-)
Re-press of their third album. The album. containing favorite songs like 'Mythologem' and 'Aufstand der Stellingas' among others. sold out quickly after its release. so we are proud to announce that the album is available again.

*HEIMDALLS WACHT "Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm" cd (12.00,-)
This is the sound of nostalgia and authenticity - the album that started it all! "Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm" was originally never intended as a first album. but as a demorecording. It sold out within 3 months after its initial CD release. making it highly sought after. After 8 years. it's now finally available again.

*HEKEL "de dodenvaart" cd (12.00,-)
Debut full-lengther from this Dutch horde. High caliber Black Metal, recorded and mastered by Hellchrist Xul (Funeral Winds, Infinity & Haatstrijd) in Necromanteion Studio. Painfully performed vocals, in a totally and unique style, a dark aura absorbs this whole recording.

*HEKSERI "hekseri" cd (12.00,-)
Debut album of this female, witching horde. Ladies perform unpolished and uncompromising Death/Black Metal in vein of In Aeternum, Ares Kingdom, Stargazer, Aeternus, Destroyer 666, Bloodstorm, Forest Of Impaled

*HEL "Into the abyss" cd (12.00,-)
German black metal. ltd 500


*HEL "Orloeg" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*HEL "tristheim" cd (12.00,-)

*HELCARAXE "broadsword" cd (12.00,-)
Broadsword is easily one of my favorite albums of 2009; the nimble, memorable guitar lines, shout-along vocals, and a bass-heavy production make this one easy to spin on repeat for hours at a time. Those who like their death metal both heavy and complex should look no further than this! Highest recommendations." - Vorfeed

*HELCARAXE "broadsword" cd (12.00,-)
heathen death metal a´la old Amorphis / Unleashed. regimental records

*HELCARAXE "Triuph and Revenge" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Regimental Records

*HELDENTOD "The Ghost Machine" cd (12.00,-)
Heldentod began in 2005 as an outlet for research into the little-known corners of 20th-Century history. While previous recordings whiplashed between the traditional and the experimental. Heldentod's latest album leaves behind its neofolk and martial-industrial roots to focus solely on electronics. but maintains the fundamental sense of composition found in earlier incarnations. Although now primarily influenced by death industrial and power electronics. Heldentod looks to create the most suitable expression of its key themes. including ghosts. ancestor worship. human sacrifice. neolithic fertility rites. Iron Age religion. mediaeval literature. unseen dimensions. inhuman intelligences. and all manner of Forteana. Cold Spring.

*HELGRINDR "Von den vorfahren herstammend landen" cd (12.00,-)
black metal with Ornaments of Sin member

*HELHEIM "blod & ild" cd (12.00,-)

*HELL TORMENT "opening the gates of hell" cd (12.00,-)
After a demo here is the first full length album of the Peruvian band. Hell Torment ! Vein of Levifer with their own sound and music. Hell torment offuer us a pure blacking/death sound !MUST BE CHECKED OUT !!!!

*HELLBRINGER "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
HELLBRINGER is a young fresh and skilled Thrash Metal act from Australia. Their style is a mix of Australian steel à la ARMOURED ANGEL and HOBBS´ ANGEL OF DEATH, mixed with the raw feel of SODOM. This thrashing trio will unleash their fury on their debut LP album "Hellbringer" in February. Purest Thrash Metal that sounds as authentic and powerful as it can be. The tracks come with a superb production, mastered by Mr. Harris Jones (SODOM, KREATOR) himself.

*HELLFIRE "into the fire" cd (12.00,-)
2nd edition, with new better covers! Bathory 1st LP style raw bm with very dirty sound. No Colours

*HELLIAS "Closed in the fate coffin" cd (12.00,-)
First time on CD, Re-release of their LP&7" (88/91) + live video clip.

*HELLSPIRIT "Dawn Under Curse" cd (12.00,-)
Long-anticipated debut album of HELLSPIRIT is finally here! DAWN UNDER CURSE offers raw, warlike and epic black metal with solid roots in thrash and heavy metal. Release date 26.5.2014!


*HELLVETIC FROST "misantropic desolation" cd (12.00,-)

*HELLVETO "Medieval Scream" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*HELLVETO "Zmierzch" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*HELLVETRON "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells" cd (12.00,-)
A black doom ceremony of death spewing from the Mouth of Hell. Hellvetron's debut full-length ritual emerges through the threshold into a manifestation of obscure hell psalms of death. "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And It's Infernal Majesties" will be a tribute to the Qliphothic Tree of Death. Seven Hells. and it's infernal hierarchy. This release will be a curse on all who dare to possess this unholy relic. Praise the ten horns upon the seven headed beast. Recommended for diehards of NYOGTHAEBLISZ. diSEMBOWELMENT. NECROS CHRISTOS

*HELLWITCH "omnipotent convocation" cd (12.00,-)

*HELVINTR "" cd-r (7.00,-)
black metal. Desastrous prod 03

*HELVINTR "A Desastrious Collaboration of Coldness and Despair" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Supernal music.

*HEMLOCK "lust for fire" cd (12.00,-)
us extreme black metal

*HENRIK NORDVARGR BJöRKK "The Dead Never Sleep" cd (12.00,-)
"Nordvargr is one of the many solo projects of Henrik Bjorkk leading mind of MZ.412! After the very good sucess of "On Broken Wings Towards Victory" the new Nordvrgr full album is now rising from the dark Bohult cellar to day-light... Best dark, insane cold & fear ambient sounds from the master! Insane muzak for insane people living in an insane, dead & never/ever sleeping world !" Old Europa Cafe

*HERBST9 "the gods are small birds" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*HEREM "I pulsa dinura" cd (12.00,-)

*HERESI "psalm I" mcd (7.00,-)

*HERESI "Psalm II - Infusco Ignis" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish bm

*HERETIC "black metal holocaust" cd (12.00,-)

*HERETIC "gods over humans, slavens under satan" cd (12.00,-)

*HERETICAL "Demonarchrist " cd (12.00,-)
"Originally known as Immolator and after 3 demos changing their name to Heretical they have been lurking and refining their dark craft since 1993!!! This being the bands third full length once again shows on how the old mixed with the new can be such a brutal and destructive combination. This also is another prime example of how symphonic black metal can be creative and yet devastating!! You will hear hints of mid era Marduk in some of the riffing however other then that the band has an approach though not overly original is all their own as they incorporate their own dose of occult sounds and ambiance that will bring to mind other Italian greats as Evol [R.I.P.], Mortuary Drape, Necromass, Opera IX etc.... . They even incorporate the old school gang Thrash vocals, some nice lead guitar work, as well as Death Metal Influences!!! There is some violin and piano on a couple of tracks to add to the overall atmosphere to. A band that has resided for far to long in the deepest pits of the underground and mostly unknown until now will leave it's mark with this Epic Modern Black Metal masterpiece!!!! THE SECOND COMING OF DARKNESS IS HERE!!!!"


*HERETOIR "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Heretoir is a young German Depressive/Post-Black Metal project that has already created quite a stir in the underground with just an EP. a split release and two compilation appearances. Given the previous success and the continuously improving songwriting abilities of the band. we believe that Heretoir's much anticipated debut full length will rightly go down in history as one of the early highlights of the growing Post-Black Metal movement. on par with the works of masters of the genre such as Amesoeurs & Lantlôs!

*HERETOIR "Substanz" 2xCD (13.00,-)
Post/Black Metal First edition. comes in limited 8-page Digipack. Substanz is not the new Heretoir studio album but a compilation of the original recording of the debut demo/EP ".Existenz." + additional old tracks on CD 1. and a re-recording of completely revised and improved ".Existenz." songs on CD 2. recorded between 2011 and 2012 in Forester Recording Studio Munich. The EP has been re-recorded because Eklatanz felt the need to give the old material a modern and more suitable sound and to show what Heretoir has turned into. by also adding new elements to the songs. Furthermore. the new recording represents the first involvement of bassist and backing-vocalist Nathanael (Thränenkind. Bonjour Tristesse. Agrypnie) in terms of composition (track “Snow Colours”). Thematically. “Substanz” deals with isolation. dream & reality. and fears. “What is man without soul?” is only one of the many existential questions that are raised in Eklatanz’ lyrics. The goal of the release is to arouse the listener’s awareness. encouraging him or her to reflect on one’s own existence. Thus. in its new. improved form and not least because of the atmospheric artwork drawn by Herbst of Lantlôs. “Substanz” represents an intense and widespread engagement with the abysses of the human soul. lyrically. auditory as well as visually.

*HERMAN KOPP "NEKROLOGY" digi CD (12.00,-)
New digipak edition with Hermann Kopp soundtrack stuff. Nekromantik. Nekromantik 2 and Der Todesking.

*HERMANN KOPP "zyanidanger" cd (17.00,-)

*HERMITAGE "Blood of the true" cd (12.00,-)
British Heathen Hammer Black Metal


Britih Epic Hammer Black Metal. Third album.

*HEROT "herot" cd-r (12.00,-)
Raw Misanthropic US BM, ltd 200. Desaster rec

*HESPERUS DIMENSION  "Mental Electricity MMVII" mcd (7.00,-)
Industrial Black Metal for fans of ABORYM, DHG, THORNS Feat. Faust (ex-Emperor, Aborym) as a guest Limited & handnumbered to 500 copies.

*HIDDEN "Spectral Magnitude" cd (12.00,-)
progressive and dismal astral Metal style locking in on Death, Doom, and Black Metal along with blasting speed styles. To be matched by a supercluster of scientific theory lyrics and artwork, this is cosmic yet brutal material. The album´s conception presents the projection of time as eternity in the cosmos. Space scenes & design by JP Fournier." Planetaric Black Metal

*HIEROPHANTS DESCENT "The Apocalypse of Evil" mCD (7.00,-)
ancient black metal. Garazel.


*HINDVIR "Roth Cingetos Taxonaria " cd (12.00,-)
french black metal

*HIS DIVINE GRACE "Reverse Aleph" cd (12.00,-)
"lot of secrets around this band, no information. Even the labels seems to know nothing about this formation. So is the music, dark & ritual, doomy and gloomy, coming from behind, getting you in your sleep. Haunting you in your deepest nightmares. You may be dead and even then you don´t know a thing about this release. Just experience it! (HauRuck 14)"

*HOARSTONE "hoarstone" cd (12.00,-)
bleak miserable black metal. CD contains two demos and a new full-length album, 16 songs total.

*HOATH "Codex II: Kether" cd (9.00,-)
Brutal Finnish black-death. Limited digipak edition. Hammer of Hate


*HOLOCAUST NACHTIFALL "in the ashes of promised land" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*HOLOCAUSTIA "the sacrament seed" cd (12.00,-)

*HOLOCAUSTUS / ODELEGGER "split" cd (12.00,-)
primitive bm

*HOLOKAUST NACHTIGALL "In the Ashes of the Promised Land" cd (12.00,-)
german bm influenced by Polish bands like Graveland and Veles

*HOLY DEATH "apocalyptic war" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*HOMSELVAREG "Homselvareg" cd (12.00,-)
A somber vision of nature meets the tradition of the Italian Alps. The myth of the Homselvareg, an atavist creature dwelling the Alps of the Northern Italian Folklore, is summoned by the merging of elegant and evocative acoustic passages and the raging fury of Black Metal, all transcended in the unstoppable forces of nature. The concept of this album has been shaped by visions occurred to its writer. Those who are into early Ulver , Windir and Enslaved will fit into this anti modern perspective. This album was previously released as a self production, short become a collector item in the underground, and now remastered features also three bonus tracks from Homselvareg´s demo.

*HORDAGAARD "Anti Human Anti Life" cd (12.00,-)
Norwegian black metal. ISO666

*HORDE OF HEL "blodskam II" cd (12.00,-)

*HORDES OF DECAY "The Kings Will Be Ready" cd (12.00,-)
Greek Hordes of Decay (Including members of Ravencult. Profane Prayer) and their first studio album 'The Kings Will Be Ready' present strong mixture of wide open Extreme Metal styles all concentrate around dark Black Metal base.'The Kings Will Be Ready' is good lead to something that could be called new stream into Black Metal genre as music offered here is way to original and authentic then simple Black Metal is. Perfectly recorded and produced by George Bokos from legendary Rotting Christ this album will satisfied all seekers of Black Death Metal originality.

*HORDES OF NEBULAH "...and blasphemous night shall fall" cd (12.00,-)

*HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE "Dancing demons..." cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*HORNA "envaatnags eflos solf esgantaavne" cd (12.00,-)

*HORNA "Haudankylmyyden Mailla" cd (12.00,-)
older Horna stuff

*HORNA "hautakylmyyden mailla" cd (12.00,-)

*HORNA "hiidentorni" cd (12.00,-)
finally repress!!

*HORNA "kohti yhdeksän nousua" cd (12.00,-)
finally repressed!!

*HORNA "pimeyden hehku" mcd (7.00,-)
Whilst hibernating in their horrific hut, the heinous HORNA horde hatched four vulgar crimes against quivering humanity. Typically uncompromising, riddled with rank poison and smouldering with fetid contempt, these acidic remonstrations display historic HORNA at their foul, fetid, feverish, fuming pinnacle of misanthropy, spreading anti-philosophy like cancer upon the weak, infirm and holy. Hideous hymns and hellish hallucinations merge with an indifferent, defiant worldview. No sermons; no eulogies - just pure, raw, inglorious dirt-crusted Finnish filth. That sound you hear is the righteous fleeing for their lives. but nobody will survive this discriminate attack.

*HORNA "sotahuuto" cd (12.00,-)
Horna´s tribute to old school black metal. Bathory influenced.

*HORNA "Sudentaival " cd (12.00,-)
back in stock finally!

*HORNA "viha ja viikate" mCD (7.00,-)

*HORNA  "vihan tietä - live ateenassa 2007" cd (12.00,-)
very good sounding live recording.

*HORNA "ääniä yössä" CD (12.00,-)
brazil edition with bonus track!!

*HORNA "ääniä yössä" cd (12.00,-)
slower Horna

*HORNCROWNED "satanic armageddon" cd (12.00,-)
columbian black metal

*HORNCROWNED "The rise of satan´s artillery" cd (12.00,-)
Fast southern black metal

*HORNWOOD FELL  "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
The project was born in Italy in May 2013 under a strong 90’s Norwegian black metal influence. Among the group’s major influences the fierceness of Ulver’s Nattens Madrigal, the compulsiveness of Darkthrone, the first Borknagar album, Satyricon… Burzum. The Rotten sounds… dark and obscure woods, fires and smokes!! In a hystorical moment when all black metal bands try or pretend to diverge from the original pact, putting any sort of “post whatever” influence in their music, HORNWOOD FELL shoots in our mouths a ass-kicking, highly technically performed, black metal album that has its only limit in being released 20 years too late to become a timeless classic!


*HOROLOGIUM & K. MEIZTER "Eight Studies in Transition" cd (12.00,-)
On Eight Studies in Transition the Polish industrial nostalgic Horologium and the Swedish BSE sound scientist K. Meizter examine human’s impossible fight against time. From birth to death, from playfulness to bitterness, from serenity to mental awe, this tale is transposed into music ranging from calm dark ambient to orchestral delirium, making it a fascinating exploration that will appeal to most industrial and dark ambient tastes. Presented in a special re-cicled like cardboard 6-panel digi-file + inserts

*HORRID "Sacrilegious Fornication" cd (12.00,-)
Death metal since 1989. Latest album recorded at sunlight.


*HORSE LATITUDES "" cdr (5.00,-)
Finnish slow doom-sludge with two bass, no guitar.

*HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER  "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
(Ex- PENTAGRAM/ DEATH ROW drum ace, songwriter and legend Joe Hasselvander returns with a brandnew studio album. Imagine a cocktail of PENTAGRAM,OZZY, even some KISS and traditional Doom/ Stoner Rock. All this with a superb and heavy studio production that may blow some of your speakers. THE HOUNDS... is the perfect link between the 70s and today´s Doom Rock!)

*HOUR OF 13 "the ritualist" cd (12.00,-)
"The Ritualist" is the much anticipated 2nd album of one of today´s most highly regarded traditional Doom Metal acts. A must have for fans of their debut as well as early Mercyful Fate, Pagan Altar & similar bands!

*HUGI "solarliod" cd (12.00,-)
German Pagan Black Metal. Fierce guitars. blasting drums. and ferocious vocals create an atmosphere that many strive for. but few achieve. Regimental Rec.

*HUNTERS MOON "the serpents lust" cd (12.00,-)
epic bathorian black metal

*HURUSOMA "Sombre Iconoclasm" cd (12.00,-)
Remember the Japanese band grim album on Sombre Records? Fast and cruel black metal!


*HYADNINGAR "the weak creation" cd (12.00,-)
The Weak Creation is the band´s second full-length album and it brings 8 tracks of black metal that is varied and sick (epic, yet raw and chaotic). Complex and unique song structures (lots of rhythm changes and sudden twists), powerful production and another insane vocal performance by Marquis (Bethlehem, Ataraxie, Funeralium) that consist on black metal screams, low grunts and bestial moaning cries...61 minutes that have been recorded, mixed and mastered at CCR studios (Belgium) by Kris Belaen and shows French black metal at its best (Comes with a nice 12 pages booklet).

*HYPSIPHRONE "And The Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes" cd (12.00,-)
integrating elements of doom metal. black metal. and dark experimentalism into the pure industrial horror that constitutes the majority of this release. The result is nothing short of absolute and abject dread; heaving masses of percussive doom collide with shuddering machinery dirge. ghoulish and nightmarish ambience. torturous screams. and cinematic depravity. the sounds layered into a tangled and abstract tapestry of something completely epic and nearly majestic in its scale. Fans of Gnaw Their Tongues. Abruptum. and “Necro Evangelicum” era BDN will do well to wallow in the oozing blackness and unbridled malevolence Hypsiphrone has created. Lmtd 500 copies. in 6 panel digipak..

*HäDANFäRD "Avoghetens Besvärtade Åkallelser" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal. Ancient Records re-issues!

*HäDANFäRD "Smutsiga sinnen" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal. Ancient Records re-issues!

*HÄMYS "kisikillillvkx" mcd (7.00,-)
Finnish black metal


*I SHALT BECOME "in the falling snow" cd (12.00,-)

*I SHALT BECOME "the pendle witch trials" cd (12.00,-)

*IAD "penitentiam agite" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*IBEX THRONE "total inversion" cd (12.00,-)
USA black metal, new album. Goatwarecords

*IC REX "Sielun kadotuksen sinfonia" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish symphonic black metal. Hammer of Hate

*IC REX "valonkantajan alkemia" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish occult black metal

*IC REX "vedenjakaja" cd (12.00,-)
3rd full length

*ICON OF PHOBOS "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Baneful Genesis records

*ICONOCLAST CONTRA "combat is the heathen" cd (12.00,-)
strong survive records

*IGNIS FATUUS "in our mad bliss" cd (12.00,-)
Jarboe solo

*IGNIS GEHENNA "Revelations of Sinister Rebirth" mCD (7.00,-)
black metal

*IGNIS URANIUM "azimuth nucremeron frequncy" cd (12.00,-)

*IGNIVOMOUS "blood and mercury" cd (12.00,-)
Nuclear War Now

*III OMEN "Spear of Salvation" mcd (7.00,-)
Debut EP from this ominous force of Occult Black Metal Esoterica. Dissonant and atmospheric Black Metal that really manages to crawl under your skin like none other. Comes with one additional bonus track that wasn´t featured on the cassette EP entitled "Adorned in Garments of Pestilence". Limited to 500 copies. : ORDO : ATER : ANGUIS : Cult.

*ILDRA "Edelland" cd (12.00,-)
Described often as pagan metal. music itself is a lot more black metal focused. There is a significant mid-period Graveland influence throughout the structure of the material here. and not to forget also a large “Hammerheart” influence to proceedings as well. This is none more obvious than in the vast meandering instrumental passages to many of the songs; the dense surging riffing and the booming coarse vocals driven by the warlike pounding on the drums give the music a real presence of triumph. On top of this there is also that weathered organic sound constantly existent throughout. augmented frequently by some rather illustrious work on the acoustic guitar.

*ILL OMENED "Conflagration Roaring Hell " cd (13.00,-)
Russian black/death metal


*IMAGO MORTIS "Una Foresta Dimenticata" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Drakkar prod.

*IMMOLATION "harnessing ruin" cd (12.00,-)
listenable records brazil. US death metal cult!

*IMMORTAL "at the heart of winter" cd (12.00,-)

*IMMORTAL "blizzard beasts" cd (12.00,-)

*IMMORTAL "damned in black" digi cd (12.00,-)
digipak Osmose

*IMPALED NAZARENE "death comes in 26 carefully selected pieces" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPALED NAZARENE "latex cult" cd (12.00,-)
new digipak version with 4 live tracks bonus!

*IMPALED NAZARENE "manifest" cd (12.00,-)
latest album

*IMPALED NAZARENE "nihil" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPALED NAZARENE "pro patria finlandia" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPALED NAZARENE "road to octagon" cd (12.00,-)
new album

*IMPALED NAZARENE "Tol cormpt norz norz norz" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPALED NAZARENE "ugra karma" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPALED NAZARENE  "Vigorous and Liberating Death " cd (12.00,-)
Vigorous And Liberating Death continues the band´s brutal legacy, featuring 13 brand new songs. 16 pages high quality booklet on laminated mat paper with lyrics, photo.


*IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE "where demons dwell" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPIETY "formidonis nex cultus" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPIETY "funeraligh" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPIETY "kaos kommand 666" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPIETY "Paramount of Evil" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPIETY "Ravage & Conquer" cd (12.00,-)
super jewelbox with slipcase


*IMPIETY "Skullfucking Armageddon" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPIETY "terrorreign" cd (12.00,-)
new album in luxurious digipak

*IMPIETY "The Impious Crusade " cd (12.00,-)
IMPIETY. the original Singahell blasphemers. return with their first new recording for HELLS HEADBANGERS. the focused 'n' fierce The Impious Crusade EP! At 22 devastating minutes. IMPIETY's latest mini-album is locked into the maxim of crush/kill/destroy - and CRUSH/KILL/DESTROY they indeed do across the five tracks here! Including a cult cover of Sorcery's "Lucifer's Legions" and uniquely noble artwork sculpted by Lord Sickness. The Impious Crusade is the perfect IMPIETY statement: flawless execution. black/death barbarity and insanity. a veritable thermonuclear warhead aimed at the gates of heaven. And thus begins The Impious Crusade!

*IMPIETY "worshippers of the sevent tyranny" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPIOUS HAVOC "dawn of nothing" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish bm

*IMPIOUS HAVOC  "Infidels" cd (12.00,-)
After a long silence the Finnish horde return with a new twist on their old sound. Something like Ildjarn trying to record a homage to classic metal / NWOBHM. Balls out and and straight to the point!


*IMPIOUS HAVOC "Maleficium" cd (12.00,-)
finnish bm

*IMPRECATION "Theurgia Goetia Summa" cd (12.00,-)
The legendary Blackened Death Metal horde. re-release of their classic "Theurgia Goetia Summa"

*IMPURITY "necro infamists of tumulus return" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPURITY "the lambs fury" cd (12.00,-)

*IMPURITY / BLACK FEAST "In The Blood" cd (12.00,-)

*IN AETERNUM "curse of devastation" cd (12.00,-)

*IN MEDITARIUM "Uterus" cd-r (4.00,-)
format: cdr (pro-printed). dark industrial (in the way of early Archon Satani and Autopsia) limited on 100

*IN MEMORIUM "from misery... comes darkness" cd (12.00,-)

*IN MEMORIUM "lost to antiquity" cd (12.00,-)

*IN MOURNING "Shrouded Divine" cd (12.00,-)
Progressive gothic doom metal from sweden

*IN THA UMBRA "Thus Open Thine Eerie Wings Like An Eagle..." cd (12.00,-)
Band´s 4th album. Critics have already wrote: I don´t think these guys left any stone unturned or any bridge uncrossed. Seriously, who sits and thinks to mix death and black in with some rock and some prog and some female vocals and a whole of of just plain weirdness? Evidently these guys do. And with balls as big as theirs, you can make a sure bet the pull it off well (Dirt Culture). Mixed and mastered at ZipMix studio with Daniel Cardoso behind the desk. This is a deluxe digipack edition.

*INANNA "Day Ov Torment" cd (12.00,-)
Reissue of the massive Death Industrial album from this ARCHON SATANI side-project. originally issued by Staalplaat in 1993. INANNA were at the forefront of a new force in Doom Ambience way back in the early '90s. This is stunningly re-mastered and re-packaged album brings alive one of the classic scene albums - a milestone in ultra grim and crushing death sonics. that paved the way for many Drone and Ritual Industrial bands around today. Mixed by J Havukainen (IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES).

*INCARCERATION "sacrifice" mcd (7.00,-)
The first mcd by Brazilian / German death metal outfit Incarceration!


*INCINERATOR INTERNATIONAL "head on" cd (12.00,-)
SLOGUN + FOLKSTORM collaboration project!

*INCRIMINATED "death noize" mCD (7.00,-)
Some copies left. Link to sample added. the ugliest and nastiest old school metal of death!! For woshippers of filth. The best possible ending for the band to retire at the highest moments of their career. Previously 10” vinyl now also as mCD! Northern Heritage NH-061


*INCRIMINATED "hypocride" mcd (7.00,-)
great old school black death

*INCRIMINATED "kings of misery" cd (12.00,-)
Hellhammer inspired brutal metal!!

*INCRIMINATED "miracle of purity" cd (12.00,-)
Killer old school attack. contains both the slow and painful tracks and midpaced lethal attacks. Hellhammer / Onslaught / Deathstrike etc.. Not one of those mindless retro projects with silly names and intentional ultra cliches. here´s the real deal. Originally pressed only 500 copies. now 2nd edition of 500 ! Northern Heritage.


*INCRIMINATED "possessed in billnäs - live" cd (12.00,-)
crude live recording capturing the essense of this finnish band! Total hell! limited 333 handnumbered copies!

*INCRIMINATED "the promise of worse to come" cd (12.00,-)

*INCRIMINATED / TUSKA "split" cd (12.00,-)
some copies found of this long sold out cd!! ltd 666!!

*INCURSUS "Eternal Funeral Trance" cd (12.00,-)
Influenced only by the essence of darkness.This hideous coalessence can be found inside us all, but only those who are brave enough to explore its depths or are forced-to by their undying contempt for banality, can express it authentically... Incursus is evil, glorified and channeled by the two wretched souls that enshroud this covenant with their mercilessness. Take a journey into what is being called black metal in one of its purest forms, which only a accursed few will ever be able to grasp. With members from Demoncy, Kult ov Azazel,..

music is raw black metal with a melodic touch and a nostalgic flavour influenced by bands like:Horna Sargeist and Drowning the Light

*INFANDOUS "Blood. the Sun. and the Cosmos" cd (12.00,-)
Cryptic. crawling. complex black metal. Debut album. 6-panel digisleeve CD. 4 tracks. 45 minutes.


*INFANTRY / MARTIAL "split" cd (12.00,-)

*INFERI "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
CD collects all Inferi demo material before the debut album. Includes complete unreleased demo #3 as well! 58 minutes of raw and depressive Finnish black metal. Released by: Last Rites, exclusively distributed by Northern Heritage and Werewolf records!

*INFERIS "in the path of malignant spirits" cd (12.00,-)
satanic massive death from Chile

*INFERIUS TORMENT "Ceremony of Godslaying " cd (12.00,-)
Second full length album of Inferius Torment from Russia."Ceremony of Godslaying" consists of 8 excellently produced (mixing & mastering was done at Stage One Studio by Andreas Classen) songs.with a running time of about 37 minutes.Brutal & Sinister Black Metal!

*INFERNAL (COL) "The New Dawn/Majestic Fire" cd (12.00,-)
This CD includes 13 candle-tracks: the band´s 1998 CD debut "The New Dawn" and their rare 1999´s 7"EP "Majestic Fire"... Old school raw black metal Colombia.

*INFERNAL KINGDOM "reflected in darkness" cd (12.00,-)
frento europa

*INFERNAL KINGDOM "s.a.t.a.n." cd (12.00,-)

*INFERNAL KINGDOM "the black throne of hell" cd (12.00,-)

*INFERNAL KINGDOM "the black throne of hell" cd (12.00,-)

*INFERNAL NECROMANCY  "1997 - 2000 " cd (12.00,-)
Imperial Japanese Black Metal

*INFERNAL NECROMANCY "2001-2002" CD (12.00,-)
imperial Japanese black metal

*INFERNAL NECROMANCY "2002-2006" cd (12.00,-)
imperial japanese black metal

*INFERNAL NECROMANCY "Infernal Necromancy" cd (12.00,-)
Japanese imperial black metal


*INFERNAL NECROMANCY / KANASHIMI  "Hikari to Yami" cd (12.00,-)
Great Japan Band's Split!!!! Limited to 300.

*INFERNAL REGENCY "thundering words of annihilation" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*INFERNAL THORN  "Come forth hatred" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. digipak

*INFERNAL WAR "Axiom" cd (12.00,-)
new album of fast blasting black death from Poland!

*INFERNAL WAR "conflagrator" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*INFERNAL WAR "Redesekration" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*INFERNO "Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004" cd (12.00,-)
4 different Inferno 7" ep´s on one CD. Lost Wisdom prod

*INFERNO "Stare Bezbozne emoce" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*INFERNO "uctivani temne zurivosti" cd (12.00,-)

*INFERNUM "...Taur-Nu-Fuin..." cd (12.00,-)
legendary album re-pressed officially!! Early/mid 90´s Polish Black metal legend with Darken and Capricornus! Captures the spirit of that era polish bm perfectly! With liner notes on band history etc.

*INFERNUM "farewell" cd (12.00,-)
cult black metal. 2nd album

*INFERNÖ "metal commando attack" cd (12.00,-)
22 songs including live tracks etc.

*INFERUS "Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light" cd (12.00,-)
pagan bm

*INFESTUS "chroniken des ablebens" cd (12.00,-)

*INFESTUS "chroniken des ablebens" cd (12.00,-)

*INFINITY "back to the source (summon the black name)" cd (12.00,-)

*INFINITY "enter thy labyrint of hell" cd (12.00,-)
The new opus of Infinity. Strong musicanship and a potent and explosive production is what greets you on this album. Balgradon Xul of Funeral Winds is the driving force behind this horde, teamed up with Andras & Quasar. The band takes a new step on to be the leading Black Metal band from Holland with this album. The entire album was recorded during August & September of 2005 in Vortex Studio. 8 tracks and over 45 minute of Black Metal. Gatefold vinyl version will be released by Obscure Abhorrence Productions. Black Metal is Intolerance!

*INFINITY "non de hac terra" cd (12.00,-)
New Era.


*INFUNERAL "Sepulchral Monument" cd (12.00,-)
Iron Fist Prod. Death metal.

*INFUNERAL "Torn From The Abyss" cd (12.00,-)
black metal for fans of Watain and Dissection. with Ondskapt members.

*INFUNERAL/THE LAST KNELL  "split" CD (12.00,-)
Swedish Black Metal meets Black/Death Metal from Chile. 3 songs each.

*INHUMAN HATE "merciless misanthropic" cd (12.00,-)
obscure abhorrance

*INHUMANE DEATHCULT "on behalf of satan" cd (12.00,-)
Descending Towards Darkness

*INJEKTING KHAOS "Salvation Through Violence" cd (12.00,-)
black metal a´la Antaeus & Arkhon Infaustus

*INKISITOR "" cd (12.00,-)
fast, dark and raw death metal from french lunatics, for fans of Revenge, Angelcorpse, Order from chaos. Osmose prod

*INNSMOUTH "Consumed by Elder Sign " cd (12.00,-)
listen samples. Abyssmal sounds


*INSANE VESPER "Abominations Of Death" cd (12.00,-)
After the EPs "Twilight of Extinction" & "Therefore, He Shall Consume", the bearers of His plague and death are back with their first full length intitled "Abomination of Death"... Eight new hymns of a decadent & filthy Black Metal to glorify the dead and the might of the black gods, devourers of the every lives and all its beings...


*INSANE VESPER "Abominations Of Death" cd (12.00,-)
After the EPs "Twilight of Extinction" & "Therefore. He Shall Consume". the bearers of His plague and death are back with their first full length intitled "Abomination of Death"... Eight new hymns of a decadent & filthy Black Metal to glorify the dead and the might of the black gods. devourers of the every lives and all its beings...Sounds like a mix of old (music) & new (vocals) Deathspell Omega.

*INSIDIOUS OMEN "Anointed with the Blood of Chaos" mCD (7.00,-)
Anointed with the Blood of Chaos" is a searing monument to an eternal dark spiritual revolution in the meaningless nature of time and the frailty of such opposition. Marked with defiance and vision. their vicious black metal feasts on the wound that bore false light unto the earth and. in bitter devotion. serves only one cause - darkness.

*INSIDIOUS OMEN "Upn This Throne of Waste and Decay" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*INSTINCT "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
english black metal

*INSTITUT "Live like taitors, die like traitors" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish rhythmic hard electronics with voice. Cold Meat Industry

*INTHYFLESH "Crawl Beneath Our Shadow" cd (12.00,-)
Hellish old school black metal from Portugal,fast,intense,dark, hellish breathing on every min of raw and old school black metal,Nihilism and darkness are halled as the utmost level of existence,feel the void,deep inside within. GoatowaRex

*INTHYFLESH "Lechery Maledictions And Grieving Adjures... " cd (12.00,-)
The Portuguese bloodstained crew after 3 years of silence returns with their second full length album. A grim pack of raw sound and extreme artistic concept of lyrics with touches of Ravenlord (Woods of Infinity) and Gonius Rex (Onirik).all painted in deep red!

*INTOLITARIAN "Deathangle Absolution" cd (12.00,-)
2nd full length onslaught from INTOLITARIAN "Deathangle Absolution". Pure BerserkerGrind Noisecore from the most vicious and devastating audial force on the planet. Total hatred from Antichrist Kramer! 146 tracks of full speed storming mayhem.


*INVERNO ETERNO "postumo" cd (12.00,-)

*INWARD "ruins of inland" cd (12.00,-)
aura mystique

*IRAE "hellnation" cd (12.00,-)

*IRAE / VERMEN "split" cd (12.00,-)
The long waited split between IRAE / VERMEN is finally unleashed on the day they say the slave was born , three are the himns of Lusitanian Evilness coming from each band. For many, one of the best splits ever made in Lusitanian soil

*IRHMGAAR "Sado Terrorist (ugly devil´s worshippers)" mcd (7.00,-)
raw black metal. ltd #500 copies.

*IRON FIST "metal ages" mcd (7.00,-)
after Maniac Butcher, same guys did this retro metal mini album.

*IRON MONKEY "iron monkey / our problem" 2xCD (12.00,-)

*IRONBIRD "pentagrammi & tursaansydän" cd (12.00,-)
Vaino Valkeat productions.


*IRREVERENT "blasphemous crucifix profanation" cd (12.00,-)
Brutal. blasphemous and morbid Death Metal exhumed from the grave after nearly 20 years of rotting in obscurity. The precursor band that was to later evolve into BLACK WITCHERY.

*IRRITATE "ten stabs of demented violence" cd (12.00,-)
death metal finland

*IRRLYCHT "s/t" mCD (7.00,-)

*IRRLYCHT "schatten des gewitters" cd (12.00,-)
limited digipak of german black metal. Undercover

*ISENGARD "vinterskugge" cd (12.00,-)
official digipak

*ISKON "...Dok gnev proslosti navire" cd (12.00,-)
Iskon can be described as a dark, individualistic vision of genuine black art. It has a strong atmosphere (done without keyboards); past,eternal laws of nature and own philosophy are basic lyrical themes. Production is very good; all instruments are real. Album comes with 12-page, full-color booklet

*ISOLATION "isolation" cd (12.00,-)
he selftiteld debut album by this promising german band offers dark, melancholic and haunting Black Metal. This CD contains the material from the "Hier am Ende der Welt" and the "A Prayer for the World to end" demos for the first time on CD with re-arranged and re-mastered setlist featuring a booklet on special paper and black cardboard slipcase with silver print. Musically Isolation can probably be judged in the earliest as depressive Black Metal. Still it never was the purpose to adjust itself to a scene or a genre, but to create instead authentic effigies of internal feelings. Also the influence of Bands reaches from Bethlehem, Ulver or Burzum up to many non-metal styles. The only thing that counts is to play music which transports genuine feelings and is capable to let sink the listener into it !

*ISRATHOUM "Black Scenery Avatar" mcd (7.00,-)
black metal

*ISTAPP "Koldens Union" cd (12.00,-)
swe black metal

*ISVIND "daumyra" digi-cd (13.00,-)

*ISÄNMAA "yli peltojen, vetten ja tunturien" mcd (7.00,-)
Long lost Finnish black metal jewel is finally available on MCD, 7'EP and Pic. 7'EP. Some of the tracks were supposed to be on Impaled Nazarene mini album 1996, but Sir Luttinen left the band just before the recordings and recorded them by himself under the name of Isänmaa. Lyrics are written in Enochian, Finnish and English. Music itself sounds like early Impaled Nazarene. This masterpiece is originally released 1996 on tape with limitation of 50 copies. These new versions are remastered and including one never before released bonus track.

*IXION "to the void" cd (12.00,-)
In fact they essentially are a mid-tempo paced doom metal band with an Albion 90′s imprinting. for all those like us who didn’t forget early Anathema and My Dying Bride. with some more actual referrals in the like of Finnish atmoshepric doom metal bands (Shape of Despair. Swallow the Sun etc) even though the role of keyboards is quite higher in Ixion. taking their sound to maybe a wider. though softer at times. level. Avantgarde Music.

*IXXI "assorted armament" cd (12.00,-)

*IXXI "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
IXXI´s debut is finally ready to rape your mind. This band features Acerbus (Ondskapt), Nattdal (Dimhymn), Totalscorn (Zavorash) and two other musicians. In July 2006 the band entered Endarker Studios in Sweden to record their debut CD. The result which came out of this session was nothing less then a dirty piece of Black ´N Roll with a truly effective production, all supervised by Devo of Marduk. Their debut CD is now finally available from THR SWEDEN. The album also comes with a professionally made music video.

*IXXI "skulls n dust" cd (12.00,-)


*JAR "Ma³a Nocka" cd (12.00,-)

*JAR "panavannie paganstva" cd (12.00,-)
Belarus Pagan BM


*JARBOE + JUSTIN BROADRICK "" cd (12.00,-)

*JARL "vertigo rebirth" cd (12.00,-)
Vertigo Rebirth is the fourteenth album of Swedish composer Erik Jarl and the third and last part of the Vertigo trilogy. It is difficult to say anything more about Jarl’s music on the whole. Like the earlier albums, this one generates particularly severe emotions that could be shortly defined as isolation, intoxication and especially negative, poisonous intuition. This impression is enhanced by the contrast. Erik opens the album with a track that has a construction uncharacteristic to his previous compositions. This composition contains quite strange rhythmics and is rather dynamic, which generates deceptive elation. But that’s only the first track of the album. The rest fling the audience back to the cold uncompromising space of drone, piercing and crushing all attempts to perceive the phenomenon of Jarl’s impasse. This is one more remarkable album for potential suicides. Album "Vertigo Rebirth" lasts for 53 min. 56 sec. Limited edition 200 copies. Autarkeia

*JARNVIDR "Landzplågor" cd (12.00,-)
Raw and Hateful Black Metal limited to 300 copies only


*JASSA "Dark Years of Dearth" cd (12.00,-)
Dark Pagan Black Metal from Russia


*JEX THOTH "Blood Moon Rise" cd (12.00,-)
occult doom

*JEX THOTH "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
progressive doom

*JEX THOTH "Totem" mCD (8.00,-)
Occult doom


*JEX THOTH "Witness" mCD (8.00,-)
Occult doom


*JORMUNDGAND "Visions of the past, which has not yet come to be" cd (12.00,-)
swedish black metal on Christhunt productions.

*JUDAS ISCARIOT  "cold earth slept below" cd (12.00,-)

*JUDAS ISCARIOT "Deathroned, Canquered and Forgotten" mcd (7.00,-)

*JUDAS ISCARIOT "heaven in flames" cd (12.00,-)
great black metal!

*JUDAS ISCARIOT "thy dying light" cd (12.00,-)

*JUDAS ISCARIOT "To Embrace the corpses bleeding" cd (12.00,-)

*JUDAS ISCARIOT "under the black sun" cd (12.00,-)
live album. numbered 300.

*JUMALHÄMÄRÄ "resignaatio" cd (12.00,-)
new full length of Finnish obscure post-black metal. In digipak with booklet.

*JUMALHÄMÄRÄ "resitaali" cd (12.00,-)
Four pieces of minimalistic harmonium music (35:04)

*JUMALHÄMÄRÄ "slaughter the messanger" mcd (7.00,-)
experimental post-black metal. Hammer of Hate

*JUMALHäMäRä "songless shores" mCD (8.00,-)

*JUNO BLOODLUST  "The Lord of Obsession" cd (12.00,-)
High Quality Symphonic Black Metal by Junot. from Japan!


*KADOTUS "seven glorifications of evil" cd (12.00,-)
finnish black metal. blut & eisen


*KAFAN "Injecting evil in thy veins" mcd (7.00,-)
Black metal from Lebanon. Fullmoon prod.

*KAILASH "past changing fast" cd (12.00,-)

*KALI YUGA / VARHORN "split" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*KALMANKANTAJA / UNJOY "split" cd (12.00,-)

*KALMANKANTAJA / V-KHAOZ "split" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal

black metal from poland

*KAMPFAR "kampfar" mcd (7.00,-)
season of mist

*KAOS SACRAMENTUM "Avgrundens Konst" digi cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal. Ancient Records re-issues!

*KAOS SACRAMENTUM "Bloodcurse Stigmata" digi cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal. Ancient Records re-issues!

*KAOS SACRAMENTUM "Förneka den fysiska lekamen" digi cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal. Ancient Records re-issues!

*KAOS SACRAMENTUM  "Scars of Revelation" digi cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal. Ancient Records re-issues!

*KARGVINT "seelenwerks fortgang" cd (12.00,-)
new album of this great black metal band. Raw and unpolished darkness

*KARJALAN SISSIT "karjalasta kajahtaa" cd (15.00,-)
horrors of finland obsessed neo classic industrial and iskelmä nostalgia

*KARNA "Diabolic (soundtrack for my nightmares)" cd (12.00,-)
black ambient

*KARNARIUM "tänk på döden" cd (12.00,-)
swedish death metal

*KATAXU / NECATOR "split" cd (12.00,-)
limited demo re-issue

*KATHAARIA "Cryptic Temples of the ancient cult" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal with magog member

*KAWIR "ophiolatreia" cd (12.00,-)

*KAWIR "uranus" cd (12.00,-)

*KEEP OF KALESSIN "agmen - the journey through dark" cd (12.00,-)

*KENOTAPH "Promise" cd (12.00,-)
sideproject of Skalp presents the material of an old tape with bonus material from the same time. Distorted rhythmic noise with harsh pounding machinelike sounds and slow wispering voice. (functional 012)

*KERASPHORUS "Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn" mCD (7.00,-)
The persistent dissolution of the cosmic order precipitates the onset of eternal recapitulation. An awareness of this imminent cycle of destruction and rebirth affords one the ability to reach into the penumbra of the impending chaos without fear. The sound of Kerasphorus contains the seed of this power. It is a sound that violently propounds its triumphant heresy throughout the halls of Heaven. Being the new project of P. Helmkamp (Order From Chaos. Angelcorpse. Revenge). those familiar with his work will find familiar traces in the vocal and bass performance on this EP. but will also witness the unfolding of new dimensions within his work. This is largely due to the collaborative nature of this project. Helmkamp conceived and composed these songs in conjunction with guitarist. B. Wolaniuk. Adding further definition to the work. the legendary J. Read (Cremation. Conqueror. Revenge. Axis of Advance) was recruited as a session drummer to lend his demonic warfare percussion to this recording as well. Emanating from this combination of talent is the most important work of Occult Black Metal to emerge from the U.S. in years. “Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn” presents an entirely new sound that. while clearly operating within the schematic of modern Black Metal. also incorporates unexpected elements arriving at a sound at once militaristic and metaphysical. Thematically. “Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn” is steeped in myriad strains of esoteric thought. but is presented with a vigor and severity that is uniquely contemporary and uniquely North American. It is infused with an Occult sensibility without getting lost in its own mysticism. It is intelligent. but avoids self-indulgent and pseudo-intellectual posturing. Indeed Kerasphorus demonstrate a groundedness in their approach to Black Metal that is peculiar and engaging. In this work. one finds a blueprint for confronting apocalyptic ruin with potency and fortitude. As the serpent coils and constricts its body about the universal axis. the blood is drained from the world and the sun occluded and blackened. the universal holocaust begins and. by some. it is welcomed.

*KEY "Silver Moon Slumber" cd (12.00,-)
scruffy neo-folk & pop

*KHAOS DEI "Tell them lucifer was here" cd (12.00,-)


*KHISANTH "Forseen storms of the apocalypse" cd (12.00,-)
Black / death metal from USA.

*KHOLD "krek" cd (12.00,-)

*KHOLD "morke gravers kammer" cd (12.00,-)

*KHORS "Flame Of Eternity Decline" cd (12.00,-)

*KHOST "Corrosive Shroud" cd (12.00,-)
Corrosive Shroud is the second album from Birmingham band khost, following the 2014 debut Copper Lock Hell. The album has a singular theme: inside the hand-me-down concrete relics in which we necessarily live and from which we draw perceptions. The music is the sound of lightless blocks, oxygen-starved sheds and apparitions, using stark and unrefined found sounds stacked against Khost's massively detuned guitars.


*KILL "for satan" cd (12.00,-)

*KILL "NECROFILES" cd (12.00,-)

*KING DUDE "songs of the flesh & blood - in the key of the light" cd (12.00,-)

*KINGDOM "unholy graveyard" cd (12.00,-)
time before time records

*KLADOVEST "atmosphere" cd (12.00,-)
No Colours

*KLADOVEST "escape in melancholy" cd (12.00,-)
no colours

*KLAGE "die weihe des eises" mcd (7.00,-)
c. 25 minutes of good black metal!! Recommended

*KLANDESTYN "wounds bleeding black" cd (12.00,-)
Nine long and venomous hymns of cruel Black Metal. The darkest manifestation of the deadly Way, gripping with its paws and tearing Flesh to pieces. The lack of drift and so-called atmosphere, only pain and tortures. Furious roar to the glory of the end of times. Thick and demonic, grim and desperate material, in the best traditions of the 90-ies

*KLOR "klor" cd (12.00,-)
Fantastic debut of straightforward. catchy-as-hell Black Metal from Denmark that should appeal to fans of Craft etc.

*KNELT ROTE  "Insignificance" cd (12.00,-)
The music of Knelt Rote defies easy classification. The band is clearly heavily influenced by the darker elements of Death and Black Metal. the more vicious strains of Grindcore and Punk. and the brutal nihilism of Harsh Noise and Industrial Music. Consequently. the three tracks on the band's second album. "Insignificance." bare the markings of each of these sub-genres of extreme music. While the merging of disparate sounds is often a dodgy venture. unlike most bands that try and fail in this endeavor. Knelt Rote do not attempt to sew together a patchwork of ideas. Rather. the band's union of styles comes across more as superimposition with the resultant image being one that displays the commonalities of each of those various facets of expression. In this way. Knelt Rote defy the homogeneity that infects a great deal of the music being made in each of the aforementioned categories of music. The band nonetheless maintains a sense of purpose that unifies their work. When listening to "Insignificance" one never gets the sense that the band is trying too hard to push boundaries. Instead. the sounds presented on the album feel like the natural emanations of the minds involved in its creation with myriad ideas interwoven like tentacles attached to the same massive beast. Although the highly regarded Parasitic Records released an excellent vinyl edition of this recording a couple of years ago. NWN! has chosen to present this album on CD so that it can be widely proliferated and get the attention it rightfully deserves. Knelt Rote is currently preparing a third album for release on NWN! Productions.

*KNELT ROTE  "Trespass" cd (12.00,-)
Knelt Rote has emerged over the past few years as something of an anomaly in the underground. While the band’s earliest work veered heavily into Grindcore. the band’s style has broadened considerably over the past several releases as the band has fleshed out the composition of its tracks and added more elements of Death and Black metal into its body of work. Listening to the band’s third full-length. “Trespass.” it is clear that Knelt Rote executes these more nuanced strains of extreme metal with a rare sense of precision and focus. What further separates Knelt Rote from its peers is the heavy Harsh Noise influence that the band incorporates into its work adding additional layers of depth and dimension. “Trespass.” like its predecessor “Insignificance.” is textured and fluid in a way that few extreme metal albums are. The weaving of a palette of Harsh Noise and experimental sounds throughout the recording adds to an overall atmosphere and heightened complexity while the devastating cruelty of the Metal portion of the album is left intact. Lyrically and conceptually. “Trespass” deals with the themes that run throughout the body of work that Knelt Rote has generated thus far: the insignificance of the individual. the crushing momentum of the impending annihilation of our species. and the collapse of the individual mind amid the vast system of societal dissolution. The artwork associated with “Trespass” (executed by band member Gordon Ashworth) further reinforces these concepts. A composite whole that is more than the sum of its parts. “Trespass” is unique without sounding forced and more pertinent and forward-looking than much of the current underground metal output.

*KNOX OM PAX "Laudanum" cd (10.00,-)
dark ambient industrial. Destructive Industries

*KOB "The ancient shroud of primeval Ural woods" cd (12.00,-)
Shamaniac Black Metal

*KOERPERWELTEN "Avatars of Rape and Rage" cd (12.00,-)
Having started the process way back in 2002, this collaborative project between Swedish powerhouse Nordvargr and US apocalyptic industrialists Navicon Torture Technoloies finally sees the light (so to speak) in 2008, having been re-worked and re-structured as a perilous 40 minute plunge into a black hole of sound. Waves of grim, doom filled atmospheric sludge crossbred with buzzing black drones, grinding distortion, and a seething underbelly of rhythmic pulsations, ultimately delivering everything you might expect from these two giantsof the industrial scene. In 6 panel digipak, with extreme and controversial, Jonathan Canady designed artwork sure to be banned if it falls into the wrong hands..

*KOLDBRANN "Nekrotisk Inkvisition" cd (12.00,-)
Norwegian black metal

*KOLP "The Covered Pure Permanence" cd (12.00,-)
Kolp is created to represent permanent death in a sonic way. The raw, unstoppable decease. Where change has no meaning, only the pure permanence exists. The heaviest hammer is striking from the doomy Hungary!

*KOOZAR "Koozar / Bangi Vanz Abdul" cd (12.00,-)
Legendary Recur. The Black Metal KOOZER by Kozima of Gorugoth. Bilateral work with Modern Magic Man of Action "Bangi V. Abdul". "Chaos Summon" Magic Soundscap, "The illegal pledge" of a scorching harsh noise and jet-black roaring....


*KORGONTHURUS "ikuisuuden arvet" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal. demo compilation of Korgonthurus.


*KORPBLOD "Uråldrig Samklang " cd (12.00,-)
Cold swedish Black Metal. The amazing album “Uråldrig Samklang” by KORPBLOD released on CD through EWIGES EIS RECORDS ! The CD is limited and handnumbered to 500 units !


*KORPSE "Mirror Distance" cd (12.00,-)
Collection of classic demo,EP and studio out takes for fans of old Autopsy and Voi Vod! The band released two albums in the mid 90´s on Candlelight Records. Aphelion Prod

*KOZELJNIK "Deeper The Fall" cd (12.00,-)
Great black metal!!! This is new album truly creates a great atmosphere and is a true dedication to what black metal stands for!!!! with top notch musicianship this is a release not to be passed up!!!

*KOZELJNIK "sigil rust" cd (12.00,-)

*KRAKEN DUUMVIRATE "The Astroglyphs of the Ritual of Deluge" mCD (7.00,-)

*KRAKEN DVVMVIRATE "from the dying soil of the eternal sea" mcd (7.00,-)

*KRANIUM "Mundo Interior" cd (12.00,-)
demo re-release of early 90´s south american holocaust

*KRATER "Nocebo" cd (12.00,-)
Nocebo captures a disturbing Vision of the blackest Shadows in the Hearts of Man. A morbid Ritual rising in the Flames of Euphoria. burning away the chains of Morality. Ending in immeasurable pain. self-mutilation. insanity and psychological death. Nocebo is a Must for Fans of Deathspell Omega and old Glorior Belli.

*KRATHERION "Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes" cd (12.00,-)
digipak with poster


*KREUZWEG OST "Gott Mit Uns" cd (12.00,-)
2nd monumental album from Kreuzweg Ost for Cold Spring. headed by Michael Gregor (SUMMONING / AMESTIGON). "We see a light through the dim and cloudy shadows of our existence. In the electric field between. Total faith and desperation. hope and doubt. eternal bliss and delusion. we walk an unsure path to an unknown end. When the clouds open. the light navigates. The loud music of the sky: pounding drums surrounded by trumpets and swirling voices echoing from a distance unknown". Kreuzweg Ost rises again with God on their side. “Gott Mit Uns” combines a variety of different musical styles: from Martial Industrial to Classical sounds. from deep Ambient to cinematic anthems. These musical prayers are made for those seeking salvation.

*KRIEG "black house" cd (12.00,-)

*KRIEG "Blue Miasma" digi cd (12.00,-)
last album. now as digipak. Forever Plagued (USA).

*KRIEG "destruction ritual" cd (12.00,-)
chaotic bm

*KRIEG "Patrick Bateman" mCD (7.00,-)
New version by Inferna Profundus which includes one bonus track!

*KRIEG "the church" mcd (7.00,-)
in my opinion the best Krieg. brutal chaos bm blast!

*KRIEG / MOLOCH  "split" cd (12.00,-)
CD version of the LP released earlier this year with a bonus track from each act.

*KRIEGSFALL-U "new album" cd (12.00,-)
New album from 2011. Who knows what it is called? A new eponymous album of Hungarian project KRIEGSFALL-U will be released on the 31st of May 2011. Uncompromising sacral martial industrial with apocalyptic neo-folk elements declaiming in Hungarian. Delikatessen for lovers of old Dernière Volonté, Der Blutharsch, Sophia. Luxurious digipack edition with 12 pages booklet.

*KRIEGSFALL-U "untitled" cd (12.00,-)
Martial industrial. Some songs from split 7"s, most unreleased material. Digipak.

*KRIEGSFALL-U/ KRASCHAU  "unitas" cd (12.00,-)

*KRIEGSGOTT/ SILBERBACH "split" cd (12.00,-)
german black pagan. Christhunt

*KRIEGSMASCHINE "A thousand voices" mCD (7.00,-)
Polish black metal! Finally re-issue & back in stock!!


*KRIEGSMASCHINE "Altered States of Divinity" cd (12.00,-)
Long awaited repress of their 2005 album! Elite black metal from Poland. No Solace.


*KRIEGSMASCHINE "prism: Archive 2002-2004" cd (12.00,-)
Collection of old Kriegsmaschine material collected


*KRIEGSMASCHINE / INFERNAL WAR "split " cd (12.00,-)
new material from both Polish bm bands!

*KRIEGSMASCHINE / SZRON  "split" cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal. great!

*KRISTALLNACHT "blooddrenched memorial 1994-2002" cd (12.00,-)
legendary french band. WKG repress.

*KRISTALLNACHT "warspirit" cd (12.00,-)
original mCD + 4 bonus tracks in digipak.

*KRISTOFFER NYSTRöMS ORKESTER "Overlook Hotel" cd (12.00,-)
Overlook Hotel heralds the return of the mighty KNO. the collaborative project between Swedish industrial legend Peter Nystrom (Megaptera. Negru Voda). and Norwegian up and comer Kristoffer Oustad (V:28. Plague Machinery). 5 years after the highly acclaimed brakeHEAD CD. KNO welcomes you into the Overlook Hotel. where every room has a ghost. and every room has a story to tell. Travel the hallways and explore. as you venture into a more cerebral musical state than what brakeHEAD offered. where ghostly transmissions and hypnotic layers of surreal. ethereal atmospheres intersect with disembodied voices. clattering. furnace blasting percussion. and of course. healthy injections of true. old fashioned industrial noise and sweeping doom. done in the best Scandinavian style (imagine if Deutsch Nepal had continued in the same path laid down by Benevolence and you start to get the idea). The pacing of the album is truly impeccable. flowing seamlessly from to track. as if moving from room to room in a hazy. dream state. the layering and cohesiveness on a whole nothing short of meticulous. Don’t miss a chance to grab what is unequivocally one of the most well conceived and well executed records in the history of Malignant.

*KRODA "cry to me river" cd (12.00,-)
purity through fire digipak

*KRODA "towards the firmaments verge of life" cd (12.00,-)
Purity through fire

*KRODA / OPRICH "split" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*KRODA / VELIMOR "split" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal


*KROHM "Slayer of lost martyrs / Crown of the ancients" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*KROHM "The Haunting Presence" cd (12.00,-)
KROHM´s second full length emanation throws open doors to depraved corridors, exploring the darkest recesses of the mind. Meet the phantasmal presence in your psyche and surrender your grip on reality as the host´s tortured visions and nightmare soundscapes lead you to a realm previously unexplored by any entity. Seven prolonged sufferances reveal dreadful pain and distress, introducing a decrepit, hallucinatory and psychotic existence, suffused liberally with infinite inspiration and hollow hopelessness. These intense invocations transmit a profound maturity and sadness, invoking disturbing apparitions and spectral emissions, unsympathetically infecting the subconscious. ´The Haunting Presence´ is a spiritual manifestation of ritualistic bleak art, a harrowing personal voyage through labyrinths lofty, majestic and grand. Supremely individualistic, KROHM is the essence of otherworldly continuance, the re-occuring resonance of lingering energies. Transcendental, paranormal black metal; for lost souls only.

*KRYPTS "Unending Degradation" cd (12.00,-)
Festering in the underground since their inception in 2008. Helsinki-based Krypts are prepared to set free their debut full-length. While the trademark Krypts' sounds from the 2009 demo and 2011 EP are there (lumbering low-end. bone-crunching riffs and toxic vocals). "Unending Degradation" showcases a band which has honed their craft and is ready to deliver one of 2013's must-have death metal releases. Open the Crypt and enter...


*KUBOPR / SVARTSKOG "pagan land" cd (12.00,-)
eastern pagan metal

*KULT OF AZAZEL "triumph of fire" cd (12.00,-)

*KULT OF TAURUS "divination labyrinths" cd (12.00,-)
Black Metal. Forever Plagued Records


*KULTO MALDITO "Diaboliko" cd (12.00,-)
deathrune records

*KULTO MALDITO "kulto a la bestia" cd (12.00,-)
bolivia bestial black metal

*KURGAALL "Voluntas Luciferi" cd (12.00,-)
Italian black metal, second album.


*KVAATHAN / TYRANATH / EINGAR  "split" CD (12.00,-)
Vinlandic Black Metal.

*KVESTE / NEFTARAKA "split" cd (12.00,-)

*KVLT OF HIOB "Thy Kingly Mask" cd (12.00,-)
Kvlt of Hiob's promising debut album.Exellent mesmerising Black Metal.rejoice & drown in madness! Comes as DigipackCD including an 8 pages booklet. WTC

*KÄLTETOD  "leere" cd (12.00,-)
Digipack CD, re-edited with improved sound and bonus material. Debutalbum originally released in September 2005. Hymns to the freezing death of emotion dating from 2000 - 2004. Overall 55 minutes of cold gruelling Metal.

*KÄLTETOD "reue" cd (12.00,-)
Second full-lenght album. Six hymns to penitence and the eradication of regret, dating from 2004 - 2006! Overall 44 minutes of cold gruelling metal!

*KÄLTETOD / VEINELIIS  "split" cd (12.00,-)
temple of torturous


*LABATUT "Yeomanly" cd (12.00,-)

*LABURINTHOS "augoeides" cd (12.00,-)
In the musical inferno of transmodernity. Laburinthos aims at burning all the heresies of present day music. Thus. by transposing the concept of labyrinth into music. a new avant-garde style was created: Labyrinthine BlueWave. Besides the sonority of a dignified sadness. the lyrics written in English and Enochian. plunging the band into an esoteric universe. The sound of our music is rooted in the Gothic Rock (The Sister of Mercy. Fields of The Nephilim). Dark Wave & Ethereal Wave (Lycia. David Galas). but the inflections of such bands as Neronoia. The 3rd and the Mortal. Kauan. Monumentum or Stille Opprör are prevalent.

*LABYRINTH OF ABYSS "The Cult Of Turul Pride" cd (12.00,-)
First full length album from the first ever Transylvanian Black Metal band. Originally released in 2004 only on tape, limited to 333 copies. Old school-type underground black metal with thrash metal influences and incredible guitar solos!

*LAIBACH "Neo Konservativ" cd (12.00,-)
Repress due to demand! The official release of the semi-official, legendary 1000 only vinyl from 1985, now a highly sought-after collectors piece! Lovingly remastered, with an 8 page book of new text about LAIBACH and NSK of the time by ALEXEI MONROE (commissioned exclusively for this release by LAIBACH), plus never before seen images from the NSK archive. This album finds LAIBACH at their most powerful, orchestral and anthemic!!

*LAIR "black moldy brew" cd (12.00,-)
raw black metal, this enigmatic band is related to Hate Forest and Drudkh!


*LANDSTORM "demo series 1997-1998" cd (12.00,-)
netherlands raw skinhead rock.

*LANTERN "below" cd (12.00,-)
Dark and twisted Finnish death metal like no other


*LASCOWIEC "Frostwinds of the Apocalypse" cd (12.00,-)
dark hidden prod


Raw Black Metal from Vinland. Over 30 minutes of pure BBH atmosphere with immortal ancient spirit.


gore and brutality. Some wear (small dots) in all discs. but no scrathes..

*LAST TYRANT "The End of The Holy Legacy" cd (12.00,-)
Majestic Black Metal. Great Artwork and killer sound


*LE TESTAMENT DE LA LUMIERE "Der tod ist ein treuer kamerad" cd (12.00,-)
dark vinyl records

*LEADHAZE "Black Water Path" cd (12.00,-)
dark/black metal or nationalism and war.

*LEADHAZE "black water path" cd (12.00,-)
East side pagan metal

*LEGACY OF BLOOD "Infernal Cult of Blood" cd (12.00,-)

*LEGACY OF BLOOD "murder hymn" cd (12.00,-)

*LEGION "Conqueror" cd (12.00,-)


*LEGION OF DOOM "For those of the blood" cd (12.00,-)
nsbm from 1995. Original ISO666 pressing !!


*LEGION OF DOOM "god is dead" cd (12.00,-)
2005 legiones pressing!

*LEGION OF DOOM "Kingdom of Endless Darkness" cd (12.00,-)
Hellenic bm. Original ISO666 pressing !!


*LEGION OF DOOM "the desecration" mcd (7.00,-)

*LEGION OF SADISM "the great world of satan" cd (12.00,-)

*LEICHENGOTT  "Cyrograf" cd (12.00,-)

*LEICHENGOTT / LEGACY OF BLOOD "split" cd (12.00,-)

*LEICHENHALLE / MANIFESTO "split" cd-r (5.00,-)
pol / swe PE

*LEIDUNGR "De Nio Kraftsångerna" cd (12.00,-)
Nordic Ritual Folk. Crafted by weaving ritual elements into traditional folk, Leidungr‘s mesmerizing work is also imbued with an indelible martial aura which reinforces the underlying heroic mood summoned on these recordings. With members of Arditi, Puissance, Ofermod.


*LEPRA "Oderint Dum Metuant" cd (12.00,-)
Sick & Drug Addict Black Metal. The tape album 2013 finally on CD. With Ofdrykkja members.

*LES CHANTS DE NIHIL "La Liberté Guidant le Fer" cd (12.00,-)
The real first album (with a real drummer this time) introduced by the demo tape ''de la Gloire''. LCDN comes back with 4 new tracks and 3 rerecorded taken from the last demo for 50' of ethylo-lyric' black metal.

*LES CHANTS DE NIHIL "Ma plus Douce Vermine" cd (12.00,-)
Great atmospheric blackened doom played with their own strong feeling. 4 tracks : 52 min. A piece to put aside of their discography.

*LES CHANTS DE NIHIL  "Propagande Erogene" cd (12.00,-)
French black metal.


*LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NU "Demain, Cetait Hier" cd (12.00,-)
Les Fragments de la Nuit return with their second masterpiece. Lush nocturnal Neo-Classical pieces forming an epic soundtrack that runs from quiet, melancholy-driven moments to stirring, violent passages and eerie moods.


*LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NUIT  "Musique du Crépuscule" cd (12.00,-)
A vision of night wrapped in mystery: a night haunted by spectral chants, under the spell of epic, poignant strings and sustained by hypnotic piano pulsations. A neo-classical or post-nocturnal masterpiece!


*LETHAL "annihilation agenda" cd (12.00,-)

*LETHE "nowhere" cd* (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*LETHERIA "II Slander" cdr (2.00,-)
Finnish death with influences of black metal. CDR demo.

*LEVIATHAN "howl mockery at the cross" cd (12.00,-)
usa black metal

*LEVIATHAN / SAPTHURAN "split" cd (12.00,-)
USA black metal

*LEVIATHAN / XASTHUR "split" cd (12.00,-)
usa black metal

*LIBERTATIS AMORE "Der Traum der Vergangenheit" cd (12.00,-)
German black metal. christhunt.

*LIE IN RUINS "architechture of the dead" mCD (7.00,-)
Finnish death metal, old school and good

*LIE IN RUINS "swallowed by the void" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish great death metal assault.

*LIE IN RUINS "Towards Divine Death" cd (12.00,-)
The anticipated follow-up to 2009's "Swallowed by the Void" (released on Spinefarm Records). Finland's Lie in Ruins make no missteps in delivering a 70 minute opus of pure death metal. Spanning 10 tracks, "Towards the Divine Death," displays a much more mature band and vision. While you will hear typical Lie in Ruins moments on this album, make no mistake, this is a nastier and grittier album that will leave you hoping the band doesn't go five more years before assaulting us with another album. Hail supreme Finnish death! Hail the divine death!


*LIFELOVER "dekadens" mcd (7.00,-)
3rd album.

*LIFELOVER "erotik" cd (12.00,-)

*LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH "The Golden Plague" cd (12.00,-)
Raging brutal A.B.M.U. quartet rising from Los Angeles´ Underground; featuring ENDLESS BLIZZARD member! Brutal, over-the-top blistering American Black Metal with just a hint of Nordic influence. Similar to: ANGELCORPSE/ORDER FROM CHAOS, REVENGE, CONQUEROR, and early NACHTMYSTIUM; plus with Death-Doom heaviness in the vein of HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST

*LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH / VALDUR "split" cd (12.00,-)
usa black metal

*LIHOLESIE "Boundless Thirst for the Outside" cd (12.00,-)
Transient serenity of the previous album has gone. More Angst, more drums, more thrilling tunes! Go ahead! Beyond horizons! The fourth album of the project LIHOLESIE. More Industrial-Neofolk with barbaric drum patterns but keeping to the previous melodic/lyrical lines this time. Enigmatic, dark, mysterious. Amid debris of a bygone civilization.

*LIK "Best rtade Strofer" cd (12.00,-)

*LIK "Lekamen illusionen kallet" cd (12.00,-)
obscure midpaced black metal

*LIK "må ljuset aldrig nå oss mer" cd (12.00,-)

*LIK "the second wind" cd (12.00,-)

*LIKBLEK "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
swedish black metal. Members of Kill, Styggelse, Swordmaster and many others

Norsk Arisk Black Metal. Debut album


*LIKVANN / GRAVKORS "split" cd (12.00,-)
Norsk Arisk Black Metal. Split CD'2014.


*LILYUM "Nothing Is Mine" cd (12.00,-)
Active since 2002. having already put out a long list of CDr and tape/demo only releases. this is Lilyum’ first pro-CD release. Although it is inspired by modern War Black Metal style. Lilyum create music that is intensely original in it’s orientation : thumping violent drum-warmachine. hyperblasting guitar riffs. brutally abrasive voice from beyond create a demonic wallnoise and blasted atmosphere perfectly orchestrated by multi-instrumentalist Kosmos Reversum. The nine-song “Nothing is mine” will bring you in a magisterial earth-shaking journey of your most wildly mind abandonment

*LIVSNEKAD "Den Sociala Vanförheten" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*LIVSNEKAD "Nostalgisk Katarsis" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish melancholic black/doom metal-just enjoy the sample... 4 Songs with a playing time of 54 minutes. Statement Livsnekad: This new (but old) album called "Nostalgisk Katarsis". (Nostalgic Catharsis). It is a re-recording of our first EP "Köttets och sinnets biografi".

*LJÅ "vedderbaug" cd (12.00,-)
norwegian black metal

*LOCUS MORTIS  "Inter Uterum Et Loculum" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*LOCUS MORTIS "voust" cd (12.00,-)
black metal a´la Watain, etc..

*LOFT LIFE / INFESTUS "split" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*LOITS "must album" cd (12.00,-)
2007 Estonia black metal


*LOITS "vere kutse kohustab" cd (12.00,-)

*LONG VOYAGE BACK "long voyage II" cd (12.00,-)

*LONG VOYAGE BACK "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
debut CD of this Aussie horde

*LORD BLASPHEMER "Tales of Misanthropy, Bloodlust and Mass Homicide" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*LORD FOUL "Killing. Raping. Burning / The Devil" cd (12.00,-)
Killing. Raping. Burning / The Devil's Advocate demos re-issued. Obscure USA black-grind-death.

*LORD OF EVIL "satans soldiers" cd (12.00,-)
Most extreme Polish black metal

*LORD OF PAGATHORN  "Nekros Philia" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal. Digipak. Woodcut.


*LORD PAIMON  "Evil Commands" cd (12.00,-)
brazil bm

*LORD WIND "atlantean monument" cd (12.00,-)
re-issue of the album on Wolfstyr (usa). Pagan music.

*LORD WIND "forgotten songs" cd (12.00,-)
graveland side project

*LORD WIND "heralds of fight" cd (12.00,-)
Graveland side project what sounds like Graveland intros.

*LORD WIND "rites of the valkyries" cd (12.00,-)
graveland side project

*LORDAMOR "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish doom metal with the Worship, Unholy etc influences

*LOREN NERELL "the venerable dark cloud" mCD * (6.00,-)
ambient. amplexus

*LOSS "Life Without hope... ...Death without reason" cd (10.00,-)
death doom. recommended!

*LOST LIFE "wrecked human deathcult" cd (12.00,-)

*LOTUS CIRCLE "Bottomless Vales And Boundless Floods" cd (12.00,-)
bm. Nykta.

*LOTUS CIRCLE "caves" cd (12.00,-)
otus Circle’s sound expression is based on an experimental karma of genres such as Doom. drone. black Metal. noise/electronic music always under the sign of a spiritual Inner Ritualism. “Caves” is a truly monster of warm and enveloping drone bringing the listener to an unknown and somewhat psychedelic level. After five years from the previous praised ”Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods” album. LOTUS CIRCLE are back for a new spiritual catharsis.

*LUCIFUGUM "Sociopath, philosophy Cynicism" cd (12.00,-)
with bonus videoclip

*LUCIFUGUM "stigma egoism" cd (12.00,-)

*LUCIFUGUM "vector 33" cd (12.00,-)
New album from Lucifugum from Ukraina

*LUCTUS "jauciant panaiga arti" cd (12.00,-)

*LUCTUS "stotis" cd (12.00,-)
Lithuanian black death

*LUCTUS / ARGHARUS "sonitus caeli ardentis" cd (12.00,-)
ledo takas

*LUFTWAFFE RAID "empire" cd (12.00,-)
national socialist ambient

*LUGBURZ "behind the gates of black abyss" cd (12.00,-)
mix of medieval music and fantasy themes. Keyboards, chants, female vocals, orchestration...

*LUGNASAD "Smell Of A Grey Sore" cd (12.00,-)
Art Of Propaganda is proud to announce to release the debut album of Lugnasad. One of the most outstanding newcomer band from France. "Smell Of A Grey Sore" comes in a 6 sided digipak and it contains 7 songs Influenced by scandinavian bands like Dissection. Shining. new Marduk or Funeral Mist with a playing time of 52 minutes. With Vestal of Merrimack on the vocals. The music is absolute atmospheric. melodic. sometimes depressive and will send you into abyss of hate !!!


*LUGUBRUM "De Vette Cuecken" cd (12.00,-)
raw bm

*LUGUBRUM "die totem" cd (12.00,-)

*LULL & BETA CLOUD & ANDREW LILES "Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured" cd (12.00,-)
From England to the United States and back again... it all started as a simple drone project between LULL (aka Mick Harris of Scorn. ex-Napalm Death) and BETA CLOUD (aka Carl Pace). based on the concept of how insomnia can effect your thought patterns. Billows of powerful bass drones set to indistinct flourishes of temporary insanity. The original track is there. but also included is a fierce remix track by legendary sound artist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND). Fans of Lull and Beta Cloud will really sink their teeth into this one; what Liles has created here is not a simple remix but a raging. deconstruction as only he can do. Originally released as a limited 3" CD in 2008. now proudly presented in a deluxe digipak edition with stunning new artwork. A captivating listen for dark ambient and harsh noise fans alike.

*LUNAR AURORA "seelenfeuer" cd (12.00,-)

*LUNAR AURORA "weltenganger" cd (12.00,-)
german bm

*LUROR "cease to live" cd (12.00,-)

*LUSTFUL "The Almighty Facets" cd (12.00,-)
on Cogumelo records!

*LUTEMKRAT "the last survivor" cd (12.00,-)
Melodic black/death. "if you’ve worn out your copies of “The Somberlain” or “Far Away From The Sun”, this is a great album to listen to in the interim."

*LUTOMYSL "Overcoming Babel" cd (12.00,-)
Ukraina black metal

*LUX DIVINA "New days for the ancient wisdom" cd (12.00,-)
black/pagan metal


*LUX LUCIFERI "purity ov eternity" cd (12.00,-)

*LYCANTHROPY´S SPELL "forest of misanthropy" cd (12.00,-)

*LYKANTHROPY "Operation Werewolf " cd (12.00,-)
german warhungry black metal


*LYKAUGES "Under the Veil of Depression" cd (12.00,-)
black metal with Ancient Greek Subjects and Nihilistic Views

*LYRINX "nihilistic purity" cd (12.00,-)

*LYTHANY / VULTO  "Ritual de Privacao" cd (12.00,-)

*LÖNNDOM "fälen fran norr" cd (12.00,-)


*MAATH "No Survivors for the new world" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient on Eibon records

*MACABRE "grim scare tales" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*MACABRE OMEN "Gods of War - at war" cd (13.00,-)
greek black metal. Van.

*MAGISTER DIXIT "My Anger if an Eternal Field of Demonized Mercenaries" cd (12.00,-)
3rd album of canadian black metal in vein of OLD MAN’S CHILD, DIMMU BORGIR, and “IX Equilibrium” era EMPEROR

*MAGOG "Unholy German Black Metal" cd (12.00,-)
EE records 009

*MAGUS  "ruminations of debauchery" cd (12.00,-)
pre-ABSU projects. USA black death.

*MALEDICERE "Leave Only What is Fit to Burn" cd (12.00,-)
This is dense, layered, and bleak Black Metal that should appeal to fans of Deathspell Omega, Negative Plane, Nightbringer, etc. www.antitheistcult.com/releases.html

*MALEFICIA "Songs of the nightbird" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish dark metal with cold touch. With members of Bloodhammer before BH started.

*MALEFICUM ORGIA "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
french black metal

*MALFEITOR "incubus" cd (12.00,-)

*MALFEITOR / BIRCH MOUNTAINT "split " cd (12.00,-)
death metal.

*MALHKEBRE "prostration" mcd (7.00,-)
Fast chaotic black metal. Slipcase+jewelbox. booklet. 22 mins. Ahdistuksen Aihio

*MALKUTH "sefirah gevurath" cd (12.00,-)

*MALLEUS MALEFICARUM "nothingleft to fight for" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*MALMORT "Vox in Excelso" cd (12.00,-)
Always inspired by the legendary band Darkthrone. MALMORT refines his art with this first album. Fruit of mature compositions. this raw and melodic opus offer cold and hate atmosphere rage without uncompromising. On jewel case CD 8 tracks over 48 minutes with 8 pages booklet including the lyrics

*MALSAIN "they never die" cd (12.00,-)
Malsains debut album and a herald of the unique sound the band craft on the followup, The Disiease.

*MALVEILLANCE "insignificance" cd (12.00,-)
canadian primitive black metal

*MALVEILLANCE "just fuck off" cd (12.00,-)
known from previous CD on Autistiartili. Blackcore

*MALVEILLANCE "Que In Mort Vous Emporte" cd (12.00,-)
Midpaced raw bm from Canada! Autistiartili Recs

*MALVENTO "clavi" cd (12.00,-)
new album

*MALVENTO "Regressus Ad Uterum" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*MANDATORY "...Where they bleed" mcd (7.00,-)
death metal a´la Grave, Asphyx, Carnage,...

*MANDATORY "exiled in pain" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*MANEGARM "urminnes hävd - the forest sessions" cd (12.00,-)

*MANES "how the world came to an end" cd (12.00,-)
progressive dark metal of Manes (nor).

*MANES "Under Ein Blodraud Maane" cd (12.00,-)

*MANIAC "black legion" cd (12.00,-)
studio tracks + live tracks of Spanish thrash/speed. Black Seed prod.

*MANIAC BUTCHER "lucan - antichrist" cd (12.00,-)
1996 czech black metal with two bonus tracks

*MANIAC BUTCHER "lucan antichrist" cd (12.00,-)
album of 1996. Czech cult!

*MANIAC BUTCHER "masakr 2010" cd (12.00,-)
New album from old legends

*MANII  "Kollaps" cd (12.00,-)
The return of Manes to their early slow. maniacal black metal roots.. as "Manii"... the new unearthly creation of Cernunnus and Sargatanas.

*MANTAK "black thrashing genocide" cd (12.00,-)

*MANTAK "sabahells blasphemer" cd (12.00,-)
drakkar prod.

*MANTICORE "bowels of the holy anoint us in evil" cd (12.00,-)

*MANTICORE "For Rats and plague" cd (12.00,-)
crushing black death. Recommended!

*MARBLEBOG "wind of moors" cd (12.00,-)

*MARDRAUM "Southern Darkness" cd (12.00,-)
New on Totenkopf Propaganda


*MARDUK "fuck me jesus" mCD (8.00,-)
1991 Marduk debute!

*MARDUK "Heaven shall burn" cd (12.00,-)

*MARDUK "Opus Nocturne" cd (12.00,-)

*MARDUK "Those of the unlight" cd (12.00,-)

*MARERITT "Hymner Til Doden Og Mörket" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Stellar Winter

*MARTIN BLADH "dirge; the peter sotos files" cd (12.00,-)
Martin Bladh of IRM with samples & spoken word from author Peter Sotos. Freak Animal Records


*MARTYR LUCIFER  "shards" cd (9.00,-)
On August the 8th 2013 the German label Outline Rekordz will release. in an elegant digipack format. "Martyr Lucifer's Shards" an album that collects the trilogy of EPs recently produced by Martyr Lucifer. The collection includes 3 different EPs of the artist's unreleased material. which differ in terms of sound and atmosphere. but are united by the melancholy of Martyr Lucifer's dark soul. This work raises points of interest not only from a musical point of view. but also from the occult and symbolic ones - the artist has accustomed us. since his solo debut. to complete works that offer not only sound. but also a complete artwork with puzzles to discover and interpret. And "Shards" is no exception. The 3 EPs saw the partecipation of members of Hortus Animae. as well as Simone Mularoni and Dario Ciccioni of Empyrios. Antarktica of Darkend and Adrian Erlandsson of Paradise Lost/At The Gates.

*MASACRE "Colombia... Imperio Del Terror / Cancer de Nuestron dias" cd (12.00,-)
colombia death metal

*MASOCHIST "history" 2x cd (15.00,-)
pre-Winds of the Black Mountain offers sadistic old style US black metal filth !

*MASOKISMI "Eläminen Kohti Kuolemaa" cd (12.00,-)
Recorded just a little before mainman Fresh Hatred´s suicide in 2009, Eläminen Kohti Kuolemaa (Living Towards Death) includes ten painfully distorted, ultra raw black metal songs about self destruction and rejection of all values. More on the black metal side than the very early "black core" material, this even includes some melancholic and melodic parts, but the distorted loudness makes it even harder to listen. Bestial Burst

*MASOKISMI "Häpeällinen Siveysoppi" cd (12.00,-)
sick and bizarre Finnish black-core-noise! Beherit meets Havohej (noise era) and disturbing noisecore sound. Bestial Burst.

*MASSACRE "the second coming" cd (12.00,-)
The long lost MASSACRE second album is now unveiled. Kam Lee (original voice of DEATH/MANTAS) together with NunSlaughter Records and Hells Headbangers has unearthed this long overdue casket. Originally slated for release in the mid 90´s these songs retain the classic MASSACRE sound and horror appeal. Enter this tomb and revel in The Second Coming.

*MASSEMORD "the madness tongue devouring juices of livid hope" cd (12.00,-)
With the release of ´The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices of Livid Hope´, MASSEMORD intend to carve their own path through black metal and, while paying homage to the many muses of old, shed new, psychedelic light on the art they have come to represent. The sound is more than ever the band’s own, the underlying thoughts and concept more personal and engaged than ever. The album consists of one monstrous 35-minutes song, taking their brand of black metal down to darker and much heavier territory. ´The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices of Livid Hope´ is a pulsing, hypnotic monolith, mesmerizing, dirge-driven display of brutal riffing, haunting vocals and raging rhythm section taking the listener on a journey into netherworlds rarely traveled... hate them and let the world burn...!

*MASSEMORD / THE FROST / VALDUR "split" cd (12.00,-)
VALDUR (Vinland) Snow-bound high-country (Mammoth Lakes, Sierra Mountains) USBM with actual Norwegian singer named Thor (pronounced as ´Tor´); brutal Nordic-influenced atmosphere in the vein of old Norwegian pioneers MOCK blended with crushing War Metal attack in the Canadian vein of BLASPHEMY and CONQUEROR! Constantly slaying concert-goers up and down the West Coast for the past couple of years, VALDUR features impressively awesome [totally unbeatable] drumming by Lord Sxuperion, who also appears on ENDLESS BLIZZARD´s forthcoming new full-length album to be released in April 2008, on BlackMetal.com Records! THE FROST (Zagreb, Croatia) Highly skilled orthodox Black Metal from Croatia, this time with live drummer; true Norwegian-influenced attack in the vein of early EMPEROR, but also utilizing classic POSSESSED-like guitar-riffs! Diehard collectors who worship THE FROST´s full-length demo "Damned and Forgetten" CD from 2005 will no doubt be surprised by the contribution of impressive live drumming to the band´s massive new sound! Recorded at studio "Unknown" in Zagreb, Autumn/Winter - 2006/2007. The FROST is Gorgor (guitars, bass, vocals, all music and lyrics); Drums played by Kovas on all songs. Some parts of second guitar played by Void. "This recording is dedicated only to the True Believers of Black Metal Underground! Support the Misanthropic art!" MASSEMORD (Norway) Melodic, yet truly necro-oriented Norge Svart-Metall aggression from SYKDOM / DER HENKER / SVARTSKOGG members; back again after a 3-year´s hiatus! These tracks are the most ´raw´ sounding (production-wise) by MASSEMORD, yet still retaining Lord Hastur Warmachine´s signature melodicism and memorability. The Blackened Thrashing aggression of tracks like "Black Metal Maniac" clearly display a Teutonic Thrash influence guaranteed to cause extreme headbanging; the ripping guitars are utterly wicked! And as always, the brutal vocals are in the grim vein of IMMORTAL, or MAYHEM / TORMENTOR´s Attila Csihar! Definitely, some of the best ´No filler´ tracks recorded by all of these great bands; sure to get the cult fanatics out there salivating, and crying out for more! PLUS "hidden BONUS TRACKS" taken from EVERWINTER´s "Final Victory" demo (2003) originally limited to 500 MCD released on Antinomian. These now-classic tracks are not to be forgotten; excavated for new listeners! EVERWINTER´s former members are now in INVASIVE COMMAND (featuring DECIEVERION / CRUCIFIER / GRAND BELIALS KEY drummer)-- currently active!

*MASSENHINRICHTUNG "Go Beyond Gist" cd (12.00,-)

*MASSENHINRICHTUNG / RAVEN THRONE "Adzinota Kruka" cd (12.00,-)
darker than black

*MASSENVERNICHTUNG "Eine Abrechnung" digi cd (12.00,-)
german black metal. Darker than black.

*MASSENVERNICHTUNG / DARKTHULE "split " cd (12.00,-)

*MASTER "collection of souls" cd (12.00,-)
death metal masters!!

*MASTERS HAMMER "ritual" cd (12.00,-)

*MASTICATION / EXHUMED "wicked material sanity" cd (12.00,-)
Obscure Death Metal from the Classic 1st Generation of Swedish Death Metal ..From 1990 + 1991 " Cd Contains The Demo Recordings of each band includes members who also made the darkness known as EXCRUCIATE , UNANIMATED , NECROPHOBIC , DISMEMBER and NIFELHEIM ....Exhumed ( sweden ) formed in 1990 and made a single Demo "Obscurity " , Later band members formed MASTICATION with the intent to finish the mission of Death Metal !!! This release contains bonus tracks from side band EGYPT who were the final chapter before members concentrated on thier next ( main) acts...Such as MORPHEUS ( swe) and later GRAVE...

*MASTIPHAL "nocturnal landscape" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal reh demo re-issue from 1994.


*MATRICIDE "holy virgin" cd (12.00,-)

*MAVETH "breath of an abomination" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish fast and brutal death metal

*MAVETH "coils of the black earth" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish death metal

*MAVETH / EMBRACE OF THORNS "A Plague through the heavens" cd (12.00,-)
death metal. Finland + Greece.

*MAXIMUM PERVERSUM "attak" cdr (5.00,-)
extremely primitive bm

*MAYHEM "chimera" cd (12.00,-)

*MAYHEM "European Legions" cd (12.00,-)

*MAYHEM "Live In Leipzig" cd (12.00,-)

*MAYHEM "pure fucking armageddon" cd (12.00,-)

*MEADS OF ASPHOREL "the early years" cd (12.00,-)
uk black metal earlier demo recordings

*MEADS OF ASPHOREL "the mill hill sessions" cd (12.00,-)

*MEAT SHITS "Ecstacy of death" cd (12.00,-)
legend of gore/porno/violence/gay-hating grind/death/noisecore. Moribund

*MEAT SHITS "fuck frenzy" cd (12.00,-)
legend of gore/porno/violence/gay-hating grind/death/noisecore. Moribund

*MEAT SHITS "gorenography" cd (12.00,-)
legend of gore/porno/violence/gay-hating grind/death/noisecore. Moribund

*MEAT SHITS "sniper at fag parade" cd (12.00,-)
legend of gore/porno/violence/gay-hating grind/death/noisecore. Moribund

*MEAT SHITS "violence against feminist cunts" cd (12.00,-)
legend of gore/porno/violence/gay-hating grind/death/noisecore. Moribund

*MEDIEVAL DEMON "necrotic rituals from unholy past" cd (12.00,-)
Pure old traditional black metal invocations of 90´s greek underground underground scene.

*MEK NA VER "heresy" cd (12.00,-)
black metal from italy

*MELANCHOLIA ESTATICA "letum" cd (12.00,-)
for fans of early katatonia and agolloch

*MELECHESH "djinn" cd (12.00,-)

*MELEK-THA "Acclaim Hell" cd (12.00,-)
apocalypse of black industrial

*MELEK-THA "Gloriam Demandi Regnia For The Damned" cd (12.00,-)
apocalypse of black industrial

*MELEK-THA "The Decimation World" cd (12.00,-)
apocalypse of black industrial

*MELEK-THA "war is coming" cd (12.00,-)
apocalypse of black industrial

*MELTDOWN  "the quietus" cd (12.00,-)

*MEMBARIS "Entartet" cd (12.00,-)
Re-Issue of Membaris' latest full length album "Entartet".Artwork and Music are identical to the first pressing.originally released by the now defunct Label ARTicaz.

*MEMBARIS "Grenzgänger " cd (12.00,-)
Re-Issue of Membaris' third full length album "Grenzgänger".Artwork and Music are identical to the previously sold out version.originally released by the now defunct Label ARTicaz.

*MEMORIAL "Enter my Megaron" cd (12.00,-)
black metal on Baphomet records

*MENEGROTH "gazourmah" cd (12.00,-)
darker than black

*MENEGROTH "helvetische Urgewalt" cd (12.00,-)
helvetic aryan Pagan Black, limited to 1000 handnumbered copies

*MENHIR "Die Ewigen Steine" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*MEPHISTO "metal of death" cd (12.00,-)
old school metal a´la Hellhammer, Sodom, Slaughter..

*MEPHISTO / THE TRUE ENDLESS "too heavy for hell" cd (12.00,-)

*MEPHIZTOPHEL "for my your blood for satan your soul" cd (12.00,-)
MEPHIZTOPHEL - one of the oldest Columbian Black Metal hord (formed back in 1993) strikes again with second full length album "For My Your Blood For Satan Your Soul" through TBTRec! You will find here only extreme, merciless Satanic Black Metal as it should be!!! Pure Darkness and Evil!!!!

*MEPHIZTOPHEL "for my your blood for satan your soul" cd (12.00,-)
time before time

*MERCILESS "live fagersta, demo 87, 88" cd (12.00,-)

*MERCILESS "the awakening" cd (12.00,-)
swedish cult classic!!

*MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION "aipesis" cd (12.00,-)

*MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION "aipesis" cd (12.00,-)
cruel black metal. Black Seed prod

*MERCY "victory march" cd (12.00,-)
old swe metal

*MERESSIN "The Baphomets Call" cd (12.00,-)
old school black metal

*MERKNET "Rotten Omega Ceremony" 2x CD (13.00,-)
double digipak.


*MERRIMACK "grey rigorism" cd (12.00,-)

*MERRIMACK "Obsecrations to the Horned" cd (12.00,-)
french bm

*METALUCIFER "bulldozing it true" cd+dvd* (18.00,-)
in DVD size super-jewelbox

*METALUCIFER "heavy metal bulldozer" cd (12.00,-)

*METALUCIFER "heavy metal chainsaw" cd (12.00,-)
iron pegasus. jap heavy obsessed metal

*MGLA "Exercises In Futility" cd (12.00,-)
Third full lentgh album of Mgła, "Exercises in futility", is out now on Northern Heritage and No Solace. EIF is continuation of bleak, dark and disillusioned Mgła style of black metal. It was meant to be most coherent recording to date, and also turned out to be the rawest (as in: most natural, not necessarily harshest) one. The album is composed of 6 songs, playing time 42 minutes. 8 page booklet with lyrics.


*MGLA "Groza" cd (12.00,-)
back in stock!! Polish band already reaching worldwide attention in black metal circles. Debut full length on NORTHERN HERITAGE! Expect nothing but the Mgla quality they are known for! NH-057


*MGLA "Mdlosci + Further Down The Nest" mcd (7.00,-)
includes material of the two 7"s ! Great black metal! Northern Heritage.

*MGLA "presence" mcd (7.00,-)
Back in stock! Often praised Mgla's first c. 20 minute 3-track miniCD showing bands supreme sense of cold melody already in early stages of band! Northern Heritage.


*MGLA "With Hearts Toward None" cd (12.00,-)
The wait is over!!! cd out now. Mighty polish BM!

*MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY "the forest mourners" cd (12.00,-)

*MIDRYASI "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
doom metal from Italy. Iron Tyrant.

*MIDVINTER "at the sight of the apocalypse dragon" cd (12.00,-)

*MIND PROPAGANDA / ISMARK  "Naturgewalten" cd (12.00,-)
great slavonic Black Metal / german Black Metal by these two Hordes

*MIRKHALL "Heathen Hearted" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish Pagan Black Metal Compilation of the demos "Winter of Tragedies Reing" & "RIng to Rule", Plus a rehesal Bonus Track!!!


*MISANTROPICAL PAINFOREST "Firm grip of the roots" cd (12.00,-)
Obscure Finnish black metal

*MIST "Snowy Nocturnal Forest And Stellar Sky " cd (12.00,-)

*MISTREAT "10 years anniversary live 1998" cd (12.00,-)
Finally supreme quality Mistreat audio recording sees daylight in form of official live CD fully approved by Mistreat! Sakaramiina.


*MISTRESS OF THE DEAD "henriette's message from the other shore" cd (12.00,-)

*MISTRESS OF THE DEAD "I know her face from tombstone" cd (12.00,-)

*MISTRESS OF THE DEAD "white roses, white coffin" cd (12.00,-)

*MISVITA "misanthropic aura" cd (12.00,-)

*MODERN FUNERAL ART "hellfire" cd (12.00,-)
Mornightside records

*MOLOCH "abstrakter wald" cd (12.00,-)

*MOLOCH "Die Isolation" cd (12.00,-)
A new opus comes from the woods of Carpathia. It is a despairing portrayal of the souls that are lost in the winter woods. Hypnotic sounds, like a thousand blades in a dance of a winter blizzard, leaving thousands of cuts digging into the body. Heart-rending screams of freezing flesh, summoning death, dissolving within echoes on the mountains. This album delivers cold, misanthropic and desolate mid-tempo, Nordic-influenced Black Metal, alongside melancholic Dark Ambient tracks. Crunchy distorted guitar minimalism, primal thrashing beats, and an overall raw necroish execution are reinforced by howling, tortured, grim vocals that recall the old Burzum era.


*MOLOCH "Sterben Unter der Blasse Unvermeidlichkeit" cd (12.00,-)

*MOLOCH "stiller schrei des winters (2002-2012)" cd (12.00,-)

*MOLOCH "Verwüstung" cd (12.00,-)

*MOLOCH LETALIS "Apoteoza Smierci" cd (12.00,-)
Unstoppable desire for blasphemy gave birth to debut Moloch Letalis album called "Apoteoza Śmierci" ("Apotheosis Of Death") which is infernal opium for thirsty Devil´s worshippers. These eight dark anthems are merciless in killing by its cadaverous atmosphere. 37 minutes of unpure, antichristian, diabolic black metal. Here, Death spits with venom, vomits blood, rapes life... Pact has been done... Night! Blood! Chaos! Satan! Album released in a regular case. All copies hand numbered. CD with a special graphic pressing.

*MOLOTH "sturm" cd (12.00,-)

*MONARQUE "messe noire" cd (12.00,-)
Strictly limited to 1.000 hand-numbered copies. the CD contains 3 tracks of the band. as well as a cover of Mortifera's Le Revenant. recorded professionally live. as well as a new track called Vermines. The CD contains a multimedia section as well. with videos for the live tracks.

*MONARQUE / SORCIER DES GLACES "split" cd (12.00,-)

*MONARQUE/NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR "Cantus Maleficus" cd (12.00,-)
"brandnew split album of these brilliant canadian black metal bands.limited to 1000 copies"

*MONDBLUT "scorn" cd (12.00,-)
dark vinyl records

*MONGRELS CROSS "The Sins of Aquarius" cd (12.00,-)
Hot on the heels of their Whoresanna EP. Australian hooligans MONGRELS CROSS deliver their highly anticipated debut album. The Sins of Aquarius. Seven anthems of chaotic-yet-poised black/death barbarity. The Sins of Aquarius spans filthy thrashing. downtempo warmarches. and epic metal grandeur alike. with a powerful panache and strong songwriting to the fore. MONGRELS CROSS throw down the gauntlet and spit on all pretenders - behold The Sins of Aquarius! Recommended for diehards of GOSPEL OF THE HORNS. BESTIAL MOCKERY. GRAND BELIAL’S KEY. and UNCREATION’S DAWN. HHR

*MONOTX "Wmypm" cd (12.00,-)
russian nsbm

*MONS VENERIS "Vicit sathanas pater...eum sequamur" cd (12.00,-)
Re-release of the tape previously also released on antihumanism but this with original mix of the recording wich was intended for vinyl release. Black metal underground coming close to Black legions (Fra) sound. 250 copies

*MONSTRARE "Novum Ott" cd (12.00,-)
This is Monstrares second full length cd that delves deeper into the darkest reaches of humanities horrific mind. Cold, Dark ambient, pasted with ritualistic overtures, a nightmarish sountrack for the soul.

*MONUMENTUM "the river" cd ep (7.00,-)

*MOONBLOOD "supreme black force of german steel" cd (12.00,-)
bootleg of materials from Taste our german steel LP and split tape with Evil.

*MOONTOWER "black metal terror" cd (12.00,-)

*MOONTOWER "Praise the apocalypse" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*MOONTOWER "The Wolf´s Hunger" mcd (7.00,-)
polish bm

*MOONTOWER "to the dark aeon" mcd (7.00,-)

*MOONTOWER "Unholy Rehearsals 1996-2006" cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal. Sign of the Sun Records

*MOONTOWER / BLACK WINTER "split" cd (12.00,-)

*MOONTOWER / TARAN  "devils incarnation" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*MOR "hram krvi i praznine" cd (12.00,-)

*MOR DAGOR "redeemer" cd (12.00,-)
fast black/death. Osmose.


*MORBID FOG/ L HIVER  "ars nocturna" cd (12.00,-)
Greek black metal

*MORBID MACABRE "hell and damnation" cd (12.00,-)
columbia death metal

*MORBID SAVOURING "incestivicious" cd (12.00,-)
Extreme gore porno grind from sicko´s from Lappeenranta.

*MORBIDER "When Darkness Returns" cd (12.00,-)
11 tracks in 41 minutes of pure downtuned and pounding death metal in a Swedish vein straight from the Czech Republic.

*MORBIUS "Soiourns Through The Septiac" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

One of the first records NWN! released was Morbosidad’s magnificent blasphemic self-titled opus and the relationship between NWN! and Morbosidad has endured for more than a decade. Although Morbosidad formed in 1993, the band only released two demos before the death of drummer Yegros forced the band into a torpor that lasted for several years until Tomas Stench reassembled a line-up to record what would become the band’s debut album. Recorded in 1998 and originally released in 2000 on Quadrivium, it was only available on CD and featured garish, unsuitable cover artwork. Within a year of beginning NWN! Productions, YK Insulter approached the band about re-issuing the album on vinyl with new artwork. Finding an old flyer for a show at which Morbosidad played, YK Insulter, using a photocopy machine and white-out, managed to isolate a small image along the border of the flyer and blow it up into what would become the iconic cover of Morbosidad’s self-titled release. The image became representative of both the band’s and label’s aesthetics. Morbosidad’s first album represented a sonic departure in some ways from the demo material released many years prior. The lineup for the LP was among the most stable in the band’s history included guitarist Chip N’ Death whose idiosyncratic riffs and distinct Death Metal style were integral to the band’s formula at that time. Bassist Cuaxo provided a merciless anchor while the precision of Morthvarg’s furious drumming maintained the band’s frenetic pace. Amid the chaos, Tomas Stench’s vocals, among the most immediately recognizable in this style of metal, roared unholy incantations delivered in his native Spanish. With this assembly of musicians, Morbosidad unleashed an album of savage violence invoking bands such as Blasphemy, Archgoat, and Sarcofago fused with elements of Death/Grind and simultaneously channeling primary influences like Sodom and Bathory. In the intervening years, Morbosidad’s legacy has grown and morphed. As the Bestial Black/Death style evolved through the past decade and Morbosidad has continued to release music and tour and play gigs in Europe, Mexico, Central America and Canada, the band’s influence has grown so that, by now, the self-titled album is indisputably in the canon of this sub-genre of underground metal. An album so significant with the catalog of both the band and the label as well as broadly influential should remain available. For that reason, NWN! proudly announces the reissue of this classic LP that remains one of the finest moments in the history of underground metal.


*MORBOSIDAD "profana la del nazareno" cd (12.00,-)

*MORDAEHOTH "Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart" digi A5 cd (15.00,-)
After the ritual number of nine years since the release of the ´Bloedwraak´ debut album, MORDAEHOTH returns from the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands to present their all new full-length album. Carved, burnt and built during years, ´Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart´ (not to be confused with the same titled 1998 demo) offers the ultimate grim pagan metal opus from The Netherlands: long and dark warhymns, blending bitter melancholy over lost ages with flaming hate for the postmodern world; and pride in taking action in the revolt against it! In a truly overcrowded scene Mordaehoth deserves your attention by standing out with a mix of pagan and black metal and influences of dark folk with added atmosphere of occasional keyboards and clean vocals.

*MORDAEHOTH "limburgian pagan madness" cd (12.00,-)
Dutch Pagan Black Metal since ‘95: The new album shows a cold and harsh return to the roots. Each format comes with different bonus (cover) tracks, hailing the days of old. CD limited to 500, LP to 250 copies

*MORDAVIA "mortal" cdr (6.00,-)
Pro-CDR in digipak covers. Listen at bandcamp. Australian Black Metal.


*MORDGRUND  "Omnia Intereunt" cd (12.00,-)
After one Demo and two EP releases on 7" format, Mordgrund yields the first full-length album entitled "Omnia Intereunt" which consists of eight magnificent Underground Black Metal anthems. After one Demo and two EP releases on 7" format, Mordgrund yields the first full-length album entitled "Omnia Intereunt" which consists of eight magnificent Underground Black Metal anthems.

*MORDHELL "Cut yourself and die!!!" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*MORDSCHLAG "Scholastic Nihilism " digi CD (12.00,-)
pure Black Metal from Poland! Christhunt


*MOREDHEL "Satanik Endsieg" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*MORGON "black light of liberation" cd (12.00,-)
melodic black/death metal from germany. Sounds like a mix of dissection and unanimated !!


*MORRIGAN "Diananns Whisper" cd (12.00,-)
new 2013 album of Morrigan!


*MORRIGAN "headcult" cd (12.00,-)

*MORRIGAN "The Damned" cd (12.00,-)

*MORRIGAN "welcome to shamhain" cd (12.00,-)

*MORT "Godless Dominion" cd (12.00,-)
pestilence records

*MORT "raw & cold" cd (12.00,-)
"Venomous Frankonian Black Metal returns to swallow your soul! Germany´s MORT unleashes their third full length sonic assault upon the underground, "Raw & Cold"! Taking the best of the early 90´s influence and twisting it to Hell with Frankonian wrath, MORT have summoned forth their most mature and Christ-Crushing incantations to date!! "Raw & Cold" is MORT´s first release with the complete live line-up, and features three bible burning bonus live tracks for a taste of the band´s sick live ritual!! "

*MORTA SKULD "serving two masters" cd (12.00,-)
crushing death metal.


*MORTE INCANDESCENTE "relembrando um tumulo esquecido" cd (12.00,-)

*MORTE INCANDESCENTE "ultimatum" mcd (7.00,-)
Morte Incadescente dug up the past and came up with what was their first possession. 4 tracks of hypnotic funeral Black Metal hailing the glorification of Death.

*MORTEM "De Natura Daemonum" cd (12.00,-)
peru death metal

*MORTES SALTANTES "Yomi kafeli" cd (12.00,-)
Japan Legend Black Metal Back... Discography of old stuff.

*MORTHOND "Paths of Desolation" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*MORTIFERA "Beluu de morte" cd (12.00,-)

*MORTIFERA "Maledictiih" digi cd (12.00,-)
Apparitia Records digipak

*MORTIFERA "vastiia tenebra Mortifera" digi cd (12.00,-)
Apparitia Records digipak

*MORTIFIER "Darkness my eternal bride" cd (12.00,-)
Italian black metal

*MORTIIS "crypt of the wizard" cd (12.00,-)
Earache pressing. regular jewelbox edition.

*MORTUARY DRAPE "into the catachthonium" cd (12.00,-)

*MORTUARY DRAPE "into the drape / all the witches dance" cd (12.00,-)

*MORTUUS CAELUM "Macto Interitum Mundi" cd (12.00,-)
Elite Hellenic Black Metal! "Morbid and obscure Black Metal... inspired by old Satanic acts (from Heavy / Doom / Black Metal)... and Hell!" Definitely in the grand tradition of classic old Mediterranean BM pioneers ROTTING CHRIST, NAER MATARON, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA, LEGION OF DOOM, DRUNKARD, SADOLUST, NERGAL, AGATUS / ZEMIAL, etc.-- but also displaying a strong Nordic influence! With "Macto interitum Mundi", the Greek band´s unholy ´must-hear´ debut album, MORTUUS CAELUM (Latin for ´Dead Sky´) strike a fine balance between raw versus skilled high-calibre attack; unleashing both grim atmosphere and defiant confidence. Impressive finesse without sacrificing brutality and Blackened power, while avoiding slick sterility. Brutal, Blackened, grim, skillful, atmospheric, orthodox, intense, Satanic, and extreme-- these superlatives (and more) necessary to describe pure true Black Metal are natural for describing MORTUUS CAELUM "Macto interitum Mundi"!

*MOSAIC "Old Mans Wynter " cd (12.00,-)
Divided in 2 chapters and 6 songs, "OLD MANs WYNTAR" is a conceptual album themed around the different sides of Winter, with lyrics openly inspired by the German poet Georg Trakl carefully re-written and re-composed and paired with lines of the mastermind IK. Available as CD incl. 12-page booklet.


*MOUNTAIN KING "gotos antichristus" cd (12.00,-)

*MOURNFUL CONGREGATION "concrescence of the sophia" mcd (8.00,-)
30 minutes digipak cd with two new tunes of total doom! Osmose


*MOURNFUL CONGREGATION "the book of kings" cd (12.00,-)

*MOURNFUL CONGREGATION "The Unspoken Hymns" cd (12.00,-)
Osmose re-issue

*MOURNFUL CONREGATION  "the june frost" cd (12.00,-)

*MOURNFUL CONREGATION "The monad of Creation" cd (12.00,-)
melancholic doom

*MOURNING BELOVETH "a disease for the ages" cd (12.00,-)
doom. latest album from 2008

*MOURNING BELOVETH "The Sullen Sulcus" cd (12.00,-)
label says: "Old styled Dooooom Metal from Ireland"

*MOURNING MIST  "Mourning Mist " cd (12.00,-)
Dark misanthropic metal from Italy


eccentric black metal

*MOVIMENTO D AVANGUARDIA ERMETICO  "lacrime decli dei" cd (12.00,-)
eccentric black metal

*MR.DEATH "detached from life" cd (12.00,-)

*MUNRUTHEL "Oriana´s Tales" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal. East side records

*MURDER RAPE "...And Evil Returns" cd (12.00,-)
brazil black death

*MURDER RAPE "Evil shall burn inside me forever" cd (12.00,-)
Brasilian black death

*MURDEROUS VISION "ghosts of the soul long lost vol. 2" 2xCD (12.00,-)
Death industrial / dark ambient from USA

*MURDEROUS VISION "The Times Without Gods" cd (10.00,-)
"Great release from this American dark ambient artist also being the man behind the Live Bait label and In Death´s Throes. Massive pieces of dense and obscure ambient textures, filled with numbing drones, collages of barely comprehensible voices and chants, ritualistic elements and subtle orchestrations. Beautiful full colour sleeve in standard jewel case."

*MURW  "Kanker" cd (12.00,-)
Long awaited debut album of Murw out now on cd and lp. One of The Netherlands' best kept secrets returns with a truly stunning and groundbreaking album of progressive death/doom metal. Extraordinary. unconventional and creative songwriting. this album is nearly impossible to compare with any existing band or fit in any existing genre. Murw is not a newcomer one-day-fly performing a cheap. new gimmick trying to stand out. Throughout their history. dating back to the early 90s where the band already did shows supporting Emperor for example. they've shown a unique own style of music. culminating into "Kanker".

*MUSHROOM´S PATIENCE  "water" cd (12.00,-)
brandnew Cd by roman psychadelic masters with Raffaelle cerroni, Clau D.E.D.I. (Ain Soph), J.Weber & Frl. Tost (NOVY SVET), and Flavio /D.B.P.I.T.). (HauRuck) HR72

*MUSTA KAPPELI "ei valoa tähän kammioon" cd (12.00,-)
The debut full-lenght album of Musta Kappeli is unleashed! After the successful MLP and a few split releases Musta Kappeli continues the same mystical lycanthropic forest black metal path with even stronger Satanic expression, passion and worship of nighttime darkness. With a variety from melancholic atmospheres of the woods to aggressive antichristian hymns “Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon” offers a great opus for the followers of the northern true Black Metal sound and for the mystics and werewolves of ancient forests and their evil within!

*MUSTA KAPPELI "saatanassa ulvoneet" mCD (7.00,-)
New mini album with 23 minutes of new material. Really dark mid tempo black metal with synths and extremely satanic Finnish written lyrics. MLP comes with once openable insert with lyrics and poster!!! MCD version comes with 8 pages booklet including lyrics.

*MUSTA SURMA / BLOODHAMMER / ANNIHILATUS "Christian Genocide" CD (12.00,-)
Story of this release appears to be too long to tell. It dates back almost decade. Originally release was scheduled to be released on new starting Finnish label. and after they quit. whole project was taken over by NH. Over the years. small changes in plans. modified tracklists. attempts to release postponed further... Yet finally after many many years of waiting. 3 horrid Finnish black metal bands assault your ears. Musta Surma material is from same session as Crushing The Holy Trinity and 7" on EAL prod. Cold and cruel black metal. Bloodhammer offers 3 tracks from 3 different sessions. From heavy and boneheaded old school brutality to majestic atmospheric midpaced darkness. Annihilatus does what they do the best. brute and offensive declaration of war and annihilation. Also featured in track "Christian Genocide" where members of each 3 bands join forces! CD out now. LP will be available early march. NH-082

*MUSTA SURMA / HORNA "split" cd (12.00,-)
Includes their split 7" and split LP (= 1st demos). Essential !!

*MUSTAMAA "maa on syntinen laulu" mcd (8.00,-)
MUSTAMAA captures the salacious dance, panting heavy in the hot and pitch-black night. Beauty and holiness of secretions, dirt and ugliness. Longing for death and beauty. Let the love spring and blood flow. MUSTAMAA heaves and everything is celebration. Unique combination of Finnish madness and perverted black metal. Four songs in 24 minutes. Bestial Burst

*MUTIILATION "Black Millenium (grimly reborn)" cd (drakkar) (12.00,-)
Official Drakkar productions 2012 pressing! With lyrics !

*MUTIILATION "Desecrate Jesus Name" cd (12.00,-)

*MUTIILATION "desecrate jesus name" cd (12.00,-)
live etc. bootleg.

*MUTIILATION "remains of a ruined. dead cursed soul" cd (drakkar) (12.00,-)
Official Drakkar productions 2012 pressing!

*MUTIILATION "vampires of black imperial blood" cd (drakkar) (12.00,-)
Official Drakkar productions 2012 pressing! With lyrics !

*MY LAMANT "broken leaf" cd (12.00,-)

*MYHRDING "A Legacy Of Shadows" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish Myhrding's awaited debut album. It was recorded. mixed and mastered by Richard "Tiwaz" Kottelin. from The Legion. The Art Decay (The Legion. Devian) and the production is top-class. Jimmie "Naahz" Nyhlén from Blodsrit stands for the vocals makes it even better. Inspired by Norse mythology. the Scandinavian history and the dark sides of life. they have created 10 hymns with Black Metal where the reviews amongst others mentioned with Dissection. Naglfar and Immortal. The album comes with a 16-page booklet and outstanding artwork made by A.L. from Valkyrja.

*MYHRDING "nordens mörkaste kapitel" cd (12.00,-)

*MYHRDING "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
swedish bm with Blodstrit member.

*MYRDDRAAL "Surrounded by Unlight " cd (12.00,-)
A compilation of Myrddraal recordings from 1999 to 2001. Featuring Promo 2001. Cold Moon over Kaltenberg. Black Construction and other scarce offerings... "...The Northern Lord rises at the dawn of the New Pagan Age to war against the Light and resurrect the Old Gods..."

*MYSTERION "the sacral chamber" cd (12.00,-)
orthodox black metal

*MYSTES "From the Battlefield / Pure Evil" cd (12.00,-)
compilation of past works of MYSTES from poland.


*MYSTES / NEKROKRIST SS / CALVARIUM FUNESTUS / KHAOS ABYSSI "Four Chapters of Satanic Evil" cd (12.00,-)

*MYSTES / NUCLEAR THORN / NABURUS "Hellish Whispers" cd (12.00,-)
black metal underground


*MYSTIC FOREST "romances" cd (12.00,-)
french black metal.

*MYSTICUM "demons never sleep" cd (12.00,-)

*MYSTIFIER "25 years of Blasphemy and War" 2xCD A5 digi* (16.00,-)
DVD size digipak, double CD with old Mystifier demo materials. Cult south america black metal filth 1989-1991.

*MZ.412 "domine rex inferum" cd (12.00,-)
Reissue of MZ. 412's 2001 Satanic masterpiece! The inventors of Black Industrial take you on a misanthropic journey through a claustrophobic vortex. filled with sinister dark ambient and threatening Industrial atmospheres. "Domine Rex Inferum" is a less noisy affair than previous MZ. 412 albums. maintaining lower frequencies for a more intimidating experience. Originally limited to 2000 copies. now carefully remastered and reissued with two bonus tracks in a matt digipak with spot varnishing.

*MZ.412 "Hekatomb" cd (12.00,-)

*MZ.412 "infernal affairs" cd (13.00,-)
Opulent orchestral arrangements sit perfectly alongside cavernous dark ambient and blackened noise to create another monumental release. Reissued with two extra tracks.

*MZ.412 "nordik battle sign" cd (13.00,-)
Another Satanic tour de force from the overlords of Swedish Black Industrial! "Nordik Battle Signs" is a disturbing ordeal of Power Electronics. malevolent vocals. Industrial Noise with an explosive harshness. This Satanic ritual features the militaristic drumming of an infernal army. a collaboration with Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio and one track featuring voice-based noises from the band's fan-base. Remaster of the 1999 album with new artwork. drastically improved and completely remastered audio and 4 extra tracks (including the spectacular completed version of the long deleted 'Legion Ultra' 7") in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing.

*MÖRKÖ "III" cdr (7.00,-)
demo III of Mörkö, as CDR.

*MÖRKÖ "IV" cdr (7.00,-)
ultra minimal black metal. CDr demo.


*N.F.H. "Hackelsekista" cd (12.00,-)
Hypnotising, ambient, recorded in the wilderness, in decaying suburban envoirments, this is not the standard Black Metal release, in fact it´s not Black Metal, it´s a Dark Ambient project, with among others, Ravenlord of Woods of Infinity behind the group, consisting of 4 other members. If you want a soundscape that provides you with hate, with a sense of being there, that provokes your feelings, a CD without comprimise, over 70min of the darkest of ambient/ritualistic sound to be discovered. Comes crowned in maybe the best looking booklet I ever seen. All in all, don´t miss out. This will be a trip you will not forget. -Total Holocaust Records

*N.I.L. "" cd (12.00,-)
Krieg members

*N.S.D.A.P. "Execution of the Weak!" cd (12.00,-)

*NA RASPUTJE  "Early demos (1998-2003)" CD (12.00,-)
Russian Aryan Black Metal. Compilation of the early demos "Raven" (1998), "The Iceflame of Hyperborea" (2002) and "Blizzard" (2003).


*NABAATH "back of beyond" cd (12.00,-)

*NACHTFALKE "Last Battles" 3xCD (17.00,-)
Includes the releases "As The Wolfes Died" + "Following The Wanderers Path" + "Wotan's Return", and 6 new songs (about 52 minutes playing time!) + Tribute To Bathory songs!

*NACHTFALKE "wotans return" digi-cd (12.00,-)
new album

*NADIWRATH "circle of pest" cd (12.00,-)
Greek black metal on Drakkar


*NADJA / ATAVIST / SATORI "Infernal Procession... And Then Everything Dies" cd (12.00,-)
Split release from Canadian Shoegaze / Droners Nadja (Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff), Manchester Doomers Atavist and UK Fortean Electronics / Dark Ambient act Satori. Released to coincide with their UK joint tour. Ltd x 1000 copies in a 6-panel outsized sleeve.

*NAER MATARON "Kai O Logos Sarx Egeneto And The Word Was" cd (12.00,-)
2013 album from this Hellenic band


*NAER MATARON "zhto o oanatoe" cd (12.00,-)
new 2012 album.

*NAEVUS "Soil " cd (12.00,-)
Recorded in 2000 and released the following year. 'Soil' was the album that consolidated the eclectic approach of its predecessor 'Truffles of Love'. Neo-folk and new-wave styles are combined to give the most pessimistic and heavily stylised release to be found in the Naevus catalogue. Layered acoustic guitars and bass that sounds like reverberating shipping rope are blended with stentorian vocals and and thunderous drum machine to create claustrophobic and relentless slabs of sound. This expanded edition restores the artwork that was originally intended for the album and adds six bonus tracks. including the original version of the longstanding live favourite 'No. Remember' and cover versions of songs by Laibach and Kirlian Camera. OEC

*NAE´BLIS "sketches of Reality" cd (12.00,-)
A manifestation of thoughts about the futility of dreams and the meaninglessness of human life. swe bm

*NAE´BLIS / DOMINION "death of makind... a dream" cd (12.00,-)
northern silence prod.

*NAHAR "la fascination on Pire" cd (12.00,-)
new on Avantgarde Music label

*NAHAR "the strange inconvenience" cd (12.00,-)
French duo Nahar’s blackened doom metal is a journey through dank and odious catacombs. an unending underground maze of constricting shafts and expansive. bottomless hollows. Subtle roars echo in the distance. cacophonous chords burn with ire. drums and cymbals crash with colossal might. and despair resounds around the icy waters underground. Whispered dialogue. enigmatic synth sounds. and astral ephemera swirl around what is simultaneously dismal and uplifting. Labyrinthine. the atmospherics of each of the six tracks are as unique as they are compelling and seductive. While the album may be divided into six tracks that bear their individual strengths. the album also works as a unit. a complete piece that is as subtle as it is crushing and as unsettling and disconcerting as it is liberating. Nahar’s second album. The Strange Inconvenience is alluring. hypnotic. evocative. devastating. gloomy and tortured; in short. magnificent.

*NAHASH "Nocticula Hecate" cd (12.00,-)
Lithuanian black metal

*NAHTRUNAR "symbolismus" cd (12.00,-)
Atmospheric Black Metal from Austria


*NAHUAL "Massive Onslaught from Hell" cd (12.00,-)
Massive Onslaught from Peru! Dismal and often midpaced, but heavy black metal.

*NAKED WHIPPER "painstreaks" cd (12.00,-)
Bootleg CD of this german impossible to find 90´s sado grind metal cult. Demo, live, 7", 12" !

*NAOS "the final harvest" cd (12.00,-)
Modern Classical, Experimental, Ambient from member of Necromantia/Thou Art Lord/Diabolos Rising

*NAPALM DEATH  "leaders not followers" mcd (7.00,-)
cover songs

*NARGAROTH  "black metal ist krieg" cd (12.00,-)

*NARGAROTH "geliebte des regens" cd (12.00,-)

*NARGAROTH "herbstleyd" cd (12.00,-)

*NARGAROTH "rasluka" cd (12.00,-)

*NARTVIND "ruinous" cd (12.00,-)
raw black metal

*NARTVIND "until their ruin" cd (12.00,-)
raw black metal

*NASTROND "age of fire" cd (12.00,-)
frostcald records version.

*NASTROND "Conquering the Ages" cd (12.00,-)
compilation of tracks from 1993-2003, some previously unreleased

*NASTROND "from a black funeral coffin" cd (12.00,-)
demo 1994 re-issued with bonus 2nd versions of some tracks

*NASTROND "muspellz synir" cd (12.00,-)
new album

*NASTROND "toteslaut" cd (12.00,-)
frostcald records reissue

*NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE "Recurrection of the wicked" cd (12.00,-)
old Finnish thrash metal band resurrected...

*NATRACH "Devolution Manifest " cd (12.00,-)
Schneller, gut produzierter Black Metal. Die Belgier verstehen ihr Handwerk Eine absolute Empfehlung!

*NATTSMYG "fylgja" cd (12.00,-)
folk black metal from sweden

*NATTSMYG "Född at härska" cd (12.00,-)
Unexploded records


*NATTWINDENS GRÅT "a bards tale" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish pagan metal from 1995, featuring composer of Nightwish on keyboards before that band was even formed! Sick experience.

*NAV "" cd (12.00,-)
first album of this great russian bm band

*NAV "???" cd (12.00,-)
Compilation of the first two demos “From Nav to Jav” (1996) and “A Hymn to Cold Silence” (1997). Only Limited Digipack version exists.

*NAV "the wolf sun" cd (12.00,-)
russian black metal

*NAVJARMAAHR "2012 album" cd (12.00,-)
Hexenhammer records. Title in Russian. this is the 2012 album.Pagan BM.

*NAZARENE DECOMPOSING  "Demonic Inquisition " cd (12.00,-)

*NAZXUL "black seed" cd (12.00,-)
seance records 001

*NDE "kampfbereit" cd (12.00,-)
Cold Spring

*NEBIROS "mas que vencedor" cd (12.00,-)

*NECHOCHWEN "Azimuths to the Otherworld" cd (12.00,-)
"Azimuths to the Otherworld", Nechochwen takes us on a 14 track journey into the mysterious world of the Adena and Hopewell people that dwelled in the Ohio River Valley nearly 2 millennia ago. Recorded by Andrew Della Cagna at Sacred Sound Recording Studio www.myspace.com/obsidiansoundstudio , "Azimuths to the Otherworld" is the logical continuation of "Algonkian..." spiritually and musically in a bold mix of classical folk metal. Due to the dark and mystical content of this album, more of an aggressive and uniquely metal influence can be found dancing among the tracks. The results are truly magical/groundbreaking as Nechochwen look deep within and further back in time to lead the spirits back from their home among the stars, to once again traverse the forgotten trails of the Ohio River Valley. Nechochwen was kind enough to share with us a glimpse into the thoughts and meaning behind the album...

*NECHRIST "Casus Belli" cd (12.00,-)
5 tracks of raw unpolished black metal from Belarussia in the way how it meant to be. Final track is a 10 minutes of post-nuclear ambient. CD limited to 666

*NECRO RITUAL "pure satanic slaughter" cd (12.00,-)
Showcasing their vertuosity & versitility spanning styles as blistering, malicious, traditional Black Metal reminding at times to the more darker days of MAYHEM.

*NECROBLOOD "The Rite of Evil " cd (12.00,-)
This CD is a compilation CD featuring both Necroblood's long sold out demo "The Rite of Evil" and their 7'' EP released on Spikekult in 2011. The tracks of the demo were remixed and the vocals were re-recorded so they can fit better to what the band has been doing both in studio and on stage with the current line-up. Expect 8 tracks of bestial and primitive Black/Death in the vein of Archgoat, Teitanblood, Von etc.


*NECROBUTCHER "Schizophrenic Noisy Torment" cd (12.00,-)
Necrobutcher are among the many legendary bands that emerged in the late 1980’s and gave birth to a primitive strain of Black Metal that is unique to Brazil. This LP collects all of the existing output from this band whose approach deviated considerably in certain ways from more iconic Brazilian Death Metal bands. Both of the demos as well as the rehearsal recordings featured here were recorded in 1989. Necrobutcher adhered to no particularly discernible set of rules. Their sound is rugged and blown out. Their songwriting lies predominantly in the space between Death Metal and Grindcore. Their imagery and lyrical content are decidedly blackened and blasphemous. Few of their songs extend beyond the one-minute mark with many clocking in at 30 seconds or less. Indeed. the only long track in their catalog is their cover of Sarcofago’s “Nightmare.” Most of Necrobutcher’s demo material is fast and violent. The guitars are brittle and wretched. The rhythm section is furious and out of control. Vocals. like distorted howls. saturate the sound when present. Brought together. the effect is alcoholic and unholy. Words do little to convey the effect of these demo and rehearsal recordings. Necrobutcher’s music is about sensory destruction and. as such. must be felt to be appreciated.

*NECROCLAST "haven" cd (12.00,-)

*NECROCLAST "monument" cd (12.00,-)

*NECRODEATH "20 years of noise 1985-2005" cd (12.00,-)

*NECRODEATH "ton(e)s of hate" cd (12.00,-)

*NECROFROST "blackeon lightharvest" cd (12.00,-)
total holocaust

*NECROHOLOCAUST "In Memories of Fire" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*NECROMANTIA "Crossing the fiery path" cd (12.00,-)

*NECROMANTIA "Scarlet evil witching black" cd (12.00,-)
classic greek black metal!


*NECROMANTIA "the sound of lucifer storming heaven" cd (12.00,-)

*NECROMESSIAH ""...instar gladii in corporem christi" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*NECROMESSIAH "antuklerical Terroristik Death Squad" cd (12.00,-)
NECROMESSIAH´s second full length is a crushing statement of savage, sacrilegious intent - a declaration of all-out war against pathetic organised religion. Spewing forth ten potent portions of hellish black/thrash metal, ´Anticlerical Terroristik Death Squad´ is the antidote to divinity. Marching forward with raging, furious & deadly intent, these corrupt conspiracies exist to rape and pillage the church, mercilessly invading all those who dare enter. Swarming vengeance, chaotic wrath and focused ferocity combine to create an onslaught of relentless power and irresistible might. Chopping, crunching chords provide the soundtrack to the final obliteration of false worship as God´s fake presence on earth is pulverised amid a maelstrom of devastating satanic terror. Originally available on CD with vinyl version due later this year (to finish off the survivors), this filthy fucking feast offers no sanctuary to the weak.

*NECRONOCLAST "the plague" cd (12.00,-)

*NECRONOMICON "revenge of the beast" cd (12.00,-)

*NECROPHAGIA "Black blood Vomitorium" cd (12.00,-)

*NECROPHAGIA "Death is fun" cd (12.00,-)

*NECROPHORUS "imprints" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient. side project of Raison D´Etre

*NECROPSY "bloodwork" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish death metal band return with new strong album!

*NECROPSY "Psychopath Next Door" mCD (7.00,-)
Finnish death metal band back with new mini CD full of old school brutality.

*NECROS CHRISTOS "nine graves" cd (12.00,-)
40 minutes what is called "ep" nevertheless.

*NECROSADIST "abdstract satan" cd (12.00,-)

*NECROSANCT "desolate" cd (12.00,-)
ultra cult death blast finally reissued!!

*NECROSANCT "incarnate" cd (12.00,-)
ultra cult death blast finally reissued!!

*NEFANDUS "death holy death" cd (10.00,-)
slightly scratched copies of this new album with Ofermod member

*NEFARIUM "haeretichristus" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR "Hymnes de la Montagne Noire" cd (12.00,-)
Hymnes de la Montagne Noire sees Neige et Noirceur’s mastermind Spiritus return with what is. without a doubt. his darkest and most aggressive effort to date. Largely forsaking the ambient side that made up a good part of the outfit’s previous offerings in favour of more guitar-driven songs. the opus nonetheless offers the same eerie vibe fans of the band have come to expect over the years. A suffocating journey into cold and desolate landscapes.

*NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR "La Seigneurie des Loups" cd (12.00,-)
While it's split with Monarque is still fresh. Neige et Noirceur strikes again. for the first time under the Sepulchral Productions banner. Without a doubt the best release of the group to this day. La seigneurie des loups features. as usual. a raw Black/Ambient breed that might bring Paysage d'Hiver to mind to certain while forging it's own identity as well as having a very québécois. side. Cold. dark and hypnotic. Neige et Noirceur summons images of our wintery Québec nights!

*NEKRASOV "cognition of splendid oblivion" cd (12.00,-)
raw experimental bm

*NEKRASOV "Into the no-mans-sphere of the ancient days" cd (12.00,-)
8 Tracks of trance-like blackened atmospherics and seething metallic malevolance.. Producing unpleasant and dark soundscapes for the purposes of self-fulfillment and understanding

*NEKRIST "dux deus" cd (12.00,-)
Death Rune Records. Funeral Mist, Watain, Marduk, etc..

*NEKROKRIST SS "suicide" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*NEKROKULT "postrema expiratio humanorum" mcd (6.00,-)
satanic propaganda records

*NEKROLOGY "Music by Herman Kopp" cd (12.00,-)
soundtrack of Necromantic and other classic german underground sickies.

*NEKROMANTHEON "divinity of death" cd (12.00,-)

*NENAVIST "inhuman" cd (12.00,-)
"Obscure, disturbing Black Metal from the depths of the Bulgarian forest." Bubonic

*NENAVIST "s/t" cd (12.00,-)

*NEO INFERNO 262 "hacking the holy code" cd (12.00,-)
industrial bm


*NEPHILIM (NOR) / KLANDESTYN (RUS) "split" cd (12.00,-)
Chaotic, harsh, spiteful and freezing Black Metal madness in the vein of ABIGOR´s "Verwestung" and BELKE´TRE on NEPHILIM´s side meets true oldschool, raw atmospheric Black Metal in the finest traditions of BURZUM "Burzum" on KLANDESTYN´s side,with both bands sounding like if they had just arrived from the bloodstained time portals from the darkness of mid/early 90´s.

*NERGAL  "De Vermis Ceremonielle" cd (12.00,-)
Another forsaken & dusty gem from the old greek black metal scene.NERGAL's been hailed and revered as one of the oldest and more prolific band from the old days of the greek black metal pantheon.always underrated but never forgotten.This cd release features both of their 7"eps that stirred the waters back in the day.in addition you get their "Ljus Morker"promo 94+a previously unreleased live session from 1991.all this with best possible sound.re-mastered by herald of demonic pestilence of EMBRACE OF THORNS.

*NERVENGAS "Alpha Germania" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal. Christhunt.

*NETHEREALM "The Occultist Omnibus" cd (12.00,-)
Debut album of this one man band from Singapore. Intense Black Metal blending the hellish sounds of traditional Black Metal with an epic feeling... An infernal journey into the deepest abyss, await the endless fire! Including the "Dark Winds of Asuras" Demo as bonus

*NETHERMANCY "Weakening Divinity" cd (12.00,-)
Hellish black metal with Decayed member.

*NETTLECARRIER "black coffin rites" cd (12.00,-)
second NETTLECARRIER album "Black Coffin Rites".


*NEUTRON HAMMER "Damnations bringer" mcd (6.00,-)
re-issue of 7". Finnish vomitors

*NEUTRON HAMMER "extermination kommand" mCD (8.00,-)
new mCD from the Finnish brutes

*NEUTRON HAMMER "iron storm evocation" cd (12.00,-)
After nine years of impure existence; Demo. two EP´s plus a bunch of fierce and relentless live appearances. Neutron Hammer is finally ready to unleash their debut LP upon the worldwide underground. Pounding. twisted and immensely heavy thrashing album full of repugnant perversions and sadistic madness. Only for the damned and sick!

*NEVOA "The Absence of Void" cd (12.00,-)
Atmospheric / Post Black Metal


*NEW ARRIVALS "click link below to enter new store" (1.00,-)
Here will not be new arrivals listed. New store Store is being slowly manually updated to include all material of this previous list remains here but is slowly moved to new site. Moving entire catalogue from old site to new one will take plenty of time. We urge to order from new catalogue, but if something is not listed there yet, feel free to drop email like before and we'll deal with order. Automatic webstore orders ship instantly. If you order via email, there may be some delays in replying.


*NEW RISEN THRONE / CRUEL HARVEST "shadows over humanity" cd (12.00,-)
black ambient

*NEX "zero" cd (12.00,-)
Debut from Swedish doom/death devotees Nex. Recalling their inspirations (Anathema, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Candlemass) while forging their own take on the sound, Nex are off to a promising start. Features members, past and/or present, of In Aeternum, Nominon, Watain and many others

*NIBIRU "demo 2004" cd-r (5.00,-)
occult ambient from Crimson Moon member.

*NIDHOGG "s/t" mCD (8.00,-)
known from several releases with Ildjarn, now his own works on mcd


*NIDINGR "Sorrow infinite and darkness" cd (12.00,-)
Norwegian black metal

*NIDSANG "Into the Womb of Dissolving Flames" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish black metal


*NIEDERGANG "Delirium Aeternum " cd (12.00,-)

after great CD on Total Holocaust Records, now new album of this 5 member band what combines junk metal, homemade instruments and field recordings. Something between The New Blockaders, Einturzende Neubaten and NWW. SNSE

*NIFLHEIM "Neurasthenie" cd (12.00,-)
Canadian black-thrash.Sepulchral prod. DO NOT confuse with Swedish Nifelheim !

*NIGHT MUST FALL "dissonance of through" cd (12.00,-)
finnish ultra doom

*NIGHTBRINGER "death and the black" 2x CD (15.00,-)
double digipak. Forever Plagued

*NIGHTBRINGER / ACHERONTAS "The Ruins Of Edom" digi cd (12.00,-)
ltd 1000 digipak. Agonia.

*NIHASA "brahamanda xul grimoire" cd (12.00,-)
Acherontas side project

*NIHIL NOCTURNE "entheogen" cd (13.00,-)
german black metal. 3rd album. End All Life prod.

*NIHIL NOCTURNE "Wahnsinn.tod.verrat" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*NIHILIST "1987-1989" cd (12.00,-)
features demos of Nihilist and also Entombed 89 demo.

*NIHILISTIC KAOS "Les Homélies du Vice" cd (12.00,-)
French black metal

*NITBERG "Nifsanger" mcd (7.00,-)
Blazebirth hall black metal

*NKVD  "Hakmarrja" cd (12.00,-)
The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs abbreviated NKVD was a law enforcement agency of the Soviet Union that directly executed the rule of power of the All Union Communist Party. It was closely associated with the Soviet secret police, which at times was part of the agency, and is known for itspolitical repression during the era of Joseph Stalin! NKVD released a marvellous album a few years ago, titled ‘Âëàñòü‘ on Those Opposed Records, among other previous releases.. and we fell in love with it hopelessly. Communist black metal, Industrial black metal, Sonic Terrorists… i read various ways to describe them but why should we seal one officially? Just be afraid at the knock of your door! ‘Hakmarrja’ is the title of their new album, out on Avantgarde Music


*NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT "officina gentium vagina nationum" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*NOCTIFER "Odiosa Vis Astrorum" cd (12.00,-)
4 Hymns, 17 minutes of hateful and raw black metal

*NOCTURNAL AMENTIA "Hec Regnum Meum Est" cd (12.00,-)
Satanic Ukrainian Black Metal. Hatred. disgust of humanity and its institutions are reinforced by Daemous voice on this album more than 40 minutes of vomit on weak humans. With Amorth I.M. on drums of Astrofaes. Underdark. ex Drudkh. On transparent jewelcase CD 8 tracks with 8 pages bookle

*NOCTURNAL BLASPHEMY "Anti-Human Live Propaganda" cd (12.00,-)
First official release from this anti human old school black metal band from Quebec, Canada. 10 live tracks, Ltd 300 copies

*NOCTURNAL BLOOD "devastated graves - the morbid celebration" cd (12.00,-)
Hells Headbangers

*NOCTURNAL DEGRADE "hymn to eternal november" cd (12.00,-)
darker than black

*NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION "cult of negation" digi cd (12.00,-)
depressive black metal on Avantgarde

*NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION "Four Seasons to depression" cd (12.00,-)
suicidal bm

*NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION "sountrack for a suicide -opus II" cd (12.00,-)

*NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION "suicidal thoughts" cd (12.00,-)

1 atmoshperic song of ND in the vein of Nostalgia, 2 new and mainly agressive Songs from Myrd + a completly remastered Version of Vspolokhs great hymn "Extrinisc Obscuratism"


*NOCTURNAL FEAR  "metal of honour" cd (12.00,-)
NOCTURNAL FEAR take their war-themed, pro US military metal assault to new found extremes on fourth album and decisive masterpiece “Metal Of Honor”. Annihilating the underground for the last decade, the Michigan death-thrash squadron unifies the best elements of modern American thrash with the classic 80’s German triumvirate of Sodom, Kreator and Destruction into a hook-laden cache of metal anthems. Claymores burst, bombs drop and machine-guns fire while NOCTURNAL FEAR embark on their unstoppable victory march with “Metal Of Honor”. The ultimate in headbanging US Thrash Metal! * Mandatory for fans of Slayer, Exodus, Warbringer, Toxic Holocaust, Sodom and Kreator.

*NOCTURNAL FEELINGS "concecration of evil forces" cd (12.00,-)

*NOCTURNAL FEELINGS "nocturnal attack" cd (12.00,-)

*NOCTURNAL GRAVES "From The Bloodline Of Cain " cd (12.00,-)
After a three-year hiatus, NOCTURNAL GRAVES return from a morbid slumber with ...From the Bloodline of Cain. Before they broke up in 2010, NOCTURNAL GRAVES were at the forefront of a fertile Australian underground metal scene that ably mainlined the best elements of black, death, and thrash. With ...From the Bloodline of Cain, the Oz commando show that their first run was no fluke, and are back with a bloody vengeance. In many ways, NOCTURNAL GRAVES' present can be best described as the perfect synthesis of ancient South American and German styles - fierce and fiery, incensed and enraged, and eternally thrusting with violence & force - but with a immediately ingraining songwriting acumen that's second to none. These songs will get in your head, and FAST, and compel you


*NOCTURNAL GRAVES / HELL SPIRIT "split" cd (12.00,-)
nuclear war now

*NOCTURNAL VOMIT "divine profantination" cd (12.00,-)

Traditional 90s styled Symphonic Black Metal from AustraliaSeance Records is proud to re-ignite the flame and share one of Australian Black Metal's well hidden secrets. Nocturnes Mist was formed in 1997 and has since remained veiled in mystery and fog. Embodying the spirit of 90's Black Metal their music unites ferocity with darkness. cold vengeance with symphonic poetry and chilling atmospheres with sheer heaviness. This overlooked and underrated band now rises from the ashes to reveal their great unreleased work. 'As Flames Burn' which will be issued with their 1998 'Southern Storms' EP. When the moon blooms full in the midnight sky. casting her misty veil down to cradle the dark earth nocturnal creatures rise to sing these nocturnes of the night..Listen to the song ‘Black Winds of Uncreation’

*NOKTURNAL FEAR "code of violence" cd (12.00,-)

*NOKTURNE "embracer of dark ages" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal


*NOKTURNE / NOCTIFER "split" cd (12.00,-)
Baphomet / Red Stream rec.

*NOMINON "Recremation" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*NOMMAM ERYTZ "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Dreadful visions of your dead world. A never-ending trip through the eyes of the damned

*NON "receive the flame" cd (15.00,-)
industrial classics of NON / Boyd Rice!

*NON / BOYD RICE "terra incolnita: ambient works 1975-present" cd (15.00,-)
pioneer of industrial music, with collection of his ambient recordings from 1975 onwards.

*NON OPUS DEI "...Sem Al Diavol Va Porti Al Mal" cd (12.00,-)

*NONTINUUM "Dwelling in Oceans" cd (12.00,-)
30 mins of australian ambient-black metal

*NORD "" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal. Eastside records

*NORDISK VELDE "In Manch´ Dunkler Nacht" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal

*NORDISK VELDE "Wanderung ins letzte Licht " cd (12.00,-)

*NORDLUS "til pest" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*NORDLYS "til pest" cd (12.00,-)
Pre-Schwaze Wut materials of Nordlys, Pest and Die Pest from the 90´s.

*NORDMEN "Vertus Guerrieres" cd (12.00,-)
Pagan Black Metal form Quebec in the vein of the old Graveland. Mid tempo compositions with acoustic parts and epic atmosphere from the vast woods of Vinland.

*NORDREICH "...Und es bleibt nur Aas" digi cd (12.00,-)
Das Album kommt im schönen und limitierten 10 Panel Digi mit tollem Layout! Es erwarten Euch 10 neue Lieder zum 10-jährigem Bandbestehen! LIMITIERT!

*NORDVARGR "helvete" cd (12.00,-)
mz.412 nordvargr back with another cd

*NORDVARGR "pyrrhula" cd (12.00,-)
leader of MZ412, Folkstorm etc in his solo work

*NORDVREDE "Northern Frontlines" cd (12.00,-)
norwegian black metal

*NORD´N´COMMANDER "hermeneutics" cd (12.00,-)
more hate prod.

*NORTH "demons in fire 93/94" cd (12.00,-)
Cult Polish Black Metal. All demos gathered on CD. This CD release gathered all three demos from early years of North. Without remastering, just original way. Out now!

*NORTH "Na Polach Bitew" cd (12.00,-)
Pagan Records - Crushing Pagan War Metal. Fourth album of Slavonic Heathen Warriors from Poland with lyrics in their native language. NORTH belongs to the cult first wave of True Polish Black Metal of early 90´s along with BEHEMOTH, GRAVELAND, HERMH, SACRILEGIUM and INFERNUM. CD includes some exclusive artwork by Rob Darken.

*NORTHDARK "Toward The Emptiness" cd (12.00,-)
eastside. pagan metal

*NORTT "galgenfrist" cd (12.00,-)
ultimate funeral doom

*NORTT "graven" cd (12.00,-)
great funeral doom! Recommended!

*NORTT "Ligfærd" cd (12.00,-)
At the first of January 2006, this monumental piece of Black Funeral Doom is brought upon you just as the dawning of your existence has surpassed unwillingly into the age of 2006. With the strength from Nortt´s previous works and with an even more dark and mournful sound, Nortt places himself as the master of this genre, there is no fast parts to be find here, the music is slow and building up an atmosphere to sink and lure it´s claw deep in under your skin there is not a shed of light or hope in this funeral that´s welcoming you

*NOSTALGIA "Funeral Rituals" cd (12.00,-)
professional cdr of dark ambient influenced by Leviathan (ambient works) etc.

*NOSTALGIC DARKNESS  "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
grim suicidal black metal.


*NOTHING "Carried By A Red Thread" 3"cd-r (5.00,-)
NOTHINGS´s "Carried By A Red Thread" is comprised of two tracks. The first being a companion piece to a track on the upcoming full length to be released on Eibon. The second is a composite of a live performance and unreleased studio material. The release boats a much more harsh and violent side to Nothing. Comes in slimline case.

*NOVAE MILITIAE "Affliction Of The Divine" cd (12.00,-)
French Occult Black Metal Art. feature members of NYSEIUS

*NOVEMBER NöVELET "From Heaven On Earth" cd (17.00,-)
Galakt Horro

*NOW "Nowia" cd (12.00,-)
Slavonic Pagan Metal. Eastside records

*NOX 210 "zos vel thanatos" cd (12.00,-)
his debut album from Nox 210 (aka Edgar Kerval of Emme Ya) includes almost 60 minutes of pure. raw. corrosive. noise industrial / experimental musik. The complete incarnated sigils at "Zos Vel Thanatos" were made flesh under diverse facets in neither-neither worlds. astral congress. mutative sexual paraphernalia. hermaphroditic alchemical process. degenerative paradigms. transformative intercourse... always under the influx of enigmatic THE RED GODZ. This piece was an evocative tribute to Austin Osman spare. Nox 210 is the Night of pan. transubstantiation of ecstasy. madness. obsession. aberrations and self transformative process into the nothingness. Colombian import.

*NOX ILLUNIS "in sideris benumbra" cd (12.00,-)
War Productions

*NOX INFERI "adverse spheres" cd (12.00,-)

*NOX NOCTIS "Iskuplenie" cd (12.00,-)

*NUBIFEROUS "Mara" cd* (12.00,-)
tranquil esoteric ambient with natural sounds


*NUCLEAR WINTER "Pain Slavery And Desecration" cd (12.00,-)
blackdeath with most insane female singer

*NUIT NOIRE "Depths of Night: Collection of the Early Demo Tapes" 2xCD (14.00,-)
Black Metal - incl. all early demo material on 2xCD: "Dans la Nuit", tracks from the split with Arkham, "L'Appel de la Nuit", "Once Upon a Night", "Black Form", "Somewhere in the Nightpast". 20 page booklet including lyrics & photos

*NUIT NOIRE "fantomatic plentitude" cd (12.00,-)
french obscure dark metal

*NUIT NOIRE "Infantile espieglery" cd (12.00,-)
Original French black metal

*NUKLEAR FROST "Subjugation" digi-cd (12.00,-)

*NUMINOUS "s/t" CD (12.00,-)
This work, both musically and lyrically, is completely imbued by the Divine Evil, our living God and Lord. Very rarely is His presence in music so strong and pure as it is here. Hear His voice, read His words and let it change your life. May this opus serve as a stimulant for entering the path of His Laws and may it strengthen and increase the fanaticism of those already walking it. Numinous know previously from demo 2003 released on tape by Northern Heritage. NH-076

*NUNSLAUGHTER "black" mCD (7.00,-)
cd version of recent 7"

*NUNSLAUGHTER "demoslaughter" 2xCD (12.00,-)
Released as a deluxe DOUBLE CD (2-disc) set sold for the price of 1 disc! Cover artwork. layout & packaging is different than the 2009 pressing. Comes with 32-page book archiving the original artwork and photos alongside commentary from founding member Don of the Dead. 56 songs in total with a running time of almost 2 hours. The black prayers of Devil Metal worshippers have finally been answered... At last. for the first time ever. all 6 of the cult demo recordings now gathered together as a single release entitled "DEMOSlaughter". Each of these long-sold out recordings were previously only been available as individual cassettes & 7" EPs with very limited circulation throughout their 22-year history. Also included exclusively for this release. obscure rehearsals and the 1985 demo from DEATH SENTENCE (pre-NunSlaughter) all of which have never been heard before. "DEMOSlaughter" showcases the chronicle evolution of the band from the very embryonic stages of them unleashing the rawest and most chaotic death metal of the mid- eighties to a gradual escalation of their very own unique genre known today as "Devil Metal".

*NUNSLAUGHTER "hate your god" cd (12.00,-)

*NUNSLAUGHTER "hex" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*NUNSLAUGHTER "The Devils Congeries - Volume 1" 2xCD (13.00,-)
At long last. HELLS HEADBANGERS opens the vaults and collects a whopping thirteen NUNSLAUGHTER 7" EPs to answer the black prayers of the band's rabid. diehard fanbase! Entitled The Devil's Congeries Vol. 1. this 2-CD set is the first of many exhaustive collections that will compile every single short-length NUNSLAUGHTER vinyl release - a band whose discography is bested number-wise only by Japan's Sabbat and Belgium's Agathocles. NUNSLAUGHTER's best work is considered by many to be their 7" EPs. and The Devil's Congeries Vol. 1 displays the band's trademark Devil Metal in all its diabolical 'n' dirty glory. collecting EPs and splits from the late '90s and early 2000s. and capped off by their classic Killed By The Cross 7" debut. Short. sharp shocks are the order of the day here. with 29 studio tracks across disc 1 and the majority of the 'Hell On...' live series on disc 2. thereby making this the definitive studio vs. live NUNSLAUGHTER statement. Topped off by an elaborate booklet archiving each EP's cover artwork and pressing information. The Devil's Congeries Vol. 1 is mandatory metal worship!

*NURSE WITH WOUND "drunk with the old man of the mountains" cd (19.00,-)

*NYC MAYHEM "The Metal & Crossover Days" 2x cd (15.00,-)
The very first complete NYC MAYHEM anthology ever done (and probably the last) with material compiled from their very first rehearsals to their very last studio recording. showcasing how the band went from pure super intense Metal to highly energetic Crossover. If your ears are not used to rough recordings. go fuck yourself. this is not about clean sounding stuff! This is about music. feeling and creativity. NOTHING ELSE. This low-priced DOUBLE CD set features a collage of interviews. reviews. flyers. photos & band biography. It's an established fact that Extreme Metal has become somewhat a household word with the billions of bands around all trying to make us believe that they're more evil than Satan himself. quite an accomplishment if you ask me... but before this somewhat tragic painting took place. there was a time when extreme Metal had a meaning because it had to be created. it had to be sculpted. it had to be built... with nearly nothing in hand! If VENOM paved the way back in 1981. the real fun started with the once mighty SLAYER pushing the limits like never before and in the process inventing the term Thrash Metal but for like any music style. it was just the beginning of more to come with the likes of SHELLSHOCK/ DARK ANGEL. HELLHAMMER. MASTER. MANTAS/ DEATH. DESTRUCTION. POSSESSED or SODOM. Still for some young Metalheads from this era it was still not enough. it was clear in their minds that the boundaries could be pushed on and on to no limits known to humanity... Bands like SEMEN OF SATAN or POISON (Ger) did it in their own way but in the process. the musicality was highly sacrificed. By late 1984/ early 1985 in New York City. three die hard headbangers finally got their chemistry right and within a couple of months. mayhemic destruction was spread with many victims absorbing their newer poison now known as Deathcore: it was time to welcome the one and only NYC MAYHEM! Instantly. numerous sessions were recorded and traded in the highly active underground tape-trading scene. Fanzines were fuckin' hot on featuring this ultra fast/ intense band. with this new scene in their hands literally as people were freakin' badly while listening to destructive numbers such as 'Taken By Storm'. 'Adrenalin'. 'Ripped To Shreds' etc. With their lineup change. the band went into a much more Hardcore direction but the Metal riffing and sheer speed were still a good part of the sound. A reasonable number of local shows were played. having in attendance people like Danny Lilker. Tom Capone and Scott Rosenfeld. Unfortunately after a year of existence this very first real Extreme Metal/ Hardcore band ceased to exist and the members chose to pursue other interesting careers with bands such as the Cro-Mags and Sick of It All. You always wondered when/ how extreme Metal was born? Now you're gonna know about it and this will make you forget all the trendy shit around! HAIL THE MAYHEM! HAIL NYC MAYHEM!

*NYCHTS / WEDARD "split" cd (12.00,-)

*NYSEIUS "Nyseius - Militiae " cd (12.00,-)
Brimming with a hideous energy born from a true understanding of the occult, cult French black metal band Nyseius make their full-length debut with Militiae. Frightening in focus, pure and total energy harnessed through metaphysical magick, the strict and stoic Militiae wholly evokes its title, deftly balancing ancient Scandinavian classicism with a thoroughly avant-garde approach. Dissonant and twisted yet free-flowing in its iciness, Nyseius create black metal that spans generations, both timeless and modern, traditional yet forward-thinking.


*O / BLACK DAWN / ENOCHIAN CRESCENT "OBC Collection" cd (12.00,-)
3-way split including 3 previously unreleased songs from each band! Woodcut records

*OATH OF CIRION "dragonmagick" cd (12.00,-)
2000 album of Azaghal side project

*OBEISANCE "Unholy Unwholesome & Evil" cd (12.00,-)
fast and crushing black metal. Black Seed Prod.

*OBJEKT 4  "Dead World Analysis" 2xcd-r (12.00,-)
dark ambient.

*OBJEKT 4 "Extermination Processing tower" cd (12.00,-)
"Swe. Unique, sombre, harsh thriller ambient/dark vawe/industrial"

*OBJEKT 4 "Her Face Among the Shadows" cd (12.00,-)
"Swe. 50 min. of obscure, dark ambient landscape. Including 4 new bonus songs"

*OBJEKT 4 "mindscars" cd (12.00,-)
swedish dark ambient.

*OBSCURE ANACHRONISM  "Metanoia" cd (12.00,-)
A dark and contemplative journey paving the way to the chasms of your own subconsciousness!Let your minds be penetrated by the light of perception blazing from beyond!

*OBSCURE ANACHRONISM "Transcending Mundane Obstacles" cd (12.00,-)
obscure doom

*OBSCURUS ADVOCAM "Verbal Daemonicus" cd (12.00,-)

*OBSKENE SONARE "Todnachten" mcd (7.00,-)
hand numbered 1000 copies. Thule Records

*OBSKUR "seelenfrost" cd (12.00,-)
nsbm with Magog members.

*OBSKURE TORTURE  "spilling the blood of the world" cd (12.00,-)
muddy and sick slow blackened death doom torture

*OBSKURE TORTURE "Worship The Beast" mcd (7.00,-)
Time before Time Records

*OBSTEST "tukstantmetis" cd (12.00,-)

*OBTEST "auka seniems dievams" cd (12.00,-)
Lithuanian pagan metal


*OBTEST "gyvybes medis" cd (12.00,-)
digipak, pagan metal

*OBTEST "Is Kartos I Karta" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*OBTEST "pries audra" cd (12.00,-)
Lithianian pagan metal


*OCCULTUS "Inthial" cd (12.00,-)
French Black Metal. Limited to 1000 copies.

*OCTAGON "Artisans of Cruelty" cd (8.00,-)
US black metal, including Archoslents current vocalist! CD´s slightly scrathed therefore discount.

*OCTIMONOS "welcome to my planet" cd (12.00,-)
fast black metal

*OCTIMONOUS "On the demiurge" cd (12.00,-)
fast swedish inferno

*OCTOBER FALLS "The Streams Of The End" mcd (7.00,-)
On ´The Streams Of The End´, OCTOBER FALLS re-materialises in a bolder incarnation, presenting a fiercer face that casts the Finnish one-man act in a revealing new light. While traces of a glorious acoustic past remain palpable, OCTOBER FALLS embellishes trademark orchestral folk with a harsher edge, infusing majestic compositions with unprecedented menace smothered in an atmosphere of forlorn tragedy. The second mini album from Mikko Lehto comprises four sorrowful laments - closely themed to fashion a 22-minute expression of absolute despair. Lush tones create a morose mood, while the cold manifestations drift slowly, reverberating off wistful woodland and caressing fecund foliage in some dark, wintry forest at the heart of the Great North. The songs are suffused in diversity and dynamic, sometimes serene and soothing but also generating sensations of inconsolable grief, tortured anguish and utter desperation. Quiver and cower beneath the might of nature, as gloom and despondency infect your isolated essence, giving rise to a well of emotions condemned to lie dormant in those untouched by OCTOBER FALLS´ rich arrangements. Allow the sparse, chilly landscape to engulf your soul, while the artist´s singular vision shrouds you in mist and shatters your world. Rich, complex and ritualistic, the altered state of OCTOBER FALLS as represented on ´The Streams Of The End´ whispers long-forgotten tales of acts committed under foggy night skies, with only shadows and silhouettes as witnesses. Atypical and extraordinary, this mini album sees one of Finland´s most enigmatic forces explore a verdant new terrain that few before have dared to tread.

*OCULTAN "Infernal Live" cd (12.00,-)
decent sounding live recording of this brasilian black metal band

*OCULTAN "Lords of Evil..." cd (12.00,-)
Brasilian Black Metal

*ODAL "sturmes brut" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal!

*ODAL  "wilde kraft / einst verehrt von allen" cd (12.00,-)
two releases re-issued on same cd. Christhunt.

*ODAL "zornes heimat" cd (12.00,-)
after 3 years of waiting, finally new album from ODAL! Good German black metal!

*ODAR "zavjet dalekom snu" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*ODELEGGER / HOLOCAUSTUS "split" cd (12.00,-)
raw black metal

*ODEM "rape your god and pray for reprise" cd (12.00,-)
7 songs + Antaeus cover as bonus.

*ODOR MORTIS "caogula" cd (12.00,-)
black metal from Russia

*ODOR MORTIS "Shining Substance" cd (12.00,-)
The latest opus of Absolute Black Metal from this underground Russian horde. New line-up, new sound; including perfect DRAUGWATH cover-version. Ltd. to 418 h/n copies.

*ODOR MORTIS "spasi i otsosi" cd (12.00,-)

*OF HUMAN BONDAGE "The goat sessions vol 1" cd (12.00,-)
black metal with studio sound & little original/strange elements

*OF SWINE AND SWILL "" cd (12.00,-)
with member of Murderous Vision

*OF THE WAND & THE MOON "the lone descent" cd (15.00,-)
neo folk


*OFFICIUM TRISTE "Ne Vivam" cd (12.00,-)

*OGMIAS "Ogmias 3" cd (12.00,-)
Killing Celtic War Black Metal... 61 mins /6 new songs + debut album "Keltsky hnev" as bonus/

*OHTAR "human fuel of death" cd (12.00,-)
polish bm

*OHTAR / DARK FURY "necrohate / auri sacra fames -split" CD (12.00,-)
new split

*OHTAR / DARK FURY "shall I drink the fullfilment... / we are the only gods -split" cd (12.00,-)
both bands offer material from 2004. Monstrous Star rec

*OIZYS "Hymns to the Furies" cd (12.00,-)
Desolate, melancholic and haunting black metal from this one woman band from Australia.

*OLD BONES / ARS GOETIA "Ancient Sorceries and Old Relics" cd (12.00,-)
UK black metal

UK black metal

*OLD PAGAN "Demo Collection 1997 - 2015" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal from Saarbrücken, Germany. Features "Machosias" demo 1997, "Menschenverachtung" demo 1998, s/t EP 1999, split tape with Grausamkeit 2000 plus unreleased tracks from 2008 and 2015. Features the original demo artworks. 23 tracks, nearly 80 minutes of raw and true German underground black metal. Cold, merciless, very obscure and fucking ripping!


*OLD SILVER KEY "tales of wanderings" cd (12.00,-)
Drukdh + Alcest side project

*OLD WAINDS "death nord kult" cd (12.00,-)

*OLD WAINDS "religion of spiritual violence" cd (12.00,-)
the best OW album!

*OLD WAINDS "Scalding Coldness" cd (12.00,-)
2nd album of great Russian band.

*OLD WAINDS "where the snows are never gone" cd (12.00,-)

*OLD WAINDS / NAV "We Are the North...Mean Cold War..." cd (12.00,-)
This is re-release of the split of two the most great black metal bands in russia. All music was re-mastered by the bands themselves in 2011. Available in format of CD in Digifile with big size 12-pages booklet in envelope. Booklet contains full lyrics on both - Russian and English. All is printed in silver/black tones. This version is limited to 500 copies. kunsthauch

*OMEGA "Omega-Second Coming. Second Crucifixion" cd (12.00,-)
Black/Thrash Metal from Greece in the Vein of Venom.Motörhead.Hellhammer + DarkThrone

*OMEGA "second coming. second crucifixion" cd (12.00,-)
greek thrashing bm

*OMENYA "ancient rites" cd (12.00,-)
8 tracks/40 minutes of most delicate ambience with slight early RAPOON influences. First edition of 1.000 coming in oversized fold-out paper cover."

*OMINOUS RESURRECTION "omniscient" cd (12.00,-)
Ominous Resurrection's debut album on CD on Funeral Industries.


*OND "ond" cd (12.00,-)
sad low frequency ambient

*ONDSKAPT "arisen from the ashes" cd (12.00,-)
Latest album Swedish BM band

*ONE MASTER "The Quiet Eye of Eternity" cd (12.00,-)
“walks a fine line between being old school and being original. successfully capturing the necessary nuances between substance and style that separates a good Black Metal album from being either a monotonous pile of noise or a disjointed merging of clashing styles. Those who want a good USBM album in a fairly similar tradition as that of Judas Iscariot will definitely want to look into this.” Metal Observer


Compilation containing the two 7"s "Tandava" and "One Tail, One Head".


*ONIRIK "after centuries of silence" cd (12.00,-)

*ONIROT "Deux Ex Machina" cd (12.00,-)
Desolate isolationist dark ambient

*ONSLAUGHT "Hell in Copenhagen" cd (12.00,-)
official live CD

*OPHIDIAN COIL  "Denial / Will / Becoming" mcd (7.00,-)
Grandiose offering of the Serbian cultists manifested in a form of an EP, crafted under the influence of the Other Side and charged with a fivefold spell of blazing fervour!


*OPHIOLATRY / ABHORRENCE "split" cd (12.00,-)

*OPHTHALAMIA "A Journey in Darkness" cd (12.00,-)
the black metal band of It from Abruptum.

*OPVS LEVIATHAN / ASSUR "split" cd (12.00,-)

*ORCHIS "a thousand winters" cd (12.00,-)
This 1997 concept album, an important piece in the history of neo-folk music, is resurrected by the Infinite Fog label. Comes in a 6-panel digipak with gold stamping

*ORCRIST "Black Blood Raised" cd (12.00,-)
Italian raw bm.


*ORCRIST "Slaged Ved Trollheim" cd (12.00,-)
Long out of print album from 2004 that was spread in very small quantities. Early nineties Norwegian style Black Metal. Line up now features Goblin of ISVIND.

*ORDER OF ORIAS  "inverse" cd (12.00,-)
Having recorded a Demo and an EP up to now. Order of Orias (featuring current and ex members of Denouncement Pyre. Funerary Pit and Ignivomous) from Australia are most probably unknown to many. at least in the European scene. ”Inverse”. their 50 minutes long debut album; absolutely has the potential to change that. The album features 7 songs of violent. fierce and above all prideful darkness and deserves all the attention it can get.The CD comes as a Digi pack. inc. booklet. designed by Mestazis.

*ORDER OF THE DEATHS HEAD  "Hakenkreuz" cd (12.00,-)
Debut full-length Decleration. A Storm of Racial Intolerance and Pitiless Hatred from these French Disciples of Warmongering Black Metal!Furor Francorum! Totenkopf Propaganda.

*ORDER OF THE WHITE HAND "through woods and fog" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*ORDO EQUITUM SOLIS "metamorposis" cd (15.00,-)
Sinope/Wordserpent pressing.

*ORDOG "Crow and the storm" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish doom metal. Not to be confused with bm bands with same name!

*ORDOG "the art of nihilism" cd (12.00,-)
re-issue of demos!

*ORGANIZATION TOTH "birth of light" cd (12.00,-)
Ritual & magic beating, dark & bleak industrial sounds for see "the birth of light" .... Ill ritual muzak for your magik experiments & for necrophile nostalgics ...

*ORKUS "Thorns" cd (12.00,-)
black metal with some melody and studio sound. Undercover Records.

*ORMGARD "Ormblot" digibook cd (15.00,-)
Swedish black metal


*ORNAMENTS OF SIN "Preparing War/ Oath To The Fallen Ones" cd (12.00,-)
This is no new album. but a ' Best of ' are offered 16 songs with a new Mastering! Who knows of Ornament of Sin what knows Him expects. All the others get a fine Zyklon - B shower. extremist Black Metals from France!

*ORNIAS "death bringer" cd (12.00,-)
black metal regimental records

*ORTANC "Aux Enfants de thulee" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*OSKAL "Stahlkrieg / Blazes of Sunset" cd (12.00,-)
gathering of the two demos recorded in 2004. Raw and harsh Black Metal from Russia in the BBH vein!


*OSTOTS "heriotzaren bidezidorrak" cd (12.00,-)
black metal.


*OUROBOROS "spear of destiny" cd (12.00,-)

*OV HELL "the underworld regime" cd (12.00,-)

*OXIST "nil" cd (12.00,-)
a chthonic work of ages. channeling inexorable Doom through a prism of bitter determination. carvings scars in the Earth as an inward passage to the VOID. Heralding the legacy of CELTIC FROST / TRIPTYKON and BETHLEHEM. as well as the Finnish Doom / Death hordes of yore. “Nil” displays seven powerful hymns of incisive austerity. defining its very essence: DARK METAL. When all dissolves and withers. toward the ineluctable conclusion. Zero Exist.


*PACIFIC 231 / VOX POPULI "Cthulhu Revisitation" cd (12.00,-)
(mv16) Pacific 231 & Vox Populi! "Cthulhu Revisitation" CD Extra-ordinary, mystic journey into musical world of these two long-running, legendary french projects. This album was composed from the old, but also completely new material (1986-2007), it includes both studio and live recordings, re-arranged and reworked for your listening pleasure. The first ever Vox Populi! CD after many vinyls and tapes produced in 80-90s. Acoustics and electronics, lyricism and dramatics, traditions and avantgarde.

*PACTUM "Staining the white veils of christianity with the blood of decapitated lamb" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*PAGAN "monument of depression" cd (12.00,-)

*PAGAN FLAME "Symbol of life and Light " cd (12.00,-)

*PAGAN HELLFIRE "a voice from centuries away" cd (12.00,-)

*PAGAN HELLFIRE "The will of night" cd (12.00,-)
raw bm. Tour de garde.

*PAGAN HERITAGE "Forn Sed" cd (12.00,-)

*PAGAN REIGN "Spark of Glory and Revival of Ancient Greatness" cd (10.00,-)
The actual album name and all the song titles and lyrics are in Russian on the CD.

*PAGAN RITES "hellcome back to earth" cd (12.00,-)

*PAGAN RITES / EVIL WRATH "split" 10" (12.00,-)

*PAGAN SKULL "in the hands of the fatherland" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish nationalist metal on Europe Erwache.

*PAGANUS "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
finnish sludge, like Khanate

*PAHUUS "pahuuden voitto" mcd (5.00,-)
FIN Total d-beat hardcore punk in the lines of Discharge, Mellakka and Kuro. 6 songs in 15 minutes

*PAIMONIA "Disease Named Humanity" cd (12.00,-)
Harken back to a time when labels lke No Fashion Records and Necropolis Records both brought to the world genre defining releases! And while the labels and most of the artists are gone to the corridors of time, they are still revered today (and always will be)...artists like Dissection, Unanimated, Dawn, and many more. PAIMONIA have tapped into this period of time and have resurrected the flame of this era bringing forth a punishing assault of beautiful, blasphemous decimation, wearing their influences on their sleeve but having their own essence of distinction. Assaulting your senses with melodic black metal and a slight melodic death metal influence, this release will explode unto the world and make it remember of an exciting time that once was...for fans of Dissection, Sacramentum, Dawn, Ophthalamia & Unanimated


*PAIN NAIL "Magneettinen Kohtalo" cd (12.00,-)
Finally long awaited album of Pain Nail is available on CD/tape! Recorded between 2006-2012. 40 minutes album consiting large variety of material from gloomy brooding heavy electronics to rusty and dark rhythmic metal percussion industrial and epic atmospheric tracks. Aggressive vocals and dirty analogue sound. Freak Animal.

*PAINFUL MEMORIES "Memorial to Suffering" cd (12.00,-)
doom death. Solitude Records

*PALE MIST "Where The Darkness Is Praised" cd (12.00,-)
The debut album from Englands Pale Mist. Fourty-five minutes of pure hate. pain and torment dragging you even deeper into the pitch black abyss of chaos. darkness and death.

*PANCHRYSIA "In obscure depths" cd (12.00,-)
Black Metal in between Immortal, Dissection & Zyklon

*PANTHEIST "The Pains of Sleep" cd (12.00,-)

*PANTHEON "vargrstrike " cd (12.00,-)

*PANZERFAUST "I phallus" cd (12.00,-)
radical black metal from poland


*PANZERKVLT "forging our hate" cdr (5.00,-)
cdr in dvd box. ltd 100 copies. Original edition.

*PARADISE LOST "gothic" cd (12.00,-)
how this Paradise Lost sound in their early days before turning into goth rock?? Good death metal! Must for fanatics of melodic but dark death metal. 2 bonus tracks

*PARAGON IMPURE "To Gaius!" cd (12.00,-)
first full length album after 2 good 7"s !

*PARAMNESIA "Paramnesia" cd (12.00,-)
Ambient Black Metal from France. Special thanks to Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions


*PARAXYSMAL DESCENT "paradigm of decay" cd (12.00,-)

*PARIA  "Surrealist satanist" cd (12.00,-)
Paria's third full length album,named "Surrealist Satanist".The album comes as Digipack CD incl. 12 pages booklet.Sticking to their guns, Paria are following their path of fierce & sick Black Metal consequently. WTC.


*PARIA "verminrace" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal

*PATHOLOGICAL NOISE "sodomy and delight of flesh" cd (12.00,-)

Atmospheric Black Metal from Canada. Second album.


*PATRIA "gloria nox aeterna" mcd (7.00,-)

*PATRIA "hymns of victory and death" cd (12.00,-)
black metal - digicd reissue - drakkar productions release.


*PATRIA "hymns of victory and death" cd (12.00,-)
patriot black metal

*PATRIA "sovereign misanthropy " cd (12.00,-)
misanthropic black metal

*PATRONYMICON "All Daggers Towards the Sky" cd (12.00,-)
new on Canal Records

*PATRONYMICON "Prime Omega" cd (12.00,-)
black Metal on its best form with SORCERY and SHINING members

*PECCATUM "amor fati" cd (12.00,-)
russian pressing

*PECCATUM "strangling from within" cd (12.00,-)
Russian pressing

*PENDULUM "Les Fragments du Chaos" cd (12.00,-)
Here is the debut album out of the shadows just for sensitize your negative existence. PENDULUM with "Les Fragments du chaos" offer a great raw and melodic Black Metal with tortured and depressive voice. 2 years of hard work on this opus for your end of life or depression if you are too low with all ingredients to become crazy ! On jewel CD 8 tracks of 40 minutes with booklet 8 pages included lyrics.

*PENITENT "Deserted Dreams" cd (10.00,-)
synth music

*PENSEES NOCTURNES "grotesque" cd (12.00,-)
avantgarde black metal from france

*PENTACLE "Under the black cross" cd (12.00,-)
great old school death

*PENTSIGN "cacophonous march ov darkness" cd (12.00,-)

*PERDITION "antihuman divinity" mcd (4.00,-)

*PERDITION "antihuman divinity" mcd (7.00,-)
black metal

*PERDITION TEMPLE  "edict of the antichrist elect" cd (12.00,-)

*PERDITION TEMPLE "the tempters victorious" cd (12.00,-)
At long last, American black/death barbarians PERDITION TEMPLE release their highly anticipated second album, The Tempter's Victorious. The band's first album for new label home HELLS HEADBANGERS, The Tempter's Victorious follows PERDITION TEMPLE's celebrated debut album, Edict of the Antichrist Elect, from 2010. Though many years have passed, the (hell)fire stills burns brightly in the PERDITION TEMPLE, and The Tempter's Victorious sees the band perfecting their militant, malevolent brand of blackened death metal. However, band founder/scene veteran Gene Palubicki is joined by an elite cadre of new members here, including his old AngelCorpse guitar foil Bill Taylor (also of Immolation) and, on vocals, Black Witchery's intimidating Impurath. Together, the revitalized quintet peal off one surging, contorting attack after another, their crush chaotic yet controlled, making The Tempter's Victorious a swift eight-track tornado. Finally, The Tempter's Victorious!


*PERDITION WINDS "aura of suffering" cd (12.00,-)
Perdition Winds was established in 2009, hailing from south of Finland. Delivering raw, minimal and cold Black Metal with scorn! No fancy dresses, no professionalism, no futile gimmicks. Only pure Black Metal! Band´s debut, "s/t" EP, was released in 2012 and now band is ready to unleash their first full length upon worldwide underground.


*PERMAFROST "Pervers & Geisteskrans" cd (12.00,-)
german bm, Christhunt

*PERMIXTIO "Il Canto dei Sepolcri" cd (12.00,-)
Permixtio is reflective black metal performed with great passion. Having a grim & bleak approach on BM and a transcendent feeling in their music, this band from Northern Italy plays very well-structured songs filled with feelings of melancholia, anguish and spiritual catharsis. The result is a desolate, grim, introspective & majestic BM with a sorrowful and almost ceremonious/religious aura. The 1st full length album after many great demo tapes! CD came out in normal jewel case.

*PERUNICA "Triumf Odwiecznych Praw" cd (12.00,-)
eastside. pagan metal

*PERUNWIT "Wszystic Odcienie Szarosei" cd (12.00,-)
pagan folk

*PERVERSE MONASTYR "" cd (12.00,-)
Old Cematery Records

*PESSIMIST "blood for the gods" cd (12.00,-)

*PESSIMIST "cult of the initiated" cd (12.00,-)

*PEST  "desecration" cd (12.00,-)

*PEST "Hail the black metal wolves of Belial" cd (12.00,-)
This is compilation of FINNISH Pest! Includes all Pest studio tracks! (= includes 2 7"s also done by Northern Heritage!)

*PEST "nekrolog" 2xCD (15.00,-)
double CD compilation of GERMAN PEST!

*PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS "depths" CD (12.00,-)

*PESTKREUZ "Perdition Discipline" mCD (7.00,-)
The first fruits of Gnosis! The debut EP from Canada’s PESTKREUZ. Harrowing filth and diabolic decay. Spread the poison of cosmic illusions. EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW. EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS!

*PESTNEBEL "necro" cd (12.00,-)

*PESTREITER "todesweihe" cd (12.00,-)
Cruel and barbaric black metal. An unrelenting and unforgiving display of speed and abrogating emotions that blends proficiency with raw power akin to the stylings of early Marduk, Dark Funeral and Belphegor. It's as if to experience the bloodlust of a wolf pack devouring its prey after the hunt. PESTREITER stands as a blitzkrieg strike in the war against all religions!!


*PESTROYER "Inquisiteurs des Temps Modernes" mcd (7.00,-)
"Pestroyer tue la mort!" Uncompromising black metal attack for fans of the old school! Crushing riffs, hellish screams and pitch black darkness. Evil prevails! Featuring members of Monarque and Singur Fiinta.

*PETER ANDERSSON [RAION D’ÊTRE]  "Music for Film and Exhibition II" cd (13.00,-)
´Music for Film and Exhibition II´ is just like that: a levelled declitre of raison d´être, a brimful tablespoon of Atomine Elektrine, a couple of teaspoons of Necrophorus and a little bit of this and little bit of that, mixed into a perfect blend of many tastes. Peter Andersson, well-known from projects like Raison d´être, Stratvm Terror, Necrophorus and Atomine Elektrine, shows here broad spectrum of sonic atmospheres, like if all of his different music projects were combined into one. From ambient-drone-textures and electronic chill-out to concrete sounds to even pure atmopsheric piano tunes.

*PETRICHOR "In Flagrante Delicto " cd (12.00,-)
Death Ambient from Finland. Cursed tapes

*PHELIOS "Gates of Atlantis " cd (12.00,-)
The first new recording from Phelios since 2010’s highly acclaimed Astral Unity. finds Martin Stürtzer in fine form. creating yet another masterwork of meticulously crafted. richly detailed cosmic doom. Very few acts. if any. are more adept at composing such epically scaled atmospheres and Gates of Atlantis once again sets the bar impossibly high. offering up a multi-colored tapestry of sweeping sounds. full of majestic. nebulous drones and ominous strings. propelled forth by rising waves of tribal percussion and more earthen. textural darkness. The scope and breadth of the 7 tracks here truly transcends dark ambience. and the sheer weight and complexity of sound is nothing short of awe inspiring. A triumphant return from one of the genre’s great practitioners. In 6 panel eco-wallet with artwork by Pär Boström (Kammarheit) and mastered by Secret Lab

*PHLEGEIN "Ancient Battlegrounds" mCD (7.00,-)
Back in stock!! Quickly sold out cd version of the debut release (also available on tape/10") available again. Identical to first pressing. Since 2003. this is first completely new band to be signed on Northern Heritage. Debute release delivers pure black metal. not so far from some past NH releases (old Deathspell Omega. Musta Surma. etc..). Cold freezing sound. totally gimmick free black metal focusing on basic elements. No subgenre following. no artificial fake ideologies. Only total black metal. nothing less. nothing more! NH-071


*PHLEGEIN "From The Land of Death" cd (12.00,-)
Phlegein completed their 2nd full length, "From The Land of Death" album! They offer absolutely strongest material so far! Razor sharp sound, ripping vocals, excellent songs of pure Finnish black metal! Each song of album is strong, filled with killer riffs. Northern Heritage NH-090.


*PHLEGEIN "silver veins" cd (12.00,-)
The time has come to reveal Phlegeins first full length recording. CD is out now (1.2.2013) and black vinyl LP and shirt will be out early march. For those who have felt the power of previous mCD/10"/tape and 7". album will provide further experience. following their established style. yet still darker. heavier and thicker approach. Album is filled with nearly 46 minutes of authentic Finnish Black Metal without compromise. Listen "Lost Ancient Echoes" and "Layers of Torment" from the album at the discography page (link to official site). NH-081


*PIAREVARACIEN "Down The Broken Path" cd (12.00,-)
Belarussian Folk/Black Pagan Metal. This is the first official CD release from WolfTyr Productions! This was originally released ONLY in far Eastern Europe with limited distribution in 2008. now it is available to all! Musically. the band is close to the sounds of Absurd (DEU) and Temnozor (RUS). maintaining that gritty. yet quite pleasing quality most fans of Black Metal enjoy! The lyrics are of a pretty strict Pagan and Nationalistic (Toward their home country of Belarus) nature.

*PIMEYDENTUOJA "black goat psalm" cdr (6.00,-)
Obscure Finnish black metal. pro-pressed cdr with digipak. but limited only 50!

*PIMEYDENTUOJA "the devils epoch" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black death metal


*PIORUN "Stajemy Jak Ojce" cd (12.00,-)
Poland / Ukraina. East Side Records

*POCCOLUS "poccolus" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal re-release from 1995. re-mastered 2006. Supernal.

*POCCOLUS "ragna" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*POEMA ARCANUS "Iconoclast" cd (12.00,-)
Chile Progressive Dark Arcane Doom. Aftermath records

*POEMA ARCANUS "Telluric Manifesto" cd (12.00,-)
Chile prog/Doom/Death! 3rd album Aftermath records

*POENARI "Rule of the Damned" cd (12.00,-)
Debut album of Warsaw band Poenari consisting of 7 infernal pieces in vein of black/death metal highly influenced by scandinavian DM scene.

*POGOST "…from the Eternal Chaos" cd (12.00,-)
ogost - is it a churchyard around a church? Pogost – is the churchyard for the bodies of the christians, this is their final abode where they shall decay and putrefy in complete unanimity with each other and in conformity with their defective canons, they all shall be in the ground. Pogost is the churchyard around the church. Razed to the ground, burnt down, and covered with ashes of biblical stories. Pogost is dark desires, unleashed… This is the desire to destroy the world and everything connected with it. Hail everyone with us!

*POGROM "Mort Au People" cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal

*POHJAST "thou strong stern death" cd (12.00,-)
Estonian/Canadian/Finnish metal band in the vein of epic Immortal, viking Bathory and later Primordial.


*PORTAL "outre" cd (12.00,-)
chaotic bm

*PORTAL "swarth" cd (12.00,-)
lates album of chaos

*PORTAL "vexovoid" cd (12.00,-)

*POSSESSED "beast of the apocalypse" cd (12.00,-)
live 1987 + bonus videos 86/87

*POSSESSION RITUAL "Incense Of Opened Gates" cd (12.00,-)
Ritual Necromancy Based Black Metal in desecrating form to all that is living.


*POTENTIAM "balsyn" cd (12.00,-)
1999 album of doom. Avantgarde music.

*POWER OF JISM "Your Son Died Laughing " cd (12.00,-)
Power is a good word to describe this music. This is metal that slowly permeates in a kind of ongoing primitive ritual. The guitar work seems almost freeform and intertwines repetitively with the hypnotic bass lines and drums. Unlike faster metal, this industrial group can hold on to an abstract sound and make it writhe and repeat, containing kind of a brooding fury. The vocals are tortured and introspective. Overall the whole thing stays in control of itself, but evolves in what sounds like a live experience. Very heavy and long tracks go on seemingly forever, creating an intense mood. This is what hard rock should sound like: unpretentious, evocative, and relentless.

*PRAVUS ABYSSUS "Within the abyss of solitude" mCD (7.00,-)
Deep atmospheric Ambient Black Metal. strictly limited at 300 copies. Acerbus is wandering through obscure landscapes and captures the cosmic darkness in his solitary journey. Highly recommended for those into Paysage D’ Hiver & Evilfeast.

*PRAYER OF THE DYING "from the mouth of the passing" cd (12.00,-)

*PREDOMINANCE "dark stars unfolding" 2xCD (15.00,-)
german industrial

*PRELEVANT RESISTANCE "dynamics of creation" cd (12.00,-)
finnish black metal

*PRELEVANT RESISTANCE "eternal returns" cd (12.00,-)

*PRELEVANT RESISTANCE "To live again and dominate" cd (12.00,-)
new album of this Finnish bm band. Nykta.

*PRIMEVAL MASS "as solem maelstrom" cd (12.00,-)
also available couple little scratched ones for 6 euro price!

*PRIMEVAL MASS "as solemn maelstorm" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*PRIMIGENIUM "Art of War" cd (12.00,-)
good old album of raw black metal from mid 90´s! Fullmoon Prod.

*PRIMIGENIUM "as eternal as the night" mcd (7.00,-)
official rerelease of the first Primigenium demo from 1994. includes the bonus tracks from the Wild Rags edition from 1996. no remastering or any other changes of the music/sound. 4 songs/16min playtime. pro pressed CD. first run 500 copies. 4 pages booklet with liner notes. lyrics and a collection of old pictures.

*PRIMIGENIUM "faith through anguish" cd (12.00,-)
Finally after many years of waiting, new full length album of Primigenium!! Black Seed Productions.

*PRIMIGENIUM "intolerance" cd (12.00,-)
good spanish bm. Drakkar prod.

*PRIPEGAL "Ziemia Gromadzi Prochy" cd (12.00,-)

*PRO-DEATH "The Aesthetic Somber Of Death" cd (12.00,-)
Mechanized Death Grind from Los Angeles featuring members of Cattle Decapitation. Sepsisim and Welter In Thy Blood

*PROCLAMATION "Advant oof the black omen" cd (12.00,-)

*PROCLAMATION "Exeration of cruel bestiality" cd (12.00,-)
Latest album of total Proclamation

*PROCLAMATION "messiah of darkness and impurity" cd (12.00,-)

*PROFAN "the bestial awakening" cd (12.00,-)

*PROFANATICA "Disgusting Blasphemies Against God" cd (12.00,-)
One of 2010´s most highly anticipated black metal records, Disgusting Blasphemies Against God cements PROFANATICA´s position as true legends of extreme Black Metal. The original purveyors of bleeding-raw barbarity and mesmerizing filth, unleash filthy black shit across the album´s ten rituals of desecration & destruction, truly becoming Disgusting Blasphemies Against God. Whereas some listeners felt their preceding record was a bit too "clean," PROFANATICA render DBAG in its foulest, most unclean form... unrepentant & unholy, its hymns embrace the characteristic Profanatica Sound and new avenues of sonic degradation. RECOMMENDED FOR MANIACS OF: blood, blasphemy, desecration, perversion... TRUE PROFANE BLACK METAL BARBARISM!

*PROFANATICA "The Enemy Of Virtue" 2xcd (15.00,-)
Jewel case DOUBLE CD featuring the entire track list from the vinyl double LP version with detailed track listing and booklet documenting the entire history of the cult. Prepare, as sodomy shall be brought upon the nuns rotting asshole once again!!! Legendary and influential, the Black Cult of PROFANATICA set the example for the first flux of 90´s Black Metal. "The Enemy Of Virtue" compiles all of the bands work including the unreleased "Passion Of A Liar" 7" Single, an obscure rehearsal of TOTEN cover songs, and the bands first live performance in 9 years at "The Return of Darkness And Evil Festival 2001". Total of 29 blasphemies with detailed track listing and booklet documenting the entire history of the cult. PROFANATICA vomit on your god and shit on your so-called Black Metal!!

*PROFETUS "coronation of the black sun" cd (12.00,-)
funeral doom metal

*PROFEZIA "black misanthropic elite " cd (12.00,-)
new on undercover rec

*PROFUNDIS "Nokturn" cd (12.00,-)
Black Death Metal in the vein of "old" DISSECTION, CHRIST AGONY and DARK FUNERAL

*PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM "Extreme Violent Art" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

The atmospheric and progressive black metal of Italy’s Progenie Terrestre Pura – or q[T]p as they like to be called – is tinted with a technological gloss. the ambient electronics and extended progressive passages simultaneously clashing with and complementing the darker aspects of their sound. Whilst bearing the aggressive and unfeeling. ice-cold harshness of black metal. it’s the progressive. electronic. and ambient elements of the album that come to the fore and bestow upon U.M.A. a substance and depth of multiple dimensions. Richly layered and texturally captivating. the soundscapes of sci-fi and a technologically-advanced futuristic vision against a technical and fierce backdrop. with U.M.A.. their debut. q[T]p have made a very impressive beginning. The aural version of Tech Noir. the combination of and experimentation with musical styles makes for an intriguing listen. The duo of Eon[0] and Nex[1] have created an incredible album and one that must be experienced to be believed.

*PROSANCTUS INFERI "Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation" cd (12.00,-)
PROSANCTUS INFERI make their highly anticipated full-length debut with Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation. A bewitching epitaph to fallen warrior / drummer Antichristus, Pandemonic Ululations... retains their blackened barbarity of old but moves away from their earlier Profanatica worship toward a sound that´s inscrutably, idiosyncratically unique. Primitive and pounding and yet laced with labyrinthine, serpentine structures that challenge the mind while bruising the body, PROSANCTUS INFERI invoke the occult through utterly twisted, wholly gnarled violence.

*PROSANCTUS INFERI "Red Streams of Flesh" mcd (7.00,-)
With their debut LP last year. Prosanctus Inferi proved that there is still room to expand within the Black/Death subgenre. Indeed. the sound of Prosanctus Inferi is Black/Death in the truest sense. Combining influences from early 90’s U.S. Death Metal and U.S. Black Metal. Prosanctus Inferi formulate a new sound — one in which neither style overshadows the other. The result might represent the median point between Morbid Angel / Necrovore and Profanatica / Demoncy. augmented by warped riffs and unpredictable song structures. This mLP features new choral passages of primal and obsessively impure coital delirium. Caustic guitars and relentless drums collide beneath vocals drenched in wrath and perversion. The sound here is more immediate and extreme than the LP. but still retains the characteristic idiosyncratic musical syntax that characterizes Prosanctus Inferi’s approach.

*PROSCRIPTOR "The serpentine has rosen" cd (12.00,-)
The second CD offering of Proscriptor, mixing Celtic, Middle Eastern Rock, Experimental and Industrial sounds by this former Cruel Moon/Cold Meat Industries artist. Proscriptor is the founding member of Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn: southern abyssic communion chapter in Dallas, Texas.

*PROTECTOR "Echoes from the past..." cd (12.00,-)
two demo tracks and two albums on same CD! 80's German thrash.


*PROTECTOR "ominous message of brutality" cd (12.00,-)
Late 80's German thrash

*PSEUDOGOD "deathwomb catechesis" cd (12.00,-)
Deathwomb Catechesis”. the long awaited debut album from Russian black metal terrorists PSEUDOGOD! Cover artwork by Antichrist Kramer (SSP) – interior artwork by Alexander L. Brown (WITCHRIST). Boundless morbidity. bestial chum. grinding disease. otherworldly dread: these are the hailmarks of Russian PSEUDOGOD. who’ve quickly decimated the extreme SatanicBlackDeath scene over the past few years to become one of the most-hailed bands around. And that horrible splendor will shine even further with the release of their highly anticipated debut album. “Deathwomb Catechesis”. Evoking its namesake as well as a host of other nameless horrors. this work of art drives deep into the mysteries of death. dragging the helpless listen along as their sepulchral black/death conjures its spell. Prepare. then. to enter PSEUDOGOD’s deathwomb! KVLT

*PSYCHIC TV "Those who do not" cd (12.00,-)
cold spring records

*PSYCHOMANTUM "genius loci" cd (12.00,-)
symphonic black metal

*PSYCHONAUT 75 "Stealing the fire from heaven" cd (12.00,-)
devils industrial ebm from Black Funeral / Valefor / Psychonaut mastermind

*PSYCHONAUT 75 / AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT "Demonium of the Earth / Bird of Oblivion an Incantation of Fire " cd (12.00,-)
Split release by those 2 well known USA sabbatic & demonic projects! Psychonaut 75 deliver a pumping black industrial & high witchcraft & chaos also due to the presence of 3 whitches in the group! Aestetic Meat Front is involved with infamous depograming rituals, using the original sounds of meat, blood, fire & bones! Sex-magick & self-deification

*PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "230204" CD (12.00,-)
great death metal from Diaboli / Depravity members!! Recommended!!

*PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "4: You shall not destroy" cd (12.00,-)
4th album. Finnish industrial metal with hints of death metal.

*PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "revolt" cd (12.00,-)
New album, now industrial metal style a´la some Ministry stuff.

*PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "War Against The Global Maze Of Tyranny" cd (12.00,-)
Diaboli side project, new album!

*PSYKOTISK / VREDGAD "split" cd (12.00,-)
Swedish Black Metal. Both projects feature members of ORNIAS.

*PSYKOTISK / VREDGAD "split" cd (12.00,-)
regimental records

*PUISSANCE "State Collapse" cd (12.00,-)

*PURE EVIL "As Blood Turns Black. Mankind Shall Drown in Despair" cd (12.00,-)
The third full-lenght of PURE EVIL shows the Black Metal side of this previously more Death Metal sounding solowork of Kryth (also in Korgonthurus. Musta Kappeli. Wolfthrone). It reeks of misanthropic hatred. raw Satanic worship and visions of despair and violence. The album is easily best material from the Finnish devil and its long tracks present a variety of catchy riffs and violently executed drum work accompanied with brutal vocals bursting of true hatred! HoH

*PURE EVIL "Chapter II: Sacrifice" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black-death

*PURE EVIL "chapter III: Dedication" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish devilish death metal

*PUREST "renascensce" cd (12.00,-)
darker than black

*PUTRIFIED "Sacrilegious Purification" mcd (7.00,-)
Swedish Death/Black Metal. A minialbum that lyrically deals with various sacrificial acts and the struggles of faith and fate.

*PUTRIFIED "spawn of the dead" cd (12.00,-)

*PYLVANAINEN "maamme raunioilla" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish nationalist punk


*PYRAMIDO "sand" cd (12.00,-)
swedish sludge


*QUADRIVIUM "adversus" cd (12.00,-)
Avant-garde/Symphonic Black Metal


*RAAN "The Nacrasti" cd (12.00,-)
The remarkable debut from R|A|A|N (Stig Berg) and the second release on our sister-label Malignant Antibody. R|A|A|N delivers dark-ambient in it´s classic pure-form, at times, conjuring the spirit of Heresy-era Lustmord or vintage Raison D´Etre. Heavy ritualistic drones, sporadic rhythmic accents, and deep subsonics that will vibrate your very core. An ideal blend of thick warm analog and sharp digital sound that bridges the gap between old and new technology. Thematically, The Nacrasti explores an ancient desert culture that was advanced beyond its time and yet long forgotten by history. Your dark evolving journey into this lost "Nacrastan" landscape is streaked with the warm hue of sun-bleached rock, sand, gold, and fire. A serenely brooding work with a myriad of nocturnal sub-textures. At times a subtle, almost alien combination of sounds. Proof-positive that dark-drones can intone an element of beauty and power. A very promising debut from an equally promising new talent. An album that will leave you excited for what comes next and a critical new addition to every dark-ambient collection.

*RAATE "Sielu, Linna" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish Burzum style bm

*RABID "annihilation" cd (12.00,-)
The devil has sent four young thrashers on a mission to destroy and that mission will be fullfilled with these eleven tracks of old school thrash. Rabid delivers the spirit of the old school with great energy and won't stop until there has been total Annihilation!

*RADIO KUOLEMA "Broadcasting The Dead" cd (12.00,-)
amplexus ambient

*RAGGRADARH "Battle" cd (12.00,-)
The last release on Wolcnum Records. Three intense tracks of raw and proud pagan Bulgarian Black Metal! 500 copies.

*RAHU "The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows" cd (12.00,-)
Finally CD version!

*RAINBIRD "poets bloods" cd (12.00,-)

*RAPED CHRIST "Possessed whore" mcd (7.00,-)
polish christ raping black metal


*RASALHAGUE "Rage Inside the Window" cd* (12.00,-)
Following the self released 3inch CDr from a few years back, Rage Inside the Window is the astounding formal debut of Indiana based dark ambient artist Rasalhague, offering some of the most haunting, dread filled, and yet dynamic atmospheres we´ve come across in some time. Inspired by the true events of a young girl neglectfully imprisoned in filth and squalor by her thoughtless and uncaring mother. Rage Inside the Window takes the listener into the mind of a savagely depraved soul. Don´t expect ambient of the spaced out, blissful, and softly textured variety. This is dirty and impenetrably dark, with an intertwining mass of demonic squalls, intense probing, highly ominous tonal drones, distant monolithic pulsations, and bleak isolationism. 6 lengthy tracks of pure psychological horror are presented here, with each piece segueing into each other in transforming waves, progressively getting darker, brooding, and more menacing as it goes. Finally, with the final track, some semblance of solace is achieved. Reference points can be made to Atrium Carceri, recent Raison d´Etre, and the like, but ultimately, Rasalhague operates within its own realm. In 6 panel, full color DVD Digipak.

*RAVENCULT "morbid blood" cd (12.00,-)
The circle of ungodliness marks its return! Proving there's still creative life left in the abyss of uncanny black/thrash metal. on second album "Morbid Blood." Greece's RAVENCULT fuck with the paradigm and twist it to their own devilish design. From diabolical thrashing to grim. coruscating gnarliness. RAVENCULT evade easy categorization and channel the forces of uttermost darkness into a unique yet deadly serious soundfield. literally bleeding "Morbid Blood." offering all worshippers of the occult new avenues into Death's innermost secrets. Give the Devil his due and submit to RAVENCULT!

*RAVENDARK "Autumn Roar" cd (12.00,-)
extremely raw Blazebirth Hall black metal.

*RAVENDARK "Verdandi / Berustet Av Krigsdronnet" cd (12.00,-)
Blazebirth Hall Black Metal

*RAVENOUS "The blood delirium" cd (12.00,-)
full length CD by "new" band with most of Autopsy members!

*RAVENS BANE "Sorrow Breeds" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*REAKTOR 4 "s/t" cd (12.00,-)

*REBIRTH OF NEFAST / SLIDHR "split" cd (10.00,-)
end all life prod

*REENCARNACION "888 metal" cd (12.00,-)
Their glorious 1988´s LP "888 Metal" on CD. Tribulacion prod.

*REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER "Regarde les Hommes Tomber" cd (12.00,-)
Born in 2011, the members of REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER are all trained professional from the French Hardcore, Black Metal and Death Metal scene. Strong in their respective experiences, the band merges Sludge’s heaviness, Black Metal’s darkness, Hardcore’s groove but also Post Rock’s atmospheres. It is an introspective work tailored for the musical scene. Each performance brings the crowd to the edge of asphyxiation; the end of each show is an explosion of feelings, finally allowing the audience to take their breath once again. The themes in this first eponymous album express under different aspects Man’s opposition to the divine in its quest of the absolute…


*REGNUM "weil alles einst zerbrechen muss" cd (12.00,-)
"Containing previously unreleased tracks with Regnum. Through-out his years of activity there has been tracks that hasn´t fitted into the concept of his demos, and they have remain unreleased until now. They work great as stand alone tracks! This CD is a must for any fan of desolate and cold Black Metal. With that rough depressive edge. Comes with additional bonus tracks that are not featured on the tape version."

*REGURGITATION "backwash" cd (12.00,-)
pre- OLD (old lady drivers). Known from amazing early Earache LP. Members of Khanate, Burning Witch, etc in their teen years grindcore mayhem

*REIDO "F:all" cd (12.00,-)
apocalyptic funeral doom. solitude records

*REIGN IN BLOOD "...and all spiritual sacred lies!" cd (12.00,-)

*REMASCULATE "Perversemonger" cd (12.00,-)
Second release from swedish death/grind band Remasculate is out now. The band consists of among others Ludvig Engellau (DEMONICAL) on Vocals and Marcus Jonsson (INSISION, FLAGELLATION, GENOCRUSH FEROX) on Drums.

*REMMIRATH "Polis Rouge " cd (12.00,-)
Eventually after few years Remmirath recording debut full leght album called "Polis Rouge". Style is different then previous demo, but still deep-drawn gloomy Black Metal. Is not easy write extensional description. Music was built on Black Metal roots, but with very progressive elements. In song you can listening jazz procedures, untradition using keybords, perfect usage electronics and purposeful lyrics. In the world you dont find album with similar music and atmosphere. I recommende this album for fans Forgotten Woods, Curse, Ulver and similar unconvential black metal bands and projects...Cd is limited to 1000 copies. Booklet including lyrics and 16 pages full colour booklet!

*REPTILE WOMB "Thee Fyrste Deathe: Serpent Wrything Beneathe Thee Graeve " cd (12.00,-)
Self described as "black blood death trance", Reptile Womb from California is a direct continuation of a project previously known as Below. The style of this album can be placed between Drawing Down the Moon and the electric era of Beherit, but with loud and ultra harsh production that borders on noise. Those into "The Spell of Vengeance" by Will Over Matter and some noisier Ride For Revenge material will also find themselves enjoying this one


*RESURGENCY / DESOLATOR "split" cd (12.00,-)
Two death metal acts: Resurgency (members of Necrovorous and Embrace of Thorns) from Greece and Desolator from Sweden. The split includes Resurgency’s “Dark Revival” demo as well as 5 brand new tracks from Desolator . Limited to 500 copies. the split’s artwork was done by a well-known Polish artist Rafał Kruszyk.

*RESUSCITATOR "a warriors death" cd (12.00,-)
From Beyond

*RESUSCITATOR "Iniciation" cd (12.00,-)
Nuclear War Now

*RETALIATION "pro patria" mcd (7.00,-)
finnish patriot metal. popgrom records

*RETRA "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
eastside pagan metal

*REVENGE "infiltration.downfall.death" cd (12.00,-)
latest attack!

*REVENGE "Scum Collapse Eradication" cd (12.00,-)
new album finally!!!

*REVENGE "Superior.Command.Destroy" mcd (7.00,-)
originally released in 2002, now rereleased on Invocation Records.

*REVERENIE  "chamber of divine eloboration" cd (12.00,-)
new on Avantgarde Music label

*REVERIE "isolation" cd (12.00,-)
"REVERIE - ISOLATION was recorded in Nightsky Studios during the summer of 2007. isolation is a concept album of 5 songs running 35 minutes. the lyrics complete a metaphysical journey by leaving humanity and the nadir world and entering the cosmos through unlocking cosmic gateways found in nature reaching everything, nothing, infinite light, infinite darkness... and finally enlightenment of the minds eye [becoming one with everything and nothing]. "

*RIBSPREADER "rotten rhythms and rancid rants" cd (12.00,-)
swedish death metal from mid-late 90´s

*RIDDLE OF MEANDER "End of all life and creation" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*RIDE FOR REVENGE "King of Snakes" cd (12.00,-)
Re-pressed! Heaviest and darkest black metal ritual emerging from Finland! Imagine extremely downtuned version of the slowest Beherit tracks. and you might come close. but still find decent amount of originality. Suffocating guitar & bass sound roars in depts. while stiff and heavy drumming. obscure echoing voice and occasional keyboards and effects deliver the final touch for this masterpiece. Don´t expect standard or generic copycat so common in the scene. Ride For Revenge is ready crush with authentic dark cruelty! Full color covers and disc print.


*RIENAUS "Aamutähdelle" cd (12.00,-)
Traditional Nordic black metal, Finnish quality quaranteed. Debut full-length album. KVLT

*RIFT "Eyes of the Basilisk" mcd (7.00,-)
Circling the drain of life, Rift delivers a mesmerizing, enigmatic Black Metal release scanning the depths of animal transformation, torture and Luciferian Domination! Prepare for Black Metal ritual despair

*RIGOR MORTIS "affascinate carne morta" cd (12.00,-)

*RIGOR SARDONICUS "Principia Sardonica" cd (12.00,-)
extreme doom metal

*RIPPIKOULU "musta seremonia" CD (12.00,-)
The legendary Finnish underground metal masterpiece, rescued from cult obscurity! Six panel digipak CD version.

*RITI OCCULTI "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
it´s not dark ambient or industrial. but it´s ritual esoteric psychedelic doom. very dark and occult. Limited edition of 300 copies in nice 6 panels digipack. Epidemie rec

*RITUAL CARNAGE "the highest law" cd (12.00,-)

*RITUAL LAIR "Morbid Ritual of the Insane" cd (12.00,-)
black metal in tradition of Beherit. Samael. Hellhammer

*RMEDL / K11 "Chthonian Music" cd (12.00,-)
Reissue of an extremely limited 2010 release (x50 private copies). This multi-dimensional collaborative opera (audio installation and concept album) is a bridge between the conception of sound within the contemporary art scene. post-industrial culture and the avantgarde black metal musical scene. It focuses on creating a dialogic development between radical forms of concrete music. unorthodox sounds. conceptual arts and experimental recording practices of acoustic phenomena. The following artists participated on the release: Aderlating. Andrea Marutti. Burial Hex. Christina Kubisch. Deadwood. Francesco Brasini (Sevenguitars). Francisco Lopez. Gianluca Becuzzi. L’Acephale. Luciano Maggiore. Massimo Bartolini. Nordvargr. Philippe Petit. Seth Cluett. Utarm. Y.E.R.M.O..

*ROBED IN EXILE "The Rape of Purity" cd-r (5.00,-)
full length CDr compiling old demos (94, 97, 98 + reh 2000) with professional covers. Raw sound, but all instruments well heard.

*RODOVEST "Slavonic Butchery" cd (12.00,-)
Violent, hateful and brutal Slavonic Pagan Metal War blended with some atmospheric interludes, traditional folkish melodies and singing. In the vein of DUB BUK and VELIMOR

*ROMA AMOR "Femmina" cd (12.00,-)
Second album by this intriguing Italian Noir-Cabaret project. 10 songs that celebrate the feminine dark side in all its guises. Italian and dialect lyrics, mostly inspired by female figures of Mediterranean folklore, that deal with the most hidden, sombre, melancholic and romantic aspects of the feminine universe. The aged music of old Europa, with its tango, waltz and cabaret motives, is the soundtrack and the vocalist sounds like she’s putting a lot of wear and tear on her throat in order to render the mood of these combative, bad, scary, deep passionate women. Warm latin stuff for late night listening.

*ROMA AMOR "Occhi Neri" cd (12.00,-)
Somewhere between the melodic folk-inflected charm of Italian 60’s songwriters and the cabaret swoon of French chansonniers. Roma Amor’s new album is instinctively romantic and sophisticated. This album will seduce you with its summer-evening mellowness before breaking your heart with its beautifully sensual croon. Wonderful ballads and torch songs about love inspired by the epic. fatalistic rugged grandeur of Aznavour. Brel. Piaf. and 60’s Italian songwriters. though in a much quieter and more delicate setting. The album is sung in Italian with some French touches and the songs are from Roma Amor’s own harvest. The result isn't experimental or innovative. but an acoustic and intimate album for fans of well-crafted singer-songwriting. Retro chic pale-blue digipak packaging with all lyrics included.

*ROMA AMOR "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Charming Italian Neo Cabaret’n’Folk band with intense deep female voice, poignant accordion, essential guitar, tough bass and velvety percussions. An eleven-cut debut including an amazing cover version of Jacques Brel’s Next ! Romantic songs with a taste of Italian folk tradition and rough cabaret stuff from nostalgia up to present. Try the dark side of folk-cabaret !

*ROOT "hell symphony" cd (12.00,-)
1991 album


*ROOT "KARGERAS" cd (12.00,-)
Dark Epic Metal

*ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI  "demian" cd (12.00,-)
Cold Spring proudly presents the brand new album from Rose Rovine E Amanti. "Demian" is a powerful mixture of Neo-Folk-Rock with a Mediterranean sensibility. 10 tracks presenting the new, unique sound from this great Italian project. Comes with an outstanding 14-page booklet containing exclusive drawings by Bulgarian artist Emil Ivanov Saparevski, which illustrate each song and its lyrics. Highly recommended!

*ROSTORCHESTER "Verschrobenheit " cd (12.00,-)
Eleven Deadly Missiles Armed With Bleak. Anachronistic And Eccentric But Still Imperial Warchants Praising The Neverending Glory Of Strife And The Total Destruction Of Weak Modernism Fired Off With Deadly Precision By The United Forces Of Eisenwinter & Totale Vernichtung!

*ROTTEN SOUND "species of war" mcd (8.00,-)
fast grindcore blast, 3"cd in regular jewelbox.

*ROTTING CHRIST "ÊáôÜ Ôïí Äáßìïíá Åáõôïý " cd (12.00,-)
2013 album. brazil edition.

*ROTTING CHRIST "non serviam live 93 + ades winds" cd (12.00,-)
for die hard collectors

*ROTTING CHRIST "Passage To Arcturo" cd (brazil) (12.00,-)
new pressing of this classic! Brazil edition, with lyrics in color booklet, but follows closely to old spirit of this cult release.

*ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME "ii" cd (12.00,-)
After polluting minds and corrupting souls with their self-titled debut album, THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME return to wage war on the holy with the cryptic _II.? Once again the vision of PROFANATICA guitarist/songwriter John Gelso and KRIEG mastermind N. Imperial but now expanded into a full lineup, THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME's highly anticipated "II" expands upon ideas from their original template: the primitivism is cruder, the sludge more volcanic, the blasphemy more vile, the production fuller and more devastating. What results is sickened (and sickening) miasma of black metal filth that only THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME can create... bow down in obeisance.


*ROZHDENIE VETRA  "Pamyat.Pepel" cd (12.00,-)
Cd-Release of the most intresting underground formation from Perm'! Inspirated by Ancient Ural Legends Dark Shamanism. Esoteric. Shadows of the Past. Nordic archetypes.

*RUINS "Baptized In Hell" cd (12.00,-)

*RUNEMAGICK "Dawn of the End" cd (12.00,-)
death metal. Aftermath

*RUNEMAGICK "requiem of the apocalypse" cd (12.00,-)
death doom

*RUNEMAGICK / OCEAN CHIEF "split" cd (12.00,-)
Aftermath records

*RUNENBLUT "Die Stimme des Blutes" cd (12.00,-)

*RUNENBLUT "no solution for your life... just suicide" cd (12.00,-)


*SABBAT "...to praise the sabbatical queen" cd (12.00,-)

*SABBAT "Black Up Your Soul..." cd (12.00,-)
The ultrarare 10th Anniversary Album. finally re-released on CD to make it available again at a fair price.... Recorded 1992. lots of old classics for the first time with Temis Omsond on guitar and Zorugelion on drums

*SABBAT "disembody" cd (12.00,-)

*SABBAT "Live Sabbatical Hamaguri Queen" cd (12.00,-)
live CD on Nuclear War Now

*SABBAT "the harmageddon vinylucifer singles" cd (12.00,-)
13 songs collected from Sabbat 7"s !!

*SABBATH ASSEMBLY "restore to one " cd (12.00,-)
process church related band

*SACRADIS "damnatio memoriae" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SACRADIS "Darkness of our souls" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SACRAMENTARY ABOLISHMENT "River of Corticone" cd (12.00,-)
pre-Axis Of Advance, energic war death blast

*SACRED STEEL "hammer of destruction" 2xCD box (25.00,-)
Oversized box set with Hammer of Destruction CD, exclusive bonus cd "Pounding Inferno", signed postcard, poster and patch! Postage like LP due size!!

*SACRIFICE "Sacrifice Live Hell" cd (12.00,-)
old live bootleg of old thrash. Includes Slayer and Metallica covers

*SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM / ORTHANC  "split" cd (12.00,-)
French black metal


*SACRIFICIAL MASSACRE "dry spell and serpent gods" cd (12.00,-)
obscure USA black metal


*SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT "cultus nex" cd (12.00,-)
first album, Finnish bm

*SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT "II Exalted Spectres" cd (12.00,-)
"The debut album ´Cultus Nex´ of SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT gained much attention and praise globally deepening their abyssic chamber of the Black Arts. S.I. returns with II opus ´Exalted Spectres´, even stronger album than the debut was. The blood of ἀλήθεια runs deep in the veins of these four Wolves of the Black Moon as they roar out their malice Black Metal with an iron will and precise skill of using their nightmarish weapons of omnipotence. From fast, devouring blastbeat to parts of calm solitude ´Exalted Spectres´ cracks the Universe not only through the lyrics full of profound devotion but also the audial razors to shred your soul. The Afflictive, agonizing work for majestic achievement has been done and never have they gone this deep in their path of exploring the darkness. From the deepest void of their bottomless well they bring you... Exalted Spectres!"

*SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT "III - Lux Infera" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal. fast and aggressive close to new Marduk. etc.

*SACRIPHYX "the western front" cd (12.00,-)
It is rare that a band lives up to the promise of its initial recordings by the time it releases a debut LP. A band that releases a well-conceived demo or EP and immediately becomes engulfed in hype is often doomed to fail. Sacriphyx are one of those few bands for which the debut LP is represents both a continuation of the trajectory laid out in the band’s previous recordings and also a substantial step forward. Some years ago. NWN! received the “Lone Pine” demo CDr from the band. While unsolicited demos are usually disregarded. Sacriphyx became something of an obsession for NWN! due to the band’s unique. yet traditional. approach to metal. Sacriphyx have rushed nothing in arriving at the release of “The Western Front.” Since the 2007 release of the demo. Sacriphyx have moved at a deliberate pace having released only one split EP and a split 12” during the intervening years. (All of these tracks are also collected on the recently released self-titled compilation CD.) Conceptually. Sacriphyx remain focused upon the intricate dynamics of war. While war is an omnipresent topic within metal. it is usually described in a simplistic manner loaded with juvenile glorification. Sacriphyx take a different thematic and sonic approach. While certainly not dealing with the subject matter in an “intellectual” or “political” context. they instead capture the elemental aspects of combat: tragedy. valor. triumph and despair. The band’s distinctive music perfectly suits the imagery Sacriphyx projects. The band draws upon myriad styles and influences and “The Western Front” presents a broad array of sounds all drawn into the overall fabric of the album. Most notably. Sacriphyx call upon the legacy of Greek Black Metal. but recast the occult Hellenic sound in the service of the band’s melancholy and militaristic narrative quality. One also finds in the songs passages of forlorn doom and frantic black and death metal often intertwined with a traditional heavy metal sensibility. Sacriphyx is comparable to Arghoslent in its capacity to channel heavy metal influences through the lens of more extreme metal. The guitar work is especially integral to the songwriting as Sacriphyx adorns its epic tracks with lilting guitar solos. Even in the faster and more intense passages. Sacriphyx lays perfectly suited solos across the foundation of the songs. There truly is no band operating in the same territory as Sacriphyx at this time. Though fans were forced to wait for years for this anticipated debut. few. if any. will find anything remotely disappointing in it.

*SACROCURSE "Unholier Master" cd (12.00,-)
Hot on the heels of their internationally acclaimed Sulphur Blessing demo, black/death barbarians SACROCURSE deliver their highly anticipated debut album, Unholier Master. Much like that debut demo, Unholier Master sees scene veteran Zolrak Montes - most known for Nodens and Unholier, but also a former member of Morbosidad and Obeisance - joined by Turkey's Godslaying Hellblast, unleashing one furious, fiery barrage of bestiality after another, their surging onslaught whipping the listener into a diabolical possession. But here, SACROCURSE receive the properly crushing production their maniacal metal so deserves: robust and rounded, full yet feral, highlighting the red-eyed and rabid performances rendered by Zolrak and company. Immediately memorable from beginning to bloody end, Unholier Master proves who the new masters are...


*SAD "abandoned and forgotten" cd (12.00,-)

*SAD / WARWULF "Walking The Paths Of Despair" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal. Thors hammer prod

*SADISTIK EXEKUTION "fukk II" cd (12.00,-)

*SADIZTIK IMPALER "Sadiztik Syonan to Surpremacy" cd (12.00,-)
Singapore black metal

*SADORASS "Strength & Wisdom" cd (12.00,-)
German black metal, from member of the true Frost!

*SAGITTARIUS "songs from the ivory tower" cd (12.00,-)
"Songs from the Ivory Tower" contains 15 pieces of dark Neoclassical music and is mainly based on poems by Stefan George, Bernhard von Uxkull-Gyllenband, Gottfried Benn, Ludwig Uhland and Timo Kölling, plus a number of instrumental and Neofolk pieces. Featuring guest contributions by Marcel P. (Von Thronstahl), Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben), Damiano Mercuri (Rose Rovine E Amanti), Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R. / Seelenlicht) and Philipp Jonas (Secrets Of The Moon).

*SAGITTARIUS "the kingdom come" cd (12.00,-)
Recorded between 2008 and 2011 and influenced by the intellectual world of the German poet Stefan George. "The Kingdom Come" contains 18 songs with a playing time of 65 minutes. With Sagittarius now grown to a full four piece line-up featuring new members Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben) on vocals and Theresia W. on oboe. and once again assisted by a number of highly gifted guest musicians. including sG (Secrets Of The Moon). Dev (While Angels Watch) and Josef K. (Von Thronstahl). Sagittarius has managed to conceive a unique and outstanding album in the tradition of the classic European Art Song. blending sophisticated neoclassical compositions with a touch of suicidal folk noir. Cold Spring.

*SALA "En-trance" cd (12.00,-)
""En-trance” was recorded, but still wasn’t released by the magic-practising artists almost a decade ago. This album compiles two lasting live-recorded tracks. Ritual pulsing, archaic sound of wind instruments, deep-dark “ambient” and surrealistic, unexpected music bends immersing the audience to the swirl of phantasmagoric moods. There are some movies classified as of the “noir” stylistics, the main feature of which is highly forcible and strong atmosphere. If the records also have the classification of the “noir”, “En-trance” could be considered one of the most emphatic works of this style. Emotions generated by the “En-trance” music could be compared with the psychedelic atmosphere of the first albums of NWW, Hybryds. Interesting record and mystic ritual having sustained the challenge of social disregard during the years."

*SALTUS "Symbols of Forefathers & Inexploratus Saltus" cd (12.00,-)
The fires of the past are reborn with these two releases now available on one album. The first part originally found on the split with Legacy of Blood represents the modern Black/Death Metal sound while the latter which comes from their first demo shows the Pagan Black Metal sound of the bands early years

*SALUTE "above the law" cd (12.00,-)

*SALVATION666 "In Dies Maior Demo" digi cd (12.00,-)
2nd Demo on CD, comes in handcrafted digipack

*SAMAEL "medieval prophecy / from dark to black / live 91" cd (12.00,-)
for die hard collectors

*SANCTUS DAEMONEON "Grey Metropolis" cd (12.00,-)
Spawned with no specific genre in mind yet carrying elements of dark ambient, doom, soundtracks & black metal without sounding like either one of them. The debut album, “Grey Metropolis,” was written, recorded, mixed and mastered during a period of spiritual turbulence and crafted with uttermost perfection - dedication can never be faked! “Grey Metropolis” is surely the most personal outlet either one of the members have ever been involved in.

*SANCTUS DAEMONEON "Grey Metropolis" cd (12.00,-)
regimental records

*SANGRAAL "Unearthly night" cd (12.00,-)
black metal. Goatwarecords

*SANKTUM SANGUIS "Tenebra Perpetua" mcd (7.00,-)
satanic propaganda rec

*SANTAAGOSTINO "mokaraba constellation" cd (12.00,-)
Greytone is proud to present the second album from the enigmatic act santAAgostino. Definitively the best expression of their multifaceted way of visual-audio compositions. Seven tracks of pure melodic ambient noise will bring the listener into a cathartic mind introspection above the abyss. Mokaraba Constellation is an album of songs and just because those songs have been slapped with layer upon layer of filthy concrete and lead doesn't mean they were never songs at all. Fantastic. crucial tunes yet again from the mind of the Italy's most hard working dark ambient / noise alchemists Without a doubt this is one of the finest experimental records we’ve had cross our label in years. and one nobody in their right mind should pass up.

*SAOR "Aura" cd (12.00,-)
2014 seems to become the year of solo-projects. We continue with the highly anticipated 2nd album of Saor from Scotland. Atmospheric Celtic Metal at its best!


*SAOR "Roots" cd (12.00,-)
Reissue of the magnificent debut album


*SARCOFAGO "inri" cd (12.00,-)

*SARCOFAGO "rotting" cd (12.00,-)

*SARCOFAGO "the worst / crust" cd (12.00,-)

*SARCOPHAGUS "For we... who are consumed by the darkness" cd (12.00,-)
black death metal attack from US. Re-release of old album with bonus tracks!

*SARCOPHAGUS "towards the eternal chaos" cd (12.00,-)
raw and grim black metal from turkey with Niklas of Shining on vocals. Osmose prod

*SARGATANAS REIGN "Euthanasia...last resort" cd (12.00,-)
Death/Black Metal from Sweden. I Hate Records

*SARGEIST / HORNED ALMIGHTY "split" cd (12.00,-)

*SARGWART "totentanz" cd (12.00,-)

*SARRGH "Black, hate and doom" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal, Christhunt.

*SATANACHIO "I am Satanachio" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal from Romania

*SATANIC BLOODSPRAYING "At The Mercy Of Satan" CD (12.00,-)
Little is known about SATANIC BLOODSPRAYING and their “At the Mercy of Satan” debut. It could’ve been recorded in during the ‘90s. or it could’ve been recorded nine minutes ago. The only info known is that the band hails from Bolivia. and their album is a pulsating furnace of virulent violence. Worshipping at the altar of classic Impaled Nazarene. SATANIC BLOOSPRAYING create a ritualistic whirlwind as hellish and humid as their South American stomping ground: within. the listener is merely “At the Mercy of Satan”! HHR

*SATANIC SLAUGHTER "afterlife kindom" cd (12.00,-)

*SATANIC WARMASTER "Black Katharsis" mcd (7.00,-)
first mCD. Northern Heritage


*SATANIC WARMASTER "Strength & Honour - 2007 version" cd (12.00,-)
Northern Heritage is proud to finally present the definitive reissue of possibly the single most powerful Finnish black metal album of the late 90´s: "Strength and Honour". Combining the satanic aggression of early Finnish black metal with the arising militant pagan awareness. this album was instrumental in the subcultural development of Finnish (black) metal. A reissue was deemed necessary because thousands of copies have been sold in several different editions. but lacking the clarity and perfection of a definitive version. That version shall be available now. Despite being a well-known name these days. SATANIC WARMASTER was known from it´s inception as a serious and provocative project. It´s musical awareness of black metal tendencies from EMPEROR to MUTIILATION and moreover. awareness of the heritage of ancient pagan traditions both in national resurgence and through the witchcraft of Satan. the adversary. with it´s unconscious symbolism to modern heavy metal youth as the destructive energies in man. makes the album concrete and evil. It´s possessed with a feeling that makes you think it´s mere presence will turn over tombstones and set churches on fire. Halfway through this album. back in ´99. this reviewer was turned from scepticism towards modern Finnish black metal. to acclaiming it´s potential future existence as a radical artistic force. The truth of this prophecy has since been proved numerous times. by the same artist. and others unmentioned. Whereas SATANIC WARMASTER´s demo works presented a rather different style. the spiritual root of the later works must be found in the obscure. almost secret work of BLUTRACHE. whose demo has been dug up from the archives to serve as part of the current reissue. Also the bonus track "Legion Werwolf" from S&H tape and vinyl version is included here. The CD is remastered from the original master tape with a different vision in mind and has better dynamics and definition. yet containing the esoteric power of the original savage production. The booklet includes new artwork. all the controversial lyrics plus an expanded manifesto revealing some of the aims of the artist in originally creating this Carelian Pan-satanist manifestation and a meditation on its consequences and where he now stands in respect to it. Northern Heritage NH-016B


*SATANICA "we are satans preachers" cd (12.00,-)
Japan heavy speed metal

*SATANIZE "Black Rotten Witchcraft" cd (12.00,-)

*SATANIZE "Holy Destruction Ritual" cd (12.00,-)
Rotten black metal

*SATANIZER "War cult Domain" cd (12.00,-)
war black from colombia with Von cover.

*SATANS HOST "burning the born again..." cd (12.00,-)

*SATANS HOST "great american scapegoat 666" cd (12.00,-)

*SATANS HOST "power purity perfection 999" cd (12.00,-)

*SATANS HOST "satanic grimoire" cd (12.00,-)

*SATHANAS "Entering the diabolic trinity" cd (12.00,-)
old US satanic death metal

*SATHANAS "la hora de lucifer" cd (12.00,-)
US death metal legend

*SATHANAS "Thy Dark Heavens" cd (12.00,-)
more technical and heavier sounding death metal, now with growling voclas.

*SATOR ABSENTIA "ExisTime" cd (12.00,-)
dark vinyl records

*SATOR ABSENTIA "The True Meaning of Golgatha" cd (12.00,-)
dark vinyl records

*SATOR MARTE "termonuklearni evoluce" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SATORI "contemptus mundi" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*SATORI "kanashibari" cd (12.00,-)
dark ambient

*SATURNIAN MIST "Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan" cd (12.00,-)
Unholy journey of satanic arts and devotion compelling both intelligence and irrationality by stretching the edges way beyond the world of man. Borne in serious contemplation. Saturnian Mist´s debut album provides holistic contiguity between esoteric black metal and occult philosophy. The booklet of the album is accompanied by a collection of journal writings and notes more or less involved in the creation of the Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan. Maybe someone can learn. achieve or understand something from them together with the lyrics. music & visual creations of the album. or use the collection as an independent pageant of Occult philosophy in practice.

*SATURNIAN MIST "repellings" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*SATURNIAN MIST / CREATURA "split" cd (12.00,-)

*SATYRICON "ravens over europe" cd (12.00,-)
live 96 demo 92. bootleg.

*SATYRICON "the shadowthrone" cd (12.00,-)

*SAURON "the channeling void" cd (12.00,-)
Carnal Records

*SAXORIOR "Never Ending Battles" cd (12.00,-)
german war thrash with bathory influences

*SCENT OF DEATH "Of Martyr´s Agony and Hate" LP (12.00,-)
Fast. dark yet technical Death Metal in the vein of Immolation. old Morbid Angel etc...

*SCENT OF FLESH "woven in the book of hate" cd (12.00,-)
Finnish death metal

*SCHATTENTHRON "Der alte Thron, siechend im Schatten" cd (12.00,-)
atmospheric black metal, yet fast and raw.


*SCHATTENVALD "III" cd (12.00,-)
SCHATTENVALD plays an unique style of melodic epic Black Metal!

*SCHATTENVALD "IV" digi cd (12.00,-)
SCHATTENVALD plays an unique style of melodic epic Black Metal.


*SCHLOSS TEGAL "Oranur III “The Third And Final Report" cd (12.00,-)
Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and his encounters with UFOs. this influential album has been remastered and reworked from the original recordings. with new bonus tracks and new remixed versions. Originally released in 1997 on CD by Tegal Records (Ltd x 1000) and LP by Artware Productions. Germany (Ltd x 1000). all of the original subject matter has been taken to a new level with this digital recording from the analogue sources. This is the third and final warning to the sleeping beings of the earth. This album influenced many other electronic artists and has been hailed as one of the first recordings to be labelled “dark ambient”.

*SCORPIO DOCTRINE  "Via Liminalis" mCD (7.00,-)
"Debut EP of this Esoteric Darkwave / Martial Industrial act from Finland. "Via Liminalis" reflects the tradition of the Left Handed mystery cults and Occult philosophy to manifest the fundamental & ecstatic shadow aspects of humane experience and religion by the vehicle of voice. We owe our homage to the Liminal and to the Death, the Mother of all Sabbaths."


*SCOTT HULL "audiofilm 1" 3"cd (6.00,-)
Scott Hull is already well known in the grind/metal underground for his devestating riffage in Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed; outside of extreme metal, however, Scott has also worked JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY HOUR and on dark, sumptuous soundscapes and ambient film scores at his Visceralsound lair that have just recently began to appear in recorded form over the past few years. Scott´s Requiem CD that came out through Relapse Records earlier this year was one of the first official releases of his film score/soundscape work, and was widely embraced by fans of bleak cinematic ambience and chilling electronic sound sculpture. Crucial Blast is following that amazing disc with a series of limited-edition 3" CDs that each feature a short, 10+ minute piece of fearsome dark ambient music from Scott that showcase his skill at blending blackend Lustmordian drift with terrifying mixing techniques that clot the mind´s eye with unnerving, nightmarish sound events. This first part of the Audiofilm Series is a terrifying fug of demonic drone that utilizes delirious stereo panning and slabs of obsidian ambience, and it slowly unfolds over the length of the piece to reveal layers of malevolent black drone and unsettling voices seemingly lost between planes of shadow. Audiofilm I plays out like a wildly hallucinogenic horror film score, and anyone into Scott´s previous ambient/soundscape work will find this to be one of his darkest pieces yet. The disc is limited to a single pressing of 1,000 copies, packaged in a tiny 4" x 4" glossy gatefold jacket with stunning full color artwork from artist Seldon Hunt. Recommended to enthusiasts of the isolationist terror of Painkiller’s Execution Ground ambient disc, Lustmord, and Scorn.

*SCUM FROM THE SUN "4" cd (12.00,-)
Avantgarde Music is glad to [try and] help out X Pianeta label with distribution of their latest offering. a new album by Milan’s sound experi-mentalists Scum from the Sun. Matter. That is the key word to understand this record. The ruins of the modern world we live in represent Matter. the visibile reality that we accept. and the historical present we are involved in. The various ways through which oppression manifests itself are the core subject of this record. Harsh. dark and oppressive tones are used to convey substance. and the tangible thickness of the sound. Drums are used for the first time. in several songs; the most primitive rock instrument which beckons tribal drums and ancient rites. Each track evokes icons and myths from various cultures and eras. offering a journey through mankind’s weaknesses and obsessions. until the metaphorical end of the world and its values.

*SCYTHE "beware the scythe" cd (12.00,-)
A perfect mix of old school black. death and thrash metal in the vein of USURPER. CELTIC FROST and VENOM with the attitude of NIFELHEIM! SCYTHE is a True Chicago Underground Heavy Metal Band that specializes in head-banging. fist-banging. thrashing. Metal Anthems. Forged out of the ashes of the legendary Chicago band USURPER. by original Usurper guitarist. songwriter. founder. mastermind: Rick Scythe; SCYTHE picks up where USURPER left off - by establishing a sound which incorporates the style of 80's thrash/black/death metal. combined with elements of dark atmosphere. classic heavy metal and heavy rock n' roll to create an original sound that follows no modern trends. SCYTHE is a spikey gauntlet in the face of all hipster pretenders. new metal trenders. false wanna-be-Nu-Thrash. and all other forms of weak. derivative uninspired metal. Posers BEWARE... BEWARE THE SCYTHE!

*SCYTHE "Subterranean Steel" cd (12.00,-)
Forged out of the ashes of the legendary Chicago band Usurper. Scythe was spawned in 2009 to expand upon Usurper's legacy of headbanging. fistbanging. underground metal anthems. Scythe's metal assault incorporates the style of 80's thrash/black/speed metal. combined with elements of classic heavy metal and heavy rock n' roll to create an original sound that follows no modern trends. In 2012 Scythe released its' debut album for Primitive Reaction Records entitled. Beware The Scythe. Beware The Scythe became an instant underground metal classic. garnishing positive reviews and interviews in magazines and webzines worldwide. including a mention in the "Top Ten Albums of 2012" from legendary German Magazine. "Voices From the Darkside". Scythe's second album Subterranean Steel will be released September 2013 on Primitive Reaction Records. Subterranean Steel is a sonic juggernaut of apocalyptic aggression; a nine song pummeling assault of head-banging. fist-banging metal anthems paying homage to end time prophecies. conspiracies and occult powers of the the diabolical elite. 2013-2014 Scythe will perform concerts and shows across North America. including direct support for Japan's Sabbat. as well as tour plans for South America in 2014. Be prepared for the leathery onslaught of molten metal... be prepared for the Subterranean Steel!

*SCYTHIAN "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." cd (12.00,-)
Scythian´s debut full-length "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is a ferocious tour de force presenting Scythian´s unique brand of Metal; malicious, down-tuned riffs that could have been recorded by Sodom in the mid-80´s melt into truly magnificent choir-backed passages reminiscent of "Hammerheart"-era Bathory; only to collapse into a frenzied blasting orgy of war, death and desolation, emerging once again from the chaos with some of the most virtuose guitar solos ever to be heard on a Metal recording. Enshrined in a face-melting production courtesy of Leon Macey (Mithras) that perfectly captures the sonic madness as it happens, "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is one of the strongest debut albums in recent years and proves that Scythian are truly a force to be reckoned with.

*SEA OF TREES "Aokigahara" mCD (7.00,-)
suicidal black metal


*SEAR BLISS "forsaken symphony" cd (12.00,-)

*SECRETS OF THE MOON "stronghold of the inviolables" cd (12.00,-)
back in stock after being long time sold out! german bm

*SECRETS OF THE MOON "the exhibitions" mcd (8.00,-)
digipak cd ep.

*SECTIONED  "Purulent Reality " cd (12.00,-)
Great death metal!!! In the vein of Death, old Pestilence, Old Morgoth, Dismember, Grave etc.

*SEEDS OF IBLIS "Black Quran" mcd (7.00,-)
The fires of wrath burn strong in the Middle-East and in wartorn Iraq true hatred florishes. From the shackles of islam rises SEEDS OF IBLIS. Iraqian anti-islam Black Metal horde. lead furiously by a woman of blasphemous dedication. Anahita! The rite of the Black Quran continues their path started by the previously released "Jihad against islam" 7" EP. spits on the teachings of Allah and inverts the Quran to Black Quran. accompanied with tunes of fast and mystical Black Metal. The "Black Quran" MCD features one long song with interludes and passages to ridicule islam in a most blasphemous way. Truly dangerous Black Metal from the lands where war is reality and the struggle against islam can be lethal.

*SEELENGREIF "Jenseits Der Schatten" cd (12.00,-)
raw german black metal. Re-issue of demo

*SEELENLICHT "gods and devils" cd (12.00,-)
This stunning debut release from a project of Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Butow Maler (Kammer Sieben) contains 14 darkly satirical compositions that strip bare the mechanism of human nature and the madness of the contemporary world. Comprised of Gothic murder ballads, electronic, folk and neoclassical elements, this album is brimming with originality, enthusiasm and creativity. Guests: Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben), Maria Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Eustacia Vye (Horologium). Digipak.

*SEGES FINDERE "dessemitize" cd (12.00,-)
new on Elegy Records

*SEGES FINDERE "hateful wargasm" cd (12.00,-)
Elegy records

*SEGES FINDERE "massacre supremacista" cd (12.00,-)
Brazilian massacre

*SEGES FINDERE "totalitaryan wolflust" cd (12.00,-)
Intolerant grotesque black metal. Iron Clad Records

*SEHNSUCHT "wuste" cd (12.00,-)
Former MAYHEM front man MANIAC, whose band SKITLIV has proved to be a surprising departure from the Black Metal genre for which he was best known for over 20 years, has formed a side-project with fiancé Vivian Slaughter, bass player/vocalist with the Japanese all-girl band GALLHAMMER, SKITLIV´s guitarist Ingvar Magnusson and experimentalist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND). Unlike SKITLIV, which is a noise/doom amalgam, with Maniacs vocals still firmly rooted in Black Metal, SEHNSUCHT is in the noise / darkwave / ambient genre, with any vestiges of Black Metal pared away. 6-panel digipak.

*SEKHMET "Masova Ocista Cloveka" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SEKHMET "Okularis Infernum" cd (12.00,-)
Uncompromising Satanic old-school Black Metal

*SEKHMET "opus of monstrosity" cd (12.00,-)

*SEKHMET  "Pomsta Pekelných Legii" cd (12.00,-)
aw Black Metal from Czech Republik. Re-edition of debut demo.

*SEKTARISM "Le Son Des Stigmates" cd (12.00,-)
Funeral doom from france


*SEKTARISM "L´offrande" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SEKTOR 304 "Subliminal Actions" cd (12.00,-)
he follow-up to the highly acclaimed Soul Cleansing CD finds Portugal’s Sektor 304 expanding on all aspects of their debut. once again channeling the essence of the old school guardians (Test Dept. SPK. Crash Worship). while simultaneously exploring new. uncharted territory. Comparatively speaking. Subliminal Actions is a more complete and focused album. with an even better flow than Soul Cleansing and more attention paid to detail. unleashing a cacophonic whirlwind of buzz saw grind. loops. power tools. and scraping. junk metal debris. clashing head on with exertive tribal percussion. clanging oil barrel rhythms. and industrial clamor resonating over a sprawling. post-apocalyptic wasteland. Some tracks. such as the opener. “A Carving on Metallic Flesh”. heap on the scorching noise. while others. such as the resounding. rhythmic driven “By The Throat”. “A Vessel of Guilt” or “Vultures” are delivered with factory-line precision. laced with grimy layers of bass-heavy dirge. bleak. reverbed squall. and distortion filled. atmospheric drone. Among the many highlights. is the albums closer. “A Prismatic Sun”. a 10 + minute epic excursion into a nightmarish world. populated by whispered vocals and uneasy drift that slowly rises and grows in intensity. climaxing into a blissfully dark and sweaty orgy of low slung bass. ominous. ceremonial drumming. and suffocating darkness. Subliminal Actions not only compliments Soul Cleansing. but takes the Sektor 304 sound to new heights. delivering yet striking record sure to solidify their standing as one of premier. truly industrial acts in operation today. 10 tracks. 63 min.. in 6 panel digipack.

*SELBSMORD / LEGACY OF BLOOD "split" cd (12.00,-)

*SELBSTENTLEIBUNG "Emotionale Endstation" cd (12.00,-)
Wenn Melanchonie auf Cholerik trifft, wenn eine verschlossene Seele versucht sich dem Alltag zu stellen und die innerliche Verabscheuung eines jeden, inklusive sich selbst, das einzige ist das bleibt, hat man das Fundament erschaffen um sich diesem Werk, bestehend aus einer schwarzmetallischen Fusion aus Aggression und Verzweiflung, zu widmen und es vielleicht sogar zu verstehen. Hier gibt es keine Kompromisse, kein zurück!... "Emotionale Endstation"

*SELBSTMORD "dawn of a new era" cd (12.00,-)
polish true black metal! new album!!

*SELBSTMORD "some day the whole world..." cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal

*SELBSTMORD "spectre of hate" cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal

*SEMEN DATURA "einsamkeit" cd (12.00,-)
Black Metal as a renewed weapon can overcome the time passing by, shaped to infect and rage the rotten body of humanity with hateful pride. Semen Datura is the further demonstration of the great time that the German scene is living, performing their most impressive album to date, where personality and skilful songwriting is transcended into a pure form of darkness evocation.

*SENDEROS DEL MAL "Pacto, Blasfemia y Guerra" cd (12.00,-)
This band play a dirty black metal in the vein of early Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer, sung almost completly in Spanish

*SENTIMEN BELTZA "Olabezarko Basoen Bakardadea" cd (12.00,-)
"Expect some mid-paced black metal with great melodies. Pure music from the mountains covered in fog" Bubonic

*SENTIMEN BELTZA "Olabezarko Basuen Bakardadera" cd (12.00,-)
"Amazing Iberian Unholy Black Metal Art ! A perfect Mix Of Melody And Agression ! from The Cold Black Haunted Mountain ! With Some SARGEIST Touch . "

*SENTIMEN BELTZA "Pagopean" cd (12.00,-)
new full-lenght album of Sentimen Beltza on Altare.


*SEPHYROTH "The Winter Holocaust" cd (12.00,-)
raw black metal. Sardonic Wrath rec

*SEPTIC FLESH "sumerian daemons" cd (12.00,-)
Encore Records brazil.

*SEPTUAGINT "Negative Void Trinity " mcd (7.00,-)
Another prospective Greek black metal band has emerged among our ranks in the form of SEPTUAGINT. The duo play a fast black metal style that knows when to pace itself - not much different from some bands under the moniker of orthodox BM, but with their own Mediterranean flair. Lyrically, SEPTUAGINT are very religious, but also distance themselves, to a certain degree, from being absorbed completely in any particular theological train of thought. Since 2006, Codex has been trying to compile his work to no avail. It's taken seven years to get all his work together for their debut EP, Negative Void Trinity, which is being proudly released by FOREVER PLAGUED. Highly recommended to anyone who is following the Greek scene, firstly, then of course, bands like of Aosoth, Ascension, Avichi, Acherontas, Nightbringer, etc.

*SEPULCHRAL AURA "Demonstration CD" cd (7.00,-)
obscure black death from Finland.

*SERPENT ECLIPSE "The Seven Desires & Wolves´ Blood" cd (12.00,-)
Black Metal from USA

*SERPENTCULT "Trident nor fire" mcd (7.00,-)
I Hate Records

*SERPENTS AEON "dawn of kouati" cd (12.00,-)

*SET "Upheaval of Unholy Darkness" cd (12.00,-)
nuclear war now


*SEVERE STORM "" cd (12.00,-)
Kaliber 8.8 prod.

W.A.R. Black Metal.

*SEVEROTH "winterfall" cd (12.00,-)
Atmospheric Black Metal with strong ambient touches from Ukraine, for worshippers of early Emperor or Evilfeast. Debut album.


*SEWER GODDESS "Disciples of Shit: Live Waste" cd (12.00,-)
Having sold out of last year’s With Dirt You Are One CD within a few months span, supreme, Boston based cultists Sewer Goddess return to Black Plagve with Disciples of Shit: Live Waste, a fetid and raw collection of live audio crimes committed over a two year period from 2009-2010. Anyone who has witnessed Sewer Goddess live will generally know what to expect here, which is a more structured take on the death industrial, squalor filled atmospheres they’re known for. A more traditional band format adds layers of distorted and skuzzy bass, crashing percussion, and discordant guitar and meets head on with terrifying, blood curdling screams and the requisite churning mass of post mortem, electronic dirge. 5 tracks, most previously unreleased, that represent Sewer Goddess in the most raw, unclean, and unpolished of states….as if you’d want them any other way! In 6 panel digipak, designed by Andre Coehlo (Sektor 304).

*SEXTRASH "rape from hell" cd (12.00,-)

*SEZARBIL "Bleed fot the Devil" cd (12.00,-)
Antichristian raw old-school black metal... their second album after the 3way-split with Inferno and Maniac Butcher

*SHAARIMOTH "current 11" cd (12.00,-)
The Norwegian band plays Ritualistic Sumerian / Mesopotamian Death Metal. A great mixture of NILE. MORBID ANGEL and MELECHESH.

*SHACKLES "coup de grace" cd (12.00,-)

*SHACKLESS "trators gate" cd (12.00,-)

*SHADOW GROUND "in eternal coldness of the night" cd (12.00,-)

*SHELLSHOCK / DARK ANGEL "Hells On Its Knees ('84 Demo) / Into The Inferno ('83 Demo)" cd (12.00,-)
Essential fucking Metal! Unofficial release of these long buried demos! SHELLSHOCK was pre-DARK ANGEL. get this piece of history & Thrash til Death! Great sound! This is an actual legitimate full color CD. NOT a cheap CD-R!!

*SHELLSHOCK / DARK ANGEL "split" cd (12.00,-)
pre-dark angel and dark angel demo tapes on cd

*SHIBALBA "memphitic invocations" cd (12.00,-)

*SHINING ABYSS "sacrifice" mcd (7.00,-)

*SHORES OF LADON "Lupercal" cd (6.00,-)
3 improved and rearranged tracks known from the demos in their final appearance. nostalgic black metal with enthralling melodies. pro pressed cd. 4 pages booklet. 22min playtime.

*SHRAPNEL "sturm" cd (12.00,-)
polish black metal in digipak. Seven Gates of Hell.

*SHROUD OF SATAN "Litany to the Moon" mcd (7.00,-)
german black metal

*SHUB NIGGURATH "Evilness and darkness prevails" cd (12.00,-)
south america black metal

*SICULICIDIUM "Hosszu ut az örökkevalosagba" cd (12.00,-)

*SICULICIDIUM "Lelekosveny" cd (12.00,-)
Romanian black metal

*SICULICIDIUM "utolso vagta az univerzumban" cd (12.00,-)
transylvanian bm

*SIEGHETNAR "erhabenheit" cd (12.00,-)

*SIEGHETNAR "Verfallen & Verendet" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SIG:AR:TYR "sailing the seas of fate" cd (12.00,-)
The debut full-length album from the artist that brought the brilliant release The Stranger some years ago. Back with a combination of atmospheric acoustic passages and metal sections unified among cold vocals. This music brings forth memories of the pagan ancients, and of the spirits that once were. A very similar feeling to that of Viking-era Bathory (Hammerheart), but with a sound that is quite unique

*SIGILLUM DIABOLICUM "chroniques de l infamie" cd (12.00,-)
Thors Hammer productions


*SIGILLUM S "23120" cd (15.00,-)
"The 20th anniversary album from post-industrial noise alchemists SIGILLUM S, "23/20", features (together with the original line up of Eraldo Bernocchi, P.NG5361.Bandera and Luca Di Giorgio) sound contributions from long time collaborators and friends, such as Bill Laswell, Toshinori Kondo, Professor Shebab, SH Fernando / WordSound, Martino Nicoletti, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, ZU, Xabier Iriondo, Ephel Duath, Karyn Crisis and various members of the same band , Mark Solotroff, Thomas Fehlmann, Gudrun Gut, Andrea Marutti, Claudio Agostoni and many others. "23/20" is available as two radically different and complementary formats, a digipack CD and a limited edition gatefold double vinyl , with different track lists and sequences for each format: nine tracks are on both formats, while others (seven per format) can only be found either on CD or vinyl (sixteen tracks per format, twenty three in total). "

*SIGN OF KATUMARUS "in nostro omnium fletu" cd (12.00,-)

*SIGRBLOT "blodsband (blood religion manifest)" cd (12.00,-)
finally back in stock!!

*SILBERBACH "inferno" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SILBERBACH "terror aus fleisch und blut" cd (12.00,-)

*SILEXATER "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
official re-issue of Silexater material. True German bm

*SILVA NIGRA "epocha" cd (12.00,-)
eastern black metal

*SIMULACRUM "Anti Matter Society" cd (12.00,-)
"A real surprise from Slovakia. A couple of years after their debut CD on Old Europa Cafe, SIMULACRUM returns with a real masterpiece of ritual ambient in the vein of the best COLD MEAT sound. A symphony that penetrates the soul and heads towards a desolate but incontaminated world. There isn´t any possibility for thought; the only way is to leave the body and let the soul fly free. An absolute musical milestone. Limited handnumbered edition of 555 copies in special package." project of Einleitungszeit members!

*SIMULACRUM "Upuaut" cd (12.00,-)
3rd full length album by this great Slovakian project ! "Upuaut" means in old Egyptian : "that (man), who opens a door" this album is less ambient than the previous two, containing great tantric rythms ( sometimes reminding to the best Rapoon ...), many sampled voices & droning, mystic, hypnotic & sexual sounds ... the perfect soundtrack for your rituals . Booklet cover with sea-landscapes & sea-ruins. OEC

*SIN ORIGIN "In the Presence of a Dread Magician" cd (12.00,-)
New CD of USA underground black metal. Epic long tracks.

*SIN ORIGIN / VELONNIC SIN "split" cd (12.00,-)
raw US black metal. #1000 copies. Antinomian Records

*SINISTER "hate & bastard saints" cd (12.00,-)

*SINISTERITE "the unclean days" cd (12.00,-)
Old school dirty and punkish Black Metal with some downtempo passages. Featuring Shatraug from Horna. Molestor from Anal Blasphemy and Nox from Forest Grave. Limited to 500 copies. co-released with Bubonic Productions. Legion Blotan

*SINK "the holy testament " cd (12.00,-)

*SINK "the process" cd (12.00,-)

*SIORAI GEIMHREADH "November Eve" cd-r (6.00,-)
Thermally printed CDR in jewel case with full colour booklet, Style: Harsh and Raw Irish blackmetal. Music is very minimalistic and raw sounding, using simple repetition of riffs and basic drumming along with tortured screaming. Influences:Burzum, Satanic Warmaster, Darkthrone, etc

*SISTRENATUS "division one" cd (12.00,-)
Powerful debut of the Canadian noise project. 'Division One' is harsher and more bombastic than Harlow MacFarlane's now defunct project FUNERARY CALL. A true onslaught of Black Ambient. Power Noise and Death Industrial. This is the much anticipated album. after the well received track on our legendary SWARM sampler.

*SISTRENATUS "Sensitive Disturbance" cd (12.00,-)
Blurring the lines between Dark Ambient. Industrial and Noise. Sistrenatus storms forth. shifting between oppressive aggression and unsettling atmospheres. "Sensitive Disturbance" is the third offering from this now legendary Canadian act. whose debut "Division One" was issued on Cold Spring in 2007. An aural journey through the urban decay of abandoned factories. scorched landscapes and underground passageways. "Sensitive Disturbance" is an abrasive rendition of the industrial revolution in its darkest phases. Cold Spring.

*SITUS MAGUS "Le grand oeuvre" cd (12.00,-)
This shall be remembered as one of the best debut BM albums of the latest/current years... Can you handle a funereal combination of Darkspace. Blut Aus Nord and some Deathspell Omega?

*SIVYI YAR  "towards the twilight" mCD (7.00,-)
Russian pagan bm. Sample is not from this release, but other album.


*SIVYJ YAR "The dawns were drifting as before " cd (12.00,-)
Slavonic pagan black metal with sorrowful poetry and mysterious atmosphere from Vyritsa. Russia. "These are the songs about those who have gone into oblivion. the memories of whom has been lost." Sivyj Yar. which is written Ñèâûé ßð in Russian. is an ancient Slavonic deity. This is the band's third album. First copies comes with a sticker printed by the band. Artwork & layout done by Sir Gorgoroth (Nokturnal Mortum. Hate Forest. Drudkh. Ulvegr). 8-page booklet. 5 tracks. 35 minutes.


*SKALD "I En Svunnen Tid " mcd (7.00,-)
Swedish folk metal band SKALD was formed in November 2005 by the two friends Henrik & David who then decided to play folk metal, inspired by old Nordic folklore and the majesty of the Scandinavian nature. Their musical inspiration goes: Otyg, Dia Psalma, Vintersorg, Storm, Big Fish, Falkenbach, Garmarna and Ásmegin. After two demos in 2006 "Sagor från skogstjärnen" (Stories From The Forest´s Bog) and "Trolska Vemodsband" "(Trollish Bonds Of Agony) it is time for their debut M-CD "I En Svunnen Tid" (In A Vanished Age). Yxmarder from Blodsrit is guestplaying violin on "I En Svunnen Tid". Limited to 500 copies!

*SKALD "vitterland" cd (12.00,-)

*SKAPT AV SKOG  "" mCD (7.00,-)
raw bm. listen sample at soundcloud.


*SKEPTICISM "aes" mcd (8.00,-)
great funeral doom

*SKEPTICISM "alloy" cd (12.00,-)
new album of Finnish cult funeral doom band!! A must!

*SKEPTICISM "ethere" mcd (8.00,-)
great funeral doom

*SKEPTICISM "farmakon" cd (12.00,-)
great funeral doom

*SKEPTICISM "lead & eather" cd (12.00,-)
great funeral doom

*SKEPTICISM  "process of farmakon" mCD (7.00,-)
jewelbox pressing of the mCD

*SKEPTICISM "Stormcrowfleet" cd (12.00,-)
great funeral doom

*SKJOLD "Fourteen Years Hell!!" cd (12.00,-)
includes new tracks, some old 7" and demo tracks and old unreleases stuff.

*SKOGEN/CIEMNOSCI  "split" cd (12.00,-)
Polish black metal

*SKOLL "11 Years of Mist" cd (12.00,-)
heathen metal

*SKOLL "Grisera" cd (12.00,-)
cult Heathen Ambient/Black Metal from Italy


*SKROLL "Dances and Marches for the Orphan age" cd (12.00,-)
Aghiatrias-side project, a bit like ISN meets The Moon Lay Hidden..

*SKUGGAN "Kejsaren Av Ett Svart Rike" cd (12.00,-)
"Kejsaren Av Ett Svart Rike” is the title of the debut album of Swedish Black Metal act SKUGGAN. The album contains 9 tracks of Cold and Raw Black Metal in the Swedish way with elements of Ambient inspired by the nature of Sweden.


*SKULLFUCK "The Supreme Ugliness" cd (12.00,-)
primitive death metal.

*SKUMRING "De glemte tider" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SKYFORGER "thunderforge" cd (12.00,-)

*SLAGMAUR "svin" digi cd (12.00,-)

*SLAGMAUR "von rov shelter" cd (12.00,-)
norwegian bm

*SLAUGHTERED PRIEST "confes your sins" LP (17.00,-)

*SLAUGHTERED PRIEST "world wide war" cd (12.00,-)
second full length album of this old school Thrash/Black metal horde inspired by Destruction, Kreator, Tormentor (Hun), Bewitched (Swe), Nocturnal Breed and Aura Noir!!!

*SLAVIA "strength and vision" cd (12.00,-)
8 studio tracks + several bonus live tracks. digipak. Drakkar prod.

*SLAVLAND "Echa Wiekow Pradawnych" cd (12.00,-)
new cd of polish pagan folk metal. eastside records

*SLAVOGORJE "PJESNI" cd (12.00,-)
Slavonic Black Metal with folk and ambient touches. Croatian-Polish line-up, with Perunwit and Percival members.


*SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY "stealth" 2xCD (15.00,-)
Sublime new album from the drone / dark ambient legend. As a project commissioned for Cold Spring. "Stealth" presents itself as an exploration of sounds neither here nor there. textures camouflaged against their own background noise. and the distant crackling telemetric code-speak of a vague humanity hidden behind a cloak of deadly high-technology. Comprising of five deeply-layered extended tracks. mixed and edited from re-sampled location recordings originally captured inside the hangar environs of a Northrop-Grumman B-2 Stealth Bomber. during a period of downtime maintenance at a U.S. Air Force base in Cambridgeshire. England. Original field recordings and texture preparations by FOURM/Si_Comm. First edition pressing of 1000 copies includes bonus disc comprised of this *pre-mix* material in its original. un-edited form. as a representation of the source audio from which "Stealth" was reconstituted. Deep listening inspired by one of the most mysterious aircraft of the twentieth-century. Headphones recommended. Cold Spring

*SLUGATHOR "echoes from beneath" cd (12.00,-)
great finnish death metal

*SLUGATHOR "unleashing the slugathor" cd (12.00,-)
one of best Finnish death metal bands.

*SLUNOVRAT "Sword & Iron Cross " cd (12.00,-)
Limited to 1000 copies. Co-release with Ravenheart.

*SMAGA "my lands" mcd (7.00,-)
pagan metal

*SNUFF "II" cd (12.00,-)
CD version of Snuff's second LP. No extra material but slightly boosted sound for even more challenging listening experience. Pure feedback-drenched and murk-ridden old school power electronics. Utterly hateful and depraved, not for casual listeners or the easily offended. CD in standard jewelcase.

*SODOM "pretenders of the throne" cd (12.00,-)
unreleased 84 ep + live 84. Brutal sound, only for die hard sodom collectors

*SODOM "satans cojuration" cd (12.00,-)

*SOJARUUN "org" cd (12.00,-)

*SOL "Let there be a Massacre" cd (12.00,-)

*SOL INVICTUS "La Croix" cd (17.00,-)
re-issue in neat digipak

*SOL INVICTUS "the angel" cd (15.00,-)
Legendrary UK band

*SOL INVICTUS "the cruellest month" cd (17.00,-)
re-issue in neat digipak

*SOL INVICTUS "thrones" cd (14.00,-)
Legendary UK esoteric neofolk etc

*SOLACIDE "waves of hate" mcd (7.00,-)
fast and technical black-death from Finland. 3 studio and 2 live songs of 30 mins playing time.


*SOLI DIABOLI GLORIA "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
Young Karelian band that adopted the categorical forms of European Black Metal. I’d recommend SOLI DIABOLI GLORIA to those who enjoy the first albums of GORGOROTH, ABIGOR, DEATHSPELL OMEGA… those, who prefer heavy, fast, satanic and cruel Black Metal with digressions and deep sound. Only impetuous, wild and just devilish vibe! And besides the excellent choice of riffs and malicious atmosphere that are with no doubts the greatest merit of the album, here are present knowledge and pretty good mastery of instruments and vocals.

*SOMBRE CHEMIN "doctrine" cd (12.00,-)
french bm. Original ISO 666 release!!

*SOMBRE CHEMIN / ORNAMENTS OF SIN "split" cd (12.00,-)
ns black metal. Original ISO 666 release!!

*SOMBRE CROISADE "Litanie Au Mal" cd (12.00,-)
First album of the band from France that plays raw black metal

Limited to 250 copies hand-numbered on pro CD. French Black Metal Split

*SOMBRE LABYRINTHE "heptogram rising" cd (12.00,-)
egg of nihilism

*SOMBRE PRESAGE "integrisme" cd (12.00,-)
french dark arts

*SOMBROUS "transcending the umbra" cd (12.00,-)
forever plagued records

*SOMNOLENCE "as midgard weeps" cd (12.00,-)
darker than black records

*SORGELDOM "inner receivings" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SORGELDOM "innerlig förmörkelse" cd (12.00,-)

*SORTS "Made In Nightonia" mCD (7.00,-)
The release is exactly what I dared to hope and expect for - just enough primitive, robust, sharp, fast and furious. All in all, the purest black metal and that in its best sense. Actually it is not possible to expect shit from such an honourable and experienced company." - Zifo EstMetal.ee

*SORTS "Product Of Decadence" cd (12.00,-)
death metal.


*SOUL STEALER "soul stealer" cd (12.00,-)
New wave of Lithuanian heavy metal rises!, debut full-length of ten solid, undiluted, harmonious and spine-chilling traditional metal songs, jewel case CD edition.

*SOULCIDE / NUCLEAR WINTER  "split" cd (12.00,-)
Godless Dark Metal versus Dark Ambience & Black Nuclear Metal, 60 min, Split-CD

*SOUNDER "hell hymns" cd (12.00,-)
brasil thrash metal, tight and furious !! No Colours

*SPEAR OF LONGINUS "tyons" digi cd (12.00,-)
digipak on Darker Than Black.

*SPEAR OF LONGINUS "yoga of national socialism" cd (12.00,-)

*SPEARHEAD "decrowning the irenarch" cd (12.00,-)

*SPECKMANN / MASTER "Project" cd (12.00,-)
limited deluxe edition. from early 90's. Speckman of Master doing his solo. Chinese pressing with slipcase.

*SPEEDTRAP "raw deal" mCD (7.00,-)
New finnish forces on Thunder Nights records

*SPEEDWOLF "Ride With Death " cd (12.00,-)
Who wants to "Ride With Death"? SPEEDWOLF's highly anticipated debut album is aptly titled: their locomotive. NWOBHM-fuelled heavy metal is powered by a hardcore-punk engine. cruising across the wasteland of the not-so-distant future like proverbial Road Warriors... on iron horses they ride. born to lose. Full-fledged Hessians to the bitter end. SPEEDWOLF play for keeps. each of the LP's dozen tracks an anthem unto itself - so come on and "Ride With Death"! Recommended for diehards of later ENGLISH DOGS. MIDNIGHT. TOXIC HOLOCAUST. G.I.S.M.. later GBH. and the almighty MOTORHEAD!

*SPELL FOREST "Lucifer Rex" cd (12.00,-)
fast brazilian satanic black metal

*SPETALSK "s/t" cd (12.00,-)
After the success with their debut EP "Perverted Commandment", that was released by Northern Silence in 2005, the swedish black metal band Spetälsk (Spetälsk is Swedish for "leprosy") is back with their first fullength album. It was recorded in Pure Dechristianizing Studios during the winter of 2006 and was mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson(Marduk) at Endarker Studios. Raw black metal with Satanic Slaughter and Terrorama members!

*SPHäRE SECHS "Tiefschlaf" cd (12.00,-)
The formal debut of Martin Stürtzer’s (Phelios) and Christian Stritzel’s deep ambient project. Tiefschlaf was recorded live during a “sleep-concert” which took place in the Sophienkirche (Phobos Festival) in Wuppertal. Germany in September 2011. Few names in the dark ambient field carry more weight than Martin Stürtzer. so it’s no surprise at the nature and quality of the music spanning the 6 tracks found here. And while it covers some of the same terrain as Phelios. Sphäre Sechs is a much more singular sonic expedition; gorgeous passages of sweeping. cosmic drones and textural ripples that fan out over a vast. luminous landscape. the amorphous tones and glassy. serene ambience melding together in pristine. meditative washes of sound. This is some of the purest ambience you’ll find and the perfect atmosphere for drifting off into a seemingly endless dream state.

*SPICULUM IRATUS "Summa Anti-Theologica" cd (12.00,-)
From the heart of the American black metal underground, Spiculum Iratus unleash their debut full length. Haunting, crushing and well crafted, this album is full of what makes US black metal independently elite. Mastered by James Plotkin.

black metal

*SPIDERPACT "goatspeed into magneta vacuum" cd (12.00,-)

*SPIRE "s/t" mcd (7.00,-)
"Here we have the debut mini CD of an unknown young band from Australia. The music of Spire is very unique,atmospheric and become something special nowadays. 5 songs of atmospheric cold black metal with great melodies and 2 ambient songs. The 7 songs have a playing time around 31 minutes."

*SPIRIT DESCENT "Doominion" cd (12.00,-)
"main influences being Epic Doom Metal bands like Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Warning and Solstice, that is exactly what the band delivered, and the songs were instantly acclaimed very highly by many Doom Metal fans. Solstice main man and Miskatonic owner Rich Walker even hailed „Land Of Tears“ as one of the best doom metal songs he had heard in years!"

*SPLINTERED "Turned Inside Out" 2xCD (15.00,-)
Collection of rare. demo. unreleased. singles.... See video trailer for information. tracklist & sound sample! http://totuudensarvi.tumblr.com/


*SPUN IN DARKNESS "Feast Of The Undead" cd (12.00,-)
Death/Doom masters Spun In Darkness return with their second full length release and follow up to their split with Coffins. Feast Of The Undead contains 11 bloodsoaked tracks of old school, sick brutality that will bring you back to the glory days of the early 90’s. The horrifying classic sound captured on this album cuts deep and leaves you gurgling on your own blood! Includes a cover of Goatlord’s “Distorted Birth” and a live cover of Obituary’s “Back From The Dead”. For fans of Autopsy, Asphyx, Celtic Frost, Coffins, Dismember, Divine Eve, Goatlord, Grave, Obituary and Winter

*STAHLWERK 9 "Revolution of the Antichrist" cd* (12.00,-)
Stahlwerk 9´s new Dark/Death Ambient album R.O.T.A. is again more quiet and ritual than his recent works. R.O.T.A. can be compared to his earlier albums "Oradour" and "1905", but a lot more sacral. deep, sumbliminal drummings, heavy organs and bells and ominously dronning soundscapes guide you to your private Aramgeddon. a blackest soundtrack for the end of the world... the artwork consists of a folder in 7"-size, holding 10 large inlays on heavy cardbord. all paintings on the folder and the inlays were drawn by the Russian painter Alexander Nemkovsky (http://nemkovsky.info ), who already worked with Peter Anderson (Raison d´Etre). « With the approach of the Antichrist´s authority comes the moment for mankind, of conscious man-godkind and satan-godkind, which have the task to abolish the authority of God and to give the maximum global power to man and devil. » Lev Tikhomirov, "Religious-philosophical Bases of a History".

*STALAGGH "Nihilistik Terrror" cd (12.00,-)
Noise re-mix with the old stuff, with unreleased track

*STALAGGH "Projekt Nihil" digi cd (12.00,-)
insane black noise. Somewhere between Abruptum and Skullflower.

*STALAGGH "Projekt Terrror" digi cd (12.00,-)
black noise improv.

*STALAGGH "pure misanthropia" cd (12.00,-)
ltd 300 new mix of earlier stuff. black noise!!!

*STARGAZER "Occidentale Magick" cd (12.00,-)
aussie metal

*STARLIT "ataraxis" cd (12.00,-)
Project of Nachtzeit from Lustre, ex-Hypothermia. Mix of dark ambient / black metal in vein of Vinterriket, Lustre or some Cold Meat Industry artists. A perfect vision of the north!!!

*STEVEN SEVERIN "Vampyr" cd (12.00,-)
Following on from 2010′s ‘Blood Of A Poet’ (CSR135CD). Steven Severin presents the third score in his ‘Music For Silentes’ series. Acclaimed solo artist and founder member of the legendary Siouxsie And The Banshees. Severin presents a mesmerising score. heightening appreciation of the surreal and enigmatic nature of the original work. ‘Vampyr’. Carl Theodor Dreyer’s unsettling tale of fear and obsession. finds its aural counterpart in Severin’s textured score; a synthesised. highly atmospheric soundscape drawing the listener rhythmically into the story. Shot with a silent film aesthetic despite being within the sound era (and a year after Lugosi starred in Universal’s ‘Dracula’). ‘Vampyr’ is an alternative take on the cinematic vampire. creating an intense. nightmarish atmosphere that haunts the mind. Presented in a textured card sleeve with artwork by Arban. Cold Spring

*STICLAS STORMHETT "Wanderer..." cd (12.00,-)
northern silence prod.

*STILLHET "Gjemt I Skyggene" cd (12.00,-)
re-release of sold out demo CDr with bonus. Norwegian bm.

*STONE SHIP "s/t" cdr (6.00,-)
Finnish doom metal! Great clean vocal and heavy slow doom!

*STORM LEGION "the eye of the prophet" cd (12.00,-)

*STORM OF DARKNESS "before life. after death" cd (12.00,-)
Black Metal from Colombia


*STORMCROW "Wounded Skies" mcd (7.00,-)
fast brutal bm for fans of Emperor 1349 etc

*STORMNATT "Funeral Apocalypse" cd (12.00,-)
Austrian black metal, known for tape on THR

*STORMNATT "Resurrection ov the kult" cd (12.00,-)
Austrian black metal

*STORMRIDER "Lucifer Rising" cd (12.00,-)
Second long-awaited album of this old-school Swedish Death Metal band inspired by : UNLEASHED, HYPOCRISY (early), GRAVE, CREMATORY (swe) and many more from the early 90´s !

*STORMSTONE "Hiers of All Fights " mCD (7.00,-)
Lower Silesian Stronghold in 2015.


*STRANGER AEONS "eNneagon" cd (12.00,-)
Ingenious, tricky, labyrinthine and intricate – these are the keywords to the music of STRANGER AEONS, bold enough to appear from literally nowhere – that is, if you ignore the old mate H.P. Lovecraft and his creepy stories of course – and jump straight into the abyss of vigorous emotions, shadowed images, obsessed focus, crushed lives, human lies, confusion, hollowness and implication, though looking for the passage. A mortal runs in an enneagon labyrinth, the one with nine angles that is, demonically twisted & correctly incorrect, with no way out. Conceive the feeling that nine tracks provide, and slowly sink your teeth deep down. The dim frustrated images in album’s layout raise even more doubts and questions – is this a reality or illusion we collectively live in?.. Who said that number nine is a welcoming sign anyway? From this day on we start taking pre-orders for the new Ledo Takas release - debut disk of STRANGER AEONS "eNneagon". Coming in super jewel box form. Ledo Takas

*STRATORSPHERE "the introspective spaces" mCD * (6.00,-)
ambient. amplexus

*STRATUM TERROR "fixation" cd (12.00,-)
"After several years of silence finally there are some new signs from Stratvm Terror, new full length album for this great Sweden power industrial duo & Raison D´Etre side project, 3rd ST album produced on OEC! Fixation is in our mind, and the world may be a cruel place just as reflected in "Fixation". This album mainly contains unreleased material recorded in 1998-1999, in the vein of the earlier CD album "Genetic Implosion" but way more harsh and brutal, there are also two completely new tracks recorded in 2004 showing a change in direction by combining doom metal and industrial elements in a masterful way, moreover there is a live track recorded at "Nursery Injection Festival" in Stockholm 1998 ... "Fixation" may damage your health but that won’t kill you, only for an hour. And maybe you have learnt something afterwards." Old Europa Cafe

*STRATUM TERROR  "The Only true septic whore" cd (12.00,-)
side project of Raison D´Etre, with more noisy soundscapes.

*STRATUM TERROR "this is my own hell" cd (12.00,-)
raison d´etre side project of more lethal electronics

*STREAMS OF BLOOD / CHANT OF BLASPHEMY  "split" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal


*STREETSWEEPERS "" cdr (7.00,-)
Finnish skinhead stompers in action! pro-CDR in cardsleeve.

*STRESS "atomic flower. brazilian metal explosion" cd (12.00,-)
LP 1985 + bonus tracks

*STRESS "dies irae" cd (12.00,-)
brazil metal

*STRIBORG "Embittered Darkness / Isle de morts" cd (12.00,-)

*STRIBORG "mysterious semblance" cd (12.00,-)
australian bm

*STRIBORG "Nefaria" cd (12.00,-)

*STRIBORG "Nocturnal Emissions / Nyctophobia" cd (12.00,-)

*STRIBORG "solitude" cd (12.00,-)
australian bm

*STRID "" cd (ars mysteriourum) (12.00,-)
Ars mysteriorum version with just the 3 tracks.

*STRIDSMENN "" cd (12.00,-)

*STROM.EC "divine legions beyond psyche" cd (13.00,-)
Finnish power electronics / industrial masters are back with new album. In A5 digi sleeve!

*STUMM "I" cd (12.00,-)
sick finnish sludge-doom. For fans of Grief, EHG, etc

*STURMKAISER "1945" cd (12.00,-)

*STURMKAISER "mors tua vita mea" cd (12.00,-)

*STURMKAISER "veni vidi vici" cd (12.00,-)
war arts productions

Slavonic Black Metal from Poland. Compilation CD including remastered debut demo and split tape. CD limited to 1000 copies.

Excellent Slavonic Black Metal from Poland. Great third album.


*STYGGELSE "Bland Andlosa falt av snusk och hor" cd (12.00,-)
Ugly swedish Black metal . Baphomet Records

*STYGGELSE "heir today god tomorrow" cd (12.00,-)
swedish black metal

*SUAMANUCAEDERE "Mortem Sibi Consciscere" cd (12.00,-)

*SUBLIMINAL "coping" cd (17.00,-)
great new album!!! This is like Haus Arafna without anything nice. Just cold primitive power electronics. Galakthorro

*SUBLIRITUM "dark prophecies" cd (12.00,-)

*SUBREALITY "endless horizon" cd (12.00,-)
Blackend Doom Death recorded 1996 lim. 500

*SUBVERTIO DEUS "Psalms Of Perdition" cd (12.00,-)
The second and apocalyptic coming of this majestic Esoteric black/death metal vestige is now at hand! Conceived through the mystical numerology of VII. this album is seven didactic steps to death. uncreation and solipsistic gnosticism through ruin. Initially released in 2008. Nachtgnosis are proud to offer the revised edition of "Psalms Of Perdition" in alliance with Exitium - this digital epitaph comes with new artwork as well as complete lyrics and annotations by Subvertio Deus. This final testament presents three incantations and four mournful Psalms and which guide the heart. mind. spirit and flesh of man towards the blinding light of a thousand black suns. Subvertio Deus' dense tomes of ascetic evil preserves the dedication and spirit of bands such as Mayhem. early Emperor and Malign as well as the innovation of Gorguts and Autopsy.

*SUBVERTIO DEUS "Psalms of Perditon " cd (12.00,-)
satanic propaganda records

*SUGGEN "Slottet I Ändlöst Mörker" cd (12.00,-)
black from sweden


*SUHNOPFER  "laments / L Aube des Trepasses" cd (12.00,-)
demo and ep on one CD.


*SUHNOPFER  "Nos Sombres Chapelles" cd (12.00,-)
French black metal


*SUHNOPFER "offertoire" cd (12.00,-)
Medieval Black Metal from France


*SUI CAEDERE "Threne" cd (12.00,-)
Summoned by Morphée (Ciel Nordique), and with the presence of Monarque (Monarque) and Lord Efferus (Veneficium), Sui Caedere plays tortured and eerie Black/Doom Metal. Its first album stands as a tribute to Quebec’s damned poet Émile Nelligan. Thrène puts into music the poems of this tormented being, whose madness is reflected in the atmospheric and strange passages and Monarque´s voice from beyond. Grim and unique.

*SUICIDAL WINDS "Crush us with fire" mcd (7.00,-)
new mCD of fast thrash

*SUICIDAL WINDS "Devils Feast " cd (12.00,-)
Kult legends celebrating 20 years of sickness and filth! This release will be their long out of print demos Aggression (1996) and Definitely War (1997) along with rare, live and unreleased tracks! This is NOT a clean, produced collection…this IS unpolished, bestial, raw as fuck thrashing Black Metal, capturing the essence of youth, darkness and aggression! For fans of Destroyer 666, Impiety, Nifelheim and Bestial Mockery.

*SUICIDAL WINDS "wrath of god " cd (12.00,-)
thrash metal

*SUICIDAL WINDS "wrath of god" cd (12.00,-)
swedish death thrash

*SULPHUR "Cursed Madness" cd (12.00,-)
osmose prod

*SUMERIA "All Paths Lead to Insanity" cd (12.00,-)
Raw Occult black metal with a touch of Mercyful Fate. one of the longest running black metal acts out of Los Angeles. Formed in 1994. this is the second full length album released by the band. black metal as it was to sound.

*SUMMON "and the blood runs black" cd (12.00,-)

*SUMMON "fallen" cd + dvd (15.00,-)
usa black-death-thrash, bonus dvd includes 5.1 mix of entire album for your surround system... ltd 5000! moribund

*SUMMONING "The Demon Tapes" 2xCD (15.00,-)
The songs were taken from the demo period of Summoning. in the years 1993/1994.

*SUNN O))) "white 1" 2xcd (22.00,-)
japanese edition with bonus disc

*SUNWHEEL "industry of death" cd (12.00,-)
full length

*SUNWHEEL "Monuments of the elder faith" mcd (7.00,-)
supernal music.

*SUPERCHRIST "holy shit" cd (12.00,-)
Chicago's original beer metal blazers SUPERCHRIST have come staggering back from the studio with "Holy Shit". a ten-song pack of new rippers that finds the band fully charged and ready for business. Featuring such instant classics as "Run to the Night". "Black Thunder". and "Hot Tonight". "Holy Shit" delivers 100% heavy metal rock and roll for the under-dressed and over-served. Get it on!

*SUPPLICIUM "atrae poenae" mcd (6.00,-)
satanic propaganda records

*SUPREMACIA SATANICA  "La Victoria del Imperio Satanico" mCD (7.00,-)
True Black Metal very early/mid 90s sounding...Kultik and Strictly Limited to 300 copies. Colombia

*SUPURATION "back from the crematory" cd (12.00,-)
Death metal. mCD + demo + live

*SURRENDER OF DIVINITY "Manifest Blasphemy" cd (12.00,-)
Savage black metal

*SURRENDER OF DIVINITY "oriental hell rhythmics" cd (12.00,-)

*SURTURS LOHE  "Nornenwerk" cd (12.00,-)
german pagan metal. Christhunt

*SURTURS LOHE "nornenwerk" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal. new album

*SURTUS LOHE "vor walvaters thron" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal. christhunt

*SURUNI "ikuus" cd (12.00,-)

*SUURI SHAMAANI "Mysteerien Maailma" cd (14.00,-)
Minimalist dark ambient humming from Holocausto/Beherit. Re-issue of 1999 album, edition of only 300 CD's! KVLT.

*SV.20 "Acid Vomit Human Genocide" cd (10.00,-)
"Industrialized Post Apocalyptic Bio-Nuclear Radiative Frequencies"... from Lebanon ! Also known from Stalaggh connections.

*SVAFNIR "The Heathen Chapters" cd (12.00,-)
pagan metal

*SVAFNIR "The Heathen Chapters" cd (12.00,-)
Deutscher Heidnischer Folk/Metal

*SVARGA "Jav Vozdymajet" cd (12.00,-)
Slavonic Pagan Black Metal . Stellar Winter

*SVARTAHRID "Malicious Pride" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SVARTFELL "Sentence of Satan" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SVARTHYR "manifestation of the antichrist" cd (12.00,-)
re-issue of the demo


*SVARTHYR "Vortex of the slain" mCD FREE
Fanatical black metal


*SVARTNAR "Failure of Mankind" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*SVARTR STRIJD "En Sista Vind" cd (12.00,-)
From Sweden hails this oneman band. Stirring up emotions of desperation, agony, depression, sleepless nights, suicide, disgust. Every sound of this demo holds all of these components in a solid grip, choking the listener into the desolate world of Svartr Strijd. This demo should be seen as the end of Svartr Strijd. This will be the only available release, after this is gone. Svartr Strijd is gone...

*SVARTRID "III" cd (12.00,-)
black metal


*SVARTSYN "Black Testament" cd (12.00,-)
"Black Testament" can be described as a sinister mix between Destruction Of Man (2003) and Timeless Reign (2007) releases.Ornias comments: "it's a journey through my spiritual darkness and death." The album was recorded at Mortsella Studio, Belgium. A short series of video clips documenting the recording process (vocals, guitars and drums) can be viewed at the links below.


*SVARTSYN "bloodline" cd (12.00,-)

*SVARTSYN "destruction of man" cd (12.00,-)

*SVARTSYN "his majesty" cd (12.00,-)

*SVARTSYN "The True Legend" cd (12.00,-)
SVARTSYN's debut album re-released after so many years being out of print. Re-mastered, re-mixed with re-recorded part of the guitars and vocals. Released with new cover artwork by Chadwick St. John. Comes with rare and unreleased pictures from The True Legend's period. A must have release for every Svartsyn's fan as well as 90's Black Metal.

*SVARTSYN "wrath upon the earth" cd (12.00,-)

*SVARTTHRON "bearer of the crimson flame" cd (12.00,-)

*SVARTTHRON "kraujo estetika" cd (12.00,-)
lithuanian black metal

*SVARTTHRON "Obscure Telepathy" cd (12.00,-)

*SVARTTHRON "Soundtrack to my solitude" cd (12.00,-)

*SVASTI-AYANAM "sanklesa" cd (12.00,-)
[by Peter Andersson] Svasti-ayanam is Peter Andersson´s foray into dark, Tibetan-Nepalese ambience. Andersson is well known for his work as Raison D´etre, Atomine Elektrine etc. In this incarnation, his signature Raison D´etre sound has been modified in an incredibly pronounced, and effective way. Sanklesa is marked by strong tribal rhythms that draw the listener into distant, foreign, ritual soundscapes. Andersson has released a prolific catalogue of music, that includes many CD´s, limited vinyl and countless compilation appearances. Album incl. 2 exlusive bonus-tracks.

*SVATKRAFT "IV: ruin" cd (12.00,-)
Azaghal side project

*SVN OF THE BLIND "skullreader" cd (12.00,-)
new on Avantgarde Music label

*SVOLDER "Desecration of The Five Holy Pillars" cd (12.00,-)
praised Canadian BM album!


*SVYATOGOR "energy-freedom : force is strong..." cd (12.00,-)

*SWALLOWED "Lunarterial" cd (12.00,-)
Long-awaited debut full-length from Finland's Swallowed. Bleak and harrowing, Lunarterial shows Swallowed at their tightest and most disturbing. Six tracks, fifty-four minutes.


*SWAMP "nuclear death" cd (12.00,-)
old school Hellenic Black/Death Metal inspired by Zemial/Varathron/Necromantia but also Heptameron/Nocturnal Vomit! CD feat. 3 new exclusive tracks and "Praise the Goat" demo as bonus

*SWAMP "nuclear death" cd (12.00,-)
time before time

*SWAROST "Brzask " mCD (7.00,-)
Polish black metal

*SYKDOM "Mjollnir" cd (12.00,-)
Norwegian black metal

*SYKDOM "Under Kriegen" cd (12.00,-)
norwegian black metal

*SYKLISK NEDGANG "Purification through the fall" cd (12.00,-)

*SYKLISK NEDGANG "purification through the fall" mcd (7.00,-)
black metal

*SYLVAN REALM "the lodge of transcendence" cd (12.00,-)
Sylvan Realm is a musical metaphysical journey that leaves humanity and the nadir world to enter the cosmos through unlocking cosmic gateways found in nature. metaphysical audio rituals that reach everything, nothing, infinite light, infinite darkness… and finally enlightenment of the minds eye. = USA black metal.

*SYTRIS "stronghold of wrath" cd (12.00,-)
Dark Metal from Poland. Pluton's Rising Productions & Hell Is Here Production


*SYTRY "hunger of cold nights" cd (12.00,-)

*SZARLEM  "Black Medieval Battle Hymns" cd (12.00,-)
german black metal

*SZARLEM "night of blood" cd (12.00,-)

*SZARLEM "night of blood" cd (12.00,-)


*T-WALD "Landeinwärts " cd (12.00,-)

*T.O.M.B. "macabre noize royale" cd (12.00,-)

*T.O.M.B. "Third Wave Holocaust " cd (12.00,-)
Active for over a decade and with releases on Fall of Nature. Todestrieb. and Crucial Blast. Pennsylvania’s T.O.M.B. has come to embody the spirit of what Black Plagve is and was started for. pushing sound to the extreme by taking elements of dark ambient. noise. metal and death industrial and assembling them into powerful. blackened occult rituals. Built around field recordings that consist of cemetery desecrations. live crematory incineration's and disturbing. abandoned insane asylum ceremonies. everything is misshapen and deformed. twisted and crafted into harrowing episodes of hallucinatory. blood soaked rituals. demonic incantations. and waves of foul smelling textures. 10 tracks in total. some. such as Clairvoyant Frequencies. Electric Exorcism. or Vulgarity. with their dense reverberating churn. necrotized tones. and over modulated frequency abuse. fall into the power electronics vein. Others. such as the tribalistic Vom Voodoo. Na La Gore Na. and Tribute to Hanhua. are drenched in unholy atmospherics. with buried rhythms. clanging percussion and deathchant vocalizations. It’s all held together with a clenched. rotten fist. moving and writhing in perfect unison over its 50 time frame. Another strong and welcome addition to the growing Black Plagve roster and a resounding reason why T.O.M.B. remains at the forefront of the “black noise” movement.Recommended for fans of MZ.412. Gnaw Their Tongues. DEATHSTENCH

*T.O.M.B. "uag" CD (12.00,-)
For nearly a decade now. the shadowy collective known as T.O.M.B. (or Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy) have been creating a particular brand of industrial death worship with some of creepiest recordings that I've heard out of this realm. I discovered the band through their 2007 album Macabre Noize Royale on Todestrieb. whose grating industrial rhythms. blasts of blackened noise and malformed black metal left my skull a charred husk. and I've been following their clandestine electro-acoustic experiments and rituals of corpse-abuse ever since. Now. T.O.M.B. have brought us their latest album (and first for Crucial Blast) UAG (or Undercovered Ancient Gateways. and it follows the group of crypt-crawlers through eleven tracks of suffocating black ambience and lifeless industrial pummel that strips away most of the black metal elements of previous releases. crafting a more abstract. ambient sound this time around. The band has largely distinguished their approach to black industrial because of the sound sources they use; making their way into abandoned sanitariums. morgues. decaying crypts. and other sites of psychological and spiritual distress (such as the Pennhurst State Hospital in Pennsylvania. and Kentucky's infamous Waverly Hills). the members of T.O.M.B. capture the natural ambience of these locations with field recorded sounds. and engage in pounding percussive workouts by banging and hammering on the very walls and structures of these sites. These rumbling industrial rituals result is a mix of Neubauten-esque bashing and rhythmic forms combined with crushing harsh industrial noise and lightless black ambient voids. sculpted into a uniquely haunted industrial ambience on UAG. As far as references go. I hear traces of death industrial (a la Atrax Morgue / Subklinik / Mauthausen Orchestra / Brighter Death Now) here. as well as the black industrial weirdness of bands like Abruptum. MZ412. and Stalagggh. but there's also echoes of Lustmord's early work here as well in the cavernous black spaces that T.O.M.B. explores. There is no narrative here. nothing resembling "mood music"; each track flows directly into the next. the album crawling and breathing as a single malevolent organism. The title track opens the album with massive metallic reverberations rumble through vast cavernous realms of darkness and roaring subterranean maelstrom. corrosive distorted noise washing over the pounding sheet-metal percussion and almost tribal-like rhythms. like the howling of the dead emanating from the bowels of the earth. Then "Torment" creeps in. layering agonized distorted howls and monstrous moaning vocalizations over sweeping noise and a pulsating distorted synth. the whole sound drifting through an echo-chamber of hallucinatory horror. then slipping into the swelling subterranean rumblings. juddering machine rhythms and pounding cemetery gate rhythms of "Mausoleum Witchcraft". The subsequent depths of the Underground Ancient Gateways are further infested with these rattling infernal engines and massive rumbling dronescapes. violent metal percussion. ghostly effects and mysterious sounds drifting across the abyssal emptiness. various nightmarish vocalizations. the pounding drums and other hammered objects a constant presence. Some of the album's more disturbing moments appear on the psychedelic noise eruption "Blood Vortex" that resembles one of CCCC's extreme synth-noise meltdowns. a mass of swarming electronic glitch whirling over smeared drones and distant machine noise that apparently used actual blood as a sound source; the snarling. teeth-gnashing blood ritual chaos of the "Tribe Of The Corpse" gives way to the dank Lustmordian depths of "Graveyard Requiem"; and the twelve-minute "EMPLEH". where the cavernous ambience transforms into twisted atonal guitar noise. distant cries. and eerie howls cloaked in thick black fog. later revealing warped. quasi-black-metal shapes as it drifts deeper and deeper into the pit. The closest that the album ever approaches anything resembling black metal. though. is on the psychotic blastscape "Leech". where those faint. programmed blastbeats drift up out of a hazy dungeon ambience amid snarling demonic vocals and reverb-soaked synthesizers. The one piece on UAG that really gets under my skin though is "Cadaver Transmissions". a recording of contact mic scrapings across the rotting flesh of an actual corpse. backed by echoing black drift. creating the blackest of ambient soundscapes on what is already a supremely unsettling listening experience. Highly recommended to fans of blackened industrial and black ambience. Comes in a full-color digipack.

*TAAKEFERD "nar sirkelen brytes" cd (12.00,-)
TAAKEFERD has conspired against the orderly cosmos as we know it for over a decade already. but the venomous fruits of this frostbitten warmonger were yet to be unleashed upon humanity. Until now. The new full-length opus bears the glorious title "Når sirkelen brytes". and with the pulse from the old. plague-infested roots of the Norwegian Black Metal poison. TAAKEFERD explores and transcends the limits of mental dichotomies in its many forms. A masterpiece consisting of compositions from the coldest of winters. the deepest of forests and the very tabernacle of solitude. Prepare to be penetrated by the frozen landscapes of Northern Norway.

*TAEDIUM VITAE "war!!!" cd (12.00,-)

*TAGEZ "Being Dysangelist & Lord Of Universal Nihilism" cd (12.00,-)
CD release, lim. 300 /debut album by this berlin based dark electronic underground masters/psychaesthetic poison w/ references to late perdion Ulver & Raison D´Etre

*TAGHUT  "Ejaculate Upon The Holy Qur´an" cd (12.00,-)
Raw and primitive black metal with really powerful and catchy riffs. This is pure BLASPHEMY!!! The Antichrist Has Arrived...........God is Dead! Allah Is Dead! Christ Is Dead! Muhammad is Dead! All of mankind is doomed to a certain fate of DEATH!!

*TALES OF DARK "Fragile Monuments" cd (12.00,-)
doom death. solitude records

*TAPETUM LUCIDUM "machteloos bestaan" cd (12.00,-)
sun & the moon prod.

*TAPHEPHOBIA "Black City Skyline" cdr* (7.00,-)
3rd album from this Norwegian act led by former Northaunt member Ketil Söraker. Guitar based drone-ambient that is in part peaceful and celestial, but also eerie and full of shadowy, nebulous textures. As the title conveys, a beautiful, floating drift over, yup, you guessed it, a black city skyline.Pro – CDr in full – coloured folded A4 sleeve (edition of 250 copies).

*TARANIS "flandriae" cd (12.00,-)
iron pegasus

*TARANIS "taranis" cd (12.00,-)
iron pegasus

*TARANIS "the obscurity" cd (12.00,-)

*TARM "Nad tulevad kääpaist" cd (12.00,-)
estonia raw pagan bm

*TEITANFYRE "Morbid Deaths Sceptre" cd (12.00,-)
Russian Black Metal


*TELOCH "Descent-Ascend" mcd (7.00,-)
"Latest release from the Finnish Black Metal band Teloch. This Ep deals with such subjects as mankind's fall from grace. the tragedy of life and various aspects of descension on the left hand path as one strifes to ascend from mere mud into alikeness with the Gods"

*TELOCH "morbid prayers" cd (12.00,-)

*TEMNOZOR "folkstorm of the azure nights" cd (12.00,-)
leading pagan front ns folk metal

*TEMNOZOR "horizons..." cd (12.00,-)

*TEMNOZOR "Sorcery of Fragments" cd (12.00,-)
leading pagan front ns folk metal

*TEMNOZOR "Twilights at the Winter Funeral" dvd+cd* (15.00,-)
live dvd + audio cd. Title originally in russian. this is translation.

*TEMPLE OF BAAL "lightslaying rituals" cd (12.00,-)
new album

*TEMPLE OF TIERMES "Psychotropic Substances" cdr* (8.00,-)
Pro-CDR release in dvd box with glossy booklet. Original 2003 edition!

*TENEBRAE IN PERPERTUUM "Antico Misticismo" cd (12.00,-)
good italian black metal!

*TENEBROUS "opus magnum" cd (12.00,-)

*TENGEREKEN "verszerzodes" cd (12.00,-)
fast ns metal on Mice Trap.

*TENHI "kauan" cd (12.00,-)
dark atmospheric music. prophecy productions 1999

*TENHORNEDBEAST "Hunts & Wars" cd (12.00,-)
TenHornedBeast´s third album for Cold Spring was recorded from 2006-2009. This album introduces subtle changes to the established THB sound with delicate interludes separating longer tracks that rage with heavy distortion and doom-drone barbarism. "Hunts & Wars" progresses the established THB sound using leaden, sub-tuned bass guitar to create rhythms and riffs that dominate a battlefield of vast ritual percussion and droning walls of electric dissonance, creating epic and expansive textures that by turns burn with frost and freeze with fire. Influenced by the oneiric visions of Robert E Howard and Lord Dunsany. "Hunts & Wars" seeks to evoke the elemental, anti-modern fantasias of these writers and is presented in a 6-panel digipak (with spot-metallic finish) designed by graphic designer Kevin Yuen (Sunn O))), Wolves In The Throne Room) to its full grotesque glory. The days have come when the steel will rule. Titans arise, monuments fall. Ballads of victory and defeat are sung aloud as from the highest steps we are swept on to the eternal Hunts and Wars.

*TENHORNEDBEAST "the sacred truth" cd (12.00,-)
From the ashes of Dark Ambient legends Endvra the TenHornedBeast is rising. Cryptic, menacing atmospheres erupt from droning chasms of feedback. On an altar of horn and fire “The Sacred Truth” is revealed. An ultra doom / drone epic! Presented in a matt-laminate, spot-varnished digipak.

*TERATISM "pure unadulterated hate" cd (12.00,-)
black metal

*TERMINAL DEATH "terminal death" cd (12.00,-)
When you talk about the earliest Death Metal bands, we think of SEPULTURA, DEATH, POSSESSED (all stemming from VENOM) right off the top, but there were a few ripping bands that quickly fell into obscurity and TERMINAL DEATH is one of those bands. This is not just an obscure band; they could have been a HUGE Death Metal band if they were signed to the right label back then. They certainly had all of the talent the aforementioned bands did. Their 1985 Demo tape screams with energy and intensity! This is a re-mastered collection of their complete and very short-lived career. The CD booklet is massive with a very in-depth and lengthy interview done by Laurent from Snakepit Magazine. There aren't that many Death Metal bands can come close to how amazing these songs were. This collection is another snapshot of that amazing early Slayer-esque Death Metal. Co-founder Shaun Glass, whom also co-found SINDROME later joined the more well known classic Death Metal band BROKEN HOPE in the early 1990's. Shadow Kingdom Records teamed up with Hells Headbangers Records to release this lost gem as a Double LP. If you're into vinyl, keep your eyes peeled for it will be a glorified presentation


*TERRA TERATOS  "Meditations about secret of my Dark destiny pt. 2" cd (12.00,-)
dark Synth music

*TERROR OF THE TREES  "Devil Worship" cd (12.00,-)
US black metal

*TERRORAMA "Horrible Efface" cd (12.00,-)
death metal

*TERRORAMA "omnipotence" cd (12.00,-)

*TERRORIST KOMMANDO / RÖTTEN "split" cd (12.00,-)

*TERVAHÄÄT "" cd (12.00,-)
gloomy folk / freezing ritual ambient

*TERVAHÄÄT "kalmonsäie" cd (12.00,-)
freezing ritual neofolk

*TERVAHÄÄT "patria" cd (12.00,-)
neo folk from finland

*TERVAHÄÄT "taival" cd (12.00,-)
rustique & ritualistic neofolk

*TETRAKTYS "Voreion Sellas" cd (12.00,-)
Black metal. Nykta prod.