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*ABIGAIL / AKASHAH "split" 7" (7.00,-)
Darker Than Black

*ABORIORTH "The Mystical And Tortuous Way..." 7" (5.00,-)
Black Metal in the vein of Abyssic Hate. Satanic Warmaster and Nargaroth.

*ACRIMONIOUS "Perdition Gospel" 10" (8.00,-)
black metal close to Watain etc. Very good.

*ANATOMIA "stench of putrefaction" 10" (12.00,-)

*ANATOMY "the witches of dathomir" pic LP (15.00,-)

*ANATOMY "The witches of dathonym" LP (15.00,-)
Aussie horder album now on pic LP with insert

*ANGEL OF DAMNATION / DON JUAN MATUS "split " 7" (6.00,-)
doom metal & metal

*ANTISEEN "destructo wehrmacht" 7" (7.00,-)
All live. no jive.

*APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE "last sunrise" 2xLP (19.00,-)
The sophomore follow-up to their successful debut from 2008, going further down the path that Sincerest Misery began, taking the listener even deeper into these beautiful cold depths of sorrow & ruin.


*ARMOUR "no heaven" 7" (7.00,-)

*ASMODEE "Black drop Journey" 7" (6.00,-)
french dark metal on Mankinds Demise Records

*ATER TENBRAE/RAVENSHADES "split" 7" (6.00,-)
old school black metal from hungary feat. witchcraft members limited to 500 copies only!

*AUDIOPAIN / DEADTOTHISWORLD "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*AUTOPSY TORMENT "Tormentorium" LP (15.00,-)
swe death

*AUTUMN TEARS "Love poems for dying children" LP (12.00,-)
red stream

*AVERSE SEFIRA "Tetragrammatical Astygmata" 2x10" (20.00,-)
Ajna Offensive

*AXESLAUGHTER / SUNFACE "split" 7" (6.00,-)
Finnish death and sludge

*AXIS OF ADVANCE "purify" 10" (12.00,-)

*AXIS POWERS / ILL NATURED "split " 7" (6.00,-)
old school death metal vs. Armed satanic black/thrash


*BARATHRUM / EPÄKRISTUS "split" 10" (12.00,-)
Barathrum stronger than for long time! Finnish black metal on both sides

*BATTLEHORNS "" LP (15.00,-)
Hellkult productions

*BESTIAL MOCKERY / DESTRUCTOR "split" 10" (9.00,-)
bestial black thrash metal

*BESTIAL SUMMONING "Live in Venray" 7" (6.00,-)
almost identical re-issue of the old 1992 release!

*BLASPHEMOUS EVIL "old necromancers" pic LP (15.00,-)

*BLODARV "Beyond Life" 7" (6.00,-)
danish black metal. Breath of Pestilence

*BLOOD RED FOR / MUSTA KAPPELI "split " 7" (6.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*BLOODWRITTEN "trashin´ fury" LP (15.00,-)
Limited and numbered to 333 copies of latest Bloodwritten album. 12" red-blood transparent vinyl in standard lp sleeve.

*BLUTVIAL "full moon possession" 7" (6.00,-)
black metal. ledo takas

*BOTTOM FEEDER "Out Of The Ashes" 7" (6.00,-)
Agressive riff based sludge with rasping tormented vocals influenced by depression and negative lifestyle.

*BROKEN MOON "mondfinsternis" pic LP (15.00,-)

*BULLDOZER "fallen angel / another beer" 7" (6.00,-)
Recorded 1984


*CALLENISH CIRCLE "graceful... yet forbidding" pic LP (12.00,-)

*CARNAL FORCE "fire demon" pic LP (12.00,-)

*CAST IRON "leather & metal" 12" (9.00,-)
metal a´la Running Wild

*CASTEVET "stones / salts" 7" (7.00,-)
paragon records

*CASTLEUMBRA "cthulu wgah nagl fntagn" mLP (12.00,-)

*CELESTIAL PAIN "agggression" LP (15.00,-)

*CENTINEX "decadence - prophecies of cosmic chaos" LP (15.00,-)

*CEREKLOTH "Pandemonium Prayers" 7" (6.00,-)
Two originals and a DEICIDE cover. No bullshit Death Metal the way it used to be. Members from VICTIMIZER, KARNARIUM and more

*COLD BODY RADIATION "The Longest Shadows Ever Cast" 7" (7.00,-)
Shoegaze black metal

Horror metal

*CRUCIFIED MORTALS "converted by decapitation" LP (15.00,-)

*CRUCIFIED MORTALS / DECEASED "split" 10" (10.00,-)
death metal

*CRUCIFIED MORTALS / FAITHXTRACTOR "Impious Trilogy / Project Trauma " 12" (15.00,-)
A grievous union of Death and Thrash rubbing salt in the wound of Retro Thrash and stale modern Death Metal movements. CRUCIFIED MORTALS (features two members of NunSlaughter) read from the unhallowed book three new passages which tell a tale of bad omen in their own ferocious and haunting style. FAITHXTRACTOR (features Estuary & Vladimirs member) then tightens the choke with two brand new studio tracks and an exclusive feature of their 2006 demo. making it four tracks of blunt. memorable. in your face OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL HELL.

*CRUCIFIER "trampled under cloven hoove" 10" (12.00,-)

*CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS "bastard son of god" 7" (6.00,-)

*CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS "profanation of the crucified" 7" (6.00,-)

*CULTUS / MESLAMTAEA "split" 7" (4.00,-)
raw bm


*DEAD / BUTCHER ABC "split" 7" (6.00,-)
death grind

*DEATH REALITY "flesh still feeds" LP (15.00,-)
death metal autopsy stench

*DEATHCHURCH "Unsilent hate anthem" 7" (6.00,-)
noisy black. Klaxon & NWN

*DEATHLESS "the sound of the new world" 10" (12.00,-)

*DEFUNTOS "os suplicies de uma triste lemranca" 7" (6.00,-)

*DENOUNCEMENT PYRE "circle of the black flame" 7" (6.00,-)

*DESECRATION "pathway to deviance" pic LP (15.00,-)

*DESTRUKTOR "Nuclear Storm" 12" (15.00,-)
one side music, other side print. with poster and full color sleeve

*DEVIL "The noble savage " 7" (6.00,-)

*DEVILISM "bastard" LP (15.00,-)

*DEVILS BLOOD "I'll be your ghost" 12" (12.00,-)

*DIABOLIC "subterraneal magnitude" pic LP (15.00,-)

*DIE HARD "nihilistic vision" LP (15.00,-)

*DISASTER "chriaturas del mal" LP (15.00,-)

*DIVINE EMPIRE "doomed to inherit" LP (12.00,-)

*DOLCINIAN "Poenitentiam agite" 7" (6.00,-)
re-release of the cdr out for Militia Templi Records in the year 2003

*DROWNING THE LIGHT "the fading rays of sun" 10" (12.00,-)

*DROWNING THE LIGHT "the wwping moon" 10" (12.00,-)


*EATEN ALIVE "Transfiguration of the Macabre" 7" (6.00,-)
chile death metal

*EISMALSOTT "Best Before Spring" 7" (6.00,-)
in full color gatefold. german bm

*EMPALIGON "Black Dominated annihilation" LP (15.00,-)
brutal black / death

*EMPIRE OF HATE "visions of better time" 7" (6.00,-)
klaxxon vinyl

*ENGULFED "Through The Eternal Damnation " mLP (12.00,-)
Trapped among the obsessions leads to insanity and so. it happens to those people with passions that transcends the mere entertainment or admiration. to evolve into the indomitable. When the elation leads to absolute and exclusive dedication and this develops on a disarray. hard is to separate them both: what is created among a deliberated search and what spawns as the effect of inhabiting the labyrinth of compulsion. Living the to its extent makes the individual. singly or collectively. search for complementary channels to unleash the overflowing and unlimited amount of dreams and nightmares. sounds. voices. words and images that are so prolific pilled on the complexity or their minds. And evidently. Engulfed are swallowed and smeared to the bone and to lunacy to death metal. since their past militants on Burial Invocation. and current adherence to Deggial and Decaying Purity. seem not be enough for the maniacs of them involved. to express all their irrational hunger for this music of brutality and demise. On their uncompromising drowning way and so. the conceptualization of his beast to disturb your sleep

*ESCHATON "..For The New Aeon" 7" (6.00,-)
Two new Songs of the Greek Band Eschaton. Same way like the Debutalbum. Await fast and impressiv Blackmetal: EP is limited to 300 handnr. copy´s

*EVIL INCARNATE / BLASHERIAN "split" 7" (6.00,-)
death metal

*EVOCATION "evocation" LP (15.00,-)
death metal

*EX INFERIIS "Ngul A Crist" 7" (6.00,-)

*EXMORTEM "pest campaign " 10" (12.00,-)

*EXMORTEM "pestilence empire" LP (15.00,-)
death metal


*FERETRUM "From Far Beyond " LP (15.00,-)
Overlooked and almost non-existent for the underground following (even on their homeland. Spain) when it was originally released on a limited cassette LP to 100 copies in 1993. Feretrum "From Far Beyond" really deserved much more than laying forgotten. buried by time and dust. Despite its overwhelming quality the album was originally almost unnoticed due to several aspects. even if it was a superlative piece of work: the decline of popularity of genuine death metal swallowed by the black metal explosion. the small pressing and lack of skills both from the label and the band in terms of promotion. the secondary role of the Spanish scene among foreigners… And even so the record grew in popularity over the years as one of those hidden treasures that needed of time to be recognized and being properly rewarded. Two decades after its initial release Memento Mori Records rescued from the vault this tremendous opus of suffocating obscure riffs. unleashing it for the first time ever on CD early this year and now. comes its opportunity on vinyl due to the cooperation of Black Mass and Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Far away from being the countless ordinary re-release of these days just for the sake of being old and vintage. every serious dweller and lurker of the underground should at least. give this one a try to realize that there are still some few lost gems around. that are worth the effort and fill the gap they were meant to.

*FISTULA / MODORRA "methods of the dissented" 12" (15.00,-)

raw bm

*FORNLORN IN SILENCE "Veils of my sorrows / Trapped in darkness" 7" (6.00,-)
Norwegian bm

*FREITOD/WACHT "split" 7" (6.00,-)
Each band with one exclusive song for this split EP. It comes in a fold-out cover.2 poster in size A3 and all in clear vinyl


*GANZMORD "in praise of the weeping filth" 7" (6.00,-)

*GODDEFIED "remnants of the art" 7" (6.00,-)
death metal

*GODSLAYING HELLBLAST "from the deepest devilish pits" 7" (6.00,-)
some sort of exotic sick metal 666

*GRAVELAND/KREUZFEUER "Tribute to King of Aquilonia" 7" black (7.00,-)
black vinyl version

*GROAN "The divine right of kings" LP (15.00,-)
Heavy/metal/rock with high pitched clean vocals. Soul Seller




*HACAVITZ "Metztli Obscura" LP (15.00,-)
Third album from one of Mexico´s many fine Death Metal bands. HACAVITZ play cold, dark and bestial Death Metal, at blinding speed, this vile blackened Death attack that grabs you by the throat and never let´s you gasp for breath.

*HATI "auf in den kampf" LP (15.00,-)

*HEGEMOON / MOONTOWER "split" 7" (7.00,-)

*HELLBOUND / ENSAMHET "split" LP (15.00,-)

*HELLKOMMANDER "death to my enemies" LP (15.00,-)
Finally available on LP the first release from this awesome Brazilian Old School Death / Thrash Metal band including Sodomizer, Farscape and ex- Apokalyptic Raids members.

*HELLSAW "spiritual twilight" 2xLP (20.00,-)

*HELLSTORM "Fucking Bleed" LP (15.00,-)
Norwegian death / thrash

*HELLTORMENT "heaven burns today" 7" (6.00,-)
Iron Bonehead

*HOMICIDE "dale of lost souls" LP (15.00,-)

*HORNA / DEN SAAKALDTE "split" 7" (7.00,-)
latest split of Horna. 2014.

*HORNED ALLMIGHTY "live" 10" (12.00,-)

*HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER "Further Torments of the SG" mLP (12.00,-)
DEATH ROW´s drumbeast Joe Hasselvander strikes again with another overdose of classic and Heavy Doom! 23 minutes of high quality energy and riffs that only Joe can come up with. Recorded in a professional studio, Joe gives you further torments with his SG!

*HYPONIC "black sun" LP (15.00,-)
Chinese death/funeral doom


*IGNIVOMOUS / TZUN TZU "split" 7" (6.00,-)
NWN prod

*IMPURE WORSHIP "Impure Worship" 7" (6.00,-)
The first vinyl abomination from Impure Worship is finally unleashed. including three new tracks and a cover of "Dwelling of the Unholy Ghost" from the mighty Bestial Summoning. Raw and perverse black metal in the vein of Impaled Nazarene. Bestial Warlust. Beherit. Comes in 500 hand numbered copies including an A4 poster.

*IN BATTLE "welcome to the battlefield" LP (15.00,-)

*INCARCERATION "sacrifice" 7" (7.00,-)
The first mcd by Brazilian / German death metal outfit Incarceration!


*INSTINCT/MYRRDIN  "split" 7" (7.00,-)
Long awaited split between two of the UK's best and most talented Blackened artists. 2 sides of well recorded but punishing black metal. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.

*IRRITATE "driven" 7" (6.00,-)
finnish death metal

*IRRLYCHT / MEGAERA "split" 7" (6.00,-)
german black metal


*KERBEROS / SADISTIC GRIMNESS "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*KEY OF MYTHRAS / DAEMONLORD "split " 7" (4.00,-)
black metal

*KHORS "cold" LP (15.00,-)
new vinyl on Ancient Nation label

*KHORS "Return To Abandoned" 2xLP (20.00,-)

*KILLGASM "Black metal whore killer" 7" (6.00,-)
black grind

*KRATORNAS "the onslaught of battledemons" 10" (10.00,-)

*KRYPT "I am god" 10" (12.00,-)
norwegian bm

*KURU "epidemic" LP (12.00,-)


*LERAJE "ferro ignique" 7" (6.00,-)
2 new exclusive songs were recorded for this 7". You can await straight occult old school black metal with an atmosphere of the late 90's. No clone.no copy.no posershit-only individual and still black metal.

*LOINEN / USKO "split" 7" (7.00,-)
Finnish noisy sludge

*LOITS "ei kahetse midagi" LP (15.00,-)

*LORD OF EVIL "satanic war master" 7" (7.00,-)

*LORD OF PAGATHORN "shine through my scars. morning star" 7" (6.00,-)
Finnish black metal. Black vinyl.

*LORD VICAR / FUNERAL CIRCLE "split" 12" (13.00,-)

*LORDES WERRE "canticles of armageddon" 10" (12.00,-)
Iron Bonehead

*LUTOMYSL "firmament" 7" (7.00,-)

*LYCANTHROPY´S SPELL "sagatal" 7" (6.00,-)
black metal


*MAGNANIMUS "storms of chaotic revelations" LP (15.00,-)

*MAGNANIMUS "Unchaining the Fever and the Plague" 7" (6.00,-)
In the wait for the re-recording of the upcoming LP/CD "Storms of chaotic Revelations", we offer you the vinyl edition of the 2003 demo. This Chilean horde of impurity serve up 3 tracks of fast, heavy and vicious death metal somewhere between the likes of Morbid Angel and Nile, with a hint of ANGELCORPSE

*MAIM "Deceased to exist" LP (15.00,-)
Expected early February is the 2nd print of the successive album by Swedish old school death metal legions MAIM. presented to you on limited 180 grams transparent yellow / black splatter vinyl. Soulseller

*MALDICAO / RUACH RAAH "split" 7" (8.00,-)
ltd 133! Raw filthy BM with d-beat edge. Portugal.

*MALFEITOR / AMOK "split" 7" (4.00,-)
black metal

*MARBLEBOG "Live In Chicago" 7" (7.00,-)
An already classic recording of Hungary band Marblebog's legendary gig on US shores back in 2009. 3 tracks of raw and true Black Metal. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.

*MASTER OF CRUELTY "spit on the holy grain" LP (15.00,-)
We are proud to unleash upon mankind. the vinyl edition of this masterpiece of South American Blackened Death-Thrash!! Formed in 2009 in Asunción. Paraguay and since spreading their Unholy chants of Blasphemy. With members of the mighty EKRON CULT. Front cover illustration by Daniel Self Desecrator.

*MAUSOLEUM GATE "obsessed by metal" 7" (7.00,-)
very good Finnish new heavy metal band. Some samples of stuff (not from this 7"..) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzeZb6keiy4

*MAZE OF TORMENT "death strikes" pic LP (12.00,-)

*MEPHISTO "tyrants return" LP (15.00,-)

*MEPHISTO / THE TRUE ENDLESS "...too evil and sick" 7" (6.00,-)

*METZELI "burying the goodness" 7" (6.00,-)
venezuela attack

*MIDNIGHT RIDER "s/t" 12" (12.00,-)

*MINION "Out of the carnage" LP (15.00,-)
10 songs of swedish death metal meets the typical bremen sound

*MODER "ewiger tod" LP (15.00,-)
death metal, with blood insert

*MOLOCH "Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt" 7" (7.00,-)
2 new tracks from the ever prolifc and experimental Moloch from Ukraine. Utilizing raw guitars. drum machine and keyboard mixed with menacing depressive vocals. Moloch certainly makes his own individual stamp on the wider Black Metal world. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.

*MOONTOWER / PENTAGRAMMADION "split" 7" (7.00,-)

*MOONTOWER / SILBERNACHT "split" 7" (4.00,-)
black metal

*MOR "Tod dem Feind" 7" (7.00,-)
Darker Than Black. russian bm

*MORBID SAVOURING "autopsy lust" LP (15.00,-)

*MORBID UPHEAVAL / CAPRA HIRPUS "split" 10" (12.00,-)
underground death metal

*MORD "Imperium Magnum Infernalis" LP (15.00,-)
black metal

*MORDAEHOTH "Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart" LP (15.00,-)
After the ritual number of nine years since the release of the ´Bloedwraak´ debut album, MORDAEHOTH returns from the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands to present their all new full-length album. Carved, burnt and built during years, ´Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart´ (not to be confused with the same titled 1998 demo) offers the ultimate grim pagan metal opus from The Netherlands: long and dark warhymns, blending bitter melancholy over lost ages with flaming hate for the postmodern world; and pride in taking action in the revolt against it! In a truly overcrowded scene Mordaehoth deserves your attention by standing out with a mix of pagan and black metal and influences of dark folk with added atmosphere of occasional keyboards and clean vocals.

*MORDBRAND/EVOKE "split" LP (15.00,-)
Unleashing upon mankind some crushing old school death metal. From the uk comes EVOKE, after 16 years there crushing i am my own god demo 1994 is finally brought to the world on vinyl. This classic features 5 songs of pure death..not to be missed. 1000 copies of this demo were sold/traded after its release and was praised by people like Dan swano etc Mordbrand hail from the darkest wasteland of sweden and have recorded a masterclass in evil death ,which explores the realms of the deadliest of all metal. Featuring Bjorn Larsson (ex - Horned/The Law) and Johan Rudberg (The Law) this new project brings the glory days of autopsy inspired death , which will rip out your soul.

*MORNINGSTAR "rivendell / As the wolves howl" LP (12.00,-)

A truly evil and all consuming split from two of the greatest hordes of Iberia that should need no introductions. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl with double sided fold over sleeve.

*MORTICIAN "Chainsaw Dismemberment" 2xLP (22.00,-)
OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS! Comes in a gatefold cover with an Obi Strip and a large A2 poster of the cover artwork. Pressed on colored vinyl only with silkscreened artwork on side D. Universally recognized as the most brutal band in the universe, infamous horror-lords Mortician disregard any and all pleas for mercy, suffocating the underground with Chainsaw Dismemberment, their 2nd full-length album from 1999! Force-feeding death metal mascochists 28 blood-encrusted slices of menacing, futuristic gore-grind, Will Rahmer and Roger Beaujard eradicate existing musical boundaries, taking truly depraved metal one step further in creating heinously sick, horrific slabs of shocking, decapitating death. Nearly 50 minutes in length, Chainsaw Dismemberment pulverizes and pummels while dragging the barbaric Mortician sound further into the grave as they de-tune their axes an additional two steps! Morose passages of unrelenting dementia and homicidal drum programming combine to blur the lines of metal's past with that of its future. The Tall Man's house band has returned! Let butchery begin!


*MORTIFY "the way of all flesh" LP (15.00,-)

Cold Ambient/Black Metal from Poland, Hateful founder side-project. Second album

*MOUNT LOGAN "s/t" LP (15.00,-)
2 songs of destructive doom & drone

*MURW "kanker" LP (15.00,-)
Long awaited debut album of Murw out now on cd and lp. One of The Netherlands' best kept secrets returns with a truly stunning and groundbreaking album of progressive death/doom metal. Extraordinary. unconventional and creative songwriting. this album is nearly impossible to compare with any existing band or fit in any existing genre. Murw is not a newcomer one-day-fly performing a cheap. new gimmick trying to stand out. Throughout their history. dating back to the early 90s where the band already did shows supporting Emperor for example. they've shown a unique own style of music. culminating into "Kanker".

*MUST MISSA "the target of hate" LP (15.00,-)


*NAER MATARON "I am the light of the world" 7" (6.00,-)

*NARTVIND "until their ruin" LP (15.00,-)

*NATTFOG / NEKROKRIST SS "split" LP (15.00,-)
"Second release of Nattfog offer extremely strong and catchy NS black metal. This is absolutely the best newcomer from Finland for a while. New material of Nekrokrists SS is even stronger this time with full line-up. Absolutely Finnish black metal elite. This is a vinyl only release, strictly limited to 500 copies. LP comes with heavy weight vinyl and lyric sheet." Primitive Reaction.

*NECROCURSE "chaos carnage cataclysm" 7" (6.00,-)

*NECROMANTICAL SCREAMS "Deadly Frost" 7" (7.00,-)

*NECROSTRIGIS "Blackness Fullmoon Blood" 7" (8.00,-)
BM from poland.

*NECROSTRIGIS "Sinister Fires Rituals" 7" (7.00,-)

*NEUTRON HAMMER "extermination kommand" 10" (12.00,-)
Finnish bestial torment

*NISHASA / RED ANGLE "split" 7" (7.00,-)
Darker than black

*NORNS / KATHAARIAN "split" 7" (6.00,-)
fin / ger bm

*NORTHAUNT / VINTERRIKET "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*NUNSLAUGHTER "christmassacre" pic 7" (7.00,-)
Comes with a cardboard lyrics insert & in a thick polybag with flap. Only 300 copies pressed! From the truest & sickest death metal band ever comes a sinful vinyl. originally custom made & specially recorded for this festive occasion (you won't find these tunes anywhere else). now resurrected for the supposed birth of a hobo! Originally released on Shitmas day in 2004 in a thousand different configurations.

*NUNSLAUGHTER "trifurcate" pic 7" (7.00,-)
hells headbangers

*NUNSLAUGHTER / ANTISEEN "split" 7" (7.00,-)
Two of the American scuzz underground's most prolific and longest-running bands team up for a split 7" - none other than NUNSLAUGHTER AND ANTiSEEN! For this hotly anticipated split. both bands spit out two brand-new and exclusive studio tracks each. Equally signature. NUNSLAUGHTER impale trendies with their punk-minded death metal. exhorting you to choose sides during "The Burning Times" and get "So Vile." while ANTiSEEN rock hard and Motorcharge. railing against the "Air of Opportunity" and get "Down the Bone." Get in. get out. get gnarly - see if the scuzz washes off!


*OBEISANCE "lucifer master" LP (15.00,-)

*OBOLUS "demo" 7" (6.00,-)
"After their casette sold out at Sunyata Recordings in a blink of an eye. we felt the need to release these 2 songs on 7". Expect some of the best atmospheric depressive blackmetal you have heard recently."

*OBTEST "gyvybes medis" pic LP (15.00,-)
pic LP version on Osmose prod. Pagan metal Lithuania

*OBTEST "is kartos i karta" LP (15.00,-)
lithuanian pagan metal

*OBTEST "pries audra" 10" (12.00,-)
Lithuanian black-death. On Ledo Takas

black metal

*OMISSION "thrash metal is violence" LP (15.00,-)

*ORCULTUS "s/t" 7" (7.00,-)

*ORDER OF ORIAS "inverse" LP (15.00,-)
Vinyl version of the excellent debut album by Order of Orias from Australia. "Inverse" features 7 songs of violent.fierce and above all prideful darkness. WTC

*ORGANISMOS "Manejos Invisibles" LP (15.00,-)
Being brought up in the peak of the Colombian underground movement in the eighties is one of those grim enduring scars which both well define the character and is an unmistakable mark impossible to get rid-off. Instead of being a curse about which trying to get further away. Organismos' second full length album "Manejos Invisibles". has unveiled a neat unpolished metallic gem abruptly but coherently crafted. building bridges between the cities of Medellín and Antioquía where its members are located and come from. Blending the unbelievable violence of the South American underground sound while allowing the interference of certain and nailed experimental licences. it could shock the listener and results a juxtaposition difficult to believe or understand. but which with truly ends up assembling completely. Determined about being risky and challenging without refusing to voice rude and disconcerting. the philosophical and metaphysical lyrical work of this apocalyptic compendium. spites out a hopeless diatribe which stresses the overall decadent ambience of these 10 exalted tunes. As a final side note. is it necessary to add that the guitar player known as La Bruja. accomplishes on his resume having being part of the legendary Parabellum and Herpes? And the same thing goes for Alberto Correa (bass) and Alexis Vélez (vocals and drums) who were part of seminal outfit Ataque de Sonido. These certainly would be appetizing selling points but refering to an album which stands by itself proving it's soundness. it's a mere anecdotal fact since the quality of the music is what counts and outstands on this opus indisputably.

*OS "twelve truths" LP (15.00,-)
The first set of recordings under the moniker OS is now available on LP from this Bloomington band. This group of recordings beautifully captures discordance, bleakness, maniacal despair, and hidden messages with the help of engineer Mike Notaro and mastering by James Plotkin. 400 copies available to the public, vinyl only on luscious hand-screened art. 42 minutes of blackened doom extremism



*PEK "preaching evil" LP (15.00,-)

*PENITENT "roses by chaos spawned" LP (15.00,-)
synth music

*PORTAL / BLOOD OF KINGU "split" 7" (7.00,-)

*PRECAMBRIAN "Proarkhe" 7" (7.00,-)
New band formed by 3 Drudkh members: R.-vocals/ guitars, K.- bass, V.- drums. Slavonic black metal in the vein of HATE FOREST with Nordic influences.

*PRIMIGENIUM "faith through anguish" LP (15.00,-)
Oldest Spanish black metal band with their latest album!

*PROPERGOL "Tormentor" 7" (6.00,-)
French power electronics / industrial assault with precision and modern power.

*PROSANCTUS INFERI / WITCH TOMB "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*PUREST "renascensce" LP (15.00,-)
LP version (cd on darker than black)

*PURGATORY "luciferianism" LP (15.00,-)

*PYRE / ENTRAPMENT "split" LP (15.00,-)
Total death metal assault! Hear YouTube clip only. but its just rehearsal version! Not from this album!



*RAVEN "the murder sessions" LP (15.00,-)
norwegian raw bm

*RAVENING "forbidden arts" 7" (7.00,-)
Bestial Burst label 007! Finnish death metal.

*RIVER "Drawing Down The Sun" LP (15.00,-)
The River! At long last, the magnificent "Drawing Down The Sun" album of England´s THE RIVER will get its much requested vinyl treatment. Their 2006 debut stands as one of the best traditional Doom Metal releases in recent history, with remarkable female vocals that, along with it´s wonderful songs, make the album into something totally unique. The vinyl version comes with heavy, UV-lacquered Gatefold jacket.

*RUNENBLUT "no solution for your life... just suicide" LP (15.00,-)
black metal on Pestilence Records.


*RÄMLORD "evolve to monster / mark of cain" 7" (8.00,-)
Finnish metal with members of Belial/Impaled Nazarene/Maple Cross/Sentenced/...


*SABBAT / HERERIC "split " pic 7" (10.00,-)

*SACRIPHYX "lone pine" 7" (4.00,-)
NWN prod.

*SADIZTIK IMPALER "Bestial Christ Fornication" 7" (6.00,-)
name says it all

*SADORASS / BRANSTOCK "split" 7" (6.00,-)
german bm

*SARKOM "to ruin something that was never meant to be" 7" (6.00,-)
black metal

*SATANIC THREAT "in to hell" LP (15.00,-)
Featuring current members of Nunslaughter and an ex-member of Midnight. SATANIC THREAT are everything their name implies: fast. blasphemous. hardcore-HELL-punk straight outta the wastelands of Ohio! Originally released in 2008. SATANIC THREAT's lone In To Hell 7" sold through its original pressing of 1000 copies in no time flat. and quickly became something of a mini-classic. The band's cult grew despite no further releases. and SATANIC THREAT played only one live show ever. in September 2008 in their hometown of Cleveland. Now. HELLS HEADBANGERS collects SATANIC THREAT's entire ouvre. both the 8-song In To Hell 7" and their 8-song live set. onto one long-playing format. They're not Christian...they're just a SATANIC THREAT!

*SATANIZE "Black Rotten Witchcraft" 12" (17.00,-)
raw bm from Portugal

*SATANOCHIO / THE KONSORTIUM "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*SATANS BLOOD / KULT OV AZAZEL  "split " 7" (6.00,-)
US black metal

*SATHANAS "Entering The Diabolic Trinity" LP (15.00,-)
death metal

*SATHANAS "thy dark heavens" LP (15.00,-)
satanic death metal from USA, one of the oldest bands.

*SATURNIAN MIST "repellings" 12" (12.00,-)
Finnish occult bm

*SAURON "the channeling void" LP (15.00,-)

*SAXORIOR "von rache und schmerz" LP (15.00,-)
melodic black metal on fog of the apocalypse records

*SCENT OF DEATH "Of Martyr´s Agony and Hate" LP (15.00,-)
Fast. dark yet technical Death Metal in the vein of Immolation. old Morbid Angel etc...

*SCYTHIAN "to those who stand against us..." LP (15.00,-)
Scythian's debut full-length "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is a ferocious tour de force presenting Scythian's unique brand of Metal; malicious. down-tuned riffs that could have been recorded by Sodom in the mid-80's melt into truly magnificent choir-backed passages reminiscent of "Hammerheart"-era Bathory only to collapse into a frenzied blasting orgy of war. death and desolation; emerging once again from the chaos with some of the most virtuose guitar solos ever to be heard on a Metal recording. Enshrined in a face-melting production courtesy of Leon Macey (Mithras) that perfectly captures the sonic madness as it happens. "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is one of the strongest debut albums in recent years and proves that Scythian are truly a force to be reckoned with. We are proud to finally be giving this album the vinyl treatment it so well deserves!


*SEKHMET "opus of monstrosity" LP (15.00,-)

*SELBSTMORD "aryan voice of hatred" 7" (7.00,-)

*SELBSTMORD / ANTISEMITEX "split" LP (12.00,-)
Radical black metal. Darker than black

*SENTENCED "glow of the 1000 suns / amok" 7" (8.00,-)
demo 1993 sessions, official limited 7" released couple years ago! Few in stock!

*SEREMONIA "s/t" LP (17.00,-)
Occult Rock from Finland. Color vinyl.

*SERPENT ASCENDING "the enigma unsettled" LP (15.00,-)
The Enigma Unsettled comes in a luxurious full colour Gatefold cover and with an insert including lyrics and stunning paintings by new sensational American artist Wiley Trieff. Coming from Helsinki. Finland. SERPENT ASCENDING is the dark projection of Jarno Nurmi. appreciated bass/guitar player and singer in bands like Slugathor. Desecresy. Nerlich. Firmly rooted in the old school of death metal. but far from being another sterile revival of the late 80's/early 90's. Serpent Ascending started a peculiar creative process that allocates death metal into an inner - yet still nightmarish - dimension of the soul. where cavernous growls lay down on nervous and slanted guitar riffs. vertiginous bass grooves. sudden bursts of speed. and swampy slowdowns. Apparently simple and straight to the point. Serpent Ascending's music hides a remarkable work on subtle harmonies and flowing songwriting. with atmospheric nuances and intriguing details that crawl unseen into each song as well as in the listener's subconscious. bringing forth a hallucinating. twisted and occult vibe. Serpent Ascending is the feverish. solipsistic delirium of an artist that renovates the true spirit and typical dark heaviness of Finnish death metal in his own. personal way. With The Enigma Unsettled. the Finnish occult death metal band SERPENT ASCENDING offers a supremely dark experiment in satanic and mesmerizing music conducted on a primitive metal matter by Jarno Nurmi of Slugathor. Desecresy. and Nerlich fame. The album collects both the Serpent Ascending and The Mournful Pilgrimage recordings from 2009 and 2010 on one record. together with a brand new song.

*SHAARIMOTH "Current 11" LP (15.00,-)
Norwegian bm

*SHACKLES  "trators gate" LP (15.00,-)
Hells Headbangers


*SHADES OF DEEP WATER "constant pressure" 7" (7.00,-)
"Imagine the pressure caused by the Atlantic above. The ice cold depths without light or shadow. The darkness unreachable even for the bringer of life. Constant Pressure is the first 7” EP by the Finnish Funeral Doom act Shades of Deep Water after the early demo tapes. A co-release with Bubonic Doom."

*SILVA NIGRA "cerni cult" LP (15.00,-)

*SILVA NIGRA "symbol of hate" LP (15.00,-)

*SKITLIV / CURRENT 93 "bloodletting" pic 10" (15.00,-)
Limited edition Picture disc from SKITLIV. the project of former MAYHEM front man MANIAC. With a line up that includes SHINING’s NIKLAS KVARFORTH. SKITLIV is a disturbed. and disturbing. blackened doom journey through the mind of this legendary Black Metal vocalist who was one of the original exponents of the genre. and is one of its most recognisable figures. This picture disc is made extra special not only by the inclusion of “Who Will Deliver Us From Gold and Planets” by CURRENT 93 - an introductory collage destruct that was created at the request of Maniac and is dedicated to him. but also because the artwork that is used for the side containing this track is part of one of Tibet’s own paintings. Ltd x 777 copies. No repress.

*SLAVIA "integrity & victory " LP (15.00,-)

*SLUGATHOR / AGE OF AGONY "split" 7" (6.00,-)
death metal !

*SMASHED FACE / CUTTERED FLESH "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*SODOMIZER "more horror and death again..." LP (15.00,-)
Iron bonehead


*SOMBRE PRESAGE "rituel / oppression" 7" (6.00,-)
french dark arts

*SOULLESS "Betray The Light" 7" (6.00,-)
Their 2004 demo released on vinyl. Blasphemous artwork by Mark Riddick. Thrash till death fuckers!!! " Hells Headbangers

*SOUNDER "hell hymns" LP (15.00,-)
only 200 copies, thrash metal


*SPEKTR "near death experience" LP (15.00,-)
"With the release of their second album. "The Near Death Experience". this two-member band are bound to excite. confuse but ultimately impress any fan of the unusual. Surely black metal in nature. Spektr combine sounds unlike any other. It's a harsh. disturbing. raw in all matter of sense. but one that is still highly complex and sophisticated within a low-fi environment. Much like friends and label mates Blut Aus Nord. Spektr buck all musical notions." Comes with 180g. white vinyl. printed inners leeves and 30x30cm 12-page booklet.

*SPIRE "s/t" LP (15.00,-)
Here we have the debut LP of an unknown young band from Australia. Limited to 350 copies with inlay and different layout than the CD version and one bonussong First 100 comes in marbled vinyl. The music of Spire is very unique,atmospheric and become something special nowadays. 5 songs of atmospheric cold black metal with great melodies and 3 ambient songs. The 8 songs have a playing time around 35 minutes.

*STRIKE MASTER "vicious nightmare" LP (15.00,-)
Mexico thrash


*STUMM "I" LP (15.00,-)
Finnish kult sludge

*SUICIDAL WINDS "winds of death" LP (12.00,-)
1999 black thrash sweden


*SULPHUR "outburst of desecration" 10" (12.00,-)
norwegian bm on Osmose prod.

*SVART HAT "a prelude to the end" LP (15.00,-)

*SVARTSYN "Genesis Of Deaths Illuminating Mysteries" 7" (7.00,-)

*SVIKT / KIRKEBRANN "Betrayal And Blasphemy " LP (15.00,-)
Split Album of Svikt & Kirkebrann from Norway. VINYL ONLY RELEASE! Blut & Eisen

*SZRON / WITCHCRIST "split" 7" (7.00,-)
new split 7"! Garazel!


*TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE "Prophecies Of Malevolence" LP (15.00,-)
Dark. Ritualistic Black / Death Metal from the depths of the Australian underground! Limited to 350 copies.

*TEMPLE OF BAAL "lightslaying rituals" LP (15.00,-)

*TEMPLES "periplaneta nova" LP (15.00,-)
Finnish sludge

*TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio" LP (15.00,-)
On "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio", enigmatic Italian Illuminates TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM daub their black rites across a richer, more expansive canvas than hitherto. Supplemented by the ordination of new vocalist Ildanach, the high priests of sombre psalms merge the darkest shades from the colour spectrum into a frenetic fusion teeming with mystical magnificence and dissonant grandeur. The intoxicating result is a diverse hymnary, awash with resonating textures, fertile with eerie reverberations and consecrated in free rhythms. Utilising plainchants and twisted, macabre screeches / chords, the choir of the damned rips through eight opulent liturgies of cold, morose esotericism. Join them at the altar and become enlightened by the darkness!

*TERRORAMA "Horrible Efface" LP (7.00,-)

*THE BEING "through madness to mercury" LP (15.00,-)
A musical style perhaps best described as neofolk / neocabaret - though not strictly bound to a genre as such - takes the listener on a journey through a the realms of self-transformation with a strange, unworldly and experimental mixture of moodswings that intentionally shock the mind and purposefully disturb the mental balance.

*THE FORGOTTEN / RIGOR MORTIS "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA "pentragram shock" 7" (7.00,-)
funeral doom

*THE LURKING CORPSES  "23 Tales Of Terror " 2xLP (22.00,-)
OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: Comes in a Gatefold jacket, all copies on colored vinyl only. Now sounding better than ever, "23 Tales of Terror" was specially remixed and remastered for this vinyl release! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this cult gem, HELLS HEADBANGERS will reanimate THE LURKING CORPSES' 23 Tales of Terror debut for its first (and only) incarnation on vinyl! Fittingly and frightfully, 23 Tales of Terror will receive a limited-edition double-LP treatment on colored vinyl, fresh from the crypt. Masked and dressed in black cloaks, horror metal freaks THE LURKING CORPSES have been brewing a thrashy, punk-influenced version of 1950s B-movie fuzz 'n' scuzz since 2001. Deadly committed to the cause, THE LURKING CORPSES are fulfilling every horror geek's wet dream with their tongue-in-cheek mix of sex, violence, and good, old-fashioned horror-flick gore. Recommended for diehards of THE MISFITS/SAMHAIN, MERCYFUL FATE/KING DIAMOND, and horror movie enthusiasts everywhere...accept this sacrifice in homage!


*THE SARCOPHAGUS "hate cult" 7" (6.00,-)
turkish bm featuring Shining leader as vocalist. Osmose

*THE TRUE ENDLESS "A Climb To Eternity" LP (15.00,-)

*THESYRE "thesyre" LP (15.00,-)
black metal

*THESYRE / AUDIOPAIN "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*THORNS OF HATE "Heretical Dawn of Apocalypse" 7" (6.00,-)
After a self-released monster of a demotape, inspired by ungodly hordes such as Blasphemy, Morbosidad, Conqueror, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Abhorer, Rator and so on, we now have the pleasure of unleashing the bands vinyl debut. Expect nothing but raw, bestial, hateful, primitive Black/Death, an iron fist in the face of gods! Only War is real! Hate is the law!! Bloodharvest.se

*THORNSPAWN "infernal allegince" LP (15.00,-)

*THORNSPAWN "sanctified by satans blood" LP (15.00,-)
us black

*THORNSPAWN/KILL "United in Hell´s Fire - Tribute to Judas Isaksson and Goat Destroyer" 10" (12.00,-)
The 10´´ comes in a noble Gatefold cover + inlay and poster. Cover artwork is done by D. Desecrator. Both bands offer brand new songs. KILL songs were recorded in two different recording sessions. Limited to 500 copies!

*THROAT "short circuit" 12" (13.00,-)
screeching noiserock from great Finnish band.

*THYRFING "Vansinnesvisor" LP (17.00,-)

*TILE "" 7" (6.00,-)
"Tile describe themselves as "pissed off feedback from PA (Pennsylvania)" and there´s not much to add. Loud, obnoxious, noisy rock with a sludgy bass-heavy foundation, ear-drilling feedback guitars and so pissed off vocals that your eyes will bleed. The band has a few very limited releases under their belts and this is no exception, so get it now or fuck off." Kult of Nihilow

*TODESSTOSS "sehnsucht / Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen" LP (15.00,-)

*TODESWEIHE "nachts am altern friedhof" 7" (6.00,-)
german black metal. limited 300

*TOMBSTONES  "Year of the burial" LP (15.00,-)
The wait is over! The brilliant gatefold vinyl edition of Tombstones third album is out now! This ultimate vinyl edition comes on 180 grams black vinyl packaged in heavy gatefold sleeve with extra matte lamination. A must if you are in to real doom metal and vinyl! Soulseller

*TORRENT "Between The Stones" 12" (12.00,-)
no colours. Judas Iscariot + Nargaroth.


*TORTURING LOVE "Cock Pig/Unoriginal Macho Energy" 7"+tape (12.00,-)
TORTURING LOVE - "Cock Pig/Unoriginal Macho Energy" 7" + c30 . Third Fecalove + Torturing Nurse collaboration . Pure harsh noise . recorded in China and Italy during 2008/2009 . Tape features longer cuts of the 7" tracks plus the two additional pieces "Super Rock And Roll" and "Total Fuck Off" . Limited to 188 copies . Each copy has different hand-drawn brush+ink labels by Tisbor

*TUDOR "1558" 7" (6.00,-)


*UGULISHI / SILBERBACH "split" 10" (12.00,-)
Finnish / german black metal split.

*UNDOR "Deficit Omne Quod Nasciture" 7" (6.00,-)
New 2012 ep of total Black Metal torment. Limited to 250 copies.

*UNGOD "In numele Metalului Est-European" LP (15.00,-)

*UNHOLY LUST  "Taste the sing Through the Fire" LP (15.00,-)
A must for fans of POSSESSED and early SLAYER. Some of the best Death Metal the Californian underground scene has to offer today!

*UNO ACTU / MAKEDUCERE "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*USKO "kullankukkula / liipola" 7" (6.00,-)
Finnish sludge


*VAELK / ILLUNIS "split" 7" (7.00,-)
limited 222

*VAINAJA "kadotetut" LP (17.00,-)
Finnish death doom


*VARATHRON / DESOLATION "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*VARGSANG "throne of forgotten" LP (15.00,-)

*VARSOVIE "Etat Civil " LP (17.00,-)
Vinyl version of VARSOVIE debut album, originally released on CD in 2009. Addictive post-punk / excessive rock with stunning lyrics. Band created by Arnault and Gregory after the split of cult Forbidden Site. Vinyl comes with printed innersleeve. Black vinyl edition (200 copies).

*VARSOVIE "L Heure et la Trajectoire " LP (17.00,-)
Vinyl version of VARSOVIE second album, released on CD in November, 2014. Addictive post-punk / excessive rock with stunning lyrics. Band created by Arnault and Gregory after the split of cult Forbidden Site. Vinyl comes with printed innersleeve. Black vinyl edition (200 copies).

*VEINELIIS "strained movements towards imminent death" LP (15.00,-)

*VEMOTH "Köttkroksvals" pic LP (15.00,-)
swe death

*VICTIMIZER "resurrected abominations" mLP (13.00,-)

2-3 songs each, thrash metal.

*VIDSYN "on frostbitten path beneath" 10" (12.00,-)
norwegian bm

*VILKATES "Angeldust and Blasphemy" pic LP (15.00,-)
fast black metal

*VILKATES "satanic war" pic LP (15.00,-)

*VILLAINS "lifecode of decadence" LP (15.00,-)

*VILLAINS / FINGERNAILS "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*VINTERRIKET "landschaften ewiger einsamkeit #1" 10" (12.00,-)

*VINTERRIKET  "landschaften ewiger einsamkeit #2" 10" (12.00,-)

*VINTERRIKET "landschaften ewiger einsamkeit #3" 10" (12.00,-)

*VINTERRIKET / ORODRUIN "split" LP (15.00,-)

*VINTERTHRON "reign ov opposites" LP (15.00,-)

*VIOLATOR "annihilation process" LP (15.00,-)

*VOID OF SILENCE "human antithesis" 2xLP (20.00,-)

*VOIDS OF VOMIT  "Veritas Vltima Vitae" mLP (12.00,-)
Having clawed their way out of the catacombs of the Italian scene, Voids of Vomit play traditional Death Metal that touches the same nerves as classic bands from the early 1990’s. Voids of Vomit’s directive is clear: to convey the majestic omnipotence of death with the morbid eloquence of the corpse. When Voids of Vomit recorded their first demo in 2006, the band easily situated itself in the top tier of bands within the modern Death Metal revival. While the band’s influences are readily apparent – Asphyx, Grave, Incantation, Miasma, etc. – the manner in which these influences merge within Voids of Vomit’s work is uniquely devastating. Voids of Vomit dig through cold earth to uncover the remains of mortal corpora long perished with the alcohol-sickened and hallucinatory mind of a decrepit digger of graves. Through dense, tumultuous song structures they conjure the odor, the imagery, the intense feel of pure morbidity. Voids of Vomit are notoriously reclusive and there is not likely to be another release by the band in the near future. Fortunately, the 5 tracks on this 12"MLP are unquestionably the most fully realized in Voids of Vomit’s catalog and articulate the purest recitation of Death that this decade has offered.

*VOMIT CHAPEL "Damnatio ad Bestias" LP (15.00,-)
After two years of silence, VOMITCHAPEL return with "Damnatio ad Bestias" (Submission to Beasts), three new tracks of blasphemic, ritualistic bestial metal of death. Compiled with the two previous demos, "Sodominate" (2009) and "WARVOMITDEATHWORSHIP" (2008), this new LP version finds ALL of the VOMITCHAPEL recordings together on vinyl for the first time.

*VOMITOR "cry from the underground" mLP (13.00,-)
live album from 2008!

*VON GOAT "septic illumination" LP (15.00,-)

*VOND "green eyed demon" LP (19.00,-)
old mortiis side project of his darkest stuff. Original vinyl!

*VORDR "vordr" mLP (12.00,-)
s/t mLP. color cover

*VORKREIST "sublimination" LP (15.00,-)
french brutal black-death

*VORKREIST / SOULSKINNER "split" 7" (6.00,-)
Gallic psychopathic sickos Vorkreist and Hellenic serial-killers Soulskinner unite in filth on this split 7". Vorkreist offer an exclusive live track from their 2007 Pest Pandemic Contamination Over Europe (with Horna and Blacklodge) entitled "Soldiers of Satan´s Wrath" which showcases a decidedly different, more old-school side to the band. With Soulskinner however, it´s business as usual, offering a face-searing slab of brutal and evil Death Metal with "In Attrition of a World Collapse", a track recorded exclusively for this release.

*VORKUTA / KRATORNAS "split" 7" (6.00,-)

*VULTURE LORD "profane prayer" LP (15.00,-)
norwegian bm, agonia



*WAKLEVÖREN "brutal agenda" LP (12.00,-)
neseblod records norway

*WANDERING MIDGET "I Am The Gate " LP (15.00,-)
Finnish doom

*WARGHKOGHARGASMAL "s/t" 7" (6.00,-)
german bm

*WEHMUT "wehmut" LP (15.00,-)

*WELTBRAND / SUICIDE SOLUTION "split" 7" (6.00,-)
black metal

*WEREWOLF / SEMPER FIDELIS "split" 7" (6.00,-)
black metal

*WHEEL "wheel" LP+7" (15.00,-)
Our 3rd Doom Metal release in 2010 is the debut album of the German newcomer band Wheel and offers traditional Doom with a melancholic touch, combined with a beautiful layout and great lyrics. bonus 7"

*WHITE MEDAL  "Heathen Ridings Return" 7" (7.00,-)
White Medal material from a few years ago originally recorded for the failed split with Instinct and only just now seeing the light of day. Two long songs of Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal with a raw and isolated sound. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.

*WHITE MEDAL/CAINA  "split" LP (15.00,-)
Two brand new tracks of dedicated Black Metal from England. The last ever recorded work of Caina. Limited to 300 copies in pro printed sleeves with insert. Artwork by Si Clark.

*WHITE MEDAL/INSTINCT  "split" 7" (7.00,-)
A split that has been planned for years; originally having been recorded once for a rip off cunt and ultimately cancelled. with the original recordings from both projects being issued elsewhere. it looked like it wasn't going to materialise. In the spirit of perseverance; new songs were recorded and are now seeing the light of day on Legion Blotan. If tha wants job done reight. de it thyssen. Two sides of Ancient Heathen Black Metal from the North and from the South of the land now known as England. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl with double sided printed sleeves.

*WICKED KING WICKER "flydust" LP (15.00,-)
brutal doom drone noise

*WICKED KING WICKER "s/t" LP (15.00,-)
Black drone / guitar-bass torment

*WINGS OF WAR  "Prepare For War" 7" (7.00,-)
2 sides of Extreme Black War Metal from Poland. 250 copies on black vinyl

*WINTERTHRONE "Storm of wrath" 7" (6.00,-)
german black metal

*WITCH TOMB "crippled messiah" LP (15.00,-)
red vinyl and gatefold

*WITCHAVEN "Terrorstorm" LP (15.00,-)
Taken from Mike Abominator´s review in METAL MANIACS: “Terrorstorm” is a classic example of REAL metal. You can hear it in the music and the conviction in the songs. The production is killer and fits the music perfectly. “Terrorstorm” is also an essential purchase and a bone-afied CLASSIC! For those of you not familiar think of “Terrible Certainty” era KREATOR, with some DISCHARGE, and IMMORTAL thrown into the mix. Classic dark thrash and metal punk fans will love Witchaven and this ripper of an album. But any true metal fan will also love this album!

*WITCHBURNER "Demons" pic LP + LP (19.00,-)
Limited to 500 copies Double Picture/Black Vinyl Album in Gatefold with extra printd Inner-Sleeve

*WITCHBURNER "Demons. " LP (15.00,-)
New Album of Witchburner on Vinyl . Limited to 800 copies in black Vinyl

*WITCHMASTER "masochistic devil worship" pic LP (17.00,-)
pic LP!

*WITCHMASTER "trucinzna" LP (15.00,-)
thrash metal. agonia

*WITCHTIGER / WITCHCURSE "split" 7" (7.00,-)

*WITCHTRAP "witching metal" LP (15.00,-)

*WOLFSDUISTER "Altaar" 7" (6.00,-)
Dutch black metal

*WOLFSLAIR / BLODFEST "split" LP (15.00,-)
Iron bonehead


*WOLFSMOND "3" LP (15.00,-)
Blut & Eisen

*WOLFSSCHREI "the unknown spectre of evil" LP (15.00,-)

*WOLOK "Servum Pecus" LP (15.00,-)
fra bm

*WOLVES "s/t" 7" (4.00,-)
old school raw metal with Hellhammer cover song

*WURM "hog metal" 7" (6.00,-)
iron bonehead


*YERSINIA / BASASTIR "split" 7" (3.00,-)
german bm

*YERSINIA / TOTAL HATE "split" 7" (3.00,-)
german black metal


*ZAHRIM "In Zagasthenu" 10" (12.00,-)
black metal, gatefold covers.

*ZARACH BAAL THARAGH  "demo 31" 7" (6.00,-)
French black metal. "2 tracks gathered on an unholy piece of wax !!!! One of the best demos from ZBT !!!!!! Limited to 525 copies


*ÖDE "schimmenwoud" LP (15.00,-)
true black metal


*V/A "Chicago Metal Hell" 7" (6.00,-)

Slovenian black metal compilation with Grimoir, Krvnik, Samomor and Somrak.

*V/A "eight acts of origin" LP (15.00,-)
akitsa, woods of infinity, mörker, nasheim, ash pool, pagan hellfire and more..


*V/A "HELLBANGERS" LP (15.00,-)
urn, flame, desaster, angel of damnation, nocturnal, metal inquisition, metalucifer, etc... iron pegasus

*V/A "NUCLEAR WAR NOW!" LP (15.00,-)
Vinyl comp of NWN metal: Blasphemophager, Revenge, Ares Kingdom, Hellias, Bone Awl, Terrorama, Ignivomous, Embrace of thorns, Morbosidad, Villains.

*V/A "Resurrected infestering slime" LP (15.00,-)
compilation LP of total death!! Bombs of Hades, Eviscerated, Darkcreed, Rape Pillage & Burn, Feral, Maim, Stench, Mr. Death, Bonesaw....... and more! Soulseller records

chile metal compilation. Necrosis, Nimrod, Massacre, Rust, Dorso, Vastator, Squad, Torturer, Darkness, Belial, Betrayed,...

*V/A "Serene Moments" 2x7" (12.00,-)
Shinjuku Thief, Nacht, Umbra, Northaunt. Dark ambient/industrial


*V/A "THRASHING TILL DEATH vol 2" LP (15.00,-)

*V/A "THRASHING TILL DEATH vol I" LP (15.00,-)

tribute to judas iscariot, including Xasthur, Birkenau, Krieg, Merrimack, Leviathan, etc...