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*DEREK HOLLAND "Poliittinen Sotilas" kirja (10.00,-)
Suomenkielistä käännöstä on tarkistettu ja mukana on myös päivitetty esipuhe alkuperäisestä käännöksestä. Tänä vuonna tulee kuluneeksi kolmekymmentä vuotta siitä kun viime vuosikymmenten eräs vaikutusvaltaisimmista nationalistisista traktaateista, englantilaisen Derek Hollandin The Political Soldier. A Statement (1984) näki päivänvalon. Sen kunniaksi pamfletti julkaistaan uusien sukupolvien insipiraatioksi nyt ensi kertaa suomeksi omana erillisena paperisena julkaisuna. Liimasidottu pokkari.

*NALLE VIROLAINEN "sarjattomia kuvia #2: Pakkomielleyhtymiä" book (10.00,-)
Finnish cult artists with 100 pages book with 70 pages of drawings of perverted, blasphemous and bizarre material and 30 pages of text/short stories/poetry of strange and bizarre sexual material, often dark humor twist. ALL TEXT IN FINNISH!

*NALLE VIROLAINEN "sarjattomia kuvia #3: Kipuja Ja Nautintoja" book (10.00,-)
Finnish cult artists with 100 pages book with 70 pages of drawings of perverted, blasphemous and bizarre material and 30 pages of text/short stories/poetry of strange and bizarre sexual material, often dark humor twist. ALL TEXT IN FINNISH!

*SPECIAL INTERESTS "#9" magazine (7.00,-)
Massive 84 pages B5 size issue!!! Interviews: Jaakko Vanhala. Sektor 304. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe. Pogrom. Mikkel Rorbo (Alleypisser. etc..). Foetus. Cover Artists: Coelho / Sektor 304 Essential albums feature with: MK9 and Prurient. Recommended books by MK9 and J.Jerman. Live noise feature with Haters. Con-Dom. Keränen. Harsh noise 2013 feature with The Rita. Being. Tourette. Developer. Alogirl. Reviews.

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*MANIAC BUTCHER "dead but live" dvd (15.00,-)

*NECROPHILE PASSION  "" dvd (15.00,-)
After having been left by his girlfriend, who treated him like shit, a young man finds a female body in a nearby woods. His conscience tells him to call the police, but a sinister urge commands him to take the corpse home with him. After having done so, his dark desires go rampant and he molests the corpse various times. His life is in shambles and only the love to the woman's dead body gives him the strength to continue. However, he has not yet tied up all the loose ends with his girlfriend and it is time for him to finally get his revenge. Who will triumph in this diabolical love triangle? Man, woman or corpse? A FILM BY TOM HEIDENBERG 52min - Color - 2,35:1 PAL, Dolby Digital 2.0 - German ENGLISH SUBTITLES UNRATED DIRECTORS CUT!!!


*SEAR BLISS "decade of perdition" dvd (12.00,-)
10 years anniversary show + film of the band with interviews, photogallery.

digitally re-mastered, pro-DVDr. CCCC, She Retina Stimulants, HEx Minora, Aube, Raison D´Etre, Atrax Morgue, Archon Satani, and many more

digitally re-mastered, pro-DVDr. Contagious Orgasm, Deutsch Nepal, Thirdorgan, Sigillium S, Richard Ramirez, Endvra, Murder Corporation, Crawl Unit, Alio Die, Death Squad and more !

| Zine | DVD | 2nd-HAND |


This section of the list is for 2nd hand items. It includes nearly mint copies removed from personal collection and distribution titles which are new, but perhaps slightly damaged in shipping (scratches on discs or such). Many items are in condition what typically distributors of today sell as "new", but we start to offer discount / 2nd hand price (unless rarities with higher price). All discs are working = play well. It is often only tiny imperfections what differs from new & unplayed releases.


2nd-Hand *BLASPHEMOUS "Ripping alive christ" tape (3.00,-)
Pol. True, hateful UG BM

2nd-Hand *BRANIKALD "to kampf" cd (10.00,-)
blazebirth hall black metal

2nd-Hand *CARRION  "#3" zine (4.00,-)
openminded metal zine from ´93.. Sceptical Schizo, The Gathering, At The Gates, Deep Turtle, Anathema,. etc A5/52


2nd-Hand *CELESTIA "dead insecta sequestion" tape (3.00,-)

2nd-Hand *CERBERUS "#7" zine (4.00,-)
2002. Finnish death/black zines. Mortem, Thyrane, Decayed, Dolorian, Hegemon, Potentiam, Sear Bliss, The Chasm, etc.. A4/36.

2nd-Hand *CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Fire Burns in our hearts" cd 2nd press (15.00,-)
Like new. Blackmetal.com edition 2005. (2nd press)

2nd-Hand *COLD.ONCE.TURNING.DUST "gloom" 7" (7.00,-)
limited 300 copies white vinyl single of cold and dark industrial/ambient from niko of Thergethon. Before his work as Niko Scorpio. and much better!! PAckaged in A4 size booklet.


2nd-Hand *DARKTHRONE "ABlaze in the northern sky" cd (19.00,-)
Old UK press. For the collector nerd information. matrix cdvile28. with music for nations logo and barcode 5020157102827

2nd-Hand *DARKTHRONE "dark thrones and black flags" cd (9.00,-)
peaceville superjewelbox

2nd-Hand *DARKTHRONE "foad" cd (9.00,-)
peaceville superjewelbox cd

2nd-Hand *DARKTHRONE "the cult is alive" cd (9.00,-)
peaceville slipcase cd

2nd-Hand *DIKTAT "justice" LP (9.00,-)
Con-Dom style PE


2nd-Hand *EM SINFONIA "intimate portrait" cd (6.00,-)
Death/Doom Metal band from the U.S. (Chicago. Illinois). Formed In 1998. with growls as well as female vocals. Digipak.


2nd-Hand *ENDSTUFE "live (wo wir sind brennt die luft)" cd (12.00,-)
great sounding live from legendary german wp band.

2nd-Hand *ENDVRA "great god pan" cd (12.00,-)
More rare Elfenblut release. some scrathes, plays fine!

2nd-Hand *EVIL CHURCH "anticlerical hardcore" cd (12.00,-)
italian hatecore

2nd-Hand *EXORDIUM "In Wrath Principle" LP (11.00,-)
Finally out after long delays! Completely re-mastered for vinyl record with much more fierce and primitive sound. Now razorsharp guitar work dominating album instead of heavy drum blast. For those who want clean and nice. look for the CD version. Those who was harder and darker. LP is a must. Packaged in full color gatefold sleeve. Fast black metal assault for the strong mind not following the trendy subgenres. Special offer: but LP + Exordium T-shirt for bundle discount price of 20 euro!! T-shirts only available in limited quantities!


2nd-Hand *EXORDIUM "nihil inri" 7" (12.00,-)
Northern Heritage 2005

2nd-Hand *EXORDIUM "s/t" 10" (25.00,-)
very nice condition copy. #5/400! Northern Heritage 2001 !!


2nd-Hand *FENRIA "De Åt Döden Vigda" cd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *FOLKSTORM "information blitzkrieg" cd (7.00,-)
Old 1999 pressing! OEC

2nd-Hand *FOLKSTORM "noisient 1/2" 10" (12.00,-)
MZ.412 related Folkstorm with old 10" vinyl. Industrial-noise.

2nd-Hand *FRANANG "#10" zine (5.00,-)
Sacrifice, Vulcano, Assassin, Nifelheim, Hobbs Angel of Death.

2nd-Hand *FUNERAL MAELSTROM OF HATE "#4" zine (7.00,-)
Italian black metal cult zine. Condition like new! With Demoncy, Akitsa, Mutiilation, Craft, Nortt, and more.. and many articles.


2nd-Hand *HUGI "solarliod" cd (7.00,-)
German Pagan Black Metal. Fierce guitars. blasting drums. and ferocious vocals create an atmosphere that many strive for. but few achieve. Regimental Rec.


2nd-Hand *INSTITUT "Unto The Last Man " 2x7" (12.00,-)
Like new. Power electronics / industrial. Cold Meat Industry.

2nd-Hand *IRM "oedipus dethroned" cd (8.00,-)
Original CMI edition. slipcase little worn. Swedish PE.

2nd-Hand *IRONFIST "fistial destruction" cd (6.00,-)


2nd-Hand *JARBOE / JUSTIN K BROADRICK "split" cd (8.00,-)

2nd-Hand *JUDGEMENT DAY "to conjure conjoint" promo 7" (2.00,-)
corner cut away from 7"!


2nd-Hand *KHOLD "krek" cd (8.00,-)


2nd-Hand *LAND:FIRE "gone" LP (11.00,-)
German dark ambient

2nd-Hand *LEDO TAKAS "#7" zine (4.00,-)
1999 Dissimulation. Gehenna. Keep of kalessin. krabathor. ordo equilibrio. skyclad. whiplash. etc etc

2nd-Hand *LEGION ST. GEORGE "last talons of the eagle" cd (12.00,-)
UK wp oi-punk

2nd-Hand *MASTER BRUTALITY "#9" zine (3.00,-)
1997 zine. A4/44, Cryptopsy, Mortem, Cornucopia, and many more


2nd-Hand *MODERN FUNERAL ART "hellfire" cd (6.00,-)
Mornightside records

2nd-Hand *MOONBLOOD "fur den sieg" cd (12.00,-)
like new. Rehearsal materials from mid 90´s.

2nd-Hand *MORTAL "#3" zine (5.00,-)
1999, A4, krabathor, Nomicon, Gorge, Vomitory, Diabolic, Abramelin, Deranged, etc etc

2nd-Hand *MORTAR "emperor´s return" cd (10.00,-)
Murder Corporations side project of ultra lo-fi suffocating experimental noise.

2nd-Hand *MOSHPIT "Mirror of an unbroken faith" cd (9.00,-)
wp metal core

2nd-Hand *MROK "eternal madness" cdr (8.00,-)
black metal / industrial/noise. Beast of Prey 05!

2nd-Hand *MUTIILATION "black millenium (grimly reborn)" cd (15.00,-)
First edition on Drakkar productions


2nd-Hand *NOCTURNAL "arrival of the carnivore" cd (12.00,-)


2nd-Hand *OVERT HOSTILITY "Neurastheni" 3"cdr (8.00,-)
ltd 66 copies Plague productions 2004. Death metal by member of AN, Annihilatus, Torture Killer.


2nd-Hand *PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING "the undead shall rise" LP (9.00,-)
Like new.

2nd-Hand *ROK "Under A Southern Sky " 7" (7.00,-)
2001, black vinyl. Rok from Sadistik Exekution.


2nd-Hand *ROTTING CHRIST "ÊáôÜ Ôïí Äáßìïíá Åáõôïý " cd (7.00,-)
2013 album. brazil edition.


2nd-Hand *SARATH "siste indre" LP (9.00,-)
blut & eisen.

2nd-Hand *SLOGUN "Chronicle Of Serial Murder" cd* (12.00,-)
Older release from 2000!

2nd-Hand *SLOGUN "murder USA" 7" (12.00,-)

2nd-Hand *SODOM "satans conjuration" cd (8.00,-)
witchhammer session + live 84


2nd-Hand *TEITANFYRE "Morbid Death's Sceptre" LP (9.00,-)
The vinyl edition of the debute album of one of Russias most prominent Black/Death squadrons TEITANFYRE. The vinyl will include an exclusive bonus track. "Speaking Graves". Bloodharvest

2nd-Hand *TERROR ORGAN "the stalag symphony" cd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *TERROR ORGAN "The stalag symphony" cd (8.00,-)

2nd-Hand *TERROR SQUAD "Wild Stream of Eternal Sin" cd (7.00,-)
At 28 minutes. with only 7 tracks. there is little time for this album to fuck around. The drumming is very fast. tight. fairly rhythmic (considering it's thrash especially) and even complex at times. Guitar melodies and solos fly out of no where at 666 mph. and are just all the sweeter because of the choas they emerge from. Pure unbridled metalness oozes from relentless. at times complex rhythm guitar. quirky. chromatic leads. moments of sweet melody. pinch harmonics. and simply fuckin' killer thrash/death riffage. The only thing I could possibly compare the riffs to is the more technical end of Destruction. or Artillery ... though that hardly does justice to most of the music.

2nd-Hand *THE STONE "tragom hromoga vuka" cd (6.00,-)
black metal

2nd-Hand *THORNIUM "mushroom clouds and dusk" cd (7.00,-)
some light marks

2nd-Hand *THRALLDOM "The beast eye opened to the sky" cd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *THUNDERSTORM "faithless soul" cd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *THY SERPENT "forests of witchery" cd (20.00,-)
original spinefarm

2nd-Hand *TODESSTOSS "Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen" mCD (5.00,-)

2nd-Hand *TODESSTOSS "Jenseitslüge " cd (6.00,-)
2002 demo recordings on CD.

2nd-Hand *TODESSTOSS "Spiegel Der Urängste " mcd (4.00,-)

2nd-Hand *TOIL "obscure chasms" tape (4.00,-)

2nd-Hand *TOXAEMIA "Buried to Rise: 1990-1991 Discography" 2xCD (7.00,-)
Swedish death metal. After 20 years, Toxaemia´s complete material is finally released on CD. During their tenure from 1989 to 1991, Toxaemia released two demos (Kaleidoscopic Lunacy and Buried to Rot) and one classic 7" on Seraphic Decay titled Beyond the Realm. This recording later appeared on the Seraphic Decay CD sampler, the only time Toxaemia´s material appeared on CD...until now!

2nd-Hand *TOXIC "think this" cd (7.00,-)
displeased re-issue

2nd-Hand *TYHJYYS "s/t" cd (7.00,-)
Finnish black metal on grievantee

2nd-Hand *TYPHUS "Profaund Blasphemous Proclamation" cd (7.00,-)
USA black metal


2nd-Hand *ULFSDALIR "nach der sonne untergang" cd (8.00,-)
hand numbered 500. Heretic Wisdom prod

2nd-Hand *ULVDALIR "flame once lost" cd (7.00,-)
german black metal

2nd-Hand *UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "the demos" cd (7.00,-)
horrid bestial massacre, rarely heard as rough and fierce chaos as this!

2nd-Hand *UTGARD "thrones and dominions" cd (7.00,-)
Finnish black metal. Old band returns with new album!

2nd-Hand *V/A "A tribute to hell "satanic rites"" 2xCD (10.00,-)
Full moon productions . mayhem . black funeral. acheron. swordsmaster. diaboli. etc etc

2nd-Hand *V/A "Karmanik Collection" cd (12.00,-)
Cold Meat Industry 1993 release!

2nd-Hand *V/A "KNIGHTS OF ABYSS" cd (12.00,-)
N.L.C. , Jack Or Jive, Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, Collection D´Arnell-Andrea , Leitmotiv , Hybryds - Dolichenus . Kirlian Camera , Allerseelen, Ah Cama Sotz, Oral Constitution, Autopsia. Original 1995 release.

2nd-Hand *V/A "THE STRANGLERS chapter 1" cd (8.00,-)
Sludge/doom comp. Atavist, Stasis, Moloch, Austrasian Goat, Ghost Empire, Feast of Sin, and more...

2nd-Hand *V/A "trash metal warrior" cd (7.00,-)
Hirax. Toxic Holocaust. Sabbat. Execution. KAT. etc..

2nd-Hand *V/A "UNDERGROUND ATTACK" cd (6.00,-)
with Nocturnal. Vexed. Rapid Fire. Hangover. Perditor. Hatework. Front Beast. etc...


2nd-Hand *VADER "litany" cd (8.00,-)
metal mind records

2nd-Hand *VELVET CACOON "Dextronaut + DSE" 2x cd (9.00,-)
Full Moon Productions

2nd-Hand *VELVET CACOON "genevieve" cd (8.00,-)
december star embassy II

2nd-Hand *VELVET CACOON "northsuite" cd (9.00,-)

2nd-Hand *VERMETH "Your Ruin" cd (39.00,-)
great condition original Drakkar productions. Black Legions.

2nd-Hand *VERSZERZÖDES / ENGLISH ROSE "split" cd (12.00,-)
V = metallic and aggressive, ER = rocking yet fast rac

2nd-Hand *VESNA "slovanska krev" mcd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *VICTIMIZER "the final assault" cd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *VIDHARR "eclipse" cd (6.00,-)

2nd-Hand *VLAD TEPES "la morte luna" cd (12.00,-)

2nd-Hand *VLAD TEPES "the black legions" cd (12.00,-)
with cover songs of other Black Legions bands etc... Like new. in slipcase

2nd-Hand *VOBISCUM "christenblut" cd (8.00,-)

2nd-Hand *VOCIFERIAN "Exxakschionnisteriik warmageddon xzul" cd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *VOLKOLAK "dark shine of scales" cd (6.00,-)
Othal productions

2nd-Hand *VOLLKONTACT "ohne vile worte" cd (8.00,-)
German Hooligan rock. digipak



2nd-Hand *WALHALLA "firereich" cd (6.00,-)

2nd-Hand *WAR "holy war" cd (6.00,-)
Garazel prod.

2nd-Hand *WARFIST / ACRAL NECROSIS / WITCHTRAP "united in annihilation" cd (6.00,-)

2nd-Hand *WAY TO END "desecrated internal journey" cd (7.00,-)
Debemur morti. Like new.

2nd-Hand *WESTWIND "the bunker" cd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *WESTWIND "tourmente II" cd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *WIDOMAR "het land der katharer" cd (7.00,-)

2nd-Hand *WINDS OF THE BLACK MOUNTAIN "Sing thou unholy servants" cd (7.00,-)
us black metal

2nd-Hand *WOJNAR "when the spirit of war will rise above me" cd (6.00,-)

2nd-Hand *WOLFEN SOCIETY "Conquer Divine" mcd (5.00,-)
Dark Death metal with members of Acheron and Dark Funeral

2nd-Hand *WOLFSHADE "Evening Star..." cd (6.00,-)
Forgotten Wisdom prod

2nd-Hand *WYRM "nocturnal dawn" tape (4.00,-)
black metal


2nd-Hand *XASTHUR "funeral of being" cd (7.00,-)


2nd-Hand *ZZ " I. Gorgon" tape (4.00,-)
Persistence in Mourning guy. known from RL/ZZ collaborations. Special edition.