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*ALMA NERGA "persignate con mi verga otra vez" tape (6.00,-)
Primitive black metal. Limited 66

*ARTHUR "Pagan Suns Fire" tape (2.00,-)
pagan themed electronic music

*ASTAROTH "real hate" tape (5.00,-)

*AVAKR "a word from within cassette" tape (5.00,-)
Honest and contemporary black metal. The echoes of your ancestors swelter in these mammoth sounds.


*BAPHOVOMIT "defecating upon the holy trinity" tape (4.00,-)
finnish black metal

*BELETH "nieuchronne midmo smierci" tape (3.00,-)
polish bm

*BIG BOSS "Q7" tape (7.00,-)
Original 1994 tapes from Czech! Pro-tapes and covers, Big Boss / Root!

*BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT "Ancient Insignias" tape (6.00,-)
Obscure Italian Blackened Death Metal with nods towards crust punk, grindcore and pagan metal. Tape version of first official album (after many demo's etc) released in 2011 by Supremacy Through Intolerance on CD and Temple of Abomination on LP. The whole album features is recorded with a highly professional sound for more violent clarity. Hail Mighty War! Limited to 200 copies

*BLOOD STRONGHOLD "From Sepulchral Remains... " tape (6.00,-)
If you like Graveland and some older Polish sound, check out this..


*BLOODYSIGN / RADEMASSAKER "split" tape (4.00,-)
time before time records

*BLUTEN "Years of Hate and Misanthropy" tape (4.00,-)
Sk. Primitive, ug pagan BM, ex. Immortal Hammer

*BLKULLA "Darknened by an Occult Wisdom" tape (4.00,-)
black metal

*BURIAL HORDES "devotion to unholy creed" tape (4.00,-)


*CAEDES CASTUS "Descendance Into Navia" tape (5.00,-)
8 anthems of true emotional Black Metal bounded with nature, a true masterpiece of pure art as tribute to our ancestors & nature.


*CAOSTRUPPEN "Inverted Church Of Nocturnal Goatflames" tape (6.00,-)
One tape collection of both 2011 demos by Italian War Death Metal desecrators; Caostruppen. With a raw and primitive sound, both demos inject primal death metal savagery into the Legion Blotan catalogue. Fierce blast beats and a bass heavy sound give way to tormented vocals and tight guitar solo's. Limited to 200 copies.

*CAPITIS DAMNARE "Cold, Evil & Possessed" tape (3.00,-)
german blackmetal

*CELTEFOG "deliverance" tape (5.00,-)
pro-tapes and full color covers. 9 track demo.


*CHRISTICIDE "live xenoglossy" tape (4.00,-)
french black metal

*CHRISTICIDE "s/t" tape (4.00,-)
pro-tape and covers

*CHUR / OPRICH "split" tape (3.00,-)

*CICUTOXIN "delirious excommunication" tape (4.00,-)
Finnish sludge

*CONTAMINO "Mother Nature Gased" tape (5.00,-)
swedish black metal

*CREPUSCULUM / PATER NOSTER "split" tape (3.00,-)
black metal

*CSEJTEY "the unnameable" tape (4.00,-)
Founding members are the older Csejtey brothers whom were played in the cult hungarian death metal band Extreme Deformity between 1990-1993 then played in the internationally well-known atmospheric black metal band Sear Bliss (the guitarist Csaba still plays in Sear Bliss!). This band was formed in 2006 and the brothers were joined by Noctis (ex-Ater Tenebrae, Witchcraft, Hell) on bass/vocals. They worked hardly on their debut which was out begin of 2010 as pro CDR by the band. This MC is the official tape-release of that stuff and including 3 songs (cca. 21 min) of experimental, atmospheric black metal which maybe can be compared to old Limbonic Art and Sear Bliss. So you can expect great songs with unique melodies and structures and cool sound with real drums

*CULTUS "Our Swords we raise" tape (4.00,-)


*DAGGER OF SACRIFICE "demo 2003" tape (6.00,-)
Some of the most filthy. cruel. funeral doom to ever haunt the air. Created by Profanation of Deity (Unholy Crucifix. Spectral Woods etc.) in 2003 but lay rotting until now.


*DEAD CHRIST CULT "" tape (4.00,-)
2005mc - Black Metal(UKR).

*DEAD CHRIST CULT " " tape (4.00,-)
/2004mc . Black Metal(UKR).

*DEATH TRIUMPHANT "Life in the middle of nothing" tape (4.00,-)
black metal

*DEATHRONER "deathroner" tape (5.00,-)
Tour De Garde

*DECIEVERION / EVERWINTER "split" tape (4.00,-)
USA. Unique Black/Death vs. Hateful UG BM

*DEMIURG "from the throne of darkness" tape (3.00,-)
polish bm

*DESCENDING DARKNESS "promo 2009" tape (4.00,-)

*DESCENDRE "Disseminator" tape (3.00,-)
black metal, with real line-up.

*DESCENDRE / NAZI TUMOR "split " tape (4.00,-)
bm / noisecore

*DESOLATOR "eternal desolation" tape (5.00,-)
pro-tapes, death metal on Emptiness productions.

*DIABOLUS "in the name of satan" tape (4.00,-)
ltd 66.

*DISSIMULATION "miglose" tape (4.00,-)
Ledo Takas


*EALD "We are but a Reminiscence of a Dream" tape (5.00,-)
black metal


*EMPTY "Last Breath of my Mortal Despair" tape (3.00,-)
black metal drakkar prod.

*EMPTYNESS "s/t" tape (4.00,-)
The lp wich was released by K35 inc. released as pro tape. brutal French Black metal underground! 100 copies

*ENECARE "Dawn Of Creations Ruin" tape (4.00,-)
Black Metal. Northern Sky prod.

*ESCURO "Imperio De Satanas" tape (4.00,-)
brazilian black metal keyboard music

*ESOTERIC CONNEXION  "Metaphysicults" tape (5.00,-)
Compilation-cassette of the MMVIII and MMIX demonstrations. Esoteric folk music of both Eastern and Western origins. merging with progressive. metallic rock (for lack of a better term). as well as ambient mesmerism. Somewhere between Morricone. Zappa and Dead Can Dance. with the specific Dmon Good touch Published on professionnaly printed cassettes and covers. manually pre-folded and limited to about two hundred artifacts. Somewhat organic. somewhat mysterious. somewhat epic. somewhat metallic and somewhat bizarre

*EVILWINGED "Avatars of Satan" tape (4.00,-)
2005mc - Black Metal!!!(RUS) Black

*EVILWINGED "Crush the human factor" tape (4.00,-)
2001mc - Hateful black metal (RUS). Black wolves fareast division.


*FLAME OF WAR "europa, or the spirit among the ruins" tape (4.00,-)


*GATES OF CARPATHIA "through the gates" tape (4.00,-)
Debut album from Gates Of Carpathia from Wales. Six tracks of pure anti-christian Black Metal. Filled total hate and aggression. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.

*GEIMHRE "noidagh" tape (4.00,-)

*GENOZID "Reigns of Black metal" tape (3.00,-)

*GOATMOON / DEAD REPTILE SHRINE "winterforest" tape (6.00,-)
pro tape version of the split!

*GOLGATHA "ewiges hass" tape (4.00,-)

*GOREPILIA "in death" tape (4.00,-)

*GRAB "Plague" tape (4.00,-)
Here we have the tape version of the debut full-length album from Grab, a devastating new project with Wrath (Dodsferd, Nadiwrath) on vocals, and War (Deviser) performing all instruments. Expect cold Hellenic black metal in a very minimalistic and extreme atmosphere! 10 tracks of raging black metal terror! Let their plague begin!

*GUERRA TOTAL / BESTIAL REVILER "split" tape (5.00,-)


*HARSGATHYR / YSOREX "Nordland Krieger" tape (4.00,-)
Pagan Metal / German Black Metal

*HEILNOZ "s/t" tape (4.00,-)
HEILNOZ plays pagan black metal in the vein of JUDAS ISCARIOT, KAMPFAR & ULVER.

*HELL "The Arrival of the Eternal Reign of Evil" tape (4.00,-)
Hell from france.

*HELL ICON "In Umbra Spectare Magnificentia" tape (4.00,-)
Satanic Propaganda Records

*HELLVETRON "Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties" tape (5.00,-)

*HROMOVLAD "ohna hlad, vody thlad" tape (4.00,-)

*HROMOVLAD "Vladca Lesov, Skalnych Stien" tape (4.00,-)
slavonic black metal limited edition 500 copies


*IMPURITY / BLACK FEAST "In The Blood" tape (7.00,-)

*INFERIVM "demo 2008" tape (3.00,-)
portugal bm

*INFERNAL DESECRATION "his kingdom has arisen" tape (4.00,-)

*INFERNO "nikdy nepokrteni" tape (4.00,-)
black metal

*INFERNUM "farewell" tape (4.00,-)

*INKISITOR "" tape (4.00,-)
same as the 2009 Osmose cd.

*INSIDIOUS OMEN "Upon this throne of waste and decay" tape (3.00,-)
between darkest moments of Judas Iscariot and Order of Chaos

*ITSEMURHA "Existence is suffering" tape (6.00,-)
Finnish suicidal black metal. Spread Evil.


*JACK LORD "demo" tape (4.00,-)
Finnish doom

*JGER "call of the wolf" tape (4.00,-)
german bm


*KOCA "Evilapsorption" tape (3.00,-)
title in russian in the cover.

*KORIUM "Hradby samoty" tape (3.00,-)
Sk. Heathen and misanthropic raw BM

*KORIUM "Mraziv Noc Prina Pokoj" tape (3.00,-)
Sk. Primitive, raw, heathen BM/

*KULTURKAMPF "white pillars" tape (6.00,-)
3rd demo! Now longer than before. Pro-tape and covers. stuff that will still remind of early Judas Iscariot etc. Raw recording. Recommended!


*LEGIONES OBSCURAE "supreme hate empire" tape (4.00,-)

*LOCVLVS "session 2011" tape (4.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*LUG REXER "Ancient Pride" tape (3.00,-)

*LUTOMYSL "de profundi" tape (4.00,-)
ukraina bm


*MALEDICERE "Black Prosperity and Hate" tape (3.00,-)

*MANNFALL "Join der Kvlt" tape (4.00,-)
raw black metal from australia

*MANZER "Light of the wrecker" tape (6.00,-)
pro-tapes and full color covers.

*MAXIMUM PERVERSUM/MYSELF  "c5" tape (5.00,-)
Long lost split tape wich was supposed to be released by another label years ago. took years to get the master back . Perhaps the "best" Myself tracks ever done but be warned it's still sounding as it was before. out of the rythm. harsh and insane! Maximum perversum sounds exactly as before! Both have also couple (2-3 each) tracks included from previous tapes. each project has 22-23min of material on here. Stickered tapes with stamped name's. Xerox numbered covers. Soft polycases

*MAY RESULT "Blasphemy" tape (4.00,-)
standing against all christian morals limited edition 500 copies

*MESLAMTAEA "new era" tape (4.00,-)

*MORGVIR "sigh hiss detonation" tape (6.00,-)
Finnish black metal. Limited 66!

*MORS LIBERATRIX "Beholding From Tower" tape (4.00,-)
black metal from portugal

*MORTE LUNE "Into the Depths of the Mind" tape (4.00,-)
Portuguese raw black metal

*MORZHOL "s/t" tape (4.00,-)
ruin productions 002

*MY BLOOD "earth was a forest" tape (4.00,-)
Finnish / Russian project. Black Metal.

*MYSTES "Pure Evil" tape (4.00,-)


*NACHASH "Conjuring The Red Death Eclipse" tape (6.00,-)
Ripping black metal that seems too good to be true to be coming out of Norway in this day and age! Limited to 300 copies world wide. Four-sided foldout, including all lyrics.


*NADIWRATH "Nihilistic Stench " tape (4.00,-)

*NAER MATARON "Up from the Ashes" tape (3.00,-)
greek black metal

*NARBELETH "dark primitive cult" tape (4.00,-)
black metal from Cuba.

*NATURAL CHANGE "helvetia 1" tape (4.00,-)
Northern sky prod., ambient/drone.

*NECROSTRIGIS "relics of Blood Rites Sorcery" tape (4.00,-)

*NEKRYPTEIA "Sci Vias Obscvritatis" tape (4.00,-)
released in 100 hand-numbered copies and signed in blood. Pro-tape. pro-cover. Contains 6 tracks. total duration 18 minutes. Black Metal similar to Spite Extreme Wing. based in Madrid. Spain.

*NERGAL  "the wozard of nerath" tape (4.00,-)

*NETHILITH "from nothingness" tape (5.00,-)
pro-tapes, death metal on Emptiness productions.

Full lenght release from Ryan Oppermanns mutant offspring. sounds of death and decay evoking frozen hallucinations materialized in spectral bestiality. Carefully crafted. with its unique blend of obscured electronics. demoniac vocals and cryptic. dissociative terror. Side B brings the first instrumental piece in the projects discography. an incursion into regions far beyond schizophrenic atrocity. Comes with a 28 page zine including lyrics and visions of decomposednightmare. all newborn flesh sacrificed to the gods of disease. Edition of 89.

*NORTH / GROMOWLADNY "split" tape (4.00,-)

*NOX INFERI "adverse spheres" tape (4.00,-)


*OBSKENE SONARE "Wildes Blut" tape (4.00,-)

*OMASUM "Claim The Evil For Eternity" tape (5.00,-)
Unreleased album from this Spanish band featuring 8 songs of amazing Black Fucking Metal without compromise, Unleash the Celtiberian Wrath... Limited to 300 copies on pro covers. Co-releaed with Sword Productions


*ORLOG "reinigende feuer" tape (4.00,-)

*OVEN "III" tape (6.00,-)
Legion Blotan is proud to present the third demo of outsider Black Metal Punk from Scotland's Oven. 8 tracks of squalid, festering metal for those who like it simple and hate filled. For fans of Akitsa, early Graveland and straight forward repetitive misery. Limited to 200 copies.


*PAGAN "monument of depression" tape (4.00,-)
Antihumanism is proud to work again with this old cult band from Belarus. true BM how it was meant to be. his latest album on pro tape! 200 copies

*PIORUN "stajemy jak ojce" tape (4.00,-)

*PROFANE CONGREGATION  "Tormentor of divinity" tape (5.00,-)
Harsh Black metal underground one-man band with real drums presenting his first demo tape.


*RAVNHEIM / CRYPTAL SPECTRES "split" tape (4.00,-)
eastside protape

*REVELATION OF DOOM "unholy goatfuck" tape (4.00,-)
tour de garde

*RHUITH "Zona Di Morte Illuminata " tape (6.00,-)

*RIENAUS "Ye shall bathe in excrements of a goat" tape (7.00,-)
Official re-release of the demo from 2001. Circa 19 minutes of black metal music. For those who don't know: this band has nothing to do with the new band called Rienaus. Finnish obscure black metal!!

*RIGID HORNS "Triumph of Pan" tape (4.00,-)
The second opus from Rigid Horns was brought to life in 2008, and is now finally available on tape. 2 tracks of instrumental and atmospeheric black metal about the nightside of nature and freedom of spirit. With a member of Persekution, Daemonlust & Voidwalker.

*RUINES HUMAINES "s/t" tape (4.00,-)
They play a Raw and slowly Black Metal. not depressive.


*SACRILEGIUM "embrace the darkness" tape (4.00,-)

*SACRILEGIUM "urbi et erbi" tape (4.00,-)
8 minutes of ultra raw material with usa of exorcism recordings. Project of GELIDA OBSCURITAS

*SANCTUM SANGUIS "nothing prevails" tape (4.00,-)
full length tape (40+ min) on Satanic Propaganda Records

*SARGSVART "fortap (fra werden i wakkert selvmord)" tape (4.00,-)

*SIRIN "the dawn of freedom" tape (4.00,-)

*SLAVECRUSHING TYRANT "heathen black metal" tape (4.00,-)

*SORT VOKTER "folkloric necro metal" tape (5.00,-)
Ildjarn's another black metal project from 90's. Fierce and raw. yet with also keyboards etc.

*SPEARHEAD "deathess steel command" tape (4.00,-)

*SPEARHEAD "vacuum of horror" tape (4.00,-)

*SPECTRAL LORE "I" tape (5.00,-)

*SPECTRAL WOODS "between the trees" tape (6.00,-)

*STONE SHIP "the eye" tape (6.00,-)
Purple pro-tape with 10-page booklet. Under a Serpent Sun Records 2015. Finnish doom.


*STRIX "Taetra Opera Carnis" tape (6.00,-)

*SUNWHEEL "monuments of the elder faith" tape (5.00,-)
official tape version

*SUNWHEEL "prophecies of aryan moon" tape (4.00,-)
new official tape edition.

*SVARTFELL "beyond the realm of death" tape (4.00,-)
french black metal with vermeth member

*SVARTFELL "the sentence of satan" tape (3.00,-)
french bm with Vermeth member


*THE FROST "between ice and fire" tape (4.00,-)
croatian black metal

*THE GBS (GRAND BEAST SODOMY) "Fuck The Holy Trinity " tape (4.00,-)
Finnish black metal


*THORNS BLADE "s/t" tape (4.00,-)
Raw Black metal underground sounding a bit like old US black metal bands. previously only distributed demo cdr in Australia now available with bonus track.

*THROMBOSIS "Carnage metal andem" tape (4.00,-)

*THY SERPENT "Forest of Witchery" tape (7.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*TOREVA "Skryte Brany Do Neznamych Svetov..." tape (4.00,-)
slovakian black metal

*TOTAL NEGATION  "Zur Spten Stunde / Zeitrume" tape (5.00,-)
Two EPs from the nocturnal Revenant. bridging the gap between Black Metal and Krautrock. Eerie. ominous and powerful Black Metal madness. Comes on pro-tape with pro-printed. manually pre-folded covers. and handmade lyric insert.

*TRIUMPH OF THE MOON "rehearsal 14.5.2012" tape (4.00,-)
raw black metal. Gravgaver 001

*TRIUMPH, GENUS "Vehorovnost Je Porkou Pevyujcch" tape (5.00,-)
much praised black metal album on tape


*TROLLZORN / WINTERNIGHT  "split" tape (4.00,-)
german bm


*ULVDALIR "the flame once lost" tape (4.00,-)
cold raw bm from ingria, russia.

*UNGERN "One Litre Of Blood" tape (3.00,-)
Anti-communist black metal from Ukraina


*VIHA "towards the black infinity" tape (5.00,-)
Finnish black metal

*VIINGRID "Live Warmageddon" tape (4.00,-)

*VTA "vesuvian thrashing attack" tape (4.00,-)
tour de garde


*WALLACHIA  "From behind the light" tape (4.00,-)

*WARFIELD "Conquering the Black horde" tape (4.00,-)

*WELTBRAND  "Radiance Of A Thousand Suns" tape (3.00,-)

*WIDERGEIST "Storm of Thoughts" tape (4.00,-)
black metal

*WOLFTHRN / ERHABENHEIT "split" tape (4.00,-)


*XERION "Na Busqueda do Pimixenio" tape (4.00,-)
Spanish black metal


*YSENGRIN "T.R.I.A.D.E" tape (6.00,-)


*ZVREOPREH "atavism" tape (5.00,-)
french black metal noise